Trevor’s Girlfriend Meets The Family

Trevor McPherson gingerly works the steering wheel and pedals of his dad’s car as he drives through the familiar suburban neighborhood approaching his home on a Friday evening in early October. He had just gotten his driver’s license a month ago and is still pretty nervous behind the wheel. A few short months earlier, he had no burning desire at all to get his driver’s license despite his 16th birthday approaching in August, but the girl a few feet to his right in the passenger seat changed that rather quickly in the later weeks of summer when he fast-tracked his way through driver’s ed. Trevor allowed himself to take his eyes off the road for a second to look at 15-year-old Lauren, a beautiful long-haired dark blond who could not have more perfectly personified the Midwestern girl next door. The nervous look on Lauren’s face matched her body language, as she repeatedly crosses and uncrosses her legs and takes copious and deeper drags than usual from her cigarette. Trevor is nervous too, but seeing that Lauren is far more nervous than him is just too adorable and an uncharacteristically smug smile lights up his face.

Lauren takes note of Trevor’s grin and a nervous smile emerges on her own face before saying, “You’re enjoying this just a little too much!” She pauses to take another nervous drag from her cigarette and then adds through a talking exhale “I’m soooo nervous about meeting your family!”

“Don’t worry, babe. They’ll love you,” Trevor smoothly reassures her. The look of youthful apprehension on Lauren’s face as she laments meeting his family at the end of their car ride takes him back to that night in late June when he first met Lauren at the swimming hole in northern Minnesota near where both of their families’ cabins were. A trigger was pushed inside Trevor on the smoky ride up to the cabin with his sisters that day and he decided to let go of his boyhood inhibitions. His first step was to approach the first pretty girl who tickled his fancy, particularly if she happened to be smoking a cigarette. As luck would have it, the very sweet and innocent mid-teen Lauren was sitting on the dock of the lake with her little brother and Trevor dug deep to extract every morsel of confidence he could muster and approached Lauren. It was the best decision he ever made as they connected immediately and hung out together in subsequent weekends at the cabin that summer.   They lived two suburbs apart in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, so Trevor needed to get his driver’s license to reconnect with Lauren on a regular basis after summer ended, but everything fell into place and Trevor had never been happier in his 16 years than he was right now.

But it’s time for Trevor to take a big risk that he hopes will yield a huge reward. It’s time for Trevor to introduce Lauren to his family. Lauren has always been surprised that Trevor is so tolerant of her smoking but Trevor never broached the topic of his sexual attraction and since he and the conservative Lauren were a long way’s from being intimate, he never had any opportunity to convey it to her without it being awkward. Introducing Lauren to the family had the potential to stitch together some loose ends. It could finally earn him some respect from his family who means well but has always treated him as fairly invisible since he’s so quiet and unassuming…..but how could he be ignored after landing such a cute, intelligent, and well-mannered girlfriend? And being immersed in the smoking culture of his family could subtly send some cues Lauren’s way that might loosen her up in his presence. There is obviously the risk that Lauren could be freaked out by discerning that his interest in her is a proxy sexual fantasy that involved his mother and sisters, but it’s a risk Trevor is willing to take and knows that that revelation is inevitable anyway if he and Lauren go out long enough.

Lauren takes a final drag from her spent cigarette and deposits the butt out the cracked window which she also exhales through and then it finally hits her as she turns to Trevor with a terrified look on her face. “Oh shit!” she exclaims. “Now I’m gonna reek of smoke in front of your family!” apparently not even making the connection while nervously smoking her cigarette up to that point.

Trevor laughs at what would be a legitimate concern for most girls in this position, but quickly puts her mind at ease with a deliberate understatement, “Don’t worry. Most people in my family smoke so they won’t care.”

Immediately the fear vanishes off of Lauren’s face as she thinks for a second and adds, “Okay, good. Your clothes always smell like smoke so I figured somebody in your family must smoke.”

Trevor smiles back, not wanting to give away any clues for the merciless smoke assault Lauren is about to get in his house. He doesn’t know any details of the smoking situation in Lauren’s home other than both of her parents smoke and that she and her cousin engaged in an uncharacteristic (for Lauren) act of youthful rebellion by sneaking her parents’ cigarettes the summer before last. Trevor doesn’t know any girls of Lauren’s girl-next-door pedigree from his school who are smokers, and even with his upbringing surrounded by smokers, he is still kind of shocked that Lauren smokes. And the fascination with smoking that turned such a good girl into a smoker at age 14 is something he hoped would prove exploitable for the purposes of indulging his own smoking fetish. Tonight is gonna be the first test of that, and it’s about to happen as he turns into his parents’ driveway and parks the car. He looks to Lauren and she exhales nervously while making eye contact.

Ever the gentleman, Trevor steps out of the car and walks over to the passenger side, opens the door for Lauren who gives Trevor a nervous smile while preparing to exit the car. Distracted as Lauren is, Trevor takes the opportunity to admire her body as she rises to her feet in the driveway. Lauren dressed seasonally appropriate with a sweatshirt covering her blouse that didn’t do much for Trevor, but she delivered below the waist decked out in a skin-tight pair of black leggings. Trevor is always fascinated that girls in general and Lauren specifically consider these leggings to be fairly conservative attire as they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination of the leering male. Lauren looks to the front door as she gets out of the car, allowing Trevor to look down to her crotch. His heart skips a beat as the leggings tightly caress every curvature and every line of Lauren’s vagina that he has lusted for so heartily since that first night they met more than three months earlier. As she begins to walk towards the front door, he gets a chance to eyeball her ass which was also perfectly outlined in the leggings. He could stare at Lauren’s nubile body all night, but tonight he has a higher priority only a few feet ahead as they approach the front door of his parents’ house, and he is determined to make sure this night is a success.

Trevor opens the door and holds it open for Lauren to enter the house he grew up in. He looks at Lauren’s face to take in her reaction upon entering, and can tell Lauren is taken aback by the blue haze of smoke and the dominating smell of tobacco that hit her immediately. But neither Trevor nor Lauren have much time to react before Trevor’s mom Becky approaches the door to greet them, cigarette in hand just as Trevor suspected she would.

“Hello Lauren,” Becky warmly greets her with a surprisingly aggressive hug. “We’ve heard so much about you.” She pauses and Lauren thanks her before adding, “And I must say my son did very well for himself!”

The rest of the family approaches the entryway from the living room to see the mystery girl they had been hearing about for months. Becky introduces Lauren to them one by one, first Trevor’s dad Steve, and then sisters Courtney and Haylee who, just as Trevor suspected, were both holding cigarettes in hand as they exchange greetings. Trevor continues to read the body language, noticing Lauren looking at Courtney and Haylee smoking, and noticing that Courtney and Haylee seem very shocked at how impressive Lauren was considering their limited expectations of what the wallflower Trevor was capable of lassoing.

Lauren is welcomed into the living room where a five-year-old boy was sitting watching TV. Becky points his direction and says “Oh and this is Jarrod. Our daughter Haylee babysits him and his little brother. His brother is sleeping right now so if you don’t mind keep your voice down a little so he doesn’t wake up before dinner.”

Lauren mostly smiles and nods as the family members talk to her, answering questions with one-word responses and not giving away too much too early, and nobody including Trevor expected anything different given the obvious trepidation a 15-year-old girl would feel in this situation. Trevor makes a point of following Lauren’s eyes as she observes the family dynamics, and Lauren is paying particular attention to young Haylee who is nothing like Lauren had anticipated based on Trevor’s deliberately vague descriptions. He knew that the cute and feminine 14-year-old Haylee, decked out in her usual ensemble of pink tanktop and white shorts, must look so out of place to Lauren as she goes back to the couch where Jarrod is sitting watching his Disney movie on TV and sits right next to him with cigarette in hand. Trevor knows that both Jarrod and his brother Joshua’s parents are smokers, but he still wonders if they know the magnitude of the smoky environment that their sons experience in the McPherson home where Haylee babysits them. And he also wonders at this moment how far removed from Lauren’s household reality what is currently unfolding and what is inevitably yet to come will be. Despite growing up in a smoking household and being a smoker herself, Trevor is a little nervous that an evening with the heavy-smoking McPherson females will be far outside Lauren’s comfort zone.

Becky tells the young couple to not bother getting too comfortable because dinner would be ready in just a couple of minutes. The scenario is unfolding as Trevor had expected it would, with his mom and older sister Courtney asking Lauren the most inquisitive questions, all of which Trevor either already knows the answer to or wasn’t overly interested in. Trevor’s dad, temperamentally similar to Trevor in being pretty quiet and laid-back, gets a few questions in himself but mostly lets the ladies banter about. And Haylee, most likely a little shy around a girl her own age who happens to be her brother’s boyfriend, keeps her distance and shows the least interest in Trevor and his guest.

“Come and eat,” Becky announces to gather everybody at the kitchen table, including Haylee and Jarrod in the living room. “I hope Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes are to your liking,” Becky asks Lauren who responds approvingly. Trevor knows that this will be the true moment of revelation for how intense the smoking culture is in their home, and watches Lauren as she watches Becky, Courtney, and Haylee all bring cigarette packs and butt buckets to the kitchen table. Having had friends over for dinner in the past, Trevor is fairly confident that no “do you mind….?” inquiries will arise from anybody at the table regarding smoking at the dinner table. He doesn’t know how Lauren will respond anyway so he’s glad that his family is as clueless and selfish as ever in carrying on with their highly irregular smoking behaviors.

Lauren’s eyes get as large as saucers as she observes all three females arranging their tobacco paraphenelia in conjunction to the plates of food in front of them. Becky places her pack of Marlboro Reds on the other side of the plate from her silverware and the butt bucket similarly adjacent to her glass of milk. Courtney does the same with her butt bucket and pack of Marlboro Light Menthol 100s and Haylee with her Camel Pink No. 9s. All three ladies have still-smoldering cigarettes either poking out of their butt buckets or held between their fingers as they sit up at the table, all acting as if it’s perfectly normal behavior. In moments, forks and spoons start hitting the plates of the seven diners at the table with a haze of smoke still permeating. Trevor continues to sneak glances at Lauren to gauge her reaction, which is hard to fully discern, but he thinks it likely that Lauren has probably never experienced a situation like this in her life, particularly since most restaurants have been smoke-free over the course of her lifetime.

The conversation continues to ensue with most questions directed to Lauren but a few to Trevor. Trevor’s eyes dart back and forth from Lauren to whichever of the three other females at the table happen to be dragging from their cigarette while eating at the time. It doesn’t appear from Lauren’s reaction that she finds it completely repulsive, which is a relief to him. He had a feeling at the onset that Haylee’s legendary foul-mannered crudeness would fully put to the test Lauren’s tolerance, and he’s proven right as Haylee places her cigarette in her mouth while still chewing and takes an extended dangling drag towards the end of her Camel Pink. She crushes out the cigarette into the overflowing butt bucket and then shovels another forkful of potatoes into her mouth. Trevor watches in awe, wondering if Lauren is doing the same, as a blast of exhaled smoke exits Haylee’s nose as she chews, crashing into the plates full of food on table and spreading as it hits. Once Haylee swallows her potatoes, she crudely picks up her butt bucket and lets a juicy lugie dribble from her mouth onto the pile of cigarette butts. Trevor can see Jarrod has been watching this along with him, but is kind of hoping Lauren had missed that one. As he looks Lauren’s way and notices her immersed in conversation with Becky, he realizes she probably had.

But socially unacceptable dinnertime manners are hardly limited to Haylee at this kitchen table. The more refined Courtney would never resort to the kind of grossness that just came from Haylee, but she takes a couple of final drags from her Marlboro Light Menthol 100 in the moments ahead and follows through with her requisite “superexhales”, expelling massive volumes of straight-ahead smoke from which no one at the table was spared the stinky consequences. Courtney crushes out her cigarette and the diners are spared further asphyxiation at least for the immediate future, but Trevor knows it won’t last long.

As everybody finishes off their plate, Becky offers a strawberry-banana dessert which everybody gladly welcomes. Courtney and Haylee open up their respective packs of cigarettes and extract another one, lighting up just as Becky lights up a cigarette of her own while going to the refrigerator to break out the dessert. The questions keep coming and Lauren seems to be warming up to Trevor’s family pretty nicely as everybody eats dessert and Becky, Haylee, and Courtney smoke. Trevor keeps looking at Lauren hoping her comfort level is such that she will join in, and as she polishes off her dessert, Trevor’s wish comes true. After a night of clearly rising comfort and confidence, Lauren reverts briefly to the nervous meekness she walked in with as she looks straight at Becky and asks sheepishly, “Do you mind if I have a cigarette?”

For the first time since they arrived nearly an hour earlier, the room goes silent for a moment and every face at the table looks at Lauren with genuine surprise. Becky breaks the awkward silence and says in an unintentionally condescending voice, “Sure honey! You go right ahead! I had no idea you were a smoker.”

“Thanks,” Lauren responds gleefully, with obvious relief on her face both for the family’s acceptance and the prospect of sweet nicotine relief. She opens up her purse and pulls out her pack of Marlboro Lights 100s, and as she places the cigarette into her mouth and digs out her lighter, Trevor’s mom pleasantly surprises him with a request he didn’t even anticipate…

“Be a gentleman, Trevor, and light your girlfriend’s cigarette,” Becky advises.

Trevor thought he had prepared for every scenario that may have unfolded over the evening, but he was unprepared for him mom to so effortlessly present him with the golden opportunity he’s been waiting for since June. Lauren hands Trevor her lighter, and Trevor nervously approaches the end of the long all-white dangling from Lauren’s mouth with it. Trevor feels a rush of adrenaline bursting through his body as he flicks Lauren’s cigarette to life, but also feels a little on-the-spot knowing that everybody at the table is watching a moment he always hoped would be between Lauren and himself. Courtney pushes her butt bucket in Lauren’s direction so they can share it.

A brief conversation about Lauren’s smoking played out for a couple of minutes, revealing the information that Trevor already knew about how Lauren took up the habit a little over a year ago and that she smokes about a half pack a day. He is kind of hoping for a lengthy discussion about smoking to dominate the rest of the time at the table but the subject soon changes to their mutual family cabins up north in the Bemidji area. Trevor has plenty of time to observe the smoking habits of everybody at the table and this contrast really exposes the comparative shallowness of Lauren’s drags and exhales, particularly compared to Courtney whose gigantic smoke infernos were legendary. This comes as no surprise given that Lauren has only been smoking a year while the females in his family are all hardened tobacco veterans, but Trevor adores watching Lauren’s rookie stylings as she smokes with the “big girls”, his heart melting at the innocent way in which Lauren holds her cigarette with her bent elbow at the kitchen table and giggling at times with the lighthearted banter that continues.

The trajectory of the evening finally breaks with another turn of events that Trevor has long figured was coming. Courtney interjects to announce her departure. “Well much as I’d love to hang out with you fine people all night, my friends are expecting me so I better go see them.”

Courtney is a senior in high school now and for several months, Friday night has been her night to howl. Trevor figured she would break away at some point, and listens to his parents remind Courtney of her midnight curfew as she gets up from the table. Courtney gives passing acknowledgment of her parents’ rules as she gets up to walk towards the stairs where Trevor knows she will change clothes. He briefly watches her walk away in her conventional home comfort clothes of loose-fitting T-shirt and jeans, but he’s pretty sure that when she comes back downstairs she’ll be wearing something a lot sexier.

The conversation at the table presses forward for the next 10 minutes or so, all three remaining gals having finished their after-supper cigarettes and leaving Trevor briefly bored, yet anticipating his older sister’s return. A mild commotion ensues from upstairs and Trevor can hear the beginning of a descent down those stairs followed by the mildly loud and aggravated voice of his sister asking those downstairs if they know where her purse is. In seconds, Courtney is downstairs and approaching the table again, and Trevor could not have been more pleased with her wardrobe selection. She is wearing a very revealing, low-cut, bare-midriffed white blouse covered by a stylish unzipped black leather jacket…..and a skin-tight pair of black leather pants below the waist. Courtney has kept her hair its natural blond that fall rather than dye it dark brown as she usually does after summer, and Trevor has never seen his sister look sexier, particularly with a freshly lit all-white Marlboro Light Menthol 100 dangling from her lips as she approaches.

Trevor looks Lauren’s way, hoping she’s noticing what he is and noticing how sexy Courtney looks in that black leather. While Trevor’s primary agenda for the evening has been to normalize and promote smoking to Lauren based on exposure to his unorthodox family, he also has been hoping for Lauren to see Courtney heading out for a Friday night with her friends wearing the exact sort of thing she is wearing to promote the conservative Lauren to expand her wardrobe. It is perhaps a longshot, but Lauren gives Courtney the exact response he wants to hear when she tells Courtney “you look really good in that!”

Courtney thanks Lauren but is still distracted looking for her purse. Her father points to a table on the outskirts of the kitchen where he spots her purse and points her in that direction. “Thanks daddy”, Courtney says, approaching her nonsmoking dad with that long cigarette still dangling from her lips and immerses him in a very aggressive hug, temporarily making Trevor jealous, and then removes the cigarette briefly from her lips and taps the ash into the nearest butt bucket. The cigarette goes right back into her mouth and she picks up the purse and approaches the door to leave for the night, but before she leaves she tells Lauren how nice it was to meet her and gives Trevor an admiring look, adding “don’t let this one slip away, little brother!”, winking at him as she walks away. Trevor feels on top of the world and can never remember a time when either of his sisters expressed their pride or admiration for him. He gives one final admiring glance at Courtney’s leather-draped ass as she walks out the door, wondering at this point what else the night had in store for him, convincing himself the night had to have peaked.

He was gonna get his answer in just a couple of moments, seconds after Haylee lights another Camel Pink No. 9. The screams of a long-sleeping and forgotten infant emerge from the nearest bedroom. It is Joshua, Jarrod’s 18-month-old baby brother. The timing is perfect as Haylee leaves the room and Becky asks Trevor and Lauren if they’d like to stick around or head on out and have some fun. Trevor leaves it up to Lauren and is relieved when Lauren says she’s having fun here and would be happy to stay a couple more hours, even though they’d have nothing more exciting to do than watch Jarrod’s Disney movies. Trevor knows that at least for him, there would be far more entertaining things going on in that living room tonight than what’s on TV.

Haylee delivers on that expectation in mere moments, carrying a crying Jarrod into the living room, cigarette dangling from her lips, and approaches the coffee table near where Joshua’s diapers are kept. She sets the baby boy up on the countertop with fresh diaper in hand, getting ready to do what Trevor knows to be Haylee’s least favorite part of her babysitting job. She lays out young Joshua on the countertop that represented the dividing line where the living room turned into the kitchen, and Trevor quietly celebrates as his positioning is perfect to watch this out of the corner of his eye with little risk of Lauren, seated to his right, noticing. Haylee unfastens Joshua’s diaper and attends to him, carrying out one of her vintage dangling drags while doing so, smoke sloppily spilling out of her face and gravitating into the airspace of the infant boy. At one point she leans forward while replacing the soiled diaper with the replacement, the cherry of her dangling cigarette mere inches in front of the baby boy’s face.

Trevor is awestruck observing his kid sister’s clueless and incredibly inappropriate display, wondering if the boys’ parents would remove them from the McPherson home immediately if they had any idea how their babysitter operated. And Trevor cannot help but notice the long ash at the end of Haylee’s cigarette and wonders how long it’s gonna hang on. As Haylee calmly speaks to Joshua through a talking dangle trying to settle down the crying infant, Trevor gets his answer. A long granny ash falls from Haylee’s cigarette, and even though Trevor doesn’t see where it falls, it looks to have dropped right onto the boy’s midsection. Trevor watches as Haylee places her hand near the boy’s penis and flicks the ash off of his skin and inside the otherwise clean diaper before fastening the diaper and lifting Joshua off the table. My sisters need quit finding ways to grow my smoking fetish, Trevor thinks to himself as Haylee lifts Joshua into her arms, cigarette still dangling from her lips and a dirty diaper in her free hand.

Haylee disappears into the kitchen to dispose of the diaper but returns in a few seconds, sitting on the couch adjacent to the loveseat that Trevor and Lauren are seated on, sitting right next to Jarrod with Joshua on her lap. At this point Lauren is observing as well, making goo-goo faces at young Joshua that goes along with Haylee’s baby talk. It’s the first time the two teen girls had bonded in any way since Lauren’s arrival and Trevor hopes their mutual bashfulness is on the wane. The girls have a brief exchange about the boys and how long Haylee has been babysitting, but it remains awkward and Trevor can’t help but notice Lauren looking at the close proximity of Haylee’s cigarette to both of the boys. He hopes Lauren doesn’t say anything, and ultimately breathes a sigh of relief when Lauren instead breaks out her Marlboro Lights 100s pack and he lights up another one for her, determining that Lauren’s comfort level in this free-smoking household is increasing.

The family quietly watches the Disney movies for the next hour or so. Nothing on the screen held Trevor’s interest too closely but the people watching the screen sure did. Most fascinating was Haylee who smokes her Camel Pink No. 9s at her usual significant clip with two very young boys in her immediate presence, either dangling the cigarette from the corner of her mouth or holding it to her right out of Joshua’s reach. Either way, her sloppy exhales often blast Joshua directly in the face while her sidestream smoke flow straight into the respiratory system of Jarrod sitting next to her. Jarrod frequently coughs and rubs his irritated eyes, and Trevor sits there fascinated that Haylee is too oblivious to even notice. He also notices both boys have as hard of time taking their eyes off of Haylee as he does, and he recognizes the significant likelihood that the young boys’ childhood babysitter is setting the early ideal for their sexual preferences. While Trevor has vague memories of his mom’s heavy smoking providing the origins of his smoking fetish, he can only imagine how bad these boys will have it as his mom was not a shapely 14-year-old girl in a pink tanktop and white shorts when he was their age.

And while Trevor’s observations early on during the course of the movie viewing is more directed towards sister Haylee, girlfriend Lauren ultimately demands to be noticed, and as the next hour plays out, Trevor begins to notice less-than-subtle signals from Lauren that the evening has had an effect on her. Only about 15 minutes after finishing her first cigarette, Trevor is surprised as Lauren tugs on his arm and hands him her lighter to spark up another cigarette. Lauren has always been a light smoker and she’s already smoked more tonight than she has any other night they’ve been together. And he can’t help but notice the look in her eyes after he sparks up that next cigarette, a playful and inviting look that Lauren follows up by cuddling next to Trevor and lying her head on his shoulder. Trevor puts her arm around her and is overjoyed that Lauren is comfortable enough around his family to make her first physical overture towards him beyond the hand-holding and goodnight smooches that represented as far as the two had gone up to this point.

Three months ago, or really even three hours ago, Trevor could never have imagined cuddling with a girl in front of his family, yet here he sits, bearing the brunt of Lauren’s exhaled cigarette smoke more closely than ever before and feeling her body expand and contract as she took her drags with his arm pressed around her shoulder. Trevor always enjoys when Lauren smokes a cigarette, but this was the best smoking experience he’s ever had with her and he’s briefly disappointed when Lauren crushes out her cigarette in the butt bucket Courtney left behind.

But the evening takes another unexpected turn seconds later when dad looks up and asks who wants ice cream sundaes. “I do!”, shouts Jarrod the loudest, but with Lauren, Courtney, and Trevor all nodding that that sounds good to them as well.

Becky then looks to Steve and says she doesn’t think they have any toppings at home, merely the vanilla ice cream. Steve then offers to go to the store and pick them up, but Trevor instinctively takes advantage of an opening he just knows will produce dividends for him. “I can go get it!” Trevor offers. “I need the driving practice anyway,” he adds, taking it further than needed to sell his point but nonetheless accomplishing his end as Steve nods that that will be fine.

Trevor looks briefly at his girlfriend next to him, who is still glowing, and cooperates as he hoped and chimes in, “I’ll go with!”

Lauren stands up as Trevor approaches his dad for the car keys.   Trevor’s dad gives him an “I-know-what-you’re-up-to” grin as he hands him the keys followed by a stealth thumbs-up to his son that probably wasn’t meant for mom’s eyes. Am I that obvious, Trevor thinks to himself as he turns to Lauren and they walk towards the door.   Trevor is just dying to hear Lauren’s thoughts on his family as he opens the car door for her and they make the short eight-block drive to the nearest grocery store.

Lauren wastes no time broaching the exact topic that Trevor hoped for, lightheartedly saying “You weren’t kidding when you said there are a lot of smokers in your family!”

Trevor laughs and adds, “See I told you that you didn’t have anything to worry about with my family.”

“Yeah they are really great. I liked everybody a lot. They’re so easy to talk to.” After a brief pause she continues, “I kind of feel sorry for those little boys though,” Lauren adds but with a tone that assures Trevor she isn’t too upset about what she just saw. “Haylee really smokes a lot around them. As much as my little brother hates my smoking, I can’t imagine smoking that much around him.”

“I guess I’m used to it because they’ve always smoked around me,” Trevor responds, taken aback once again as Lauren leans towards him and shows physical affection by rubbing her hands on his shoulder. They continue to chat on the drive to the store and Lauren keeps throwing lovey-dovey looks his way, a look he hasn’t seen from her before. As he arrives at the store, he instinctively parks his car in a fairly remote spot near the back of the lot, having a feeling that when they get back outside he just might want a little privacy.

Trevor opens the door for Lauren, who greets him with an unusually bubbly and flirtatious “thank you sir!” before approaching the store’s entrance with him and reinforcing his impression that something different was going on with Lauren tonight. He puts his arm around her waist as they walk, taking some initiative for physical content that both of them had shied away from up to this point. As they get inside, Trevor picks up a small basket for the few ice cream sundae supplies they need and Lauren wraps her arms around Trevor’s, walking arm in arm in a public display of affection that seemed so out of character for the shy Lauren. Who is this girl and what she done with Lauren Nelson, Trevor finds himself thinking.  On they press, arm in arm from aisle to aisle, picking up walnuts, chocolate and butterscotch sauce, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries.

After paying for their ice cream toppings and exiting the store, Lauren and Trevor make the long walk to Trevor’s dad’s car in the back of the parking lot but as Trevor opens the passenger door for Lauren to get in, she doesn’t let go of his hand and a mischievous look appears on her face. “Have a seat first, my good sir”, she adds.

Trevor cannot believe how frisky Lauren is but plans to play it out as far as she’ll let it go, sitting down in the passenger seat with Lauren quickly sitting on his lap and closing the door. The young couple is snugly seated in the compressed space and Trevor takes the opportunity to put his hand on the side of Lauren’s ass, gently caressing it as she reaches for her purse and extracts her pack of Marlboro Lights 100s. She places an unlit cigarette into her mouth and says through a talking dangle, “Be a gentleman, Trevor. Light your girlfriend’s cigarette,” playfully mocking Becky’s husky voice from earlier and then cutting loose a girlish giggle in sharp contrast.

Trevor laughs himself and then lights her cigarette and Lauren takes one of the deepest drags he’s seen from her. Lauren exhales straight into Trevor’s face and Trevor realizes that Lauren is onto him. He doesn’t know how to respond and wants to avoid an awkward conversation about his smoking fetish so instead tells Lauren how beautiful she is as she takes another drag and again exhales into his face. Lauren bites her lower lip and the look on her face drifts from merely frisky to come-hither, but Trevor only gets a moment to admire that look before she aggressively approaches him and presses her lips to his.

Trevor takes it in and enjoys his first open-mouth kiss with the girl he had been fantasizing about for the last three months. After all these years of wondering what a kiss from a smoker would taste like, Trevor is finding out as Lauren taps into a level of passion he didn’t know existed in her as he savors her tobacco-laced breath, their tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths for a good 60 seconds before they split apart.

“You’re a good kisser!” Lauren says, taking another drag from her still-burning cigarette and exhaling into Trevor’s face once again. Trevor can barely muster a word staring back at Lauren, aghast at just how correct his instincts were that Lauren’s out-of-character appeal to smoking was a vein that, if tapped into properly, could release a tiger. That tiger is out of her cage tonight as Lauren proceeds to kiss Trevor’s ear and neck, providing him a different perspective of her smoky odor as she moves her face while doting affection on him. She takes another drag from her cigarette and they make out again, Trevor’s senses running at full-throttle capacity as his teenage girlfriend thrusts her ashtray mouth directly into his while holding her burning cigarette over his shoulder, not close enough to burn him, but close enough for the smoke to drift towards him as he breathed and enhancing the sensual experience even more.

After a good three minutes of making out, they break apart again, and Trevor notices an even deeper level of mischief on Lauren’s face. As she takes another drag from her cigarette, she unzips her sweater and tosses it to the backseat. Trevor has little experience with girls, but he knows exactly how to respond to this gesture. Lauren’s red blouse wasn’t particularly low cut but he nonetheless places his hand on the blouse above the cleavage and pulls it down, touching her boobs for the first time and then lowering his face down to caress them with his lips. The constrictive blouse and her bra keep him from getting the level of access he was hoping for, but Trevor is still able to wrap his lips around both of Lauren’s breasts and inside her cleavage. She offers subtle moans of pleasure to encourage him and he gets even more encouragement by the feeling of her chest expanding as she takes another drag from her cigarette, followed by the odor of fresh smoke when she exhales.

Trevor is getting greedy at this point and tests Lauren by placing his hand on her crotch outside of her leggings, rubbing his fingers on her pussy to see how she responds while continuing to kiss her breasts. When he gets no resistance, he takes the opportunity to find her waistline with his hand and ventures down her leggings and her panties, proceeding inch by inch towards her privates dreading that Lauren’s disapproving hand would put a stop towards his own hand’s exploratory descent into parts unknown. He feels the stubble of her pubic hairs and congratulates himself for touching his first vagina before beginning to caress her girly parts with a rising level of aggressiveness. He has no idea what he’s doing down there, but Lauren’s increasingly passionate moans let him know he’s doing something right. He’s thinking to himself how crazy it is that having barely been to what he would consider first base with Lauren or any other girl up until now, he had rounded first base, kept running to second, and is turning to third base with a solid stand-up triple on one night. Lauren begins to bark instructions to Trevor to move his hand towards her sweet spot, and Trevor becomes humbled a bit and her instructions keep coming and he’s unable to locate the spot she wants him to find. As she says “ouch!” at one point, Trevor decides it’s time to quit while he’s ahead, removing his hand from her pants and removing his face from her boobs to look at her. The look of passion and pleasure is as strong as ever and she playfully adds, “If I had known this would happen, I definitely would have shaved down there last night.”

They begin to make out again, her breath tasting smokier than ever after having consumed most of her cigarette at this point.  When they break apart this time, Lauren takes a final drag from her cigarette and tosses the butt out the cracked window before crashing her head into Trevor’s chest. She reeks of smoke at this point, pressed so tightly to him, and Trevor remains very turned on, sensing that she is as well. “You want to do anything else,” Trevor asks after a couple of minutes of comfortable and relaxed silence.

Lauren pauses a bit before responding, “I’d love to but it probably isn’t a good idea since we’re heading back to your parents place.”

Trevor almost completely forgot about the fact that they were heading back to his folks’ place with ice cream toppings, but agreed that they should head home, opening the door to let Lauren climb out before circling the car to get into the driver’s seat himself, the evening having gone more spectacularly than he could ever have imagined. He starts the car and prepares to drive away, but Lauren leans toward him with another come-hither look in her eyes, taking him more off guard than at any other point that night with the question, “So how big is it?”

Trevor is at a complete loss for words before finally coming around to responding with “you’ll just have to see”.

Lauren wastes no time doing so, unbuckling the top buckle off of his jeans and venturing down his shorts with her hand to touch Trevor’s now fully erect cock. Trevor can tell that this is the first dick Lauren has ever touched and she explores it thoroughly with her fingers, a bubbly smile emerging on her face as she strokes his manhood. Trevor adores the feeling of having his dick stroked by the most important girl in his life and briefly entertains the thought that she won’t be satisfied by merely touching it. He doesn’t have much time to dwell on that thought before she reads his mind and begins to unzip his fly with her free hand. She gives Trevor an approving look before working his unit through the hole in his shorts and then through the fly of his jeans, admiring it for a moment before climbing on top of her passenger seat, trying to figure out a way to give head with the inconvenient console separating her seat from his.

She ventures ahead, getting on her knees at the edge of the passenger seat and lowering her face to his crotch, filling her mouth with his manhood and taking an extended suck before working it with oral thrusting motions that provide Trevor accelerating levels of physical pleasure the likes of which he could never have imagined. How incredibly far I have come since last summer, Trevor thinks to himself while watching and feeling Lauren’s sexually charged assault of the most private parts of his body. He looks to her lower body, her ass up in the window for anybody to see if they weren’t parked in such a remote spot and at such a late hour. He briefly pontificates on how vulnerable of a position Lauren is in, leaning over the console in the car and thrusting herself down into his lap, but as he feels the jagged edge of Lauren’s teeth sharply press against his hard dick, he quickly changes his mind and recognizes that he’s the one in the really vulnerable position here, at the mercy of this horny teenage girl fellating on him and capable of inflicting incomprehensible pain with one “false move”.

He lets this thought pass quickly though as he realizes he’s about to discharge. He warns her that it’s coming and asks if she wants to taste it. She vigorously nods in the affirmative and in seconds his male fluids explode into her mouth. He’s curious if she will gag and find it gross, but she gulps it up as quickly as possible, seconds before lifting her head from his crotch and making eye contact for the first time in a few minutes while using her hand to wipe her mouth. She leans back in the seat and both of them take a moment to catch their breath, continuing to make lovey-dovey eyes at each other.

Trevor asks if she’d like him to return the favor, but realizes they’re both really out on a limb at this point. Lauren obviously does as well and responds, “No silly. If you went back to your parents place with me all over your face I am pretty sure your parents would figure it out.” Lauren giggles and Trevor has to agree, but after a brief awkward pause, Lauren adds, “Maybe next Friday night you can return the favor though”, giving him a toothy smile and then reaching into her purse for yet another cigarette which she beckons Trevor to light. The very possibility that the next Friday night—or any future Friday night–could be in the same league as tonight hadn’t crossed Trevor’s mind until now, but at this point all bets were off as his reserved girlfriend of four hours earlier has taken the bait he set out for her and swallowed it whole—literally!

Trevor and Lauren drive home from there, and while Jarrod asks “What took you guys so long?!??!” Haylee, Steve, and Becky feel no need to ask as they figure some kind of hanky-panky transpired and have no interest in finding out details about it. Trevor and Lauren’s body language as they prepare their ice cream sundaes speak volumes, particularly to Trevor’s parents who grow increasingly concerned with ongoing observations that these two got a little too frisky on their drive to the grocery store. Everybody sits down to watch Disney videos and eat their ice cream sundaes soon after, and Lauren and Trevor both make eyes at each other thinking the same thing as they place the maraschino cherries that top their sundaes and rip the stem apart from the cherries inside their teeth. They both know they will be popping more cherries in the very near future.

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