Top 25 Fairgrounds Sightings of 2016

There’s no getting around the fact that my top-25 sightings list from this summer’s fairgrounds tour doesn’t measure up to those of recent years.  It was inevitable that this would happen sooner or later with declining smoking rates, and it’s possible I’ve just been really lucky scoring the caliber of sightings I have in prior years to compile so many impressive lists at year’s end.  However, there was something else going on this year that wasn’t so prominent in years past that undermined me, and that was the thwarted rock star sighting problem.  I pored over my lists from each day at the fair and came up with a list of nine sightings that featured would-be superstars who would have been sure-fire entries in this year’s top-25, but who I had to settle for painfully abbreviated sightings from or, in a couple of cases, no real sightings at all beyond seeing a pack of cigarettes on their persons.  In other words, with just a little bit better timing, I would have a much different top-25 list this year that would measure up to prior years’ lists.  It’s hard not to dwell on what could have been, but for all intents and purposes, I still have a list of worthy smoker girls this year and it’s time to sing the praises of the smoker girls I did see….


#25.  Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sighting #38

My second day at this year’s Minnesota State Fair was both the most prolific day of fairgrounds fetishing I’ve ever had and a major letdown in terms of quality, with few genuinely memorable girls among the 220 that I got sightings of during my more than 13 hours of fetishing.  One of the girls that day who did leave an impression, however, was this strikingly hot blond I came upon at the designated smoking area north of the beer gardens block in the early afternoon.  She was by herself as I approached her, decked out in sunglasses, a black tanktop, and medium blue jeans in mid-dangle of an all-white, easily conjuring up the most badass image I had been privy to thus far that day.  She looked mid-to-late 20s and with her platinum blond, shoulder-length hair just oozed sex appeal, particularly when that all-white dangled from her lips.  Distracted by her phone, it was reasonably easy for me to take pics from a few different angles and I got some good ones, although nothing right up close that fully captures her hotness frontally.  She was a great smoker, and all by herself in the smoking area which helps, taking deep drags that included a couple more drags of the dangling variety with some cloudy exhales to follow it up.  It was a good five minute show as I watched her smoke the whole cigarette, but she deposited it in the ashtray and prevented me from getting a butt ID, an unfortunate recurring theme both days at the Minnesota State Fair.  She was my best sighting thus far on the day of September 4, 2016.


#24.  Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sightings #40-41

For the first entry in this year’s countdown I said that the #25-rated blond was my best sighting of the day thus far…..but that record only held about five minutes because I’d improve upon it at the same smoking area when I walked past it again.  While the previous blond looked completely like a smoker, the next duo of blonds looked less like smokers than any girls I would see all day.  It was actually a quasi-family setting with two sets of young couples in their mid-20s and a middle-aged mom.  I’m guessing the blonds were sisters because they sure looked like it.  The girls and their boyfriends were smoking and mom was not.  It’s so rare these days to see young women in their 20s who look like they’d probably be young professionals who are nonetheless smokers, but I got that vibe from both of these two who just struck me as intelligent and upper middle-class.  The girl I saw the most of was wearing a neon yellow top and black slacks but the likely sister is the one who intrigued me most, petite and decked out in a green top and similar black slacks.  How do girls like this become smokers this day and age, I thought to myself as I furiously snapped pics from various angles, although the circle the group was standing in prevented me from getting anything outstanding.

As I watched them smoke, they were looking my direction but were distracted by the extreme Slingshot ride on the same block that has been the source of amusement for many a nicotine-addicted female fairgoer over the years.  I was really settling in for an extended smoking show destined to be my first classic of the day but halfway through their cigarettes, the entire group decided half a cigarette was enough and were bending down to stub out the remainder of the cigarettes to save for later.  I was temporarily heartbroken but as I began to walk away, I noticed the blond in the neon yellow top was opening up a cigarette case to put the second half of her cigarette in for later.  The case was filled with a pack’s worth of Marlboro Reds and as I directed my eyes to the sister I saw she had a cigarette case of her own.  I suppose I’d still have preferred a full sighting from these hotties, but discovering their dedication to nicotine dependency extends to the usage of cigarette cases was particularly impressive and also reinforced my original impression they were likely upscale young professionals as I doubt too many convenience store clerks or nurse’s aides use cigarette cases.  The novelty of the sighting’s ending combined with the hotness of the girls made it my best sighting of the daytime hours.


#23.  Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #25

I only had one genuinely great day of fairgrounds sightings this summer and it was my first day at the Minnesota State Fair, a smorgasbord of extra-base hits worthy of my best-ever days of fetishing.  The first sighting of that day to make this year’s top-25 came in the early afternoon on the beer gardens block when I first laid eyes on an attractive and shapely early-to-mid-20s brunette wearing a white ball cap (what’s with all these chicks in ball caps lately?!?!) along with a gray T-shirt and black shorts that snugly caressed her sensational ass and hips.  Sadly, she partially stepped on this presentation with a lettered tattoo on her right leg just underneath the shorts, but it wasn’t enough to hurt her too badly in my eyes, particularly if I just moved to her left side to take in the remainder of the sighting!  She was in a mixed-gender group of about five or six and was the only smoker, walking through the busy crowd with cigarette in hand oblivious to anyone who may have objected.  I got very lucky and got a nice facial pic of her right off the bat as subsequent attempts at rear and side pics while she was dragging largely fell flat.  I mostly watched this sighting from the rear as I followed, walking through as many of her stinky exhales as I could while enjoying that ass.  Her group kept walking in the direction of the livestock barns and I got to watch her entire smoking performance which was well-paced and impressive.  She dropped the cigarette just before entering a heavily populated stretch and I was able to ID the butt as a Camel Menthol.

Had the sighting ended there with this girl, it would have been a solid double, but I would end up seeing this girl smoking not once, not twice, but THREE more times that day and night, in a couple of cases smoking with others in her group.  I’d see her smoking again less than an hour later and then twice in the early evening hours.  I did see her a fifth time after 9 p.m., and that was the only time on Sunday that I saw this girl without a cigarette.  Even with that much tobacco consumption, I’m still only rating her as my sixth favorite girl of the day, which speaks well of the girls that came later in the day.  Everything about this girl was attractive (except for the leg tattoo) but she didn’t possess that IT factor that would really take her to the next level.  Still, with four cigarette sightings in one day in a venue as unlikely for that sort of thing as the very large and heavily populated Minnesota State Fair, she’s worthy of some serious acclaim.


#22. Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #91

My first day of fetishing at this year’s Iowa State Fair will by no means make the Hall of Fame for great days of sightings, but by mid-evening I couldn’t complain too loudly as I was at least keeping pace with prior years for my overall sightings count.  I hadn’t really scored anything yet that day from The Depot, the open-air bar and grill on the west side of the grounds, but that was about to change as I ascended the stairs in front of the patio seating and came upon a redeeming cluster of four young hotties.  They must have been varied in ages because a couple of these girls didn’t even look 18 let alone 21.  One of the older-looking girls, who I still figured couldn’t have been a day older than 21, was standing up directly in front of me on the other side of the railing with her blond hair up in a ponytail and wearing a blue top and sexy jean shorts.  I didn’t hold out much hope that any of these girls were smokers given their youth and general wholesome look so I still wasn’t processing it when the blond standing in front of me opened up her tiny little purse, which didn’t look big enough to hold a pack of cigarettes anyway.  So imagine my stunned elation when she extracted a cork-filter cigarette from an unidentifiable pack and placed it between her lips.  Sweet Jesus!  And then she lit up and blew my mind when she took an epic dangling drag off the light-up, and while still dragging two giant dragon blasts of smoke rocketed out of her nose.  I was fully prepared for my sighting of the day and got my camera phone out for a pic, thinking with as close as she was that I’d still be able to get something salvageable.  I got the pic in but it was it immediately clear, despite my all my perceived stealthness, that she knew I snapped the pic.  It was a costly mistake….

I was able to see one more drag just like the last, an intense humdinger where the blast of smoke emerging from her nostrils coincided with her dragging, something I don’t see often, particularly producing that much smoke.  I was dying to see if the younger-looking girls sitting in front of her who she was talking to would follow her lead and light up, but instead she walked away from them and to a group of guys immediately to the girls’ right.  I could see her talking to one of the guys while looking my way, as if telling on me.  This was really getting dangerous for me but apparently not dangerous enough for me to walk away as I lingered there, darting my eyes to my right hoping to see more even though there were now people standing in her way.  I did get to see one more solid drag, and this time she waited a moment before delivering the exhale, and from a distance it was arguably even cooler seeing two smoke missiles rocketing out of her nostrils with a straight down trajectory.  She was without a shadow of a doubt the best smoker of the day style-wise and even though I was putting my safety on the line lingering here I just couldn’t walk away.  But I thought I saw her dropping the cigarette and kept hovering in the general area to see if I was right….and unfortunately I had.   Now she smoked that thing hard but there’s no way she finished it off in three or four drags.  A sighting poised to be my best of the day had fallen apart.  Between getting busted and managing only three drags, I didn’t feel fulfilled walking away from this one, but her style was unique enough and seeing her light up was surprising enough that she still deserves entry on this year’s list.


#21. Iowa State Fair Day 2, Sighting #46

You never know exactly what you’re gonna run into on a given day of fairgrounds fetishing, but there are some days you can surmise when you walk through the gate that they’ll be below average.  Such was the case with my half-day Wednesday visit to the Iowa State Fair.  The largely older-skewing crowd was emptying out after 10:30, although thankfully not to the degree that it did on previous Wednesday night visits after the concerts all got out, and I was grateful for every bit of humanity I could clutch onto in hopes of propping up my lackluster numbers for the evening even just a little.  The midway was my saving grace and really delivered at around 11:15 when I saw a teen girl about 17 or 18 who clearly worked somewhere in the midway was finished with work for the evening and digging through her bag.  Amazingly, a pack of Newports was produced, and the pitch darkness in the location was soon illuminated as she fired up a cigarette.  She was without question the youngest girl I’d seen smoking at the Iowa State Fair in 2016 and as she stepped into a better lit area I was able to get a closer look at her.  She was a total cutie, a light brunette with a ponytail and just a touch of baby fat chub hidden underneath a white top and a black pair of those dreadful athletic shorts that have unfortunately caught on in recent years.  Since she was working though, I didn’t hold it against her….and being the only bona fide teen smoker I’d seen at the fair this year didn’t hurt either.  She suddenly sprinted up to a couple of guys running some trinket stand at the edge of the concourse…

As was the case far too frequently during this year’s fair season, I couldn’t get a good vantage point, particularly when she sat down at the curb to tend to her cigarette.  There was a wide open bench not far away that seemed promising but when I sat there, I discovered a garbage can was directly obstructing my view.  Grrr!  I now had to stand on the curb conspicuously in this emptying fairgrounds and dart my eyes her way to see her smoking.  I only got to see a couple of drags, and both the drags and exhales were modest as you might expect.  Still, the youthful innocence on this face consuming this cigarette was something I’d been hoping to see all fair season.  I’m guessing she was probably onto me, but there was no terribly awkward eye contact even though she walked across the street to finish the cigarette.  Suddenly the cigarette was just gone and she was coming back over to her friends at the trinket stand reeking of fresh tobacco.  I bided my time and then went over to see if I could find that butt and confirm it was a Newport.  It was too dark and I could not.  In the moments ahead, I made distant passes just to get a final image of that adorably wholesome teen smoker face, a face that was worthy of end-of-year acclaim.  Last year, at the very end of the Iowa State Fair, I scored another great teen smoking sighting, although I got to see much more of that one and it had a much better storyline.  As gratifying as this sighting was, it pales in comparison to last year’s teen babe smoking with “cousin Lisa”.


#20.  Missouri State Fair, Sighting #9

If you’re lucky, there are a few times a day when you spot a very special girl with a cigarette that perks you up instantly.  My first girl of the day who fit that description at my encore visit to the Missouri State Fair this summer was this late 20s redhead with a mane of lustrous red hair going all the way down her back and a sexy face with the weathering of a long-time heavy smoker.  Making the presentation even more jaw-dropping was the stylish black leather jacket she wore along with a pair of skin-tight jeans and boots.  She looked like she came out of the late 80s in many ways and was seated on a bench with a group of family and/or friends, only one other of whom was smoking.   The bench was isolated enough that I couldn’t get close enough to take good pics so I had to attempt a few pics from afar, none close enough to get anything worthwhile.  She was a nice smoker though, with some solid drags and very cloudy exhales that her mostly nonsmoking group was forced to choke on sitting in such close proximity to her.  I got to see about seven drags before she unfortunately stood up and dropped the cigarette into one of those God forsaken “smoker’s outposts” and denied me the butt ID.

The good news was she and her group were heading my direction to go into the DNR building, the entrance of which I was sitting next to.  This was my chance to get a photo….but another crisis screwed me over here as about 15 minutes earlier I had gotten a prompt on my phone saying “keyboard stopped working”.  I was still able to work the camera on the phone but that prompt repeatedly popped up and kept me from getting a photo before she got inside.  The best I could do was walk in behind and get a couple of blurry pics in the dark building.  One of the blurry pics does capture her form in that incredible leather jacket, tight jeans, and boots combination though.  After dark, I’d see this girl again and while she wasn’t smoking, I managed to get a close look at her face and body again, and she was an absolute standout sexpot.  Even with the challenging logistics and fairly limited sighting, this year’s fair sightings haul has been mediocre enough that she still easily made this year’s top-25.  She was certainly worthy of a top-tier position had I seen more.


#19.  Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sightings #135-137

One thing I couldn’t complain about on the second day of this summer’s Minnesota State Fair was the sightings numbers I was pulling in, as I was well ahead of my baseline around 6:30 p.m. as I approached the south side smoking area on Judson Avenue for one of my better sightings of the day.  An attractive early 20s brunette was sitting on the cement stump at the center of the smoking area attending to her nicotine needs.  She was a brunette in a tie-dye top and black shorts sitting with her smooth, bare legs exposed.   Her friend next to her was also readying a cigarette of her own for consumption.  The friend was less immediately attractive but still struck an impressive pose with her long dark blond hair wearing her white T-shirt and leggings.  I was readying my camera phone and got some very nice pics of the two of them.  The friend lit up in the same shot as the original brunette was taking a drag in one of my pics.  The brunette in the black shorts was still my favorite of the two as she had the most striking girl-next-door beauty so when a seat opened up next to her on the cement slab, I jumped at the opportunity to sit there and watch her show up close, enjoying her nicely paced drags and solid exhales–and her stinky tobacco odor–while snapping a couple of stealth pics from very close range.  I was sitting close enough to tell that her cigarette was a Marlboro Red Special Blend and watched her take her final drag and drop it to the ground, ignoring the ashtray only a few feet away from her.

At this point I got up to get a closer look at the friend who was to her right and it was only then that I realized there was a third girl in this mix.  I had taken note of a decently attractive brunette in a white top with pale blue jean shorts and black pantyhose below the belt who was standing in front of the other two smoking, but I didn’t realize she was the third addicted girl of this trio until I noticed she was conversing with the other two smokers.  I thought I snapped a pic of the three of them but it looks like the third girl was mostly cut out of it.  Either way, it was nice to see the two of them continue smoking.  The dark blond second girl was next to drop her cigarette to the grass and crush it out.  Hers was a Camel Light Menthol.  The third girl spent another 30 seconds or so finishing hers off and also polluting her butt before the three of them rose to their feet to leave.  None of these three individually had overflowing IT factor but I liked how the sighting started with one girl and then escalated to three, all attractive, all polluters, and all giving me farrow-to-finish sightings.  It was good enough to make this my third favorite sighting of the day.


#18. Local County Fair, Thursday Night

I was sitting alone at the grandstand on Thursday night at my local county fair where a concert had just begun by country singer Jerrod Niemann, awaiting a good sighting.  In about 15 minutes, the beer gardens on the opposite side of a chain-link fence I was overlooking from where I sat finally delivered.  There was a cluster of girls inside the fence who didn’t look even close to 21 from a distance but must have been since they got inside the beer gardens.  There were about five of them, and a fairly tall blond in a red plaid country girl top and jean shorts was smoking a cigarette.  She was too far away to fully appreciate but she looked incredible from afar.  Standing in front of her was another blond with almost identical attire.  She was shorter and a touch chubbier but from a distance she looked even hotter.  I was getting excited as she began digging around in her purse and, sure enough, out came a pack of cigarettes.  She inserted one in her mouth and carried on an impressive unlit talking dangle for a few seconds before lighting it.  Again, it was too far away to fully appreciate but she took long well-timed drags with solid hold times and careless exhales that probably nailed some of her friends in the face.  There was an even shorter brunette in the group with really tight jean shorts that looked like the most sexy girl of all in the friends’ group, but she never smoked.  Shortly after the shorter blond smoker finished her cigarette, she and the short nonsmoking brunette separated from the group and left the beer gardens.  They walked into the concert and it allowed me a better look at the smoker.  She was still attractive but didn’t have the IT factor up-close that she had while smoking from afar and considering she was probably only 21, she could definitely stand to lose about 15 pounds.  Within just a few minutes, the girl had poached two guys from the concert and walked back into the fairgrounds.  But what about that other blond smoker in the group who was still in the beer gardens??

I spotted her going inside the building structure at the beer gardens and re-emerge near the fence towards the end of the concert and I figured tobacco would likely be smoked again soon.  I left the concert to take advantage of the open bench in the smoking area and get a better look at her.  She didn’t disappoint on either front.  I had misjudged from afar expecting that the second, shorter blond smoker was more attractive….but this girl was by far hotter!  She was a bodacious blond beauty with a perky, infectious smile radiating from a beautiful face, and long smooth legs flowing from her perfect jean shorts and a perfectly toned bubble butt stretching the fabric on the back.  I took my bench at the exact moment she removed a cigarette from the pack (still couldn’t get the brand) and lit up.  Now my vantage point still wasn’t perfect because the two guys and girl (particularly the girl) she was chattering with always seemed to be standing in the way.  There would be occasional parting though, and on a few occasions the parting occurred as she placed the cigarette to her mouth and took dependably long drags, usually turning her head just a little to the left to release a tight plume of smoke entirely from her mouth.  I snapped a couple of pics but they were too far away with too many obstructions to be able to offer much.  Plus I had to be careful because I was supposed to be watching the screen showing the concert slightly to my right but was instead turning my head to the left rather conspicuously spying on this smoker beauty.  I got to watch her smoke the whole cigarette before she dropped it to the grass and I was very glad I left the grandstand to get an up-close sighting of this beauty.

I’d get one brief final act from these girls more than an hour later long after the concert ended.  On another series of benches outside of the grandstand I saw a mixed-gender cluster that included the two identically dressed country girls in red plaid tops and jean shorts from inside the beer gardens during the concert.  There were eight people in the cluster and only two of them were smokers….the two country girls.  Unfortunately, the prettier blond was on her last drag when I spotted her and way too quickly leaned down to stub out the butt and then walked over to the garbage can to toss it, managing to deny me even a butt ID.  Thankfully the shorter, chubbier girl was still smoking and I found an adjacent bench to watch the show and eavesdrop on their conversation.  The shorter girl was quietly tending to her cigarette but the taller girl who had just finished hers mentioned something about “my daughter” which blew my mind.  I’m guessing she was 21 or 22 so obviously it was biologically possible but the last thing I figured checking out this girl’s hot body and innocent face was that she was a mother.  Despite the darkness I was sitting close enough that I was able to take a frontal pic of her.  It’s still not great but I did okay given the challenging lighting.  The shorter girl crushed out her cigarette and, unlike the taller girl, just left the all-white butt lie there.  The group was talking about hitting the bars and quickly took off.  The shorter girl left a Camel Light Menthol butt behind as I watched the hot asses of the girls drift to the southern horizon on the nearly empty fairgrounds.


#17.  Local County Fair, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Nights

Tuesday night at the local county fair was my first night of fetishing for the 2016 fair season and the night had been decent up to the point when I caught the tail end of one more great moment for the evening around 11:00 when I walked past the Tom Thumb mini-donut stand.  This cutiepie 17-18ish dark blond with two braids flowing over her shoulders was standing behind the booth at nearly closing time smoking in the company of an older worker at the booth.  I only got to see two drags before the cigarette expired but what a face!   She was a touch chubbier than I’d prefer but certainly not disqualifyingly so.  I found a berm to sit on and admire her from afar after she finished the cigarette, but perhaps exposed myself a little here because directly in front of me on the sidewalk this sober boyfriend/husband was walking with his falling-down drunk wife/girlfriend who was stumbling all over the place and unable to get up from the ground.  My mini-donuts smoker girl was staring directly my way pointing and laughing about the drunk gal’s misfortune and probably taking a mental note of my presence in the process.  I was hoping it wouldn’t complicate my ability to get more sightings of her later in the week because she was as cute as they come.

The following night around 11, I got another reward from the Tom Thumb Mini-Donuts stand I’d been keeping an eye on all night because of a certain teen cutie I saw the night before.  There she was again, this time in the company of an older gal who worked in the booth (older as in maybe 30, not “old”) and both were smoking.  Once again, I had the impression based upon her outfit that the girl was filled out just a little too much to be a top-tier girl.  She’s not obese but given that she’s probably only 17 or 18, she likely will be as she ages.  But that face!  Such an angelic looking doll, with the imagery made perfect with those two braids rolling over her shoulders.  The smoking performance was damn impressive too as she took nice, deep drags and then released monstrously cloudy exhales that filled several square feet of airspace in front of her.  I was able to sit at a bench that was further away than I preferred but it did allow me to watch the entirety of her performance and saw far more smoking than I had the night before.  It was quite a show and she filled many square inches of space with her toxic exhaust.

She was still on the bubble as to whether she was worthy of an entry into this year’s top-25 but her performance on Friday night secured the deal.  The Tom Thumb mini-donuts stand delivered again with the two gals working there, including my favorite cutie, out smoking behind the stand again after 11:00.  My 17-18ish dark blond who had been wearing her hair in braids hanging over her shoulders on the previous evenings had her hair down tonight and it was at least as nice of a look for her as the braids.  Better yet, whatever she was wearing tonight didn’t make her look as husky as what she’d been wearing the previous night, and her form looked perfectly fine while sitting there on a lawn chair, cigarette in hand, her legs folded in her tight jeans in a way that really turned me on.  Turning me on even more, however, was her smoking as her technique was fantastic, her face melting into her intense drags followed by consistently cloudy exhales that filled a few square feet of space in front of her with a toxic haze.  The only downside is that she seemed to turn her head my way every time she took a drag to the point of doubtlessly noticing me watching from the bench I sat on.  I made it through her whole cigarette but had to be extra cautious towards the end to avoid being definitively busted and missed a couple of her stellar exhales.  Her cigarette count for the 2016 FCF was three and unfortunately I wouldn’t see her again the following night, but I saw enough quality smoking from her with enough different presentations to make her worthy of year-end acclaim, particularly after the Friday evening discovery that she probably was less chubby that I originally expected.


#16. Local County Fair, Wednesday Night

I was having an above-average night of sightings at the local county fair on Wednesday evening, the event’s second of five nights, and I saved my best moment of the evening for last.  I was heading towards the sparse north side of the grounds near the livestock barns and farm equipment to make a final lap of the grounds for the night around 11:00 with the midway already going dark and the crowd rapidly dispersing.  I turned my head in between two livestock buildings, observing complete darkness save for the silhouettes of three approaching females, at least two of whom were quite young.  I had a good feeling about this trio and then turned to my left to approach and almost immediately noticing the hand of one of the younger gals approaching her mouth, followed by the scant illumination of a cigarette cherry as she dragged.  Jackpot!  I kept walking and as I crossed paths I looked the trio over pretty good.  There was an only mildly attractive middle-aged smoking mother closest to me and two very hot daughters to her right.  The girl in the middle looked about 21 and had the best presentation from a distance, a decently attractive face with long platinum blond hair, a blue tanktop, and very nice fitting white shorts.  Unfortunately she wasn’t smoking.  But standing to her right was the girl who was smoking, an absolutely gorgeous long-haired 21ish blond in a light green top and very tight blue jeans.

Unfortunately, I now had a problem as we made eyes with each other and now I had to turn around if I wanted to follow them and see more.  I waited a brief moment and then did, watching the three women navigate in between the farm equipment en route to the beer gardens where I figured they’d disappear to.  If that was the case, my window here was narrow to see anything else as I followed in between the farm equipment, frequently losing my vantage point due to the obstructions.  Fortunately, when I got through the obstacles and approached the entrance of the beer gardens, my prediction was wrong as only one of the females went inside, and it was the nonsmoking blond in the white shorts.  The smoking mother and daughter would continue hanging outside and finish the smoking show for me.  I took a bench and enjoyed the festivities….

I finally got a really good look at the face of the beautiful blond smoker.  She was a perfect 10, radiating supermodel-quality beauty with a Midwestern flair, and she also happened to be a girl I think I saw before and got a photo of while smoking in 2014.  You don’t see a face this pretty every day and I always hoped after the brief sighting I got of her two years ago that I’d see more of her, but didn’t until tonight.  Unfortunately a couple of guys who knew the mother and daughter approached and began talking to them, occasionally wandering in and out of my view of the smoking blond.  I still got to see a few really nice drags though.  There was nothing distinctive about her style, but seeing a haze of exhaled cancerous smoke that was produced by a girl this beautiful in the presence of her mother and two nonsmoking guys was such a thrill.  All too quickly, she surrendered the butt to the pavement and crushed it out, continuing to stand there chatting with the guys and her mom.

The sister was now coming out of the beer gardens searching for the two smokers, ultimately sending a text as she wasn’t seeing them.  The smoker quickly received the text and wrote her back, and they reunited within a minute or so.  The females separated from the guys and headed southward, allowing me to approach her butt and discover it was a Camel Crush.  Two years ago she was smoking a Camel Menthol, reinforcing my suspicion that it was probably the same girl.  The nonsmoking sister ventured to get a slice of pizza and I was able to get a couple of closer looks in passing at the smoker girl as she waited.  To call her the prettiest face at the fair last night that had a cigarette hanging out of it would be a massive understatement.  A night that had already produced its fair share of memorable sightings had really closed with a winner here.  I crossed my fingers I’d see more of her in the coming nights because she’s worthy of top-10 caliber status, but I never did.


#15. Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #53

I had plenty of timing issues and sightings that completely lacked storylines which kept Day 1 of this year’s Iowa State Fair from being anything resembling a classic day, but I managed to be in the right place at the right time on a couple of occasions, including for an early evening sighting of an all-female family of smokers at the edge of the midway where one of the daughters was probably my youngest sighting of the day, although even she was probably 19 or 20 rather than underage.  The younger girl was also the first to light up, approaching the wall to take a smoke break ahead of the mother, the overweight and unattractive presumed sister, and what I assume was the sister’s daughter who looked about eight years old.  The younger smoker was a dark brunette showing a lot of flesh in her gray tanktop and black cutoff shorts, lighting up her cigarette which I could tell by its distinctive blond filter was a Camel Turkish Royal.  She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but stood out as the girl-next-door-esque beauty of this group. I sat across from them in a fairly awkward location and was probably noticed and suspected as I stealthly snapped a handful of pics but there were no obvious signs I was about to be busted as I watched the girl smoke naturally and nicely with steady drags and thin exhales mostly from the mouth.

The girl was decently attractive compared to the gene pool surrounding her but what I liked best of this sighting was the family dynamic, with the young child hovering closeby as three females smoked in her presence, setting the kind of example that fewer and fewer children get this day and age.  Plus the younger smoker daughter had one more great trick up her sleeve as halfway through the show she lifted her knees up and positioned her bare legs in an upside-down V position, basically allowing me a peep show of her ass dimples up her shorts.  Adorably, there was some dirt on the under side of her calves after she lifted them from the pavement.  I watched the daughter crush out the Camel Turkish Royal onto the cement, the first of the three ladies to finish her cigarette.  Moments later, the other two finished their cigarettes and the family got up to leave, allowing me to confirm the daughter’s discarded brand was indeed a Camel Turkish Royal.  There was enough going on in this sighting to make it my third favorite of the day, and it had a nice little addendum less than an hour later when I saw the same three ladies sitting on the curb again, my 20ish brunette taking the last drag from another Camel Turkish Royal before crushing it out.


#14. Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sighting #85

There were few sightings on Day 2 of this year’s Minnesota State Fair destined to make the Hall of Fame, but there was nonetheless one “moment” that was one of this year’s most startling.  It was almost 4 p.m. when that “moment” occurred, as I was exploring the smoking area next to the beer gardens block and its adjoining bathroom.  Sitting on the steps was a middle-aged woman, man, and a young blond girl who looked about 13.  It’s almost to the point where my eyes are no longer even conditioned to explore very young teens anymore because the smoking rate amongst them is so close to zero, so I didn’t even process this girl during my first visual scan of the smoking area.  Yet I spotted the mom (or possible grandma) smoking and then extended her hand past her husband and to the young girl.  The first second I laid eyes on this girl she was taking the cigarette from her mother/grandmother and approaching it to her lips.  She took one quick drag and then crushed it out on the step next to her.  It happened so quickly and took me by such surprise that I was scrambling to process what I had just seen, taking a closer look at this girl thinking my first impression of her face must have been wrong and she was really 21.  But I looked again….and she was definitely middle-school aged!  And she was absolutely adorable to boot.

It happened again!  This is the third time the Minnesota State Fair has produced a sighting where a permissive parent or grandparent has allowed their middle-school-aged blond bombshell girl to smoke publicly.  And all three girls could be sisters…all adorable long-haired blonds with bubbly smiles and youthful energy to spare.  At first I was in despair that I missed this, but honestly there’s no telling how much I actually missed.  The plan all along may have been to give this girl one or two on-the-sly drags from mom’s cigarette, and even that was a crazy move given the stigma surrounding letting children smoke these days, let alone in perhaps the most public place in all of America in late August and early September given the size of the crowds.  The family got up to leave shortly after, in good spirits, and the young girl was wearing a black T-shirt and gray leggings.  I was still kind of in shock and didn’t know what else to do in response, choosing to check out the butt the daughter crushed out but seeing there were three different butts on the same corner of the same step and not knowing which was hers….

While I wouldn’t see any more smoking from this family, I did run into them on the grounds in another half hour or so, walking through an intensely crowded part of the grounds with the parents/grandparents razzing the girl in a way that parents and grandparents often do to girls that age.  I didn’t hear the context of the razzing but I heard the girl say in a classic early teen girl voice “I’m not totally clueless!”  The mother laughed and repeated the “not totally clueless” line to the father who didn’t hear it.  I was gaming for a very risky photo as the girl briefly broke in front of her elders and I snapped a rear photo of her in the tanktop and leggings.  You can’t tell much from the photo since you don’t see her face but she’s clearly a very young girl based on her body frame.  I still don’t know what to make of this sighting.  The shocking novelty of that three-second moment was enough to make this my second favorite sighting of the day and am grateful for what I did see, but also disappointed that this sighting, and sightings like it, have become such an endangered species even compared to 2000 when I saw my first sighting of its kind at the MNSF.  I suppose out of 260,000 attendees at the Minnesota State Fair, the odds are probably decent that there’s a single cute 13-year-old blond girl who smokes among them, but I’m still rather shocked I was actually there to see it when I needed to be.


#13.  Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sightings #67-68

I was exploring the south side of the grounds around 7:30 p.m. on Day 1 of the Iowa State Fair this year when it hit me that the grandstand concert featuring contemporary country singer Brett Eldredge would be beginning in a half hour, and I’d be well-advised to get my butt up there to see some cowgirls getting their last hits of nicotine before going in for the long concert.  I headed that direction and quickly got my reward.  There were a number of smokers lurking outside the grandstand but the best was this pair of early 20s babes whose no-holds-barred hotness I’d been looking for all day.  On the left was a hot blond wearing sunglasses and a brown minidress.  But it was the brunette on the right who won me over even more, a total country cutiepie in an orange tanktop with pale blue cutoffs and cowgirl boots.  A sexier image you’d be hard-pressed to find.  I was a bit daring as I readied my camera phone for her first drag, and nailed the moment as the brunette’s cheeks hollowed to ingest the cancerous chemicals her sexy young body demanded a steady diet of.  Much as I nailed this pic, there was a downside.  She spotted me.

Any future picture-taking was out of the question and it became challenging enough to even continue lurking there.  It got worse as two guys, presumably boyfriends, came over and fired up cigarettes of their own.  I hovered from an awkward spot to watch the show but the brunette continued to make eyes with me whenever I tried to study her technique and I could almost feel her nudging the guys that she was being watched.  Ugh….I’m not as good at this as I used to be!  Whatever the case, I still got a few good glances.  The blond, not to be outdone, was the quicker smoker of the two and got some great drags of her own in, looking wonderful holding her cigarette in a bent-elbow pose in her minidress and cowgirl boots.  She was good enough that the brunette didn’t completely steal the show but the brunette was definitely my favorite, her drags indulgent and her exhales cloudier.  The blond finished hers about a minute before the brunette.  I marked the location where both girls discarded their cigarettes before scurrying to the grandstand to get into the concert, ideally upsetting whoever sat next to them with their fresh ciggy stench.  The guys went elsewhere, apparently not attending the concert.  I approached their cigarette butts and discovered both girls had smoked Marlboro Lights, still my favorite.  If I had a better vantage point and hadn’t gotten busted so totally and immediately, this sighting may have rated even more highly but when you’re nervous throughout a sighting that you’re about to be confronted, it takes something away. It was still my second favorite sighting of the day and there was a brief encore ahead…..

The Brett Eldredge concert was still ongoing at around 10:30 but a few nicotine-starved temptresses had to answer the call of their addicted bodies for some carcinogenic relief.  Included in this mix was the blond and brunette cowgirls, the girls who went to the concerts without their guy friends but congregated once again for another round of cigarettes.  Now the blond was not in possession of a cigarette when I spotted her but the brunette who I preferred was.  The blond smoked faster than the brunette on the prior round so that may have been the issue here again.  I didn’t get to see much here as I couldn’t get too close anyway having been busted before, but I saw one rear drag from the brunette.  I was most excited about the fact that these two cuties paid good money for this concert but were still willing to squander it because their dependency on a regular diet of nicotine overruled the enjoyment of the concert.


#12. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sightings #80-82

I was about to begin a string of greatness around the 5 p.m. hour of my first-rate Day 1 at the Minnesota State Fair this year, working my way back to the smoking area east of the grandstand.  The smoking area was about as crowded as it would get for the entire day, with a mixed-gender cluster of mid-20s smokers drawing my attention most of the bunch.  There was a duo of modestly attractive smoker girls in the mix, one blond and one brunette, but as I circled the group I noticed the sexiest girl in the mix was not smoking, instead distracted by her phone as she hovered amongst the male and female smokers in the group.  But how could this be, I thought to myself as I looked her up and down, as I’ve never seen a girl who looked more like a heavy smoker in my life.  She was a long-haired light brunette in a dress with a black top half and a purplish pastel bottom that hung nearly to the ground.  I shook my head in disappointment that she wasn’t smoking as I drifted around the smoking area to see if anything else was shaking.  I was only gone about 30 seconds before I returned to the aforementioned group, but this time there was an additional smoker amongst them…..the light brunette in the feminine dress who had a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  Now she looked a little more at home as a face like hers just didn’t seem right without a cigarette sticking out of it.  And her smoking performance would help explain why a girl so pretty has such obvious heavy smoker features….

She mutilated that cigarette, standing near the ashtray and ashing directly over it frequently, as was necessary with as fiercely as she was attacking the cigarette and producing more ash!  The optics were incredible as this particular spot is quite breezy and her long dress was whipping in the wind in the back as she smoked while pressing tightly against her front side where the breeze was coming from.  But what the breeze was doing to her wardrobe paled in comparison to what the breeze was doing to her smoke….and I happened to be standing right in the path of it.  As if watching her take those repeated, intense six-second drags wasn’t satisfying enough, getting splashed by her windswept exhales as they exited her face was gravy on the top of this state fair platter.  In one instance in particular, I instinctively wiped my face in the aftermath of one of her exhales thinking the tar from her black lungs may have splattered all over my face.  To my knowledge it didn’t, but if any girl was capable of it, it was her.  I took a couple of photos but only one turned out.  Thankfully it’s a good one as she’s just about to drag and you can really appreciate her outfit and her weathered beauty queen heavy smoker face.  I’d liked to have captured a more casual pic of her between drags but have to be satisfied with what I was able to muster.

Apparently making sure she didn’t leave one trigger unturned on my arsenal, she cut loose a juicy lugie onto the grass towards the end of her cigarette, moments before tossing the butt into the community ashtray where I would regrettably not get a butt ID.  I was riding high after this one and it would have one more adorable moment as I began to walk away.  I didn’t hear the context of the conversation but one of the guys was using his fingers to prop open her left eye and look it over upon her request, subjecting his fingers to her nicotine-stained face.  Either she got a bug or something stuck in the eye…..or all that cigarette smoke was beginning to take its toll on her vision.  Outstanding sighting…and one of the best examples ever of a young beauty who looks like a long-time very heavy smoker.


#11. Missouri State Fair, Sighting #51

There were many dead points in the day and early evening at this year’s Missouri State Fair, but I finally hit my stride during the intermission of the Lady Antebellum concert in the grandstand where I stood outside the fenced-in grandstand for a few minutes at around 8 p.m. checking out some hotties taking this built-in break period to have a cigarette, but the ultimate reward I’d get would actually come when I turned my head to my right to scope out the scene outside the grandstand…..

As I turned to my right, I spotted a fresh-faced teenage blond in a white bare-midriffed top and daisy dukes I had seen earlier on the grounds and gotten a smoker vibe from.  She and a boyfriend illuminated their isolated walking spot when they both lit cigarettes.  Suddenly I was vacating the grandstand fence in a hurry to get a look at this show, and I finally got the timing and logistics right for a quality sighting.  I had figured she was 18 but she may have been younger given how sneaky she was being about smoking, lurking in the sparse southeast side of the grounds and walking between buildings with the boyfriend as she smoked.  It was now dark, especially in the poorly lit area these two were walking, so photo-taking was out of the question, but I followed at a comfortable distance and was impressed with her pacing and how the darkness illuminated the cherry every time she dragged.  She and the boyfriend migrated to a better lit area as they got towards the end of their cigarettes and I was able to see her face.  She wasn’t a classic beauty but she was a girl-next-door type with an innocent face and it was so wonderful to know she smokes, and appeared to be a pretty adept smoker at that.  She dropped the butt to the pavement and crushed it out, finishing her cigarette quite a bit sooner than the boyfriend finished his.  The butt was a Marlboro Red Special Blend.  This was the burst of adrenaline I needed for the evening hours where things did get better.

Most of the last hour of that evening was a blur as I was so obsessed with seeing this one girl smoking who I ultimately wouldn’t, and most of the rest of the new sightings I was scoring were all pretty modest in scope compared to the primary target, but I did get a nice consolation prize from another teen smoker girl.  The 17-18ish dark blond cutie who I had seen smoking with her boyfriend an hour or so earlier was now out on the better-lit street full of bars amidst a huddle of teen friends and this time she wasn’t bashful about smoking publicly rather than hiding in the shadows like before.  The lack of lighting earlier limited my vantage point of her smoking style, but as I was able to get really close to her now, that was no longer a problem and her exhales were sublime, with dense blasts of smoke rocketing out of her mouth and nose after each drag.  This girl was the real deal, and I had noticed earlier that she had this belt on her daisy dukes with some writing on it but couldn’t read the message until now.  It said “Come Get Me, Bros” that couldn’t have possibly been more suggestive.  Couple that with the impressive smoking show and the contrast between this good-girl-gone-wild presentation and her girl-next-door look made for the day’s most striking storyline.  The second sighting of this one really made it something special and thus elevated her to my favorite girl of the day.


#10.  Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sighting #189

Despite having next to no unforgettable sightings all day during Day 2 of this year’s Minnesota State Fair, my sightings count for the day was spectacular as I was approaching 200 sightings for the first time since 2011.  And I’d get as close as I’d come to sightings nirvana in the 9 p.m. hour as I crossed the street from the beer gardens block towards the smoking area north of there when the girl of the day crossed in front of me.  There were actually two girls, both about 17 or 18, one blond and one brunette, identically dressed in sexy white bare midriff tops with skin-tight black pants on their bottoms.  They weren’t leggings but they were slacks just about as tight as leggings.  Both girls were gorgeous but the brunette was hotter…and she happened to be the one wielding a freshly lit cigarette.  The crowd was dense on this block and they were heading in the direction of the teen huddle at the edge of the midway where the crowd was about to get much, much denser.  The brunette was attending to her cigarette quite regularly with fantastic drags and exhales.  But the challenge of the day was about to emerge as they were about to penetrate this mass of teenage humanity.  The girls grasped each other’s hands, not because they were lesbian lovers, but so they wouldn’t lose each other amidst this outrageously dense crowd.  My difficult task was to follow directly behind her without having a part of her anatomy to hold on to the way the blond friend did, tempting as it was to grab hold of that killer ass in those tight pants and have her lead me through the crowd that way……

Exciting as this sighting was already, it got that much more exciting as the three of us broke through the crowd.  If I broke my concentration even for a second and let someone else get in front of me, I’d lose her in this huddle and I wasn’t gonna let that happen because her performance was incredible.  In the past when I’ve seen smokers try to break though this huddle, they held their cigarette cupped in their hand to avoid burning anyone, but this girl wasn’t gonna allow this crowd to alter her nicotine consumption in any way, taking copious drags with head-spinning frequency and exhaling with reckless abandon.  I doubt there was any smoker in all of America last night who was forcing more nonsmokers to choke on their secondhand smoke than this girl as her exhales were expelled from her facial orifices into whoever happened to be in their way.  My God it was sexy!  And for as many people getting some degree of direct or indirect exposure to her secondhand smoke, nobody else was getting violated nearly to the degree that I was as there was always some blowback from her exhales into my face, only a second or two removed from being inside her lungs.

It took about three minutes to break through this crowd and we surfaced on the northern edge of the huddle near the bathrooms where more friends met the two I followed.  They were all girls and all in the 17 range.  None were smokers and while all were cuties, none were as hot or as sexily dressed as the blond or especially the brunette who had just immersed themselves in their group.  The brunette continued to smoke her cigarette and I welcomed the opportunity for a sedentary closing to this sighting as I watched her continue to puff away and exhale nicely in the company of these nonsmoking friends.  The smoker got on her phone to make a quick call amidst the final couple of drags from her cigarette.  Much as I wanted a photo, it was too dark and the lighting was too bad to make it worth the risk so I just enjoyed the rest of the show before she tossed the remains of her cork filter cigarette to the ground.  The crowd was way too thick to try to score a butt ID so I walked away, content to have finally gotten a comprehensive sighting of a young hottie with a great storyline.  It was a relief to have gotten at least one electric moment on this generally disappointing day.


#9. Local County Fair, Saturday Night

I didn’t go into the final evening of this year’s local county fair with high expectations of seeing young smoker girls given that the evening’s grandstand performer was the very dated Charlie Daniels Band, but had surprising success that night, and in particular during the show.  The concert had just started and I was surprised how many smokers were lingering out in the smoking area, more tonight than the other four nights combined at this year’s county fair.  A few of the smokers were of the key demographic, but the girl who ran circles around the others came only about five minutes after the show started.  This young couple wearing matching camouflage sweatshirts (only in Minnesota does it get cold enough on an early August night to be sweatshirt weather) and camouflage hats, with the girl in a pair of tight-fitting dark blue jeans that caressed her form nicely, pushing a stroller with a child who looked one year old, give or take a couple of months.  I found it suspicious that they wheeled the stroller into the smoking area.  The thought crossed my mind that one or both were smokers, but the girl was at most 21 and had a presentation that made her seem far younger, with a baby face and her dark brown hair hanging over her shoulders in braids.  Ten years ago, I’d never have hesitated in suspecting she was a smoker but today I was a little more hesitant in letting myself believe she was.  But lo and behold, the boyfriend removed a pack of Newports stored somewhere in the stroller and got two out, one for himself and one for the brunette Pippi Longstocking clone.  It was such a thrill to see this cutie light up.

Her smoking style was about as average as it gets, but she spiced things up by dancing to the music and engaging with the infant in the stroller, making googly eyes and faces at the child with cigarette in hand, often while in the middle of an exhale.  She made the cigarette last quite a while as her drags were modest and drug out, but considering I had a front row seat and nowhere to go I was fine with that, still surprised this day and age to see such an unapologetic smoking show from a sweet-looking young mommy that lasted several minutes.  It reminded me of the crazy hot Marlboro Light Menthol blond dancing to George Jones while smoking and spitting in front of her young son back in 2010 (FCF #49).  Over the course of that first cigarette, three other people spilled out into the immediate area that were obviously connected to the young parents.  It seemed likely that I was looking at a family of smokers, something very rarely seen in such a public setting this day and age, at least where one attractive young female is involved.  And the best part is, this couple with the stroller stayed out there the entirety of the 90-minute Charlie Daniels concert, and more cigarettes were in their near future…

About 10 minutes after finishing her first cigarette, the brunette with the braids lit another one.  That camouflage cap would occasionally come off, presumably just to help her make a hair adjustment, and she was the second girl just tonight in the smoking area that gave off an adorably low maintenance girl next door image, particularly as she sang and danced with the baby to the music, dragging from her cigarette, and blowing the cigarette out of the right side of her mouth to avoid filling up the child’s airspace directly with her exhaled carcinogens, not that it mattered much given that there were smokers surrounding the stroller filling the whole area up with cancerous smoke.  She smoked the majority of the cigarette and then unfortunately handed it to the boyfriend to finish it off.

About two-thirds into the concert, the boyfriend lit up another cigarette and after smoking about half of it, passed the third cigarette to the girl to finish off.  That would be the end of her saga but it was still amazing that this young couple basically forfeited their seats at this concert right away to spend the entire 90 minutes standing in the smoking area for the sole purpose of tobacco freedom.  I couldn’t tell if the child in the stroller was a little boy or a little girl but either way it’s a good bet the child will either end up a smoker him or herself…or a smoking fetisher with a mommy this unashamedly into smoky performance art.


#8. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #143

It was about 8:30 p.m. on Day 1 of this year’s Minnesota State Fair and I was at the tail end of an extraordinary stretch of sightings that began about four hours earlier.  And the evening would produce one more marquee moment for me just north of the beer gardens block.  I had spotted this absolutely gorgeous 23ish blond once before on the grounds that day and couldn’t take my eyes off of her as now I was watching her opening up a pack of cigarettes and extracting one.  I didn’t see the brand but it looked like some variation of Marlboro Lights.  I scrambled to power on my phone, which I had turned off soon before to keep my battery from going dead, but knew it wouldn’t be ready in time for the light-up, so I just stood and watched one of the prettiest female faces of the fair insert a cigarette into her mouth and fire up.  After my elated body regained its footing, I thought I noticed a cigarette in the hand of the very attractive brunette friend as well, but I saw incorrectly as the only smoker was the blond.  Still, it was the right girl of the two to be the smoker as this girl was just a perfect 10, with shoulder-length platinum blond hair and a utilitarian ensemble of a green blouse and dark jeans which helped give her an approachable, girl-next-door aura despite her incredible beauty.  She was exactly the kind of girl that’s most exciting to see as a smoker this day and age.  The lighting situation meant my photos were not likely to be great but I took four of them anyway from two different positions, and two of them are at least minimally useful in presenting her aura.  But how good of a smoker was she, you ask?  Very!

I sat on a bench adjacent to her on the other side of the designated smoking area’s giant ashtray and watched her entire performance with intense and well-timed drags that were providing her with very obvious physical pleasure.  There’s nothing more beautiful in life than to see physical pleasure on the face of a girl this pretty and she was really hamming it up here particularly with her exhales which were cloudy and skywardly directed torpedoes coming from her mouth and nose.  One in particular was just pure erotica as she took a deep drag and just suspended her face in a skyward position with a look of sexualized pleasure overcoming her before slowly releasing dense clouds of smoke into the night sky.  I felt like I needed a postcoital cigarette of my own just watching her!  She conversed intermittently with her friend as she smoked and the performance lasted a wonderful five minutes before the unfortunate ending I knew was coming where her cigarette butt was pitched anonymously into that overflowing ashtray without any chance of a formal ID.  But as they walked away, she won me over one final time as I watched her reach to the waist of her tight jeans and pull them up.  Seeing a girl that aesthetically perfect do something as unrefined as pulling her pants up as she walks away helps make her seem even more accessible.

Not too long after the sighting of the blond goddess I’d see her and her friend again on the fast-emptying beer gardens block finishing off a beer before heading into the sightingless midway.  I was 50-50 on whether to follow and wait out her next possible sighting, but figured that was too big of a risk for a number of reasons.  In retrospect, I kind of wish I had because there was nothing else going on for the rest of the evening, but I’m grateful I scored one farrow-to-finish sighting of this most unlikely smoker girl.


#7. Local County Fair, Saturday Night

I mentioned in my #9 writeup that Saturday night at the local county fair this year was surprisingly productive, particularly in the grandstand overlooking the smoking area outside the Charlie Daniels Band concert.  The concert had yet to begin but I was sitting in the grandstand in my favorite spot next to my friend and his wife.  I often take note of attractive young females emerging from the front section grandstand seating area, and in the past have always hoped with breathless anticipation that they’ll come out to smoke a cigarette.  I’ve become more cynical over the years, hardened by the realization that 99% of these gals are simply heading out to pick up food or a beverage or go to the bathroom.  For some reason though, I couldn’t take my eyes off of this girl-next-door mid-20s light brunette decked out in a red plaid blouse and torn blue jeans as she emerged from the front seats towards the gate all by herself.  I hung onto a vague intuition that she was a smoker as she walked closer to the gate, and before she even got to the gate, she confirmed my suspicion by removing a pack of Marlboro Reds from her purse and extracting one.  It had been a few years since I witnessed this series of events play out and it was a thrilling throwback to a scenario that used to happen every night not so long ago.  And there was just something about this girl that embodies Everygirl USA.  She was very pretty but oozed a low maintenance accessibility about her from her thrift store wardrobe to the way she carried herself.  This was the kind of girl you could bring home to mom and dad….provided they could handle her smoky stench!

Best of all, she sat down at the table in the smoking area to put on the show, a show that seemed poised to be a five-star classic early on as she placed the cigarette in her lips and fired up, dangling the lit cigarette from her mouth for about 15 seconds while looking at her phone and then dangle-dragging her first serious drag.  Now that’s how it’s done, son!  I was settling in for an incredible show but got a most unfortunate distraction as some haggard old lady walked right in front of her and requested a light.  My brunette lit the old lady up and I wondered for a minute if they were mother and daughter, although it seemed impossible this pair would be from the same gene pool.  The girl was on her phone but the old lady still seemed to be engaging with her, but worst of all for me, she was standing right out in front of me, denying me a full sighting of perhaps the most intriguing girl of the fair thus far.  All I could see was the frequently timed exhales gushing from where the brunette’s face was, hidden behind this old lady standing in the damn way.  Finally the two broke apart but the damage was done as the brunette was down to her last couple of drags.  She powered through the cigarette in short order and I was surprised the show ended that quickly, but there she was crushing it with a haze of smoke hovering in front of this most unlikely wholesome face and then walking back into the concert.  I was grateful for that opening dangle and dangling drag but wanted so much more out of this.

About two-thirds into the concert and more than an hour later, I’d get what I wished for as a familiar face emerged from the grandstand….the girl-next-door brunette in the red plaid blouse and torn-up jeans.  I was so excited that she was probably gonna be smoking another cigarette but then I saw her keep walking past the smoking area and my heart sank as she walked up to a food vendor instead.  But the eternal flame of hope remained as a minute later she was seated on the same bench she sat earlier and smoked her first cigarette, now eating a barbecue pork sandwich she had just purchased from the food vendor.  I felt pretty confident a cigarette would be smoked as soon as she was done eating.  Unfortunately, I’d have another moment of panic as she approached the fence as if going back into the concert, but instead went into the port-a-potty, allowing me a glance at her nice ass in those torn-up jeans before she closed the port-a-potty door.  I waited patiently for about a minute before she came out, and this time she was for real, opening up her purse and revealing that beautiful red and white pack of Marlboro Reds once again, firing one up and putting on the most breathtaking smoking performance I’ve seen thus far in 2016, only this time there was no grumpy old lady standing in front of her denying me the needed visuals!

She actually walked over towards the young mommy in the stroller who was my #9 sighting in this countdown, herself consuming her third cigarette during the concert, but getting absolutely obliterated on style points by the older country girl.  It was literally a girl versus a woman in this unsanctioned contest with the brunette taking absolutely manic six-second drags, the cherry of her cigarette lighting up to the size and hue of a police siren in your rearview mirror.  When she finally got done dragging, almost every time, she removed the cigarette from her mouth and tapped the ash, leading to a shower of bright sparks dropping to the ground reminiscent of 4th of July sparklers.  It was a mesmerizing routine and it was happening in fast forward as her drags came one after another after another, each more ferocious than the last, and always managing to produce an ash shower at the same time as she released tight plumes of exhaled smoke several inches in front of her face in perfectly straight lines.  The only downside to this show was that it was going so fast, as she was consuming this cigarette in near-record speed, either because she was so desperate for her nicotine fix or because she really wanted to get back in to see Charlie Daniels.  Either way, within three minutes she was finishing up the cigarette with an honest-to-God rapid succession triple-hit drag that probably gave her third-degree burns on her poor lips.  She crushed out the cigarette and I watched her cute denim-clad backside hustle on back into the show, unfortunately never to see her again.  It was without question my single best individual sighting of the county fair this year, and a great vindication from the mostly lost sighting from her an hour earlier!


#6.  Iowa State Fair Day 2, Sighting #17

A little after 7 p.m. on the generally unproductive second day at the Iowa State Fair this year, I was bummed to have had a near-miss on a teen smoker girl sighting, but I wouldn’t have long to feel sorry for myself as I was migrating south and only a couple of minutes later saw this extremely hot dark brunette in a white blouse and incredibly tight navy blue cutoffs extracting an all-white cigarette from her purse and installing it in her lips.  Oh how I’d have loved to get a pic of her light-up but she was too quick.  I’m guessing she was about 24 and had an overflowing quotient of IT factor smoking her cigarette in the presence of a boyfriend I at first presumed was a nonsmoker.  Pretty much immediately, the sighting got active as the smoker girl came across a young girl who looked about six in the presence of an older woman.  I’m very skeptical the girl was her daughter but it’s possible.  The ashtray-mouthed sexpot excitedly greeted the young girl and almost immediately approached one of the fairgrounds police with freshly lit cigarette in hand, almost as if asking if it’s okay if she smokes in the fairgrounds.  She went on to engage in about a minute of friendly banter with this police officer as if they were good friends before chatting it up again with the older woman, the young girl, and her boyfriend/husband, with her being the only smoker of the four.  She held her cigarette up in a bent-elbow pose about even with her shoulder, presumably to avoid torching the little girl with it.  I was feverishly taking photos of the sighting’s marquee interactions with both the young girl and the cop and thinking I was landing some great ones, even though her drags came fairly slowly.  More later on why my photos didn’t quite live up to expectations…..

The group hovered for a couple of minutes before they started drifting into the midway.  I followed, continuing to snap photos and enjoying this girl’s presentation which practically dripped with sex appeal, and never more than when she took a drag from her cigarette.  Slowly paced as they were, she nailed the drags and especially the delayed exhales, where smoke hung out inside her black lungs for a good 7-8 seconds on a couple of occasions before I watched her tilt her head up to exhale a nice stream into the early evening sky.  I was taking plenty of risks here and especially when the group started a stop-and-go routine in the midway, always forcing me to stay on my toes to not get busted and moving away out of sight on occasion.  At one point I did this and she no longer had the cigarette when my eyes caught back up with her, but then I noticed a two-thirds smoked cigarette in the hand of the boyfriend/husband and it took the wind out of my sail a little bit as I hoped she was the only smoker of the group.  I nonetheless walked away figuring this would likely be my best sighting of the night, but thankfully for me this girl was far from done.  As for all those photos I had gotten, it was approaching sunset and for whatever reason there was a dark shadow hovering in this location for all of my pics.  Most of them turned out enough to see her, but none of them are vibrant enough to fully appreciate her.  If there’s a way to brighten these photos after they’re taken on either my phone or my computer I’m not aware of it, so I’m afraid I’m stuck with darker photos of her.

It was a generally frustrating night but about an hour later I would get some relief from this frustration with an encore performance from the evening’s star player as a cluster of two young guys and gals was walking west down the concourse, two of whom were wielding cigarettes.  It was that dark brunette in the tight navy blue cutoffs previously seen exposing cops and small children to her carcinogenic trail of death.  She was such a sight for sore eyes and I had an open path to follow her this time.  As we walked, the reasonably attractive mid-20s blond in their group produced a cigarette of her own.  The brunette had to give the blond her cigarette which the blond used to bring her own cigarette to life before passing it back to the brunette.  Once again, the brunette was a slow smoker, which is always frustrating but her drags were so natural and her exhales so rewarding after her considerable hold times that it more than made the wait worthwhile.  The blond was a mediocre smoker which made it easier to keep my eyes glued on this brunette and savor the aura of hotness and tobacco stench she was radiating.  I made sure I kept close enough tabs on her to see when she dropped her cigarette to the pavement so I could ID the butt of the evening’s lone star.  It was a Marlboro Light.

Another hour plodded along with few genuine rewards, but there was a dark brunette hottie lurking on these grounds who seemed to have a cigarette every time I laid eyes on her.  Thankfully that streak would continue as I headed to the east side of the grounds and saw the two sets of young couples emerging from the east side beer gardens, with the brunette lighting up her third cigarette that I had witnessed on the night.  It was, again, a struggle to keep tabs on her given that she was immersed in this cluster of four and smoked so slowly, but I guess I can’t hold her slow smoking against her too badly when you factor in that she seems to have a lit cigarette in her hand or mouth basically nonstop.  Thankfully, they settled at an empty table between two bars at the main beer gardens and the two guys and the brunette puffed away there.  As usual, there was no good place for me to observe this and I was forced to walk in a semicircle on the concourse to catch a couple of her drags, the latter of which produced a honey of a cloudy, skyward-directed exhale.  Having seen three cigarettes from this girl that night, I was making mental comparisons of the star sighting of last year’s Iowa State Fair, the white-dressed dangling drag queen from the double mother-daughter sighting who attended the Alabama concert.  This year’s girl absolutely had the star power to rival her, but lacked the stylistic excesses of the dangling dragger, plus I just couldn’t get close enough to her for an extended front-row-seat sighting.

I scored a few decent finds in the evening’s final hour but it was still a disappointed night and I was heading to the shuttle bus to call it an evening shortly after 11:30, making a final pass down the concourse and past The Depot in hopes of buffeting my numbers up a couple.  I didn’t get a new sighting as I walked past The Depot but I did see an old favorite… dark brunette sexpot in the tight navy blue cutoffs….and she was smoking AGAIN!  This was her fourth cigarette of the night that I saw, which basically amounted to every time I saw her.  It made me wonder if she was smoking nonstop through the night or if I was just catching her every time she was smoking.  I found the nearest bench and took a quick gander but, as usual, there always seemed to be someone hovering in front of her and preventing me from getting a good view and I was standing out like a sore thumb on these empty grounds, which wasn’t good since this group had undoubtedly noticed my presence a number of times earlier in the night.  I was excited that I got to see so much smoking from her and was able to walk away from this decidedly below-average night at the fair with one superstar.


#5.  Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #60

I finally hit a groove and began to put some serious points on the board around 6 p.m. on my mediocre first day at this year’s Iowa State Fair, and would catch my sighting of the day outside the east side beer gardens.  There were few memorably wholesome smoker girl faces that day but as I encircled the bar’s entryway I laid eyes on this early to mid 20s beaming blond with the face of an angel wearing a baseball cap with her hair coming out the back in a ponytail, decked out below the neck in a gray top and black shorts with the shiniest, most perfect pair of long tanned legs coming out the bottom.  She was with two guys and I noticed both were smoking.  Blondie was sans a cigarette thus far but just as I was beginning my prayer that she would be a smoker too, the heavens answered as she opened a pack of Marlboro Lights and extracted one.

I frantically readied my camera phone to get a pic of the lightup and luckily she was slower to the draw than I was as I clicked my phone as the exact moment she clicked her lighter, bringing her cigarette to life.  I took a couple more pics of her dragging and got what were easily my best pics of the day before deciding to just hang back and watch the show.  On a day with so few genuine rewards, it was a tremendous pleasure to watch that cigarette inserted in her mouth followed by a nice deep drag, her eyes squinting with pleasure as she filled her insides with poisons.  Her exhales originally seemed to be more of the casual blowing variety, leading me to believe she was more than likely a social smoker, but I kept watching and it seemed the exhales were getting cloudier as she progressed.  Somewhere during this show two more guys came out and lit cigarettes, meaning she was now outnumbered four to one by males.   It was a fun show but she dropped her cigarette to the ground and crushed it out, resuming her conversation with the guys…..

I began to walk away but something compelled me to go back, believing this sighting just might not be done yet.  And sure enough, blondie had another cigarette in her hand.  But it wasn’t long enough to be a fresh cigarette so I wondered what was going on, until after two consecutive drags she handed the cigarette to one of the two guys that had joined them, having mooched some of his.  I stood there longer just in case she’d go for another drag, but when I saw the guy she mooched the drags from was crushing his out beneath his feet, I figured this time the show really was over.  But hold on….now she was extending her hand to the other male newcomer of the guy to pilfer a drag from his cigarette too!  As I watched her squintingly dragging from her third cigarette in the last couple of minutes, I was beginning to doubt my original assessment that she was a mere social smoker, as her craving for nicotine was pretty insatiable here.  She gave the cigarette back to the second guy who finished it off and the show was over as the group began to migrate back into the beer gardens.  I confirmed her discarded butt, which I had marked, was a Marlboro Light.  Because of the girl-next-door beauty caliber of the girl and the unexpected escalation towards the end, it was the only sighting of the day I would identify as an undisputed homerun.


#4. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #102

It was about 20 minutes to 7 p.m. on my excellent first day at the Minnesota State Fair and I had just crossed the century mark with sightings, quickly approaching the grandstand area knowing all the smokers going to the Dixie Chicks concert would be enjoying a final cigarette before the gates opened up, but I got sidetracked in the best possible way as I checked out the smoking area by the food building and found one of the day’s most delicious 21ish sexpots with cigarette in hand.  Let this image fill your head….badass sunglasses, long reddish hair hanging over her shoulder in a giant braid, a minimalist tan top that exposed a good 18 inches of her midriff, and tight pale blue cutoffs on her bottom.  Add a freshly lit Camel Turkish Royal to this image and you have the girl I stumbled upon.  I was able to take a seat on a cement curb directly overlooking this girl standing in front of my face smoking with a significant group of friends, with her being the only smoker of the bunch at least at the moment.  I took the opportunity for a direct frontal photo but didn’t think of the setting sun in the background blurring the image some.  It’s still a great pic that perfectly captures this sex kitten in mid-drag, but after two quick pics I decided not to be greedy and just sit back and enjoy this show, and sweet Jesus what a show it was….

Her drags weren’t too outside the mainstream in terms of length or intensity, but even after that first drag it was clear that she was extracting some serious smoke volume as a good 10 seconds passed after the drag when she turned giddily to one of the guys in the group and asked a joke about S’Mores (there’s a S’more stand nearby and they probably just bought one).  Somehow, bursts of smoke were still escaping her mouth and nose as she spoke as if she had just taken a drag…but she was 10 seconds removed from it!  And even as she delivered the punchline a few seconds later that “you keep asking for S’More”, wisps of smoke were still slipping out of her mouth and nose.  The talking exhales so far removed from her drag were so impressive that I even gave her a pass on the terrible joke.  None of her subsequent talking exhales were quite that amazing, but it nonetheless became the centerpiece of this sighting as every time this sexually charged young girl took a drag, she would converse with her friends and the smoke wisped out of her gorgeous face in unintentional blasts as she spoke that lasted several seconds after she took a drag.

It’s rare I get to see a sighting this close-up to admire this degree of talking exhale visual bliss, but she was attempting to lead her friends into mobility and entice them to go on “The Hurricane”, undoubtedly some extreme ride on the midway.  And when a sexy young female jubilantly expresses her desire to go on a midway ride to her friends and does so by opening her mouth to reveal a giant ball of recently inhaled cigarette smoke that slowly spilled out in a talking exhale, there’s basically no better feeling on Earth when you’re a smoking fetisher watching it from a few feet away.  She began to proceed in the direction of the midway and I followed hoping for a formal cigarette butt ID and to see her finish it off, but she seemed justifiably annoyed at her inability to herd these cats in her group who were dragging their feet far behind her as she more energetically proceeded towards her destination.  Unfortunately, she’d keep smoking until the nearest garbage can where she crushed the cigarette out and tossed it inside.  I went over to inspect the trash can and couldn’t spot a cigarette butt, but given the telltale markings of Camel Turkish Royals I knew without a shadow of a doubt that that’s what she was smoking.  It wouldn’t have been just any sighting that would delay my trip to the grandstand area by five minutes right before a concert began, but this sighting was one that did, yet another of the top-tier sightings I scored that day that I won’t soon forget.

About an hour and a half later, well after dark, I was following up on another sighting which put me at the right place at the right time for a sensational encore.  About 10 yards to the south sitting in the grass was a group of friends and I could see that two of the girls were smoking.  One was a decently attractive brunette, but she ended up as mere window dressing for the girl who sat next to her, the familiar face and body who belonged to the epic redheaded sexpot who produced those amazing talking exhales a couple of hours earlier.  At the time she was the only person in her group who was smoking but now she was one of two among a good nine people huddled there, but thankfully for me my favorite redheaded smoker with the long braid hanging down to her exposed midriff was sitting directly in the vantage point of an open bench a few yards away.

I wasn’t sitting as closely for the encore as I did for the main event but I still had a great view of her smoking theatrics.  The distance and the darkness forbid me from seeing the magnitude of those talking exhales I saw from close-up at 6:30 but I still got a wonderful smoking show as she powered through another Camel Turkish Royal with the kind of bravado that her friend smoking next to her could only fantasize about pulling off with deep indulgent drags and cloudy exhales directed skyward.  At one point, a nonsmoking guy in her group stood in front of her and conversed while she continued to sit on the grass smoking, and this produced the takeaway image of this second sighting as she sat there looking up to him with puppy dog eyes, dragged from her cigarette, and then exhaled in the same upward direction.  The exhale didn’t reach his face and I’m guessing it was unintentional that her smoke was sent that direction rather than done either to gross him out or to turn him on, but that almost made it hotter that this girl exhaled towards this nonsmoking guy’s face without even realizing it.  Once again I got to see almost the entire smoking performance and she capstoned it with a lugie spit to her left only inches from where her sexy body sat.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out in the grass, but since her group remained in that spot I would again be denied a formal butt ID.  One of the things that made August 28, 2016, so great were the encore performances, and this sexy lexy provided one of the day’s most desired encores.


#3. Local County Fair, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The biggest star of this year’s local county fair proved the old adage that the road to greatness is a marathon and not a sprint, leaving a strong first impression but building upon that early impression repeatedly as the fair drug on.  It was thus fitting that her opening act was rather modest, occurring after 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening when I saw a total of three attractive 20-somethings who worked at the fair in some capacity seated in the lawn between the edge of the midway and the bathroom area.  The most attractive was the first one, a dark brunette with a nice tan wearing a navy blue top advertising whatever vendor she was working and a nice-fitting pair of tan shorts.  She was sitting there with two guys smoking a cigarette and looking beautiful doing so, but there were two problems.  She was a very slow smoker and I was not well-positioned to stick around for an extended show, forced to lurk awkwardly in an isolated area and constantly turn my head towards her to watch, which was tough since she was so slow to take drags and because there was a constant presence of guys who occasionally made eyes with me when my eyes darted that direction.  She was beautiful though and worth some risk, so when a bench opened up overlooking her, albeit from a more challenging distance, I took it.  Unfortunately by that time she was down to her last two drags.  She finished off the cigarette and left it there in the grass, walking my direction en route to the as-yet undetermined vendor she worked at and letting me get a look at her pretty face except with better lighting. She was definitely one of the more attractive gals of the night.

The Wednesday evening appetizer led the way for a blistering encore soon after I arrived a the fair on Thursday during the early evening hours well before sunset.   The previous night’s sighting from my dark brunette beauty wasn’t all it could have been between her slow smoking and the challenging logistics.  But there’s nothing better than getting a second chance and my county fair often provides those second chances.  She was sitting in the same spot with a freshly lit all-white tonight, only all by herself this time which helped me a little as I didn’t have to look past a dude in my line of vision to catch her smoking.  The previous night she had her hair in a bun and was wearing tight tan shorts, but her presentation this evening exceeded the previous evening as she now had her hair in a long, flowing ponytail that gave it more vibrancy, and had a pair of tight black leggings below her work T-shirt that showed off her curves just as nicely as the shorts the previous night.  She also had a pair of badass sunglasses at the beginning of the sighting but she removed them in a couple of moments as she was distracted attending to her phone.  As for the smoking, the slowness of her performance from the previous night was also a thing of the past as she was now working the cigarette like the pro that she was….

I couldn’t sit too close without being obvious but wish now I had because even though I got photos, they’re not as close-up as I’d prefer.  I prepared my phone and snapped a couple of pics as she sat alone in the grass with cigarette in hand, her legs crossed Indian-style.  But when I looked her way a split second after snapping a photo, I caught her with the fairly fresh cigarette dangling casually from her lips.  Oh how I wish I could have gotten this on camera, but once I spotted it I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as she let that cigarette dangle there for a good 20 seconds before puckering up her lips and taking a fierce dangling drag, letting a huge stream of smoke flow from her nose with the cigarette still in her mouth.  Now this would be the highlight of the sighting but the rest of her performance was outstanding too with fierce drags, very long hold times, and sick exhales.  I wish my pics were closer-up but I got one fantastic one that nailed her exhale, a geyser of smoke spilling from her gorgeous face, and I was able to crop and enlarge it so it looks pretty darn good.    The location that was so challenging the previous night served me pretty well tonight and I watched her smoke the whole cigarette, crushing it out into the grass before standing up and revealing her hot body in full in those tight leggings.  She was holding the pack in her hands and it looked like either Marlboro Lights or the ML Special Blends.  I walked over to where she sat but since the fair workers seem to all sit here to smoke there were butts everywhere and I couldn’t make out which was hers.  It’s actually a good bet that several of them were hers!  I followed her this time and was able to see she works at a freshly squeezed lemonade stand which was very accessible in passing and allowed me to get a glance at her every time I walked past and keep tabs of her comings and goings.  Very beautiful face…..I’d guess she was mid-20s and her dark hair and features reminded me of a heavy-smoking beauty named Ashley I went out with two years ago, although this girl was about 50 pounds lighter than Ashley.  I was confident I’d be seeing more smoking from her…and I was right.

Right after leaving the Jerrod Niemann concert about three hours later, I saw the brunette was not inside the stand for the lemonade and I correctly figured there was only one other place she could be.  Sure enough, she was off near the bathroom smoking again, only this time in the company of the guy from the previous night.  This posed another logistical challenge for me as I had to stand next to the dumpster to watch her smoke without getting detected, with him in the way for much of the sighting.  I noticed she was really getting touchy-feely with the guy and wondered if they were a couple.  I dismissed it as a hot girl getting off on stringing a guy along by handling him and making him think she was into him.  Either way, she was back to her frustratingly slow smoking pace in his presence.  I did get to see about four more of her trademark drags and cloudy exhales, including a shorter version of her epic dangling drag from the early evening.  It was such a pretty face to see such cigarette gymnastics emerge from.  But alas, the awkwardness of the setting forced me to walk away before I’d prefer to…

And only like a half hour later, I’d spot the same couple again on yet another smoke break.  This girl really has herself a problem…albeit of the most adorable variety.  And this time there was no ambiguity whether they were into one another as they were sitting there making out with freshly lit cigarettes in hand, tasting each other’s ashtray mouths.  I stood and watched the show for about a minute but since so little smoking was going on and my positioning was still bad, I aborted yet again, seeing the last of her tonight but being reasonably confident the next two nights would produce more sightings from her.

The show continued Friday night as I found myself in a quandary at around 9:45 p.m. as right as the huge crowd from the evening’s Ted Nugent grandstand concert was departing, my lemonade stand girl was making her first appearance of night, and she was alone!  My findings thus far persisted as solo sightings of lemonade stand girl were fantastic while group sightings of her were frustrating as hell because she smoked at a tortoise’s speed.  No such problem here as I got a full cigarette sighting with nicely paced drags, including a couple of brief dangling drags, solid hold times, and stunningly gorgeous exhales.  The initial blast of smoke escaped her beautiful face and was followed up by a great residual exhale from both mouth and nose.  On occasion, even the third breath would produce some final smoke spillage.  There was no inconspicuous location to observe this greatness but hovering next to a dumpster and watching her from slightly behind at a side angle served me well.  She was wearing tan leggings tonight and pulling them off just as well as the black leggings the night before.  It was a great seven-minute show and every drag was a party for the eyes, featuring some variation of that residual spillage on nearly every drag. She got up and returned to the lemonade stand when she was done, and an hour or so later I’d see her out smoking again, although this time with her favorite boy of the carnival, resting her pretty head on his shoulder and smoking at a glacial pace again.  For those keeping score, that puts her up to six cigarettes over three nights so far at the county fair, making her one of the most prolific addicts of recent years and raising her stock significantly for my year-end countdown.  I also officially got the brand as I was able to ID the butt she discarded after that first sighting.  It was a Marlboro Light 100.

The festivities continued around 10 p.m. on Saturday night as well when a known nicotine entity would deliver for me again.  I was walking near the main bathroom structure on the grounds and found two people approaching…..the lemonade stand brunette beauty and her loverboy.  And I happened to catch her in mid-dangle as she walked, puckering up her lips on her long freshly lit Marlboro Light 100 for another of her incredible dangling drags.  I’ve always been fascinated when smoking comes this naturally to girls…when it’s clear that it is so ingrained in their lifestyle that it effectively becomes another part of their anatomy.  I knew that since this girl was in the company of the guy it would ultimately be another slow smoking show and it eventually became one, but not without one more display of epic bells and whistles once the two of them sat down in their favorite spot on the grass.  She was leaning back and forth, using her black leggings-draped ass as the fulcrum for her anatomical see-saw, her cigarette dangling from her mouth for a good 30 seconds that offered up the entire anthology of yumminess that comes with dangles, including a dangling drag, a dangling exhale with blasts of smoke gushing from her nose while the cigarette still hung in her mouth, and then a talking dangle as she briefly conversed with the boyfriend with the smoke still wisping from her beautiful face.  Unfortunately, as soon as the cigarette was removed from her mouth, everything memorable about this sighting was past tense as she reverted to a conventional smoking style and did it agonizingly slowly while chatting with the guy.  I found a bench a fair distance away and watched what I could, but nothing else even remotely lived up to her opening histrionics.  About a half hour later, the same two were out smoking another round of cigarettes.  This was her eighth cigarette that I was witness to during the duration of the local county fair, and bear in mind that it was late Wednesday before I even saw her the first time!  Eight cigarettes is right up there with the highest cigarette count I’ve ever seen from an FCF girl over the course of five days, and it’s just incredible that it came from such a gorgeous girl.

Partly as a function of my grandma living across the street from the fairgrounds and my mom and I visiting her on the Sunday afternoon that marks the official final day of the county fair, I typically get a final half hour at the fair on Sunday when I walk across the street to see what’s shaking.  I didn’t see any new girls but I wasn’t shut out of sightings completely as some old favorites were there smoking another round.  The lemonade stand brunette and her loverboy were smoking again, making this the ninth cigarette I saw her smoke at this year’s fair which is a new record at my local fair.  Three blond fair workers who also smoked seemed to be in that spot having a cigarette fairly regularly over the course of the week too, but the brunette had exponentially more IT factor than the blonds to the point of rendering the other two forgettable.  Whatever the case, two of the blonds were there smoking with the brunette and the guy, and they were passing around a half a watermelon they were picking at while smoking.  As usual when my brunette is smoking in the company of others, it was slow going but I sat at the tables and watched from afar for a few minutes.  That was all I got on Sunday, but it was a nice ribbon to tie up the arc of the most prolific smoker girl in FCF history with.  There’s no guarantee she’ll be back working the lemonade stand again next year, but I’ll certainly be looking for her to see if she is continuing to smoke up all the tobacco plants in Kentucky.


#2. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sightings #90-92

The late afternoon and early evening hours of Day 1 of this year’s Minnesota State Fair produced my best hours of fairgrounds fetishing this entire summer without a shadow of a doubt and the momentum crescendoed right around 6:00 at the high-foliage east side smoking area full of trees and benches which evokes somewhat of a park setting.  A four-sided bench near the back of that smoking area was full of seven warm bodies seated in a circle.  Right away I noticed a bright yellow pack of American Spirits (again?!?!) in front of this attractive late 20s blond even though she wasn’t smoking at that moment, but from the clouds of smoke hovering over that bench it was clear somebody at that table was, and I walked back there to see who it was.  My heart almost melted as I noticed an obvious family setting with an obvious patriarch and matriarch, likely with some of the friends of whoever the “daughter” was in the group, and the two hottest girls in the group, both in the 19-21 range, were both smoking in front of family members who were all older than they were, and they were both very impressive.  Sitting closest to me was a wholesome long-haired dark brunette in a skimpy navy blue minidress who held her cigarette in her left hand and took a steady diet of nice drags.  But it was the lighter brunette seated furthest from me but in the most direct line of vision from the bench where I sat who impressed me most, her face the vision of angelic girl-next-door wholesomeness with wavy long light brown hair decked out in an odd ensemble of a reddish dress with a pink lacy shawl covering it down to her knees.  If this countdown’s #12-ranked girl was an example of the most obvious-looking smoker of this fair season, this cutie was an example of the least likely smoker of the 2016 fair season…..

I had a deja vu moment immediately upon laying eyes on this light brunette smoker but it took me almost 24 hours to figure out who she reminded me of.  My office hires these high school kids as pages every winter and in 2015 one of the pages was a girl named Brett, who had a very obvious huge crush on me, looking me up and down every time she walked past me and doubling back needlessly on occasion to make eye contact with me again.  I fantasized that entire year about Brett smoking but was now getting as close as I’d ever expect to come to seeing it happen as her doppelganger was consuming a cigarette very impressively directly in front of me.  She took beautiful drags, puckering up that wholesome face around the filter of her cigarette and tilting her head slightly skyward to produce a cloud of smoke that hovered for several moments above the entire family at that bench.  Between her and the dark brunette, the haze of smoke in front of and above this table was pretty much omnipresent, and one of my two less than impressive photos captured some of that smoke haze.  Unfortunately, my biggest regret from that day was not scoring a better pic of this group, although I had a good excuse in that their bench was isolated in a way that I could never get close enough to take the kind of photo I’d have liked to without completely exposing myself.  I found a bench in the best place possible and even there it was becoming clear after a few minutes they knew I was watching.

Still, I couldn’t look away at this incredible family dynamic, the best family of smokers sighting I’ve gotten in 10 years since it was only the cutest and youngest female members of the group who were responsible for all the carcinogens the rest of the family was forced to choke on.  But there was still one missing piece to this puzzle….the mid-to-late 20s blond with the pack of American Spirits in front of her on the table, herself very attractive, decked out in a black blouse and jean shorts with boots, was compelled to spark up a cigarette of her own by the stinky youngsters at the table.  For a couple of minutes, there were three hot females smoking simultaneously at this table until the younger two finished theirs.  By this point, however, they were on to me and making eye contact more and more frequently, so I made the tough decision to walk away, unclear whether there would be additional tobacco consumption by the younger girls that I’d miss out on by leaving.  Still, after as many missed opportunities as I’d suffered through thus far in the 2016 fair season, it felt good to be at the right place at the right time for something so special.

Less than an hour later, I was stacking up all kinds of great sightings outside the grandstand in the moments before the Dixie Chicks concert, and was scurrying to meet my parents at the agreed-upon 7 p.m. meeting time.  It was 6:55 and I still had one more pass to make by the east side of the grandstand, ultimately settling upon a familiar group whose presence sent my jaw dropping to the ground.  Standing in a huddle of seven just as they were seated in a bench in a circle less than an hour earlier was the family of smokers who had already rocked my world to its core.  Now they were back, the majority of the group, including the parents, delaying their entrance to the Dixie Chicks’ concert because the same three young females of the group feeding their addictions to cigarettes before were feeding the nicotine monkeys on their backs again, only doing so much more publicly this time, the center of attention standing in the middle of this cobblestone walkway with three hot smoker girls dragging copiously and exhaling clouds of cancer into the sky.  I only had a minute or so to observe and made one final attempt to score a decent photo, but unfortunately it’s a blurry mess as happens all too often around 7 p.m. when the sun is on its way down in late August.  It was nice to see them all standing and be able to admire their great bodies in a vertical posture.  The blond and the dark brunette impressed again but the star of the show was that wholesome light brunette who looked like my former office page Brett, and she also seemed to produce the cloudiest exhales.  I doubt I’ll ever surpass the 2006 MNSF family of smokers sighting which included two gorgeous teenage girls, one of whom put on one of the longest no-purpose dangles I’ve ever seen, but this was the best family of smokers sighting I’ve gotten since then, and I hoped so much to see them out smoking again later in the evening, but this would be their last appearance of August 28, 2016.


#1. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #35

I had a very solid day coming together on Day 1 of this year’s Minnesota State Fair in the early afternoon hours and was lurking around the smoking area east of the grandstand, which has probably been the most productive smoking area in the four years of their existence.  And so it would be again that day as I spotted out of the corner of my eye this sensational early 20s blond leaning up against the tree with the stub of a cigarette dangling from her mouth.  I hustled on over to get a better look….only to find her crushing the cigarette out on the grass next to her.  Noooo!  It was happening again….an appetizer of greatness thrust in front of my face but being denied a full sightings meal.  But before I even had time to begin feeling sorry for myself, blondie was reaching into her purse and extracting a turquoise pack of American Spirits (when did these things become cool!??!?!) and extracting another one, dangling it for a few seconds and then lighting up, having gone no more than 20 seconds since her last smoke.  I was overcome with joy and began taking in this crazy sexy image in front of me…..long blond hair hanging over her shoulder in a single long braid, sunglasses, a low-cut gray top revealing a gigantic pair of natural boobs, and a pair of lacy white shorts below the waist with long tanned legs outstretched from the tree which she continued to lean upon as she sat, all with a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  The image of smoky feminine bliss I’ve been seeking all fair season was upon me….

And the image was only part of it as she supplemented it with a world-class smoking show, texting to distraction as I snapped numerous close-up pics, all too often of her immersed in one no-purpose dangle after another.  And when she removed the cigarette from her mouth after a drag, intense satisfaction filled her face followed by slow and smooth exhales coming in thin streams from her mouth and nose.  I wasn’t witnessing a cigarette being smoked….I was witnessing a sexual assault!  Almost never was there a time during the duration of this cigarette that braided blondie wasn’t doing something over-the-top with the cigarette, accentuated by the primal sexual appeal of her flamboyant feminine presentation.  Over the course of the five minutes or so she smoked, a good two minutes were spent with the cigarette dangling from her mouth, even when the cigarette was down to a stub and had to have been red hot on her lips, particularly with the intensity of her drags which were always at least six seconds but usually longer.  It was an incredible show and I took in every moment of it before she crushed out the second cigarette into the grass by the tree right next to where she crushed the first one out.  At long last, the 2016 fair season had produced something truly special, and I walked away with a renewed spring in my step.

I migrated off to a nearby berm and took in some more sightings but felt compelled to go back to that designated smoking area I just came from just in case….my best decision of the day.  I spotted from afar an insanely hot young female body smoking in the presence of a boyfriend who was also smoking near the tree.  I got closer and while her presentation with ponytailed dark blond hair, a skimpy navy blue tanktop and short jean shorts was very impressive, her face didn’t quite match the body.  She wasn’t unattractive but I was hoping for better based on the image from afar.  I snapped a couple of solid photos, one dragging and one in mid-dangle and was satisfied with the sightings’ modest rewards, but recall how I said this sighting took place “by the tree”.  It’s a large tree and this girl was standing on the north side of it, but it took me about a minute after arriving to bother taking a look to the other side of the tree.  And doing so I had a most surprising reunion….from a girl who had never left her old spot from five minutes earlier….

Not sure why it never occurred to me that blondie with the braid and the big boobs and white lacy shorts might still be there, but there she was….my sighting of 2016 thus far, and smoking another cigarette, her third of this smoke break.  It was a fun little trick to take a couple of shots of both girls, in one case with both girls in mid-drag on opposite sides of the tree, a collision of smoker girl worlds in a way I never really captured on camera before.  But after this novelty wore off, I focused entirely on the braided blond again, who was now closing her eyes as if trying to get some rest as she sat there against the tree, cigarette in hand.  It made it that much easier to watch in observance as she sat there resting, but even if her mind was at rest her body ended up working twice as hard to process the volume of nicotine and tar she was feeding it.  The last several drags she took from that cigarette as she rested were the most intense yet, her lips wrapping around that cork filter and drawing in smoke for at least eight seconds per drag, renting a condo inside her black lungs, and then filtering out her mouth and nose in a sleepy exhale.  It was like a small child putting herself to sleep sucking on a pacifier, only for this adult girl it was a cigarette doing the work of the pacifier, and it was hard to tell whether the sensation was putting her to sleep or gratifying her sexually.  Perhaps a little of both.  It was a sighting unlike anything else I had seen, particularly this final act of the sighting.  How is it even possible for a girl to get this much bodily pleasure from American Spirits??!?!

As she finished off the cigarette, she crushed it out in the grass and began to awaken, standing up from the tree she had been sitting next to for at least 15 minutes.  It was only when she stood up that I appreciated just how sexy her body was.  Between her busty chest and the way those lacy white shorts wore on her as she sat, I was under the impression she might be a tad pudgy, but seeing her standing up, it was now clear her curves were in no way excessive and the white lacy shorts fit her form perfectly.  Better yet, she had a bunch of stray grass blades and impressions on her upper thigh flesh from the tree roots when she stood up, the most adorable imperfections on this perfect feminine presentation.  Standing there stretching out after standing up, her bottom covered in grass and dirt, her adorable body seemed as vulnerable as those poor cigarettes were when she committed such unspeakable atrocities towards them only moments earlier.  The bummer of this final image is that she scooped up the three discarded American Spirits butts she consumed during her stay in the smoking area and approached the overflowing community ashtray with them, taking away their special presence and rendering them mere paper and tar residue amongst hundreds like them.

I readied my camera as she walked away trying to get a perfect ass shot.  I only managed a couple of mediocre ones but as I moved away satisfied with my haul, I discovered my gig was officially up as this guy approached the girl as she got in line for fair food, pointing my direction as if to tell her I was photographing her.  It was time to go!   I’ve been getting braver and dumber with these smoking pics every year and it’s only a matter of time until I create a real problem for myself with them.  I boogied on out of the spot and avoided confrontation but told myself as I walked away that I needed to cool it with the pics.  That didn’t last long but I was far less aggressive for the rest of the day with the photos, sadly reducing the rewards I’ll be able to offer readers with my smoking gallery of pics on Tumblr.  If I was gonna get busted, I sure picked a firecracker of a sighting to get busted over though!


So there it is.  Wish I could have done a little better for everybody this year but I hope to make up for it next month with what’s shaping up to be pretty good lists for my top-10 random and Summerfest sightings and my top mall sightings of 2016.  In two or three weeks I’ll return with photos of the girls from this list to post on my Tumblr page.   This year’s haul of photos is not bad but not nearly as perfect as those masterpieces I pulled off from 2015.  Hoping to make up for this year’s below-average fair sightings haul in 2017 where I’ll swapping the Missouri State Fair for the Indiana State Fair. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this list for what it’s worth.

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