Mall #9: A “Spirited” Teen Duo Take Multiple Smoke Breaks In Between Chasing Boys

It was hard to motivate myself to head to central Iowa’s most upscale mall for a day of sightings on a sunny Saturday afternoon in early October 2015.  I just wasn’t feeling it, as is sometimes the case with days of mall sightings which are more likely to be famine than feast.  But I mustered up the energy to go and was rewarded with my best mall sighting in more than three years as a result.  The sighting started unassumingly enough about 20 minutes after I arrived and approached the heavily populated exit near the movie theater.  Sitting on a bench was a very unattractive 30-something gal and two teenage girls, the oldest being about 18 or 19 and a stunningly gorgeous brunette wearing a black tanktop covering a pair of impressive boobs with a pair of very tight medium blue jeans below that caressed her curves perfectly.  I’m generally lukewarm on jeans, especially in the aftermath of the more flesh-baring summer months, but when a pair of jeans fits the right female’s body just right as they did with this girl, my instincts as a male are definitely gonna take notice and salute.  The younger girl was 15 or 16 with strawberry blond hair wearing a camouflage sweatshirt and a nice-fitting pair of medium blue jeans herself. She lacked the raw sex appeal of the older girl but had an incredible girl-next-door cuteness about her.  She was the spitting image of an ex-girlfriend of mine named Shelby (herself a heavy smoker), or at least what I figured Shelby would have looked like when she was 16.  The girls looked just enough alike that it was obvious that they were sisters.

I sat there taking all this information in with definite interest but no cigarettes were being smoked on this first appearance as the girls fooled around playfully.  There was something about their look that kept my attention as the three of them began to get up.  The older brunette had two items in her hand.  One was a cell phone and the other was a small rectangular orange box.  At first I wondered what was in the orange box as even though it was shaped like a pack of cigarettes, I’ve never come across a bright orange cigarette pack.  She stuffed the phone in the right back pocket of her tight jeans and the orange box in the left back pocket, proceeding with the 30-something gal and the younger sister towards this walkway around a pond just outside this mall.  I picked up my pace and got a closer look at the brunette’s ass….and sure enough it was a pack of cigarettes.  It was American Spirits, not one of my favorite brands but still an unexpectedly lucky break to find this girl smoked at all.  I contemplated that I just missed a sighting from her and probably did, but still wanted to follow the trio as they walked around the pond, a walkway that forbids smoking and marked that prohibition with numerous signs.  She never lit up as the three of them paraded around the lake, with the older girl in particular being full of youthful energy and seemingly being the life of the party.  As she walked, her first-rate ass seemed to push that pack of cigarettes slowly upwards and on a couple of occasions she had to press it back into her pocket.  I crossed paths with them and got a good look at the brunette’s face, which was even prettier up close than it had seemed from any prior vantage point.   The trio completed the walk around the pond and then oddly separated with the 30-something gal going one way and the two sisters going back into the mall.  By the time I got inside the mall they were nowhere in sight and I feared I had lost them and missed a great sighting.  Oh how wrong I was….

No more than 20 minutes later I was doing my usual pattern of zipping in and out of the mall at primary entrances in search of smokers, and as I approached that same theater area entrance, this time from the inside, I just had an overwhelming instinct that I’d open the door and see those sisters out there.  And so I did.  The brunette was talking to this Middle Eastern-looking guy (who was smoking himself) briefly before gravitating to an open bench a few yards away.  She and the younger sister were both drinking coffee from the Starbucks in the mall and I knew this time tobacco would be smoked…and that it was just a matter of whether the brunette would be the only one smoking or if the sister would join in.  The orange pack of American Spirits came out and she opened it.  I was sitting on a bench across from them watching in elation as she extracted an all-white cigarette and inserted it in her mouth.  She sparked it up and I was in heaven watching this beautiful teenage face consume a cigarette so publicly and unashamedly.  I wish I could have been closer to get more details about her style and to take better pics as the ones I got were pretty distant, but she didn’t disappoint on the style front with some impressive albeit brief no-purpose dangles where that fresh cigarette stood erect and perky between her lips for a few seconds at a time.  Her drags were pretty lengthy but it didn’t seem like there was much volume to her exhales, although with the distance it was hard to see how much of the smoke was being scattered away by the wind in a way that it wasn’t visible to me.

Unfortunately it was quickly clear that the younger sister would not be partaking in any smoking as the brunette left her orange pack sitting there between them on the bench but the blond younger sister kept messing around on her phone and drinking her beverage without making any movement towards the cigarette pack.  It was fine though as the brunette was overflowing with IT factor in a way the sister wasn’t, and the brunette was the one putting on a pretty impressive smoking show in front of me.  Thankfully, there were no ashtrays or “smoker’s poles” next to this bench so when the brunette finished smoking she leaned over and stubbed out the cigarette on the pavement, leaving it to sit there.  She and the sister hung around on the bench for another 10 minutes or so when the Middle Eastern smoker guy approached them again.  I began to assume he was with them for some reason because the three of them went back inside together.  Needless to say I boogied on over to check out that butt she left behind and finally resolved a mystery I’ve had from seeing these all-white butts with a blue ring on the filter but no printing.  I had seen butts like this before, which have the colors of Camel Light Menthols, and finally confirmed that cigarettes with these markings are the all-white version of American Spirits from the orange pack.

Even though I had already scored my mall sighting of the year, I had held out some hope I’d run into these two sisters again.  Little did I know I’d run into them again about five minutes later and saw they were coming down the escalator.  I managed to take a bench and capture my best photo of them for the day riding down the escalator.  It’s not perfect by any means but was as good as I was able to get.  From there, I kept pretty close tabs on them and didn’t let them venture too far out of sight as I suspected there would still be another act from them before the afternoon ended.  At one point, they lost the Middle Eastern guy and it was just the two girls again, sitting on a bench punching away at their phones.  The dynamic reminded me a little of “the girl I would later know as Brittny” at the 2008 Iowa State Fair, the 18-year-old smoker hottie whose kid sister tagged along with her everywhere she went.  By this point it seemed as though they had noticed me lurking in the background a little too often so I was gonna have to be very careful moving forward if I planned to continue following… if not following them was an option!

The girls were progressing in the general direction of the theater entrance again and I thought I was about to win the lottery….but they stopped in the food court and started talking to what I presumed was additional members of their family, which included a young girl who looked about 10.  It was becoming very hard to figure out who these two came to the mall with and who they did not as they were interacting with new people every time I saw them.  Thankfully the one constant all afternoon was that these two sisters were always sharing each other’s company.  And then the girls took a seat in the food court with the family.  I had no idea how long they were gonna make me wait and I didn’t want to wait there all afternoon so I tried to fetish in the general area outside the nearby mall entrances (including the theater entrance) hoping I’d be able to easily see them when the time came.  I made occasional trips inside and past their bench in the food court just to keep tabs on them, and happened to walk past as the brunette was getting up to sit at another bench with three young guys about her age.  Suddenly I began to doubt that all the people these two sisters were having random encounters with were part of their mutual group.  She may have just been approaching strangers, especially those who were male and around her age.  These boys looked like farm boys in baseball caps and didn’t seem in her league, but she was still chatting it up with them even as her sister sat around the corner quietly paying attention to her phone.  These girls remained a mystery, and I just had to follow through to see what the next chapter of this story would be.

The next chapter was moments away as I was lucky enough to be near the theater entrance when both girls exited.  At least at first, it didn’t strike me as unusual that the girls were walking out of the mall by themselves rather than with any of the numerous people that they had attached themselves to over the course of the day, but as they hustled on out towards that same walkway around the pond where they walked earlier, I started to build my hopes up even though they were ironically heading into the only area around where smoking was not allowed.  I followed at a regrettable distance as they had seen me lurking on several occasions and I couldn’t afford to get too close, but I was still close enough to watch them descend the stairs towards the walkway and all the hand gestures they were making suggested cigarettes were about to be smoked.  I had up to this point dismissed the blond younger sister as a nonsmoker, but it was her who I caught cupping her hands and flicking the lighter to bring the cigarette dangling between her lips to life.   I moved up closer and was 90% sure I indeed did see what I thought I had and got the final confirmation when I saw a puff of smoke exit the mouth of the brunette….and a split second later another blast of smoke exiting the face of the blond.  It had been years since I had seen something this good at a mall.

But where could I go from here to see as much of this as possible without getting completely busted? The best I could do was walk the opposite side of the pond and try to take in as much as I could from a good 30 yards away.  It was imperfect to say the least but I walked parallel to them on the other side of the pond I was able to watch both girls taking very nicely paced drags.  I couldn’t appreciate the exhales from the distance but still marveled at how far I had come in the two hours since I had first seen them outside the mall and didn’t even know that there was a cigarette pack on their persons.  I wasn’t seeing what I wanted and made the choice to boogie on around and try to instigate what would still likely be an awkward crossing of paths but one that I felt was needed to see this masterpiece upclose. I couldn’t have possibly moved any faster without breaking out into an all-out sprint, but the plan still went awry as the girls turned around and started casually heading back the direction they came from.  I never did cross paths with them but saw them from about 15 yards away standing near a makeshift bench taking the final drags from their cigarettes.  The brunette crushed her butt onto the cement like she did the previous cigarette and let it lie there while the adorable strawberry blond was chatting on the phone, holding her cigarette in hand in a very public spot and took one final drag before dropping it to the ground and walking ahead to catch up with the sister, the girls then heading back to the mall.  Two beautiful white cigarettes with turquoise rings around the filter sat there where they had stood, one of them still smoldering.

In a couple of minutes I found my way back into the mall.  I had no idea where the girls would go from there, but I’ll be damned if they weren’t at the same bench where they were sitting before they went outside, hanging out with the same three teenage farm boys in baseball caps.  It was a remarkable development.  Every indication was that these two–and particularly the brunette–approached these guys cold about 45 minutes earlier to flirt….and then vacated the mall together to have a cigarette without the guys who didn’t smoke.  And now, they were back, reeking of fresh cigarette smoke and immersing themselves in their company, serenading them with ciggy breath.  Maybe there’s hope for the world yet!  Most incredible is that American Spirit cigarettes are supposed to be all-natural and without additives, meaning their cigarette break wouldn’t have even seemed necessary in the context of a “nicotine fix”…..yet these girls still chose to abandon the teen boys they were preening for in the interest of a socially risky cigarette break before returning to them.

There was little reason for me to stick around at this point and a lot of reasons for me to leave as I didn’t want to risk an awkward encounter.  But most days at the mall after I’m done with the walking stage of the day, I take to my car and drive laps around the mall for a while to see if I come across anything worthwhile, and in some cases it’s easier to fetish in this context than on foot.  I was really getting into it at this point and kept talking myself into one more loop around.  I’m glad I did as well because the last time I turned the corner in proximity of that pond, guess who was crossing the street right in front of mall heading back into the mall?  It was less than an hour since their previous cigarette, but it seemed very likely they just went off to have another one.  They made eye contact with me while crossing the street too, although from the comfort of my car there was no trepidation to get one last look at them….one last look at that sweet mid-teen strawberry blond who because of a really bad sisterly influence has picked up a smoking habit that very few girls her age have these days.  And one last look at that gorgeous older sister as she pulled her skin-tight jeans up and showed off that crazy hot ass as she strutted back to the mall entrance.  The logistics were never strong enough to catapult this sighting to the very upper eschelons of my all-time mall sightings, but it’s far and away the best mall sighting I’ve gotten in more than three years, and also a bit of a reinforcement of a recent speculation I’ve made that there may be a bit of a renaissance going out right now in teen smoking, accompanied by a reduction in e-cigarette usage.


Over the course of an unseasonably warm mid-February afternoon in 2016, four months after that original sighting, I kept taking note of a group of late teen girls hanging out in the general area around the food court.  On the first two occasions crossing paths with them I approached the marquee girl of the group from the rear and saw this sexpot light brunette in a bare midriff tanktop and tight jeans, with a good eight inches of exposed midriff.  It was the closest thing to a genuine summertime outfit I had seen so far in 2016 and my eyes were glued to her ass when I walked past.  The second time I walked past, about a half hour later, she was seated on a bench and I was able to see her maroon panties jutting above her belt line, and she didn’t seem the least bit self-conscious that she was showing them off.  But it was the next time I ran into her–without even immediately noticing it was her–that she really captured my attention in a more sustained way…

I was approaching the main mall entrance on the south side of the mall near the movie theater.  A cluster of male and female teens were seated on a bench and I could see cigarettes were being smoked and quickly discerned that a beautiful brunette seated right in the middle of the group was smoking a cigarette.  You don’t see a lot of beautiful teen smokers these days so I was elated, especially since I was able to claim a bench only a few yards away and could sneak some stealth pics as she smoked.  I really only got one good pic because one of the guys in the group kept hovering in front of her and obstructing my shot when I tried to capture her in mid-drag.  Of course this prevented me from evaluating the quality of her performance as well, although what little I did see of her smoking was impressive, especially in such close proximity to nonsmoking friends.  I surveyed the group and noticed that only the teen brunette and one of the guys in this group of six were smoking.   Not much time went by before the brunette smoker tossed her cork filter cigarette to the pavement.  My first thought on was scoring a butt ID, but I was sidetracked quickly when she stood up and I saw something I had missed when she was sitting.  She was the girl in the bare midriff top and tight jeans who I had twice lusted over inside the mall earlier that afternoon.  As I checked out that ass with the pack of cigarettes stuffed into the left back pocket of her jeans and watched the way she carried herself going back into the mall, it became clear that I had seen this girl even before that day.  She was the brunette American Spirits girl from several months earlier who was my favorite mall sighting of 2015!  She was back!

I hustled on over to the bench she just vacated and checked out her discarded butt.  It was a cork filter L & M, an odd choice for a girl her age and suggests she must be a pretty heavy smoker looking to save a few nickels and dimes by buying generics.  But what happened to her American Spirits from four months earlier?  Seems like an unlikely brand switch on the surface but I wasn’t about to quibble over brands when it came to a girl this gorgeous and sexy who was very clearly a pretty heavy smoker.  I boogied on into the mall to catch up with her and found her quickly.  I was 98% sure as she walked into the mall that it was the same hottie from October 2015 but was 100% now as I watched the way she carried herself from upclose and noticed how she flirted so shamelessly with the guys in her group.  And then there was that ass!  I had to be discreet as I walked past but got a close look at her gorgeous face for the final confirmation.  Absolutely heartwarming that girls like her are still smoking in the year 2016.

It was towards the end of my day at the mall when I saw that and was wrapping up the day driving a few laps around the mall as I usually do.  Since I had just seen the brunette smoking I didn’t figure I’d see her again, so imagine my surprise when I saw her with her group of friends only about a half hour later walking out of the mall and heading in the direction of the pond where I saw her smoking twice back in October.  She wasn’t smoking at the time but the guy friend with her was, and I knew that she likely would light up again once she got to the walkway surrounding the pond, even though smoking was forbidden in the area.  I turned my car around and went down a street in front a line of restaurants outside the mall adjacent to the walkway around the pond and was lucky enough to spot her and her group between two restaurants.  I found a parking spot and approached the area they were heading, being as discreet as possible given that she had seen me earlier that day and almost assuredly remembered me from October as well.

They were standing on the dock watching the geese on the still frozen pond…..and by now my bare-midriffed hottie was definitely smoking.  And she was distracted enough that I could watch from a reasonably close distance and finally see how impressive her smoking style was, as she attended to the cigarette at a nice pace and released exceptional exhales that sailed a good 18 inches in front of her face like Cupid’s arrows fired at my heart.  I got to see four of these wonderful exhales before turning to the side and claiming a bench that seemed likely to be off her radar.  I watched as she polished off the cigarette and tossed the butt to the pavement, continuing to hover with the group of friends for a few more minutes as I sat on the bench.

I observed as the guys separated from the girls but had an “oh shit” moment when the three girls started walking my obscure direction.  I didn’t want to be called out for stalking her and had really pushed the limits between last October and today.  She made eye contact with me as she walked by with an air of familiarity on her face but didn’t say anything.  Clearly I need to cool it with this girl moving forward but it won’t be easy as she’s pretty close to the sexiest teen smoker in Iowa and since I’ve seen her twice at this mall in four months chances are I will see her again.  I was able to see in the moments ahead that they separated from the guys because the guys were picking up the truck.  They drove up to where the girls were standing and the girls filed inside, with my sexy bare-midriffed brunette likely still reeking of smoke and filling up the interior of the truck with her stench.


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