Summerfest #2. Nonsmoking Blond Babe Gets Corrupted By Her Smoker Girl Pals

A trio of sexy early 20s girls all decked out in skimpy jean shorts caught my eye right away in the Summerfest beer gardens on Friday night in 2015 as I just sensed something special about them.  All three were hot but the girl with the most IT factor who looked the most like a smoker, a bottle blond with a mane of hair flowing well down her back wearing a red top and jean shorts, really stood out to me at just the right moment.  The other two girls were standing in the middle of the crowded beer gardens and one of them was pointing in the direction of the de facto smoking area saying something along the lines “we’re gonna get you to try it tonight”, which triggered a somewhat on-the-spot look from the blond before they started drifting away.  Hmmmm, I wondered.  Were they talking about smoking?  It seemed like a longshot but I made a mental note of the brief conversation and always kept my eye open for this trio as I explored the beer gardens more that night, and it wasn’t hard given how explosive their sex appeal was.

When I saw the trio migrating to the smoking area about 20 minutes later I was bracing myself for an extraordinary show.  I would get it but not necessarily what I expected.  The shortest girl in the group, a light brunette in a black tanktop and very pale blue short jean shorts, produced a cigarette from her pack.  The aforementioned blond had the most IT factor but it wasn’t until I took a close look at this light brunette firing up her cigarette that I discovered she was the prettiest and the most wholesome-looking of the group.  Her beauty and wholesomeness made what came next so devastatingly beautiful…..explosions of smoke erupting from her face after every drag.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen cloudbursts of smoke explode out of a pretty girl’s face like this, and she always seemed to turn her face to the fence away from the crowd to give me a perfect vantage point of her respiratory system launching those nuclear smoke missiles out of her mouth and nose.  I figured at this point she was gonna be the only smoker in the group but the as-yet unmentioned third girl in the group was handed the cigarette from the human volcano after about three drags.  The third girl was still very pretty but the least memorable in the trio, with long platinum blond hair, a gray T-shirt, and jean shorts. She had the plumpest ass of the three but it was not at all big enough to be disqualifying and she wore it well.  Smoking-wise, she was good enough but the star of the show was the light brunette who smoked 80% of the cigarette.  She finished the cigarette and tossed it to the grass before the trio went back into the beer gardens.  Whatever the prior discussion was about “getting you to try it” regarding the third girl must not have been about cigarettes I decided as I drifted to go where they were standing and discovered the discarded cigarette was a Camel Crush Bold.

Less than an hour later, I saw the three girls waiting their turn for port-a-potties just next to the smoking area and figured there was a good chance another cigarette would be smoked afterwards.  It took them a few minutes to migrate that direction but they didn’t disappoint, and within moments after arrival the promise that this sighting held at the beginning of the night materialized.  The blond smoker who shared the cigarette with the light brunette this time had her own all-white (Marlboro Light Menthol I suspect) and was dangling it from her mouth for a good 30 seconds before lighting up.  Meanwhile the light brunette extracted the pack of Camel Crush Bolds from her purse and handed one to the original nonsmoking blond.  Blondie held the unlit cigarette up to her face and posed with it while the other two girls were laughing hysterically at the image of this friend with a cigarette, which must have been unthinkable to them up to that point.  She then dangled the unlit cigarette from her mouth, arousing more laughter and even a couple of pics by the friends.  The blond smoker fired up her Marlboro Light Menthol first and then the flame was applied to the end of the nonsmoking blond’s cigarette.  This was really gonna happen.  Following a tip from her friends on what to do, the nonsmoking blond took a pretty serious drag and inhaled.  An impressive cavalcade of smoke erupted from her mouth and nose in the coming seconds followed by a major cough which also got her smoker friends laughing vigorously.  She was trying smoking for the first time.  What I thought I was hearing an hour and a half earlier was in fact what I was hearing.  And it was incredibly hot that these bad influence hottie friends were pressuring her to try smoking and she succumbed to that pressure.

Bad news and good news from there.  The bad news is that she only took the one drag before surrendering the cigarette back to the light brunette who gave it to her and she wouldn’t smoke again for the duration of the sighting.  The good news is….that incredible light brunette would be smoking the rest of her cigarette and putting on her massively smoky performance art in the coming minutes.  She didn’t disappoint and in fact stepped up her game from the previous round as this time, in addition to the cloudy exhales I had previously witnessed, she employed a new feature.  A duo of nonsmoking guys approached the hotties with the right idea in mind and sort of crowded the brunette a bit.  With that in mind, on four different occasions, she turned her head straight up after one of her five-second drags and launched one of her cloudy exhales straight up in a way that flowed from her blackened respiratory system in a way that water spouts from a fountain.  It was unbearably sexy!  Why should I have to drive all the way to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful when I have a more impressive human geyser ejecting similar amounts of smoky steam into the air only a couple of blocks from my place?!?!?!

Meanwhile, the third-wheel blond smoker dramatically upped her game too.  Her drags were every bit as long and intense as the brunette friend, although her exhales were different than the friend’s massively cloudy variety.  Hers were combination mouth and nose exhales where close to 90% of the smoke came launching out of her nose.  For this smoky performance to be occurring right in front of these nonsmoking guys was nice to see given the intolerant culture towards smokers.  These girls were still having no problem attracting nonsmoking guys even though they were putting on a very hard-core show of guilt-free tobacco consumption.  This would be the last time I’d see them smoking on Friday evening but they succeeded without a shadow of a doubt in being the stars of Summerfest 2015.

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