#39. Brunette Menthol Girl Detour On My Way To Pick Up Takeout

It was a sunny late afternoon in August 2009 and I had placed a telephone order for takeout Thai food.  Rather than dealing with a delivery charge, I simply hopped in my car to take the 12-block journey to pick it up.  Turning onto the main highway from my street, I saw a green car driving by with a brunette college girl behind the wheel holding a cigarette.  As luck would have it, I was able to make my left-hand turn only about 10 seconds behind her.

I was accelerating in hope she would make the same right turn a block down the road that I would have to make en route to the Thai restaurant.  Fate was on my side and she made that right hand turn.  I made the turn and was now directly behind her.  A block down the road, her left turn signal came on right in front of the library, which helped me decide a trip to the library would do me some good too.

She found a parking spot right near the front and I parked in the next row behind her.  I hadn’t gotten a close look at her up to this point and was excited that I was finally about to get my chance.  The door opened and out stepped this incredible 20-21ish brunette sexpot.  She totally looked like a smoker with a sort of rugged feminine beauty.  Her long brown hair was in a bun but her clothing was perfect summer casual.  Her shapely chest was draped in a tight white T-shirt that came to a stop about an inch above her pantline, revealing less than an inch of her amazingly well-toned midriff.  Hotter yet was the pair of tight faded blue jeans that wrapped around her even more spectacular posterior.

She was now outside of the car and wrapping her lips around the all-white cigarette she still held in her hand, taking one final drag before dropping it to the sidewalk as she walked towards the library.  The fact that the library is a government building and even the parking lot is under the jurisdiction of the smoking ban made her badass final drag all the more alluring.  At this point, I was so impressed with her that I just had to take the opportunity to follow.  I got out of my car and walked behind her to the library entrance, admiring from behind as those hips of her worked those tight jeans she was wearing and the peek-a-boo of her midriff exposed ever-so-slightly with each step.  As she got to the entrance, I was right behind and was hoping she would stink.  I couldn’t really get a strong smoky whiff off of her, but she walked inside and held the door open for me, briefly looking at me as I said thanks.  We entered the library and as soon as she was out of sight, I went right back outside and towards her car.  I peeked inside to see a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights on her passenger seat and walked back to my car giddy as a schoolgirl.

At this point though, I had a dilemma.  Do I risk sitting there and waiting for her to depart or do I make the drive to pick up my food?  It would take no more than five minutes to get the food and return to the library lot, but that could be too long.  And I really wanted to see if she would light up again when she left the library.  I took the risk and sped on out of the library parking lot, picking up the food and then racing back.  A beaming smile returned to my face when I saw that her green car was still parked there.  I parked directly behind her once again.  But now I had another dilemma.  How long was I gonna wait for her?  I had $11 worth of very spicy Thai food in my car and nothing to wash it down with, so was I really gonna wait a lengthy period and let my food get cold?

Thankfully, that wasn’t gonna be a problem.  I had made all the right choices with timing as about five minutes after my return to the lot, my favorite brunette was exiting the library.  As she climbed into her car, it wasn’t even all that suspenseful wondering if she was gonna light up.  I just knew she was going to.  Sure enough, I watched from behind as she placed a fresh Marlboro Light Menthol in her lips and sparked up just before pulling out.  I was sitting in my car watching and she spotted me as she shifted the car from reverse to drive, going forward as she took her first major drag from the cigarette and exhaling with eyes on me and mine on her.

Suffice it to say the Thai food was only the second hottest thing I consumed that afternoon.

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