2015 Iowa State Fair, Day 2

As always, I took a midweek afternoon second junket to the Iowa State Fair last evening, although for the first time it occurred on a Thursday evening rather than the typical Wednesday evening.  Why the change?  November weather in August!  On Tuesday, it rained pretty much all day and all night with a wave of cold and windy air moving in the following day.  The contemporary country duo Dan and Shay was performing on the free stage Wednesday night and I figured that would bring in a favorable demographic of sexy country girls, so I really wanted to go that night, but the cold weather misery would have been a nightmare.  I had already taken Thursday off work in anticipation of going to the fair afterwards, but instead just bumped the timeline.  Now typically, I go to the fair on Wednesdays after 5 p.m. and get in at half price and had the intention to do the same thing on Thursday night this year, but I got restless mid-Thursday afternoon and made the decision to go in there earlier even if I had to pay full price to get in.  The weather was just too nice and the fair comes around too rarely.  I ended up arriving at the grounds at 3:30, giving me an hour and a half more fetish time than usual.  With nothing but blue skies and girls dressed in their summer best for the next 8 1/2 hours, I was a very happy man walking into those fairgrounds.

The evening itself was a bit of a surprise.  The country group Alabama was the main grandstand act and going in I didn’t think they’d draw in anybody under 35, but they drew in a surprisingly large crowd and the concert went long, meaning the grounds weren’t as hollowed out after 11:00 as they usually are on weeknights.  The fairgrounds was pretty heavily populated in general and I scored an impressive 89 sightings, my second best haul ever for a half-day junket.  Now I did cheat with an hour and a half extra fetish time than usual which produced 10 sightings, but even so my smoker girl head count easily exceeded the 61 and 68 sightings of the previous two midweek trips.  Qualitywise, I scored one top-shelf sighting during the daytime hours but otherwise was a little frustrated by the lack of genuinely impressive finds.  That changed in the final half hour when the ISF girls came through in the clutch with a couple more stunners, including a returning favorite from Day 1 who finally showed me what she was made of with a great storyline sighting.  Anyway, on with the show…..

I had been to the grounds less than a half hour when my first girl of consequence emerged on the scene on the block just north of the east side beer gardens.  Two couples were heading north as I was walking south but one girl of the group of four is who compelled me to reverse course.  Sighting #4 was a really cute nerd, a long-haired brunette with glasses who I figured was 21, give or take a year, wearing a gray T-shirt and this epic pair of black leggings showing off every luscious curve of her perfect body.  If only I had my camera ready when I first saw them and was able to get a shot of her walking in those leggings. She and the guy I figured was her boyfriend were walking with unlit cigarettes protruding from their fingers while an older couple walking with them were cigarette-free.  They all gathered on a bench and as luck would have it, I was able to sit on the bench just to their right.  Positioning wasn’t perfect because the boyfriend sat closest to me, but my nerdy smoker girl cooperated by leaning forward and allowing me to get some solid photos of her smoking.  I wish I had gotten the light-up pic though as she and the boyfriend both placed different brands in their mouths (his was cork filter while hers was all-white) and they fired up at about the same time, their respective respiratory systems inhaling smoke at the exact moment.  After that though, I was luckily able to watch undetected from the side and spot my sweet little brunette taking lengthy pulls from her cigarette and exhaling nice straight-ahead cones after her drags.  It was a solid show, and I noticed the boyfriend had a beer while the girl didn’t, which doesn’t prove anything but makes me suspect she was probably just under 21.  She crushed the all-white out and left it below the bench when finished.  I hoped they’d leave because I wanted a pic of her in those leggings but they hung around.  I ended up leaving but when I returned I found their now-vacant bench and identified her discarded all-white butt as a Camel Crush.  I’d see the group again sitting on a bench outside The Depot bar (again him drinking and her not).  I tried to get a shot of her ass in those leggings as she sat but it didn’t turn out.  Definitely amongst my top-5 sightings of the day.

My next sighting came on the outskirts of yet another fairgrounds bar, this time one of the bars on the concourse just outside the midway.  As I was walking by I saw a cloud of smoke arise from a nicely-dressed blond and moved her direction.  Sighting #5 had a great presentation, her blond hair flowing past her shoulders onto a white flower-print blouse with dark jeans below, with some badass sunglasses covering her eyes.  It was tough to get a handle on her age because of the sunglasses but she had a weathered smoker girl look about her that was quite sexy.  I’d guess she was about 32 but it was a tough call.  She was distracted talking on her phone allowing me to take a decent pic.  Her smoking was beautiful, skillfully juggling the phone and the cigarette and going in for very nice drags with gigantic, high-volume exhales to follow.  I saw about five drags before she dropped the cigarette and returned to the bar.  Her cigarette was a Marlboro Light.  About an hour later, I’d see the same blond standing alone once again in almost the same spot smoking yet another Marlboro Light, and doing so just as adorably as she did before.

One of my stranger sightings of the day context-wise came next at the edge of the midway.  A pair of 20-somethings were sitting in the shade smoking, and I figured it was boyfriend and girlfriend.  The Sighting #6 girl was impressive, a mid-20s brunette with big light brown hair, sunglasses, a navy blue tanktop, and light blue jean shorts with smooth legs extending from them.  I got a couple of pics from different angles and watched a modestly impressive smoking show transpire.  The weird part was the person with her, who I first anticipated was a very wimpy guy in a ball cap, blue T-shirt, and jeans, but as I got a closer look I noticed it was not a guy at all but a very butch girl.  Presumably she was the “guy” in the lesbian relationship while the sexy brunette was the “girl”.  Whatever works for them I guess!  I’d see the same two on the south side of the grounds a couple of hours later, both taking out another round of cigarettes to smoke again.

I progressed into the midway soon after the last sighting and would score again in a big way only moments later.  A duo of 18ish blonds was coming from the other direction, and the hotter of the two girls had a cork filter cigarette in hand.  The presentation of my Sighting #8 blond was what most dazzled, her long blond hair flowing down her back onto a hot pink tanktop with a leopard-print midsection flowing into a pair of black leggings that framed her killer lower body amazingly.  The face wasn’t unattractive but it didn’t match the sizzle of the presentation as she had some acne issues, but she was still pretty cute and quite a bit better than the nonsmoking blond friend.  She paraded through that midway with cigarette in hand unapologetically, strutting past carnies and dozens of other fairgoers taking drags from her cigarette with no inhibition.  I followed mostly from behind getting some great photos of a cigarette held in stinky fingers right next to this hot body, but she was walking so fast that it was hard to position myself for a frontal photo.  I eventually pulled off an okay side photo.  There was no definitive “style” to speak of but it sure was nice seeing a girl this age repeatedly exhaling smoke from her mouth in front of everybody.  She and the friend marched out of the midway and towards the south side where I continued to follow, hoping for the butt ID.  Unfortunately she was a considerate smoker who crushed out her cigarette against a tree and then found a garbage can to toss the butt into, denying me the butt ID.  Even so, the most impressive “butt” in this sighting belonged to the girl herself in those leggings, and I got it captured on camera!

The 5:00 hour arrived and I had 10 sightings already by the point I would normally just be entering the gates.  As the hour progressed my next memorable sighting frustrated throughout but did at least produce something noteworthy after a 10-minute investment.  I was in front of the horse building on the fairgrounds’ southwest side when this complete loser of an 18-year-old guy sat against the wall smoking.  In his company were two very cute 17-18ish girls in T-shirts and tight leggings.  They were both listening to this dopey smoker guy whose brain was already very clearly fried beyond repair but after several minutes waiting to see if either of the girls would smoke and neither doing so, I walked to the nearby Bud Light stage to see if anything was going on there, keeping that trio in front of the horse building in mind and deciding to double back and make one more pass after leaving the Bud Light stage area.  Hallelujah!  One of the two girls in leggings now had a smoldering cigarette between her fingers and becoming Sighting #15.  Now the smoker girl was the light brunette in the neon yellow T-shirt and not the girl I slightly preferred, the dark blond in the tie-dye T-shirt who never smoked, but I was still thrilled to see an 18ish girl with such a great leggings-draped body smoking.  I got a couple of pics from the bench, including one of her in mid-drag and was settling in to enjoy a nice show.  But that didn’t happen as that idiot guy once again stole my thunder, requesting the girl’s cigarette and never giving it back.  The blond said “Geez you smoke a lot” to the guy as the other girl handed him the cigarette when the guy responded in his annoying voice “Dude, I gotta. I ain’t got no weed!”   Suffice it to say this guy qualifies as the goat of the 2015 Iowa State Fair, and we can expect far more like him when the time comes that marijuana is legalized and even more normalized than today.

The bathroom area at the edge of the midway comes through quite a bit and delivered again last night with two slightly chubby but still attractive 21ish girls leaning against the edge of the grandstand.  They were both wearing identical white T-shirts with the word “Lite” written on them and very similar medium blue jeans.  At first I figured only the Sighting #19 ponytailed blond was smoking as I saw her light-up and was smoking again after I briefly drifted away from this sighting in pursuit of something else and returned a couple of minutes later.  But apparently the other girl got in on the action too as with a few drags left on the cigarette, the blond passed the cigarette to the Sighting #20 brunette, who was a little prettier but also a little bit chubbier.  The brunette put the cigarette to rest and then the two of them turned around and headed towards the grandstand gate.  I figured there was some significance to their identical white T-shirts and it became clear when they had their backs to me and I saw the words “Grandstand Staff” on the back.  Love the idea of stinky grandstand workers desperately waiting to run outside and light up as many chances at they get.

The next sighting came in the south side seating area, an area that has delivered in spades in the past but was pretty ho-hum this year.  In fact, Sighting #21 last night may have been its shining moment in 2015 as I approached a mid-20s brunette in a plaid shirt and black leggings wielding a half-smoked cigarette in her right hand.  Seconds after my arrival came a guy I figured was her husband along with a young daughter who were both drenched.  The south side seating area has a fountain spring where little kids cool off on warm days and apparently dad got in on this while mom sat back and smoked.  She was only modestly attractive but I still found it a hot context for a sighting, and mom finished her cigarette in front of dad and daughter, directing her exhales to the right while the father and daughter excitedly talked about the fountain fun.

Overall the crowd wasn’t as young as I’d prefer at the fair last night but there were still plenty of sexy young hotties in slutty outfits to be found, and a trio of 19ish babes in bare-midriff tanktops and short shorts I had taken note of earlier were front and center in the next sighting.  Another goofy late teen guy was smoking a cigarette in their presence on the concourse and I hovered in case one of three sexpot girls in his presence would follow suit.  After only two drags from the guy, the cigarette was indeed passed to one of the girls.  My Sighting #25 was a long-haired redhead with a silly-looking sideways baseball cap in a tie-dye bare midriff top with fringes hanging over her bare belly and a pair of jean shorts with cowgirl boots below.  She was a hot smoker who didn’t seem to mind that she was exhaling her smoke right into the middle of the huddle of her friends.  Now I was greedy here as there was a brunette friend in the huddle who was even hotter, with a perfect bare midriff and green shorts.  She ultimately wouldn’t smoke but I still got a sweet show from the redhead who smoked very nicely and finished off the cigarette without giving it back to the guy, at one point even asking him if he wanted it back but with the guy saying no.  I got a few pics, including one of her in mid-drag, although there were shadow issues so close to sunset.  She smoked it nearly to the filter and treated me to about 10 solid drags with cloudy exhales.  After she finished the cigarette, she crushed it out beneath her boot and drifted off with the friends.  The discarded cigarette was an L & M, not one of my favorites but any kind of cigarette smoked by a girl like this meets with my approval.  I’d get another cameo from this cutie at night’s end.

They removed some seating in the center of the fairgrounds where the concourse and south side street convene.  It didn’t cramp my style too much over this year’s ISF and probably worked to my advantage with a cluster of gals of various ages who I assumed were related in some capacity stood in the area where the seating used to be acting very much like tobacco was about to be consumed.  Little did I know it would become my sighting of the night.  One gal pretty much dominated this cluster in terms of beauty, a very thin mid-20s dark brunette with sunglasses in a lacy white dress with cowgirl boots who exuded sex appeal and looked very much like a smoker.  Besides her, there was a chubbier but still attractive brunette who looked about the same age as well as a couple of older women, one of whom looked like she was in her 50s and the other who looked like she was in her 60s.  My brunette beauty in the white dress started fishing around in her purse and I positioned myself with my fingers crossed that my instinct was right….and sure enough out came a pack of Marlboro Lights, of which she extracted one for herself and passed another on to the chubbier friend.  When they lit up, they became Sightings #28 and #29.  It turns out all four women smoked but I only really paid attention to one of them, and did she ever have a lot to show me.  The girl loved to dangle and loved to dangle-drag even more, always with her cigarette perched in the dead center of her mouth.  I got a couple of pictures of her in mid-dangle but there was something very specific and adorable she did three times on this cigarette.  She placed that beautiful all-white cigarette in her mouth, let go, and then started playing with her hair as if bunching it in a ponytail.  It must have been a nervous tick of hers and it couldn’t have possibly been cuter as her cheeks sucked in to absorb the cancerous smoke into her black lungs.  And as luck would have it, I got a photo of her doing this routine–dangle dragging while playing with her hair. Her exhales were nice too once she got around to removing the cigarette from her mouth sometimes turning her head to the left to release a tight missile of smoke from her mouth and noise which progressed straight forward.  She was a truly skillful smoker with the most intriguing technique I’ve seen all fair season.  The fact that she was so hot, was likely smoking in the presence of her mother and sister, and wearing this highly feminine white dress made the show all the more delicious.  I watched every wonderful moment of her smoking, with dangling drags of some variation on almost every drag, before she became the first of the four women to retire her cigarette, dropping it to the street and crushing it out with the boot.  I knew it was a Marlboro Light but when the other women finished smoking and walked away, I proceeded to the discarded butt to make sure and confirmed it.  This would likely have been my favorite of the night even if it had been the only time I saw her smoke…but it wasn’t.  To be continued….

The east side beer gardens has been THE prime spot for Iowa State Fair sightings this year and last and came through again for me last night, although Sightings #33 and #34 got off to a frustrating start.  I approached two early 20s couples where three of the four participants had cigarettes in hand as I arrived.  Both girls were sexy summer blonds in tanktops and jean shorts and one of them had a cigarette…..that she was crushing out the second I approached.  The other girl, who I favored a bit more, did not have a cigarette but her boyfriend did.  He handed her the cigarette and she took a final drag before stomping it out.  I was able to see that both of their cigarettes were Marlboro Lights just in time for them to walk back into the open-air beer gardens.  I had seen enough to verify that they were my aforementioned Sightings #33 and #34 but I wanted so much more from them as I walked away.  It would take a couple of hours but I would get my deferred gratification as both couples were walking outside again and I arrived in time to see both girls firing up their all-whites.  I stood closeby and eyeballed them, particularly my favorite of the two in her white tanktop and pale blue jean shorts who I happened to have the best vantage point of anyway.  The first drag I saw from her was weak with a shallow exhale which disappointed me, but as she continued with the cigarette her drags got deeper and her exhales got cloudier.  She made eyes with me at point and smiled so I knew I couldn’t hover forever or I’d get busted with her boyfriend right there, but I stuck around for one more drag which she hit out of the park, and then proceeded to fire a juicy lugie over a fence surrounding a plant.  It was a very unlikely display from this very feminine cutie, who I was pleased to get a second show from after the early evening appetizer.

Considering that their heyday was three decades ago and they haven’t had any hits at all in 15 years, I was surprised with the size of the crowd that Alabama was bringing in, and while there weren’t many teens among them, there were a good number of attractive 20 and 3o-somethings.  One of the best sightings I got before the show was Sighting #36, this beautiful  blond with shoulder-length hair flowing onto a maroon tanktop with very tight-fitting jeans and boots below.  She was a knockout and looked like she was probably late 20s.  She was smoking with a boyfriend who looked quite a bit older, at least 40.  It’s possible she was older than she looked and he was younger, but however old she was she was hot as hell and smoked wonderfully, taking nice long drags and releasing solid exhales.  It was approaching dusk and my photo-taking window was fast closing.  I got one pretty decent pic of her mid-exhale but my other two are a little blurry.  I had a pretty good bench allowing me to observe her smoke almost the entire cigarette.  Adorably, the husband crushed out the cigarette and held onto it, preparing to throw it into the nearest garbage can.  But blondie?  She dropped hers to the pavement a minute or so later and crushed it out before walking away.  I love it when the girl is more obnoxious than the guy.  I walked up and IDed the butt as a Camel Menthol.

Suffice it to say that wasn’t the only sighting facilitated by the Alabama concert, both before and after.  The show seemed late to start and about a half hour after the previous sighting there remained a substantial line to get into the grandstand show, with some smokers hovering around getting their final nicotine fix.  Included in this group was none other than the female foursome that was the high point of my night so far.  Despite the country girl wardrobe of the younger women in the group, it hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be attending the Alabama concert but it certainly seemed now as though they were….at least after another cigarette.  Once again, the star of the show was the long-haired dark brunette in the white dress, whose technique hadn’t changed from an hour earlier.  I was not in a position to observe them from upclose this time, particularly since I had already been right up in their grills watching an hour earlier, but the crowd was such that I was able to do a circular motion around them from afar and take in some of that brunette’s great technique.  Again, most of her drags occurred mid-dangle, the best of which came when she was playing with her hair and forming a brief makeshift ponytail between her fingers, only now with the after-dark context of the cherry of her cigarette glowing a bright red as she dangle-dragged.  She smoked at a very nice pace which worked for my timeline as I was able to see about six of those drags before deciding I should press on and not push my luck.  But you never know, there might just be another sighting from this girl yet to come.

I made another run in the midway after this, my first after sunset and scored a major winner in Sighting #43.  An older couple stood with a younger couple and a child chatting in between midway games, and only one person in the group was a smoker.  Amazingly, it was the attractive and incredibly wholesome-looking late 20s ponytailed blond in a white tanktop and a long blue skirt.  How on Earth did this girl ever become a smoker, I thought to myself, readying my phone thinking that the midway lights might create just enough brightness to help me pull off a couple of photos.  They’re blurry but they turned out decently.  Then it was just a matter of admiring her smoking performance, which was stunning in itself.  I’ve long enjoyed the sight of a pretty girl turning her head skyward to release an exhale, but this girl turned her head skyward even to take her drags.  I may have seen this once or twice before, but it’s rare, and the pleasured look on her face as she tilted her head up and sucked in poisons from that cigarette and then exhaled her smoke in the same direction seconds later, was one of the enduring images of August 20, 2015.  Even more fascinating was that this dynamic was playing out amidst casual midway conservation with the equally wholesome guy I assumed to be her husband along with the older couple I suspected were either her parents or his.  I only got to see three drags before the cigarette was finished and she crushed it out on the pavement with her shoes.  The two parties then drifted and the young boy who looked about six, and who I hadn’t even really taken note of up to that point, was walking with the blond I assumed was his smelly mom and his dad to explore additional carnival games.  It was another extra base hit on a night that seemed to be gathering momentum at this point.

The momentum was stop and go but I regained it around 9:20 when the evening free stage concerts started to disperse.  I was at 50 sightings on the night when I arrived on the east side when the two main free stage concerts were letting out and picked up several right off the bat.  Unfortunately, the two best sightings from the crowd vacating the stage shows occurred at the exact same time.  I had forgotten about the stage way up the east side hill until I saw a mass of humanity descending the hill when it ended.  I walked over there right in time to see Sighting #55, a cute 21ish curly-haired brunette in a plaid shirt and black leggings with cigarette in hand.  But right as I was gonna follow her, I noticed Sighting #56 standing still as #55 walked past her.  It was a complete draw which one to go with, but since #56, a long-haired dark blond in a green top and tight jeans and a great ass inside of them who also looked early 20s, was standing there and thus easier to observe while also eyeballing all the other concertgoers descending the hill by the hundreds, I stayed put to watch #56.  And it was a decent if unspectacular show as the girl, one of two smokers (the other one was male) in a group of four standing there chatting was pretty good at what she did, even if it wasn’t the kind of performance that will be remembered years from now.  The group starting moving towards the end of her cigarette and I followed, hoping for a butt ID.  But after he final drag, she stopped at a garbage can, crushed the cigarette out, and tossed it inside, denying me the butt ID.  Should I have stuck with the original girl (Sighting #55) I thought to myself?  It turned out that at least in this case I could have it both ways as I would see #55 again about an hour and a half later!

Next to impress was a duo of early 20s gals in front of the beer gardens off the concourse in the center of the fairgrounds.  I spotted from afar this tiny redhead wielding a cigarette who from a distance looked like she was about 11 but upclose it was clear she was just a petite 21-ish girl wearing a black summer dress.  She was in the company of a light brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts who wasn’t as pretty but was still cute and had a nice girl-of-summer presentation.  Sightings #62 and #63 were towards the end of their respective cigarettes hovering on the sidewalk but I did get to see one solid drag and impressive cloudy exhale from the little redhead.  I didn’t even see what became of their cigarettes, largely because of the heavy foot traffic, but the sample left me wanting for more…..and I would get more less than 10 minutes later when I spotted the same duo sitting on a bench on the south side of the grounds.  The redhead already had another cigarette going when I arrived but the light brunette in the jean shorts was just lighting up another.  After that, the redhead just sat there, looking a little bit drunk as she dragged impressively on her cigarette, exhaling the same voluminous waves of smoke that I saw 10 minutes earlier with every drag, and sitting in a spot lit well enough that I was able to observe them and still appreciate the magnitude of smoke spilling out of her facial orifices.  Meanwhile the light brunette was getting in line at nearby vendor stand, placing an order while holding her cigarette to her right.  She took a drag and exhaled to her left so I doubt any of her exhale filtered inside the stand but as the guy handed her the beverage she grabbed it with her cigarette hand so it certainly didn’t escape his notice that girly was an addicted cigarette smoker.  She returned to the bench and the girls shared a soft drink of some sort while continuing to smoke their cigarettes.  The redhead obviously finished hers off first but when it became apparent that they weren’t going anywhere I took off, wishing I could ID their cigarette butts but ultimately deciding that taking advantage of this crowd while it was still pretty large was more important in the final two hours of the night.

Even though I was hitting extra-base hits on a decently regular basis last night, there were still plenty of very forgettable barely qualifiers that were part of the evening’s haul, a little more than usual even.  But I found something special leaving the east side beer gardens area around 10:30 when I spotted a boyfriend and girlfriend walking westward.  The boyfriend was already smoking and the girl was placing an unlit all white into her mouth.  Sighting #71 seemed as wholesome as could be from afar, about 25 years old with shoulder length light brown hair cresting on a white tanktop with black shorts below the waist.  She was another girl who didn’t seem at all like someone who would smoke and it gave me that much more of a thrill when she approached the lighter towards the dangling cigarette between her lips and fired up.  From there, there were a few moments of frustration and disappointment as I followed them for blocks and blocks west of the concourse with the girl taking only a couple of drags over the course of like five minutes.  She was one of the slowest smokers I’d ever seen….at least until she wasn’t anymore.  The Alabama concert just ended and as is the ritual, the second a concert ends, the State Fair fireworks erupted into the evening sky.  The dynamic of the sighting changed as the loving couple stopped in their tracks in the middle of the concourse and turned to watch the fireworks and girly became far more active in attacking that cigarette in her hand.  It was convenient for me as I now had a still vantage point to watch them watching the fireworks from pretty closeby.  Her technique was pretty nice too, and the boyfriend had long ago finished off his cigarette so the only smoke coming from this couple at this point was coming from the girl who dragged admiringly from the cigarette while watching the fireworks, ultimately leaning back into the arms of the boyfriend having found a comfortable spot and apparently a romantic vibe emerged.  At one point she lifted her non-cigarette hand up and began to stroke his beard from behind with her nicotine-stained fingers.  As soon as the fireworks ended, she took her final drag from the cigarette that was lit some 10 minutes earlier and crushed it out before the couple walked away.  The cigarette was a Marlboro Nxt.

The fireworks represented the Alabama concert ending and for me that marked a wave of people exiting the grandstand, including a flurry of nicotine-addicted females desperate for their next fix.  There were no shortage of them among the large crowd that just departed the grandstand.  One of the best was Sighting #77, a cute early 20s blond in a black dress and cowgirl boots who was smoking with her boyfriend in the presence of a nonsmoking couple.  The first exhale I saw from her sailed directly into the face of the nonsmoking female friend.  She was more careful with the subsequent exhales, however, as the four of them stood there lightheartedly talking directing them skyward and creating a hazy, toxic mess at a higher altitude than the original exhale in the friend’s face.  She really seemed to be enjoying the hell out of that cigarette as one would imagine given that she was at the smoke-free concert for nearly two hours, and the pleasure on her face was obvious right up to the final drag and skyward exhale, where she dropped the butt to the grass.

Sightings were fast and furious in this period with so many people leaving the grandstand and I figured the bathroom area outside the grandstand would probably produce some sightings too.  And it was there I saw Sighting #80, a family of mostly middle-aged people with one exception….an early 20s light brunette cowgirl in jean shorts with a wholesome face who nonetheless joined in with the rest of the family for a postconcert cigarette.  Unfortunately I arrived late to the show and only caught two drags before the cigarette was expired.

But then again maybe not so unfortunate.  As the grandstand was emptying out there was one smoker girl in particular who I knew attended that Alabama concert that I was most interested in seeing again.  And as I turned the corner around the grandstand, there she was with the rest of her all-female group….the slender dark brunette in the tight white dress with the affinity for dangling drags.  And it should come as a surprise to nobody that she was smoking again with the rest of them.  Again though, 100% of my attention was laser-focused on her as I stood to their left undetected and watched her smoke her entire cigarette, this time appearing to up her pace from the previous two outings as I’m sure her blackened lungs were particularly starved for nicotine after the long concert.  And while her pace picked up, her style didn’t change.  Long six-second dangling drags were still the rule rather than the exception, with dangling drags as she played with her hair coming two more times.  I’m not sure if it was a lighting issue this time or not but I wasn’t able to see her exhales very well, save for one.  Perhaps it was less about lack of lighting preventing me from seeing the smoke exiting her mouth and more about the fact that her lungs weren’t letting any of the smoke out of them after two hours of cruel deprivation.  Either way, she finished her cigarette long before the others in her group and I noticed her beginning to walk away from the spot, clearly without a cigarette in her hand anymore, while nudging the other females to move it along and follow her even though they were all still smoking.  I watched them walk away for the final time last night and confirmed again that she was without a cigarette.  So where did it go?  I walked around in the area where she stood and a glowing beacon of burning red tobacco lay on the grass, the smoldering remains of a Marlboro Light that she had disposed of seconds earlier.  If there was any doubt that she was my best girl of the night, that doubt was no longer in dispute.  Interestingly, however, the remaining 45 minutes of the night would produce some worthy contenders to keep her from single-handedly running away with the evening.

And that next sparkling moment came within the next 10 minutes, and curiously I can’t assign serial numbers to either of the two girls who were the stars of the sighting….because I already have!  I was walking in front of the beer gardens in the center of the grounds once again and spotted a face that was instantly familiar right before spotting another face that was familiar.  But it was the first of the two girls who intrigued me most.  My Sighting #86 from night one at the ISF was a beautiful 21ish blond with a dramatic face that just beamed sunshine and good energy.  On two occasions an hour apart I saw her smoking, but only got in on the tail end of both of her shows.  But tonight my luck was different as she was back, this time decked out in a short black dress and looking even more sugary sweet and wholesome, and extracting a fresh all-white cigarette from an as-yet undefined pack of Marlboros.  In a moment of extreme coincidence she was poised to my 86th sighting of Thursday night just as she was my 86th sighting of Saturday night.  She lit up that all white and made it official.  There were two other females and three males in her group, and one of the other females was that curly-haired 21ish light brunette in the plaid top and leggings who was my #55 sighting after the concert ended….and she was lighting up another cigarette too.  Worlds were now colliding in the best way and I was settling in for a glorious two-for-one sighting.  But first the sighting had to take a terrifying turn….

This short Asian guy in the group who was providing comic relief for everybody thus far requested a hit from blondie’s cigarette, which she granted him….just before the group started walking away, immersed in different conversations in a way that made me think blondie was not gonna get her cigarette back.  But she kept her eye on the prize here, and after the Asian guy took his second drag she adorably yelled out “Hey give it back” but there was too much chaos among the drifting group for her demand to be immediately fulfilled.  Mercifully, she was undeterred, picking up speed and playfully grabbing the Asian guy by the arm to forcibly retrieve the cigarette that was rightfully hers.  Clearly this girl has some major league addiction issues that needed to be assuaged and perhaps fearing for his safety, he relented and handed her back the cigarette without a fight.  The group settled near the entryway of the east side beer gardens and blondie was now in possession of her all-white cigarette again so all was right with the world.  The group laughed and enjoyed each other’s company as the two smelly females continued to drag on their cigarettes, polluting the air quality with their stinky exhales repeatedly.  The light brunette was decent but was once again upstaged by this bubbling-over-with-IT-factor blond beauty in her black party dress, who gave me a taste of her cloudy and messy exhales on Saturday night but delivered far more where that came from tonight.  Her drags were nicely paced, deep, and clearly very pleasurable for her, and while her exhales were fairly messy as mentioned, there was also some nice streams of smoke escaping both her mouth and nose…..

But the sighting’s best moment came at the end when the storyline from before came around full-circle.  It was clear blondie was taking what would be her final drag from the cigarette when the same Asian guy who hijacked her cigarette a few minutes earlier approached her and held his out again for another hit.  Blondie was about to get her revenge in the cruelest way when she looked at him with a shit-eating grin and then dramatically dropped the cigarette to the pavement and crushed it out beneath her foot.  Hell hath no fury like a gorgeous addicted smoker girl scorned!  It was quite a moment but all in good fun and they both laughed about it after it ended.  The moocher guy then moved onto the light brunette whose cigarette still had a drag or two left, finished off hers and acted like the class clown while doing so to the amusement of his friends before the group drifted off again.  It was time to ID blondie’s cigarette butt.  Sure enough, it was a Marlboro Ultra Light, her same brand from Saturday night.  This night was really starting to get good!

And the good fortune continued seconds after my last group departed as I ventured northward on the block by the east side beer gardens to see another beautiful brunette sitting on a bench with cigarette in hand.  I got a closer look and marveled at how beautiful my Sighting #87 girl was, a mid-20s light brunette in a sexy and skimpy maroon tanktop and jean shorts sitting there next to a presumably nonsmoking boyfriend.  She was one of the most beautiful girls I had seen all night and held her half-smoked cigarette in her left hand and her pack of Marlboro Lights (I think) was poking out of her purse.  I was able to sit on the bench next to her and hoped to enjoy a lengthy show.  The bad news is the show would last only one drag.  The good news is that one drag was incredible.  The cigarette went into her mouth for a five-second drag and produced a master blast exhale with three heat-seeking missiles rocketing out of her mouth and both nostrils, producing more smoke than I’ve seen in quite some time from one drag.  I was close enough where I was able to get some modest photos despite it being pitch black outside but while I captured the two photos, I noticed the cigarette was no longer in her hand.  Great, I thought, she handed it to the boyfriend.  But as I sat there I never saw the boyfriend take a drag for the remaining 90 seconds or so that they sat there.  Then they just got up and walked into the east side beer gardens.  What happened to the cigarette?  I sat on the bench they just got up from and saw no evidence of cigarette debris.  The only thing I can think of is that she put the remainder of the cigarette in the pack in her purse to save the rest for later.  I’m glad for what I was able to say but really wish I would have gotten more as this girl was certainly worthy of year-end best sighting acclaim if only she had given me more than just a single drag to work with.

It was past 11:30 now and while it’s possible I could have challenged my one-night midweek record of 97 sightings that I scored in 2011, I was more than happy to hit the brakes with Sighting #89 and let that be the 2015 Iowa State Fair’s swan song when I ran into her.  A trio of younger people were moving east on the concourse and I could have sworn I spotted a freshly lit cigarette in the hands of the girl walking the outside lane of the group of three.  I turned around to make sure as she looked pretty young, far younger than most girls I’d seen smoking at the ISF this year.  As I walked to her side to study her features, it became clear this girl was underage…and beautiful….and smoking!  What gives here!  I’d been waiting the entire ISF to see a hot underage teen smoking a cigarette and had to wait till the very last sighting of the entire year to get it, but it made it all the more worthwhile.  My Sighting #89 was a long-haired dark blond in a white tanktop, tight dark blue jeans that outlined a perfectly sculpted 16 or 17-year-old body, and cowgirl boots on her feet.  But that face…oh that face.  She had the softest skin tone and the most innocent look about her.  It was absolutely heartwarming to see that girls like her are still taking up the smoking habit.  And she was the only smoker in her threesome too.  Another girl about her age was talking and appeared to be agreeing upon the terms of where to meet in a few minutes as she seemed to want to buy one last item of fair food.  Then there was a scruffy late 20s guy whose presence confused me also walking with them and didn’t seem at all in place.   The nonsmoking girl drifted away while the teen smoking cutie and the scruffy guy pressed forward until they met a late 30s or early 40s unattractive blond woman standing on the curb as though she was waiting for them and smoking a cigarette herself….

I was certain I was looking at the mother-daughter sighting of the year but would later get a clarification on that.  Either way, I was positioned perfectly to take a bench and watch the two women–and one in particular–smoke their cigarettes as they waited, the teen girl casually bantering with the older woman as they bonded over their stinky and addictive habits in front of hundreds of fairgoers walking by.  Eventually, the guy walked away.  Not sure what his role here was but I’m assuming he was family of some sort.  Perhaps he couldn’t stand the cigarette stench from the females any longer!  Whatever the case, it was just the two of them, and the girl proved herself quite skillful and no beginner at smoking, taking nice drags and producing solid exhales.  I tried to get a couple of photos, knowing they wouldn’t turn out well but with the inconvenient placement of the lights they ended up completely worthless.  When I got up close for the photos though, I was able to admire that adorable and stinky face, clearing up for me without a doubt that she was no older than 17.  Her pacing was a tad slow early on but picked up as the cigarette’s size decreased along with her patience for waiting.  She let the older woman I thought was her mom know that she was getting annoyed with waiting and started whining about it.  The older woman told her they should just continue to wait, although I sympathized as I suspected it was a typical case of confused signals amongst a large group that split up at the fair with plans to meet up later.  Her smoking pace hit its crescendo with the final three drags and she finished off the cigarette with a solid triple play with cloudy exhales before dropping the butt to the pavement and then absolutely obliterating it with her boot in a way I hadn’t seen done yet by a girl this year.  I figured the butt would be ripped to smitherines but somehow it wasn’t, yet the magnitude of impact she depressed upon it would make it easier to ID when she left amongst the cluster of cigarette butts laying in that spot….

But they weren’t leaving, continuing to hover there waiting for others in their party as I impatiently watched the clock myself, knowing I needed to be on my shuttle bus by midnight and it was 11:50 now.  I got a fun little distraction though as a couple other blond teenage hotties that knew my teen smoker walked by and started chatting with her for a minute or so.  It was here I got the context of who the older woman was as the teen smoker said “This is my cousin Lisa”.  This context put cold water on the mother-daughter storyline but it was still hot to witness given the generational difference.  But in a minute or so, the people they were supposed to meet arrived….and it was all middle-aged women.  They walked away from the curb when they saw them, giving me my opportunity to check out her discarded cigarette butt pulverized by her boot a few minutes later, a Camel Light Menthol.  It was time for me to leave but I made one pass by the group of older women with one smelly teen girl amongst them, and the girl was clarifying something in a semi-bratty tone as she told one of the middle-aged women that “just to clarify….”.  I didn’t pick up on the specifics but it sounded like it had something to do with someone they new as the middle-aged woman listened to the teen girl with stinky breath lecture her upclose.  With that last bit of lusciousness out of the way, it was regrettably time for me to go after an evening that really ended with a flourish.

While I didn’t score any new sightings on the walk to the shuttle bus I did have a reunion with an earlier sighting.  As I walked past The Depot which was playing some loud music, a familiar redhead with a baseball cap, long red hair, a bare-midriff tanktop, and jean shorts was dancing as she walked….with cigarette in hand.  It was my Sighting #25 girl who smoked 80% of the L & M that a guy in her cluster was smoking several hours earlier.  She was walking with the guy again and was the only one smoking.  She was really shaking that booty to the music which was very cute, especially with the half-smoked cigarette in her hand.

I’ve settled into a pattern where the Iowa State Fair seems to be either boom or bust.  In 2010, 2011, and 2014, it was spectacular, rivaling or even exceeding the Minnesota State Fair.  In 2012 and 2013, it was weak, way below what the venue is capable of.  But 2015 was the year where the Iowa State Fair was pretty much right down the middle of the plate, serving up a decent selection of quality sightings but certainly not blowing my doors off.  Notwithstanding my final sighting of the fair, I was disappointed by the lack of teen smokers I saw this year.  And while there were some “vaping” sightings the prevalence of e-cigarettes in Iowa was way less than the media narrative would have you believe, especially among young females.  Those most likely to use them continue to be males of all ages and women over 35.  Anyway, I wrapped up the evening with 89 sightings and wrapped up the Iowa State Fair with  211 sightings, which is a pretty decent number and well above 2012 and especially 2013.  And thankfully the fair season is still only half over with my maiden voyage to the Missouri State Fair coming on Saturday, August 22nd, followed by two weekends at the Minnesota State Fair.  Still holding out for one or more of those very special sightings that made my 2013 and 2014 fair seasons sparkle.  No guarantee I’ll get them but with three full days of fair fetishing ahead of me there will be plenty of chances.




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