Summerfest #9. The Northside Danglers

Out of the four nights I attended Summerfest 2010 three blocks from my apartment, three of them were disappointments.  Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights all failed to impress.  But the one night that came through REALLY came through, and that was Friday night, where I would score four of the five best sightings of Summerfest in one evening.  I was actually just calling it a night and heading for the exits when I walked into this….

I was proceeding past a cluster of four girls who had wowed me, giving them one last peer over my shoulder as I was preparing to leave for the evening.  But I looked ahead and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw something that would delay my departure.  It was two 20-21ish babes right in front of me, checking out their text messages…..and both in the midst of long-distance dangles with their all-white cigarettes hanging out of the dead center of their mouths.  My heart melted, and I need to paint a precise picture as to why.  First of all, I don’t ever recall stepping right into epic dangles literally a few feet in front of my face this way before.  And secondly, it’s impossible to convey the summer wholesomeness these two girls exuded standing there checking their text messages…..and the epic contrast of seeing these cigarettes perched in their mouths on the Summerfest grounds where smoking is officially strictly forbidden.  The girl on the right was a sexy blond in a yellow shirt and blue jeans.  She would have been an adorable enough find by herself.  But to her left was the face of an angel, a light brunette with absolutely perfect feminine features and not looking one bit like a smoker.  Her long hair flowed past her shoulders and the rest of her was covered in a pink top and a short denim miniskirt.  I can’t even think of a girl to compare her to as this girl was in a league all her own, and I suspect my jaw was hanging open in reverent observance of this precious little thing in the closing stages of her dangle.

I was very close to the line for the port-a-potties so I was able to hang back a little and watch without being too suspicious, basically pretending to be waiting for someone to come out of the john.  The dangles were at this point over, but it was a joy to see these girls smoking in any context.  Both were very accomplished at their craft, taking nice long drags and producing cloudy exhales.  The blond was really hot, but that light brunette nearly dominated my observations.  Focusing on her beautiful facial features, you have no idea how unlikely it was to be watching stinky and disgusting cigarette smoke pouring from this beauty’s nose and ashtray mouth, which they continued to do for multiple drags even after the dangle ended.  The sighting didn’t have a definitive storyline, but there are certain sightings that leave lasting images in one’s mind and leave you walking away with a beaming smile on your face.  Walking upon these two impossibly wholesome summer girls with those perfect-10 dangles sticking out of the center of their mouths while texting is an image that sticks out for me still today.

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