Top 25 Fairgrounds Sightings of 2015

Another successful year of fairgrounds fetishing in the books, a year that introduced an entirely new venue to my August lineup to go along with all the old favorites.  Every year now I go into fair season terrified that the reported collapse of smoking rates among my key demographic of young females will have officially caught up with me.  Thankfully that keeps not happening….or not entirely at least.  I started fetishing these fairgrounds as aggressively as I do now in 2010 and 2011, and there’s definitely been a slow-motion attrition in the years since in terms of quantity and quality.  I guess I’m okay with that, given the circumstances, when the alternative is a sudden and complete collapse.  The pattern continued into 2015 where my 736-sighting bounty didn’t reach the highs of my best years but which nonetheless produced a large number of very memorable sightings that make up a top-25 list I’m quite proud of, with a #1 every bit as worthy of that “best sighting of the year” designation as previous year’s winners.  Here’s this year’s selection….

#25.  Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sighting #161

I was down to my last 20 minutes or so of fetishing on my second day of the Minnesota State Fair and was making a final pass by the outside gates of the grandstand, where I was rewarded with one of my most intimate, one-on-one sightings in years.  Sitting completely by herself on an isolated bench was this gorgeous dark brunette who had an order of fried pickles to her left side and a freshly lit cigarette in her right hand.  The bench was fairly wide so I was able to sit on the other side of it without invading her space and did so, giving myself a front-row seat to this beautiful girl who would turn out to be a fantastic smoker.  She was a tanned, mid-20s brunette with long dark brown hair wearing a very low-cut white blouse and this stunning pair of gold shorts with a lacy pattern that looked more like a cargo net than an article of clothing. Her seating position was in a spot with just the perfect lighting to help me pull off a duo of outstanding photos, one of her in mid-drag.   I had originally hoped for a smoking while eating sighting as there were plenty of fried pickles left in the bucket next to her, but apparently she decided the time for eating was over and the time for smoking couldn’t be delayed any longer.  Judging from her fantastic drags, that cigarette was really hitting the spot as the pacing was perfect, with solid five-second draws and just the right level of cloud cover from her ensuing exhales spilling from both mouth and nose.  She may have sensed out of the corner of her eye that I was watching but I was doing a good job of pretending I was too distracted by the music from the Avett Brothers who were still performing in the grandstand…..

We were fairly isolated the entire time and I felt as if I was being treated to the smoking fetish equivalent of a back room lap dance as she smoked, but a couple of young black guys who worked for the fair in some capacity broke the isolation by walking past, and one of the guys looked my smoker babe over and uttered a soft-spoken “daaamn!” observing her elegance and beauty, and just maybe how hot she looked with a cigarette too.  I was more than happy to share my own private smoker girl with these guys for a moment so long as they kept walking as they did.  A couple more drags ensued before she crushed the cigarette out on the edge of the bench and dropped it to the pavement.  I had expected the girl was sitting there waiting for a boyfriend to come back with beer or something.  Certainly she was too good to be at the fair by herself and her clothing definitely made clear she was not there working, so imagine my surprise when she stood up with the half-full container of fried pickles, tossed it in the trash, and walked away, ironically leaving her cigarette on the ground even as she threw the leftover food in the garbage.  It would have been intriguing to follow her a bit to see if she was eventually meeting with someone but every indication was that she was not.  Getting a butt ID on her discarded cork filter was more important to me though, which I verified as a Marlboro Menthol moments after her departure.


#24.  Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #55

I had a burst of momentum going as the 7:00 hour proceeded on my first day at this year’s Iowa State Fair and near the east side beer gardens I scored what I believe was my youngest smoker girl of the day.  A duo of 17ish girls was walking westward when I spotted a cute long-haired blond with a very girl-next-door sex appeal pulling out a pack of Marlboro Smooths and extracting one.  It was so nice to see a high school age girl smoking on a day when such an individual was in short supply, especially one decked out in a very utilitarian black T-shirt and jeans who seemed so unlikely to smoke.  The friend didn’t smoke but wasn’t very impressive anyway.  The blond was definitely the right girl of this duo to be a smoker.  I tried to score some photos as I walked and thought I was succeeding, only to be horrified later when I looked at the early photos I took and saw that nothing turned out.  I was so busy taking terrible photos that I didn’t get to study her very closely but I was about to get another chance as the girls drifted to a series of empty benches behind a building.  They hadn’t really seen me yet despite my close presence so I sat on the bench next to them without arousing suspicion….

The location was a mixed blessing.  I scored four pictures from a decent vantage point, one of them of her in mid-drag, but the sun on the western horizon was shining straight into the shot.  You can sort of see her face but the imagery is blurred and I never got an image worthy of her.  But the upside to this location is the lighting really created atmosphere for her exhales.  I was impressed by the extreme cloudiness of the smoke expelled from her mouth and nose, and the backdrop of the bright setting sun really created a dazzling silhouette with the billowing smoke clouds and easily represented the sighting’s high point for me, and I got to see it several times as all of her exhales occurred amidst this backdrop.  She still hadn’t finished the cigarette but took off with the friend, hovering on the east side block as if waiting for somebody.  I got to see her take a couple more drags before dropping the cigarette to the curb, and after a minute or so drifted away with the friend.  It was just a formality to ID the butt since I already saw her pack, but I approached the discarded cork filter and found it was a Marlboro Smooth just as suspected.  It was a necessary youth burst on a smoker girl day that was definitely skewing older than usual thus far.


#23.  Local County Fair, Friday Night

1990s-era country singer John Michael Montgomery performed at my county fair grandstand on Friday evening this year and his crowd definitely skewed older, so I knew when I left the concert at 9:30 that my odds weren’t great for getting a bevy of delicious mid-teen smoker sightings.  But I still got a couple of good finds, and none better than a familiar face from 2014.  I was walking into the midway when I spotted this beautiful 19ish dark brunette whose long mane of hair flowed all the way down her back.  She wore a flower-print top and a pair of dazzlingly tight white pants that framed her sensational ass perfectly.  I had seen this girl smoking twice in 2014, both times wearing jean shorts and I was always struck by how impressive her ass was.  And as luck would have it, she was just breaking out a cigarette and dangling it from her lips as I crossed paths with her and her two friends, neither of whom smoked.   The cigarette dangled there for a good 30 seconds before she got around to lighting it.  I followed directly behind her as her group vacated the midway and was able to get whacked in the face by three or four exhales.  She spotted me at one point so after that I hovered at a further distance, and in doing so I was able to see her face as she took additional drags followed by tight and cloudy exhales.  And in the moments she wasn’t in the act of smoking I couldn’t take my eyes off of that incredible ass in those tight white pants.  I figured it would be easy to lurk at a distance for the rest of the sighting but as so often happens, there was a detour when she passed the Godfather’s Pizza stand.  My sexpot brunette turned to the person inside the stand and asked “Is Conrad working tonight?”

Her group stayed put for a bit as she temporarily conversed with the person inside the stand and I had to maneuver around farm equipment to avoid being made.   After a minute or so, they pressed forward and I scrambled to catch up but thankfully was able to do so before she finished smoking.  She was down to her last few drags as she progressed into the heavily populated and narrow block of food vendors with cigarette in hand, not concerned in the least if others took offense to her public smoking in this populated area.  She took a final drag right in the center of it and then tossed the butt to the pavement and gingerly crushed it out.  I could tell from the green stripe on the cork filter that it was a Newport.  This was a great sighting from a beautiful girl with an awesome body and was better than either of the two awkwardly positioned sightings I was able to muster up last year, but still didn’t live up to what this girl is capable of with better timing on my part.  Keep your eyes open for this girl to be in my top-10 one of these next years. I ran into her two more times on the grounds that evening but unfortunately she wasn’t smoking for either of them.  I saw her again the next night in jeans but didn’t see her smoking then either.


#22. Missouri State Fair, Sighting #44

My maiden voyage to the Missouri State Fair was a mixed bag.  One incredible sighting dominated the day but when that sighting was dormant, there was little else going on, especially before dark.  But right after sunset early in the 8:00 hour I scored my only other electric moment from the day.  It was the only “hunch” I followed that day that ended up bearing fruit for me.  The sighting started on the block full of bars when I saw this 19ish redhead who was too chubby to even count as a sighting smoking a cigarette in the company of this sweetheart of a 17-18ish wholesome and slender long-haired blond in a black T-shirt and dark jeans.  The duo drifted behind a barrier to a hidden area where I figured just maybe the young girl would smoke too.  Instead, the two girls met this late 30s brunette gal who was smoking and seemed to know them….possibly a relative.  The setting was so conspicuous and the blond teen was so adorable that I hovered in a very awkward spot to keep tabs on them.  A couple of minutes passed and there was no smoking to be seen by the young blond.  I drifted away figuring I wasn’t gonna get anything out of this but couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder towards the same group a minute or so later, just in case.  And my instinct finally served me well for the first time that day as I finally saw the impossibly adorable teen blond placing the half-smoked cigarette into her mouth….

I caught her at exactly the right time because seconds later the group was back on the block heading eastward, only now with the young girl holding the cigarette in her hand.  Where did this half-smoked cigarette come from?  The only place it could have come from was the late 30s brunette (possible mother) who apparently let the young blond finish her cigarette!  I followed closeby and was able to witness some very impressive smoking, with long drags and hugely cloudy exhales, one of which whacked an innocent fairgoer in the face as she walked.  This girl was no rookie and whatever inhibitions I originally suspected she may have had about smoking in public were dispelled.  I got to see four drags before she did what apparently all Missouri smoker girls do….she dropped the smoldering butt to the pavement without crushing it out and kept on walking, allowing me to easily ID the butt as a cork filter L & M.  I continued to follow and even though I knew my camera phone wouldn’t work well after sunset, I snapped a rear and side photo of this nicotine angel that, while blurry, turned out better than I expected.  The trio proceeded to the fairgrounds exit and went past the gate, leading me to believe I caught them in their final minutes at the fair that day….

And that certainly was my suspicion until I was back on the beer gardens block around 10:30 that night and suddenly spotted a group of 18-19 year olds hovering outside the “dance club” playing hip-hop music.  The chubby friend was there, along with my high school-aged blond beauty queen, and two other decently attractive girls both under 21.  There was only one problem.  It appears likely that I just missed the hot girl smoking.  The chubby friend was finishing her cigarette while the two other friends were just lighting up, both of them impressive enough to count as sightings but neither holding a candle to my blond.  As for the blond, she proudly held a pack of Marlboro Nxts in her hand…..but as I said I must have just missed her smoking.  The upside was that it was now official that this girl was a regular smoker who carried around her own cigarettes and that her generic L & M from earlier was simply one that she bummed.  The other upside was that I was standing so close to her in a very well-lit location that I was able to score a couple of photos of her that, while not entirely perfect, turned out better than any other photos I’ve ever taken outdoors at 10:30 p.m.  What a sweetheart she was…..but unfortunately she and the friends wandered into this dance club never to be seen again that night and I wouldn’t get the chance to see her smoke another cigarette.  If I had, this cutie would be much higher than #22 on my year-end list.


#21. Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #56

It was early evening on my first night at the Iowa State Fair, only a few minutes after I scored the sighting that ranks #24 on this list, and I kept the momentum going with the sighting that would be my third favorite sighting of the day.  I was walking down the concourse and spotted a young couple sitting down on a bench that was already one-third occupied by a middle aged guy.  I had a good feeling about them and it wouldn’t take long for that feeling to be vindicated as he produced a cigarette each for himself and his girl, an incredibly wholesome 18-19ish light brunette with a tint of strawberry in her hair wearing an ultra-feminine pale pink summer dress that matched her look perfectly.  The girl could not have selected an item of clothing that better fit her milieu.  She lit up and I was scrambling to score photos from an awkward standing position.  The somewhat scruffy boyfriend seemed a little dorky but that made their courtship all the more adorable as they were looking through photos on their own phone in a casual snuggling embrace, sometimes pulling in for some mild PDA that never got more graphic that a quick peck on the lips….

Seeing the contrast between this wholesome girl in the little pink dress and that smoldering cigarette between her fingers was substantial enough, and became even more mind-blowing when she took a drag and proceeded to blast the smoke to her right, never invading the space of the guy sitting to her right but certainly close enough that he was smelling her exhaust.  I caught a break when the bench immediately parallel to theirs opened up.  I took a seat and was able to score some better photos from a closer range, and thankfully the adorable kissing couple was so engrossed in their own photos they weren’t noticing that I was making their image permanent with my own camera work.  With sunset approaching, the window for photo-taking of any kind was fast closing.  I was hoping a get a pic of her in mid-drag but it never worked out, but the snuggling pose the couple was in, with the girl wielding her shrinking cigarette, was almost as good.  The guy finished his cigarette first and the girl wrapped hers up a few moments later.    She seemed to be really getting comfortable on the bench so I was nervous that I’d be denied a butt ID.  I did a quick loop down the concourse and returned in a couple of minutes to find them gone, however, and seized the opportunity to squeeze onto the bench right above her discarded cigarette butt.  As I expected from the markings I observed from afar, it was a Newport Red.  Towards the end of the night I saw the couple again walking around, albeit not smoking.


#20.  Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #96

I had a modestly rewarding sighting going on around 10:30 on my first day at the Iowa State Fair and made the choice to walk away from it before it played out, and that decision was vindicated because it landed me straight into my second best sighting that day.  At almost the exact spot I spotted the cute late teen smoking couple that I ranked #21 for the year, I spotted another smoking couple.  This couple was clearly older than the previous couple, in their mid-20s, and only half of the couple smoked cigarettes.  Luckily for me it was the better half.  I approached the bench from behind to see the most adorable pose….a gorgeous long-haired blond with her hand hanging over the back of the bench holding a freshly lit cigarette.  That image would come to define the sighting to come as I moved to the front of the bench to get a better look and came face to face with the prettiest smoker of the day who was decked out in the sexiest and skimpiest outfit of any smoker girl I’d seen all day, a tiny spaghetti strapped white tanktop with a couple inches of exposed midriff along with a perfect-fitting pair of jean shorts showing off a seemingly endless display of thigh and calves.  And as was my instinct when I first spotted this couple and saw the girl holding her cigarette over the back of the bench, only the girl was smoking…..

She was “protecting” her lucky-as-hell boyfriend from her noxious fumes.  Her positioning could not have been more perfect watching her from the front as she was holding her pack of Camel Menthol Lights in her left hand while propping her legs up in the boyfriend’s lap as he mildly stroked the smooth flesh on her upper leg.   I just love seeing a smoking girl in the presence of a nonsmoking guy generally but it’s even more beautiful when the girl is a knockout getting attention from the boyfriend as she tries to avoid corrupting his pink lungs with her secondhand smoke.  If only these girls had any idea how impossibly sexy they are, and in this case blondie was outdoing herself, clearly getting pleasure from her cigarette but being sure to tilt her head as skyward as possible with each exhale so that her smoke would not invade the boyfriend’s airspace.  As a fetisher, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the boyfriend thinking he might be a closet fetisher himself who simply hadn’t yet found the courage to confess his fetish to the girl, but my hard feelings for his predicament were short-lived when I watched him stroke the leg of this gorgeous and perfect female specimen in front of her as she smoked.  She really seemed in a pleasure zone and it was hard to tell whether it was from her cigarette or the boyfriend’s hands-on attention.  It was probably the combination of the two.  It was too dark and my positioning was too bad to get a photo but it breaks my heart I didn’t capture some of the imagery of this sighting on camera.  After a few minutes the cigarette was dropped to the pavement below her feet and gingerly crushed out.  I knew her brand but still made a point of walking past that bench later on when it became empty to ID it as a Camel Light Menthol.  It was at this point that I had to admit to myself that as mediocre as portions of the day was, it still produced some very worthy rewards.


#19. Local County Fair, Saturday Night

Even though I only scored an abysmal 13 sightings on Saturday night at this year’s county fair, the upside was that almost all of them were extra-base hits.  But the event sighting of the night came on the midway less than a minute after another great sighting wrapped up.  I saw a lively young group across the grass on the other side of the midway and immediately made out a freshly lit cigarette between the fingers of an attractive young brunette.  Right away, I sensed something special about that brunette and cut across the grass to get a closer look.  My instinct was right as I spotted a gorgeous long-haired dark brunette whose soft features radiated beauty.  Never would have I suspected a girl like this would smoke in 2015.  She gave off an aura vaguely similar to my 2013 Pall Mall princess and for a moment I thought maybe it was her, but as I got a closer look I could tell it wasn’t.  She had a nice body too, with a blue top and black shorts that beautifully framed her ass.  The rest of her group was just elevator music once I laid eyes on her and she was the kind of girl who just dominated the visuals of her group or any group, but there was a blond guy who appeared to be her boyfriend along with another girl and two guys.  One of the guys was smoking from the get-go and as my group began to move, I unfortunately noticed my brunette sharing her cigarette with the boyfriend, even though he seemed to get far less of it than her.  After a promising start, the sighting kind of sputtered to an anticlimactic close as the group drifted towards the midway rides and my brunette and her boyfriend were passing the cigarette back and forth.  And in the darkness in line for one of the rides, I noticed neither one was holding the cigarette as they must have disposed of it.  I left the scene disappointed, but just had a feeling I’d be seeing more from this girl and returned to the midway only a few minutes later.  And my instinct was right…

No more than 10 minutes later, the group had gotten off the Zipper in the midway and appeared to be heading out.  The one guy in the group already had a cigarette going and I had a strong feeling my brunette was gonna get one of her own soon.  The boyfriend for some reason seemed to be the one in possession of the cigarettes and was opening up the pack, which I could tell from the backlighting was some variation of Marlboro.  I was crossing my fingers she’d get one of her own and sure enough the boyfriend produced two cigarettes.  After a brief and rather adorable kiss, she placed the cigarette in her mouth and he lit her up just as the group was heading for the midway exit.  What a beautiful girl she was, proudly brandishing that long just-lit cigarette in her hand without a hint of inhibition, her beaming smile both contagious and infectious as she bantered joyfully with her friends.  I was so jealous of her boyfriend watching her ass wiggle forward in those black shorts and even more so when she took her glorious and timely drags from her cigarette.  They always lasted a good five seconds and she usually tilted her head skyward to release a cloudy exhale.  The skyward exhale was a wonderful visual but the downside was that they were always too high in the air for me to smell the fragrant aroma of the smoke that just came out of her black lungs….

I was content to follow this sighting till its conclusion but an annoying disruption came when they stumbled upon another mixed-gender group of early 20s couples and stopped to chat.  There was another female smoker in this group but she was wallpaper compared to my main event brunette, and I had to scramble to find a vantage point at the seating of a food stand and managed to find a decent one to observe two of her drags upclose, both of which were gorgeous five-second ingestions of smoke where the cherry of her cigarette glowed bright and the pleasure on her face was abundantly clear before tilting her head skyward to release those exhales.  What a beauty!  And after about two minutes of this, her group was in motion southbound again and I pursued, albeit from more of a distance this time in hopes of not looking too familiar.   After three final drags she dropped the cigarette to the pavement without bothering to crush it out.  I gleefully approached that smoldering all-white butt to ID it as a Marlboro Light, my first ML sighting of the 2015 fair season.  Considering how few and far between blockbuster sightings where the logistics worked out were at this year’s county fair, I was pretty excited to score one more in the final hour or so on the final night of this year’s fair.


#18.  Local County Fair, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights

I left the Tuesday grandstand concert by country singer Josh Turner in the middle of his final song, hoping to get ahead of the exiting crowds.  The sea of humanity makes it hard to sniff out smokers, but by and large there just weren’t any to be found and my paranoia was starting to deepen.  I was walking south of the grandstand area and a voice inside my head was advising me to turn into a relative dark area near a couple of port-a-potties.  Within about three seconds of doing so, I stumbled upon my best sighting of the night.  This very wholesome 19-20ish light brunette decked out in a red and black flannel blouse covering a white tanktop (as often seems to be the case for my county fair, it was another cold night in the low 60s) with a pair of jean shorts underneath.  She proceeded to an open area behind one of the food stands where an unimpressive overweight boyfriend awaited.  It took me awhile to notice that he had a two-thirds-smoked cigarette himself but I couldn’t care less.  I hovered in my reasonably strong vantage point near the port-a-potties as if I was waiting for someone and watched the show, or at least what I could see in the darkened location.  The light brunette attended to her cigarette at an impressive pace, taking timely drags of decent length followed by solid four-second hold times and thin exhales as if most of the smoke was clinging to her blackened insides.  For whatever reason, her boyfriend walked away when he finished his cigarette and proceeded to sit at the food stand he had just been smoking behind.  This was perfect as it left the girl standing by herself, continuing with an impressive smoking show and distracted by her phone enough that I was able to watch closely.  She dropped the cigarette to the grass after a few minutes and then proceeded towards the boyfriend at the food stand and the pair wandered into the fairgrounds…..

My first order of business was to locate and ID her cigarette butt which I quickly did.  It was a Camel Menthol.  From there I had to try to find the couple as I wanted a better look at the smoker girl’s face.  I got lucky and found them inside the BINGO stand.  The boyfriend was seated playing BINGO and the girl was standing behind him and giving him an off and on massage (he’s got her whipped!!).  She didn’t disappoint looks-wise either, with very soft features that matched her generally wholesome presentation.  She didn’t look at all like what one would expect a 19-20ish smoker girl to look in 2015, and she clearly could do better than the butterball boyfriend she was so loyally attending to.

The next night, I arrived at the fairgrounds about 45 minutes later than on Tuesday since the daylight hours at this fair tend to be so dead.  As luck would have it though, I would see my first girl smoking within a couple minutes of arrival on Wednesday.  The girl whose sighting won Tuesday night was back for an encore…..the wholesome 19ish light brunette who smoked behind a dark food stand the night before in the company of her chubby boyfriend and then proceeded to play BINGO.  Well on Wednesday night she was in a cluster with the same boyfriend and three other girls.  She was the only one smoking at the time, looking as adorable as ever in a utilitarian purple tanktop and jean shorts.   I hovered in an awkward spot briefly before she proceeded the direction I was going along with the boyfriend and one other female friend.   I followed close behind and tested out my new camera phone which has features I like and features I don’t like.  I didn’t get a decent frontal shot but got a couple of nice side and rear shots showing her strutting through the fairgrounds with cigarette in hand, taking the same nicely timed drags from the night before.  Her cigarette was half smoked when I first spotted her so the show ended too quickly with a piggish butt disposal, dropping it to the pavement and halfheartedly crushing it out with her foot before pressing forward.  The night before she was smoking Camel Menthols but her discarded butt tonight was a Camel Crush Bold.  Good sign that she goes through cigarettes pretty quickly.  She and the friend and boyfriend were migrated towards a parking lot behind the buildings so I figured they were leaving for the day….but I was wrong.

Less than a half hour later, scoring no other sightings of significance, the same girl came through again not far from where she smoked the night before, wielding yet another smelly cigarette, this one just recently lit.  Without any place for me to sit, it was still a somewhat awkward vantage point but I again pretended to be looking at stuff a vendor was selling and watched her from the corner of my eye, scoring a distant photo that might turn out better when I enlarge it.  Whatever the case, it was another solid show of nicely timed drags and decent exhales.  She won’t win any Nobel prizes for stylishness but she’s a solid smoker who’s enjoyable to see smoke particularly because of her wholesome presentation.  The boyfriend once again made it easy for me as he was off somewhere else leaving her to smoke alone.  When she finished this cigarette, she leaned against a shed and started texting, perhaps inquiring where he disappeared to.  I’d be more than happy to take her off the boyfriend’s hands if he has other priorities!

A couple of hours later and well after dark, the grandstand concert by country singer Frankie Ballard ended and the grandstand began to empty out.  I was searching for sightings in the general area around the south side of the grandstand and spotted a cluster of what appeared to wholesome teenage girls hovering behind a set of food stands that had been familiar to me in the last couple of days.  It took a couple of seconds to process that it was her AGAIN!  Her being my wholesome light brunette who I had seen smoking twice before the concert.  She was with her boyfriend and three female friends puffing on another cigarette in a very inconvenient spot for me to observe.  I walked slowly in front of the vendor stands so I could look in between and this time a dark brunette was lighting up a cigarette of her own.  She wasn’t in the league of the heavy-smoking light brunette ringleader but she was cute.  There was an ever cuter blond in the cluster but unfortunately she never lit up.  Being as familiar as I was to this light brunette after watching her smoke most of three cigarettes in the last 24 hours, I couldn’t push my luck so I split, hard as that was.  With four cigarettes under her belt in two days, she was the most prolific smoker of this year’s county fair and an easy entry in this year’s top-25 countdown.


#17. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sightings #109-110

The best prolonged stretch of fetishing I scored in the 2015 fair season was during the late afternoon hours on Day 1 of the Minnesota State Fair.  That flurry of blissful female smoking activity pressed on at about 6:30 when I progressed to the beer gardens block.  A cluster of women of varied ages stood on the sidewalk outside one of the bars and three of the four had unlit cigarettes between their fingers and beers in their other hands.  I’m guessing it was two late 40s/early 50s mothers in the company with their 20-something daughters.  Of the two daughters, one was a chubby brunette who barely qualified as a sighting, but the other was this truly beautiful and wholesome-looking early 20s brunette with a sexy body draped in a gray tanktop and nice-fitting jean shorts with a white lace pattern on the bottom framing her killer stems below.  I was very excited standing there seeing the unlit cigarette knowing I was about to get a full sighting of her entire cigarette.  Right from the get-go she didn’t disappoint, lighting up her cork filter cigarette and seeming to “melt” into her first drag in a way that’s tough to explain and which none of my otherwise excellent photos didn’t entirely capture either, and then rudely exhaled straight into the faces of the other three ladies in the circular cluster. I couldn’t wait to see her subsequent drags to see if the pattern repeated.  But the sighting took a turn as the chubby smoker suddenly shouted out “Sarah!” to a young couple in the immediate area, obviously recognizing somebody she knew, and the two young smoker girls migrated to talk to the blond nonsmoking Sarah and her boyfriend.  My vantage point stayed just as strong and I was ready, willing, and able to stick around for more of what I had already seen…..

And more was exactly what that cute brunette delivered as her “melting into her drags” pattern persisted, where she put the cigarette into her mouth, scrunched up her face to ingest its toxic pleasures and then just swooned for a couple of seconds in an almost sexualized way in response to how good the smoke apparently felt inside of her.  She did that after nearly every drag, and even if she was in the middle of a verbal exchange with the friends she paused to enjoy–I mean REALLY enjoy–her cylinder of smoky pleasure.  I was getting pretty turned on myself and eagerly awaited her next drag to see her do it again, knowing how pleasurable it was for her.  Most of her subsequent exhales were delivered skyward to avoid whacking the nonsmokers in the face, and as I said I got a few solid photos of the encounter.  The sighting lasted a good 5-7 minutes and she cooperated perfectly by dropping the cigarette to the pavement and immediately going her separate ways from Sarah and her boyfriend, leaving the discarded cork filter butt lying there for identification.  I can’t keep track of all of the variations of Marlboro out there but based on the print of the Marlboro logo I suspect it may have been a Marlboro Red Special Blend.  It’s impossible to overstate how elated I was at that point after this and so many other great sightings I had been scoring that day.


#16. Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sightings #93-94

I abandoned a sighting of a blond with an exposed midriff halfway through sensing that something better was on the horizon and suffice it to say I made the right choice as it was merely the appetizer to the full meal I would get moments later in the designated smoking area about 10 yards away.  I made a quick pass around the area and found nothing of consequence but just before I was about to abort I was in the right place at the right time to see late teen sexpots dressed in what amounted to little more than a bra and panties approaching the smoking area.  One was exotic looking and appeared to be a mix of black and Asian with short black hair, although perhaps she was just black and had some faint Asian features.  But the white friend is who my eyes laser-focused on the second she entered my field of vision, an uber-wholesome brunette girl-next-door look could not have possibly contrasted more with her skimpy sports bra top, microscopic black shorts resembling underwear, and several inches of exposed midriff on full display giving my eyes a sweeter dose of candy than any sugary concoction that a Minnesota State Fair vendor was capable of putting on a stick!  I had less than a second to process this imagery before the white girl nudged the friend on the arm and pointed up to the “designated smoking area” sign with this gleeful look on her face before the two of them stopped in their tracks.  They had found the place they were looking for!

The black girl began rummaging through her bag and soon extracted a pack of Newports, taking one out for herself and one for her even more scantily clad friend. The girls confirmed the staying power of a trend that had already been ongoing yesterday…..that if a young female was walking around the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on September 5, 2015, with inches of her midriff exposed, she was addicted to nicotine and only moments away from feeding that beast.  And in the case of these two, far more than a few inches of their midriffs were exposed.  Sure enough, the black girl lit herself first and then handed the lighter to the white friend.  I got several pics of them, including one of the brunette lighting herself up.  Now it was just a matter of watching the show…..

The girls stood apart from the crowd and were technically not in the designated smoking area, likely eliciting glances from passersby first for what they were wearing with a second look forthcoming upon noticing they were smoking.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles, but of course there doesn’t have to be much in the way of additional stimulation when smoker girls this hot are wearing so little clothing.  The overwhelming majority of my attention was focused on the white girl who was just so darn cute inserting that long cigarette into her mouth and exhaling modest plumes of smoke mostly to her left as she bantered with the black girl.  The drags were nicely timed and the exhales were cloudy enough to impress during the course of the five-minute show, with the black girl smoking slightly faster and finishing her cigarette a minute or so ahead of the white girl.  The black girl crushed out her cigarette beneath her feet rather than walk towards the ashtray that was, unlike them, actually in the smoking area.  After that, the two of them started walking away, with the white girl taking two more drags from her cigarette before dropping it to the pavement and crushing it out as well.  I was 99% sure from the color of the pack that the girls were smoking Newports but I was able to ID the white girl’s discarded butt and confirm it.  I definitely had some early evening momentum going now.


#15. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sightings #86, 87, and 88

It was around 5:30 on my extraordinary first day at the Minnesota State Fair, right around the time of day when smoker sightings at the MNSF start really booming, particularly in close proximity to the beer gardens area, and I was about to get a very memorable triple play in the smoking area on the southeast side of the beer gardens that best represented the day’s sensory overload moment where there was more female smoking going on than I was able to fully process.  It all started when I encircled the berm that represents the official smoking area and discovered a 20-something couple who were both smoking.  The girl could not have possibly looked less like a smoker, with her ponytailed blond hair flowing onto her shoulderless white blouse with a long red dress below the waist.  And that face!  What a cutie.  I stood in front of her and snapped a couple of stealth photos before taking advantage of the opportunity to sit right next to her, where I got to bathe in her exhales and snap some very upclose photos, most of which were so close that some of her features got cut off but I still got her in mid-drag a couple of times.  There was nothing overly distinctive about her style but what an unexpected sweetheart to see putting a cigarette to her lips.  I was fully prepared to sit out this sighting to the end but then I looked to the edge of the alley to my right and spotted a curly-haired light brunette in a pink blouse and jean shorts who inserted a cigarette into her mouth and then cut loose a rip-roaring high volume exhale that exploded out of her mouth and nose like a firework on the 4th of July.  I just had to get a better look at this!

I sort of abandoned the wholesome girl for the light brunette even though from where I was standing I’d still be able to see the wholesome girl finish off what was left of her cigarette on that berm.  For the time being though, I was laser-focused on this mid-to-late 20s light brunette with her intense and nicely paced five-second drags and fierce exhales, capturing a few pics of her and enjoying the hell out of the visuals as she filled several square feet in front of her face with a steady stream of air pollution.  I got about three minutes in on this sighting when I spotted out of the corner of my right eye yet another distraction in the form of a hot blond smoker girl.  This was just getting nuts!  And the third girl represented the wardrobe Holy Grail for me as she was wearing a very nice fitting pair of white shorts along with a pink tanktop.  I was gonna have to abandon one great sighting in pursuit of the newest shiny object once again!

The new mid-20s platinum blond hottie was an aesthetic perfect game, looking a lot like this smoker friend of mine named Sarah did when she was in her prime.  She had this glowingly beautiful face as she stood next to three guy friends who were also smoking, and I captured her frontal profile in a great pic showing off her beaming smile and those nice-fitting white shorts framing her crotch gorgeously with smooth, well-toned legs underneath.  Her smoking style was fairly average but what a hottie and as she bantered with these three guy friends I was musing on whether one of them–or possibly all three!–were fucking her.  I stayed for the whole cigarette and got a couple of action shots.  I could see her cigarette was a Camel Light Menthol which was helpful since she threw the butt in the nearby smoking area’s ashtray when she was finished.  If you’re lucky you get one of these sensory overload moments on a given day at the Minnesota State Fair where you’re surrounded by greatness or are stumbling into it one after another for a brief period.  In this case, one trip to the beer gardens smoking area yielded a first-rate triple play with a wholesome girl, a high-quality smoker, and a sexpot blond in white shorts over the course of about 10 minutes.  That’s one productive trip to the beer gardens smoking area, my friends!


#14. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #58

I’ve alluded a few times to how great of a stretch of extra base hits I scored  in the late afternoon and early evening hours on my first day at the Minnesota State Fair.  The following sighting bookended those hours of greatness.  I walked around to the front side of the beer gardens block and stumbled into one of my better finds of the day and easily one of the prettiest and most wholesome girls.  She was a petite 21ish dark brunette whose long hair came out of the back of her “Army” hat in a ponytail.  Her face was extremely pretty and wholesome and her outfit of a white tanktop and pair of extremely short jean shorts fit with the rest of the look.  She sat there looking at her phone next to her boyfriend with her cigarette protruding from her fingers.  The boyfriend wasn’t smoking at the time but I’d later discover he did in fact smoke.  Whatever the case, a nonsmoking blond female friend took a photo of them per the couple’s request and little did she know I was taking a photo of her myself with my own camera phone and captured some very good ones of her studying her phone with her cigarette held next to the phone, and one of them while she’s in mid-drag.  Her smoking style wasn’t distinctive but still incredibly cute seeing this adorable face consume these carcinogens so willingly and then release them in tight straight-ahead exhales that came mostly from her mouth.  I could tell from the markings on the cigarette’s blond filter that it was a Camel Turkish Royal and it’s a good thing I did because she stubbed out the cigarette on the cement and then tossed it in the trash can before she got up to leave with the boyfriend and the blond nonsmoking friend.  The sighting itself was a stand-up double and got me pretty excited, and thankfully it wasn’t the only time I’d see her smoking that day….

I had just separated from my parents around 7:20 following our usual evening cookie run and I would wrap up that lengthy period of extra-base hits with one last spurt of strong momentum to enjoy, and it came from a returning favorite from the afternoon, the very sighting that really got the afternoon going.  There’s a windy ramp that leads up to edge of the grandstand on the west side and I often see smokers sitting along the berm enjoying a smoke break.  That night I saw one of the day’s most memorable and beautiful girls doing just that…my ponytailed dark brunette in the Army cap with the short jean shorts.  Earlier in the day when I saw her outside of the beer gardens, her boyfriend wasn’t smoking but this time they were both smoking, and it was easy to see from their blond filters that both were smoking Camel Turkish Royals.  There was a bunch of open space right next to them on the berm and I sat to the girl’s right, pretending to be watching over the gate to sneak a peek at Carrie Underwood inside the grandstand as she was now starting to perform.  It was a pretty perfect situation as I was able to watch her out of the corner of my eye and sneak some side angle pics giving a new perspective on how short her shorts are and how nice her legs are, among other things.  It was also nice to see her drags from close range, followed by the tight, straight-ahead exhales that exited her gorgeous mouth with just the smallest of residual nasal spill….

I got to see four or five drags and thought I had achieved pure perfection when from out of nowhere this chatty late 40s grandstand worker gal approached us and sat right in between us!  Seriously!  She was asking me all about the Carrie Underwood show as she took a smoke break of her own and went on to complain about her undependable coworker in the grandstand vendor booth.  She was quite friendly and I will say that I was at least able to look past her while chatting and take in a couple more of the sexpot brunette’s drags and exhales.  She also wasn’t out there long as their breaks must be very short, taking off in about three minutes at almost exactly the same time as my smoking couple left.  I saw that the brunette crushed out her cigarette against the berm and didn’t bother with taking the Camel Turkish Royal butt to the garbage as she had earlier in the day.  All things considered, the derail wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and the second sighting from this gorgeous brunette sealed the deal that she was destined for my year-end greatest hits list.


#13. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #175

The evening of August 29, 2015, my first day at this year’s Minnesota State Fair, wasn’t quite as incredible as the late afternoon hours but had one genuinely electric moment for me on the northern edge of the designated smoking area near the beer gardens.  I peeked my head around the giant plants to find an attractive young couple sitting there with a mid-20s blond holding an unlit cigarette between her fingers preparing to light up.  It was clear she was a little bit inebriated and her nonsmoking boyfriend was too which added to the fun.  It took her a moment or two before she lit the cigarette which allowed me time to admire her very impressive presentation, her shoulder-length blond hair crashing onto a white bare-midriff tanktop with a glossy belt holding up a pair of uber-skimpy jean shorts and her long legs flowing into a very flattering pair of black cowgirl boots.  The only thing that could improve upon that image was a lit cigarette, and she made that happen seconds later by flicking it to life and doing an impressive no-handlebars drag off the light-up, removing the cigarette from her mouth and releasing an eruption of smoke from both her mouth and nose into the evening sky.  She was one of those smokers whose respiratory system just effortlessly produces a whirlwind of smoke following her drags and that makes for a visual carnival to a fetisher like me.  And all of her nicely timed drags were like that….intense no-handlebars dangling drags followed by volcanic eruptions of smoke pouring out of her facial orifices as if her insides were on fire and desperately seeking a release hatch through her mouth and nose.  I tried to get a bad photo but wasn’t even able to get a dark, blurry image of her in the shot.

But there was something else going on here besides her smoking show…..and that involved a frisky boyfriend who I sensed may have been a fetisher himself trying to cash in on his smoker girlfriend’s drunkenness for some sneaky PDA with a hot chick while she smoked.  There was a smoldering passion for a couple of minutes as he moved his face towards hers and she followed suit.  For a few moments, their faces were like two inches apart, and this was after a few of her drags, meaning he was getting a very direct assault of her stinky cigarette breath.  This happened a couple of times in between her impressive drags and exhales, and finally they just kissed, allowing him to finally taste the tobacco breath he had undoubtedly been craving at least since she first lit up.  The kissing lasted about 20 seconds and I was getting a Chris Matthews’-style “thrill up my leg” just being able to observe this.  It wasn’t quite up to what the legendary FCF #2 Pall Mall teen princess did with her nonsmoking boyfriend in 2013 but easily the best I’ve seen since then….

The kissyface show ended as another young couple approached and it was pretty clear they were attending the fair together.  Beyond that, a decently attractive 20-something blond from the beer gardens approached my sexy smoker to ask for a light, which she gave her.  The second act of the sighting would be less intimate but still featured a nice show as the smoker girl and her boyfriend stood up so they could chat with the friends who just arrived.  It was great to see her body in a vertical position in that outfit, showing off more of her midriff with that sexy belt-and-shorts combination, not to mention how those long, smooth legs slipped into her black boots.  And of course she continued to drag fiercely with mostly dangling drags and always showered the area just to her right with a furnace blast of thick white smoke.  She finished the cigarette in a few moments and knelt down to the crush the all-white out on the inner edge of the berm and then dropped the butt into the dirt.  Had the group left then and there I would have had no problem scoring a butt ID but they stuck around and I couldn’t invest any more time in them just for a butt ID.  I returned before I left that night to an empty berm, using the light from my camera phone to try to find her discarded butt in the plant matter for an ID but wasn’t able to find it in the dense plant life and just admitted defeat and took off.  Even so, the night needed a really strong closing act and this girl with her substantively and aesthetically satisfying five-minute show certainly came through.


#12. Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sightings #140-141

It was after 9 p.m. on my second day at the Minnesota State Fair and I was frustrated, having gone on a long, drab stretch of fairgrounds with next to no sightings and was quickly running out of night way behind schedule with sightings.  I didn’t have much hope of sightings walking the east side of the fairgrounds, at least until I got to the grandstand, but instead walking that route led me to my best sighting of the night.  A trio of 17ish girls was walking towards me, two of whom had freshly lit cigarettes smoldering between their fingers.  They were about to light up a night that had been a disappointment up to that point.  Two of the girls (and one of the smokers) were either black, Latino, or mixed race, but the girl that made my heart melt the second I laid eyes on her was the third girl, this dark brunette cutie who was the most wholesome and sweet-looking young face I had seen in hours.  She was decked out in a black tanktop and high-riding white shorts, and as quickly as the three girls were booking it eastward, I had to follow behind to catch this sighting and got a bird’s eye view of her ass in those white shorts.  Ordinarily I prefer shorts that ride lower as the hip-covering waistline has a retro feel that I had hoped would stay stuck in the early 90s, but I must say this girl was really rocking the look.  She had a little junk in the trunk too, something that works on some girls but doesn’t work on others.  For her, it worked as those high-riding white shorts bulged out at her asscheeks and crested just above her smooth thighs in a way that got me all kinds of excited particularly with that cigarette lingering inches away from the shorts in her left hand.  Hard as I tried to pay attention to the friends, I just couldn’t take my eyes away from this girl and wished I had taken some effort to get a photo in even though the logistics would have been challenging to say the least……

So how was her smoking?  Just as her sweet high school girl image would suggest, she was just a baby, taking shallow rookie drags and exhaling adorably small bursts of smoky clouds a few seconds later.  I finally worked my way to her side to get a better look at her face and to study her style and was rewarded with a brief three-second dangle that came out of nowhere and suggested she may have been at least a little more experienced than I suspected, but quickly reverted to her cute rookie smoking performance.  The three girls were cutting through the center of the street and appeared to be heading towards a food stand.  The friend finished off her cigarette and surrendered the butt to the pavement and I feared the sighting was seconds from concluding for the star of the sighting too, and further lamenting that such a great sighting had no real storyline…..but I was wrong….

The three girls arrived at a pizza stand and were placing an order….and my cute little teen brunette was still smoking her cigarette.  A middle-aged male was at the window taking the girls’ orders and was looking straight at my brunette cutie as she took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled in the general direction of his stand, all without batting an eyelash.  In the two minutes or so that the girls were standing there waiting on their orders, the brunette’s beautiful face lit up with a girlish giggle at one juncture right after the guy in the food stand was talking to her, indicating that he may have seized the opportunity to flirt with this smelly little sexpot.  Two more drags ensued with exhales that she made no effort to direct away from the food stand even though I didn’t see any smoke directly flow inside.  She tossed the cigarette to the pavement right in front of the stand and crushed it out, and then a minute or so later they got their pizza and were on their way.  I approached the pizza stand from the side and IDed her discarded butt as a Marlboro Light.  While I’m still kicking myself for not attempting even a dark, blurry photo of this one, it nonetheless gave me the pick-me-up I needed to get through the remaining hour knowing that I had scored that homerun for the night.


#11. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #72

I had just had a painful near-miss cigar sighting from a hot blond on my first day at the Minnesota State Fair during the mid-afternoon and felt I was due to catch a break after that and was about to get one….sort of!  I finally made it to the smoking area on the west side of the grandstand and as I encircled the perimeter of the large cement structure I spotted this attractive 19-20ish brunette in a pink T-shirt and dark skinny jeans with an unlit cigarette in her hand.  Unfortunately, by the time I got there I was befuddled when she no longer had a cigarette in her hand.  Her boyfriend was next to her holding a lighter while the middle-aged gal seated in front of her who I presumed to be her mother was smoking.  Well this was odd!  She was standing there talking on the phone and I began studying her a bit.  While she was pretty, she didn’t necessarily stand out as anything extraordinary….but there was something about her that intrigued me, and that intrigue intensified when I spotted the pack of Marlboro No. 27s stuffed in the back pocket of her tight-fitting skinny jeans.  Apparently girly was the one carrying around the pack that everybody in the family was using, or at least for herself and mom (dad was there too but not smoking).  Now it was just a matter of waiting out this damned phone call and hoping that she lit up too….

Little did I know the phone call would produce the most electric context of any sighting of the day as suddenly the tone of her voice changed to that of a sweet young girl saying “Heyyy grandpa!  I’m doing good….I’m at the Fair!”   Hot damn!  This barely legal smoker girl was on the phone with her grandpa and speaking to him as you’d expect any other 19-year-old girl would speak to gramps.  I wasn’t able to hear anything else in the conversation in the next few seconds before she was nudged by the boyfriend to have a cigarette…and he led her up a flight of stairs on the grandstand structure for reasons I couldn’t understand.  She certainly looked as though she was over 18 so I don’t think he wanted her to hide because she was an underage smoker.  Whatever the case, she removed that pack of Marlboro 27s out of her jeans pocket, extracted only one, and let it dangle unlit from her mouth as she ascended the stairs following the boyfriend.   I knew it would be reasonably obvious that I was following them up the stairs but I had to take the risk.  I got to the top of the flight and watched the girl lighting her cigarette and releasing one of the most substantial quantities of smoke from her mouth and nose that I’ve ever seen off of a light-up, and I caught the tail end of that exhale in a snapshot I snuck in at the top of the stairs….with smoke spilling out of her face and the cigarette still dangling from her lips.  And all this while she was still carrying on the phone conversation with her grandpa.  I wonder if grandpa has any idea that his sweet-talking granddaughter is a smoker, let alone smoking while chatting with him.  If her blackened respiratory system keeps spewing cigarette smoke in that volume he’ll probably be able to smell it through the phone!!

I knew I was in a conspicuous spot and was very conservative in shifting my eyes her direction from where I stood, pretending to overlook the grounds one story below.  I’d catch two more deep drags and otherworldly exhales blasting out of her mouth and nose before the boyfriend nudged her to go back down the stairs and she followed him.  What was going on here?  Did he have me figured out?  I never made eye contact with him but didn’t suspect he spotted me eyeballing his girlfriend.  Whatever the case, I was in risky terrain here but had to see more and gingerly descended a few of the stairs to see her and the boyfriend leaning against the railing with their backs to me (mostly) and I sat down halfway down the steps hoping to salvage what I could of this show.  I’d catch two more drags and huge volumes of smoke exhaled from her mouth….before the boyfriend nudged her once again and they walked away yet again.  I wasn’t gonna push my luck any further here and just sat there on the stairs for a minute pretending to be texting.  And it hit me that this boyfriend who was carrying a lighter and leading his girlfriend to smoke a cigarette never got hold of that cigarette or any cigarette for himself.  Was he a fetisher who just liked to watch his girlfriend smoke?  And did he immediately realize the signs in me since he apparently had me figured out right off the bat?  So many mysteries but I felt gypped for missing the majority of this first-rate show from a girl I identified as something special at the outset.  Even with a short sighting though, the context of the phone call with grandpa, the rest of the family dynamic where mom has to request a cigarette from her daughter, and those hugely smoky exhales combined to make this my third best sighting of the day.


#10. Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sighting #89

I was in a race against time as the 6 p.m. hour approached on my second day at the Minnesota State Fair, hoping to get to another smoker girl who I figured would be on break at the 6:00 hour, but after two hours of seeing nothing good, the late afternoon was starting to really come alive.  I was only two blocks from my destination and would be 10 minutes ahead of schedule getting there if she took her smoke break early.  But my first homerun sighting in hours and my second favorite sighting of the day had other ideas.  I cut through the walkway outside the DNR building thinking that would be the path of least resistance, but instead it led me right to a different girl.  I could tell from afar that I had found a sexy female specimen wielding a freshly lit cigarette but each successive footstep confirmed just how amazing of a discovery I had found.  Sitting on a bench was a middle-aged white woman and two young black children who looked about 11 and 8 years old.  But standing in front of the bench was a white teenage brunette who was somehow connected to this group and was wielding a cigarette.  She looked about 17 and while there was a mild air of trashiness about her, she was still positively stunning with her very long dark brown hair stretching all the way down her back past her bare midriff white tanktop and cresting onto her pale blue and very tight jean shorts that framed a splendid crotch and ass.  It was clear when she smiled just how young she was and almost certainly not yet 18, yet somehow she was allowed to smoke a cigarette in front of what I figured was her mother and perhaps the young children she was babysitting or was an adopted older sister to.  As if the deep drag she ingested from the cigarette wasn’t a bad enough example for her to display in front of the children, she followed that first drag I witnessed with a significant lugie spit to the grass pretty much right in front of mom and the children.  I scored a litany of pics on this one, including one of her in mid-lugie!  I moved to their right where an open bench awaited and figured I was in a prime location for more photos, but didn’t take into account that I’d be taking pics into the sun.  While they turned out for the most part, I never nailed the youthfulness of this girl’s face perfectly.

Either way, what a show she continued to put on, cooperating nicely for my needs by being restless and changing positions in front of, behind, and to the side of the others in the group who were able to sit still in spite of her.  Doing so allowed me to witness her smoking from a variety of angles and admire all parts of her stellar young female anatomy on display a few feet in front of me, with that perfect ass in those killer jean shorts being the best of what she had to offer.  Another lugie came up in front of the mother and children again and didn’t appear to even generate a comment as they have apparently come to regularly accept this vulgar display of smoking and spitting from this adorable teenage girl.  The group got up to leave before girlie finished her cigarette, and thankfully they were headed the same way I was.  There wasn’t much left of her cigarette so I figured she’d dispose of it quickly, but went another block dragging from it.  At one point she affectionately put her arm around the young black boy as she walked, still wielding her cigarette in her other hand while wrapping him up in her smelly embrace.  A final drag followed by another juicy lugie transpired with her arm around this young boy, and having smoked the cigarette down to the filter she tossed it to the curb and pressed on.  Thank goodness for the green ring around Newport butts because that was the only way I was able to get a butt ID.  After a couple of snooze-worthy hours,  I got the burst of adrenaline I needed to keep morale up by now.  And it was 5:57 meaning I still theoretically had time to catch up with the girl I was hoping to catch on her next smoke break (spoiler alert:  she wasn’t there).


#9. Local County Fair, Thursday Night

My local county fair lacked its usual oomph this year but the best night was definitely Thursday night when contemporary country artist Tyler Farr drew a favorable demographic, and the action started literally the moment after I arrived.  I crossed the street from my grandma’s place to enter the gates not really expecting much, not recognizing that the day was about to begin in a dramatic way with a sighting that mirrored–albeit less dramatically in both instances–the course of my two most epic sightings from 2013, both in my all-time FCF top-10.  And it all started with me observing a country girl sexpot in a group of four entering the gates, a long-haired light brunette who stood out among the foursome for both her beauty and her tight body draped in skin-tight blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots, with a red flannel shirt on top.  The presentation drew me in, but I never gave a second thought to possible tobacco use until I walked in through the gate myself moments later.  Suddenly, the hottest girl of the group was standing there waiting for her other three friends to join her….with a half-smoked cork filter cigarette protruding from her fingers.  I’m sure other fairgoers pass by the ticket takers at the gate with cigarettes in hand over the course of the five-day fair, but I bet few are as beautiful and sexy as her!  Just like Marla Sokoloff 2.0 in 2013, the games had begun at the starting gate tonight, and I was rarin’ to go!

My light brunette was a curious and adorable mix of wholesome country girl and subdued badass, the kind of girl with IT factor who you know is likely to be in your top-25 year-end countdown the moment you spot her smoking.  As for her friends, there was an attractive blond with a similar country girl outfit who was the next best-looking.  The other two were dark brunettes, neither of which did much for me although one was prettier than the other and the other one held a pack of Camel Menthol Lights in her hand.  Back to the main event girl, I got to see a couple of her drags and they were satisfying, but I made a bold effort to ready my new camera phone for some shots and probably missed a couple more drags in the process of preparing for snapshots.  I got a couple solid pics of her world-class backside before walking parallel to her attempting a bold maneuver of getting an upclose shot of her at my side….and it would have worked….except I don’t yet have the subtleties of my less-user-friendly-than-the-last-one camera phone down and my left hand was covering the upper portion of the lens, leaving only her legs in the shots.  Grrr!  And I could tell by the way she was holding her cigarette that she had snuffed out the cherry and finished it, holding onto it until she got to the next garbage can.  Sure enough, at the next garbage can she tossed the butt inside.  As I passed, I looked inside and immediately spotted the cork filter butt lying inside an empty tub of food and IDed it as a Marlboro Red.  Now that’s the way to start a day at the county fair!

Unfortunately I’d run into more obstacles right away as I lost the group in the crowd while stopping to ID the butt.  I spent about a half hour traversing the grounds looking for this girl as right away I sensed something special about her and needed more than what I saw from her thus far to qualify a top-tier blog-worthy sighting.  As I tried to retrace my steps to figure out where she could have vanished to, it hit me that she and the friends may have gone into the beer gardens.  The reason I didn’t think of this before is because the girls didn’t seem 21.  My light brunette country girl in particular seemed more like 19.  But after about a half hour, I got sweet relief when I spotted the four friends outside the beer gardens briefly and I was able to snap a couple pretty good frontal pics (albeit nonsmoking) before they headed back into the beer gardens.  While the beer gardens wasn’t an ideal place for them to spend much of the evening, I could at least keep tabs on them from my seat in the grandstand during the show, albeit it at a long distance.

I took my seat earlier than usual that night in attempt to keep tabs on the country girl brunette and her friends who I saw go inside.  Unfortunately, they found a distant back table inside the beer gardens where even in the remaining daylight hours I was unable to see them, and the best I could do was watch their hands which were unobstructed by the overhead canopy in hopes that those hands would be in possession of a cigarette.  At one point I even did the unthinkable and abandoned my cherished grandstand seat to a place closer to the stage where I could look inside the beer gardens from a different angle.  This worked to an extent, but when none of the girls (or the smart young fellows who found them) lit up I decided to go back to my old seat.

At around 9:15, another smoker girl’s departure from the grandstand led to my following her and scoring a nice sighting in the process, but my attention was diverted elsewhere moments later as the girl who captured my imagination at the very beginning of the night  was exiting the beer gardens with her female friends and a couple of guys they either just met inside or were already friends with.  It was obvious my light brunette cowgirl had a few beers in her at this point as she was acting a little silly.  She didn’t light up right away but I had a strong expectation that she would and I had a great location at this bench to watch.  It took about three minutes before her friend with a purse broke out a pack of Marlboro Reds and handed her a cigarette and a lighter.  The moment I had been waiting for since I set foot on the grounds had arrived and she was lighting up, releasing a doozy of a skyward exhale after the light-up.  Seeing this tight package of a young female in such tight jeans with that long freshly lit cigarette protruding from her fingers got my adrenaline rushing every bit as much as I hoped it would.  And it’s a good thing I was getting off just watching her hold the cigarette because she was much more attentive to her conversation with the friends than she was with the cigarette, dragging much less frequently than I’d have preferred but always impressing when she did.  After a couple of minutes and about three drags, the group drifted into the main block of food vendors which temporarily terrified me as I was about to lose my vantage point.  But the change of location ended up working out and added even more color to the sighting as she was now drunkenly wielding her cigarette in the most crowded block of the fairgrounds.  A sighting that started out mirroring my trajectory with the original 2013 Marla Sokoloff 2.0 epic was now mirroring the storyline of my even more epic Pall Mall princess from the same year.  I even drifted to the same series of benches as I did with that sighting to watch my cowgirl tonight.  And the best was yet to come….

While she still took agonizingly long between drags, she was just fun to watch, and never was she more fun as she was near the back of this line for a food vendor where a teenage girl in shorts was at her side.  My smoker girl’s cigarette was terrifyingly close to the teen girl’s ass and getting closer by the second as the two started aimlessly drifting towards each other, and I swear her fiery chariot of tobacco got as close as inch from the innocent teen’s ass in one brief instant.  But just in time, my light brunette pulled the cigarette to her mouth for the nicest drag I’d see from her, a five-second behemoth which I got to behold in all its glory as the cherry glowed in the night.  Her group of friends was huddled about two feet in front of her after the drag, and instead of making an effort to direct her exhales away from them, she marched right on up to the huddle.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when she released from her mouth and nose a torpedo of filth directly in front of her in this tight huddle.  I’m sure it was unintentional, but everybody in that group was breathing in her carcinogens at that point.  It was quite possibly the most obnoxious direct hit of smoke I’ve ever seen from a smoker girl and she had now officially become the first girl of this fair season to become a Hall of Famer.

And it’s a good thing she delivered when she did as well because her group drifted away less than a minute later and I had the damndest time finding them as the concert was letting out and there were crowds of people exiting the grandstand.  Thankfully I did catch up a couple of minutes later and saw her taking one final drag before crushing out her cigarette.  Unfortunately, my inability to see her smoking the whole cigarette prevented her from realizing her full potential on this list, but she certainly did enough to get in the top-10 with what I saw.  I kept tabs on her for the remaining half hour or so and at one point got giddy when her friend opened up her purse again, but this time instead of cigarettes the friend took out a pair of sunglasses.  It was 10 p.m. and this hottie was gonna wear sunglasses as she and her group drifted into the midway, adding even more character to her colorful profile.  They got in line to go down the big slide at the edge of the midway and I watched from afar, jealous of both the surface of the slide and the potato sack she was sitting on that they got to have such a close encounter with that tremendous ass in one of the tightest pairs of blue jeans I’ve ever seen as she slid down.  From there, they went to the bathroom and back into the beer gardens, donning her sunglasses apparently for the rest of the night but unfortunately never to smoke again, at least in my line of vision.  Nice to have at least one genuinely blockbuster find from this year’s FCF though.


#8. Iowa State Fair Day 2, Sighting #89

I was having a really great night on my second half-day visit to the Iowa State Fair and the final hour was really rallying for me.  It was past 11:30 and while it’s possible I could have challenged my one-night midweek record of 97 sightings that I scored in 2011, I was more than happy to hit the brakes with my final girl of the night and let her be the 2015 Iowa State Fair’s swan song.  A trio of younger people were moving east on the concourse and I could have sworn I spotted a freshly lit cigarette in the hands of the girl walking the outside lane of the group of three.  I turned around to make sure as she looked pretty young, far younger than most girls I’d seen smoking at the ISF this year.  As I walked to her side to study her features, it became clear this girl was underage…and beautiful….and smoking!  What gives here!  I’d been waiting the entire ISF to see a hot underage teen smoking a cigarette and had to wait till the very last sighting of the entire year to get it, but it made it all the more worthwhile.  She was a long-haired dark blond in a white tanktop, tight dark blue jeans that outlined a perfectly sculpted 16 or 17-year-old body, and cowgirl boots on her feet.  But that face…oh that face.  She had the softest skin tone and the most innocent look about her.  It was absolutely heartwarming to see that girls like her are still taking up the smoking habit.  And she was the only smoker in her threesome too.  Another girl about her age was talking and appeared to be agreeing upon the terms of where to meet in a few minutes as she seemed to want to buy one last item of fair food.  Then there was a scruffy late 20s guy whose presence confused me also walking with them and didn’t seem at all in place.   The nonsmoking girl drifted away while the teen smoking cutie and the scruffy guy pressed forward until they met a late 30s or early 40s unattractive blond woman standing on the curb as though she was waiting for them and smoking a cigarette herself….

I was certain I was looking at the mother-daughter sighting of the year but would later get a clarification on that.  Either way, I was positioned perfectly to take a bench and watch the two females–and one in particular–smoke their cigarettes as they waited, the teen girl casually bantering with the older woman as they bonded over their stinky and addictive habits in front of hundreds of fairgoers walking by.  Eventually, the guy walked away.  Not sure what his role here was but I’m assuming he was family of some sort.  Perhaps he couldn’t stand the cigarette stench from the females any longer!  Whatever the case, it was just the two of them, and the girl proved herself quite skillful and no beginner at smoking, taking nice drags and producing solid exhales.  I tried to get a couple of photos, knowing they wouldn’t turn out well but with the inconvenient placement of the lights they ended up completely worthless.  When I got up close for the photos though, I was able to admire that adorable and stinky face, clearing up for me without a doubt that she was no older than 17.  Her pacing was a tad slow early on but picked up as the cigarette’s size decreased along with her patience for waiting.  She let the older woman I thought was her mom know that she was getting annoyed with waiting and started whining about it.  The older woman told her they should just continue to wait, although I sympathized as I suspected it was a typical case of confused signals amongst a large group that split up at the fair with plans to meet up later.  Her smoking pace hit its crescendo with the final three drags and she finished off the cigarette with a solid triple play with cloudy exhales before dropping the butt to the pavement and then absolutely obliterating it with her boot in a way I hadn’t seen done yet by a girl this year.  I figured the butt would be ripped to smitherines but somehow it wasn’t, yet the magnitude of impact she depressed upon it would make it easier to ID when she left amongst the cluster of cigarette butts laying in that spot….

But they weren’t leaving, continuing to hover there waiting for others in their party as I impatiently watched the clock myself, knowing I needed to be on my shuttle bus by midnight and it was 11:50 now.  I got a fun little distraction though as a couple other blond teenage hotties that knew my teen smoker walked by and started chatting with her for a minute or so.  It was here I got the context of who the older woman was as the teen smoker said “This is my cousin Lisa”.  This context put cold water on the mother-daughter storyline but it was still hot to witness given the generational difference.  But in a minute or so, the people they were supposed to meet arrived….and it was all middle-aged women.  They walked away from the curb when they saw them, giving me my opportunity to check out her discarded cigarette butt pulverized by her boot a few minutes later, a Camel Light Menthol.  It was time for me to leave but I made one pass by the group of older women with one smelly teen girl amongst them, and the girl was clarifying something in a semi-bratty tone as she told one of the middle-aged women that “just to clarify….”.  I didn’t pick up on the specifics but it sounded like it had something to do with someone they new as the middle-aged woman listened to the teen girl with stinky breath lecture her upclose.  With that last bit of lusciousness out of the way, it was regrettably time for me to go after an evening that really ended with a flourish.


#7.  Iowa State Fair Day 2, Sighting #86

Here’s a two-night sighting that began after 10 p.m. on the first night of the Iowa State Fair, not too long after the meet and greet with Gabbie Rae.  As I ventured past the beer gardens in the center of the concourse and particularly the median area full of port-a-potties in between the two buildings, I spotted two sets of couples all wielding cigarettes.  One was a very dark-skinned Indian girl with a nice body and silky black shorts.  While I’m sure she would be the type of a lot of guys she wasn’t really my type.  More my type was the girl just across from her, a sexy long-haired blond with dramatic facial features decked out in a white tanktop and jean shorts.  Unfortunately, I only saw one messy final drag before she dropped the spent all-white butt to the pavement.  D’oh!  Fortunately this sighting had a happy ending about an hour later when I spotted the same two couples standing in front of the same beer gardens, once again all wielding cigarettes.  My gorgeous blond had such a glowing presence as she bantered with her boyfriend and it was really infectious, particularly when she was dragging from her cigarette.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see a ton of smoking on this cigarette either and was caught off guard when blondie left the group in a hurry, cigarette in hand, and was heading back in between the two bars.  I watched her cute denim-draped ass boogeying while she raised her cigarette to her lips one final time, taking a drag and then releasing one more carcinogenic cloudburst.  She dropped the all-white butt to the ground and then embraced in a stinky hug with another hot early 20s blond in jean shorts who was clearly a good friend.  I took the opportunity to ID the discarded all-white as a Marlboro Ultra Light and then watched the new girl for a bit, hoping she would have affinity for smoldering tobacco as well.  I kept tabs on this group for the rest of my time at the fairgrounds that night but unfortunately I had seen the last of the smoking from the original blond and didn’t see any smoking at all from the new girl.  Ordinarily that would be the end of the story at the Iowa State Fair, but it wouldn’t be this time…..

Five nights later I was back at the Iowa State Fair, and a huge crowd was departing the grandstand after a surprisingly strong showing for geriatric country group Alabama.  I had just scored the third act of a huge sighting yet to come in the countdown and was looking for my next sparkling moment which came within the next 10 minutes.  I was walking in front of the beer gardens in the center of the grounds once again and spotted a face that was instantly familiar right before spotting another face that was familiar.  But it was the first of the two girls who intrigued me most.  My Sighting #86 from night one at the ISF was a beautiful 21ish blond with a dramatic face that just beamed sunshine and good energy.  On two occasions an hour apart that first night I saw her smoking, but only got in on the tail end of both of her shows.  But tonight my luck was different as she was back, this time decked out in a short black dress and looking even more sugary sweet and wholesome, and extracting a fresh all-white cigarette from an as-yet undefined pack of Marlboros.  In a moment of extreme coincidence she was poised to be my 86th sighting of Thursday night just as she was my 86th sighting of Saturday night.  She lit up that all white and made it official.  There were two other females and three males in her group, and one of the other females was a curly-haired 21ish light brunette in the plaid top and leggings who I had seen smoking earlier in the night….and she was lighting up another cigarette too.  Worlds were now colliding in the best way and I was settling in for a glorious two-for-one sighting.  But first the sighting had to take a terrifying turn….

This short Asian guy in the group who was providing comic relief for everybody thus far requested a hit from blondie’s cigarette, which she granted him….just before the group started walking away, immersed in different conversations in a way that made me think blondie was not gonna get her cigarette back.  But she kept her eye on the prize here, and after the Asian guy took his second drag she adorably yelled out “Hey give it back” but there was too much chaos among the drifting group for her demand to be immediately fulfilled.  Mercifully, she was undeterred, picking up speed and playfully grabbing the Asian guy by the arm to forcibly retrieve the cigarette that was rightfully hers.  Clearly this girl has some major league addiction issues that needed to be assuaged and perhaps fearing for his safety, he relented and handed her back the cigarette without a fight.  The group settled near the entryway of the east side beer gardens and blondie was now in possession of her all-white cigarette again so all was right with the world.  The group laughed and enjoyed each other’s company as the two smelly females continued to drag on their cigarettes, polluting the air quality with their stinky exhales repeatedly.  The light brunette was decent but was upstaged by this bubbling-over-with-IT-factor blond beauty in her black party dress, who gave me a taste of her cloudy and messy exhales on Saturday night but delivered far more where that came from tonight.  Her drags were nicely paced, deep, and clearly very pleasurable for her, and while her exhales were fairly messy as mentioned, there was also some nice streams of smoke escaping both her mouth and nose…..

But the sighting’s best moment came at the end when the storyline from before came around full-circle.  It was clear blondie was taking what would be her final drag from the cigarette when the same Asian guy who hijacked her cigarette a few minutes earlier approached her and held his hand out again for another hit.  Blondie was about to get her revenge in the cruelest way when she looked at him with a shit-eating grin and then dramatically dropped the cigarette to the pavement and crushed it out beneath her foot.  Hell hath no fury like a gorgeous addicted smoker girl scorned!  It was quite a moment but all in good fun and they both laughed about it after it ended.  The moocher guy then moved onto the light brunette whose cigarette still had a drag or two left, finished off hers and acted like the class clown while doing so to the amusement of his friends before the group drifted off again.  It was time to ID blondie’s cigarette butt.  Sure enough, it was a Marlboro Ultra Light, her same brand from Saturday night.  I hadn’t seen enough from this otherwise epic girl to put her in my top-25 just based on what I saw the first night but she catapulted herself easily into my top-10 after her dramatic follow-up act.


#6. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #73

I fled the smoking area west of the grandstand to avoid a potentially wrathful boyfriend after scoring my #11 sighting on this list and felt like I got robbed out of greatness for two sightings in a row, I deserved a break, damn it!  And I would get that break about one minute later when I approached the east side grandstand smoking area and spotted a very young couple sitting on a bench.  Now this bench was kind of on the edge of the smoking area so I didn’t want to get my hopes up here.  They may have simply not realized this was a bench in the smoking area and were just sitting down to relax, I told myself attempting to hold expectations down looking at this wholesome couple where at least the girl was unequivocally underage.  Having braced myself for disappointment, imagine my elation when the boyfriend produced a pack of Marlboro 27s….and then his little blond girlfriend in the neon orange tanktop and ultra-short jean shorts dipped into her bag and extracted a cigarette from her own pack.  This was gonna be something very special and I had a perfect vantage point as she placed the unlit cigarette in her youthful mouth and lit up.  If the previous boyfriend was hyperaware of my presence, this couple hadn’t a clue as I was capturing photo after photo after photo of them from close range.  The girl struck me right away as a cutie but surprised me over the course of the sighting how much character she had in her face with some very adorable and expressive responses to the boyfriend’s conversation in between drags on her cigarette, and a couple of my photos captured those responses.  And when I wasn’t looking at her face I was checking out that lower body where her jean shorts were so short that the vast majority of her bare leg and even her lower ass was touching the plastic cover of that bench.  I hope that boyfriend of hers had the vaguest hint of a clue how lucky he is!

After a couple of minutes standing next to them and watching, I decided I had just as good of a vantage point sitting on the nearby curb and looking at them head-on, giving me another spot to snap pics from a different angle.  As for her smoking style, she was a rookie of course.  There was no telling how long she’s been at it but her drags were modest and her exhales were fairly shallow, but that made her immersion in the smoking lifestyle at such a young age when it’s so frowned upon by society that much more adorable.  Studying her face in photos today I can’t imagine she’s older than 16 but perhaps she’s 17 I suppose.  And unlike the last sighting, I got a “farrow-to-finish” sighting here, watching her smoke the whole cigarette from light-up to crushing the cigarette out on the grass below her foot.  Unfortunately when the couple didn’t get up for a couple of minutes after finishing their cigarettes I got impatient and walked away briefly, checking out some other nearby areas and planning to return for an official butt ID.  I was gone for less than two minutes but the young couple had cleared out with the bench now occupied by another.  By the time I was actually able to sit at that bench more than an hour later it was impossible to identify which butt was the blond teen’s.  Butt ID or not, this was the single best daytime sighting I’ve scored in one of the designated smoking areas after three years of navigating.  The fact that a girl this young and cute is comfortable enough to smoke in such a public spot gives me a smidgen of hope for the future of teen smoking, and I suddenly had my second best sighting of the day only moments after my third best!


#5.  Iowa State Fair Day 1, Sighting #66

The east side beer gardens has been the MVP location of the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the last few years and produced my sparkling moment of the day at Day 1 of this year’s ISF as well.  I ventured past the benches near the bathroom just north of the east side beer gardens where I spotted something that seemed intriguing, a sighting that started off like it was gonna be a strong single or maybe a double, with an attractive 23-24ish blond with her hair up in a ponytail wearing a flattering white tanktop and pink shorts.  She was standing in front of a bench smoking a cigarette talking to a nonsmoking guy and girl sitting on the bench.  For some reason, I felt there would be something special about this sighting and stood off to the side with my phone trying to capture the moment even though it was dark and I knew the photos weren’t likely to turn out.  The one shot I got that turned out actually does a good job of conveying her aura, even in the dark.  It wasn’t until after I got a couple of pics in that I started paying attention, and the girl had style taking huge six-second drags that produced cherries glowing a brighter shade of red than a jar of maraschinos followed by enormously cloudy exhales that seemed to take on a life of their own after escaping her respiratory system.  I was pretty impressed with what I was seeing but had no idea what direction this sighting would take when, two-thirds into her cigarette, the friends got up to leave.  She now had the bench all to herself and sat on the left side of it.  Suddenly I had a huge opening on the bench to sit down and keep the stinky blond with the silky smooth legs company.  But lest you think I would have an opportunity to make this sighting interactive, something even better happened….when her parents showed up…..

Dad sat to her left which meant her sweet little body moved a little bit closer to me and mom was standing in front of her.  The context here was quite strange but her chemistry with this 5o-something couple made it entirely clear that they were her parents.  I couldn’t pick up on everything she was saying and it appeared as though she was a bit drunk by her voice but she mumbled to the folks that she was sitting there “smoking a cigarette”.  As close as I was I could tell from the markings on the cigarette that it was a Camel Turkish Royal and she took another very long drag from it and proceeded to belch out a blob of an exhale that flowed straight towards mom but also expanded out my direction and her father’s.  The next thing I know the daughter is holding out her phone in front of her face with her cigarette smoldering in the same right hand she held the phone, and squeezing her tobacco-drenched face next to her father’s for a selfie.  I was on the other side of this girl a few feet away and she was already far and away the stinkiest girl I’d been around all day so I can’t even imagine how much this smelly daughter was making her dad suffer.  Sitting as close as I was, I was able to sneak a couple of modest but very close-up photos of this sexpot sitting cross-legged only a couple of feet to my left.  And from there she was flipping around on the pics on her phone and showing some pics off to mom and dad, all the while leaving her cigarette unattended for a good 90 seconds.  As it continued to smolder and the ash got longer, the stench became really strong, with wave upon wave of sidestream smoke drifting my way.  I was choking on her smoke and I suspect the parents in even closer proximity were as well.  I haven’t been upclose with a smoking girlfriend in quite a while now but this was the closest I’ve come to experiencing a hot chick’s direct secondhand smoke odor that I wasn’t seconds away from making out with.  Much as I loved marinating in her smoke entrails, I wanted to see her smoking again, and when she finally got back to the cigarette she delivered in spades….

There was at most two drags left in the cigarette but she proceeded to stick that stub in her mouth for a dangling drag as though as it was freshly lit, taking another five-second dangling drag and making me wonder if the long ash hanging on the end was gonna fall off.  It didn’t, but she expelled yet another explosive exhale that whacked mom in the face before taking one final drag and dropping the tiny remaining stub to the pavement.  When the group still didn’t leave, I got up just in time to see the daughter giving her dad a very stinky hug and then mom and dad took off, with daughter soon following.  I sat back down on the bench and confirmed her discarded cigarette was a Camel Turkish Royal.  I just love it when a sighting that starts out modestly experiences plot twists and pure escalation.  They don’t come much more unpredictable or satisfying than this one, and it was by far my best sighting of the day.


#4.  Minnesota State Fair Day 2, Sightings #57-58

Considering how much smoking activity takes place in the general beer gardens area I made a point of doubling back from the Coliseum a block south of there several times on Day 2 of the Minnesota State Fair and revisiting the beer gardens and its adjacent bathroom area only a couple of minutes later.  Doing this that day at about 3:45 walked me into my best sighting of the day, although interestingly on the north side of the bathroom rather than the south side where the designated smoking area is.  Two teenage girls in bare midriff tops and shorts were standing out in the open wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  They were the exact kind of eye candy I’d been crossing my fingers all day to see openly smoking at the fair, and they were perfectly positioned for me to take photos as all I had to do was lean up against the corner of the bathroom and watch from my front-row seat.  One girl was a dark brunette whose hair was up in a bun wearing too-cool-for-school sunglasses, a bare-midriff hot pink tanktop, and very short jean shorts with legs so smooth they looked like they were polished with Lemon Pledge.  The sunglasses in particular made her look older than the 18 I expected she was, but when the sunglasses came off towards the end of the sighting I could tell she was definitely as young as I expected.  But the blond friend upstaged her in the presentation department, and not even by a small amount.  This girl was the embodiment of homecoming queen beauty, her long blond hair flowing onto a white tanktop with a bare midriff with fringes and a pair of blue shorts with white stripes on her bottom and equally perfectly toned legs.  But that face….a fresher young face sucking on the filter of a cigarette I have not seen the entire fair season.  She was a bona fide perfect 10 knockout.  And she was smoking a cigarette right in front of my face, and doing so adorably…..

The girls were pretty solid smokers.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles per se but their drags were well timed with beautiful cloudy exhales…and I got a handful of world-class photos of it.  And they stood where they did for about two minutes before, amazingly, they moved out of the way and stood right next to me, giving me an even better vantage point to see–and smell–their smoking.  The blond was so close I could no longer get a photo of her but I did score a nice close-up of the brunette on the other side of her in mid-drag.  After that it was all about just watching and really enjoying the show.  The brunette was probably a slightly better smoker as her smoke filtered out of her mouth and nose in cloudy blobs that filled the airspace in her general area like pollution from a Beijing smokestack.  It was a close call though because the blond’s drags and exhales were prettier, with her gorgeous face lighting up with pleasure when she ingested her cancerous cigarette smoke and then released the poisonous exhaust in a straight line out of her mouth….

And the best part was how all of the filth from their respiratory systems was inadvertently invading the airspace of the guy hovering a few feet to their north…and that guy would be me.  The stench from these two fumers’ cigarette haze was intense and between the visual and olfactory assault I was absolutely beaming with excitement.  The brunette finished her cigarette first and set into motion the sighting’s most distinctive moment.  She smoked it right down to the filter and began crushing the cigarette onto the corner of the building near where the blond stood.  The blond let out a girlish shriek and then said “your ember burned my toe” as apparently a spark from the cigarette as the brunette crushed it out fell onto the blond’s flip-flop-draped foot.  Clearly the pain wasn’t too intense and the brunette giggled out a half-hearted apology.  The blond clearly wasn’t in enough pain to stop attending to the rest of her cigarette, which had two remaining drags left in it before she dropped it to the pavement and the pair progressed elsewhere into the fairgrounds, never to be seen again that day.  I checked out the girls discarded butts and they were the variety of Marlboro Reds that have the “Marlboro” logo written in cursive on the cork filter.  I told myself after this sighting that if nothing good happened the rest of the day, at least I was blessed to walk into this electric moment and see that teenage girls of this nature still smoke in 2015.  Luckily there were more strong points to come yesterday, but none as strong as this, particularly with as logistically perfect as this one was for me to fetish.


#3. Iowa State Fair Day 2, Sightings #28-29

They removed some seating in the center of the Iowa State Fairgrounds where the concourse and south side street convene.  It didn’t cramp my style too much and ended up working to my advantage on Day 2 of this year’s ISF with a cluster of gals of various ages who I assumed were related in some capacity stood in the area where the seating used to be acting very much like tobacco was about to be consumed.  Little did I know it would become my sighting of the night.  One gal pretty much dominated this cluster in terms of beauty, a very thin mid-20s dark brunette with sunglasses in a lacy white dress with cowgirl boots who exuded sex appeal and looked very much like a smoker.  Besides her, there was a chubbier but still attractive brunette who looked about the same age as well as a couple of older women, one of whom looked like she was in her 50s and the other who looked like she was in her 60s.  My brunette beauty in the white dress started fishing around in her purse and I positioned myself with my fingers crossed that my instinct was right….and sure enough out came a pack of Marlboro Lights, of which she extracted one for herself and passed another on to the chubbier friend….

It turns out all four women smoked but I only really paid attention to one of them, and did she ever have a lot to show me.  The girl loved to dangle and loved to dangle-drag even more, always with her cigarette perched in the dead center of her mouth.  I got a couple of pictures of her in mid-dangle but there was something very specific and adorable she did three times on this cigarette.  She placed that beautiful all-white cigarette in her mouth, let go, and then started playing with her hair as if bunching it in a ponytail.  It must have been a nervous tick of hers and it couldn’t have possibly been cuter as her cheeks sucked in to absorb the cancerous smoke into her black lungs.  And as luck would have it, I got a photo of her doing this routine–dangle dragging while playing with her hair. Her exhales were nice too once she got around to removing the cigarette from her mouth sometimes turning her head to the left to release a tight missile of smoke from her mouth and nose which progressed straight forward.  She was a truly skillful smoker with the most intriguing technique I’ve seen all fair season.  The fact that she was so hot, was likely smoking in the presence of her mother and sister, and wearing this highly feminine white dress made the show all the more delicious.  I watched every wonderful moment of her smoking, with dangling drags of some variation on almost every drag, before she became the first of the four women to retire her cigarette, dropping it to the street and crushing it out with the boot.  I knew it was a Marlboro Light but when the other women finished smoking and walked away, I proceeded to the discarded butt to make sure and confirmed it.  This would likely have been my favorite of the night even if it had been the only time I saw her smoke…but it wasn’t……

As I’ve said elsewhere, the country group Alabama drew a large crowd that facilitated several great sightings, both before and after their concert.  The show seemed late to start and about a half hour after the previous sighting there remained a substantial line to get into the grandstand show, with some smokers hovering around getting their final nicotine fix.  Included in this group was none other than the female foursome that was the high point of my night so far.  Despite the country girl wardrobe of the younger women in the group, it hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be attending the Alabama concert but it certainly seemed now as though they were….at least after another cigarette.  Once again, the star of the show was the long-haired dark brunette in the white dress, whose technique hadn’t changed from an hour earlier.  I was not in a position to observe them from upclose this time, particularly since I had already been right up in their grills watching an hour earlier, but the crowd was such that I was able to do a circular motion around them from afar and take in some of that brunette’s great technique.  Again, most of her drags occurred mid-dangle, the best of which came when she was playing with her hair and forming a brief makeshift ponytail between her fingers, only now with the after-dark context of the cherry of her cigarette glowing a bright red as she dangle-dragged.  She smoked at a very nice pace which worked for my timeline as I was able to see about six of those drags before deciding I should press on and not push my luck.  But you never know, there might just be another sighting from this girl yet to come…..

The Alabama concert ended around 10:45 and I made sure I was there when it did.  As the grandstand was emptying out there was one smoker girl in particular who I knew attended that Alabama concert that I was most interested in seeing again.  And as I turned the corner around the grandstand, there she was with the rest of her all-female group….the slender dark brunette in the tight white dress with the affinity for dangling drags.  And it should come as a surprise that she was smoking again with the rest of them.  Again though, 100% of my attention was laser-focused on her as I stood to their left undetected and watched her smoke her entire cigarette, this time appearing to up her pace from the previous two outings as I’m sure her blackened lungs were particularly starved for nicotine after the long concert.  And while her pace picked up, her style didn’t change.  Long six-second dangling drags were still the rule rather than the exception, with dangling drags as she played with her hair coming two more times.  I’m not sure if it was a lighting issue this time or not but I wasn’t able to see her exhales very well, save for one.  Perhaps it was less about lack of lighting preventing me from seeing the smoke exiting her mouth and more about the fact that her lungs weren’t letting any of the smoke out of them after two hours of cruel deprivation.  Either way, she finished her cigarette long before the others in her group and I noticed her beginning to walk away from the spot, clearly without a cigarette in her hand anymore, while nudging the other females to move it along and follow her even though they were all still smoking.  I watched them walk away for the final time last night and confirmed again that she was without a cigarette.  So where did it go?  I walked around in the area where she stood and a glowing beacon of burning red tobacco lay on the grass, the smoldering remains of a Marlboro Light that she had disposed of seconds earlier.  If there was any doubt that she was my best girl of the night, that doubt was no longer in dispute.


#2. Minnesota State Fair Day 1, Sighting #98

In the past two years I’ve gotten a few solid sightings at the designated smoking area on Judson Avenue on the south side of the grounds but I hadn’t scored anything at all worth mentioning throughout the daytime hours on Day 1 of this year’s Minnesota State Fair until that very abruptly changed right around 6:00 when my already spectacular run of sightings hit its crescendo when I approached the center of the smoking area and found my best sighting of the day.  Standing there in a blue T-shirt with a matching blue work hat with her hair coming out the back in a ponytail along with black shorts on the bottom and a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers was this unbelievably wholesome petite blond who looked underage.  It’s a little harder to tell these days as young girls always look younger than they used to and her diminutive size may have been playing tricks on me.  It’s possible she was 18 but my money would be on 16.  And best yet, the reason she was standing there all by herself smoking behind the ashtray was because she was a worker on a smoke break in the dairy building behind her.  I know this because it said “Dairy Goodness Produced with Pride” on her T-shirt….and there was an even more helpful nametag on that T-shirt that read “Sophie”.  What an adorable name for this underage smoking blond, a name that perfectly matched the face I had been looking for all day.  And on top of this killer presentation, the little girl had style too.  After every drag, she did the famous “gulp” style of ingestion with her cheeks puffing up like a blowfish before delivering the carcinogenic cocktail into her black little lungs.  And from out of her mouth came a moderate-sized exhale followed by a residual haze that flowed from her mouth and nose that was just impossibly sexy coming from such a precious face.  I got a couple of really good pics from the standing position and knew right away this sighting was something special, but things were about to get even better…..

A middle-aged woman was sitting on the edge of the cement base of a statue that serves as a makeshift bench in the smoking area, but she got up to leave when she finished her cigarette, leaving me a perfect wide-open seat just a few feet away from Sophie and an even better vantage point for close-up pics and her general smoking performance.  I got a new perspective from this position.  Her legs were obstructed from my view at my original vantage point but now I was able to see she had a black brace around her right knee indicating she had injured it somehow, possibly in sports even though she’s clearly an addicted cigarette smoker.  I suppose I would have preferred admiring her smooth unobstructed leg but the black brace around her knee gave me just a little bit more insight into Sophie’s character.  But she could have had lizard legs and I’d still have been turned on by this first-rate smoking performance which I was now witnessing very up close and personally, watching those adorable cheeks of hers swell up after every drag followed by cloudy exhales and a residual haze of smoke filtering out of her face after the original exhale.  She continued to drag frequently on what I presume was a short break so that haze of smoke in front of her face never really went away as she puffed on that all-white cigarette relentlessly.  I was close enough to see the writing on the butt and could tell it was a Parliament, an increasingly rare brand in the Upper Midwest as they are quite a bit more expensive than the traditional brands, which made it even more cute knowing that young Sophie was probably shelling out close to $10 a pack for her precious Parliaments every day.  Another cute little quirk of hers standing so close to that community ashtray is that she held her rapidly depleting cigarette directly over the ashtray every time she ashed.  Everything about Miss Sophie was just adorable and as heavily as she was hitting her Parliament from as close by, I was certainly getting in on my share of the foul odor exiting her respiratory system that filled my nostrils with delight….

The sighting lasted no more than two minutes with as quickly as she was smoking (not supersmoking but at a very rapid clip nonetheless) before she crushed out the Parliament in the community ashtray and headed back into the dairy building where she would presumably resume peddling wholesome dairy products to fairgoers unprepared for how stinky this teen cutie would be when they got up close to her.  I’m still kicking myself for not having the presence of mind to follow her inside the building to see exactly where she worked.  I was more worried about studying the pics I got on my phone, some of which were fantastic but others which were obstructed a bit by the sun rays behind her….or perhaps it was just the haze of smoke coming from her face that was blurring up my camera!  Either way, she was my favorite sighting of August 29, 2015, and I returned to that Judson Avenue smoking area as frequently as possible to see if I could catch her on her next smoke break.

Now I was excited that Sophie’s smoking story might carry over into the next week when I went back.  This time I did go into the dairy building several times and spotted her working at one of the several tills for the heavily visited dairy booth selling all kinds of dairy products.  Unfortunately, I made many visits to the smoking area on Judson Avenue over the course of the day, including another one at 6 p.m. when I had seen her on a smoke break the week before, and never saw her smoking again.  Sophie’s smoking story ended for me that first day, but even so she was far and away the highlight of a day that was already going very well and a lasting memory from the 2015 Minnesota State Fair.


#1. Missouri State Fair, Sightings #1-3

I had been to the Missouri State Fair for an about an hour and noon came and went as I got the lay of the land of their fairgrounds without a single sighting under my belt thus far when I was ultimately taken aback by how dramatic of an entrance this fairgrounds was about to make.  Walking by the livestock barns and frustrated by the not-exactly-predicted intense heat and the lack of sightings, my day and indeed my entire summer took an abrupt turn for the better when my eyes focused on the approaching image.  If you’re a fetisher, you are lucky to get one image per summer as fantastic as this.  Twenty yards in front of me was a trio of 21-22ish summer hotties in tanktops and shorts–a visually perfect cluster of feminine youth in the summertime without a single defiling tattoo amongst the three of them–all wielding freshly lit cigarettes between their fingers.  I quickly readied my camera to capture this moment.  Aligning a perfect photo while not looking at the camera and thus telling on yourself is never easy so none of the dozen or so photos I would get of them was perfect, but I still feel that I successfully immortalized their images…..

Instantly, this sighting took me back to my best Minnesota State Fair sighting of 2014, with three sexy smoker girls that each had a distinct visual identity to differentiate them.  In my Missouri trio, there was a long-haired blond with sunglasses in a red blouse with white shorts.  She was hot as hell, but in this group passed for the plain jane.  There was a perfectly coiffed sexpot dark brunette with long, curly hair, a revealing white tanktop and denim cutoffs showing off tremendous flesh and a beautiful chiseled body that flowed into a pair of cowgirl boots.  And then there was the third girl who immediately captured my imagination best, a slender light brunette with shoulder length hair wearing a pink blouse and short jean shorts with cowgirl boots, who had the most wholesome and heartwarming face I’ve seen all season, albeit with a faint hint of hardening suggesting she’s been a heavy smoker for a while.  Nearly five hours worth of driving to Sedalia, Missouri, was already worthwhile and I hadn’t even seen them smoke yet!

After they walked past me, I turned around, watching them from behind while taking rear snapshots of their asses and the cigarettes between their fingers.  Doing so I was able to see their smoking technique, all of which were vaguely similar at least in this context of walking with their backs to a decent south breeze which scattered their cloudy exhales northward.  This vantage point behind them was also perfect for allowing me to see the reactions of others walking past them.  Virtually everybody took note of this sexy young trio, and judging from the direction their eyes went, they also took note of the cigarettes in their hands.  One woman seemed visibly annoyed and shook her head upon observing all three girls were smoking.  I also took note that my wholesome light brunette had a pack of Camel Light Menthols stuffed into her jean shorts, ready to do business for the entire day!  These girls were nothing if not cooperative on Saturday and came to a stop at a perfect vantage point where I could lean against a fence and snap more pics as they stood there smoking.  It was only when the girls stopped that I realized this steam roller had a fourth wheel….a clean-cut college age guy….but you’ll forgive me for not putting his presence together with this trio of girls for a variety of reasons, the most substantial being he was not smoking himself!  This man, folks, is the luckiest nonsmoking guy on the planet and I hope he realizes that!  I got the sense that the group, especially the guy, was wise to me but if ever there was a time for taking risks, this was it as I snapped several more pics from this sedentary location and watched these beauties continue smoking.  Just fantastic!

The blond finished her cigarette first and appeared heading for the dairy cattle barn of all places, dropping her cigarette to the pavement without crushing it out and then vanishing inside that dairy building.  The rest of the group had other destinations to visit though and pressed forward, giving me the chance to identify blondie’s smoldering cigarette as a Camel Blue.  I pressed forward to see my wholesome light brunette had just finished her cigarette as well, also dropping it to the pavement without bothering to crush it out.  I could tell by the pack in the back of her jean shorts that her brand was Camel Light Menthols, but confirmed it looking at the smoldering remains of her cancer stick.  Now it was just a matter of that sexy dark brunette, the slowest smoker of the trio.  I got to watch a few more drags from her over the next 50 yards or so before she also retired her smoldering butt to the ground.  Hers was a Marlboro Light Special Blend.  Three different distinct beauties with three distinct brands all smoking together.  The imagery and quality of the girls being what they were, this sighting would have been my best so far of the 2015 fair season if it had ended right there, but suffice it to say it was nowhere near over.

An hour or so went by after that as I stitched together a few more modest sightings on the grounds, but right around 1:00 the day’s trajectory dramatically reversed, and it was all courtesy of a girl who by herself was a pretty impressive find.  A trio of two girls and a guy in their mid-to-late 20s were walking towards a small fairgrounds bar called Chuckie Dee’s and one of the girls was a brunette with sunglasses, a white shoulderless tanktop and dark jeans who looked ready for the party, particularly with a freshly lit cigarette in hand.  She waltzed right into the bar with her cigarette and asked somebody something, which I would quickly discover to be a request for an ashtray as she was handed one before retreating to a table near a wall with her two friends.  The female friend was a light brunette in a purple tanktop and pale blue jean shorts who I found hotter than the smoker, and I was taking a bench outside ready, willing, and able to wait as I needed for her to produce cigarettes of her own, but my plans got changed when I looked one table to their right and saw who was sitting there…..

Three of the four participants in my great original Missouri State Fair sighting occupied that table, including the guy, the sexpot brunette, and the wholesome light brunette cutie.  The blond who went into the cattle barn earlier was not there.  The only problem was there was a partition obstructing my view of them from the bench where I sat.  I scrambled and searched the perimeter of this open-air bar for another more accommodating bench….and I found one!  At the front entryway of the bar was a wide open bench where I could observe the bench where this trio sat, close enough to appreciate the imagery but far enough away that I didn’t stand out like a sore thumb to them.  The second I sat down I could have sworn I saw a plume of smoke exhaled from the mouth of the dark brunette.  I figure my eyes probably didn’t deceive me and that she did in fact take the final exhale from a cigarette she crushed out outside of my sight range.  Either way, I just had a feeling that if I waited here for a while, I’d see more smoking from one or more of these girls.   An otherwise tempting sighting walked by right in front of me, a family where a 19ish skinny brunette daughter had a pack of Newports stuffed into her back jeans pocket, but especially considering that girl wasn’t smoking, I wasn’t about to vacate this bench overlooking my best find so far in the 2015 fair season.

I had to wait no more than five minutes before the wholesome light brunette inserted an all-white between her lips and fired up.  I don’t often get the visceral flourish of excitement where my heart skips a beat seeing a girl smoking a cigarette but it sure happened at that moment.  This time, I was gonna get to watch her smoke the whole cigarette!  Even though this bar was open-air, the context was exactly like an old-fashioned bar setting, complete with the ashtray, and the imagery of her smoking evoked that.  I never got much of a chance to admire her style when I saw her smoking by the livestock barns earlier but that deficiency was being amended now.  Her drags were rock-solid, lasting a good five seconds and exposing a pleasured sensation on her face followed by generous exhales that she usually tilted slightly skyward to release, which the aforementioned south wind scattered into the bar.  It would have been hard to imagine this girl could upstage the imagery of her first cigarette with her friends outdoors but my front-row seat to her bar setting cigarette pulled it off, and I savored every moment until she extinguished the cigarette’s remains in the ashtray in front of her.  Was this the time to walk away?  Perhaps for an ordinary duo of fair girls, but these two were not ordinary, and I just knew that there would be more rewards for staying where I was at.  And it wouldn’t take long for those rewards to be realized….

No more than three minutes passed before the sexy dark brunette took out another cigarette and lit up, and this motivated her wholesome light brunette friend to light up another one too.  Oh sweet….both girls smoking at once again!  But of course there was one member of this trio not smoking….and that was the guy who never did light up even while in the presence of all these heavy-smoking females.  If ever there was a case study on whether secondhand smoke kills or not, it would be this guy.  If secondhand smoke is as dangerous as they claim it is, this guy should be dead in the next few years!  And his would-be killers couldn’t have been happier about their method of execution as the two girls smoked copiously, each producing beautiful clouds of smoke that were carried further into the bar by the wind.  The wholesome light brunette was the better–and faster–smoker of the two with cloudier exhales and better pacing, but the dark brunette looked so damn badass in her sunglasses dragging from her cigarette and typically exhaling straight ahead, making no effort at all to spare the guy sitting across from her the exhaust from her dark lungs.  The wholesome girl crushed out her cigarette a couple of minutes before the slower-smoking dark brunette friend.  And in the biggest irony of the day, the piped-in music coming from the bar’s speaker was now playing Alan Jackson’s late 90s hit “Everything I Love” of which the song’s hook is “everything I love is killing me….cigarettes, Jack Daniels, and caffeine”.  Clearly these girls don’t listen too closely to the lyrics of the country bars they frequent as they were a few years from the emphysema ward at the rate they were going! Right after the dark brunette finished hers, she got up and I figured the whole group was leaving…..but it was only the dark brunette.  I don’t know where she went but now it was just the guy and the wholesome light brunette at the table by themselves.  I began to suspect they were boyfriend and girlfriend but was later dissuaded of that impression.  More on that later, but in the meantime since my favorite girl of the group was sticking around, I was gonna do the same and see how high the cigarette count would go!

This was actually a perfect situation for me because my feet were still sore from 8 1/2 hours of walking at the Iowa State Fair that ended Thursday night at midnight.  My feet would be hard-pressed to handle a full 12 hours of walking on cement again all day and night Saturday, so my extended sit on this bench overlooking my favorite girls in the bar allowed me the best of both worlds….fantastic sightings from the comfort of my easy chair.  I was a little concerned that I was missing great stuff elsewhere on the fairgrounds but I definitely made the right choice to stick around and I would formalize my stay by approaching the bar and ordering a pulled pork sandwich, giving me something to eat while being entertained by the smoker girl and a live band that was now performing and was quite good.  Again, my timing couldn’t have been better….because as I was standing there waiting on my sandwich, the wholesome light brunette smoker was standing at the bar right next to me ordering another beer.  This was the closest I was all day physically to this perfect female specimen….and frankly she kind of reeked of smoke!  I retreated to my bench while she was still in line waiting for another beer, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her perfect ass and those great legs with the cowgirl boots at the bottom, the breeze whipping around the bottom of her loose fitting pink top and showing off some midriff.  Her sex appeal was off the charts.  She walked back to her seat with the fresh beer, and I knew that with the new beer another cigarette was about to be smoked.

She made me wait about five more minutes but didn’t disappoint when her fourth cigarette of the last two hours (at least, I probably missed at least one!) was ignited.  While I had sort of appreciated the old-fashioned bar setting of this sighting up to this point, something I hadn’t experienced to this degree since Cousin Jamie’s wedding in 2002, it was after she lit this latest cigarette that it really hit home for me, and for a very specific reason.  For the first half of the cigarette, she rested her elbow on the table and held her cigarette close to her face as it smoldered.  With indoor smoking sightings having all but disappeared in my part of the country, an already visually appealing pose for a sexy smoker gal became that much more stunning because of its scarcity.  I honestly can’t even remember the last time I saw a girl smoking in this pose, and it was tearing me up inside with excitement.  The visceral thrill I mentioned that this girl gave me when she lit up before was occurring every couple of minutes at this point and I couldn’t get enough of it.  She took a good 6-8 drags with her elbow on the table before retreating to her previous position of holding her cigarette hand to her side next to her chair but I appreciated the hell out of those throwback stylings for as long as they lasted.  And sometimes this girl would flash a smile or have a certain look in her eye that just melted my heart witnessing it, reinforcing my notion that she was one of the most perfect smoker girls who ever lived, a perfect combination of heavy and unashamed smoker with a fun and charming personality.

She finished that fourth cigarette and I was determined to ride this show out as long as I could.  I know I had been spotted again by the girl and the guy with her but the presence of this live band performing behind them gave me a reason to be looking their way.  It was one of those perfect fetish days where absolutely everything was going my way. Nonetheless, the band’s arrival posed a logistical challenge when more people came to listen to them, including some who sat in my line of vision of the chainsmoking babe, at least partially obstructing me from seeing more of her.  I found myself fidgeting on my bench trying to find holes in the crowd where I could see the girl.  Thankfully, this crowd’s formation occurred in between cigarettes but I knew with this girl that period wouldn’t last long so I was hoping for some kind of break or that she would actually hold off before firing up her next one.  About 10 minutes passed when I saw an opening just large enough that I saw her nose and mouth in between two other customers…..and she was placing an unlit cigarette in her mouth, her fifth so far today that I observed.  It sure was a weird yet oddly satisfying experience watching this cigarette being inserted into a female mouth yet not being able to see the rest of her face.  And it played out this way for her first couple of drags too before a brief parting in the crowd allowed me a better vantage point where I could observe the rest of her face smoking too, never disappointing even for a second.  Was this girl an anomaly even in small-town Missouri or was she not necessarily the exception to the rule of being such a heavy smoker?  I also observed that she was very gingerly sipping her beer, which was in an ordinary plastic cup.  She was only on her second beer since I arrived here more than an hour ago.  Some more casual smoking girls say they smoke when they drink, but with this girl I think she would be more inclined to say she drinks while she smokes!

There was some unsettled activity during this fifth cigarette as the guy got up and walked off, perhaps to go to the bathroom….or else he finally reached his breaking point tolerating the girl’s incessant smoking.  Either way, I briefly abandoned my bench and retreated to a rear position behind where the girl sat.  The half-smoked cigarette was in her left hand as she continued to watch the band while sitting alone, and from this rear position I got to admire something else.  I mentioned earlier how when she was standing at the counter waiting for a beer the breeze was whipping around her blouse.  It was still doing that now as she sat with her back to the wind, but since she was sitting an inch or more of her black panties were exposed above the belt line of her shorts.  This girl just never quit finding ways to turn me on!  She took three back-to-back-to-back drags from her cigarette before crushing it out and continuing to sit there.  It was now 3:00 and I wanted to at least see what else the fair had to offer, thinking I would check in on a very regular basis to see what my wholesome light brunette was up to.

I did just that and was back in no more than 10 minutes.  Surprisingly the table was vacant, but I hustled on up to see if I could get a closer look at that ashtray provided it wasn’t cleaned out yet.  I got there and saw an ashtray with nearly a dozen butts in it, the majority being my favorite girl’s Camel Light Menthols.  But I also saw her pack of cigarettes and a half-empty beer still sitting there, signaling to me that she was planning to return.  I left the scene and returned in a few minutes.  Sure enough, all three of the original party were now back….the nonsmoking guy, my wholesome light brunette, and that impossibly sexy dark brunette, who was smoking another cigarette, her third or probably fourth cigarette of the afternoon.  My bench was still mostly open so I seized it, wanting to see more of the dark brunette’s style.  She didn’t smoke as quickly as I’d prefer but she was a great smoker with long indulgent drags and cloudy exhales.  And I love the dark brunette’s presence because every time she lights a cigarette, she inspires her heavier-smoking friend to light another.  Two-thirds way into the dark brunette’s cigarette, the light brunette fired up another of her own, her sixth so far this afternoon that I witnessed.  I stayed once again until both girls finished their cigarettes before making another attempt to take off, planning again to return and see when they smoke again.

I felt a little guilty for neglecting the rest of the grounds in favor of one girl (or group of girls), as incredible as they were, but when I returned to the grounds I realized I hadn’t been missing much.  There still wasn’t much going on out there, in particular in the midway when I finally made another trip through there.  I was heading back to Chuckie Dee’s to keep tabs on those smelly sexpot chainsmokers, but when I got halfway there, I discovered they were coming to me!  They finally left the bar and were now heading in the direction of the midway without any cigarettes.  And this time, the original blond was back.  The band was back together, with all three girls and the nonsmoking guy.  I had assumed with all the alone time that the guy spent with the wholesome light brunette that she was his girlfriend, but he was putting his arms all over the sexy dark brunette as they walked.  What gives here?  Maybe he’s fucking both of them!  Whatever the arrangement, I’d pay my life savings to spend one damn day in this guy’s shoes!  I was torn between following them into the midway and risking being called out with as familiar as my presence was at this point or returning to their table at the bar to do an official cigarette butt count in the ashtray.  Considering it might be a while before the girls lit up again, especially if they were about to ride midway rides, I decided to check out the ashtray.  I probably made a mistake as I got there to find the table still empty but the ashtray already gone.  And when I returned to the midway, I didn’t find them again.  I certainly wasn’t in a position to complain about what these girls, and the wholesome light brunette in particular, had already delivered for me.  And you never know, it’s possible we haven’t heard the last of them….

Fast forward about five hours.  It was around 8:30 p.m. and since the smoker girl trio last departed the day offered mostly only modest rewards to put it generously. I was hoping to finally find something worthwhile on the midway, which had thus far been a disappointment despite my high early hopes of evening sightings of mid-teen girls.  I got three-quarters way through the midway when a voice inside me told me to turn right at the midway exit leading to a series of fair buildings that I hadn’t explored much that day.  Occasionally my instincts lead me to something worthwhile, but never could I have imagined the reward I was less than a minute from stumbling into.  As I approached a foursome that included three girls and one guy, an air of familiarity struck me instantly but it took a couple of seconds to realize that the trio of sexpot chainsmokers who started my day at the Missouri State Fair and occupied the majority of the afternoon were back….and had changed clothes!  This led me to believe they must live right here in Sedalia as they appeared to have left the fair to change their outfits, but I suppose it’s possible they simply brought a change of clothes in their car.  Either way, imagine my luck to have been in the right place at the right time to catch up with these girls AGAIN after five hours between encounters, extending the best sighting of the 2015 fair season into an evening encore…..

The guy in the group was talking to another guy and motioning the girls to go do whatever they wanted to do, apparently under the terms that he’d catch up with them later.  What the girls wanted to do was apparently get some food as the three of them drifted towards a corn dog stand and I followed.  So what outfits did they change into?  The blond was now wearing a white top with a fringed midsection that largely covered the jean shorts she wore below the waist.  She was still sexy, but continued to come in third place in this high-end threesome.  My favorite wholesome light brunette in the Midwest who smoked the most during the day appeared to be wearing the same pink blouse along with a pair of tight jeans.  I guess I preferred her short jean shorts from earlier but she was rocking these tight blue jeans as well and seeing her in another outfit made this already wildly comprehensive sighting encounter all the more comprehensive.  But winning the outfit wars in the evening was that sexpot dark brunette, somehow managing to outdo her country girl ensemble from the daytime now decked out in a maroon tanktop with painted-on short black shorts that fit her muscular lower body like heaven.  I just may have been following the sexiest trio of early 20s gals in all of America!

The girls walked up to the corn dog stand and I had to be discreet not to get busted stalking them again, but found a bench across the street from their stand to observe and even snapped a couple of distant photos of them in their new outfits.  The pics didn’t really turn out but it was still kind of worth it for me.  They walked away with a single corn dog in the possession of my wholesome light brunette.  I had to keep my distance and ended up losing them in the crowd for less than a minute.  I’m assuming the girls collectively devoured the corn dog because it was gone by the time I caught up with them again, and they were progressing past the farm equipment on a now-vacant side street when it happened.  The cigarettes were coming out yet again.  A lighter ignited a cigarette to life in the blond’s mouth first and the fires kept popping up to ignite the tobacco cylinders in the other two girls’ mouths as well.  For the first time since noon, I was seeing all three of them smoking again.  It was only the second cigarette I had seen the blond smoke but this was the fourth cigarette of the sexy dark brunette, and the seventh cigarette of my favorite girl, the wholesome light brunette.  I had to follow from about 15 yards behind so as not to get busted but was able to see clouds of smoke exhaled from their mouths one after another during that joyous walk.  Where were they heading?  The very crowded beer gardens block of course.  I was hoping they’d hover outside the bar so I could watch them smoke the rest of their cigarettes, but what happened instead was almost as good.  The three sexpots with fresh cigarettes in their fingers weaved right through the crowd and strutted right into the bar with cigarettes in hand, where I can guarantee you that they turned most heads inside the bar because of both their beauty and their boldness.  I approached the entryway of the open-air bar and looked inside.  It was so crowded that I couldn’t see where they went…..but this story STILL hasn’t ended!

I stayed pretty close to that beer gardens block most of the rest of the night because I knew that was where most of the smoking action was gonna be, and plus I wanted to keep tabs on “the trio”.  I always weaved my way towards the entryway of that country bar the girls walked into and about 15 minutes after they arrived, there “she” was….that same wholesome light brunette, now in her pink blouse and tight jeans, standing there talking to a guy who also looked pretty wholesome sitting there on a chair across from where she was standing.  Once again, she was smoking a cigarette and he was not.  Apparently wholesome nonsmoking guys are the only kind of guys this girl fraternizes with, and as I watched her smoke her eighth cigarette of the day while sipping on a beer, it hit me that it could have been me sitting there flirting with this heavy-smoking cutie.  The price one has to pay at these fairs for obsessively tracking sightings is that you become too familiar to the smoker girls and look like hell from racing around the grounds in the hot sun becoming a pile of sweat to the point of having no chance of engaging socially.  Obviously I might not have been her type anyway, but I was really jealous of this guy who was in a position to watch her smoke from an even closer vantage point than me.  Her smoking style stayed consistent, taking nicely paced five-second drags with a pleasured look on her face followed a slightly skyward exhale right inside the bar, flashing that beautiful smile and infectious giggle regularly while socializing with this lucky guy who apparently had no problem dealing with her stench.

I even hit a sensory overload point in the middle of cutie’s eighth cigarette because, all at once, a bunch of other hotties were spilling out of the bar with cigarettes and lingering in my immediate area.   Where were all these girls around 6 p.m. when I would have been able to appreciate them more!?!??!  I was positioned nicely to look to my left and watch these girls smoking outside, and then look to my right inside the bar to see the wholesome light brunette girl of the day releasing another blast of smoke to contaminate the air in the bar.  It was a few minutes of pure bliss until the outside smokers finished their cigarettes one after another and the wholesome light brunette disappeared further inside the bar….

This beer gardens block was just off the midway which was convenient for me as it allowed me to explore the midway in a fruitless pursuit for young teen smokers yet still never be far away from that beer gardens block.  As for my favorite country bar with my favorite trio of girls inside, it had a back entrance that was also open-air and when I looked inside next I would see my wholesome light brunette line dancing to “Copperhead Road” with the guy she had just been talking to towards the front of the bar a few minutes earlier.  No cigarette in her hand while she danced but it was still a beautiful image and made me wonder how exhausted her black lungs must be at the end of that line dancing workout….

About a half hour later around 11:30, I made my final pass down the midway with one more journey on that beer gardens block which was single-handedly making my evening.  And the evening would not be complete without one more fantastic sighting of the two star players of the “trio”, who were now outside the front entryway of the country bar smoking in the company of two nonsmoking guys, one of whom being the same guy that the wholesome light brunette was talking to and line dancing with earlier.  You gotta figure the girls stepped outside to smoke to enjoy a cool breeze and escape the heat from inside with all the sweaty dancers as it seems very unlikely that it was out of any inhibition about smoking inside given their body of work for the day so far!  Either way, there they were smoking their ninth and fifth cigarettes of the day that I witnessed, standing there puffing in front of these wholesome, nonsmoking guys who were enduring their ashtray aroma with smiles on their faces.  I hovered from a respectable distance admiring what I knew would be the last cigarette I’d see smoked from that beautiful light brunette who continued to drag fiercely on her beloved Camel Light Menthol while directing her cloudy exhales skyward.  I’m guessing this girl is a very heavy smoker even on a regular day but within the context of this beer-soaked day at the fair I bet she smoked at least two full packs on August 22, 2015….

And I also felt blessed to get one more upclose look at that scorching hot dark brunette friend in that smoldering maroon tanktop and tight black shorts, the hottest outfit of the entire Missouri State Fair, as she smoked away on her own cigarette with a typically slower pace than the more wholesome friend with blobbier and straight ahead exhales from her Marlboro Light Special Blends.  The final cigarette count from this trio would be nine cigarettes from the wholesome light brunette, five cigarettes from the sexpot dark brunette, and two cigarettes from the blond who only made cameos over the course of the day.  The nine cigarettes from the light brunette rivaled last year’s Iowa State Fair teen chainsmoker, albeit over the course of an entire day rather than just a couple of hours like last year’s girl.  A sighting that started out resembling last year’s #2 fairgrounds sighting ended up being a hybrid of last year’s #2 and #1, which is not at all a bad place to be.  Without a doubt, this “trio” who represented my Missouri State Fair baptism served me up the most comprehensive and longest-lasting sighting encounter of my life and will be immortalized forever on my blog as a result.


So there’s the best of 2015.  Hopefully everybody’s favorites from the late summer real-time writeups made the list, and hopefully new readers checking it out for the first time appreciated it.  As I said, I scored 736 sightings at this year’s fairgrounds, and that’s pretty impressive when considering the declining national smoking numbers.  As usual, I have additional “best of the year” sightings coming in late December where you can read never-before-posted sightings that I scored at Summerfest, the mall, and at random venues in 2015, and I must say it’s an above-average selection to look forward to.  Until then….

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