2015 Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

I had a moment of panic early Saturday morning when I checked out the weather forecast before leaving for another full day at the Minnesota State Fair on September 5, 2015.  Rain chances were listed as 15% or less throughout the day and night as recently as eight hours earlier, but suddenly there were 50% rain chances for the morning and the evening just as I was headed out the door.  And sure enough, the skies to the north when we headed towards St. Paul were black with lightning bolts flashing on the horizon.  I was just sick when the rain started 45 minutes north of my parents’ place, but held out some hope that it would end when we got there.  As luck would have it, it did, with the skies clearing almost immediately after our arrival and yielding a very hot day around 90 degrees that wiped me out by day’s end with no more rain materializing before we left at 10:30 p.m.  Attendance ended up being better than expected at 211,000–and better than the previous Saturday even though it sure didn’t seem like it–but unfortunately the key demographic wasn’t there….or wasn’t smoking at its usual numbers if it was.

Don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t a bad day as I scored a number of extra base hits and a handful of genuine gems destined for my greatest hits list, but my numbers just seemed to lag behind schedule for much of the day and I ended the day with 164 sightings, my smallest one-day sightings harvest at the Minnesota State Fair in a decade.  My modern pattern of MNSF sightings started in 2006 when I fetished all day and night and no longer attended evening concerts that stunted night time sightings numbers, and I’ve never gotten fewer sightings during the modern era than yesterday.  It’s been a slow trickle in previous years but yesterday was the first sign of real reduction in the number of young females smoking and I hope it’s just a matter of grandstand act The Avett Brothers not bringing the preferred demographic the way that most grandstand acts do (like last week’s Carrie Underwood).  It’s entirely possible though that declining smoking rates have finally caught up with me and those 200-sightings days that were so dependable five years ago are gone forever.  As for 2015, last Saturday was definitely the better day of this year’s two days but there was enough good stuff to make for a solid 13 hours of fetishing this weekend.

The heat started to build right away when I got there and the wet pavement began to dry very quickly.  Don’t tell that to my Sighting #2 girl though, a 20-something brunette who I spotted about a half hour after arrival who was still decked out in a rain coat with a pair of utilitarian blue jeans smoking in the company of a nonsmoking boyfriend as she walked down Judson Avenue with cigarette in hand.  She was both cute and a little homely at the same time as she illegally smoked amongst the foot traffic nowhere near any designated smoking area.  Considering how hot I was in my T-shirt I couldn’t understand how she wasn’t baking in that rain coat, but she seemed to be doing okay puffing away while chatting with the boyfriend.  I followed her and watched her take some decent drags before throwing her cork filter butt into a garbage can.

Morning sightings are sparse so it’s a good time to visit the north side of the fairgrounds which is the more sparsely attended part of the fair generally yet still produces some decent sightings.  On the far north side there’s a designated smoking area that delivered yesterday, starting with a cluster of four or five smokers that were probably related to some degree, with one young hottie amongst them.  Sighting #3 was a long-haired dark brunette in a ball cap wearing a bright red T-shirt with nice leggings on her bottom.  It was hard to position myself in a good place to watch her smoke but I got a couple of decent backside pics.  From what I could see there was nothing distinctive about her style but the family setting made it a nice show.  Before that sighting even ended a mother and 20-something daughter emerged nearby in the same smoking area and lit up as well.  Sighting #4 was an otherwise pretty light brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts but she defiled her beauty with numerous visible tattoos on her arms and legs.  It was still nice to be getting sightings of this caliber at this time of the morning though.  I took a pic but it was from a little too far away to fully appreciate.

No surprise that the morning continued to go slowly but it was nice to score one extra base hit at around 10:45.  I was walking near the haunted house on Judson and saw this mid-20s dark blond smoking all by herself.  I crossed the street to see if she was as good as she looked from a distance and Sighting #7 came through.  She wasn’t standing by herself for long though as a nonsmoking brunette friend emerged, helping to distract my smoker enough for me to take some pics of her.  She had such a wholesome face and didn’t look at all like a smoker yet was nonetheless corrupting that face by sticking a cigarette into her mouth every 30 seconds or so and exhaling beautiful clouds of exhaust into the warm morning air, and doing so at an illegal location.  Her illegality got even more brazen after a couple of minutes, however, when a nonsmoking black girl emerged from the nearby ATM machine and appeared to be the third member of her group.  The three of them then took the sighting in motion with the cutest of the three brandishing a burning cigarette while walking down Judson and taking more illegal drags as she progressed.  I was really hoping for a butt ID from this one and crossing my fingers that she wouldn’t throw it in the trash.  Not only did she not throw it in the garbage, she polluted her all-white butt to the pavement without even bothering to crush it out.  I spotted the smoldering debris and checked it out.  This seemed like a classy brand-name girl so I was a little surprised to see she was smoking what looked from the filter to be a USA Gold.  Either way, very glad to get this sighting, especially given what a wasteland the next couple of hours would end up being.

I was grateful I found a girl as memorable as here to get me through the dreary next couple of hours as pickings were pretty slim at noon and points shortly after.  The previous week I had 24 sightings by noon whereas yesterday I had 10.  It wouldn’t be until nearly 1:00 that I scored my next good one with Sighting #21.  I spent a lot of time around the dairy building in hopes of another encounter with “Sophie” from the previous week.  I saw Sophie inside the building working the dairy counter but never saw her smoking again.  But coming out of the building yielded a smaller reward with an attractive young mother in her mid-to-late 20s with her light brown hair up in a ponytail.  She was looking for a place to smoke an unlit cigarette she held between her fingers in the company of her nonsmoking mom and the stroller she was pushing around which I suspect held her child.  Her clothing ensemble of a pink T-shirt and leggings was a good fit for the young mother and she ended up standing in the middle of the street away from the crowd to light up.  It made it a little tougher for me to take pics but I got a couple of decent ones.  She was talking to her nonsmoking mom through most of the cigarette but was smoking very slowly.  As exposed as I was in the middle of the street watching, I had to abort, walking away after three or four drags and no butt ID.

It was hard to know what to think about my next memorable sighting.  The berm on the perimeter of the east side of the grandstand was occupied by a young female who captured my interest from afar when I saw she was in possession of a cigarette.  I approached Sighting #24 to get a better look and even with a front row seat it was hard to appreciate how pretty she was, and that was largely due to the fact that her face was tilted down towards her phone where she was texting endlessly.  Her presentation was memorable though, wearing a white tanktop and athletic shorts with her legs on full display where she sat, and a backwards blue baseball cap with her light brown hair rolling onto her shoulders in braided pigtails.  Was she pretty though?  She seemed to have quite a nose on her but she seemed at least above average.  I scored a few photos and even looking them over today enlarged it’s hard to get a handle on her beauty.  It was a nice sighting though, despite her cell phone distractions slowing her smoking pace.  There was nobody around so I was able to observe her drags and exhales without interruption before she finished the cigarette, crushed it out and threw it in the nearest garbage can.  I looked in the trash can hoping to find the butt for an ID but wasn’t able to pull it off.

Rewards continued to be modest in the early afternoon but approaching the 2:00 hour I got a sighting with a very interesting and unusual storyline.  Sighting #35 started out plainly with an early 30s brunette in sunglasses wearing a blue T-shirt and black shorts standing in front of the bathroom near the International Bazaar illegally smoking a cigarette.  She was attractive enough to give a second look to in passing but I didn’t figure she’d warrant a writeup until she did a monster dangling drag that lasted about 10 seconds.  I was thoroughly impressed and readied my phone again, scoring a pic of her amidst another dangling drag that lasted almost as long.  The dangling drags were a thing of the past from that point on but her traditional drags after that just went on and on, sucking for like 12 seconds on a cigarette that didn’t seem to be producing all that much smoke all things considered.  This wasn’t adding up so I took a closer look at the cigarette.  The tobacco seemed to be two-thirds separated from the filter for whatever reason, but she was trying her hardest to make it work and get her desperately needed nicotine fix.  It was cute to watch as her remaining few drags were just as much of a struggle.  She wasn’t gonna cry uncle though and got through about two-thirds of the cigarette before finally dropping it to the pavement and giving up.

The smoking area on the west side of the grandstand was a little disappointing in 2015 after years of being the best place on the fairgrounds for sightings, but it offered a small reward yesterday with Sighting #39, a young 20-something couple sitting on the bench nearest the ashtray both puffing away.  The girl had long dark brown hair and was wearing a pink blouse and jean shorts.  She wasn’t “beautiful” but had an innocent look about her that didn’t make her seem like a smoker.  She reminds me a lot of my coworker’s 23-year-old daughter Sarah, who I’m quite certain is not a smoker.  I got a couple of pics and watched a modestly rewarding smoking show at this spot, then saw the couple smoking again at the smoking area on the other end of the grandstand area only about an hour later.

Only seconds after abandoning the last sighting I walked right into Sighting #40, where two young couples in their mid-20s were walking down the sidewalk.  All were holding beers but only one girl was smoking a cigarette.  She was a pretty ponytailed dark blond in a green tanktop and jean shorts, definitely one of my hotter smoker girls of the early afternoon, illegally puffing away on her cork filter a distance away from any designated smoking areas.  It hasn’t been since 2009 that the 93X Rocks radio station booth played into one of my sightings but it did yesterday when the two couples approached the stand, when the smoker girl and the guy I presumed to be her boyfriend walked right up to look at T-shirts and other memorabilia for sale.  She puffed on her cigarette right there in front of the vendors, never exhaling their direction but still forcing them to choke on her smelly tobacco vapors.  It was a tight squeeze and a risky shot but I scored a couple of modest pics, one of her in mid-drag and watched her finish off the last two or three drags on the cigarettes while looking over the T-shirts.  Her final gesture was the sighting’s high point as she tossed the butt to her right in close proximity to the male in the other couple.  I didn’t catch his name, but she called him out and requested that he “step on that”.  The guy obeyed and killed the smoldering cork filter butt on the pavement per her request.  It was easy to tell from the markings that the cigarette was a Marlboro Smooth.

For the first time ever, the midway was a complete zero yesterday.  I made two full passes through the midway, one in the early afternoon and another wasteful one in the mid-evening, and several very brief excursions to the designated smoking area only about 50 yards into the midway, getting absolutely nothing for my troubles.  The good news about walking away from a disastrous 15-minute midway walk is that the sightings-rich beer gardens awaits when you complete it, and in this case a hot late 20s brunette who would be Sighting #42.  I go back and forth regarding whether this girl was a Latina or a dark-complected white girl with a somewhat ethnic look, but she was smokin’ hot whatever her ethnicity, decked out in a gray tanktop that was both low-cut and bare midriff with some tight jean shorts on the bottom.  She was standing alone in the block in front of the beer gardens and I got a few pics of her, one in mid-drag.  There were several instances yesterday where I think the girl was on to me, validating my long-standing fear that this photo-taking is gonna be the end of me sooner or later.  In this case, she moved over a few feet and I knew better than to push my luck and follow.  Thankfully she was still close enough I could watch her finish the cigarette out of the corner of my eye.  No stylistic flourishes but she was my first taste yesterday of a girl definitively dressed for summer smoking a cigarette.  In a couple of minutes, her nonsmoking boyfriend showed up with beers and in a minute or so, she finished the cigarette and crushed it out, regrettably tossing it in the nearest garbage can before they walked away.  Luck was with me though as I approached the trash can and saw that it was 80% full, with a cork filter cigarette butt resting atop the pile that I was able to ID as a Marlboro Red.

An exciting two-for-one sighting came around 3:00 across the street from the International Bazaar when I came upon a duo of attractive 21ish hotties wielding cigarettes while sitting on the curb.  I first noticed Sighting #48, an attractive dark-complected light brunette with a reddish tint to her hair wearing a pink tanktop and black gym shorts.  She may have been the prettier of the two but her friend intrigued me more.  Sighting #49 was a dark brunette whose hair was up in a ponytail, her summer ensemble consisting of a white tanktop and very short jean shorts.  The tightness and shortness of her jean shorts jumped out at me right away but then I noticed that her mouth seemed to be blue.  I did a double take and her lips and teeth were definitely blue, and then I noticed why.  Whatever drink she got from the International Bazaar, be it alcoholic or nonalcoholic, was some blue slushy drink and it left its mark in the cutest way on her face.  I got an exceptional photo of her standing up from the curb, abandoning her drink and leaving it sit on the street while in a bending state that really shows off her boobs in that tanktop and her legs and crotch in those jean shorts, all with a half-smoked cigarette between her right fingers.  While the girls may have been abandoning their drink, they weren’t abandoning their cigarettes as they proceeded down busy Judson Avenue illegally wielding the remains of them, dragging without reservation or shame and exhaling their pollution into the airspace of dozens of luckless fairgoers crossing paths with them.  I knew if these girls were piggish enough to leave their drink sitting on the curb they wouldn’t suddenly turn into environmentalists when it came to their cigarette butts, so I fully expected a butt ID and got them.  Both girls smoked their cigarettes to the filter, with the whiter girl with blue teeth losing hers first and the darker-complected girl following suit about 30 seconds later.  I could tell from the green ring on the filter that both butts were Newports.

Heading back to the east side of the grandstand, I noticed from afar an early 20s blond sitting in front of a fence near the grandstand entryway smoking a cigarette.  As I got closer I could see it was a two-for-one deal as she had a brunette friend who was more attractive smoking just to her right.  Sightings #52 and #53 were both quite wholesome and in their mid-20s, and didn’t seem at all like smokers, the blond in a striped white and gray tanktop with jean shorts and the ponytailed dark brunette in a pink tanktop with black athletic shorts, but they sat there talking to each other puffing away openly on their cork filters.  I wasn’t close enough for great photos but I got a couple of modest pics, and my eyes were primarily fixated on the dark brunette who had far more IT factor.  A middle-aged female smoker approached them before lighting her cigarette and bantered with them briefly, most likely about it being a “smoking area” even though it wasn’t.  I watched until the brunette took her final drag and then crushed out the butt into the crack of the pavement and left it standing straight up there.  The girls didn’t appear to be leaving any time soon to enable me a butt ID so I moved on.

The beer gardens and the designated smoking area nearest to it was next on the itinerary and it was there I spotted the tail end of Sighting #55, a sexy and wholesome-looking mid-20s Asian gal in a pink tanktop and black shorts.  There are a decent number of Asians in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and every year I score a few great sightings of Asian babes smoking, and this girl was easily the sexiest of the Asian smokers of 2015.  Unfortunately, she was on her final drag as I approached and was exhaling as she tossed the all-white butt into the overflowing community ashtray.  Thankfully, I saw her again in another smoking area about an hour later and this time was able to see her smoke at least half of her cigarette with some nice drags and exhales.  Her cigarette looked like a Marlboro Light from the markings but she again deposited it in the community ashtray denying me an official butt ID.

Considering how much smoking activity took place in that general beer gardens area I made a point of doubling back from the Coliseum a block south of there several times yesterday and revisiting the beer gardens and its adjacent bathroom area only a couple of minutes later.  Doing this yesterday at about 3:45 walked me into my best sighting of the day, although interestingly on the north side of the bathroom rather than the south side where the designated smoking area is.  Two teenage girls in bare midriff tops and shorts were standing out in the open wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  Sightings #57 and #58 were the exact kind of eye candy I’d been crossing my fingers all day to see openly smoking at the fair, and they were perfectly positioned for me to take photos as all I had to do was lean up against the corner of the bathroom and watch from my front-row seat.  One girl was a dark brunette whose hair was up in a bun wearing too-cool-for-school sunglasses, a bare-midriff hot pink tanktop, and very short jean shorts with legs so smooth they looked like they were polished with Lemon Pledge.  The sunglasses in particular made her look older than the 18 I expected she was, but when the sunglasses came off towards the end of the sighting I could tell she was definitely as young as I expected.  But the blond friend upstaged her in the presentation department, and not even by a small amount.  This girl was the embodiment of homecoming queen beauty, her long blond hair flowing onto a white tanktop with a bare midriff with fringes and a pair of blue shorts with white stripes on her bottom and equally perfectly toned legs.  But that face….a fresher young face sucking on the filter of a cigarette I have not seen the entire fair season.  She was a bona fide perfect 10 knockout.  And she was smoking a cigarette right in front of my face, and doing so adorably…..

The girls were pretty solid smokers.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles per se but their drags were well timed with beautiful cloudy exhales…and I got a handful of world-class photos of it.  And they stood where they did for about two minutes before, amazingly, they moved out of the way and stood right next to me, giving me an even better vantage point to see–and smell–their smoking.  The blond was so close I could no longer get a photo of her but I did score a nice close-up of the brunette on the other side of her in mid-drag.  After that it was all about just watching and really enjoying the show.  The brunette was probably a slightly better smoker as her smoke filtered out of her mouth and nose in cloudy blobs that filled the airspace in her general area like pollution from a Beijing smokestack.  It was a close call though because the blond’s drags and exhales were prettier, with her gorgeous face lighting up with pleasure when she ingested her cancerous cigarette smoke and then released the poisonous exhaust in a straight line out of her mouth.  And the best part was how all of the filth from their respiratory systems was inadvertently invading the airspace of the guy hovering a few feet to their north…and that guy would be me.  The stench from these two fumers’ cigarette haze was intense and between the visual and olfactory assault I was absolutely beaming with excitement.  The brunette finished her cigarette first and set into motion the sighting’s most distinctive moment.  She smoked it right down to the filter and began crushing the cigarette onto the corner of the building near where the blond stood.  The blond let out a girlish shriek and then said “your ember burned my toe” as apparently a spark from the cigarette as the brunette crushed it out fell onto the blond’s flip-flop-draped foot.  Clearly the pain wasn’t too intense and the brunette giggled out a half-hearted apology.  The blond clearly wasn’t in enough pain to stop attending to the rest of her cigarette, which had two remaining drags left in it before she dropped it to the pavement and the pair progressed elsewhere into the fairgrounds, never to be seen again yesterday.  I checked out the girls discarded butts and they were the variety of Marlboro Reds that have the “Marlboro” logo written in cursive on the cork filter.  I told myself after this sighting that if nothing good happened the rest of the day, at least I was blessed to walk into this electric moment and see that teenage girls of this nature still smoke in 2015.  Luckily there were more strong points to come yesterday, but none as strong as this, particularly with as logistically perfect as this one was for me to fetish.

Once again, I was pretty lucky to have scored with such a great sighting when I did because the coming hour was gonna be a snoozer.  The best I would see in the next hour was Sighting #60, a dark blond 20-something with a nonsmoking boyfriend sitting down on the south side smoking area and removing a pack of Parliaments from her purse.  I would see two other girls smoking Parliaments yesterday and it surprised me because I know they’re quite expensive in a state where cigarettes are very expensive to begin with.  As always, I was also intrigued that she was a smoker with a nonsmoking boyfriend in an era where that’s supposed to be an endangered arrangement.  I was preparing for a nice light-up and she delivered, enabling me to score a couple of snapshots and then watch her first couple of drags before taking off in pursuit of the next shiny object even though I’d have to wait a long time for the next shiny object to appear.

It would be a slow ascent out of the doldrums even at the 5:00 hour.  The east side of the Coliseum would typically be a sightings gold mine during the afternoon hours of a very hot day like yesterday because it’s shady and there’s a wind tunnel effect that magnifies the breeze.  But yesterday it disappointed with few strong moments.  The closest I would come was Sightings #74 and #75, which consisted of a group of three guys and two girls in their mid-to-late 20s.  As I approached the group, I took note of the most attractive girl, a brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts with braided pigtails, exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke in front of her face…..seconds before kneeling down to the pavement to crush the cigarette that produced that cloud out.  While her less attractive friend was still smoking, I definitely felt like I got robbed with that one.  Adding insult to injury, I saw the same group again about an hour later and everybody was smoking except the hot girl with the braided pigtails.

Modest rewards ensued throughout the 5:00 hour as well but my plan was to be outside the dairy building at 6:00 since that’s when Sophie was on her smoke break the week before.  And right on cue, things started to come alive at the lead-up to 6:00 as I made a final pass by the beer gardens leading up to my planned return to the dairy building, even going so far as to cut through the alleyway behind the beer gardens block to get there faster, but doing so led me to Sighting #87, the best sighting I would score yesterday in the alleyway that’s been a pretty good haven for sightings in recent years. An attractive mid-20s couple was sitting on the cement ledge with a beer and a cigarette each.  The girl was an adorably wholesome ponytailed dark blond in a green T-shirt and short gray shorts puffing away while chatting with the boyfriend.  The problem with this sighting was that it was hard to find any place to observe it and harder yet to manage a photo.  I tried from a few different angles but got lucky once walking past and snapping the shutter just as the cigarette approached her wholesome lips.  I would have enjoyed seeing more than the passing observations I had of her smoking style but given the logistical nightmare watching this sighting would be and my hopeful Sophie reward a few minutes away, I decided to take off.

Only two more blocks to walk from there and I’d be ready for Sophie 10 minutes ahead of schedule if she came out on another smoke break.  But my first homerun sighting in hours and my second favorite sighting of the day had other ideas.  I cut through the walkway outside the DNR building thinking that would be the path of least resistance to Sophie, but instead it led me right into Sighting #89.  I could tell from afar that I had found a sexy female specimen wielding a freshly lit cigarette but each successive footstep confirmed just how amazing of a discovery I had found.  Sitting on a bench was a middle-aged white woman and two young black children who looked about 11 and 8 years old.  But standing in front of the bench was a white teenage brunette who somehow connected to this group wielding a cigarette.  She looked about 17 and while there was a mild air of trashiness about her, she was still positively stunning with her very long dark brown hair stretching all the way down her back past her bare midriff white tanktop and cresting onto her pale blue and very tight jean shorts that framed a splendid crotch and ass.  It was clear when she smiled just how young she was and almost certainly not yet 18, yet somehow she was allowed to smoke a cigarette in front of what I figured was her mother and perhaps the young children she was babysitting or was an adopted older sister to.  As if the deep drag she ingested from the cigarette wasn’t a bad enough example for her to display in front of the children, she followed that first drag I witnessed with a significant lugie spit to the grass pretty much right in front of mom and the children.  I scored a litany of pics on this one, including one of her in mid-lugie!  I moved to their right where an open bench awaited and figured I was in a prime location for more photos, but didn’t take into account that I’d be taking pics into the sun.  While they turned out for the most part, I never nailed the youthfulness of this girl’s face perfectly.

Either way, what a show she continued to put on, cooperating nicely for my needs by being restless and changing positions in front of, behind, and to the side of the others in the group who were able to sit still in spite of her.  Doing so allowed me to witness her smoking from a variety of angles and admire all parts of her stellar young female anatomy on display a few feet in front of me, with that perfect ass in those killer jean shorts being the best of what she had to offer.  Another lugie came up in front of the mother and children again and didn’t appear to even generate a comment as they have apparently come to regularly accept this vulgar display of smoking and spitting from this adorable teenage girl.  The group got up to leave before girlie finished her cigarette, and thankfully they were headed the same way I was en route to Sophie.  There wasn’t much left of her cigarette so I figured she’d dispose of it quickly, but went another block dragging from it.  At one point she affectionately put her arm around the young black boy as she walked, still wielding her cigarette in her other hand.  A final drag followed by another juicy lugie transpired with her arm around this young boy, and having smoked the cigarette down to the filter she tossed it to the curb and pressed on.  Thank goodness for the green ring around Newport butts because that was the only way I was able to get a butt ID.  I had been concerned yesterday would be a one-sighting wonder up to that point after the two snooze-worthy hours that followed it, but I got the burst of adrenaline I needed to keep morale up by now.  And it was 5:57 meaning I still theoretically had time to see Sophie smoking if her break was at the same time as the week before!

Unfortunately, Sophie was nowhere to be found when I got to her smoking area.  I was hoping she had the same break times every shift but I didn’t really figure it worked that way.  I went into the dairy building and she was working her station with a significant crowd in line, so I didn’t figure a smoke break would be happening anytime soon.  I made a point of returning to that smoking area every few minutes just in case but finally had to admit defeat and simply hope I would catch her randomly in normal routine of subsequent walk-bys of her smoking area (spoiler alert:  I wouldn’t).  Around 6:15 I headed back to the grandstand area and an approaching dark blond in sunglasses would become Sighting #91, a mid-20s sexpot in a tiny blue top with far more inches of exposed midriff than she had inches of blouse, with a small pair of jean shorts below, and a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  She walked past the seating area outside the grandstand and quickly stopped in the presence of a middle-aged couple I suspected were here parents, with the father smoking a cigarette as well.  I got a couple of mediocre pics but her positioning was not great sandwiched in between the others.  I watched a few drags and her style was nice but not distinctive.

I abandoned that sighting halfway through and suffice it to say I made the right choice as it was merely the appetizer to the full meal I would get moments later in the designated smoking area about 10 yards away.  I made a quick pass around the area and found nothing of consequence but just before I was about to abort I was in the right place at the right time to see late teen sexpots dressed in what amounted to little more than a bra and panties approaching the smoking area.  One was exotic looking and appeared to be a mix of black and Asian with short black hair, although perhaps she was just black and had some faint Asian features.  But the white friend is who my eyes laser-focused on the second she entered my field of vision, an uber-wholesome brunette girl-next-door look could not have possibly contrasted more with her skimpy sports bra top, microscopic black shorts resembling underwear, and several inches of exposed midriff on full display giving my eyes a sweeter dose of candy than any sugary concoction that a Minnesota State Fair vendor was capable of putting on a stick!  I had less than a second to process this imagery before the white girl nudged the friend on the arm and pointed up to the “designated smoking area” sign with this gleeful look on her face before the two of them stopped in their tracks.  They had found the place they were looking for!  The black girl began rummaging through her bag and soon extracted a pack of Newports, taking one out for herself and one for her even more scantily clad friend.  Sightings #93 and #94 confirmed the staying power of a trend that had already been ongoing yesterday…..that if a young female was walking around the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on September 5, 2015, with inches of her midriff exposed, she was addicted to nicotine and only moments away from feeding that beast.  Sure enough, the black girl lit herself first and then handed the lighter to the white friend.  I got several pics of them, including one of the brunette lighting herself up.  Now it was just a matter of watching the show…..

The girls stood apart from the crowd and were technically not in the designated smoking area, likely eliciting glances from passersby first for what they were wearing with a second look forthcoming upon noticing they were smoking.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles, but of course there doesn’t have to be much in the way of additional stimulation when smoker girls this hot are wearing so little clothing.  The overwhelming majority of my attention was focused on the white girl who was just so darn cute inserting that long cigarette into her mouth and exhaling modest plumes of smoke mostly to her left as she bantered with the black girl.  The drags were nicely timed and the exhales were cloudy enough to impress during the course of the five-minute show, with the black girl smoking slightly faster and finishing her cigarette a minute or so ahead of the white girl.  The black girl crushed out her cigarette beneath her feet rather than walk towards the ashtray that was, unlike them, actually in the smoking area.  After that, the two of them started walking away, with the white girl taking two more drags from her cigarette before dropping it to the pavement and crushing it out as well.  I was 99% sure from the color of the pack that the girls were smoking Newports but I was able to ID the white girl’s discarded butt and confirm it.  I definitely had some early evening momentum going now.

And this momentum carried me to the beer gardens area where yet another girl with an exposed midriff would be smoking, although I got lucky with this one as I spotted this mid-20s blond in a microscopic gray tanktop and medium blue jean shorts rummaging around in her purse in the presence of her boyfriend.  I was close enough to take a peek in passing and spotted a pack of Marlboro Reds Special Blends at the moment I walked past her, quickly reversing course and following in the hopes that she was about to smoke one of them….and she was.  A cigarette came out of the pack and she did an unlit dangle while gravitating towards the sidewalk–away from the crowd but not in the smoking area 10 yards away which she was apparently unaware of–and lighting up in the presence of the laid-back black boyfriend who wasn’t smoking.  Sighting #98 wasn’t as pretty as some of the other bare-midriffed girls who had been stinking up the fairgrounds with cigarette smoke in the last few hours, but there was still a wholesome girl-next-door quality about her that charmed me, particularly with her skimpy attire and the unlikely cigarette she kept dragging on, and I snuck a handful of solid pics of her in various smoking poses.  The girl was standing in front of a display of hammocks while smoking and the boyfriend decided to chill out there, either to relax for a few minutes or to escape her stench….or perhaps both.  Another sighting was going on behind me so I was in the joyous position of being able to shift my head from left to right and enjoy two smoking shows by attractive young gals, but this bare-midriffed blond was definitely the main attraction.  When she finished the cigarette, she crushed it out on the pavement and approached the garbage can as I kind of figured she would, denying me a formal butt ID but I was lucky enough to see her pack in her purse earlier.  I will say this sighting lost a little bit of luster two hours later when I saw the girl and her boyfriend in the beer gardens and were both smoking.  I liked it better when she was the only smoker in the relationship but I suppose I can take some comfort in the fact that she’s a heavier smoker than he is.

Next, I headed down Judson Avenue and the smoking area in front of the dairy building hoping for another shot at Sophie.  She wasn’t there, but sitting on the curb was Sighting #102, a late 20s blond in sunglasses wearing a black tanktop and short jean shorts texting away while smoking her all-white, her bare leg touching pavement due to the shortness of her shorts. I was very impressed with her first two lengthy dangling drags and readied my camera hoping to catch her in the act again.  Unfortunately, her pace slowed down and the dangling drags yielded to traditional drags at that point but the show was still pretty stylistically impressive.  I got some okay photos but she spotted me after a bit and I decided to abort before getting a butt ID, although I could tell it was an all-white and suspected it was a Camel Crush.

Back to the beer gardens about 20 minutes later and not particularly impressed with my numbers heading into the meeting with my parents.  A mixed-gender cluster of friends hovering between the beer gardens and the smoking area was setting off my radar as I approached and while my favorite girl in the group wasn’t smoking, the second hottest was.  Sighting #107 was a ponytailed dark blond with a wholesome face wearing a yellow tanktop and white shorts, intermittently dragging from the cork filter cigarette in her left hand.  She was a solid smoker with nice pacing, drag times, and exhales even if she wasn’t charting any new territory stylistically or storyline-wise, but that wholesome face and the fact that she was the only one smoking in her group kept me interested.  I snapped a couple of pics and thankfully one of them turned out.  With dusk approaching rather quickly, my camera phone is far more likely to blur as was the case in the first pic I took.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out beneath her foot, but unfortunately the group wasn’t going anywhere and I had to meet up with the folks, meaning I wasn’t gonna get a butt ID here.

My mom requested we meet at the information booth at 7:30 rather than the usual 7:00 last night because she wanted to go to this horse show inside the Coliseum that started at 6 and she figured it would last an hour.  I was fine with that as it meant more fetish time in the daylight where my pictures would turn out.  The bad news was I was well below by baseline.  Typically at the 7:00 meet-up time with my parents I’m between 110 and 125 sightings, but tonight it was 7:30 and I was only at 108.  I’ve had remarkable consistency with sightings counts at the Minnesota State Fair over the years and this was the furthest behind I’ve been in the early evening.  I ate some cookies and bantered with the folks for about 10 minutes before heading off on the evening leg of my final night of fairgrounds fetishing in 2015, continuing to plod along behind schedule and finally finding something remotely memorable with Sighting #116 just outside the International Bazaar around 8:00.  A mid-20s light brunette in a black tanktop and jean shorts was hovering near the entrance smoking a cigarette.  She was certainly cute but nothing like the dark brunette hottie I saw in front of the Bazaar the previous week.  This girl was the best thing going at the time though so I watched a few drags and took a photo that turned out decently given that it was after dark by now.  A blond friend came out with drinks and I stuck around hoping she’d light up too as she was hotter than the brunette but nothing doing.  Worse yet, she was blocking my view of the brunette smoker!  After another minute or so I decided to take off, deducing the blond was not likely to light up and I could waste a lot of time waiting.

My instinct was right as about 100 yards up the block between the Leinie Lodge and the food building was a familiar group.  Less than an hour earlier, I cited a group where the hottest blond was not smoking but the second hottest girl in the group (another blond) was.  Well now the tables were turned and the mixed-gender group of about six or seven had only smoker amongst them again, only this time, Sighting #117 was the early-to-mid-20s platinum blond sexpot I was most into the first time I saw the group!  And while the other girl was at least smoking near a designated smoking area earlier, the hot blond of the hour was nowhere near one as she stood in the middle of the street wielding a fairly freshly lit cork filter.  Their positioning made it a struggle for me, especially since they had seen me before and I didn’t want to push my luck, so I ended up watching mostly from behind which wasn’t all bad because I got to admire her epic ass in a pair of pale blue jean shorts that bubbled out gorgeously beneath her white flower-print top.  I also got to see her cloudy exhales from behind which was nice but I would have preferred to see more of her distinctively pretty face as the smoke poured out.  After scoring the best photo I was capable of getting from the rear, I moved around and was able to catch a frontal view of her for a minute or so before she and the group pressed northward, blondie still wielding her cigarette.  She took a couple more drags before dropping the smoldering butt to the pavement without crushing it out, the bright cherry glowing like a beacon as I approached for a butt ID.  I suspect it was a Marlboro Red Special Blend based on the logo but can’t definitively say that with all the Marlboro variations out there these days.  It was very nice to get some deferred gratification on this one after dismissing her as a likely nonsmoker earlier.

After dark, the designated smoking areas tend to thin down as the mostly younger crowd remaining on the grounds doesn’t really bother with them, but the prolific smoking area on the east side of the grandstand that delivered so many times in the past two weeks had one more modest reward for me with Sighting #122, a mother-daughter sighting.  The long-haired, light brunette mid-2os daughter in the tanktop and jean shorts was attractive to be sure, but unfortunately defiled herself with tattoos within the neckline which is a dealbreaker for me.  They sat on a bench just outside the official smoking area and puffed away.  I stayed for a minute or so but the tattoos weren’t working for me and I decided there had to be other, better stuff going on that I should take advantage of in the evening hours.

And I ended up being right as I headed to the beer gardens area and quickly ticked off a decent selection of sightings, but far and away that best sighting from this journey past the beer gardens was Sighting #129, an absolutely adorable and epically wholesome mid-20s long-haired brunette who stood in a mixed-gender cluster of four or five friends and was the only one smoking.  She had the sweetest possible face that exuded a lot of character, and gave out an all-around bubbly vibe while giggling and bantering with friends as she polluted their airspace.  She was decked out in a black tanktop and pale blue jean shorts that showed a lot of smooth leg and outlined her ass and crotch nicely.  Her cigarette appeared to be a Camel Turkish Royal as it seemed to have the blond filter and also seemed slimmer than a traditional cigarette, something I’ve recently noticed about CTRs and giving her an additional air of glamour.  I took three photos and the third one turned out pretty good despite the darkness and I enjoyed watching her puff away, filling the airspace of her nonsmoking friends group with noxious carcinogens that nobody seemed to mind.  I stuck around till she dropped the butt to the ground and wanted to confirm that it was a Camel Turkish Royal, but when the group didn’t leave and began noticing me it was time to split.

I would next make my biggest mistake of the day and spent more than 15 minutes elbowing my way through the crowded but sightingless midway.  Remembering how many sightings I scored on midways in years past makes it all the more depressing to see what wastelands they’ve become in 2015, particularly last night when I got completely skunked.  Yet it’s one of those situations where I feel guilty for not making at least one pass per evening because there’s been so much great stuff to see there in the past, including three great ones just last year.  I emerged from the midway at about 8:50 and the antidote definitely proved to be the beer gardens block once again, in this case, around the corner at the alleyway in front of the port-a-potties where two attractive 21ish couples were sitting all about to spark up cigarettes, the females of the group to become Sightings #134 and #135.  The distributor of the cigarettes was a very attractive mixed-race girl who I wish I had a better vantage point to see as she handed out cigarettes to both guys and the white girl in the group.  The light brunette white girl was attractive too in a black tanktop and dark jeans and lit up her cigarette first, exhaling some pretty impressive carcinogenic clouds into the evening sky.  It would be a full minute later before the mixed race girl got to enjoy the spoils of the tobacco products she’d been sharing with others, the last of the four to light up.  My vantage point was not good at all so I was only able to stick around for a couple of the mixed race girl’s drags and four or five of the white girl’s as the four of them bantered playfully.  Definitely wish I could have stuck around for more of this one.

At the other end of the beer gardens block was another impressive find in Sighting #137, a sighting that was in many ways the mirror image of the #129 hottie except that she was blond.  Another mixed-gender group of four early 20s friends stood together with only one smoker amongst them, this adorable and wholesome curly-haired blond in a black flower-print blouse, a bare midriff, and green shorts that framed her ass nicely.   Once again, she had the face of an angel and did not look at all like a smoker, particularly the only smoker of the group as she was here.  I clicked a single photo where the light was shining in her face and obstructed her best feature even though you can see the rest of her hot body in the pic.  Apparently I told on myself right away here as everybody was looking my direction and the girl moved inside the huddle.  I’m really pushing my luck with this photo-taking and I know it’s gonna instigate an embarrassing (at best) encounter at some point, but I fear that up until it does I will continue to perceive the reward to be greater than the risk.  All I could do after getting busted this time was walk away from this sighting far sooner than I hoped, having only seen a couple of drags.

It was a long and drab final walk down Judson Avenue, checking out the dairy building one last time and find it closed at 9:00, along with any hope of seeing another Sophie sighting.  From there I walked past the haunted house, the International Bazaar, the food building, and the Leinie Lodge music stage, all generating next to no sightings and leaving me considerably behind schedule with only about an hour and 15 minutes of fetish time left.  I didn’t have much hope of sightings walking the east side, at least until I got to the grandstand, but instead walking that route led me to my best sighting of the night.  A trio of 17ish girls was walking towards me, two of whom had freshly lit cigarettes smoldering between their fingers.  Sightings #140 and #141 were about to light up a night that had been a disappointment up to that point.  Two of the girls (and one of the smokers) were either black, Latino, or mixed race, but the girl that made my heart melt the second I laid eyes on her was this dark brunette cutie who was every bit as wholesome and sweet-looking as the brunette from the beer gardens earlier (#129) except about four years younger.  She was decked out in a black tanktop and high-riding white shorts, and as quickly as the three girls were booking it eastward, I had to follow behind to catch this sighting and got a bird’s eye view of her ass in those white shorts.  Ordinarily I prefer shorts that ride lower as the hip-covering waistline has a retro feel that I had hoped would stay stuck in the early 90s, but I must say this girl was really rocking the look.  She had a little junk in the trunk too, something that works on some girls but doesn’t work on others.  For her, it worked as those high-riding white shorts bulged out at her asscheeks and crested just above her smooth thighs in a way that got me all kinds of excited particularly with that cigarette lingering inches away from the shorts in her left hand.  Hard as I tried to pay attention to the friends, I just couldn’t take my eyes away from this girl and wished I had taken some effort to get a photo in even though the logistics would have been challenging to say the least……

So how was her smoking?  Just as her sweet high school girl image would suggest, she was just a baby, taking shallow rookie drags and exhaling adorably small bursts of smoky clouds a few seconds later.  I finally worked my way to her side to get a better look at her face and to study her style and was rewarded with a brief three-second dangle that came out of nowhere and suggested she may have been at least a little more experienced than I suspected, but quickly reverted to her cute rookie smoking performance.  The three girls were cutting through the center of the street and appeared to be heading towards a food stand.  The friend finished off her cigarette and surrendered the butt to the pavement and I feared the sighting was seconds from concluding for the star of the sighting too, and further lamenting that such a great sighting had no real storyline…..but I was wrong.  The three girls arrived at a pizza stand and were placing an order….and my cute little teen brunette was still smoking her cigarette.  A middle-aged male was at the window taking the girls’ orders and was looking straight at my brunette cutie as she took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled in the general direction of his stand, all without batting an eyelash.  In the two minutes or so that the girls were standing there waiting on their orders, the brunette’s beautiful face lit up with a girlish giggle at one juncture right after the guy in the food stand was talking to her, indicating that he may have seized the opportunity to flirt with this smelly little sexpot.  Two more drags ensued with exhales that she made no effort to direct away from the food stand.  She tossed the cigarette to the pavement right in front of the stand and crushed it out, and then a minute or so later they got their pizza and were on their way.  I approached the pizza stand from the side and IDed her discarded butt as a Marlboro Light.  While I’m still kicking myself for not attempting even a dark, blurry photo of this one, it nonetheless gave me the pick-me-up I needed to get through the remaining hour knowing that I had scored that homerun for the night.

I typically dedicate the overwhelming majority of my final hour at the fair to the beer gardens block and the area around the grandstand because that’s where the sightings tend to congregate after 9:00, and last night was no exception.  At the exact same berm just north of the designated smoking area by the beer gardens where I scored my best sighting of evening last weekend, another hottie with a cigarette was sitting next to a nonsmoking boyfriend this Saturday night.  Sighting #148 didn’t have the explosive IT factor or dramatic smoking style of last week’s blond, but she was an extremely attractive mid-20s long-haired brunette in a tanktop and (I believe) jean shorts that were regrettably draped in a sweatshirt tied around her waist, but even without seeing her shorts I was dazzled by her spectacular legs on full display the way she was sitting, and with dim lighting from afar given them a sleek illumination that made the image hard to forget.  I tried to get a pic but it was too dark to appreciate, even though you can still see how nice her legs are.  The boyfriend sat to her right sans a cigarette while the girl puffed away and filled their mutual airspace with exhaust as I observed, having to restrain myself from reaching out and caressing those legs myself, something I doubt the boyfriend would have appreciated.  I like Camel Crush Bolds because they’re so easy to identify even from a distance with that bright blue ring around the filter, and I was sitting right next to her and easily recognized its markings as she took her final three or four drags from it and crushed it out on the pavement.

Time was slipping away as the 10:00 hour approached but I wanted to make one more half loop to the south side and the International Bazaar before the end of the night, and doing so walked into a trigger-tripping sighting that was unfortunately all too brief.  As I walked past the long-ago closed dairy building, I spotted what looked like a bachelorette party with a dozen or so early-to-mid 20s gals, one of whom was wearing a veil indicating she would soon be a bride.  None were smoking on my first pass but I made a mental note of them, walking to the Bazaar and coming up largely empty before turning around and heading back to where the wedding party emerged.  Now the young ladies were in motion, en route to the southeast gate to exit, and none of them were smoking.  Just as I was about to concede defeat, I saw a trio of laggards at the back of the pack, all wielding freshly lit cigarettes to become Sightings #154, #155, and #156.  All three were attractive but the girls on the left and right side were knockouts, wholesome honeys in short shorts who did not look like smokers.  Unfortunately, they were all making a bee line to the exits so I knew this sighting would only last as long as the 25-yard walk to the gate.  I walked to their side and got in on some vintage bubbleheaded girl talk that fit the ladies’ image far more than did their cigarettes.  Two of the three got drags in during this brief walk and the image of the three of them with glowing red cigarettes approaching this exit was very powerful, and even more so because there was a fairgrounds cop standing at the gate and these gals were bantering with typical girl talk while obliviously approaching the gate with cigarettes illegally in hand, ultimately walking right past the cop with their contraband tobacco paraphernalia.  Luckily for them, the cop didn’t say a word as they exited the fairgrounds behind the rest of their group with their cigarettes.  Unluckily for me, he didn’t detain these hotties in the fairgrounds so I could get a full sighting from them because two of the three were some of the prettiest faces I’d seen all night.

I was down to my last 20 minutes or so and was making a final pass by the outside gates of the grandstand, where I was rewarded with one of my most intimate, one-on-one sightings in years.  Sitting completely by herself on an isolated bench was this gorgeous dark brunette who had an order of fried pickles to her left side and a freshly lit cigarette in her right hand.  The bench was fairly wide so I was able to sit on the other side of it without invading her space and did so, giving myself a front-row seat to Sighting #161, a beautiful girl who would turn out to be a fantastic smoker.  She was a tanned, mid-20s brunette with long dark brown hair wearing a very low-cut white blouse and this stunning pair of gold shorts with a lacy pattern that looked more like a cargo net than an article of clothing. Her seating position was in a spot with just the perfect lighting to help me pull off a duo of outstanding photos, one of her in mid-drag.   I had originally hoped for a smoking while eating sighting as there were plenty of fried pickles left in the bucket next to her, but apparently she decided the time for eating was over and the time for smoking couldn’t be delayed any longer.  Judging from her fantastic drags, that cigarette was really hitting the spot as the pacing was perfect, with solid five-second draws and just the right level of cloud cover from her ensuing exhales spilling from both mouth and nose.  She may have sensed out of the corner of her eye that I was watching but I was doing a good job of pretending I was too distracted by the music from the Avett Brothers who were still performing in the grandstand…..

We were fairly isolated the entire time and I felt as if I was being treated to the smoking fetish equivalent of a back room lap dance as she smoked, but a couple of young black guys who worked for the fair in some capacity broke the isolation by walking past, and one of the guys looked my smoker babe over and uttered a soft-spoken “daaamn!” observing her elegance and beauty, and just maybe how hot she looked with a cigarette too.  I was more than happy to share my own private smoker girl with these guys for a moment so long as they kept walking as they did.  A couple more drags ensued before she crushed the cigarette out on the edge of the bench and dropped it to the pavement.  I had expected the girl was sitting there waiting for a boyfriend to come back with beer or something.  Certainly she was too good to be at the fair by herself and her clothing definitely made clear she was not there working, so imagine my surprise when she stood up with the half-full container of fried pickles, tossed it in the trash, and walked away, ironically leaving her cigarette on the ground even as she threw the leftover food in the garbage.  It would have been intriguing to follow her a bit to see if she was eventually meeting with someone but every indication was that she was not.  Getting a butt ID on her discarded cork filter was more important to me though, which I verified as a Marlboro Menthol moments after her departure.

With about 10 minutes left on the night it seemed likely that would be my final extra base hit of the 2015 fair season, but believe it or not there would be one more on my final pass by the beer gardens.  I came across an attractive young couple in their early-to-mid 20s and quickly spotted the guy had a cigarette in hand, but then noticed his very attractive blond girlfriend, who looked like a mid-80s Laura Dern decked out in a summery black flower print dress, had an unlit cigarette between her fingers.  While I could already count her as Sighting #163, I wanted it to become official and see her light up the cigarette but was concerned she might drag her feet so long that my departure time would come sooner than her light-up.  The bad news is that it did…but the good news is that she still smoked.  She clearly was a little inebriated at this point in the evening and as she walked with the boyfriend, she held her hand out his direction which I assumed was her request for his lighter, but she really wanted his cigarette.  Ah, so she was gonna use his cigarette to light her own, I thought as she claimed possession of the cigarette.  Nope….she just took a drag from his cigarette while holding her own unlit one in her left hand.  She handed the cigarette back to the boyfriend, but 10 seconds later stretched out her hand again greedily requesting another drag from his while continuing to squirrel her own cigarette away for later.  It made me wonder if the guy got to smoke any of his own cigarette or if his hot little girlfriend stole the whole thing.  With just a couple of minutes until I had to meet my parents, it was time for me to go, unfortunately denying me the ending of a storyline sighting that could have cracked my year-end greatest hits list.  The lighting was again conducive to a final pic that turned out surprisingly well, and from there I set off to meet the family on extremely sore feet, scoring one final and unmemorable sighting on the way.

Without question, Day 1 at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair exceeded Day 2 which sometimes happens but never before in my six years of going to the MNSF two full days have I gotten lower overall numbers on Labor Day weekend than the previous weekend.  I originally justified it on the grounds that the crowd seemed smaller, and I had a friend who was also at the fair yesterday through 4-H who also thought this Saturday’s crowd seemed smaller than last week’s, but we were both wrong as there were actually 23,000 more people at the fair yesterday according to attendance numbers!  It didn’t really add up but whatever the case the demographics and weather were not as favorable.  I’ll know in a year if last night’s 164 sightings on a busy Saturday is the new normal.  If it is, that wouldn’t be the end of world but is definitely going the wrong direction.

Overall though, the Minnesota State Fair was rock solid again for 2015 in terms of quality, delivering a stable variety of extra-base hits and a handful of genuine classics amongst the 347 total sightings this year.  Combined, my fairs produced 736 sightings in 2015, down from 790 last year even though that isn’t a direct apples-to-apples comparison having substituted a full day at the Iowa State Fair last summer with a day at the less traveled Missouri State Fair this summer.  I’m satisfied with this year’s haul even though I don’t think it was as strong as most recent years, but I should nonetheless have no problem cranking out a top-25 list full of worthy contenders.  My peak years were 2010 and 2011 but the smoking culture has changed since then, and I’m mentally prepared for the likelihood of diminishing returns in the years ahead.  However, if it occurs in as slow of motion as I’ve seen in the past few years, I should still have several good years of fetishing left.  I hope so anyway.  For now, I’m riding high on the vapors of the fair fetish season that just ended, but am about to crash-land into the wasteland of September where the good times come to a very abrupt end.  The good news about growing older though is that time moves much more quickly, so there will be another fetish season right around the corner.






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