Mall #13. The Cute Nerd Chaining Camel Pinks

It was a decent Saturday afternoon in late September 2011 as I was fetishing at central Iowa’s most upscale mall.  Right off the bat, the day was shaping up nicely and would become my best day ever in two years of fetishing at this mall.  The high point of the day came when I saw a dark brunette smoking from across the street, moved her direction just as she was finishing her cigarette, and instead became embroiled in a second sighting taking place on a separate bench a few feet away.  I took note of this cute but nerdy looking brunette sitting on the bench with the final few drags left of a cigarette as I followed through with getting a better look at the original girl inside the mall…

After getting a closer look at her, I turned around and went out the mall entrance I just came through to see if that cute nerdy girl was still smoking.  And my timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I saw a fresh, unlit cigarette in her hand the second I walked out and was already giddy that she was gonna smoke a second one back-to-back, but it would end up being even better than that.  Just as I sat down on the bench for my front-row seat, she placed the unlit cigarette in her mouth and used the smoldering butt of her other all-white to light up the new one.  Not sure if her lighter was broken or what, but she then flippantly dropped the first cigarette to the pavement without bothering to crush it out, ignoring the ashtray that was literally two feet next to her.  But I’ve only begun to describe the optics which made this sighting so yummy…

First, the girl herself.  She wouldn’t have stood out in the crowd for me had she not been smoking because the artsy/nerdy girl usually doesn’t, but looking at her there was no denying that she was pretty and had a killer body in her tight jeans.  And knowing the intensity of her addiction to nicotine made her all the more unconventionally sexy.  Beyond that, there was a nonsmoking boyfriend sitting next to her.  The guy also had an air of upscale nerdiness to him, and I’m guessing he was either a mall worker or dressed up for something special because he was wearing a black suit with a silky red tie underneath.  Best yet, he sat there waiting patiently for his stinky girlfriend to suck down two cigarettes in a row, and the whole time, he has hit hand adorably resting on her thigh in those skin-tight jeans, with her free hand resting upon his hand.  It was the cutest smoking girl/nonsmoking guy dynamic I’d seen since the teen Taylor Swift lookalike at the 2010 Iowa State Fair (ISF #16).

The girl’s technique wasn’t necessarily distinctive, but I was always captured by just how much she was visibly enjoying that cigarette.  There wasn’t a definitive “pleasure zone” look on her face, and the way she persed her lips to exhale that smoke inside her black lungs after about four seconds of holding really gave away that she was experiencing definite physical pleasure. ….

I sat there watching her smoking the entire cigarette before she once again dropped it to the pavement in front of her, ignoring the ashtray beside her and leaving two all-white butts to pollute the mall’s immediate exterior.  At least she bothered to use her foot to crush this one out unlike the last one.  In seconds, she and the boyfriend got up to go inside the mall, giving me my only chance to see her amazing ass in those tight jeans.  This short-haired brunette who would not have traditionally caught my eye suddenly had me licking my lips I was so turned on.  But this cutie had one more surprise for me as I walked over to her bench to identify those two discarded butts.  The second I saw the print I could tell that she was smoking Camel Pink No. 9’s.  I was walking on the clouds thinking I could just as well go home now because nothing else I’d see that day would be in that league.

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2 Responses to Mall #13. The Cute Nerd Chaining Camel Pinks

  1. Mike F says:

    Knew this would crash the top 10 because how on earth could a chainsmoking cutie like this not crash a top 10. Lots of triggers in this one made it worthy of it’s lofty placement, the chainsmoking obviously the obnoxious littering of her butts while totally ignoring the nearby ashtray similar to Hayley 2.0 last November, not to mention that this stinky addict appears to have a non smoking boyfriend.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      I’ve never had a year of mall sightings as good as 2011. Crazier yet that I got three sightings that made this countdown in one trip to the mall in Mankato last December. Definitely a trigger-pushing sighting here.

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