Summerfest #11. Midwestern Amanda Peet Clone In A Red Dress

While I will most likely never have another night at Summerfest, the annual festival in the town where I live, as incredible as fireworks night in 2009, I have to admit that I had a very strong runner-up with the 2011 fireworks night, and my favorite sighting of the night took place in the hour before the fireworks started going off with this vintage two-for-one sighting that took place in the midst of a flurry of cloudy tobacco fumes.

I stepped out of the beer gardens and drifted towards the parking lot where things came unglued.  I saw a cluster of early 20s guys and girls sitting on a blanket and figured right away this group was outside of the beer gardens tent for a reason…and that it involved controversy-free consumption of tobacco.  There were two girls in the group and both were hot, but the most impressive was this brunette in a red summer dress who looked EXACTLY like some actress….but for the life of me I couldn’t place who at the time.  But it was the still-good-but-not-as-good-as-the-brunette blond next to her who lit up first.  She had curly shoulder-length blond hair and a very nice black dress.  She didn’t exhibit a particularly well-defined style but she was a pretty smoker.  If she was the only score from this cluster I’d have been a happy guy….but she wasn’t the only score….

About two minutes later, I got downright giddy as I watched the brunette in the red dress insert a cigarette into her mouth, let it dangle, and then fired up….and I managed to get even giddier when I watched as she sucked in a cheek-hollowing dangling drag and exhaled the smoke with the cigarette still in her mouth.  She may have delayed her light-up compared to the blond, but she was more than worth the wait.  I sat off to the side and even snapped a photo with my camera phone, but unfortunately it was too blurry to keep.  Watching her subsequent drags, the girl completely put her blond friend to shame with long drags and cloudy exhales which she always turned towards the sidewalk to release.  For a while it was a nearly relentless chemical fog coming from the area….and adding to the beauty was that none of the three guys in the group were smoking…only the two hot girls in summer dresses.

I retreated back into the beer gardens and took in a few minor sightings for the next 10 minutes or so, then went back out to where I came from in hopes of the girls in dresses delivering again.  Sure enough, a cloudy exhale was produced from the same area where the girls from earlier were sitting on their blanket….and the brunette in the red dress was smoking again, with the same yummy technique as before exhaling cloudy and tight streams of smoke towards the sidewalk.  I never saw it but wouldn’t doubt that with the people walking by she eventually blew smoke into someone’s face.  I was a little too familiar at this point and only stuck around watching for about two minutes, but I must have seared this girl’s image in my mind enough to remember the next day who the actress was who she reminded me of…Amanda Peet, a Hollywood hottie who had a smoking role in the legendary 1996 smoking movie “She’s the One”.

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