Summerfest #10. Decorating Her Denim-Clad Ass With a Newport Pack

I had a pretty good Summerfest all around in 2011, including a handful of memorable sightings on the event’s first night.  This sighting would prove to be my best sighting of the evening and, for that matter, the entire 2011 Summerfest.  On the walk back to the beer gardens after briefly fetishing in the midway area, I found myself standing behind a 17-ish glam brunette with what quickly became clear was a pack of cigarettes, rather than the usual cell phone, protruding from the back pocket of her jean shorts.  It’s become so rare to find underage girls walking around Summerfest sporting a pack of cigarettes that I found myself truly surprised at what I saw.  I danced around a little bit as she settled into a cluster of friends and then approached from her rear again, identifying that she was sporting a pack of Newports on her right asscheek…a rare brand for Iowa.  It was tough maneuvering to get a closer look at her, but I eventually did and she was a beauty, somewhere in between the girl next door and a party girl judging from her appearance.  She had fairly long dark brown hair, a shoulderless top with exposed bra straps, and those jean shorts with the special surprise inside.  Great as it would have been to follow her and hopefully catch her smoke, the logistics were not on my side so I’d have to be satisfied with just knowing she’s a smoker because of the pack in her pocket.

About 45 minutes later, at around 10:00, I had pretty much exhausted the exploration of the relatively small Summerfest grounds, and given that my only alternative was another awkward walk through the main part of the grounds, I was strongly considering calling it a night and going home…but thank God I didn’t.  I ventured down the main stretch of the grounds and figured it would be fairly inconspicuous for me to venture towards the east side parking lot and then return into the grounds at a different spot, I told myself.  I saw a young blond mommy with her young son on one side and a cigarette in her hand on the other side, and my decision was made.  I approached from the side to get a better look at the mommy, who was okay but nothing to write home about….but I also made a mental note of the two silhouettes in front of me….hot teen girls in shorts who I couldn’t really see in the dark, but I could tell just from their silhouettes that they were hot.  They were about 10 yards in front of me and I began closing the gap, not really expecting much but still having a feeling.  As I got closer, the deja vu started overcoming me as I took note of the long dark brown hair, the strapless top with bra straps exposed, and the jean shorts with a rectangular box protruding from her right asscheek.  It was her.  Through nothing more than dumb luck, I happened to be leaving the grounds at the same exit and at the same moment as the Newport girl who was my most interesting find of the night.  Only now she was about to make it even more interesting by extracting the pack of Newports from her pocket and removing a cigarette….

I was right behind her so I didn’t even see a lightup, but the next thing I knew a cigarette was protruding from her right hand in that innocent way that teen girls look holding a cigarette.  I was soon walking only a few lengths behind them, hoping that the blond friend would light up as well, even though she didn’t have the IT factor of her stinky brunette friend.  She wouldn’t, but that scarcely mattered as I found myself watching the brunette smoke, taking baby drags and expelling an entry-level quantity of smoke that I was lucky enough to walk through.  Awww, she’s just a beginner.  And the beauty part was that she was still on the grounds of the school and definitely still in forbidden territory to be smoking her cigarette.

And it got even better as we approached the sidewalk at the edge of the school grounds, where two younger teen girls were standing for some reason.  As my smoker hottie took her third drag from the cigarette as she walked past the younger girls, the little ones didn’t say anything but looked at each other and wrinkled their noses as she walked by.  As predicted, the smoker girl and her friend turned left, which was not the direction I was going and I simply couldn’t follow.  Even so, nothing could have made my night better than following through on the teaser of the teen girl with the pack of Newports in the pocket of her jean shorts….and she delivered.

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2 Responses to Summerfest #10. Decorating Her Denim-Clad Ass With a Newport Pack

  1. Mike F says:

    Last summer when I first read this, I knew it would be a candidate for the Hall of Fame. Wasn’t sure if it would make the alltime top 10 but I wasn’t sure if she’d make your ultimate top 5. The best part of this was while she was an adorable beginner with those baby drags, she’s already gotten the part down about proudly displaying her smoking status with those cigarettes in her asscheek pocket saying “look at me, I’m a hot girl and I smoke and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” If you see this girl at future Summerfests, she might even have what it takes to compete with Jessica Markus at #1. Ok, that’s a tall order but you get what I mean. lol.


    • Smokin' Mark says:

      I definitely look forward to an encore from her, and could well get one this summer, but she has a long way’s to go to compete with Jessica M. for the all-time Summerfest #1

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