Summerfest #4. Thursday Night Blonds Smoking Their Tobacco Items of Choice

My first visit to Summerfest came in 2006 and while it was a good appetizer, it wasn’t until opening night of the 2007 Summerfest that I really got to see what the venue was capable of.  Two classic sightings for the price of one with this sighting as both classics played out over the same course of time.

It was Thursday night, the first night of Summerfest and I walked over to the grounds not expecting much, figuring a sparse weeknight crowd with few hard-partying smoker hotties. The crowd was fairly sparse, but not two minutes after wandering into the beer gardens I got a whiff of the unmistakable odor of cheap cigar smoke. My eyes scanned the area, hoping but not expecting this odor to be coming from the lungs of an attractive young female. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it in fact was coming from a female, and one who most definitely did not look like a cigar smoker. There stood a pair of two couples, one younger and one older. I can’t remember the exact dynamic but at least one of the guys was smoking a cigarette. But strikingly out of place in this grouping was a fairly petite long-haired blond in a short light blue skirt that screamed girl-next-door smoking a freshly lit Black ‘N’ Mild plastic-tipped cigar.

It was difficult to tell how old she was. The skirt looked very girlish, and while her face was youthful, she was definitely no younger than 28 and possibly as old as 32. Either way, she was still very attractive, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the contrast between that lush blue skirt cresting over her well-toned legs and the disgusting cigar she was holding next to it. Needless to say, of the four people in that crowd, this cutie was the absolute last person I expected to be smoking a cigar, but there she was….dragging, inhaling, and then exhaling a cloud of stink into the Summerfest  grounds repeatedly.

Ordinarily, Summerfest grounds would be way too packed for me to stand on the sidelines and observe this, but the sparse Thursday night crowd worked to my advantage as I could hang back leaning up against a tree watching this crazy dynamic of this beauty smoking her cigar amidst a husband/boyfriend and an older couple (not likely her parents, more likely just older friends or neighbors). I kept wondering what was going through her head as she put on this unlikely public display of cigar smoking, and what was going through the head of her peer group.  Was this just a rare social setting smoke for her, or was this her normal routine?

Meanwhile, hanging back in my proverbial “crow’s nest” vantage point, I would occasionally look to my left to the crowds on hand that direction. One time doing so, I caught an incredibly beautiful 19-20ish long-haired blond in a flower print top and tight jeans lighting up a Marlboro Light. She was an epic beauty, almost a perfect 10, and the hottest girl in her cluster of three or four friends, as well as the only smoker in the group. She was a little harder to see than the cigar girl, but for a good 5-7 minutes, the two of them provided me a steady visual bonanza of nicotine slavery. Blondie finished her cigarette and I lost visual track of her for just a couple moments, but imagine my delight when I looked back less than two minutes later to discover her dragging from another all-white.

Having been distracted by her, I somehow managed to miss out on cigar girl losing the plastic tip of her Black ‘N’ Mild.  She went into one of the port-a-potties and I knew the show was over.  She would eventually return to her peer group and they seemed to take notice of my continued awkward presence so I decided it was my cue to leave for awhile and check out the carnival area and the rest of Summerfest grounds. I spent about 15 minutes doing so, seeing nothing of significance, before planning one final return to beer gardens before I called it a night. After all, I did have to work the next day and sticking around until midnight was not an option….

I walked into the beer gardens and as I maneuvered back inside, who do I see but that gorgeous blond in the flower top and her friends. And guess what, she has ANOTHER cigarette going, at least her third in the last half hour. There’s someone she reminded me of celebrity-wise, but I just can’t put a finger on who it was, nor could I at the time. She was immersed in a heavy crowd at this point, unfortunately, and sticking around to see it play out was sadly not an option, so I gravitated elsewhere. Still standing near the same spot was cigar girl and her peer group, and my timing was absolutely perfect as she was in the process of extracting from her purse a SECOND Black ‘N’ Mild cigar. How on Earth does a girl this hot and feminine become a habitual cigar smoker?

I had been spotted by this cluster earlier in the night and I really did have to get back to my apartment, so sticking around for another long show was not an option. Still, I was determined to go out in style. I approached the crowd slowly and calculatedly, watching as she took a nice long drag and timing it just perfectly as I walked directly behind her and caught a snootful of dirty cigar smoke that she exhaled right into my face. I kept walking with the odor of her cigar lingering in my nose and a beaming smile on my face. Needless to say, that was the highlight of 2007 Summerfest.  There is a very intriguing “possible” second act to this sighting in the #3 Summerfest entry.

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