Real-Time Fair Sightings Overview

As a teenager, after years of regular attendance at county and state fairs, I had my first taste of the smoker sightings the venue is capable of.   As I came to terms with my smoking fetish in the late 1990s, I began to really notice just how great of a sightings venue fairgrounds are.  The crowds are huge, the grounds are large and give you the opportunity to wander around without arousing suspicion, and girls of all ages are there with their friends to have a good time.  Having fetished in a number of venues, I can say that fairgrounds are hands-down the most user-friendly.  I probably get 75% of all sightings that I get in the entire year during my August visits to fairgrounds.

I’ve had a couple serious scares in the last couple of years as smoking bans have continued to expand outdoors, and have whacked both my county fair and the Minnesota State Fair.  Fortunately, the restrictions put on smoking in these venues were lightly enforced and largely ignored, with limited effect on my sightings….at least for now.  It remains terrifying as smoking bans keep on expanding and the likelihood remains that a complete, heavily enforced smoking ban is probably on the horizon.  It’s an open question how much more time I have before this happens, meaning I’ve come to savor every year that I’m able to roam free on these fairgrounds in search of young female smokers.

I decided to post these narratives in full for each of the fair sightings days I’ve catalogued.  I wrote some vague notes and e-mails about some of my memorable sightings from 2005 and before, but those posts have generally been lost or deleted.  I started saving my fair sightings accounts beginning in 2006, which is fitting since that was the year my sightings numbers really began to cut loose as my routines have become vastly more efficient over this timespan.  The narratives aren’t particularly user-friendly and my thoughts on certain sightings have evolved a bit over time, but I think it’s important to make available these reports in their original form both for bookkeeping purposes and for the benefit of those who tell me that it feels like they’re actually there when the read the sightings written this way.  For those willing to invest some time in reading them rather than, or perhaps in addition to, my lists of top sightings, I hope you enjoy….

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