Summerfest #7. Sexy Teen Duo Finally Lights Up Summerfest Midway

Summerfest is a pretty small event, with a barbell-shaped grounds featuring the beer gardens, a carnival, and a walkway in between occupied by food vendors.  I often wander into the parking lots as a means of occupying some time and space rather than lurking in the exact same spaces during evenings there.  But in general, my time breakdown is about two-thirds of the time spent in the beer gardens and one-third around the carnival.  While the quality of young girls hanging out in this carnival area is out of this world, there is virtually no smoking there, and that’s generally been the case dating back to my first Summerfest in 2006.  But on Saturday evening around 10:30, the carnival area served up a genuinely pleasant surprise and my best Summerfest sighting of 2014.

I was walking on the periphery of the carnival’s north side, where there’s a street and a bunch of port-a-potties.  Whenever I see smoking near the carnival, it’s in this general area.  Nothing seemed likely to materialize based on the pass I was currently taking so I instead took an interest in a group of college-age girls heading towards the north side parking lot.  As I was preparing to follow them, I caught out of the corner of my left eye this pair of young Summerfest babes walking towards a curb just outside of the carnival, with the brunette of the duo messing around with her purse.  It was too dark to pick up on anything specific but it looked like she was wielding an unlit cigarette in her right hand.  I followed them to the curb where the girls sat down and walked past, and sure enough, both girls had unlit cigarettes.  This was a first for me in nine years at Summerfest….two prototypical “carnival babes” at Summerfest stepped out for a smoke break!  I had seen young mommies and some early 20s gals smoking across the carnival here and there, but for years I had fantasized about one of the shapely, scantily clad young princesses of the carnival to smoke a cigarette, and tonight I was getting it in duplicate!

By their size and the way they carried themselves, my first instinct was that they were about 14, even though closer inspection would amend that perception.  It would be inconvenient given their isolation to see this sighting out, but I was willing to put myself in whatever situation necessary to do so, crossing the street from them and sitting on the curb pretending to be waiting for somebody.  It wasn’t perfect, but I had a very good seat for a very nice show.  Both girls had plenty to offer.  The brunette on the right who caught my eyes first was sitting in the shadow but I could tell she was absolutely gorgeous, with long smooth legs coming out of either a pair or shorts or a skirt that was hard to completely make out from my vantage point.  It was likewise hard to fully appreciate her smoking style which seemed pretty straight forward with no bells and whistles.  The blond to her left, however, dominated most of my observations.  She was sitting to the brunette’s right in a short, summery flower-print dress and smoked with serious style, taking frequent long drags, tilting her head up with a look of nicotine pleasure on her face, and exhaling gorgeous plumes of smoke skyward.  This was a moment I had been waiting for years to see as I sat there on the curb at Summerfest, sneaking as many glances as I could!

It was still hard to fully determine the girls’ ages as I sat watching, but suspect they were probably 17 or 18.  The show carried on a good five minutes though and the oddest dynamic played out as both girls seemed to take long drags, but the blond’s were by far the most impressive.  Yet curiously, the brunette finished hers first, carelessly and adorably tossing her cigarette a few feet to her left when finished.  The blond who seemed to drag as hard as the brunette did, continued to smoke hers for a good six more drags, always releasing those nice skyward exhales when she did, and then tossed her cigarette back into the grass.  It was clear they had noticed me at least to a degree but not to the extent that they felt stalked.  In a couple of moments, they stood up and started walking directly towards me, which was actually inconvenient because it made it harder for me to get the closer look I wanted lest I tell on myself by gawking too closely, but from what I did see, I discerned that the brunette who was thus far hiding in the shadows was even more gorgeous than the blond, and she was indeed wearing a pair of short black shorts, with a tanktop and a good two inches of exposed midriff up top.  They walked directly past me back into the carnival and I looked over my shoulder to watch their hot backsides press forward.

My first order of business now was butt identification, so I crossed the street and pinpointed the brunette’s butt which I had my eye on for a good two minutes at that point.  It was a Camel Crush, and I was surprised how close to the filter it had been smoked considering how seldom she dragged compared to the friend.  I had to forage a bit to find the smoldering remains of the friends in the grass, and unsurprisingly it too was a Camel Crush.  Next I headed back into the midway hoping to spot them for a risky “final look” but couldn’t locate them.  This annoyed me a bit for the next hour, but just as I was leaving the grounds for the evening, the duo was walking towards me on the sidewalk near the food vendors, not smoking but giving me one more opportunity to admire their youthful faces and nubile bodies in passing.  It was a real rush to have finally scored Summerfest carnival girls smoking cigarettes, and especially given the extended smoke show the girls put on for me.

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