Check Out The Book “Cigarettiquette!”

I was intrigued a couple of months ago when I heard there was about to be a book published that celebrated smoking in these politically correct times.  In a twist of fate, a couple of weeks later, the author (Sandy Lynn Riefberg) connected with me here on this website and that led me to purchase her book “Cigarettiquette!” online.  It was a fun read through and through, giving a thorough history of tobacco in this country from which I learned a few things, as well as her own smoking history and a treasure trove of anecdotes and observations celebrating the culture of smoking that only a smoker (or a serious nonsmoking fetisher like myself) can understand.  I connected best personally with her story of a nonsmoking guy she dated who got excited when they sat at the smoking section of restaurants in the long-ago era that was 2002-2003 because he loved to see her smoking publicly.  I’ve definitely been there several times over the years.

I suspect readers of this blog would really enjoy the book and recommend it highly.  I’ve been in contact with the author since reading it and sales of the book are not where she’d like them to be, so I figured a public recommendation by me was in order.  Those of us who still “get” smoking in these depressing times should stick together, and Ms. Riefberg’s effort deserves some eyeballs.  Check her out.   I think you’ll be glad you did.

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6 Responses to Check Out The Book “Cigarettiquette!”

  1. waifette says:

    Thanks Mark! ❤

  2. SmokeTalker Jack says:

    Mark, I just came across this post. Sandy, I am actually thrilled to check out your book! You seem like a really cool writer, artist. I couldn’t access your site but I will see if I can track it down. Don’t know if you’ll see this but I’ll check it out.

  3. SmokeTalker Jack says:

    Mark, I tried to email you but I can’t find an email address for you. I wanted to run a project by you. If you don’t mind, shoot me over an email when you get this so I have your email address. Thanks!

  4. Smokin' Mark says:

    I’m a friend of Sandy’s on Facebook. I’ll pass it along. Do you have your e-mail address listed somewhere? I’d rather not post my address here in case someone from my regular life stumbles into it.

    • SmokeTalker says:

      I thought you’d have access to it on the back end of WordPress. I get you on the real life cunundrum, that’s why Jack is an alias. 😉 I’ll give you the full works soon – just email me at smoketalkjack (at) gmail dot com. 😉

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