Summerfest #12. Thundercloud-Exhaling Brunette At The Edge Of The Carnival

I had two awesome sightings on the opening night (Thursday) of Summerfest 2013, including this one around 10;30 p.m. at the edge of the carnival which I was approaching from the nearby parking lot.  On the street between the port-a-potties and the carnival stood two guys and two girls, all in the 17-18 range.  The guys looked like thugs and could very well have been regulars at the skate park I walk past every day in my neighborhood.  The girls were standing in front of them and even though I didn’t have a great vantage point of them, I had a really good vibe about this group.  I got a look at the blond on the left, who was decent but a little chubby and not really my type.  The brunette next to her in the pink top and tight jean shorts standing next to her had more potential though, even though I still hadn’t gotten a great look at her because of the darkness.  But as I tried to get that better look, a cigarette approached her mouth.  She took an average drag, but the averageness of the drag did not prepare me for the thundercloud of smoke from the exhale that followed.  Game on!

I walked past this foursome, paying attention to only one of them, admiring the sexy teen girl body of this brunette, and quickly noticing a cigarette pack poking out of the back pocket of her jean shorts.  For the third time in the past three years at Summerfest, it was a pack of Newports poking out of a brunette teen’s shapely ass.  It wasn’t gonna be easy finding a place to watch where I wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but I sat in the grass across from them pretending to be busy with my phone, struggling to get a close look at this brunette amongst this foursome, who by this point I noticed were all smoking.  And an emerging side distraction temporarily gave me hope that this show was about to get some new actors, as a relatively wholesome-looking young black guy was approaching from the other direction with two very hot teenage girls in shorts asking random people if smoking was allowed on the grounds, all of whom said they didn’t know.  He looked to the same foursome I was watching and said, basically to himself, “well they’re smoking” before approaching the foursome.  I couldn’t hear what was being said but was desperately hoping he would light up with them, prompting the two hot babes with him to light up as well.  That didn’t happen as the three of them wandered into the carnival, but even without them this brunette was putting on an awesome show, with most of her exhales being of the five-alarm fire variety in their smoke volume.  She was only a high school girl, but a very well-practiced smoker, despite my still not getting a very good look at her face.  I would eventually get that look at her face but not before the sighting’s marquee moment.

A trio of very wholesome-looking high school girls approached the smoking foursome.  One girl in particular was a curly-haired light blond in a bare midriff tanktop and daisy dukes and I would have creamed my shorts if she lit up with these naughty kids.  She didn’t, but what happened instead was almost as good.  The blond was talking face-to-face with my brunette smoker girl and as I watched them I saw another thundercloud exhale from the brunette…..directly into the face of the blond.  We’re talking Category 10 obnoxiousness here, with a chemical fog nailing this blond in the face to the point where she almost needed a lighthouse to find her way out of it.  I couldn’t hear the conversation but the teens’ body language didn’t indicate any complaints or apologies were forthcoming.  This was the sighting’s final act though as the brunette was the first to crush her cigarette out on the pavement and, infuriatingly, hang on to it to toss it into a garbage can while the other three in her group quickly followed suit as they walked back into the carnival, my brunette with that pack of Newports poking out of her back pocket.  That never quits being sexy….especially when it’s the back pocket of shorts!!

There was only one other thing I had to do, and that was to get my first good look at this girl’s face.  I sped up and went into the midway, keeping up with the group and ultimately weaving through some food vendor stands to see her upclose.  And she didn’t disappoint.  While she wasn’t as wholesome-looking as the blond friend, her wholesomeness still stuck out like a sore thumb amongst this group of naughty-looking friends.  She was pretty as well….a solid 8.5 on the spectrum that merited applause even amongst this large crowd of gorgeous young girls.

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