2014 Iowa State Fair, Day 2

Living up to my first day at the 2014 Iowa State Fair was going to be a tall order on my annual half-day, after-work visit on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, and I had no illusions that I would on a weeknight where the main grandstand attraction was a tractor pull.  The bright side was that the bar was really low for improving upon the abysmal Wednesday night visit last year, one of my weakest days or nights of fetishing at any state fair ever.  Working to my advantage this year was perfect August weather, with full sun, 80 degrees, and low humidity, and also a free bandshell concert by The Swon Brothers, a country duo made famous on TV’s “The Voice” last year who I figured might draw a decent-sized crowd.

So there was reason for measured optimism getting off the shuttle bus and purchasing my half-priced late afternoon admission at 5:00, and overall the night went acceptably.  It was by no means my greatest night of fetishing of all-time, but I scored a couple major finds with one new girl destined to find her way into the top-20 or so of my all-time greatest Iowa State Fair hits next spring when I reconfigure my lists.  There were some lengthy dry spells last night and the crowds tend to disperse very dramatically after 11 p.m. on weeknights, but the frequency with which I found a sighting worthy of a writeup was much more common than last year.  I ended the night with 68 sightings, which is probably right about average for my Wednesday nights at the fair, even though there was a three-year stretch where I bent that curve upwards from 2010-2012, primarily because high-profile country singers were in the bandshell those nights and brought out larger crowds.  Whatever the case, it improved upon the 61 sightings I scored in 2013, which was my only real “goal”.

I got my first sighting of a modestly attractive young mother a few minutes after arriving and then headed to the south side where Sighting #2 was the first to impress.  She was an attractive dark brunette in a skimpy black tanktop and tight dark jeans walking with her boyfriend, both wielding half-smoked cigarettes.  I followed them down a side block and snapped a photo, taking in the headwinds of both of the exhales she released after taking decent drags.  Not much of a storyline with this sighting but she dropped the cigarette and crushed it out after just a few well-choreographed drags.  Her butt was a Marlboro Light.  I walked away with my first satisfying sighting of the day and was already doing better than I was last year on this day.

I stitched together a few more modest sightings in the next half hour before discovering my next memorable girl on the edge of the grandstand and the midway.  Sighting #7 was a ponytailed light brunette in a gray T-shirt and faded blue cutoffs.  She looked about 20 or 21, was standing there with an attractive female friend and a guy, and was the only smoker of the group taking a couple of nice drags before ending the sighting prematurely by crushing out the cigarette despite having a good three-quarters inch of tobacco left for her to smoke.  She looked like a classic “nice girl” who somehow got herself addicted to cigarettes and is now forcing her nonsmoking friends to wait for her to attend to her stinky dependency before pressing forward.  She was hovering outside the nearby bar and grill with the female friend while the guy went inside to get an adult beverage, allowing me to snap a couple of photos, one frontal and one from behind, unfortunately after the cigarette was discarded (the butt was an L & M).  I would see this group again (although no more smoking) not long afterwards on the south side of the grounds and my suspicion was confirmed that the guy was the boyfriend of the smoker, as they walked hand in hand, her smelly, nicotine-stained fingers interlocked with his as the cute couple progressed with the other female friend.  Wish I would have seen more from this girl, who was my 1,500th Iowa State Fair sighting since 2006.

I ventured through the south side seating area, where one never knows what they might find, and would ultimately come across the sighting of the day in a place I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a sighting before.  There are two small flights of stairs on the eastern end of the seating area that lead up to a circle of international flags and a fountain.  Sitting on a bench atop the first flight of stairs was a mid-teen couple that thankfully grabbed my attention walking by, even in this remote spot where I don’t often look.  I ascended the stairs to see Sighting #8, the sweetest little blond angel one could ever expect to see with a cigarette.  She wasn’t “beautiful”….she was just wholesome beyond words, the classic stereotype of a bubbly, innocent 16-year-old cheerleader type with a mouth full of braces and her blond hair up in a bushy ponytail.  She could have been an extra of one of Stephanie Tanner’s friends on “Full House” back in the 90s.  Yet there she was, holding a freshly lit cork filter cigarette in her hand and couldn’t have possibly looked more out of place doing so wearing a conservative gray shirt and a pair of tight Spandex-type pants with a busy, colorful pattern on them.  I was in love!  Now the boyfriend next to her was a pretty wholesome-looking fellow himself, also right around 16 with a bushy hairdo, and I’m 90% sure when I got there he was smoking a cigarette himself, although it was disposed of quickly.  The entire show that I was about to get consisted of this fascinating girl’s smoking show, and what a show it would be…..

I sat down on a bench across from them, and while a little too exposed for my preference, had a great vantage point of her smoking.  And almost immediately after I sat down a middle-aged couple walked past them, and the guy began talking to them in a joking way, with the boy responding equally lightheartedly.  I couldn’t make out a word of it but since there was little else that made sense for them to talk about, I suspect the conversation revolved around the teenage couple’s smoke break.  The innocence of this couple, especially the girl, is impossible to overstate, so it was just heartbreaking whenever she inserted that cork filter into her mouth for a precocious drag.  The drags were surprisingly long and adorable, but the exhales were what always got me, her innocent face expelling sloppy little cloudbursts from her mouth and nose that always seemed to drift right into the boyfriend’s face.  There was no wind to speak of yesterday so it must have just been fate that directed her exhales to flow straight into his grill over and over and over.  And I got one other surprise that came all-too-frequently after her sloppy, blobbish exhales–spitting.  I know not everyone is into sloppy exhales and especially spitting in smoker girls, but this girl was chronic, dropping juicy lugies straight in front of her onto the pavement after her drags on four different occasions.

Normally I would have had a wide-open lane to take some direct frontal photos of this madness, but I had a big problem.  The bright sunshine that boosted my morale so high when I entered the grounds was now at the angle where it was producing long shadows and interfering with my shots.  I tried from a few different angles, drawing major attention to myself doing so, and just couldn’t get the sweet spot where I captured her face and the cigarette.  I sat back down so I could watch the end of the show, watching the once-long cigarette grow shorter and shorter as it was consumed by this most innocent face.  She took her final drag and crushed out the cigarette on the pavement in front of her.  Watching that last exhale drift into the boyfriend’s face, I thought to myself that he must be relieved her cigarette was finally gone so he could breathe again, but he still had one decidedly unfeminine display from his little girlfriend to watch before they pressed on….an unprecedented double lugie drop, with a giant ball of spit dropping from her mouth followed by a second, slightly smaller dribble a split second later.  I thought to myself this guy had to have some level of fetish himself for the girl to feel so comfortable being so gross in front of him. Either way, I couldn’t have been more jealous.

I had two orders of business as the couple got up to leave.  The first was to ID her butt.  I maneuvered my way around four pools of her slobber to find the butt I presume to be a Marlboro Red Special Blend as its markings are similar to the Marlboro Light Special Blend except with a cork filter.  I even took a photo of the pavement where all of her lugies were dropped.  From there I needed a better photo, even though her cigarette was gone.  The couple was going up the hill towards the east side and I found a walkway parallel.  I was really pushing my luck here as this couple was definitely aware of me at this point, and I would need luck on my side to pull off the direct frontal photo I was going for.  But luck was on my side as they turned left exactly as I needed them to and I snapped the shutter on my camera phone getting a photo that will preserve her memory forever.  I obviously would have preferred a better smoking photo, but I’ll still be able to look at this snapshot at any time in the future and recall the chronic spitter with the innocent mid-teen face and remind myself that this girl does indeed smoke.  I thought there was a very good chance I’d run into these two again last night given the aforementioned smaller weeknight crowds, but I never did.  Nonetheless, the visit was already worthwhile after receiving the gift of this sighting before dark.

Needless to say, I was positively giddy after that sighting for quite some time and would go on a pretty decent tear in the next half hour.  There’s an isolated grassy idea just to the west of the main entrance to this one big commercial exhibits building, and a trio of early 20s gals was sitting (one was standing) there smoking cigarettes.  One girl was too overweight and unattractive to count, but Sighting #10 was a dark blond in a light blue top and pale blue jean shorts.  She was decently attractive but nothing that took my breath away, and finishing off her cigarette with a final drag before dropping it to the grass, ahead of her two friends who were still smoking.  Unfortunately, the short-haired brunette in a conservative white top and jeans was a mystery because her back was to me and it wasn’t gonna be easy given her positioning to see her face.  She sat Indian-style and I could see the cigarette in her hand and was pretty confident she would be Sighting #11 before I saw her face.  I finally found a position to the side where I scored a modest photo and finally got a decent look at her face.  She was easily the prettiest girl of the three and I got to see one final drag before she crushed the cigarette out.  She got up and the trio left, and seeing them all in the same position side by side the short-haired brunette definitely stood out as the cutest.  I’m lucky I got two-for-one sightings like this yesterday otherwise my numbers wouldn’t have been particularly great at night’s end.

I’d get another two-for-one sighting at the edge of the grandstand and the midway moments later, in a group of five that consisted of two girls and three guys.  As I approached, I could tell both 18-19ish brunette girls were very pretty, and one was already smoking while the other was taking a fresh cigarette out of a pack of Newports.  Adorably, only one of the three guys was smoking and it was pretty clear later on that he was the guy who was not the boyfriend to either of the two stinky girls.  I was thrilled as I walked into the scene where Sightings #14 and #15 would play out, hoping for a blockbuster and one of my best sightings of the night.  Two of the guys were preparing to take some photos and the timing was perfect for me to get a snapshot of my own of the already smoking girl in mid-drag, and I’m grateful for my stealth camera because I was about to get called out, albeit for something entirely different than stalking them.  Seconds after I got my photo, the girl seated on the left who was already smoking saw me and said, “You can go.” followed by “Don’t mind us, we’re picture whores”, believing the reason I was lingering there was to avoid their picture-taking so I wouldn’t get in the shot.  I had no choice but to walk past the group and kick myself for having to walk away, desperately scrambling to figure out how I’d get back to see more of that sighting….

I waited a minute or so and then returned and sat on a bench further away than I’d prefer, but still well-positioned to watch them.  By now, the second girl with the Newport was well into her cigarette, hovering around what I could tell was her nonsmoking boyfriend, a pretty and fairly petite ponytailed dark brunette with a white T-shirt and jean shorts who was probably the better-looking of the two girls, but it was the other girl (the one who spoke to me earlier) who intrigued me most.  She was a pretty long-haired light brunette with a gray top and white shorts (always a favorite) sitting up in a window sill on the grandstand’s edge, her smooth, tanned legs on full display as she smoked her cigarette.  Sweet Jesus these two were sexy and I wished I was able to watch from a closer position.  Their smoking styles were both nice, but the light brunette’s was easier to see sitting up in that window sill, her well-timed drags always followed up by solid exhales.   The dark brunette was horsing around a little more and got a couple of talking exhales in while in the company of her boyfriend and the other smoking guy.  All too quickly, the sighting ended and the girls were walking towards the nearby bathroom.  The light brunette in the white shorts had a plumper ass than I expected, but it was in that “sexy big butt” realm, and she apparently knew it as the girls began dancing and shaking their booties to nonexistent music as they walked towards the bathroom.  I tried to get a photo but for whatever reason my camera failed me until they were too far away.  I was only able to identify the still-smoldering butt of the dark brunette Newport girl when I returned to where they smoked as the other girl’s butt was unidentifiable amongst several discarded butts in her area.   I would have loved more from the sighting–or to see these girls again yesterday–but I still did okay and would still rank this as among my top-five sightings of the day.

For obvious reasons, I journeyed back to that south side seating area more than usual in hopes of rediscovering my favorite new mid-teen blond smoker and spitter, but even though I wouldn’t, I still came across a double-barrel sighting in the more public seating area in that south side location, spotting an 18ish duo of girls where one of them, Sighting #20, was smoking.  Unfortunately, it was the less attractive of the two, a slightly chubby and only modestly cute dark brunette in the final drags of what looked like a pack of Marlboro Mediums.  She got up to leave and her butt and thighs were a little too big for the skin-tight leggings she was wearing, and I was disappointed that the shapely, jean-shorted dark blond friend with her wasn’t smoking.  However, on a bench across from them was what I presumed to be a husband and wife in their late 20s or early 30s.  The wife was the only smoker and was expertly brandishing a freshly lit all-white between her fingers to become Sighting #21.  She was quite attractive and had curly, light-brown hair and was wearing a conservative blouse and jeans, smoking like one would expect a long-time smoker gal would, without any dramatics but with a natural poise.  I’d see the same gal smoking again about an hour later in the same general area, sitting next to the husband who was once again not smoking.  Very nice to see all these nonsmoking guys in the willing company of stinky females despite the stigma.

One common theme yesterday was the way my sightings came in a glut all at once, often after lengthy inactive periods.  Such was the case as I was approaching the center of the grounds and came upon a trio of cute 18-year-olds and discovered Sighting #22 amongst them, a girl who looked at least partially Hispanic and was quite cute yet insisted on defiling her face with a distracting ring in the middle of her nose.  Unfortunately, both of her friends were cuter but never did smoke.  No sooner did I see her than I came across a young 20-something couple very closeby who both lit up cigarettes, my Sighting #23 girl being a modestly attractive short-haired blond in a conservative blouse and jeans.   And then I hit the mother lode when I looked up to a group of six walking by that included five girls and one guy.  Four of the girls were smoking, allowing me to stack up Sightings #24,  #25, #26, and #27 all at the same time, less than 30 seconds after scoring the first two girls in this sensory overload moment.  While I had plenty of visual targets to seek in on, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to follow a group of four 20-something smokers….

Now none of these four girls were mind-blowingly hot, but two of them stood out in the crowd.  One was a long-haired dark brunette in a black blouse and a long lavender and black striped skirt, an outfit unusual enough to draw my attention, even though her smoking style was forgettable enough to quickly lose that attention with so many choices.  The girl  who fascinated me most was a shaggy-haired light brunette with badass sunglasses, a white blouse, and high-riding jean shorts and smooth legs coming from them.  She was fun to watch and the best smoker of the four, and their group stumbled into an even larger cohort of fairgoers that they appeared to know, this one mostly male, and the ladies kept on smoking in this cluster.  My favorite light brunette was talking to a middle-aged guy and taking her nicely timed drags and really cloudy skyward exhales with complete ease in his presence even though he wasn’t smoking.  I got a couple of decent pics that got my favorite girl in the mix, once in mid-drag.  I wanted a butt ID, challenging as it seemed with this big group standing there, but my favorite girl made the task even more impossible for me when she walked to the garbage can, crushed the cigarette out on the lip and tossed it inside.  I’d never see her smoking again last night, but I would see two of the other gals smoking, including the brunette in the lavender and black skirt.  I was able to get back to the partially Latina 18-year-old afterwards and enjoy the last couple drags of her cigarette as well.  Suddenly I felt like I had some momentum again.

It was approaching dusk as I ventured back to the south side and slipped by that seating area once again that has been so rewarding this year.  And I could see from afar that it was about to be again as I saw from behind two teenage girls with cigarettes sitting by themselves on a berm.  And lucky me, I had my choice of benches across from them to get a front-row seat.  I planted my ass on a bench directly across from them to get as close as possible, about to get one of the biggest pleasant surprises in the history of fair fetishing.  Even though there were two girls smoking, I was only going to be able to count one of them as a sighting, and that was the decently attractive brunette in a red top and dark jeans who was Sighting #31.  Now the reason that I didn’t count the other girl was not because she wasn’t attractive….she was in fact the more attractive of the two.  I couldn’t count her because I never count a girl I’ve already counted before as a sighting earlier in the same year.  In this case, it was a girl from Saturday night…..THE girl from Saturday night.  I was staring right back at that innocent face of a petite blond who looked like 90s country singer Lila McCann….a face I couldn’t forget even if I got a full frontal lobotomy.  As very close to unprecedented as it is for me at least in state fair sightings, I was seeing this same Marlboro Reds-chaining cutiepie again who smoked nine cigarettes in two hours on Saturday night.  It was surreal enough to keep running into her on Saturday night, but now I was running into her yet again four days later!!

She was distracted on her smartphone when I sat down and since I knew she’d recognize me from Saturday, I quickly got up and moved a couple of benches away.  The brunette friend, who by the way was a different and more attractive friend than the brunette she was with on Saturday, was just finishing her cigarette, crushing it out on the berm and that was the cue for the duo to get up and walk away, with my blond still clutching on to a couple of remaining drags on her cigarette.  I followed at a bit of a distance, not wanting to get called out for two nights of familiarity, but I always wanted to get a couple of photos.  After two more drags, she dropped the butt to the pavement, burning ash scattering all over as she halfheartedly crushed it out with her butt.  Unsurprisingly, another Marlboro Red, now my 10th from her in two nights.  I had one objective and that was to get photos of her since it was too dark to get good ones on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, it was approaching dusk and I was at the danger zone where my photos start getting blurry without the flash.  I managed a couple of rear photos that aren’t too bad, capturing her sexy body which tonight was draped in a more revealing black tanktop that exposed quite a bit of bare flesh on her back and a pair of very tight dark jeans.  Now I preferred her short shorts from Saturday, but these jeans were sexy too, and the presentation made her look even more like Lila McCann circa 1998.  I tried to take a couple side photos of her walking but they didn’t turn out, and I saw her looking my way both times and making awkward eye contact.  I would definitely have to hang back at this point as the girl turned down the concourse and then headed into the midway….

I kept a distance as I followed, hoping she’d at least light up another cigarette.  Instead, she met with her guy friends, at least one of them the same from Saturday night, and they stopped at some junk vendor in the midway and lingered long enough that I couldn’t risk hovering any longer and vacated, hoping and expecting I’d see her again later in the evening.  As is the story all too often with this girl, to be continued…

As I said, the Swon Brothers were performing at the bandshell and a pretty big crowd was assembled there watching them, so I spent about 10 minutes encircling the crowded seating area looking for smokers, and coming up with at least a modest litany of hits.  On my first pass, it wasn’t until the very end that I came across a trio of 20-something smokers standing on the grass puffing away.  The context needed to describe Sightings #36 and #37 is that one of the girls was a dark-haired brunette in jean shorts with her overweight, middle-aged mother.  I saw this gal smoking once before last night and had already counted her as a sighting, but can’t remember her serial number.  The other two gals, who definitely seemed to know her, were both new, and one was a tall and only modestly attractive brunette while the other was the cutest of the three, a feminine-looking dark blond in a white top and jean shorts.  Now even she wasn’t gorgeous per se, but hers was the face that drew my attention the most as she smoked her cigarette.  I leaned back against the bathroom wall, listened to some of the music, and enjoyed my front-row seat of the stinky threesome for a couple of minutes before venturing off.  Interestingly, I would see the dark blond, my favorite of the three, smoking again after the concert and was able to ID her brand after she dropped that second cigarette butt to the grass….a Camel Blue.

Back to the aftermath of my first trio sighting, I ventured to the east side of the stage briefly but then planned to double back from the direction I came from to go through the back of the crowd again.  Doing so I came across Sighting #38, an attractive mid-20s blond navigating through the crowd with a half-smoked all-white between her fingers in the company of a nonsmoking brunette friend.  Oh I have to follow, I thought to myself, turning around to do just that.  But I wouldn’t get far when this blond was sidelined by none other than the smoking threesome I just observed.  Seriously?!??!  At first I thought they were part of an interconnected group but they weren’t.  Apparently they were just complimenting her on her T-shirt!  There were no tattoos on her back as I first suspected, but blondie was wearing a tie dye T-shirt with an largely open back and far as I can tell, that’s what the smoking threesome spent the next 30 seconds discussing with her before she and the friend proceeded.  Blondie’s presentation in that open-back tie-dye T-shirt and a pair of spotty medium-blue jean shorts below it really did add some sizzle to her steak, as her face while attractive wasn’t one of the prettiest at the fair.  The girls were walking around the east side of the stage and I was confident I’d get the chance to ID her butt.  I had one more sidetrack though that nearly sabotaged me as the two girls stopped in front of another young gal I didn’t suspect they knew who had a newborn baby.  Blondie dropped the cigarette to her feet and crushed it out at the exact moment she stopped, exposing the tiny baby to her fresh cigarette stench at close range as she chatted.  I had to wait for them to disperse before I could ID her butt as a Marlboro Light.  That girl was prominent the rest of the evening as well, sitting with a larger group of guys and attractive mid-20s girls inside The Depot.  Her pack of Marlboro Lights was always present but it wasn’t until I made my final pass through The Depot en route to my midnight shuttle bus that I saw her take another one out to light, and of course I couldn’t stick around to see it and risk missing my bus.

My next sighting of significance occurred on the west side of the grounds, on a bench not far in front of The Depot in fact…close enough to hear the music playing inside there.  This was significant because as I approached a duo of what appeared to be mid-teen girls dancing to the music in the grass in front of the bench, I could see a cigarette in the hand of the dark blond hottie of the pair, decked out in a pink tanktop and jean shorts to authenticate the image of the Sighting #40 girl that I had tremendously high expectations for.  As I approached the bench and saw what appeared to be older gals sitting there, one of them smoking and being barely attractive enough to count as Sighting #41, my first thought was that I had a mother-daughter sighting on my hands here.  But further speculation threw a bucket of cold water on my high expectations when it became clear that the two dancing girls, including that smoker, were older than they looked.  They both had relative baby faces and the body types of mid-teen girls, especially as they so immaturely danced to the bopping music, but closer inspection confirmed they were more like 21.  And closer inspection of the two less attractive gals on the bench was that they were likely a little bit older, but still in their 20s.  Even with the disappointment, that dark blond dancer was still quite a find and I enjoyed her smoking show as I watched from the nearest bench.  Nothing dramatic about her smoking style, but for smoking to be occurring at all by this blond putting forth such a youthful, feminine presentation lit up my night.  I was even able to snap a couple of photos that, while blurry, capture her presentation from the side.  She finished the cigarette and dropped it to the ground, crushing it out.  The group didn’t go anywhere so I wasn’t immediately able to identify the butt as planned, but I marked the bench and when I came back later in the night I was able to confirm that it was a Camel Blue.

The concerts were starting to dismiss and I ventured around one of the nearest bathrooms, hoping some girls might be looking to take a combination potty and smoke break.  A duo of 18-19ish couples were hovering not far from the bathrooms and I began to notice one of the girls fidgeting in her purse.  She was a shorter dark blond in (another!) tie dye bare midriff top coupled with black shorts.  And sure enough, out came (another!) pack of Marlboro Reds, one of which she kept for herself and another she handed to one of the guys who I would quickly discover was her boyfriend.  Not sure when it happened that tie-dye tops, acid-washed jeans and shorts, and Marlboro Reds came back in style, but it’s like it’s 1988 all over again!  Anyway, I was able to sit down nearby and watch Sighting #44 smoke her cigarette.  Stylistically, she was just average but as always seeing a girl with such a feminine presentation smoke was a pleasure to witness.  The other friend, a taller dark blond in a tanktop and jean shorts, was also cute but it didn’t look like she and her boyfriend were smokers.  After a few minutes standing there, the two couples walked off in the direction of (where else) the south side seating area.  The guys fooled around near the fountains while the girls stood back, the smoker filling her body with blackness and making the cherry of her Marlboro Red glow when she took a drag in the unlit area.  I sat in front of them, fully expecting they’d move that direction, and when they did, I noticed the other guy had a cigarette going by now and was handing it to his girlfriend for a drag, turning this sighting into a two-for-one as the other girl very briefly became Sighting #45 before handing it back to the boyfriend.  I briefly followed them and the #44 girl took her final drag off the Marlboro Red before dropping it to the pavement and crushing it out and proceeding into the south side of the fair.  Since it was only guys smoking at this point, I ventured elsewhere.

Another of my top-three sightings of the night came next as I migrated to the center of the grounds where there’s usually a giant huddle of mid-teens this time of the night, but much less of one on a Wednesday night.  By no means was she a mid-teen, but the mid-20s gal I saw from afar while approaching drew me in like honey the second I laid eyes on her.  Sighting #49 was very pretty, probably about 25, a long-haired dark brunette with the features of a heavy smoker, wearing a flattering and sexy red tanktop and tight-fitting jean shorts while holding a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  I kept repositioning myself on a series of benches in the area as others got up to leave, improving my vantage point of the gal who was the most skilled smoker of the evening.  Also in her company was a guy, a young girl who looked about two and was being pushed around in a stroller, and another mediocre dark blond who was also smoking but barely good enough to count as Sighting #50.  At first I thought the blond was the mother of the young girl but would eventually learn it was my brunette who was, and the little girl would be tugging on mommy a couple of occasions as mommy obliterated her cigarette.  On every single drag, that cigarette was placed in her mouth for a rich, elongated drag followed up with fierce smoke missiles that rocketed out of her mouth in a way that I’m glad I wasn’t too close to or it’d probably have left a bruise….

I got to watch every drag from pretty close range and on the final third of the cigarette was even treated to a couple of exceptional talking exhales, where she’d be saying something to the boyfriend/husband with wisps of smoke escaping her face, but there was always enough exhaust left in her lungs that the missile blast exhales were yet to come, and were still plentiful in volume.  Also impressing was her tight body, which I would never have believed could have ever spit out a kid, her flat stomach visible under that tight tanktop, shapely midsection visible under those tight jean shorts, and impossibly smooth legs underneath.  I had figured the boyfriend/husband was a nonsmoker throughout this sighting but he did light up towards the end of her cigarette.  She took a final drag and crushed out the cigarette before preparing the young daughter in the stroller and wheeling off in the moments ahead, and I couldn’t help but speculate that the daughter is undoubtedly already addicted to nicotine having lived in the womb of this addict for nine months.  I swooped in after they strolled away and IDed her butt as a Marlboro Red Special Blend, my second of those this evening and both from very high-profile smoker gals.

Next I made my final midway trip for the evening and quickly after entering doubled-down on an Iowa State Fair tradition–the cigar sighting.  Two young ladies of color, both in the 18-19 range, were standing there with the prettier of the two smoking a Black ‘N’ Mild cigar.  She appeared to be Hispanic but also had some African-American features, and although she was a little chubbier than my preference, had a cute face.  I watched as Sighting #52 took a few drags from the cigar, and after every drag would oddly blow onto the cherry of the cigar even though it seemed to be burning just fine.  I stuck around until she handed it to the heavyset African American friend who I wasn’t interested in and walked deeper into the midway.  Even though neither of 2014’s ISF cigar sightings will be “blog-worthy greatest hits” as the two from 2012 and 2013 were, I still appreciated both of them.

I pressed forward into the midway as planned and when I got to the back, I spotted blasts of smoke rising into the sky.  Now I could tell the obvious heavy clouds of water vapor from an e-cig or vaporizer was the source of one of the clouds, but that an actual cigarette was the source of another.  But where was it coming from, I asked myself while surveying the crowd and seeing nobody with a cigarette.  Alas, I looked at this bench nearby that a bunch of teenagers were standing atop, and started surveying them.  There were three guys and two girls in the general cluster, and one of the guys had a vaporizer….while one of the girls had a cigarette.  Now there is some bad news….the girl who wasn’t smoking would have been the sighting of the year, a 13ish dark brunette with braces wearing a bare-midriff top and pink shorts, about five notches more innocent-looking even than my chronic-spitting mid-teen cutie earlier in the day.  The other girl in the group who was smoking (Sighting #53) was not particularly cute, but a short dark blond with glasses and white shorts covering a tiny butt and virtually no hips.  She was a mystery because her body type was that of a 13-year-old girl–which was without question the age range of the friend–but her face looked like a 16-year-old.  Meanwhile the guys all seemed like they were more like 17.  It was a very odd group and I still don’t understand the logistics or the age of the one girl who was smoking, but that midsection still suggested she’s only gonna be going into the seventh grade next week, and if that’s right, really makes this a powerful sighting despite the fact that she wasn’t particularly attractive….

The smoking itself had a few memorable moments as the group eventually got down from the picnic table and hovered behind the seating arrangement where I was watching.  The highlight of the sighting was when the two girls were talking and one of the guys approached.  The girl was a good six inches shorter than the guy and had just taken a drag from her cigarette when she looked up his way and exhaled, inadvertently sending a pretty long-distance smoke missile right into his face, to which he adorably did not respond.  That was the only electric moment of her otherwise modest smoking show, but the other fun moment came when the guy with the vaporizer took a gigantic drag and then stepped right up to the cutiepie brunette girl and exhaled one of those massive water vapor bombs into her face, a gigantic cloud surrounding her face from which its doubtful she could see anything for the next few seconds.  I stuck around until the smoker finished her cigarette and IDed it as a Camel Blue.  I suppose this sighting’s storyline will rank it among my top-five of the night, but it had the potential to be much better than that if the girl was prettier….and if I could more definitively identify her age.

After the midway, I headed west down the concourse as the 11:00 hour approached, when I knew the population on the fairgrounds would start to thin down quickly on a Wednesday night.  The area near The Depot rarely fails to deliver at the west edge of the concourse and it came through again last night.  A mixed-gender cluster of all ages hovered outside the gate of The Depot when a young couple walked out, the very attractive female of the couple in possession of a cigarette.  And Sighting #57 was indeed a knockout, a long-haired blond in a white blouse and long black and white striped skirt.  She looked to be in her mid-20s and had the face of a long-time heavy smoker.  The boyfriend with her wasn’t smoking at the time, although he would later.  And she was a helluva smoker to, with no-purpose dangles and long drags with heavy exhales, often done amidst the tight cluster in which she was the only one smoking.  She dropped the butt in an inaccessible spot and I figured the show was likely over, leading me to wander around the general area and encircle The Depot again….

But lo and behold when I got back, my favorite sexpot blond was holding a pack of Marlboro Red Special Blends (the third MRSB smoker of the night!!!) and extracting a cigarette before putting the pack back in her purse.  She lit up and carried on with a good 3o-second dangle after the light-up that dazzled.  This girl was a pure professional when it came to ingesting cancerous chemicals into her young body, but I was greedy.  There was a wholesome ponytailed girl in jean shorts who she was talking to and I really wanted to see her light up too.  From the back, the second girl looked like she was about 16, but up-close she was probably 21.  She wasn’t nearly as “hot” as the long-haired blond smoker but she’d have definitely made a more unlikely smoker.  Just when I was about to give up hope and walk away, the boyfriend of the smoker pro took out a pack of cigarettes I couldn’t identify, but with all-white filter, and lit up, handing a second cigarette to the friend who let it dangle from her lips while waiting for the pro to get her lighter back out of her purse.  It seemed pretty clear she was a social smoker, but was still well-positioned to be Sighting #58.  And in moments, the friend lit her up, and it was an absolute joy watching the two of them take dueling exhales.  The original blond easily bested her style-wise but it was a wonderful show nonetheless…and also kind of adorable that the girlfriend apparently smokes a harsher brand than her boyfriend. Around halfway through her cigarette, the wholesome friend started wandering across the steps next to The Depot and I followed in hopes of a butt ID.  But when she got to the building’s entrance, she stubbed the cigarette out on the wall and pocketed it to save for later, then walked inside.  I’m guessing she just really needed to use the bathroom, but either way, I just made one more pass by the long-haired blond to see one more impressive drag before heading back east on the concourse.

Doing so, I came across another unlikely duo, two 18ish girls of middling-to-slightly-above-average attractiveness chatting with a guy and another girl but getting ready to walk off.  I could see from afar that one of the two girls had an unlit cigarette in her hand.  As I got closer, I could see she was pretty in a fairly undistinguished way, with shoulder-length light brown hair and a grayish top and shorts.  Shortly after walking away from the other couple, she lit up and became Sighting #60.  Her smoking style was similar to her presentation, nice but not memorable, and she took several drags before what I was hoping for happened…she handed the cigarette to the friend.  Now the friend was much like her in that she wouldn’t stand out in the crowd for being a raging beauty, but was pretty enough to command my attention and I would jump at the chance to go out with either one of them.  The friend’s presentation was more memorable in that she was wearing a tight pair of pale yellow pants.  The original smoker was distractingly beginning to dig in the backpack of the girl now in possession of the cigarette who took a single drag, albeit a very nice one, becoming Sighting #61 and responding to the friend with a talking exhale that was easily the most memorable smoking moment of the sighting.  Unfortunately she handed the cigarette back to the original girl who was proceeding to take a sweatshirt out of the backpack and put it on her.  Not sure why as it was by no means cold last night, but at least the distraction was finally about to be over.  It must have been a short cigarette because it didn’t seem to last long and the yellow-pants friend who intrigued me more only got two total drags before it was gone, with the girl who lit it crushing it out and tossing it into the garbage can, denying me the butt ID.

I had an hour to go on the evening and had tied my total from 2013, so everything from this point forward would just be gravy as I headed to the south side.  By this point in the night I had all but forgotten about her, thinking she had to have left early or I certainly would have seen her, but as I walked down the middle of the street on the south side and looked to my left, there she was…..my chainsmoking Marlboro Reds girl with the same friend as before…..and she was smoking another cigarette even though the friend wasn’t.  This was the second cigarette I witnessed from her tonight and the 11th of two days at the Iowa State Fair, a record I suspect will hold for the rest of my life and for however short her life is likely to be.  Once again, we made eye contact, which meant I had to tread carefully as I followed.  Her cigarette looked recently lit so I should be in store for quite a show, and it turned out to be vintage unpredictability from my Lila McCann clone, who walked pass this cluster of middle-aged guys looking at this new statue of the couple from the American Gothic painting that was erected in the last year.  For whatever reason, my smoker and her friend were prompting high-fives from these guys in their 50s .  The guys awkwardly cooperated, touching the free hand of the teenage girl with the smelliest and most nicotine-stained fingers of anyone on the fairgrounds.  She pressed forward on a near identical path that they took earlier in the night, on a direct line to the midway, as Miss Chainsmoker kept taking her modest drags and modest exhales from the cigarette…

Once in the midway, the girls continued their immature little game of high-fiving everyone they came across from random midway people to the carnies operating the rides and games.  In between high-fives, she predictably attended to her cigarette.  Finally, she finished off the cigarette and crushed it out right before high-fiving a guy with a jumpshot basketball game, who let her take a shot after the high-five, which she missed.  The girls pressed on and I felt I was so exposed that I only dared to follow for another minute or so, in hopes she’d smoke another cigarette.  When she didn’t, I turned around to fetish elsewhere, still hoping and fully expecting to run into her again with as empty as the grounds were becoming.  Sadly I wouldn’t.  Now it never crossed my mind I’d see this girl a second night at the Iowa State Fair, but after seeing her two nights of doing just that, it’s  not unthinkable I’ll run into her next Saturday when I plan to go again if the forecasted rain fails to materialize.  Even if I don’t, what an unbelievable ride with this girl who seems next to impossible to beat right now for 2014 Sighting of the Year.

It was a rough final hour, with the fairgrounds getting so empty they could have shot a cannon down the concourse and not hit anybody.  We’re talking ghost town empty, where I’d walk down a street and wonder if the place already closed and I was the last one to know.  But I would string together a handful of additional sightings, and my final two of the day were the last memorable ones, with one sighting leading into another.  Sighting #67 came on the concourse behind the grandstand when I spotted a guy with two familiar-looking girls, one of whom I had eyeballed earlier in the night because of her spectacular presentation, a light brunette with the body of a young girl wearing a very sexy pair of tight jean shorts that featured a litany of different shades of blue.  I almost flipped when I saw the cigarette between her fingers from the rear that I wished I had seen hours earlier.  I hastily walked her way for a better look, and unfortunately the long cigarette held next to those sexy jean shorts was the best this sighting would look.  She wasn’t “ugly” but was quite a bit older than the outfit and body type suggested, probably at least 21, and her features were only modestly attractive.  But as I hustled on up to see her, I’d come across my final sighting of the night seated on a bench…

Sighting #68 was a decently attractive brunette in a white top and jean shorts, with a distracting sweatshirt tied around her waist covering up her most attractive bodily assets.  She had a memorable look with long dark brown hair and a face that wasn’t knockout gorgeous but stood out in the crowd, especially with the all-white cigarette she sat there smoking all by herself.  I didn’t suspect she’d be sitting by herself for long though and she wasn’t.  A guy that was assuredly her boyfriend approached the bench with a corn dog, originally sitting to her left and obstructing my view.  Adorably though, she took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled and the smoke apparently drifted his way, at which point he stood up and sat on the other side of her, seeking refuge from her merciless smoke assault.  He also handed her the corn dog, from which she took a bite and handed it back to him, quickly returning to her true love, the cigarette.  She got on the phone and was apparently trying to meet back up with people they separated from, and in seconds the couple was discovered in line at a nearby food stand.  The smoker girl got up to chat with them in the line, leaving her boyfriend to finish his corn dog.  She continued to adeptly smoke the cigarette while chatting with the nonsmoking friends and finally after another half dozen drags dropped it.  In moments, they all walked back to the bench where the boyfriend was and IDed her all-white butt as a Camel Light.

There was nearly a half hour left of the night until I had to get on my shuttle bus but I would find no new smokers.  I did, interestingly enough, see that last girl smoking another Camel Light only a couple of minutes after she finished the previous one.  I tried to squeeze every last minute of fetishing I could but had to board my shuttle bus only a couple of minutes before midnight.  Underscoring how empty the fairgrounds were, I was one of only three people aboard that midnight shuttle bus.  As I said, my calendar allotted me a potential third day of Iowa State Fair sightings coming up this Saturday, but the weather forecast is a disaster morning, afternoon, and night so we’ll see how much if any of it happens.  But even if last night was the end of the 2014 Iowa State Fair, I’m standing at 209 sightings this year, up from 175 last year and 189 in 2012.  And I’ve had some exceptional quality as well, even beyond this year’s shining star, with as many as nine sightings that at least have the potential to make my top-25 sightings of the year.  In terms of depth and breadth, the Iowa State Fair bested my county fair this year for the first time in three years, which is a sigh of relief as the last couple of years made me fear the Iowa State Fair was starting to decline as a venue.  Don’t count them out just yet!



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