#49. The Fareway Grocery Smoker Girls

One rainy fall day in 2006 on my commute home from work, I needed to pick up a couple things from the Fareway grocery store and pulled into their lot.  I had never made the connection of this grocery store being right down the street from the local community college at that point, but I would make the association in the most dramatic way as I took the first open stall in the parking lot and found myself facing a white car with two gorgeous 18-19ish girls in the front seat, both smoking cigarettes.  The driver was a cute brunette who was very much a girl-next-door beauty in her own right, but it was the blond passenger who was a genuine knockout.  I sat in my car with a literal front row seat and watched these girls giggle amongst each other and finish off their cigarettes.

The brunette driver tossed her all-white out her cracked window and then both girls got out of the car at the same time, heading towards the store’s entrance…but the blonde wasn’t quite finished with her cigarette yet as she carried it with her and took in two final drags before she reached the entrance and dropped the cigarette to the pavement.  The blond had the most skin-tight pair of form-fitting blue jeans I’ve seen in recent memory and watching her shapely figure swagger into the store while finishing off that cigarette was easily my high point of that week.  I went inside, first walking past the brunette driver’s still smoldering all white (which I would easily identify as a Marlboro Light upon passing) and then seeing the blonde’s cork filter Marlboro Red butt as I entered the store.

Since I only had a couple things to buy, I was confident I could go through the aisle, return to my car and wait for their return with the expectation of a second act, but as short as my grocery list was that day the girls must have been shorter and they went in and out in a matter of moments and were long gone when I returned to the car. Still, another reminder than one of the best parts of the smoking fetish is that something as innocent as a trip to the grocery store on a rainy day can deliver a sighting that will completely change your mood for the day.

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