Breanna Goes To Work For Her Dad

The conference room at Dirks Financial Services corporate headquarters in suburban St. Louis was a cesspool of air pollution and noise pollution Monday morning. More than three dozen employees of the accounts department were huddled in the conference room to watch a training video that the company’s president and founder, John Dirks, requested that they view. But the typically hammy office training video was being drowned out by the annoyed employees who had long ago given up on concentrating on the content of the video. The source of their aggravation sat in the front of the conference room closest to the large-screen TV, a very attractive and shapely late teen brunette female who was tilting her head back in her chair with a gigantic half-smoked Churchill cigar sticking out of her mouth. Massive clouds of filthy cigar smoke were billowing from her face and because of the way she tilted her head back, the clouds were erupting into the air above her face and right in front of the screen for most of the people behind her. But even more annoying than the smoke was the girl’s exaggerated and boisterous cackle, laughing hysterically, presumably at the hamminess of the video but ultimately just making a spectacle of herself for the purpose of being the center of attention. The girl was behaving as if her father owned the damn place…..and for good reason. Her father did own the place!

Breanna Dirks had finished her first year of college in May and got a job in the accounts department of her father’s company over the summer. As always, she went into this summer job with good intentions, but the combination of her cigar smoking in the office and the bad taste of nepotism among coworkers made her instantly unpopular with her coworkers. Rather than trying to mend fences, Breanna responded as she always did when she recognized how despised she was and rubbed their noses in it, going out of her way to disgust and humiliate them. With July coming to a close, and the final weeks of her summer job ahead, Breanna was determined to go out with a bang, milking every possible scenario to avenge her coworkers for what she believed was their unfair willingness to give her a chance early on. At this point, it was more about the power trip than anything else for her, and it was driving her to put on this obnoxious and unseemly display today while watching the training video in the conference room.

Breanna didn’t even turn back to see the faces of her coworkers as she continued cackling with put-on laughter at the top of her lungs, belching bursts of thick cigar smoke skyward with every breath. She knew they were all fit to be tied with annoyance and disgust without seeing a single face amongst the people behind her….and she was right. Nearly everyone in the room was looking at each other with antagonized disbelief at the immature performance from the boss’s daughter who they knew was untouchable, most of them scurrying to wave the giant clouds of cigar smoke out of their faces as it rapidly filled the room after more than 10 minutes of this madness.

As a girl, Breanna remembered seeing the 1991 remake of the movie “Cape Fear”, where Robert DeNiro’s character introduced himself to the family who he spent the rest of the film tormenting by sitting in front of them in the movie theater, smoking a big cigar and laughing hysterically to annoy the family. Even as a young girl, she thought  thatwas just the coolest thing she’d ever seen, and loved to have the opportunity present itself to bring the scene to life, annoying everyone else in the room at least as much as Nick Nolte and Jessica Lange’s family was annoyed in “Cape Fear”. This scene played out for another 10 minutes before the training video ended, and Breanna found it as satisfying as she expected, feeling genuine sexual excitement over the way she dominated the room and the crowd. The room was filled with a London fog of dense cigar smoke and dozens of employees at their wits’ end who got nothing from the video that was ruined by the boss’s daughter’s childish ravings. They filtered out of the smoky room rapidly, desperate for what passed for fresh air in the office ever since Breanna started there and shook the office to its core with her endless cigar smoking. After eight weeks of escalating bad behavior from her that they knew would not receive any discipline at all, morale at the office couldn’t possibly be lower and everybody was just running out the clock at this point till she went back to college. But they had three more long weeks to endure before she would go away, and they knew Breanna was gonna make their lives an enduring hell until she did.

The employees scattered quickly back to their cubicles, both to get as far away as they could from the unbearable stench of cigar in the conference room and to avoid interaction with Breanna who they knew would be exiting the conference room right behind them. At least one of them wasn’t quick enough though as mid-30s Dennis was about to settle into his cubicle when a husky, stunted female voice beckoned from behind, “Hey Dennis!”

Dennis had his back to Breanna and a pained look emerged on his face briefly before he turned around to see the beautiful long-haired brunette approaching him wearing her frequent ensemble of a low-cut red blouse and a black leather miniskirt with a four-fifths smoked Churchill cigar still clutched in her mouth. Breanna stopped right in front of him, invading his personal space on purpose as she said in a muffled voice through the cigar between her teeth “Have that Tompkins Consulting file ready for me, bad boy?”

Dennis nodded affirmatively with intimidation in his eyes, saying “It’s on my desk” before turning around to pick it up inside the cubicle. He quickly retrieved the file and handed it to Breanna who opened it up and quickly looked it over, filling Dennis’ airspace up with her cigar smoke for a few moments before smiling and adding, “Very nicely done. I’m telling my daddy to give you a raise”.

Dennis forced a smile and managed a less-than-sincere “Thank you” before turning around to go back into the cubicle. He knew what was probably coming next and figured right as Breanna smacked him on the ass with her right hand. Dennis, married for 12 years with two kids, had thought he was long past getting attention from a college girl before this summer. Hard as it would have been to believe that a very attractive college girl would be sexually harassing him at work three months earlier, it would have been even harder to believe that this harassment would be a source of acute feelings of violation and shame for him being man-handled by this vulgar girl like several of his other male colleagues. Breanna walked away neither knowing nor caring about Dennis’ comfort level with her physical harassment of him.

Breanna proceeded down the hallway toward her office but had one more stop along the way. She knew the coworkers settled inside their cubicles were listening to her high heels clicking through the hallway hoping she wasn’t gonna beckon them. One of them was gonna be unpleasantly surprised though as Breanna entered her cubicle muttering through the cigar in her mouth, “Oh Alexis…” The middle-aged Alexis looked up from her chair nervously waiting to find out what Breanna wanted before Breanna added “How’s it going with the Carol’s Cosmetics account? I need that by tomorrow morning.”

Of all the employees in the department, the least love was lost between Breanna and Alexis, as Alexis openly appealed the company president’s decision to lift the office smoking ban so that his daughter could smoke her cigars indoors all day.   Alexis’ vocal resistance continued for a few weeks before she realized it was not worth tangling with the boss’s daughter as she knew she was gonna lose. Right now, Breanna’s request for the Carol’s Cosmetics account figures were words Alexis didn’t want to hear because she didn’t have the figures done yet, and knew that Breanna held a grudge against her and would make her life hell if she didn’t produce them.   Carol stalled a couple of moments before finally confessing they’re not done.   A wry smile emerged on Breanna’s face before she said “Well stand up here and show me what you’ve got left”.

Breanna knew how much Alexis in particular loathed her cigar smoking, so she took every opportunity to force Alexis to stand right in the epicenter of her secondhand smoke, as she was doing once again now. Alexis reluctantly stood up and opened the requested file and Breanna hovered as close as possible leaning over her shoulder while puffing copiously from her cigar so that a haze would permeate in front of Alexis’s face as she explained what she had left to do. Breanna shook her head in disappointment when Alexis finished talking saying “That’s a lot for you to get done before morning when I need it. You may have to work tonight”.

The defeated look in Alexis’ face could not have been more transparent as this 19-year-old brat was demanding she work overtime, giving up precious family time for something that could easily wait. Still, the burning rage in Alexis’ watery, smoke-filled eyes cooled for a moment before her ultimate retreat, and through gritted teeth she responded to Breanna, “Whatever it takes”.

Breanna gave her an over-the-top toothy smile in response and closed the conversation with a snarky “Now that’s the attitude this company needs more of” before directing a massive exhale of cigar smoke directly into Alexis’ face and then holding the cigar up close to Alexis’ face and tapping it, leading to a giant ash of cigar smoke falling to the floor right in front of Alexis’ feet. Breanna gave her one more smirk before turning around and exiting her cubicle.

Breanna then proceeded a couple of additional cubicles to the office her father gave her when she asked for it. She sat down in the office chair and put her feet up on the desk, her bare legs on full display up to the hemline of her leather miniskirt. She leaned back in the chair and just relaxed for a moment, her face filled with enjoyment and her body clearly bubbling over with sexual pleasure. Her cigar was down almost to its stub and she savored the last few puffs before crushing it out in a giant glass ashtray overflowing with a few weeks worth of cigar butts she never emptied out just because she knew how many people in the office it grossed out and she got off on that.

Breanna sat there in a state of growing sexual euphoria, briefly putting her hand on her crotch outside of the leather skirt and wanting to keep the momentum going and get some release for it. She opened up the box of cigars in her desk and retrieved another Churchill, using her cutter to snip off the end with a look of renewed deviousness on her face. Once the cigar was cut, she approached her finger to the bell on her desk next to the ashtray and pressed the button three times loudly. The succession of DING! DING! DING! on the bell was immediately followed by the sound of rustling footsteps approaching.

A buff young blond guy in his early 20s entered the doorway with a look on his face that was half terrified and half eager to please. Breanna made eye contact with him and said “Chad, light mama’s cigar would you honey?” as she placed the giant unlit cigar in her mouth. Chad picked up the torch lighter on Breanna’s desk and approached the flame to the end of the cigar. Breanna sucked in and produced the earliest clouds of smoke as fire touched the end of the giant stick of tobacco, one of several she smokes every day. She looked adoringly at Chad who stood there holding the flame to the cigar. After the early resistance to her presence at the office, Breanna dreamed up every possible contingency for getting under her coworkers’ skin while simultaneously enriching her own experience in the office, and the decision she was most proud of was convincing her father to hire her a personal assistant at the office. Hundreds of applicants eager to pursue long-term employment at the lucrative Dirks Financial Services offices applied and Breanna chose Chad as her favorite. The fact that Chad was young, attractive, and built like an ox met her criteria perfectly even though poor Chad had no idea that his job description would be the crudest form of errand boy for the boss’ daughter.

In a few moments, Breanna’s cigar was lit and the room was rapidly filling up with smoke as Chad pulled the lighter away. He never complained aloud about Breanna or the cigar smoke, thinking that putting up with this odious girl would certainly fast-track him to a high-end career at her father’s company. Still, he resented being put in this position and grew to hate everything about Breanna, keeping his fury to himself while waiting out the end of summer in an even more personalized way than the coworkers who also detested her. Breanna released her first massive plume of smoke from the new cigar in Chad’s direction before smiling and making a new request. “Would you take my shoes off and rub my feet, hun?”

Like a trained puppy, Chad obeyed without comment, robotically removing Breanna’s high heels and massaging her feet as she kicked back in her chair with her feet up on the desk, smoking away at her cigar and making increasingly passionate pleasured moans that sounded more sexualized than what one would traditionally feel from a foot rub….and for good reason. The foot rub continued for about five minutes before the relative silence was broken by Breanna once again as she made another new request of Chad. “Close the door and shut the blinds would you hun?”

A look of intensified violation emerged on Chad’s face as he nonetheless did as he was asked, turning around and locking the office door and shutting the blinds, knowing his coworkers outside knew that he was about to once again be the guilt-free plaything of the girl that he despised. He turned around to see Breanna contorting her body to remove her panties, and before long she was holding them up in front of him and even from a few feet away he could see and smell the moisture. He knew she was good and worked up. Breanna stood up, her long and fat cigar clenched in her mouth as she approached him. The burning end of the cigar was mere inches from his face as she began to unbutton Chad’s shirt feverishly, quickly pulling it off and revealing that buff young buck body that Breanna was so hot for. She sighed blissfully at the visual of the shirtless Chad, briefly standing there admiring his shirtless body complete with broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and six pack. The time for merely looking was over though and Breanna rather brashly ordered him to take a seat in her chair.

Chad obeyed, but his body language made it unambiguous was that the last thing he wanted to do in the next few minutes was to be sexually assaulted by his “boss”. What he wanted and what he was about to get were two different things though as Breanna wasted no time sitting on his lap and touching her hands all over his chest. The closer she pressed her face to his, the more he was visually repelled by her cigar breath. She planted her wet tongue on his face and proceeded to lick it from his chin up to his eyebrow, which made him briefly cringe in disgust. She then began kissing his face and then proceeded down to his neck and then to his chest, her cigar held up in her left hand only inches from Chad’s face and disgusting him to no end while also scaring him as Breanna’s intense oral action on his pecks and six pack made her reckless with the cigar. Chad watched frightfully out of the corner of his eye as her cigar shifted to the left and right, inching closer to his face as she worked his chest with her lips, tongue, and teeth. Chad thought it was only a matter of seconds before his face got torched before Breanna pulled away from his chest, smirking passionately and approaching the cigar to her lips for a successive litany of drags which she proceeded to exhale straight into his face while sitting down in his lap.

Chad was used to these obnoxious exhales into his face and while he still hated them, he would have been than happy to withstand them if that was the worst he had to endure in Breanna’s torture chamber today, but looking at the fire in her eyes he doubted it would be. Breanna continued puffing on her cigar and the come-hither look on her face grew more intense before the staring contest stalemate was broken by Breanna approaching the butt end of her cigar to Chad’s lips. Chad began to open his mouth thinking Breanna wanted him to take a puff, but Breanna pressed the index finger from her free hand onto Chad’s upper lip motioning him to close his mouth with a condescending “Ah, ah, ah!” warning. Chad closed his lips and could barely contain his revulsion as Breanna began to encircle the wet cigar butt around his lips.   The smoke rolled out the butt end and some of it was going up Chad’s nose as Breanna outlined his mouth with it. He had all he could do to avoid flinching and wretching from the grossness of it.

Breanna pulled the cigar away from his mouth and reinserted it into her own, taking a lengthy drag and making the butt moist again before returning the butt end to Chad’s face, and lowering it down his chin and his neck leading down to his chest. A faint brown stain was left on Chad’s skin from the residue of the wet cigar, and whenever the stain started to fade, Breanna wrapped her lips around the cigar and slobbered all over the end of it again before taking the cigar back to Chad’s chest, encircling his pecks and nipples and then lowering it to his belly button.   Chad hated himself for getting hard from being used as this vile girl’s sextoy, but his work pants were nonetheless rising and Breanna was definitely noticing as she continued alternating from puffing on her cigar to using it as a paintbrush on Chad’s chest. And despite noticing Chad’s erection, today was about Breanna’s needs….and she could not contain her arousal any longer leaning towards Chad’s ear and giving him an upclose whiff of her cigar breath while half-whispering “Munch my muffin, honey!”

It wasn’t the first time Chad had been called upon to perform this service from Breanna but it never got easier for him. Whatever gut-level physical attraction he had for her early on that summer had been squandered by her outrageous abuse of power over him, but when Breanna climbed off his lap, he dutifully climbed under her desk to do what was requested. Breanna sat back down on her chair and lifted her leather skirt. Chad was briefly turned on getting a full visual of her moist and perky vagina but it didn’t take long to remember whose vagina it was before the feelings of violation again returned. Chad plunged his face into Breanna’s lady parts and started slowly gratifying her with his lips and tongue. Breanna quickly responded to this gratification with soft but passionate moans of pleasure, moans that intensified as Chad worked her vagina more vigorously and often came with bellows of “Oh Chad!” followed by instructions on where to move his tongue next.

Trying to suppress the likelihood of an impassioned scream in an office setting that might even embarrass Breanna, she placed the cigar into her mouth and clutched it tight with her teeth, drawing in smoke with every breath while still muttering pleasured moans following nearly every tongue stroke. The cigar in her mouth was visibly disappearing based on the frequency of her drags, the brown wrapper turning to ash in front of her eyes as she rapidly consumed it with a corresponding sea of dirty smoke almost completely obstructing her face. Breanna could tell she was gonna erupt quickly having gotten herself so worked up, and in a couple of moments even the cigar clenched in her mouth could no longer suppress her screaming. Without a warning, a blast of her juices erupted in Chad’s face and her final passionate moans finally began to wane while feeling Chad lick off the moisture in and around her crotch. But Breanna’s world was about to get rocked by an entirely different male in her life as she heard the door to her office start to open….

Breanna froze in position as she saw her father’s concerned face poke in the just opened door. She clutched Chad’s head and pressed it into her crotch as a signal to be momentarily silent.   “Is everything okay, baby?” John Dirks asked his daughter, having heard the shouts from outside and apparently being so clueless as to not know what was happening.

Breanna attempted to camouflage the sexual ecstasy she just experienced and scrambled for a lame excuse while mustering up the sweet smile she’d been using to charm her father since she was a little girl and speaking with a matching girlish voice that could not have contrasted more with the giant steaming cigar she just removed from her mouth. “Sure, daddy. I was just blowing off some steam here.”

“It sounded like you were screaming! What was that all about?”

“Oh you know how important those accounts are tomorrow, daddy. I was just sounding off to build up some adrenaline for my big day”, Breanna responded, changing the subject to the issue that she knew was the reason her dad was coming to talk to her in the first place and hoping he’d run with it rather than continuing to interrogate her about the screaming.

“It is very important. Carol’s Cosmetics and Tompkins Consulting are both months behind in their service fees and I need you to get through to them tomorrow.”

Breanna gave her father a cute nod while puffing on her cigar and adding “I’ll make you proud, daddy”.

As always, John’s heart melted at his daughter’s put-on sweetness. There were things about Breanna that troubled her father, even though he knew very little about her outrageous behavior in the office and elsewhere, but he loved his daughter and put her up on a pedestal, refusing to believe the rumors he’d hear about her inappropriate conduct from anyone who ever dared to pass the message on to him. When Breanna asked him to put her in charge of recovering unpaid service fees from their derelict clients, he agreed, even though he wondered why she’d request that assignment. John briefly grimaced as he watched his daughter take a puff from her cigar and exhale a billow of smoke skyward, not exactly proud of her very unladylike habit but ultimately supportive in following whatever road she wanted to pursue to find happiness in her life. After a long pause in which John admired his daughter’s initiative while looking at her smile his way, he adds “I know you will, baby”.

Breanna fluttered her eyelashes one more time as her father pulled away and closed the door behind him, breathing a sigh of relief that she didn’t caught with the “personal assistant” she insisted her father hire for her, a sigh that doubled as a delayed discharge of sexual energy after receiving Chad’s oral pleasures. She released her grip on Chad’s head and moved her chair back so he could climb out from underneath, either not recognizing or not caring about the clearly defeated young man who emerged from her lair. Chad was slowly moving his way towards the door, hoping to be dismissed but knowing that he would likely suffer more indignities before he got out of that room. His instinct was right as Breanna opened one of the drawers on her desk and pulled out a pair of fire engine red lace panties.

“Help me out here, hun!” Breanna said, tossing the panties to Chad, before placing the cigar back in her mouth, leaning back in her chair, and hiking up her leather skirt again. The demoralized Chad once again got down on his knees spreading the waistline of the pair of panties thrown at him and began to work Breanna’s feet through the leg holes and sliding the underwear up her legs. Breanna cooperated only as much as she absolutely had to in order for the panties to be pulled over her bottom and crotch. Chad knew how the game was played and was sure to straighten out the folds of her panties to cover Breanna’s vagina perfectly. He thought he was finally done at this point and started heading for the door, but Breanna had one more chore for him, something she’d never requested before.

“Chaaaad”, she uttered in a playful but exaggeratedly annoyed voice as she stood up in the chair. “You gave me a wedgie! Why don’t you fix it…..with your teeth.” She looked at his face for a reaction for a second and noticed a subtle exasperated scream of misery silently emote from Chad’s face before she turned around and lifted the back of her skirt revealing the red panties. Chad knelt down and noticed the panties settled inside her asscrack just as she told him, and then leaned in and clutched his teeth on the fabric to pull the lace out of her ass and dislodge the wedgie. It amounted to three seconds of discomfort, but managed to hollow out the last molecules of dignity Chad had left inside.

Breanna turned around to face him one last time before dismissing him. “Now that’s better!” she said with a sinister smile. “I better get back to work now, hun. I know you have work to do too so I won’t bother you again until tomorrow morning when we go run the errands I was telling daddy about.” She paused one final time as Chad opened the day before blurting out “I’m gonna make both of my daddies proud.”

With Chad’s departure from her office, Breanna took a look at the Tompkins Consulting file she got earlier from Dennis. Between that stop and Carol’s Cosmetics, she knew it was gonna be a very memorable Tuesday.


About 24 hours later, Chad was driving Breanna’s Mercedes through the boulevards of suburban St. Louis with Breanna in the passenger seat, recently lit cigar in her mouth as always, en route to the destinations planned. She could see the sign at the entrance of the industrial park for Carol’s Cosmetics and could feel her adrenaline build. In moments, Chad pulled into the parking lot and he and Breanna climbed out of the car with Breanna decked out today in her tight black leather minidress, an outfit she found very fitting for the role she was gonna be playing today in the name of her father’s company. The two of them approached the entrance, with Chad going back and forth between a frisky curiousness in wondering what Breanna had up her sleeve and terror at what this sociopath was capable of. Breanna was going in with a minor game plan but also intended to wing it once she got in, not knowing exactly how far she’d let herself go but getting off on the realization that she could probably get away with just about anything.

Entering the front door, the receptionist’s jaw dropped almost to the floor at the sighting of this young girl in a sexually charged leather outfit smoking a giant cigar walk into the office and prance right on past her en route to where she knew the owner’s office was. “Miss, you can’t smoke that in here! Ma’am!” the receptionist shouted twice in a row as Breanna and a smirking Chad ignored her and kept right on going. She got out of her chair and started following the two of them continuing to try to control the situation, adding through a shout “You need an appointment to talk to Mrs. Garner or her staff!” But Breanna pretended to not even hear the hapless receptionist and picked up her pace, thundering down those hallways in her noisy high heels with fire in her eyes and not planning to let anyone or anything get in her way.

Breanna could see there was a business meeting in a conference room with owner and manager Carol Garner going through some figures with what Breanna figured was the sales staff. The room was startled as the door to the conference room was abruptly opened, and their shock persisted as Breanna charged in. The sales staff sat in disbelief as the leather clad girl walked right up to their intimidated 30-something boss, a still-attractive blond in a stylish blue dress that puffed out at the waist and crested well above her knees just as Breanna’s leather dress did. Breanna had heard gossip around her own office that Carol Garner was a stone-cold bitch and that her employees hated and feared her, so Breanna thought it would be fun to give Carol a taste of her own medicine, confident that she could outbitch her in her sleep. And her moment was now…

A bewildered and terrified Carol flinched and pulled backward towards a table as Breanna came to an abrupt stop in front of her, cigar clenched in her mouth and a psychotic look in her eyes. “Didn’t your mama ever teach you it’s bad manners not to pay your debts?!”

“What are you talking about?” Carol fired back with obvious terror in her voice.

Breanna took a big drag from her cigar and pulled it out of her mouth, exhaling a plume of smoke right at Carol’s face before responding. “Your company solicited services from Dirks Financial and apparently decided you weren’t gonna pay for them. I’m here to assure that you will pay your tab!”

“You can’t be serious?!?!?” Carol fired back. “I’ve had a good working relationship with your company and told Steve we’d be paying it back in full by October—“

“You’re not dealing with Steve anymore!” Breanna interrupted in a tone that Carol knew meant business. “You owe my father’s company $750 for four months’ worth of unpaid fees…and I’m not leaving until you pay it!”

“Your father??” Carol responded with genuine surprise.

Breanna smirked and then placed the cigar back in her mouth before closing in on Carol again going for and delivering on extreme intimidation. “That’s right. Now I think you’re gonna pay me what you owe Dirks Financial and get me out of hair, aren’t you?” Breanna asked through a muffled voice through the cigar dangle.

Carol had met her match and surrendered with very little fight, grabbing her purse on the desk right behind her and pulling out her personal checkbook.  Breanna looked to the sales staff in the conference room and could tell most of them were enjoying seeing their bitch boss getting pushed around by a teenage girl, but she never noticed Chad standing behind her fantasizing about doing to Breanna what Breanna had just done to Carol.

Carol had her back to Breanna as she was filling out a check to Dirks Financial as was chillingly requested of her when Breanna got a naughty idea, taking one last look at the dozen or so members of the sales staff still watching in disbelief. Breanna approached her cigar near the ass of Carol’s dress and began to singe the fabric with the smoldering torch of tobacco, watching carefully so she would only burn the fabric and that Carol wouldn’t feel it. A combination of shocked voices and giggling erupting in the crowd as Breanna made sure she kept the cigar moving to spread the burn mark of the smoldering fabric and spent a good 30 seconds burning a softball-sized hole in Carol’s dress and revealing the granny panties underneath.

The giggles among the sales staff grew more sustained and a suspicious Carol began to pull away from the desk having completed filling out the check. As she pulled back, Breanna responded in kind, moving the cigar away from Carol’s ass and placing it back in her mouth before Carol was able to turn around and hand her the check. A guilty look of schoolgirl amusement filled Breanna’s face and Carol didn’t know exactly what the reason was, figuring the snotty girl was just enjoying shaming her in front of her staff. If only she knew!!

Breanna takes the check from Carol and said through her cigar “Very pleased to do business with you and looking forward to doing more, ma’am” before turning with Chad and walking out the door before she burst out laughing. Breanna took a final admiring look at the sales staff, their faces still mostly filled with delight, and gave them a knowing wink as they walked out the door, wondering if any of them would tell the boss they despised that her underwear was showing or if she’d find out on her own when she took it off at home that night. Much as Breanna wished she could stick around to see, she had other business to attend to. Carol’s Cosmetics had paid its debts. One down and one to go.

About 15 minutes passed with an empowered Breanna riding shotgun through suburban St. Louis en route to Tompkins Consulting.  She hadn’t heard much about Craig Tompkins, the owner and CEO of this establishment so she was going in without any conception of a plan on how to intimidate this uncooperative client, but she never had much of a problem just rolling with it when the time came.  And the time was fast approaching as Breanna looked at the more upscale headquarters of this corporate office than what she just experienced at Carol’s Cosmetics, but she knew she was up to the challenge as she placed her two-thirds-smoked cigar in her mouth while Chad parked the car in the lot.  Breanna was riding high from the results of her first challenge, and was prepared to outdo herself with the second.

Breanna walked through the front entrance with Chad walking behind her and attempted to shuttle past the reception desk like she did at Carol’s place, but was briefly thrown off her game when after only a few seconds of the cacophony of receptionists barking at her about “no smoking” and “you can’t see Mr. Tompkins without an appointment”, a muscular middle-aged security guard emerged from out of nowhere to barricade the elevator that Breanna was walking directly towards.

“Ma’am I’m gonna have to ask you to step outside and put that cigar out, and then if you come back in and speak with Deb or April, they can set you up with an appointment with anyone you’d like,” the security guard said in a very cool and professional manner.  Breanna paused for a moment and then smiled and snapped her fingers in Chad’s direction.  Chad dutifully opened up the bag he was holding and started handing over $100 bills to both the security guard and the two receptionists.

“The owner of this fine establishment owes a debt, and I’m just here to keep him honest,” Breanna began making her case while removing the cigar from her mouth, even though she could tell by the look in their eyes that the $100 bribe was probably all it was gonna take to seal the deal.  “Tompkins Consulting has been an excellent client in the past and has a great future, but the first step is paying the bill for services already rendered.  Now I’ll just bet the three of you could come up with a great excuse as to why my assistant and I got through your security to get a little face time with Mr. Tompkins.  Tell me where he is and I should be in and out of here in 10 minutes.  Turn me away and I promise you things won’t be prettier for anybody when I return.  Do I make myself clear?”

The receptionists and security guard looked at each other nervously, deliberating briefly but fearing this young woman could deliver on her threats even though they had no idea who she was.  Finally the security guard broke the silence by saying “Fourth floor…Mr. Tompkins should be in the lunch room right now.”

Breanna flashed him a sinister smile before reinserting the fast disappearing cigar into her mouth.  “You’ve made the right decision…and you’ll probably still have a paycheck in a few more weeks because of it”, Breanna sneered before she and Chad walked into the elevator that the security guard just opened for them.  They were fourth floor-bound.

Out of the elevator and pacing the hallways of the fourth floor, the sound of laughter from mostly male voices towards the end of the hallway gave away the location of the lunch room, and Breanna went full steam ahead before entering the doorway.  The laughter ended abruptly when a room of about a dozen office workers on their lunch break, all but two of them men, saw Breanna standing there.  Through the shrinking cigar still clutched in her teeth, Breanna asked “Which one of you chaps is Craig Tompkins?”

“I am,” said the early 50s man who Breanna figured was the heavy here, wearing the fanciest suit and giving off the most prevalent alpha male aura.  Tompkins startled to chuckle nervously in disbelief as Breanna approached the table where he sat eating his lunch, expecting this was some kind of joke.

“I would think a man that could afford suits like yours would have no problem paying his debts to Dirks Financial,” Breanna said.  Her intimidation tactics that usually worked so well were only instigating an escalation of laughter from Tompkins.

“I only work with Steve Curtis in my dealings with Dirks Financial so why don’t you just back off babycakes,” Tompkins added with dripping condescension from which Breanna had not experienced in quite some time, a condescension which only inflamed her fury.

“Well there’s a new sheriff in town at Dirks Financial.  You’re working with me from now on, and I’m not letting you get by with shirking your commitments the way Steve did.”

Tompkins laughed even harder at this aggressive girl who he still hadn’t figured out, but his condescension prompted additional laughter from his underlings in the room who were still intimidated but figured they were safe to share in the mockery of this surreal situation given their boss seemed to have things in control.  Tompkins could see the escalating rage and uncertainty in Breanna’s eyes and went in for what he thought would be the kill shot when he got his laughter under control, saying “I don’t know who you are, little girl, but if Steve Curtis sent you over here to give me a woody, it worked.  But if he sent you here honestly believing your little circus show was gonna make those service fees make it to his account any faster then he’s in for an unpleasant surprise.”  Tompkins paused for effect and then added, “Now go back to junior high school, you little cunt!”

Breanna was paralyzed with fury but also a little bit of respect for this most worthy challenger who stood up to her in a way nobody else had that entire summer.  The window where he earned her respect was short-lived, however, and she was about to show him exactly who he was messing with.  Breanna invaded his space by taking a couple more steps closer, removing the cigar stub from her mouth and producing a haunting, demonic smile, holding the cigar over the front right shoulder of Tompkins’ designer suit and flicking a giant ash onto it.  The cigar ash rolled down the front of the suit coat and left an ashy stain all the way down to his lap where it fell.  Tompkins leaped violently out of his chair, hovering a good four inches taller than Breanna even in her heels in one final effort to intimidate her.

“Oh, Steve Curtis didn’t send me, Mr. Tompkins.  John Dirks did.  He knew if there was one person at Dirks Financial that could get you to pay what you owe, it would be his baby girl.”

Tompkins eyes opened wide as saucers as Breanna finally revealed who she was, and any lingering defiance left in Tompkins evaporated in an instant.  Breanna could see she had changed the dynamic and had no intention of letting Tompkins off lightly after running off his mouth the way that he did.

“That’s right,” added Breanna, taking one final puff from her cigar before lowering it to the freshly heated plate of food that Tompkins had been eating only two minutes earlier, crushing the cigar out right in the middle of his pasta primavera and continuing to dress him down.  “I’m the boss’s daughter.  If word were to get out how you talked to his baby girl, you wouldn’t be too popular at Dirks Financial.  And if you’re not popular at Dirks Financial AND you don’t pay your debts, you don’t stay in business in this town.  Do I make myself clear?”

A suddenly terrified Tompkins nodded nervously in the affirmative before adding, “Yeah, yeah.  Whatever you say, ma’am.  I’ll have one of my secretaries write you the check on your way out.”

Breanna smirked before snapping her fingers twice behind her ear, the signal to Chad he knew all too well that Breanna wanted him to get her another cigar.  Chad was rapidly clipping the butt of the cigar with a cutter and placing it in Breanna’s mouth while Breanna looked down to Tompkins’ crotch.  The sinister smirk resurfaced on Breanna’s face and she looked back up at him and sarcastically said, “So I gave you a woody huh?”  After a brief pause, she added, “Well let’s just see what you’re made of there, cowboy.”

Breanna reached for his package at the very moment Chad approached with the torch to light her cigar and surprised Tompkins with the force by which she clutched his jewels.  In seconds, Breanna unzipped the fly of Tompkins’ suit pants and then reached inside, pulling his erect penis out of the hole in his boxers.  With the flame at the end of her cigar creating a sea of smoke in front of her face with a little help from her puffs, Breanna looked down to Tompkins’ dick and knew that all of his colleagues were unable to resist looking at this car wreck as well.  Her cigar now fully lit, Breanna gave an exaggerated toothy smile through the cigar while beginning to stroke the unimpressively endowed Tompkins’ manhood, destroying whatever respect he had left among his coworkers with five words.  “Is that all you got?”

Breanna moved her hand away from his crotch for a couple of moments to make sure everybody in the room got a look before stroking his cock for a few more moments, taking frequent puffs from her cigar and exhaling directly into his face each time, the giant freshly lit cigar in her mouth representing a huge phallic contrast to his below-average reproductive unit below the belt.  After about a minute of putting Tompkins through this humiliating indignity, Breanna gave Tompkins a final peek down to his penis and said “Now who’s in junior high school?” with a wink before turning around exiting the room.

Breanna’s “drop the mic” moment, and everything that came before it, left the room spectacularly silent as she walked back out, with Chad following.  Chad enjoyed the spectacle of Breanna’s performance but knew his passive role in it would be short-lived, and as they got back into the elevator it was clear by the look in her eyes how right he was.  The moments waiting for the elevator and subsequent exit from the building past the security guard and receptionist desk were agonizingly long for both Breanna and Chad, for two different reasons.  Once outside, it was a short walk to the parking lot where Breanna was preparing to relieve her sexual frustrations, grabbing Chad by the waist and pushing him firmly against the side of her Mercedes.  Giant cigar hanging out of her mouth, she proceeded to reach to his crotch and unzip his pants, pulling his mostly erect and significantly larger manhood through the flyhole and beginning to stroke it, with a growing lustful hum emerging from her voice.

Breanna gave Chad a shit-eating grin before muttering “No more junior high school for this girl”, before opening the backdoor of the Mercedes and savagely shoving Chad inside and pulling his pants down.  She climbed on top of him in the cramped quarters of the car’s backseat, hiked up her dress, and began to engulf him with her ravenous snatch.  Chad would enjoy the rough sex for what it was worth, despite his correct assessment that he was being violated by her, and hoped he didn’t badly burned by the cigar she was still recklessly smoking as she grinded up and down on him.  Breanna, on the other hand, was gonna savor this moment to celebrate her biggest achievement of the summer for her father’s company while pleasuring herself on her personal assistant’s sex organ.  Her summer there may have been approaching its end, but if the other employees that hated her figured they would see the last of her in a few short weeks, they had a very unpleasant surprise coming.



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3 Responses to Breanna Goes To Work For Her Dad

  1. nemo says:

    I like Breanna, and I liked her previous story as well. As for the previous story, do we have any pending developments for Breanna;s anonymous boyfriend, and her girlfriend Tiffany? Presumably her boyfriend is still around, but completely ignorant of Breanna’s behavior away from home. I imagine him as naively submissive.

    If any court actions resulted from Breanna’s escapade at the restaurant, I want to believe the case was heard by a judge with the smoking fetish, who would summarily dismiss the case.

    Also, what do we know about Breanna’s mother? I can’t help suspecting she became jealous of her husband’s attention to Breanna (especially when he hired her at his company), issued an ultimatum (“She goes or I go”), and lost.

    I hope Breanna goes back to college and earns her degree by unquestionably impartial measurements (I imagine her as highly intelligent), but I also hope that Dirks Financial’s business results also show definite objective improvement as a result of Breanna’s work.

    Do you have a mental image of Breanna? As of this week, my mental image is Charlotte McKinney (

    Looking forward to reading Breanna’s next adventure!

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I wanted this story to be primarily about the office setting and didn’t really have a place for Tiffany or her boyfriend. If and when I get to a third chapter I suspect those characters are a good bet to resurface. You’re giving me some good fodder for another sequel with the prospect of a jealous mother as well.

      Breanna’s a dark brunette so don’t imagine Charlotte McKinney in her stead. Also I’m going for more of a Midwestern hot girl who doesn’t necessarily have supermodel qualities but has a down-home sweetness that camouflages the tiger inside, a tiger which is narrowly visible on her face. In other words, not quite Danica McKellar but also not Megan Fox….somewhere in between. I cut and pasted the profile of a girl from an online dating site that perfectly matched what I had in mind for Breanna. Can’t really post it here but would be willing to send it via e-mail if you’re interested. Glad you enjoyed either way. Did you have a preference between the first story and the sequel?

      • nemo says:

        Each of the two stories had its appealing points, so it’s hard to choose between them. In both cases, what I like is that Breanna’s transgressive behavior, far from being punished, is rewarded.

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