2016 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

Now that’s more like it!   It’s been a fairly disappointing fair season thus far with below-average hauls in Iowa and Missouri and a local county fair that was merely okay.  But the Minnesota State Fair came through as usual on my first day this year.  Things were unsettled Friday night though as I had to convince my parents to hold off until Sunday to go up there because Saturday was gonna be a cold, rainy mess.  Saturday is the ideal day to go for so many reasons but not when the weather differential is as substantial as what was forecast.  I made the right choice and was rewarded with warm, sunny conditions and girls that dressed appropriately for them, and at least five sightings destined for my year-end countdown and a flurry of additional extra-base hits.  The only downside was that the evening crowd was greatly diminished on a Sunday night compared to Saturday as expected.  Still, I scored 170 sightings which isn’t too much below my recent baseline and up from last year’s Labor Day weekend Saturday where I got 164 sightings.

We got to the fairgrounds a little after 9 a.m. Sunday morning and there was some residual fog that I knew would burn off before long and did in an hour or so.  The grounds were slowly starting to fill up and I was bouncing around from one of the dozen and a half designated smoking areas to another.  I must concede that after my early fears in 2013 that these things would be devastating they are helpful in serving as holding pens for smoker girls.  Their downside is that butt IDs can be a big problem since everyone is stuffing the butts in the same overflowing ashtrays.  It was the designated smoking area north of the food building that provided me my modest Sighting #1, a reasonably attractive 30ish dark brunette sitting on a bench all by herself enjoying a cigarette.

Mornings can be slow but I was doing reasonably well early on Sunday, scoring Sighting #2 in the alleyway between the beer gardens block and the sheep building.  It was an early 20s brunette draped in a black ball cap, black sweatshirt, and black leggings.  I’d seen girls dressed like this before and knew it was the work outfit for one of the bars on the beer gardens block.  She was having a cigarette before her work shift started and I got to see her last couple of drags (and snap a quick pic) before she stubbed the cigarette out and then went into the women’s bathroom.  I sat on a bench to get another look at her face when she came out of the bathroom and then spotted a chubby and only mildly attractive early 20s dark blond in the nearby smoking area who lit up.  Sighting #3 would have only barely have been good enough to count as a sighting until a middle-aged man who clearly was her middle-aged father walked up to chat with her as she smoked her cigarette.  This was my first sample of some very nice family dynamic sightings that played out yesterday that I know most people really like, so this will be the fair writeup for you.

There’s a smoking area heading up to the north side of the fairgrounds that has never really served up anything too great in years past but delivered an impressive triple play for me on my first pass yesterday morning.  Sitting on a bench smoking were two workers wearing Tom Thumb donut hats.  One was a guy and the other was a ponytailed 19ish blond girl decked out in a black Tom Thumb cap, a gray sweatshirt and sexy form-fitting leggings in which her shapely young legs were crossed as she sat there smoking.  Sighting #5 was pretty plain jane in many ways but the presentation was pretty nice for a Sunday morning.  The frontal pic I took is unfortunately too dark to appreciate and her smoking style was just average, but her stock rose when only a half hour later she was sitting there in the same spot smoking another cigarette.  She was still sitting next to the guy, only this time he wasn’t smoking.

And while the first Tom Thumb donut girl sighting was playing out at that north side smoking area, two more girls popped out of the nearby commercial building to get their stink on.  Sighting #6 was the more memorable of the two, a dark blond with shoulder length hair wearing a sweatshirt and jean shorts with very sexy and smooth legs.  Sighting #7 soon surfaced as well and also produced a cigarette, a long-haired dark brunette in a T-shirt and jeans.  The dark blond was the better smoker of the two, distracted by her phone and dangling on a couple of occasions.  I got a couple of photos in and both girls sat next to each other on a bench where I watched some of their smoking show before moving on.  This was my most productive first hour at the Minnesota State Fair in many years.

And the hits kept coming as I journeyed up the entire north side loop, which is about 20 minutes of walking round trip.  There’s a smoking area on the far north side that didn’t have much going on but it was as I was leaving that I came upon Sighting #9, my second family setting sighting that left an impression even though the girl wasn’t top-tier.  It was a 19-20ish light brunette in a gray top and leggings who was a bit chubby but modestly attractive.  Most impressive though was that mom and dad and her brother were all walking with her, none of them smoking.  They were all ready to go into the building on the north side but had to wait for the daughter to finish her cigarette.  Fairly minor rewards overall but it’s fun to see a family this day and age where the youngest daughter is the only smoker and does so publicly in the rest of the family’s presence.

Things slowed down to a more normal pace after that great first hour and another hour would pass before Sighting #13, my next memorable sighting.   And this one was the best yet as I migrated into the yard near the DNR building.  At almost the same location as one of last year’s best sightings stood this mid-20s long-haired dark blond wearing a ball cap, sunglasses, a gray tanktop, and leggings in the presence of what appeared to be a couple with a young kid in a stroller.  They seemed to have just finished eating and the blond was standing up with an unlit cigarette in her hand.  I readied my phone hoping to get the light-up but missed it as she had already fired up.  Even though sighting logistics would have made it easier if they had stayed put, I found it more exciting that they took this sighting on the move, weaving through the large crowds encircling the DNR building and then onto the busy streets, all where the dark blond was illegally smoking her cigarette, dragging and exhaling without giving a second thought about the collateral damage.  Were young children or little old ladies getting assaulted by her careless exhales?  Yes they were…and this girl couldn’t care less!  It was a sexy performance and while I couldn’t maneuver a frontal pic as she walked I got some decent side pics and at least one dragging pic before settling in and enjoying a solid performance of nicely timed drags and rude exhales into the crowd.  Farrow-to-finish sightings have been challenging at this year’s fair but I pulled this one off as she dropped her cigarette to the pavement and pressed forward with the nonsmoking family.  The butt was a Camel Crush.  The late morning hours needed this spurt of bravado to keep my morale up and it ended up being one of a steady stream of extra-base hits that kept the entire day very exciting.

Unfortunately, the heartbreaker of the day came next with Sighting #16.  I was walking through the center median on Dan Patch Avenue and spotted this blond from the rear in a pink tanktop and jean shorts who looked like a cutie.  She was opening her purse and I took a gander in to find a pack of Newports.  It was exciting to observe and I got in front of her to take a look at her face.  First of all, she was an early-to-mid 20s cutie in the presence of her boyfriend or husband.  But more importantly, she was about eight months pregnant.  I’ve had a number of pregnant smoker sightings over the years but none of the women were particularly impressive beauty-wise.  If this girl were to have lit up, she’d have easily been the best pregnant smoker sighting of my life and would likely have been the top sighting of the day.  But for now she and the boyfriend were simply eating their French fries and chatting.  I sat down and waited, hoping I’d be rewarded with an after-snack cigarette…..but they just got up and left.  You always think in the back of your mind in situations like this that you still may run into them again later in the day and see her smoking, but I never did.

My goal is to be at 20 sightings by noon and despite the fast start I was lagging behind.  Thankfully I hit the 20 mark in style in the aforementioned alleyway between the sheep building and the beer gardens block where lots of people go to sneak a cigarette.  Doing so yesterday was a pair of 20-21 year-old girls dressed in identical black leggings who sat down on the cement ledge.  Despite their similar presentations, the girls didn’t look alike, with one of the two being a little chubbier with light brown hair with blondish highlights.  She opened up her purse and revealed a turquoise pack of American Spirits, a brand that was strangely omnipresent yesterday.  She pulled one out for herself and then handed one to the skinnier dark brunette in sunglasses.  The chubbier light brunette lit up first to become Sighting #19 before handing the lighter to the friend who became Sighting #20.  I got pics of both girls in light-ups, although sitting closer to the chubbier girl I could see much more of her, including smoking.  I tried to slip in side-eyed peeks at their smoking but was a little too isolated for comfort and the chubbier girl seemed to be on to me.  Neither girl was gorgeous but they were both nice smokers, the chubbier girl perhaps slightly more so, but for whatever reason, the leggings were really winning me over with this presentation, particularly since the light brunette at one point accidentally ashed and splattered gray tobacco ash all over her pristine leggings covering her lower body.  It was another extra-base hit farrow-to-finish sighting as I sat there in observance of their entire cigarettes before they both crushed them out against the cement and then proceeded into the sheep building, undoubtedly stinking worse than the livestock themselves.

Even more satisfying was the sighting that came next in the designated smoking area by the beer gardens.  I hadn’t mentioned Sighting #12 earlier because she was a fairly routine late 20s blond smoking with her boyfriend, but she was back now and engaged in conversation with Sighting #21 as they stood near the ashtray and smoked together.  Suffice it to say the sighting had a star in #21, this attractive long-haired redhead in sunglasses, a gray T-shirt, and jean shorts.  Right away, I’d have guessed she was about 21 or 22 and the context of the conversation quickly vindicated that impression.  The older blond didn’t seem like she’d be in the redhead’s friends’ circle so it was hard to know if these were just two strangers bonding over nicotine dependency or if they already knew each other.  Either way, the redhead was explaining to the blond that her wisdom teeth were pressing the rest of her teeth together and that she really needed to get them removed.  Most people have wisdom teeth issues in their late teens and early 20s so she almost certainly was of that age.  Watching her take nicely timed drags with decent exhales, a couple of which I captured on camera, I got this image of this cutie’s poor dentist requesting she open her mouth for oral surgery and getting lambasted by a tsunami of her tobacco breath.  I hope she keeps smoking even after the surgery and the risk of getting dry socket.  She stubbed the cigarette out into an overflowing ashtray, denying me the butt ID, but it was a lengthy and satisfying sighting with some great additional context provided by the conversation.  Probably the hottest smoker girl so far of the day.

Another great one came on the beer gardens block when I first laid eyes on Sighting #25, this attractive and shapely early-to-mid-20s brunette wearing a white ball cap (what’s with all these chicks in ball caps lately?!?!) along with a gray T-shirt and black shorts that snugly caressed her sensational ass and hips.  Sadly, she partially stepped on this presentation with a lettered tattoo on her right leg just underneath the shorts, but it wasn’t enough to hurt her too badly in my eyes, particularly if I just moved to her left side!  She was in a mixed-gender group of about five or six and was the only smoker, walking through the busy crowd with cigarette in hand oblivious to anyone who may have objected.  I got very lucky and got a nice facial pic of her right off the bat as subsequent attempts at rear and side pics while she was dragging largely fell flat.  I mostly watched this sighting from the rear as I followed, walking through as many of her stinky exhales as I could while enjoying that ass.  Her group kept walking in the direction of the livestock barns and I got to watch her entire smoking performance which was well-paced and impressive.  She dropped the cigarette just before entering a heavily populated stretch and I was able to ID the butt as a Camel Menthol.  Had the sighting ended there with this girl, it would have been a solid double, but I would end up seeing this girl smoking not once, not twice, but THREE more times that day and night, in a couple of cases smoking with others in her group.  I’d see her smoking again less than an hour later and then twice in the early evening hours.  I did see her a fifth time after 9 p.m., and that was the only time on Sunday that I saw this girl without a cigarette.  Even with that much tobacco consumption, I’m still only rating her as my sixth favorite girl of the day, which speaks well of the girls yet to come.  Everything about this girl was attractive (except for the leg tattoo) but she didn’t possess that IT factor that would really take her to the next level.  Still, with four cigarette sightings in one day in a venue as unlikely for that sort of thing as the very large and heavily populated Minnesota State Fair, she’s worthy of some serious acclaim.

Sighting #27 is the kind of sighting that would probably be the Holy Grail for most fetishers, so much so that I had a hard time containing the hilarity as I stumbled into it at the Judson Street designated smoking area.  Picture this:  a family of smokers that included dad, mom, and a late 20s blond daughter in a white top and dark jeans, all puffing and conversing amongst each other.  But here’s the kicker…..mom and daughter were both smoking 120s, either Virginia Slims or Mistys.  It was the kind of sighting I thought only occurred in fetish fiction but I got two excellent photos documenting it to verify this actually happened.  Now for me, this was a solid double without question, but mother-daughter sightings don’t necessarily rise immediately to the top of my pyramid unless the players are both incredibly attractive.  In this case the mother was not attractive and the daughter was decently attractive but certainly wouldn’t stand out in a crowd.  Still, the novelty of this sighting was amazing to witness and the daughter was a solid smoker to boot, chatting with mom while dragging and exhaling on her long, skinny cigarette without even being aware thousands of smoking fetishers jack off nightly just imagining a sighting like this.  I got to see the majority of the performance before the women crushed out their cigarettes in the community ashtray.  I figured it would be easy to ID the slender cigarettes in this ashtray and hovered at the perimeter searching for the slender butts.  I was amazed at how easily these distinctively shaped cigarettes got lost in this cluster of butts, and even going back a minute later for a second look, I still couldn’t find them.

Believe it or not, only minutes later, I had another mother-daughter sighting, although Sighting #28 didn’t have quite the level of pageantry as the previous one.  Standing outside the International Bazaar was an unattractive smoking mother with a late 20s brunette daughter in a gray T-shirt, tight jeans, and snug-fitting cowgirl boots.  The presentation really got me on this one and the girl had some genuine IT factor to boot.  I scrambled to get photos but only one of them really turned out and it happened to catch her in mid-drag.  Once I got the photos I was gonna settle in for an extended viewing of her smoking as what I had seen thus far indicated a very impressive smoking show was likely, but the cigarette was gone and the two women were heading back inside the Bazaar to meet what I presumed was the rest of the family.  Even though the family wasn’t particularly dark complected, I noticed right away that the younger smoker girl had some Native American features and seeing the rest of the family I was more sure than ever they were at least partially Native American.  The smoking show may have been over but the daughter was rummaging through her purse and revealing a pack of Marlboros–either Reds or Blacks, I couldn’t tell which–inside.  Wish I could have seen more smoking in this one.

The aforementioned designated smoking area heading up to the north side delivered a highly unusual number of strong sightings yesterday, and came through again with Sighting #32, this late teen or early 20s light brunette cutie in a little black dress.  I went back and forth on this girl, thinking she looked really cute in some poses and a little more granola than I prefer in others.  Her smoking was fairly average but I stuck around for a few drags and snapped a pic of her in mid-drag where she looks really adorable and even reminds me of my nonsmoking ex-girlfriend Brooke back when she was 19 in 2009.  Looking at how cute the girl looks smoking in this pic a day later, I’m kicking myself for not sticking around for more than three drags of this one.

But then again I can’t kick myself too hard because cutting short that previous sighting put me at the right place at the right time for Sighting #35, my best sighting of the day and the sighting to beat thus far for 2016 overall.  I was lurking around the smoking area east of the grandstand, which has probably been the most productive smoking area in the four years of their existence.  And so it would be again yesterday as I spotted out of the corner of my eye this sensational early 20s blond leaning up against the tree with the stub of a cigarette dangling from her mouth.  I hustled on over to get a better look….only to find her crushing the cigarette out on the grass next to her.  Noooo!  It was happening again….an appetizer of greatness thrust in front of my face but being denied a full sightings meal.  But before I even had time to begin feeling sorry for myself, blondie was reaching into her purse and extracting a turquoise pack of American Spirits (when did these things become cool!??!?!) and extracting another one, dangling it for a few seconds and then lighting up, having gone no more than 20 seconds since her last smoke.  I was overcome with joy and began taking in this crazy sexy image in front of me…..long blond hair hanging over her shoulder in a single long braid, sunglasses, a low-cut gray top revealing a gigantic pair of natural boobs, and a pair of lacy white shorts below the waist with long tanned legs outstretched from the tree which she continued to lean upon as she sat, all with a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  The image of smoky feminine bliss I’ve been seeking all fair season was upon me….

And the image was only part of it as she supplemented it with a world-class smoking show, texting to distraction as I snapped numerous close-up pics, all too often of her immersed in one no-purpose dangle after another.  And when she removed the cigarette from her mouth after a drag, intense satisfaction filled her face followed by slow and smooth exhales coming in thin streams from her mouth and nose.  I wasn’t witnessing a cigarette being smoked….I was witnessing a sexual assault!  Almost never was there a time during the duration of this cigarette that braided blondie wasn’t doing something over-the-top with the cigarette, accentuated by the primal sexual appeal of her flamboyant feminine presentation.  Over the course of the five minutes or so she smoked, a good two minutes were spent with the cigarette dangling from her mouth, even when the cigarette was down to a stub and had to have been red hot on her lips, particularly with the intensity of her drags which were always at least six seconds but usually longer.  It was an incredible show and I took in every moment of it before she crushed out the second cigarette into the grass by the tree right next to where she crushed the first one out.  At long last, the 2016 fair season had produced something truly special, and I walked away with a renewed spring in my step.

I migrated just a little bit east from there to the berm area outside the grandstand where plenty of smokers have been known to drift to indulge in a smoke break.  Such was the case with Sighting #37, a long-haired blond in a gray dress smoking a cork filter cigarette next to a nonsmoking boyfriend who allowed me to keep up my momentum.  I was able to claim a seat only a few feet away and snapped a few action shots from the side of her finishing off the last several drags of the cigarette before crushing it out.  I walked in front of her and snapped a frontal pic for reference.  Looking at the pic today, she looks far chubbier than I remembered her in person and chubbier than she looks in the side pics.  Sometimes the camera phone can manipulate an image and make a girl look heavy and I suspect that was the case here because I wouldn’t stop for a close-up sighting of a girl as heavy as this one appears in that frontal pic.  Whatever the case, I enjoyed the sighting while it lasted and felt compelled to go back to that designated smoking area I just came from just in case….my best decision of the day.

On top of scoring a couple of mediocre new girls en route to the smoking area, I spotted from afar an insanely hot young female body smoking in the presence of a boyfriend who was also smoking near the tree and knew right away that I had stumbled upon Sighting #40.  I got closer and while her presentation with ponytailed dark blond hair, a skimpy navy blue tanktop and short jean shorts was very impressive, her face didn’t quite match the body.  She wasn’t unattractive but I was hoping for better based on the image from afar.  I snapped a couple of solid photos, one dragging and one in mid-dangle and was satisfied with the sightings’ modest rewards, but recall how I said this sighting took place “by the tree”.  It’s a large tree and this girl was standing on the north side of it, but it took me about a minute after arriving to bother taking a look to the other side of the tree.  And doing so I had a most surprising reunion….from a girl who had never left her old spot from five minutes earlier….

Not sure why it never occurred to me that blondie with the braid and the big boobs and white lacy shorts might still be there, but there she was….Sighting #35, my sighting of 2016 thus far, and smoking another cigarette, her third of this smoke break.  It was a fun little trick to take a couple of shots of both girls (#35 and #40), in one case with both girls in mid-drag on opposite sides of the tree, a collision of smoker girl worlds in a way I never really captured on camera before.  But after this novelty wore off, I focused entirely on the braided blond again, who was now closing her eyes as if trying to get some rest as she sat there against the tree, cigarette in hand.  It made it that much easier to watch in observance as she sat there resting, but even if her mind was at rest her body ended up working twice as hard to process the volume of nicotine and tar she was feeding it.  The last several drags she took from that cigarette as she rested were the most intense yet, her lips wrapping around that cork filter and drawing in smoke for at least eight seconds per drag, renting a condo inside her black lungs, and then filtering out her mouth and nose in a sleepy exhale.  It was like a small child putting herself to sleep sucking on a pacifier, only for this adult girl it was a cigarette doing the work of the pacifier, and it was hard to tell whether the sensation was putting her to sleep or gratifying her sexually.  Perhaps a little of both.  It was a sighting unlike anything else I had seen, particularly this final act of the sighting.  How is it even possible for a girl to get this much bodily pleasure from American Spirits??!?!

As she finished off the cigarette, she crushed it out in the grass and began to awaken, standing up from the tree she had been sitting next to for at least 15 minutes.  It was only when she stood up that I appreciated just how sexy her body was.  Between her busty chest and the way those lacy white shorts wore on her as she sat, I was under the impression she might be a tad pudgy, but seeing her standing up, it was now clear her curves were in no way excessive and the white lacy shorts fit her form perfectly.  Better yet, she had a bunch of stray grass blades and impressions on her upper thigh flesh from the tree roots when she stood up, the most adorable imperfections on this perfect feminine presentation.  Standing there stretching out after standing up, her bottom covered in grass and dirt, her adorable body seemed as vulnerable as those poor cigarettes were when she committed such unspeakable atrocities towards them only moments earlier.  The bummer of this final image is that she scooped up the three discarded American Spirits butts she consumed during her stay in the smoking area and approached the overflowing community ashtray with them, taking away their special presence and rendering them mere paper and tar residue amongst hundreds like them.  I readied my camera as she walked away trying to get a perfect ass shot.  I only managed a couple of mediocre ones but as I moved away satisfied with my haul, I discovered my gig was officially up as this guy approached the girl as she got in line for fair food, pointing my direction as if to tell her I was photographing her.  It was time to go!   I’ve been getting braver and dumber with these smoking pics every year and it’s only a matter of time until I create a real problem for myself with them.  I boogied on out of the spot and avoided confrontation but told myself as I walked away that I needed to cool it with the pics.  That didn’t last long but I was far less aggressive for the rest of the day with the photos, sadly reducing the rewards I’ll be able to offer readers with my smoking gallery of pics on Tumblr.  If I was gonna get busted, I sure picked a firecracker of a sighting to get busted over though!

It was about 2:30 now and I was trying to get as far away from the grandstand as possible for a bit to avoid my potential tormentors.  I actually saw the Sighting #40 girl (the shapely dark blond on the “north side of the tree”) and her boyfriend walking through the midway as I made my journey.  Neither were smoking but seeing her walking in those jean shorts reinforced the shapeliness of her feminine form.  Other than that, the midway was a bust again, a recurring theme for the last couple of years at the MNSF.  I took 2 1/2 loops through the midway yesterday and for the first time ever, got zero sightings for my trouble.

I found the courage to slowly work my way back to the grandstand area in another half hour or so, starting with the west side steps.  It was a good thing I got my wake-up call about photo-taking a bit earlier or I may have taken a foolish chance on a pic of Sighting #43, my youngest smoker of the day, in a very logistically difficult spot where I’d likely have been unequivocally busted.  On my first pass along the base of the steps outside the grandstand, I took note of this baby-faced 16-17ish blond with her hair up in a ponytail wearing a neon yellow T-shirt and dark blue capri jeans.  She was standing by herself as if waiting for somebody and soon met up with this bearded guy who looked 10 years her senior and more likely to be family than a boyfriend, and the guy had a cigarette.  And there was no ambiguity about her age either as this girl had a total baby face and was definitively still high school aged.  I had a gut feeling right away about this one so I wasn’t surprised when he stealthly handed her his cigarette.  She cupped her hand to hide it as best as possible and took a drag as if sucking from a straw.  As I said, my positioning here was awful and both the guy and girl were nervously scanning their surroundings so as not to get busted allowing this cute girl to smoke her cigarette publicly so the best I could do was try to loop around to another vantage point on the other side of them.  She handed him the cigarette back while I switched locations, but I figured she’d get it back and after a couple of drags by the guy she did get it back for more adorable stealth smoking.  It was a little sad though that a 16-ish girl has to go these paranoid lengths to enjoy a few drags from a cigarette this day and age, but I was still pleased to be in a position to observe those “few drags” when she did.  I got doubly blessed about a half hour later when I saw her again with the bearded guy and a few others in a family-type setting.  I didn’t get too brash but snapped a side pic as they walked away so I’d least get a single visual aid to remember her by.

The rewards continued at a pretty steady pace that afternoon and it was already clear the first day at the Minnesota State Fair was treating me better than any of the days in Iowa or Missouri had.  Another brief moment of fetishing pleasure came with Sighting #48 in the designated smoking area near the east gate which has multiple trees and benches and by far the most “park” atmosphere of any of the smoking areas.  Sitting on one of the benches right up front was an odd dynamic of an elderly man in his 70s on the left, a young male on the right, and a 20-something girl with a cigarette in the middle.  Even though the girl was only modestly attractive, the family dynamic was just adorable here and got even more astounding when the girl took a drag and then exhaled, her cancerous fumes drifting towards grandpa’s face.  She then hocked up a nasty lugie and spit it in front of her, almost certainly within the notice of grandpa and the brother/boyfriend.  Smoker girls are such amazing creatures to behold!

My paranoia about photo-taking came with a price, and never more than with Sighting #52, an attractive young couple in the grassy median along Dan Patch Avenue sharing a cigarette.  I first spotted the mid-20s blond in a black T-shirt and pale blue jean shorts puffing away before handing the cigarette to the boyfriend.  I stood a couple of yards away observing from the side and awaiting the moment the cigarette was returned to its rightful female owner.  When it was, I snapped a few photos but was apparently too gun-shy with the camera phone in response to the scare earlier and when I looked at the photos later I discovered I cut their heads off in the two that turned out at all.  Even without photos though, it was a good smoking show seeing this dark blond beauty consuming her cigarette with timely drags and producing cloudy exhales in this resting area where smoking is definitely not allowed.  When she handed the cigarette back to the boyfriend, I walked away, unaware at the time that my photos hadn’t turned out.

I’d do much better about 10 minutes later on the beer gardens block when I spotted a cluster that included two thuggish-looking young guys, one of whom was pushing a stroller with a young child in it, and a knockout 20-something blond with a great body draped in a black tanktop and white shorts.  The only smoker in the group was the blond…aka Sighting #54.  I saw this girl’s presentation and cigarette in hand before I got a good look at her face and figured she was about 16 based on her outfit and body size.  One look at her face made it clear she was definitely not a teenager.  She was attractive though, with the prematurely hardening look of a long-time heavy smoker but nonetheless rocking a great body.  Not sure how I nailed the photos quite as well as I did given my paranoia at that time of the day about snapshots but I got one incredible pic of her in mid-drag where she seems to be REALLY enjoying her cigarette, arguably my best pic of the day.  I watched about six or seven drags, all of which were good without necessarily standing out stylistically.  She crushed the cigarette out beneath her feet and pressed forward with the stroller-pushing males in her cohort who weren’t partaking in her stinky pastime.  I identified her cigarette butt as a Marlboro Light. Had she been as young as innocent-looking as her profile from afar suggested this sighting would have been one of the best of the day.  It was still among the 10 best but she was a little too rough around the edges to make my top-tier.

My consistent stream of satisfying material continued as the afternoon progressed and I passed the crowded bathroom between the haunted house and the International Bazaar.  It’s not an official designated smoking area but you see plenty of smokers in the general area most days, in this case a group of four with two males and two females, the latter of who were Sightings #59 and #60.  Both girls were in their mid-to-late 20s and I had a better vantage point of the reddish-haired girl in the black tanktop and jean shorts and watched the most of her performance, which was solid with nice timely drags and cloudy exhales.  But upon my first inspection, the other girl, a cute brunette who looked like she had braces on her teeth, left the most significant early impression so I changed positions to get a better look at her.  She was a slower smoker but when she took those last two drags, she delivered with some massively cloudy exhales directed above her head.

More extra-base hits were moments away as I migrated to the east gate and stumbled into Sighting #63, a tall, mid-20s light brunette wearing a bare-midriffed black and white top and a pair of tight ripped jeans that fit her form very nicely, standing in the grassy median enjoying a cigarette.  Her group consisted of an older African-American woman who was also smoking and a younger black girl who wasn’t, and the white girl was conveniently the only one of the three standing up making it easier for me to watch from closeby, and despite looking too wholesome to be a smoker, she was really putting on a show with some intense nicely timed drags and indulgent exhales directed skyward.  I got to watch most of the smoking show as she conversed with the other women in her group and captured her in two good pics.  When the older black woman finished her cigarette, she rose to her feet and the group began drifting off.  I really wanted a butt ID but would have to get it the hard way as my brunette took a final drag off of her cork filter and then tossed it into a puddle that accumulated along the curb, residual standing water from the previous day’s rain.  I used my foot to spin around the soaking wet remains of her butt and was able to identify it as a Marlboro No. 27.

It was back to the beer gardens block around 4:30 where I’d score a litany of sightings, including Sighting #68, this girl-next-door dark blond cutie with a long ponytail, gray T-shirt, and jean shorts with long smooth legs coming out the bottom.  She was in a group with other young gals in their early-to-mid 20s but she was the only one smoking, and was she ever smoking, dragging copiously and really ingesting that tobacco smoke into her adorable body for about a minute while chatting with her friends.  I’m guessing she was finishing the cigarette in a hurry because they wanted to move on but I thankfully had time to snap one picture and it was a really good one of her in mid-drag.  Like the last girl, she just seemed too gosh-darned wholesome to be a smoker yet there she was.  Only seconds after I snapped that pic, she took her final drag and then crushed out the cigarette before drifting away with the friends.  Her discarded butt was a Camel Blue.  The sighting only lasted about a minute but it was yet another moment yesterday that helped keep my morale high nearly the entire day.

I ticked off a few more sightings in the coming minutes on the beer gardens block, including a colorful one with Sighting #71.  Sitting on the curb was a middle-aged father sitting with two teen-ish daughters.  On the right was an alternative-looking 17ish girl with red hair and in between her and the father was a 19ish brunette in a black tanktop and gray leggings.  When I first approached the trio, only the middle daughter was smoking.  Neither was particularly attractive but the family dynamic here was very cool, particularly when the brunette daughter took a drag and carelessly exhaled.  The redheaded younger daughter annoyedly waved the smoke away from her face and then grumbled to the smoker girl about not blowing smoke in her face.  The smoker girl sort of complied with this request, turning her head slightly behind the sister’s head when she exhaled but not really missing her by much.  I scored a couple of pics but both ended up kind of blurry.  I went around to the front side to get a frontal pic and noticed the dad was now smoking, which was a bit disappointing since it would have been preferable if only the older daughter was smoking among this trio.  Still, another fun little family smoking dynamic with this one making it worthy of a writeup.

I mentioned before how the designated smoking area heading up to the north side of the fairgrounds delivered several times yesterday in a way it never has in the three years previous, and it came through one more time when I headed that direction shortly after 5:00.  A group of five in their early 20s, three females and one male, hovered near a tree with two of them smoking, one girl and one guy.  Sighting #77 was the centerpiece of this huddle, an attractive ponytailed blond dressed in a revealing white top with a pleated bust that really showed off her boobs, as well as jean shorts and these new badass boots I’ve seen a few times this summer that go well up the leg with the pattern of a fishnet stocking.  She was sitting down which was kind of unfortunate because I’d have liked to seen what those boots looked on her when she was vertical.  The crowd encircled her as she attended to both her phone and cigarette, all of them distracted enough that photo-taking was pretty easy and paranoia-free as I scored a half dozen photos of her from two different positions, including a couple in mid-dangle.  Her performance wasn’t overly memorable from a style standpoint but her presentation made up for it and I stayed for most of the cigarette to observe the show.

In another 10 minutes or so I worked my way back to the smoking area east of the grandstand, the same place that produced my sighting of the day thus far…and was about to produce my next big score.  It was the 5:00 hour now and the smoking area was about as crowded as it would get for the entire day, with a mixed-gender cluster of mid-20s smokers drawing my attention most of the bunch.  There was a duo of modestly attractive smoker girls in the mix, one blond and one brunette, who would be Sightings #80 and #81, but as I circled the group I noticed the sexiest girl in the mix was not smoking, instead distracted by her phone as she hovered amongst the male and female smokers in the group.  But how could this be, I thought to myself as I looked her up and down, as I’ve never seen a girl who looked more like a heavy smoker in my life.  She was a long-haired light brunette in a dress with a black top half and a purplish pastel bottom that hung nearly to the ground.  I shook my head in disappointment that she wasn’t smoking as I drifted around the smoking area to see if anything else was shaking.  I was only gone about 30 seconds before I returned to the aforementioned group, but this time there was an additional smoker amongst them…..the light brunette in the feminine dress who became Sighting #82 had a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  Now she looked a little more at home as a face like hers just didn’t seem right without a cigarette sticking out of it.  And her smoking performance would help explain why a girl so pretty has such obvious heavy smoker features….

She mutilated that cigarette, standing nearest the ashtray and ashing directly over it frequently, as was necessary with as fiercely as she was attacking the cigarette and producing more ash!  The optics were incredible as this particular spot is quite breezy and her long dress was whipping in the wind in the back as she smoked while pressing tightly against her front side where the breeze was coming from.  But what the breeze was doing to her wardrobe paled in comparison to what the breeze was doing to her smoke….and I happened to be standing right in the path of it.  As if watching her take those repeated, intense six-second drags wasn’t satisfying enough, getting splashed by her windswept exhales as they exited her face was gravy on the top of this state fair platter.  In one instance in particular, I instinctively wiped my face in the aftermath of one of her exhales thinking the tar from her black lungs may have splattered all over my face.  To my knowledge it didn’t, but if any girl was capable of it, it was her.  I took a couple of photos but only one turned out.  Thankfully it’s a good one as she’s just about to drag and you can really appreciate her outfit and her weathered beauty queen heavy smoker face.  Apparently making sure she didn’t leave one trigger unturned on my arsenal, she cut loose a juicy lugie onto the grass towards the end of her cigarette, moments before tossing the butt in the community ashtray where I would regrettably not get a butt ID.  I was riding high after this one and it would have one more adorable moment as I began to walk away.  I didn’t hear the context of the conversation but one of the guys was using his fingers to prop open her left eye and look it over upon her request, subjecting his fingers to her nicotine-stained face.  Either she got a bug or something stuck in the eye…..or all that cigarette smoke was beginning to take its toll on her vision.  Outstanding sighting…and one of the best examples ever of a young beauty who looks like a long-time very heavy smoker.

It was around 5:30 now and the evening grandstand concert crowd was beginning to descend upon the general grandstand area in increasing numbers.  Tonight’s grandstand act was none other than the Dixie Chicks, a controversial act given their past but so popular in left-wing Minnesota that they sold out two grandstand shows on back-to-back weekend nights, the first time I ever remember a grandstand act being allowed to perform on two consecutive weekend nights.  While the Dixie Chicks certainly aren’t contemporary, I was nonetheless hopeful they’d draw in a fair number of nostalgic 20-something females, preferably the ones addicted to cigarettes.  In the meantime though, I had another problem with my phone…..the battery was diminishing rapidly.  I wasn’t really sure why.  I had taken a few more pictures than I had at prior fairs but not considerably more, and my battery held up far better those nights.  But here I was at not even 6:00 and my battery was about to hit the official 15% “low battery” threshold, forcing me to turn the phone off for lengthy intervals in the evening to preserve battery power.

Back to the dinner hour, I somehow managed to improve upon the previous sighting at the grandstand with my next memorable sighting, which took place at that high-foliage east side smoking area full of trees and benches that I mentioned earlier which has somewhat of a park setting.  A four-sided bench near the back of that smoking area was full of seven warm bodies seated in a circle.  Right away I noticed a bright yellow pack of American Spirits (again?!?!) in front of this attractive late 20s blond even though she wasn’t smoking at that moment, but from the clouds of smoke hovering over that bench it was clear somebody at that table was, and I walked back there to see who it was.  My heart almost melted as I noticed an obvious family setting with an obvious patriarch and matriarch, likely with some of the friends of whoever the “daughter” was in the group, and the two hottest girls in the group, both in the 19-21 range, were both smoking in front of family members who were all older than they were.  Sightings #90 and #91 were both impressive.  Sitting closest to me was a wholesome long-haired dark brunette in a skimpy navy blue minidress who held her cigarette in her left hand and took a steady diet of nice drags.  But it was the lighter brunette seated furthest from me but in the most direct line of vision from the bench where I sat who impressed me most, her face the vision of angelic girl-next-door wholesomeness with wavy long light brown hair decked out in an odd ensemble of a reddish dress with a pink lacy shawl covering it down to her knees.  If my Sighting #82 girl was an example of the most obvious-looking smoker of this fair season, this cutie was an example of the least likely smoker of the 2016 fair season…..

I had a deja vu moment immediately upon laying eyes on this light brunette smoker but it took me almost 24 hours to figure out who she reminded me of.  My office hires these high school kids as pages every winter during and in 2015 one of the pages was a girl named Brett, who had a very obvious huge crush on me, looking me up and down every time she walked past me and doubling back needlessly on occasion to make eye contact with me again.  I fantasized that entire year about Brett smoking but was now getting as close as I’d ever expect to come to seeing it happen as her doppelganger was consuming a cigarette very impressively directly in front of me.  She took beautiful drags, puckering up that wholesome face around the filter of her cigarette and tilting her head slightly skyward to produce a cloud of smoke that hovered for several moments above the entire family at that bench.  Between her and the dark brunette, the haze of smoke in front of and above this table was pretty much omnipresent, and one of my two less than impressive photos captured some of that smoke haze.  Unfortunately, my biggest regret from yesterday was not scoring a better pic of this group, although I had a good excuse in that their bench was isolated in a way that I could never get close enough to take the kind of photo I’d have liked to without completely exposing myself.  I found a bench in the best place possible and even there it was becoming clear after a few minutes they knew I was watching.  Still, I couldn’t look away at this incredible family dynamic, the best family of smokers sighting I’ve gotten in 10 years since it was only the cutest and youngest female members of the group who were responsible for all the carcinogens the rest of the family was forced to choke on.  But there was still one missing piece to this puzzle….the mid-to-late 20s blond with the pack of American Spirits in front of her on the table, herself very attractive, decked out in a black blouse and jean shorts with boots, was compelled to spark up a cigarette of her own by the stinky youngsters at the table.  For a couple of minutes, there were three hot females smoking simultaneously at this table until the younger two finished theirs.  By this point, however, they were on to me and making eye contact more and more frequently, so I made the tough decision to walk away, unclear whether there would be additional tobacco consumption by the younger girls as well.  Still, after as many missed opportunities as I’ve suffered through thus far in the 2016 fair season, it felt good to be at the right place at the right time for something so special, and already three times at this point yesterday.  I walked away knowing I had already had my best day of fair fetishing this year by far, and I was still just getting started.

I was on a real roll now as I migrated towards the beer gardens block and came upon yet another mother-daughter sighting, with a blond middle-aged mom and her shapely mid-to-late 20s daughter in a pair of short jean shorts talking with another middle-aged female family friend as they all smoked together.  The Sighting #93 daughter looked sexy as hell in her relaxed slumping pose sitting on that bench smoking her cigarette with the skill of a long-time pro as she conversed, and I missed an opportunity to snap an easy pic primarily because I was worried at this point about preserving my battery.  I hovered here and watched about five drags before pressing on, although this sighting was impressive enough that I regret not playing it out till the end and eavesdropping on their husky-voiced conversation.

The beer gardens loop was productive and wrapped up at the designated smoking area on the east side of the beer gardens block where I came upon two late 20s or early 30s brunettes preparing to smoke.  Neither were bombshells but the light brunette in the sunglasses and feminine dress stood out most as she lit up a Marlboro Light and took the first drag to become Sighting #97…and then handed the cigarette to the darker brunette friend in a white top and skirt who became Sighting #98.  But the light brunette wasn’t done gratifying her own nicotine urges yet, reaching back into her purse to extract a fresh pack of Camels which she opened up.  Despite not wanting to waste battery power on my camera phone for snapshots except when absolutely necessary, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a pic of the light brunette dangling her unlit cigarette and then lighting it up.  The gals weren’t impressive enough to stick around for an extended sighting at this primetime 6:00 hour of sightings so I walked away but an hour or so later I’d see the same two smoking again on the berm east of the grandstand.

It was about 20 minutes to 7:00 at this point and I had just crossed the century mark with sightings, quickly approaching the grandstand area knowing all the smokers going to the Dixie Chicks concert would be enjoying a final cigarette before the gates opened up, but I got sidetracked in the best possible way as I checked out the smoking area by the food building and found one of the day’s most delicious 21ish sexpots with cigarette in hand.  Let this image fill your head….badass sunglasses, long reddish hair hanging over her shoulder in a giant braid, a minimalist tan top that exposed a good 18 inches of her midriff, and tight pale cutoffs on her bottom.  Add a freshly lit Camel Turkish Royal to this image and you have Sighting #102, and I was able to take a seat on a cement curb directly overlooking this girl standing in front of my face smoking with a significant group of friends, with her being the only smoker of the bunch at least at the moment.  I took the opportunity for a direct frontal photo but didn’t think of the setting sun in the background blurring the image some.  It’s still a great pic that perfectly captures this sex kitten in mid-drag, but after two quick pics I decided not to be greedy and just sit back and enjoy this show, and sweet Jesus what a show it was….

Her drags weren’t too outside the mainstream in terms of length or intensity, but even after that first drag it was clear that she was extracting some serious smoke volume as a good 10 seconds passed after the drag when she turned giddily to one of the guys in the group and asked a joke about S’Mores (there’s a S’more stand nearby and they probably just bought one).  Somehow, bursts of smoke were still escaping her mouth and nose as she spoke as if she had just taken a drag…but she was 10 seconds removed from it!  And even as she delivered the punchline a few seconds later that “you keep asking for S’More”, wisps of smoke were still slipping out of her mouth and nose.  The talking exhales so far removed from her drag were so impressive that I even gave her a pass on the terrible joke.  None of her subsequent talking exhales were quite that amazing, but it nonetheless became the centerpiece of this sighting as every time this sexually charged young girl took a drag, she would converse with her friends and the smoke wisped out of her gorgeous face in unintentional blasts as she spoke that lasted several seconds after she took a drag.  It’s rare I get to see a sighting this close-up to admire this degree of talking exhale visual bliss, but she was attempting to lead her friends into mobility and entice them to go on “The Hurricane”, undoubtedly some extreme ride on the midway.  And when a sexy young female jubilantly expresses her desire to go on a midway ride to her friends and does so by opening her mouth to reveal a giant ball of recently inhaled cigarette smoke that slowly spilled out in a talking exhale, there’s basically no better feeling on Earth when you’re a smoking fetisher watching it from a few feet away.  She began to proceed in the direction of the midway and I followed hoping for a formal cigarette butt ID and to see her finish it off, but she seemed justifiably annoyed at her inability to herd these cats in her group who were dragging their feet far behind her as she more energetically proceeded towards her destination.  Unfortunately, she’d keep smoking until the nearest garbage can where she crushed the cigarette out and tossed it inside.  I went over to inspect the trash can and couldn’t spot a cigarette butt, but given the telltale markings of Camel Turkish Royals I knew without a shadow of a doubt that that’s what she was smoking.  It wouldn’t have been just any sighting that would delay my trip to the grandstand area by five minutes right before a concert began, but this sighting was one that did, yet another of the top-tier sightings I scored on Sunday that I won’t soon forget.

Finally it was on to the grandstand area around 6:48 where I had only about 12 minutes to evaluate these Dixie Chicks’ concert smoker girls before meeting up with the folks at the agreed-upon time.  And the Dixie Chicks delivered with the sensory overload 12 minutes of the day.  The first smoker girl I took note of was Sighting #103, a sexy blond in a black ball cap, white tanktop, and black shorts smoking a cigarette I’d later identify as a Newport Red.  Unfortunately she was far more attractive on her right side than her left as she had defiled her upper right arm with an ugly tattoo.  It was sad that such a beautiful girl would corrupt her body this way as she was very attractive, even managing to pull off her borderline thunder thighs in those black shorts which I captured in a couple of snapshots.  However, right in the middle of this sighting, I had no choice but to move on because a shinier object appeared a few yards behind her.

As I said, it was sensory overload time in this area east of the grandstand with smokers everywhere, and at the moment the best thing going was Sighting #104, this wholesome early 20s blond all dolled up in an all-white country girl dress with boots.  She definitely did not look like a smoker yet there she stood chatting with her nonsmoking friend puffing away.  There was nothing memorable about her style but the image of this blond cutie with perfectly defined curves profiled in the angelic white dress smoking a cigarette sold it, and I captured her in a couple very nice pics.  And while I was observing and taking pics of this sighting I turned behind me to discover another fun dynamic with this wholesome dark brunette in a red dress smoking a cigarette in the presence of what I assumed was her nonsmoking mother.  Now this Sighting #105 brunette was husky but that face was just so wholesome that it defied belief that a girl of this pedigree was out on a smoke break exhaling carcinogens in front of her nonsmoking mom.  I was about to snap a pic of this too until I spotted some older lady in a wheelchair looking right at me and giving me the stink eye as if knowing exactly what I was doing.  Rather than risking another confrontation I boogied out of there, upset that I didn’t get a smoking pic of the daughter in the red dress.  But there was a silver lining as I looked through the pics of the blond in the white dress later in the night and discovered the brunette and her mom were in the background of one of those pics, so the story has a semi-happy ending.

It wasn’t easy to walk away from all this smoking going on at once on the east side of the grandstand, but I figured there was probably some activity west of the grandstand in that smoking area as well and headed there.  I had a rare (for yesterday anyway) missed opportunity as I came upon Sighting #109 standing at the bottom of the stairwell just in time for the final drag of her cigarette.  She was this sexy early 20s brunette in a huddle of mostly guys and she was the only one smoking amongst them.  She had an incredible ass covered in a pair of tight medium blue jean shorts and I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen more.  But there was no time to grieve at this primetime smoking moment as the clock ticked towards when I had to meet my parents, and I encircled the west side of the grandstand and uncovered a half dozen more smoker gals, none who were particular standouts but smoker girls whose tobacco consumption got me excited and boosted my numbers nonetheless.  It was 6:55 now and I’d make one more pass by the east side of the grandstand en route to the information booth a block east of there where I’d meet my parents.

The east side smoking area was as crowded as it was at before and I ticked off a few more sightings in those last couple of minutes before meeting my parents, but ultimately settling upon a familiar group whose presence sent my jaw dropping to the ground.  Standing in a huddle of seven just as they were seated in a bench in a circle less than an hour earlier was the family of smokers who had already rocked my world to its core.  Now they were back, the majority of the group, including the parents, delaying their entrance to the Dixie Chicks’ concert because the same three young females of the group feeding their addictions to cigarettes before were feeding the nicotine monkeys on their backs again, only doing so much more publicly this time, the center of attention standing in the middle of this cobblestone walkway with three hot smoker girls dragging copiously and exhaling clouds of cancer into the sky.  I only had a minute or so to observe and made one final attempt to score a decent photo, but unfortunately it’s a blurry mess as happens all too often around 7 p.m. when the sun is on its way down in late August.  It was nice to see them all standing and be able to admire their great bodies in a vertical posture.  The blond and the dark brunette impressed again but the star of the show was that wholesome light brunette who looked like my former office page Brett, and she also seemed to produce the cloudiest exhales.  I doubt I’ll ever surpass the 2006 MNSF family of smokers sighting which included two gorgeous teenage girls, one of whom put on one of the longest no-purpose dangles I’ve ever seen, but this was the best family of smokers sighting I’ve gotten since then, and I hoped so much to see them out smoking again later in the evening, but this would be their last appearance of August 28, 2016.

I was only about a minute late meeting up with the folks for the obligatory 7:00 p.m. meeting with 120 sightings under my belt, within my 110-125-sighting baseline for that time period, eating some cookies and drinking some Dr. Pepper while making some random small talk about the day.  It’s a good opportunity to give my sore feet a break but the timing at 7 p.m. is less than optimal.  Usually after about 15 minutes of downtime, I’m back on the go, and usually that final 45 minutes of daylight is pretty productive, but it sure wasn’t yesterday.  Not sure what went wrong but I had to settle for stitching together a slow tide of mediocre sightings for the next half hour as the Dixie Chicks crowd was now mostly inside the grandstand.  I guess I had to have some sort of unwinding after the breathless excitement of the previous two hours, but the only real find of the 7:00 hour was a source of major frustration.  There was a trio of young women outside the grandstand seated at the cement base of the stairs, and there was a pack of Newports between a heavyset and unattractive black girl and a hot blond white girl.  It wasn’t clear who the cigarettes belonged to as the pack was right between them, and I kept coming back hoping to find out, but they just kept sitting there without touching the cigarettes.  They would actually occupy that spot for most of the next two hours, apparently sitting there to listen to the concert from as close as possible without actually attending, but I never did see them smoking and the pack of Newports eventually disappeared to, hidden in the purse of one of the two women.  It was a mystery that I never would solve.

It was well after 8:00 before my next memorable sighting, which took place on the beer gardens block.  Sighting #131 really looked familiar but I couldn’t place if I had seen this girl smoking at the MNSF in prior years or not.  She was a tall light brunette with long wavy hair going all the way down to her butt, wearing this ultra-feminine yellow flower print dress that stood in sharp contrast to both her cigarette and the group of mostly male thugs she was hanging with.  The girl was beautiful too, standing around 6’2″ with that deja vu factor killing me as I followed her, studying that memorable profile she cut and being impressed by the well-timed drags she took on her cigarette at the back of this crowd.  Thuggish as the guys (and the other girls) in this group looked, it was amusing that the wholesome brunette was the only smoker.  I had to study this sighting in motion but took in just about all of her cigarette until she settled in the back of her crowd and finished it, surfacing moments later without a cigarette and denying me any hope of a butt ID.  Still, after a good hour of dismal mediocrity, she was a welcome return to the higher standards the day had provided me in prior hours.

The mini-roll continued as I headed towards the Coliseum on the south side of the grounds and came across a group of two guys and two girls, where I noticed one of the guys was smoking a cigar.  This 19ish light brunette hottie in a red tanktop and jean shorts was following close behind and hanging on the guy closely so I figured there was a good chance she’d get her hands on the small cigar.  And in less than a minute, my prediction came true as she reached out and beckoned the cigar, becoming Sighting #133 and taking a handful of drags in the next minute or so.  The best I could hope to do at this hour was follow as close behind as possible and take in some of her smelly cigar exhales, which I was able to pull off.  The girl wasn’t a superstar but it was nice to get a decent cigar sighting this fair season as I haven’t had one yet.  Still, when she handed the cigar back to the guy after those handful of drags, I had seen enough and wasn’t gonna squander further evening time waiting for her to get it back.

I’ve had some luck in the evening hours in the past at the seating area outside the food building and decided to give that a whirl in the less-crowded after-dark hours.  My instincts continued to be pretty good when it came to shared cigarette sightings with young couples as I spotted an early 20s guy and girl take a bench near the food building and the guy was smoking a cigarette.  The bubbly blond girlfriend in her tanktop and tight jean shorts was just too cute to not take a risk on and my sore feet needed a breather anyway, so I sat down and waited.  Sure enough, she reached her hand out and retrieved the boyfriend’s cigarette to become Sighting #136.  And she put on a nice show too.  I hadn’t paid much attention to the boyfriend’s smoking since, you know, he’s a guy, but I know that far bigger clouds of smoke emerged from her respiratory system than his when she took her drags.  They passed the cigarette back and forth till its end and far as I could tell they split it pretty much an even 50-50, with the blond getting the final drag, lighting up the evening with the cherry of that all-white before crushing it out.  My feet were still sore but those few minutes of rest did help some as I pressed on from there.

The Dixie Chicks concert had by now started and I was in the general area outside the west end of the grandstand when I spotted from a distance this killer presentation of a young dark blond female wielding a cigarette in the company of a nonsmoking male, the girl decked out in this pink ball cap with a pair of tight braided pigtails hanging over her shoulders, a black tanktop, and a very sexy pair of pink shorts covering her bottom.  I hadn’t seen her face yet but even if she had leprosy that body and girly-girl presentation alone was good enough for her to become Sighting #139.  I approached and could see her evening silhouette take a nice drag from the cork filter cigarette before she and the boyfriend began moving westward towards the midway….and I mean MOVING!  Not sure what the hurry was but were they ever booking it, rendering any hope lost for powering my phone back on and getting a pic of her incredible ass in those pink shorts.  She smoked with the same degree of hustle and I got to see three more drags and some solid mouth and nose exhales before she dropped the cigarette to the cement and crushed it out.  I had to mark the spot she dropped the cigarette and check out the brand later as stopping even for a second would lead to me losing this couple as fast as they were walking, and I wanted to get a close look at her face which I still hadn’t yet.  It would have been hard to keep up with these two without bringing serious attention to myself even early in the day but now after nearly 12 hours of walking with my feet very sore it was really a strain, but I finally got ahead of them after about 100 yards and got the look at her face.  I thought I had detected she was probably in her early-to-mid 20s despite the girlish outfit but definitely clarified that now as she had the weathered look of a girl who has smoked for a while, and smoked heavily at that.  Very pretty nonetheless and it was especially sexy to imagine that the nonsmoking boyfriend puts up with her significant smoking habit.  I went back to ID her discarded butt afterwards and discovered it was a Marlboro Red Special Blend.

And by going back to identify the butt after the last sighting, I’d be at the right place at the right time for another sensational encore.  About 10 yards to the south sitting in the grass was a group of friends and I could see that two of the girls were smoking.  One was a decently attractive brunette who would become Sighting #141, but she ended up as mere window dressing for the girl who sat next to her, the familiar face and body who belonged to the epic redheaded sexpot who produced those amazing talking exhales a couple of hours earlier with Sighting #102.  At the time she was the only person in her group who was smoking but now she was one of two among a good nine people huddled there, but thankfully for me my favorite redheaded smoker with the long braid hanging down to her exposed midriff was sitting directly in the vantage point of an open bench a few yards away.  I wasn’t sitting as closely for the encore as I did for the main event but I still had a great view of her smoking theatrics.  The distance and the darkness forbid me from seeing the magnitude of those talking exhales I saw from close-up at 6:30 but I still got a wonderful smoking show as she powered through another Camel Turkish Royal with the kind of bravado that her friend smoking next to her could only fantasize about pulling off with deep indulgent drags and cloudy exhales directed skyward.  At one point, a nonsmoking guy in her group stood in front of her and conversed while she continued to sit on the grass smoking, and this produced the takeaway image of this second sighting as she sat there looking up to him with puppy dog eyes and dragged from her cigarette and then exhaled in the same upward direction.  The exhale didn’t reach his face and I’m guessing it was unintentional that her smoke was sent that direction rather than done either to gross him out or to turn him on, but that almost made it hotter that this girl exhaled towards this nonsmoking guy’s face without even realizing it.  Once again I got to see almost the entire smoking performance and she capstoned it with a lugie spit to her left only inches from where her sexy body sat.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out in the grass, but since her group remained in that spot I would again be denied a formal butt ID.  One of the things that made August 28, 2016, so great were the encore performances, and this sexy lexy provided one of the day’s most desired encores.

And in a few minutes, the evening would produce one more marquee moment for me just north of the beer gardens block.  I had spotted this absolutely gorgeous 23ish blond once before on the grounds yesterday and couldn’t take my eyes off of her, but now I was watching her opening up a pack of cigarettes and extracting one.  I didn’t see the brand but it looked like some variation of Marlboro Lights.  I scrambled to power on my phone but knew it wouldn’t be up in time for the light-up, so I just stood and watched one of the prettiest female faces of the fair insert a cigarette into her mouth and fire up to become Sighting #143.  After my elated body regained its footing, I thought I noticed a cigarette in the hand of the very attractive brunette friend as well, but I saw incorrectly as the only smoker was the blond.  Still, it was the right girl of the two to be the smoker as this girl was just a perfect 10, with shoulder-length platinum blond hair and a utilitarian ensemble of a green blouse and dark jeans which helped give her an approachable, girl-next-door aura despite her incredible beauty.  She was exactly the kind of girl that’s most exciting to see as a smoker this day and age.  The lighting situation meant my photos were not likely to be great but I took four of them anyway from two different positions, and two of them are at least minimally useful in presenting her aura.  But how good of a smoker was she, you ask?  Very!

I sat on a bench adjacent to her on the other side of the designated smoking area’s giant ashtray and watched her entire performance with intense and well-timed drags that were providing her with very obvious physical pleasure.  There’s nothing more beautiful in life than to see physical pleasure on the face of a girl this pretty and she was really hamming it up here particularly with her exhales which were cloudy and skywardly directed torpedoes coming from her mouth and nose.  One in particular was just pure erotica as she took a deep drag and just suspended her face in a skyward position with a look of sexualized pleasure overcoming her before slowly releasing dense clouds of smoke into the night sky.  I felt like I needed a postcoital cigarette of my own just watching her!  She conversed intermittently with her friend as she smoked and the performance lasted a wonderful five minutes before the unfortunate ending I knew was coming where her cigarette butt was pitched anonymously into that overflowing ashtray without any chance of a formal ID.  But as they walked away, she won me over one final time as I watched her reach to the waist of her tight jeans and pull them up.  Seeing a girl that aesthetically perfect do something as unrefined as pulling her pants up as she walks away helps make her seem even more accessible.  The evening hours were at this point going as wonderfully as before sunset!

Unfortunately, the night effectively ended there in terms of quality as the final hour and a half produced little of note.  Not too long after the sighting of the blond goddess I’d see her and her friend again on the fast-emptying beer gardens block finishing off a beer before heading into the sightingless midway.  I was 50-50 on whether to follow and wait out her next possible sighting, but figured that was too big of a risk for a number of reasons.  In retrospect, I kind of wish I had because there was nothing else going on.  The problem….Sunday night.  I knew going there on a Sunday would likely mean a more subdued late-night crowd compared to Saturday night, and this was particularly true on that beer gardens block where there were about 80% fewer people hovering around than is typical on the Saturday nights I typically attend.  It was a fair tradeoff given the bad weather on Saturday and the fact that I had such a great day of sightings up until mid-evening on Sunday, but the evening certainly did go out with a whimper.

Sightings were few and far between in the 9:00 hour and I had plenty of opportunity to listen to the Dixie Chicks as I walked disproportionately in the general proximity of the grandstand.  One of the few remaining bright spots came when my instincts served me well on yet another young couple when I spotted this button cute 18ish blond in a white top and jean shorts walking in the presence of a thuggish-looking guy who looked at least four years her senior and was smoking.  I had been lucky in gauging these situations in the hours prior so I followed them just to see if the girl would get her grubby paws on the cigarette.  The guy took three consecutive drags as they walked northward towards the grandstand when my instincts came through again.  The girl reached her hand out for the boyfriend to share.  He obeyed the command of his adorable blond female master and handed her the half-smoked cigarette which she commandeered for a drag to become Sighting #146.  Her drags and exhales were quite nice and it was clear she wasn’t merely the girl who got the occasional drag from her boyfriend’s cigarette but a full-fledged smoker on her own right.  It was cute to see her walking so publicly with cigarette in hand past dozens of passersby, where she’d take three more very nice drags before tossing the cigarette to the grass where the cherry glowed bright in the evening sky for a moment and the couple met up with another young couple.  The discarded cigarette was a Marlboro Light.

After that sighting it was a wasteland of undistinguished sightings stitched together for a good hour that brought a great day to a bleak and unfortunate end.  I finally got three sightings of late 20s/early 30s girls in one group outside the beer gardens before 10:00 that at least padded my numbers.  Sightings #158, #159, and #160 were all single-base hits but I welcomed the opportunity to see three girls smoking at once again, and then I crossed the street to the same smoking area where my blond bombshell had smoked at 8:30 to find another duo of smokers.  Sightings #161 and #162 were two young Asian women in their late 20s.  They were decent but weren’t memorably attractive, but were two more of about 10 sightings of Asian women I scored at this year’s MNSF.  Despite all the reports of Asian women having the lowest rate of smoking of any demographic group, they’re always well-represented at any public venue in the Upper Midwest, especially in Minnesota where the Asian population is quite significant.

The last sighting of the night to make me stop in my tracks and observe for a few minutes was Sighting #163, the only sighting I saw last night in the teen huddle that always forms at the edge of the midway after sunset.  This location had less than half its usual occupants last night as well, most likely because it was a Sunday night but that helped some in being able to observe in the usually wildly congested area full of teenagers.  In this case, a striking 18ish blond had an unlit cigarette in her mouth as she walked to the edge of the area with a couple of guys friends and another girl.  One of the guys was also about to smoke and she let him borrow her lighter before he handed it back to her and she lit herself up.  She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous but she had a look about her that really stood out with long and straight platinum blond hair, one of those bands around her neck, an orange top, and pale blue jean shorts covering her tall and skinny body frame which definitely looked like that of a teenage girl.  Her smoking performance was perfectly fine as well, if relatively undistinguished.  It was a pretty low bar, but she was easily the best sighting of the final hour of the day.

The final 15 minutes of the day at least offered up a collection of singles, allowing me to boost my final sightings number up to 170.  Sighting #170 officially came as I made my final pass by the bathroom area of the beer gardens block where a young couple in their 20s was smoking, with the dark blond girlfriend in a long feminine dress consuming the final cigarette I would witness for the evening.  My feet didn’t reblister but particularly on my right foot I was still struggling through the open flesh wound on the blister I got two weeks earlier at the Iowa State Fair, so by 10:30 I was ready to meet the parents and get out of there.  Unfortunately the Dixie Chicks’ concert was still going so I missed out on the crowd’s departure, a downside to traveling up to the fair with the folks and leaving the grounds on negotiated terms.  Had I stuck around another hour, I’d undoubtedly have scored more sightings from the departing concert crowd.  There’s no guarantee of course that I’d get a third nicotine serving from that family of smokers who I know went to the concert but I’d have liked the opportunity.  The upside to leaving before the concert lets out is that my dad was able to fly out of the grounds and get away from the fairgrounds before the inevitable post-concert traffic bottleneck.

The mediocrity of both Iowa and Missouri’s fairs left me a bit demoralized this year, more than I typically am right in the middle of fair sightings season.  But after this great day at the Minnesota State Fair, I’m fully engaged and excited to do my annual top-25 list knowing I’ll have plenty more worthy contributions than seemed likely a week ago.  I’m also thrilled at the chance to visit the MNSF again on Labor Day weekend for my final fairgrounds outing of 2016.  There’s an outside chance I’ll get an abbreviated third day at the fair on Labor Day weekend as the same 19-year-old smoker hottie who stood me up at my county fair one evening has asked if I want to go up with her one day this coming weekend.  With this girl, it’s a real longshot she’ll make good on the request in the end and I wouldn’t be in a position to get many sightings besides her if she was joined at the hip with me all day, but it remains a possibility.  Whatever the case, the bar is very high for Day 2 at the Minnesota State Fair after the masterpiece that was Day 1.




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