#16. The Neighbor Girl And Her Smoky Crew

On a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon in April 2010, I returned from a modest day of fetishing at one of the area malls.  Nothing I saw at the mall that day would prove memorable, but things actually started heating up when I returned home.

At the time, I had a brunette college neighbor girl in the building next to mine in my apartment cluster who I had routinely seen smoking in the past year either out on her patio or stepping out of her car.  That afternoon, I pulled over to the mailbox to retrieve my mail and was in the direct line of vision of this girl sparking up a cigarette. She was chatting with a guy outside in the lawn and I overheard her say “her girls” were coming over tonight. I took an obvious mental note of this bit of information and proceeded on with my afternoon.

About an hour later, I went out for a walk and saw another woman from the building with two young daughters playing out in the yard. As I walked past the apartment of the smoker girl, she and two of her hot college-age friends were all standing outside smoking, all while watching the mother and her daughters playing in the yard.  I wasn’t in a position to watch too closely but stole a couple sneak peeks over my shoulder.  I thought to myself what a fantastic example the college girls were setting for the two little ones….that it’s not only okay but welcome for pretty young women to be addicted smokers.

On the walk back about 15 minutes later, I observed a red SUV driving past me with three more college-age hotties, all smoking. I was close to my apartment cluster and hastened my walking speed to see if I could locate their destination. Sure enough….they pulled into my apartment cluster’s lot and then found a stall. As I approached the building, I could see the SUV and all three girls still sitting in there smoking. I climbed into my conveniently located car and looked in the rearview mirror to see clouds of carcinogens flowing from the cracked windows until these girls finished their cigarettes. The three climbed out, two brunettes and a blond, all very pretty, and walked towards the building where the neighbor lived. There was no doubt in my mind that these were more of “her girls”.

Another half hour or so later I decided to make a quick run to the grocery store just before dusk. As I passed the neighboring apartment, there stood all six girls outside smoking cigarettes. I couldn’t help hanging a U-turn and checking this out once again, driving past slowly and seeing a massive cloud of carcinogens lingering amongst these six college-age beauties and the orange glow of all six cigarettes as the girls dragged from them one by one.  It was such a sight to see, particularly with the sky conditions just turning dark and making the carcinogenic cloud in their midst all the more visible.  Hotter yet was pondering the fact that the dense carcinogenic cloud was the result of smoke exhaled from the blackened respiratory systems of six beautiful college girls.

At some point in September, I quit seeing the neighbor girl out smoking during my evening walks and it appeared that she moved out of the building.  The girl herself was reasonably attractive–I’d rate her a 7 out of 10–but she didn’t stand out in the crowd in any way.  However, plenty of her friends did.  There’s a very good chance that more sexy smoker girls will move into my apartment cluster in the years ahead, but they have a tough act to follow with this girl and her friends

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