2013 Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

Another fair season came to an end on August 31, 2013, following my second day at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair.  I had concerns going in–which ended up being justified–that forecasted rain for the evening would arrive earlier than the middle-of-the-night hours that were predicted.  The day itself was very nice…..a little hotter than I’d prefer but not miserably so.  The sightings day was bountiful numbers-wise, and I am certain I would have been looking at a new one-day record if half the fairgoers hadn’t fled for the exits at 8 p.m. when the rain started.  I still managed to avoid calamity and scored 196 sightings, but there were only a few classics among them.  Don’t get me wrong.  I hit quite a few “doubles” and there will be plenty of girls getting writeups, but triples and homeruns were hard to come by as I rarely found that magical combination of “IT factor” girl and storyline sighting, and most of the sightings that did came during or after the rain which was sort of a wet blanket, no pun intended, on the excitement level I would ordinarily have felt.  But as I alluded to in the teaser, the daytime hours produced one mind-blowing monster epic that will probably leave some readers’ heads spinning.  It sure did mine!

Fearing a freeway road construction bottleneck that never materialized, my parents left earlier than ever and we got there earlier than ever….just after 8 a.m.  This being Labor Day weekend, I anticipated an even larger crowd than last weekend…but I was wrong.  There’s nothing going on at the State Fair before 9 a.m., but even after 9 a.m., the smoking areas were empty and the places that were teeming with people last Saturday were hollowed out this Saturday.  I figured it might be because a cooldown is projected for Sunday and Monday and people were waiting for that.  Whatever the case, the first hour and a half of the day was completely worthless and I was stuck at one mediocre sighting.  I stitched together a second and third before I finally found something marginally worthwhile in the smoking area next to the food buildings.  Three young ladies in their mid-20s were seated on a bench smoking.  One of them wasn’t even good enough to count, but a decently attractive brunette and blond, the blond being the slightly better of the two, became Sightings #4 and #5.  I found a nearby bench to observe but the blond made me almost instantly.  I stuck around to observe a few drags but when I didn’t see anything special in terms of smoking, I split.  Still, these two otherwise average sightings seemed like manna from heaven at that point in the morning.

I did better a few moments later with Sighting #6, who must have been a grandstand worker.  She was a light brunette who looked about 19.  While her face was average, she had a very girlish look about her with long hair flowing over her shoulder on top of a tan blouse with black polka dots.  Below the belt is where she really shined though, decked out in a tight pair of medium blue jean shorts that hugged her hips, ass, and crotch beautifully, with long smooth legs stemming out and a pair of black boots on her feet.  She sat on the cement perimeter of the east side of the grandstand, technically not part of the smoking area, and puffed away on her cigarette.  She was smoking the one brand that is identifiable from afar because of its unique markings, Camel Turkish Royals, which was good because I wouldn’t get a chance to ID her butt.  I did, however, snap a couple of sneaky photos that nicely capture her legs.  While her style was average, I was impressed by her copious drags.  This was not a smoker girl who dawdled when puffing on her cigarettes.  After finishing, she crushed out the cigarette in a way that I could just tell she was headed for the garbage can with the butt, and sure enough she did.  She walked off and purchased a fajita at a nearby food stand and I retreated.  However, a couple of hours earlier, I was lurking in the same general area and saw this cutie again, this time standing while she smoked.  This was adorable because there were two random middle-aged guys smoking on both sides of her and suffice it to say she stood out amongst this crowd taking her frequent drags.  Nice to be able to study that sweet lower body of hers standing up as well.  Once again, I could see in passing that she was smoking a Camel Turkish Royal yet once again she threw the butt in the trash can.  This girl was one of the many “doubles” I alluded to scoring earlier over the course of yesterday.  Shame that her face didn’t match the body and the way she carried herself.

The smoking area near the food building has been a pretty good one for me and I scored again yesterday morning when I went back there to see Sighting #8, a cute early 20s blond with a nonsmoking boyfriend who was puffing away on a cigarette.  She had above-average looks but what struck me most about her was her low-cut blouse, revealing a very impressive set of boobs, about 50% of which were exposed.  At first I thought it was a dress she was wearing because I didn’t see anything on the bottom, but I would actually see this girl smoking again about two hours later, at the same exact spot sitting next to the very same nonsmoking boyfriend, and this time it was clear the top was a blouse because I could see the black shorts covering her bottom.  These 18 designated smoking areas may indeed have been a net positive for me by helping me see a girl like her smoking twice in a way I most likely would not have in previous years before the smoking areas.

It was pushing noon and I was a little behind schedule from the previous week when I scored Sighting #14, my best sighting of the morning hours.  Sitting in the grass in the smoking area outside the east side of the grandstand was this very pretty 19-20ish blond decked out in a white top and black shorts smoking a cigarette.  She had a black headband in her ponytailed dark blond hair that made me think she was probably a worker at a food stand taking a break.  The girl just seemed to be cool as a cucumber by the way she carried herself and I was very turned on watching her sit here amongst a crowd of mostly older guys in the smoking area texting away and puffing on her cigarette.  I got a really nice photo of her and enjoyed the show leaning up against a tree.  She took sweet drags and was distracted by her texting enough for me to study her closely.  Her purse was sitting wide open next to her and revealed her pack of Marlboro Reds sitting right on top.  I got to see about six drags before she crushed the cigarette out on the grass next to her and leaving the butt standing straight up as she stood up to leave.  Reinforcing my impression of how “cool” and comfortable in her own skin this girl was, she stood up and walked away with a whole bunch of grass sticking to her ass in those black shorts….and she just walked off without bothering to brush the grass off.  There was something very sexy about seeing this hot college girl in this summer outfit, with a grass-covered backside and reeking of cigarettes as she strutted down the fairgrounds.  I was attempting to follow her to whatever food stand that I suspected she worked at, but she somehow got lost in a crowd and disappeared.  It’s been quite a while since I last lost a smoker girl in a crowd!

Sighting #21 was the first of another five or six sightings of Asian girls I scored yesterday in the smoking area near the bandshell.  She had a white boyfriend and was in the middle of an impressive 30-second dangle as I got there.  I had a bad vantage point to stick around, but I knew the sighting had peaked with that dangle anyway.

Sightings were picking up at this point (the noon hour) and there were several memorable ones, but the next to genuinely impress was Sighting #31 at the smoking area outside the Coliseum.  Standing in front of a stroller was this very all-American looking young couple, both smoking cigarettes.  The girl was a mid-20s blond with shoulder length hair wearing a yellow tanktop and black shorts.  The child in the stroller looked just a few months old and I wondered to myself if this wholesome girl had smoked during her pregnancy.  The odds were pretty good that she did.  It’s not that uncommon to see a wholesome young couple that kind of catch you by surprise when they’re smoking, but it’s a lot more rare to see a young couple with a newborn where both of them smoke.  They threw their butts in the ashtray afterward so I didn’t get a brand identification.

Several times again yesterday, I cut through the alleyway separating one of the livestock buildings and the beer gardens block, both because it’s a good shortcut from Point A to Point B and it’s a good spot for people to sneak a smoke.  And there was one reasonably attractive young gal sitting the alleyway smoking, but it was when I reached the end of the block and turned the corners towards the beer gardens that I found greatness with Sightings #33 and #34.  It was a group of four females of a variety of ages and profiles where I figured there had to be at least some familial connection.  But the image that struck me the second I turned that corner was the one seared into my brain forever.  This scorching hot short-haired blond who looked 21 or 22 was standing right at the precipice of the open-faced bar with an unlit cork filter cigarette dangling from her lips.  She was easily the hottest smoker girl I saw during the daytime hours, with gorgeously symmetrical facial features and was wearing a gray and yellow striped tanktop and short jean shorts.  She was only an average smoker but had a couple of nice brief dangles and looked heavenly with a cigarette between her lips and expelling smoke from her mouth.  The mother (or somebody’s mother anyway) was also smoking as was this other 20-something brunette in a tanktop and shorts who was decently pretty as well, but didn’t hold a candle to the dark blond.  The mother and the brunette seemed like more serious smokers and finished their cigarettes before the blond.  I was sitting on a nearby bench and snapped a couple of photos, but there was a shadow problem due to the beer gardens canopy so the photos are only mediocre.  It looked like my girl was smoking a Camel Blue but I wanted identification of the butt.  Unfortunately I didn’t get it as she stubbed out the cigarette on the pavement and tossed it to the garbage can right in front of me.  She missed the shot and it bounced off the rim of the garbage can, at which point she said “shit!” before walking forward, picking the butt up, and giving it a second try, which was more successful.  I stood up and gave a quick peek into that garbage can hoping to see a cigarette butt, but my two-second peek didn’t show me what I was looking for.  It was still my best sighting of the day so far though.

Next to impress was Sighting #37 which took place at the exact same spot as the previously described Sighting #14 on the grassy area of the smoking area on the east side of the grandstand.   Amidst the unattractive cluster of mostly middle-aged men and women populating the smoking area, standing out like a sore thumb was this 18-19ish brunette wearing black shorts on the bottom….and a skimpy bikini top.  Kind of surprising that I was the only one watching her given her skimpy coverage.  I snapped a couple of photos while watching her puff away on her cigarette.  This girl didn’t have the IT factor of the blond who was smoking at this same spot two hours earlier, but that bikini top definitely made her stand out then and still today as I reflect on yesterday’s bounty.  She crushed out the cigarette in the grass next to her, and then pushed down the yellow headband in her hair, and then pulled out a purple T-shirt from her bag which she slipped over her bikini top.  The T-shirt read “Fajitas”, and after slipping it on she got up and walked about 10 yards to the closeby fajita stand where she climbed back in, adorably reeking of fresh cigarette smoke.  Not sure if she took the top off just to cool off or if the fajita stand requested she not advertise them in the smoking area.  I’m guessing it’s the former but who knows nowadays.  Anyway, I checked out her discarded butt and it was another Marlboro Red, just like the blond who sat at that spot two hours earlier was smoking.

Next is when it happened…the moment I’ve been hyping….the moment that still seems surreal to me.  It’s when I saw Sighting #40, the kind of sighting I thought existed only in the past….the kind of sighting I never expected to see again. Wandering on the block on the north side of the beer gardens block and looking up toward one of the more remote smoking areas, I would be stopped dead in my tracks one bench before I got there.  A family of three occupied a bench.  Dad wasn’t smoking, but mother and daughter were.  I was taken aback on first glance and kept approaching, and with each footstep it became clear that this daughter was young….and I mean very young.  She had a sweet face, filled with bubbly youthful energy and long straight blond hair flowing past her shoulders.  Maybe in 1990 it wouldn’t have blown my mind to see a girl of this pedigree with a cigarette, even smoking in front of her parents….but in 2013 it was downright unthinkable.  I snapped an early photo that was pretty mediocre as it was from a little too far away, right before she took her first drag.  The drag itself was not one of an amateur.  There were no stylistic flourishes per se but this was not this little girl’s first cigarette.  She and the parents watched the extreme ride in front of them as mother and daughter smoked and all appeared amused as they observed.  It was amidst this backdrop that a third party entered the scene and changed the trajectory of the sighting…..

A father approached the bench with two young kids to take a seat, asking them if they minded sharing the bench.  The family was all smiles, particularly the bubbly young blond smoker who, for whatever reason, was absolutely beaming.  At first I thought they knew each other because the dynamic didn’t otherwise make sense, as this clearly WAY underage smoker girl would never be so casual and uninhibited while smoking in the presence of complete strangers.  But as this father got his first good look at the family he was now sharing a bench with, it became quickly obvious that they didn’t know each other.  He took a second look, and then a third look, clearly blown away as I was at this at the sight of this young girl publicly smoking with parental acceptance.  The smoking part of this sighting had one more dynamite moment for me.  My girl took her fourth (and sadly final) drag that I witnessed of the mostly smoked cigarette, and then tilted her head upward.  Keep in mind that this bench was very tightly packed now with so many people on it, so her exhale was bound to invade somebody’s airspace…and in this case it was that of her overweight, working-class nonsmoking father.  A gorgeous mushroom cloud of smoke erupted from this girl’s still-developing respiratory system and while there wasn’t a direct blast into dad’s face, his nostrils were no more than an inch away from his early teen daughter’s air pollution.  I had all I could do to keep my knees from buckling at that moment.  Unfortunately, the smoking part of the sighting was gonna come to a close at least a drag sooner than it should have…..

I couldn’t hear exactly what the young father with the two kids who sat next to this family said to them, but he was pointing to the bathroom area near the beer gardens and I suspect he said “you know, the smoking area is over there”.  Just that quickly, the smiles and good times of mother and daughter smokers vanished….and the daughter crushed her cigarette out onto the bench and dropped the butt to the ground.  Not a word was said otherwise, and apparently the father who made the comment didn’t know they were one bench away from another smoking area.  But even though the smoking portion of the sighting was done as the daughter was concerned, there were still all kinds of additional revelations yet to come.  The daughter stood up from the crowded bench and continued to look at the extreme ride spinning around in front of her.  For the umptieth time in this sighting, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Up to that point, I was being very conservative in guessing that this girl was 15, but seeing her presexualized body in a vertical position, it became clear she was at most 14 and probably even younger than that.  She had no hips at all and just a couple nubs for boobs in her green tanktop.  Her ass had the beginnings of a curvature in a skimpy pair of brown and white jean shorts. I snapped a full frontal photo and studied it again today, and am convinced that this little cutie is only about to start seventh grade!

The father with the kids got up and left, perhaps annoyed that the mother was still smoking.  The final part of the sighting smoking-wise included the mom stubbing out her cigarette and handing it to the daughter to throw into the trash, which she did, adorably leaving her own cigarette sitting on the ground even as she was tossing mom’s.  I was gonna ID this butt if it was the last thing I ever did so I had to wait out the family continuing to sit there.  While waiting, I looked to the right to the aforementioned smoking area only one bench over from this family, and standing there was ANOTHER mother and daughter smoker duo, where the Sighting #41 daughter was a beautiful early 20s light brunette in a very feminine light blue dress.  I caught her in mid-drag at one point looking my direction.  At any other time of the day this girl would have been a huge fetish target, but right now this incredible family had me completely captivated.

I made the connection right away as this sighting was unfolding, but sitting here watching them observe the extreme ride, it struck me just how similar this was to MNSF #2, the most popular sighting on my blog and my second-best sighting of all-time.  Now this girl was an absolute doll, but she lacked that “hottest girl in the middle school” IT factor that my 13ish blond from 2000 smoking with grandpa did.  Still, the fundamentals were the same….an unashamed public display of cigarette smoking from a bubbly, long-haired blond early teen who was giddy watching the extreme rides from a half block away in the company of her accepting elders.  I never thought I’d see any sighting of its kind again after 2000, but I should have learned to never underestimate the Minnesota State Fair.  After another couple of minutes, the family got up to leave, never to be seen again yesterday.  Breathless with excitement, I sat down and checked out the girl’s discarded cigarette butt.  A sighting that was a flashback to 2000 up to that point suddenly became a flashback to 1978.  The cigarette she was smoking was a Merit!  I have NEVER seen a Merit smoked by a girl I’ve fetished and can’t recall anybody smoking the brand since some point in the 80s.  Who was this family?!?!?  Whoever they were, they single-handedly made my second visit to the 2013 Minnesota State Fair unforgettable.

Obviously I had found enough groove after that sighting to coast along for hours, but I continued to hit doubles with decent regularity as the afternoon proceeded.  Sighting #48 was brief but satisfying, taking place on the south side of the new bathroom structure near the beer gardens.  An attractive young couple was standing on the sidewalk, well outside any designated smoking area, yet still brandishing smoldering cigarettes between their fingers.  The girl was a hot early 20s brunette wearing a baseball cap that was only part of a girl-next-door look she had going, despite a face that seemed a little closer to the “sexy girl” side.  In addition to the baseball cap and the long dark hair flowing from it, she sported a pink tanktop framing her generous boobs and a pair of a short jean shorts, an ensemble that I’m always a sucker for.  I snapped a quick photo and was about to settle in for the show before I realized the show was closer to over than I originally realized.  She took only one more drag and then crushed the cigarette out at her feet, never giving me much opportunity to study her style.  The boyfriend finished his cigarette a moment later and the couple walked away.  At least it was wide open for me to identify their brand as I leaned down and noticed the green print on the filter and knew right away it a Marlboro Menthol.

At the smoking area on the west side of the grandstand, a couple in their mid-to-late 30s showed up to smoke.  The gal was pretty attractive and younger-looking than she probably was, with long blond hair and a black dress, but she perked things up beyond simply qualifying for Sighting #50 when she sat down on a chair, lit a cigarette, and after her first exhale, exclaimed to the husband “God that feels good”.  Is it even possible for cigarettes to be any more fantastic???

Speaking of the grandstand area, the evening’s concert was by some white boy rapper called Macklemore I had never heard of.  Even at 8 a.m. when I got there, a dozen or so teenage girls were sitting on the cement at the gate of the grandstand for the show…..12 hours early.  While this had the potential to produce a lot of sightings from the key demographic, it caused more downside than upside as this crowd outside the grandstand grew and made it harder to lurk in the smoking area which isn’t too far away.  Furthermore, a lot of them were seeing me walk by the area repeatedly all day long and probably knew something odd was going on with me.  Whatever the case, I never would have guessed this singer I had never heard of would be the kind of draw he was and probably was partly responsible for my success on the numbers front.

Heading back to the smoking area outside the Coliseum, which by mid-afternoon was in the shade and it felt like heavenly relief from the heat, I spotted Sighting #59, another gal who was probably in her mid-30s and outside my usual range for sightings that get writeups.  But this brunette stood out because of how well she was holding up for her age, with a still-pretty face and a beautifully proportioned body which she was advertising in a tanktop and jean shorts the same way the 21-year-olds were.  She was fishing a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols from her purse and lighting up as I got to the scene and observed for a few drags.  There was nothing mind-blowing enough to keep me lingering but I thought she was worthy of recognition for being a smoker gal approaching middle age who still maintained a youthful energy and look.  I also like her choice of cigarettes as the color scheme on MMLs looks so nice compared to all the drab cork filters out there.

It was a little after 4:00 by this point and sightings numbers were ramping up impressively.  I was behind schedule for the first half of the afternoon but caught up and surpassed last week’s pace by dinnertime.  I had a weak haul from the designated smoking areas near the grandstand when passing, but strangely things started picking up the second I set foot out of the grandstand smoking areas.  Two 21ish girls were strutting down Dan Patch Avenue at the center of the grounds and one of them, a ponytailed light brunette, was sporting a little white cylendrical pal between her fingers, thus becoming Sighting #65.   She was attractive to be sure, and definitely looked like a smoker, but the face didn’t quite match the sexy presentation with a black tanktop and a very nice-fitting pair of jean shorts.  Seeing a girl with a nice body dressed like that and walking through forbidden parts of the fairgrounds with cigarette in hand is sexy as all hell for me.  I took a couple of photos and, amusingly, as I was snapping one, another 20-something gal in a black dress with a cigarette came walking on up.  The Sighting #66 girl wasn’t quite as good of a catch as the girl I was presently pursuing, but that didn’t stop her from being about one second too late from getting into my photo herself.  Back to the light brunette in the jean shorts, she and the friend approached the ticket booth for the Macklemore concert but walked away in seconds, presumably because the show was sold out.   The smoker finished her cigarette and dropped it to the pavement before walking off.  It was a Camel Blue, a brand that was all the rage about three years ago, seemed to have lost some market share in the next years two years, but is roaring back now.

Sighting #77 was a modestly attractive late 20s brunette in a green top and shorts smoking a cigarette outside the bathroom by the beer gardens.  She ordinarily wouldn’t have had enough IT factor to warrant a writeup, but in this case she was my 5,000th lifetime fairgrounds sighting.  Every indication is that I peaked in 2011 with my annual sightings haul but I continue to marvel at how I still manage to find several hundred attractive young women and girls each year lighting up on these fairgrounds.  It’s more encouraging than ever this year, where it really felt at the onset that the tide was dramatically turning.

In the post-5,000 lifetime sightings world, my first noteworthy sighting came at a smoking area yet to produce anything good so far that day….the one across from the haunted house on busy Judson Avenue.  But Sightings #81 and #82 would break that streak.  This set of early 20s brunettes had a little glam going on as they sat on the curb smoking.  Impressing me most was the long-haired dark brunette on the left wearing a lime green dress that really fit her form, particularly up top where she really had something to be proud of.  It was adorable seeing her on the curb with her legs crossed in that dress, her long bare legs extending out into the street.  The friend also had some glam factor but a less distinguished look and a more conventional summer outfit.  She was still attractive though, with a pair of sunglasses, a tanktop, and jean shorts.  When she got up at the end of the sighting, her outfit impressed me more as the tanktop was bare midriff, revealing most of her stomach and half of her back.  Both girls were decent smokers and I got to see four or five drags from each before they stubbed out their cigarettes on the curb and got up to leave.  The girl in the green dress was smoking a Camel Light and the girl on the right with the bare midriff tanktop was smoking a Parliament, and the filter was covered in lipstick.  I saw the same duo of girls twice more near the beer gardens in the evening, both times smoking, and saw the same lipstick-stained butt in the one girl’s hand as she smoked it.  The third sighting of the two of them was in the middle of the rain, the girls huddled together under an umbrella hovering over the ashtray in the smoking area, their teeth chattering as they smoked while in the company of a more average-looking light brunette friend.  I admired their dedication to nicotine dependency while observing this.

I’ve seen so many cute smoker girls at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair decked out in pink tanktops and jean shorts this year.  I’m certainly not complaining as it’s an extremely flattering look.  One more to add to that list was Sighting #97, another one which took place outside that new bathroom structure near the beer gardens block in a technically smoking-forbidden spot.  As I perused the area, I had that sweet “jackpot” moment where I laid eyes on a pretty and wholesome long-haired dark blond wearing the aforementioned pink tanktop and jean shorts ensemble.  She was 21 at most and was walking out of the area with a mixed-gender cluster of friends, none of whom were smoking besides her.  They walked in a grassy area that kind of serves as a resting point for weary fairgoers and where there is occasional live music playing on a free stage.  Smoking is definitely not allowed there but blondie couldn’t care less about the fairgrounds’ antismoking rules puffing away on her all-white as she walked.  I got a decent photo that captures her wholesomeness to the point where just looking at it again as I write this I’m shocked that girls like her are still smoking in Minnesota.  I only got to see three average drags before she dropped the cigarette to the ground and crushed it out.  It was a Marlboro Light, the brand that probably two-thirds of girls would have been smoking back in 2000 but she was one of only two confirmed Marlboro Lights girls of the day.

Like last week, I hit the century mark around 6 p.m. which is quite solid, and the sightings kept rolling in with pretty good regularity by this time. Several times now, I’ve referenced that new bathroom structure near the beer gardens, but I haven’t mentioned how there’s a grassy area to the east of that building where people lean up against the wall to take a break, and it’s secluded enough for smokers to sneak a smoke.  And it always crossed my mind that young smokers in particular might find this location useful to sneak a cigarette….and that’s exactly what was happening with Sightings #102 and #103.  I turned the inconvenient corner to the east side of the bathroom to find a mixed-gender cluster of young people that appeared to be of assorted ages, with some likely young adults and a couple as young as 12 or 13.  One of the younger girls, a petite brunette, was smoking.  Now unlike the blond cutie smoking with mom in the afternoon, this girl was what you’d expect a 13-year-old smoker would look like.  She was modestly attractive but completely lacking in IT factor.  Still she was young enough to where it was a no-brainer to count her and give her a writeup.  Her style was modest, about what you’d expect from a girl that age.  The other smoker in the group looked older…about 18 and a redhead, along with a very annoying-to-look-at ring in her nose.  Unfortunately there was one bona fide cutie in the group who looked about 12 and was talking to the 13-year-old smoker….but the cute one wasn’t smoking.  The highly inconvenient location prevented me from a prolonged observation or butt identification.

From the east side of the bathroom structure which is not a designated smoking area to the south side which is, I quickly came across Sighting #104, an early 20s brunette with one of the day’s most adorable smoker girl presentations.  Her slender young body was draped in a gray tanktop and short jean shorts, which by itself was cute to observe, but what she did with that brown hair of hers is what will always be remembered about this sighting.  It flowed over her both of her shoulders in schoolgirl braids like Pippi Longstocking or the Wendy’s girl.  I’ve marveled at seeing so many smoker girls with one braid hanging over one of their shoulders, but this girl had two of them and really upped the ante on the “naughty schoolgirl” fantasy.  While she wasn’t a knockout beauty, she was cute enough and wholesome enough to pull off this double braid look.  When I saw her and a boyfriend sit down at the edge of the smoking area, I was hopeful they’d light up.  Sure enough, he took out a pack of Marlboro Mediums and she took out a pack of Camel Menthols, their respective cigarette packs sitting between them as they each extracted one and lit up.  Such a cute image of this girl with the braids with a cigarette dangling from her lips as she lit up.  I got a photo of it and watched a largely average smoking performance from her, leaving after about five drags so as not to miss key sightings time.

And when I mention key sightings time, the roll I was currently on, at least in terms of running up the score with numbers, should have had me feeling pretty good at that time.  But things were clouding up from the west.  Throughout the sunny afternoon, I had allowed myself to forget the pending rain scare.  The rain was predicted right around midnight, but these things have a funny way of arriving ahead of schedule.  And as I watched the sky grow progressively darker after 6 p.m., I had an increasingly bad feeling those important evening hours could be sabotaged.  All I could do was smoke out as much good stuff as I could before things started falling apart, and luckily for me there was no shortage of girls smoking on the grounds.  Sighting #108 was standing near the ashtrays in the smoking area on Judson Avenue.  She was a college-age brunette, maybe 21, wearing a blue “fair staff” T-shirt and black shorts.   Again she was not a bombshell beauty but something about her took me in and I’m glad I did because she was a skillful smoker, taking deep, nicely timed drags and releasing cloudy and effortless exhales.  It was pretty clear this girl was an addicted long-time smoker and I had a great vantage point to watch and sneak a couple of photos.  Just as she was approaching the end of her cigarette and I was preparing to get a butt identification, a young African American couple who she appeared to know at first approached and I thought I was about to be sabotaged.  They talked briefly, presumably about something related to smoking even though I wasn’t listening in, but then the black couple left.  It was just her and I again and she soon took a final drag and stubbed the all-white butt out into an ashtray.  There was oddly nobody around watching so I was able to peer into the ashtray and notice a cigarette logo I hadn’t come across before…..Zen!  I asked around and discovered Zen cigarettes are a famous logo for roll-your-own brands, which is what I kind of expected might be the case.  This girl seemed a little too young to be into RYOs but given how skilled of a smoker she was, she probably “can smoke just about anything” as I often hear long-time smokers willing to settle for generics or RYOs describe their habit.

As always I met the folks briefly at 7 p.m., and after a highly productive couple of hours was at the higher end of my baseline with 124 sightings.  The sky conditions continued to gradually deteriorate and there was little doubt rain was coming.  It was just a matter of how long it would hold off and how many sightings I could frontload before the rain started because things would definitely not be the same when the rain was coming down.  I was grateful at that point in the night to have scored the one epic sighting of the young girl smoking with mom because nothing else I had seen yet today was “blog-worthy”.  As I said, I was scoring some solid doubles meaning it was a cut above either of those Iowa State Fair trips this year where above-average sightings of any pedigree were quite scarce.  Still, the kinds of sightings that will be remembered years into the future because of their awesomeness were pretty hard to find, even though I usually get a handful of them during a day at the Minnesota State Fair.  All I could hope for was that the evening would produce some even with the threat of rain looming.

I was sitting with my mom near the main information booth where we always meet at 7:00 while my dad was buying coffee from a nearby vendor.  There was screaming by rowdy young people behind us and I turned around.  A young couple stood there with cigarettes but unfortunately the girl was not attractive.  However, right behind them was another young couple who they seemed to be associated with and while neither was smoking, the girl was adorable and I held out hope that tobacco consumption would soon transpire.  I didn’t have to wait long until it did and I watched the opening stages of Sighting #125 while seated.  The couple was a mismatch with the guy looking kind of like a farm boy, and he appeared to be mid-20s.  The girl looked much younger and I’d guess her to be 18 or 19.  She was very cute, with long dark blond hair, a brown tanktop, and skimpy black shorts….not to mention a sweet, youthful face that did not look like the face of a smoker.  Yet she was the one lighting the cigarette up.  I was fortunate that my mom was seated looking the opposite direction so I could observe this because the girl was a shockingly skilled smoker with massive bursts of smoke exploding from her respiratory system right after the light-up.  Unfortunately, I would only get to see two drags before the couple walked off, split up from the previous couple they were talking to.  The second drag was as good as the first, with expulsions of smoke flowing very naturally from her respiratory system.  Hard as it was to see her walk away, it was adorable watching her young body in motion in those tight black shorts with a burning cigarette held so close to it, parading down a main stretch of the fairgrounds paying no mind at all to any smoking restrictions.  I felt robbed that I was not in a position to follow because this girl had the potential to be one of those classic sightings I alluded to before that had been so elusive today.   Fortunately, I’d get a second chance with this one.

Only about 20 minutes later, I was walking around the beer gardens block and almost danced a jig when I saw a familiar face briefly standing by herself, already with a fresh cork filter cigarette in hand.  In seconds, the boyfriend came out of the beer gardens holding a single beer, reinforcing my impression that he is several years her senior and that she’s not old enough to drink.  They pressed forward and I followed, watching the girl insert the cigarette into her mouth and light up very soon after reuniting with the boyfriend.  Her smoking remained very skilled for her age and her look, with wildly generous snootfuls of smoke spilling from her face when she exhaled, and the increasing wind levels were helpful in blowing the smoke straight into my face as I walked behind, entering the midway as she smoked a cigarette in yet another illegal area.  I snapped a rear photo, but as the storm was getting closer, sky conditions were getting darker, and my camera phone was already starting to blur up photos.  With that in mind, I just followed enjoying what I could of the show, but right when I thought I had found a memorable top-tier sighting, the cigarette was handed to the boyfriend…and it stayed with him long enough that I lost interest.  I continued following for a good two minutes, and the boyfriend was slipping her sips from his beer, but smoked on the cigarette for several drags without handing it back to her.  Fetish time was getting too limited at this point to waste minutes tracking a sighting where only the guy was smoking, so I ended this sighting feeling a bit unsatisfied and didn’t confirm the brand (although it looked like a Camel Blue based on the colors).  Another would-be great sighting short-circuited from being more than a “double”.

I’d actually see this couple yet again more than an hour later, right during the worst of the rain.  They were standing in a small crevice next to a root beer stand.  Once again he stood there with a cigarette, undoubtedly one they were sharing.  But I certainly wasn’t standing in the rain waiting for him to hand the cigarette back to her.  Clearly this girl is a very heavy smoker based on the frequency in which she was lighting up, and had tremendous skills at that, but the boyfriend hijacking her cigarettes for lengthy periods proved to be a bit of a buzzkill.

Going back in time now to right after I separated from the folks around 7:15.  I was walking through the smoking areas near the grandstand and spotted Sightings #126 and #127, a duo of late teen girls leaning up against the grandstand wall smoking cigarettes.  It seemed very likely these girls were preparing to go into the Macklemore concert, and it was clear to me that that concert had drawn the perfect demographic for this to be a good sightings night for me.  The stars were aligned in every way except this damn rain storm bearing down on us.  Anyway, the girls were both pretty cute, brunettes who may have been friends and may have been sisters.  One had her dark hair up in a ponytail and was wearing a black tanktop and a pair of jean shorts that nicely framed her bubble butt.  She appeared to be the older of the two.  The other girl was rail thin and made her look quite young.  Looking at her from afar you’d have figured she was about 16 but closer up she probably was 18.  Hard to tell though.  Whatever the case, she wore a bare-midriff black tanktop with purple jean shorts that looked very nice on her.  I was pretty late to the show and only got in on a couple of drags.  Stylistically, neither girl had anything on the impressive #125 dark blond I had just seen but were still cute young smokers.  I scored my last decent photo of the night (without any blur) but didn’t get to ID their cigarette butts as they crushed them out and threw them in the nearby garbage can.

By 7:45, the wind had picked up significantly and the clouds were really looking like storm clouds.  I was fortunate to be stumbling into a steady diet of sightings to boost my numbers preceding the inevitable rainfall, and Sighting #140 was one of them.  A mixed-gender cluster of five friends was seated outside the west side of the grandstand in the smoking area.  Only one girl was smoking and she was a modestly attractive dark blond who wouldn’t have ordinarily been good enough for a writeup, but there was a cute storyline with this sighting as one guy in the cluster standing in front of the male and female smokers was talking about how he quit smoking a few months ago but that he always felt tempted in the presence of others smoking to light up.  My dark blond was at the forefront congratulating him for quitting and warning him not to give into the urges and light up…but of course she was doing so while holding a cigarette in her own hand and kind of making the advice less than genuine.  I was really curious to see how good of a smoker she was, but a good three minutes passed and she never once took a drag.  Finally, as I was giving up and walking away, I saw her take a drag out of the corner of my eye and it was a pretty solid one with a nice cloudy exhale.  Still, I wasn’t gonna waste another three minutes on her waiting for a second drag, so I walked away, still in search of a holy grail smoking moment from a hot girl at the MNSF.

And what came next was the closest thing I had gotten in hours to that holy grail smoking moment, and would ultimately be my third best sighting of the day.  It was a sighting that involved a lot of players, some connected and some not, and it all happened in the seating area outside the east side of the grandstand, which unlike the west side, is not a designated smoking area.  Catching my eye first was Sighting #144, a cute redheaded young mother with a stroller next to her sitting down for a smoke break.  She wasn’t good enough to warrant a writeup by herself but eventually played a minor role in the sighting’s outcome.  Anyway, after her, I looked across the pavement about 10 yards to the berm area that works as a makeshift seating area, and was now most likely populated by people preparing to go into the Macklemore concert which had yet to start and looked likely to be complicated by rain at this point.  And there were three college-age girls sitting next to each other, two of whom had cigarettes.  And the most mediocre of the three, a brunette in a red tanktop and black shorts, was handing her cigarette to the hottest girl of the three, a dark ponytailed brunette in a zebra-striped top and white shorts.  It took all of three seconds to add Sightings #145, #146, and #147 to my tally.  The third girl was a redhead who was decently cute.  I had first assumed she was part of the group, but it quickly became clear she just happened to be another addicted young smoking female sitting next to the other two addicted young smoking females.  Almost immediately, she spotted me sneaking peeks her direction and I knew I couldn’t linger in this awkward area for long.  But thankfully, the other two girls got up and moved, allowing me to move with them and leading to what became a much more memorable sighting….

They moved to the same general area where the young redheaded mom sat, only up a small trio of steps and hovering on a railing behind her.  The ponytailed dark brunette was in possession of the cigarette and I was lucky enough to stand just a few feet to her left watching the show and remaining anonymous while doing so.  Standing up, it was clear this girl had a spectacular body, and most specifically a spectacular ass.  There’s nothing sexier than a girl with a nice ass can wear than a pair of white shorts that hug her curves, and this girl clearly appears to understand that.  It was almost dark but I was close enough to snap a pic without it being as blurry as it would have been from a distance, and her awesome ass glows like a beacon of white purity in the photo.  As for the smoking, the girl had skills, with nice long drags and a memorably exaggerated exhale, where she stopped to pause and then forcefully expelled the smoke with enough internal wind power that it looked like she was trying to blow up a balloon.  She did this after every drag and it was very cute.  I was a little bummed when she handed the friend the cigarette because the friend wasn’t nearly as attractive, but what the friend lacked in beauty she made up for with sheer bad behavior….

I’m always really turned on by rude, careless, and inconsiderate behavior by young smoker girls, and this friend of hers exhibited some of the worst I’ve seen.  Her smoking style was decidedly mediocre but that became a distant memory for me seconds after the first drag when she reclaimed the cigarette as she leaned forward over the railing and spit a lugie right onto the cement where people sat.  The aforementioned redheaded mother was still smoking, only a couple feet away from where the spitter’s lugie landed.  Somebody inevitably sat down on that spot and got an assful of this girl’s saliva as a souvenir.  And yet another player was now a part of this sighting as three more college-age girls were now standing on the other side of the railing talking to this sighting’s two stars.  One girl, an attractive Asian girl in a dress, was Sighting #148 as she was smoking too while chatting with who I presume were her Macklemore concert-going friends.   The cigarette continued to get passed back and forth between the brunette with the white shorts and the rude friend to her right.  And the smorgasbord of obnoxious female smoking behavior ended with a dual act of obnoxiousness.  The Asian girl on the other side of the railing smashed her Marlboro Light out right on the cement seating area, leaving the butt standing straight up where people sit in the moments before they left.  Even worse, the mediocre brunette to my right got the final drag from the shared cigarette and tossed her smoldering cigarette over the railing where it landed right there in the seating area, again only a couple of feet from that redheaded mother.  It fascinates me that there are smoker girls out there with this bad of manners, but it’s sexy as hell to witness.  Unfortunately, as I scurried around to locate the smoldering butt, the rising wind in the moments before rainfall blew it away, so I never got a butt ID.  Somewhere in that cement area, however, a burning cigarette was rolling around just waiting to cause some luckless a fairgoer a flesh wound.

I felt pretty satisfied walking away from this sighting, having finally gotten my second “blog-worthy” sighting of the day, but my jubilation would be short-lived as rain was less than two minutes away.  It was 8 p.m. and I was already at 150 sightings.  I was well on track to break my previous one-day record of 212 sightings with 2 1/2 hours of prime fetish time remaining, but it seemed very unlikely to materialize as the first drops of rain started coming with strong gusts of wind and the occasional flash of lightning.  Before the sprinkles officially turned to rain, I rapidly walked the eastern and southern perimeter of the fairgrounds for one final time, realizing those parts of the grounds would be entirely empty in the aftermath of the rain.  It was heartbreaking to see wave upon wave of fairgoers fleeing for the exits as the rain began to pick up.  The rain was never coming down in sheets but at the same time it was more than just a sprinkle and there was no doubt it was gonna hurt me for the rest of the night.  Morale was fast fading and I was coming to terms with the fact that the rest of the evening would be resigned to the block around the beer gardens, where there’s a little bit of shelter from the rain, and the areas around the grandstand where I figured thousands of disappointed concertgoers were gonna be lurking, unclear of the concert’s status.  There was a fair amount of lightning for about a half hour, so it seemed entirely possible this concert was gonna be canceled.  On the other hand, it was never predicted that we’d get more than a pretty brief shower tonight rather than a severe thunderstorm or all-night rain event.  I definitely needed to head to the areas outside of the grandstand again now because if the concert ended up getting canceled, I’d really have been in a world of hurt.

Turns out I made a wise decision.  The area outside the grandstand was a mass of humanity, crowded together under the roof for several flights of stairs leading to the various floors of the grandstand.  I worked my way through the crowd before I saw what I was looking for, a knockout dark brunette in a red tanktop and black shorts with an unlit cigarette dangling from her lips.  With as tightly as people were pressed together, I was able to squeeze my way right next to her and had as front-row of a seat as one could get to Sighting #153 as she lit up.  She looked 21 or 22, and was part of a friends group with two guys and another hot girl who I hoped would smoke as well but didn’t.  It was clear I was in for a treat after her first drag, watching her eyes close as she inhaled the smoke, her entire body very clearly preparing itself to go into pleasure mode.  She was having an orgasm with her cigarette, and I was getting off on the “secondhand” exposure to her sexual gratification.  A couple of additional perks to be standing so close to this lovely brunette babe with a hot body is that I was close enough to see that her brand was a Marlboro Light Special Blend….and that her exhales were very close to being mine to wear.  On two occasions, her exhales were directed basically straight at me.  Unfortunately, the northwest wind played interference and prevented both from scoring a direct hit as the smoky filth spewing from her mouth did a pivot only inches from my face and instead drifted towards others….with the others mostly being the friends in her group who got direct hits to the face several times.

However, the sighting took an unfortunate turn about halfway through as two of the guys in the group each got their turn to take a couple of drags of the cigarette.  Thankfully, the sexpot got it again for the final three drags, and as always I was treated to an O-face of blissful delight as she filled her body up with smoky carcinogens and was wearing her pleasure on her face.  I overheard the conversation among the foursome who at that point were expressing doubt that the concert was gonna happen as the rain (and lightning) continued, but they’d end up being wrong as the concert would eventually resume at around 9:30.  Anyway, the sighting lost a little luster since the guys smoked some of it, but it was very clearly the girl’s cigarette that they merely got table scraps of, and she was the one to wrap it up, dropping it to pavement and crushing it out as she finished it.  I was hoping this wasn’t gonna be my only quality sighting to occur after the rain started but even if it was, it was a gift to be getting any sightings at all at that point, particularly ones of this caliber.

And while the last sighting was playing, two other girls in close proximity were also smoking amongst the sea of tightly compressed fairgoers.  Sighting #154 was a mediocre mid-20s blond, but Sighting #155 was something a little more special.  She was a cute 17ish light brunette seated at the foot of the steps next to the guy I presumed to be her boyfriend and another duo of friends.  Right away, I could see she was sharing the cigarette with the boyfriend.  I first spotted her smoking while standing next to the main attraction (dark brunette Sighting #153) and my eyes were darting back and forth between girls for a few minutes before the former girl finished her cigarette.  At that point, I walked over to the steps for a closer look at the teen smoker.  Now she was about a 7.5 on the beauty spectrum, very cute but not necessarily a bombshell, but what she lacked in gorgeousness she made up for with her outfit.  You can’t go wrong with a black top and white shorts and here was another girl after my heart.  She got the cigarette for the final two drags and I hovered against the railing effectively right above her looking down.  There’s nothing in life cuter than seeing a perfect outline of a girl’s vagina while she’s wearing tight white shorts, and this girl had a sugary sweet crotch curvature on open display sitting there finishing her cigarette.  She had an average style as I sort of expected and the smoking ended too soon as she crushed the cigarette on the partially wet pavement next to her shoe.  The all-white butt sat there and got wetter.  I was in no position to check it out and probably couldn’t identify the brand even if I could as the paper blended with the tobacco juice when wet.

I had another inadvertent run-in with this girl about a half hour later when she was still seated on the steps in the same general area.  I saw this cute young brunette in white shorts seated on the steps and sat down closeby to put the gel-filled inserts into my shoe.  She noticed me sitting there but particularly with the darkness at that spot I never got a good look at her face, but was turned on as hell looking at her ass in those white shorts.  I was even tempted to make light conversation and ask her if the concert was back on, even though I knew at that point that it was, but I got up and left…and it was only when I looked back that I recognized it was the Sighting #155 girl, this time sitting all by herself, who was on her cell phone mentioning the name “David” to someone on the other end of the line.  And another half hour after that, I saw her again in the same general area, this time racing up to the guys in her group with an adorable girlish energy beckoning them to follow her to the TV camera as apparently a news crew was there interviewing fairgoers, presumably about the rainy night.  “Let’s get on TV!” she said with an infectious energy before racing back to the camera.  It was such a cute contrast to the teen smoking performance she was giving at such a public location only an hour or so earlier.

Despite the not insignificant obstruction that the rain threw my way, the night was going pretty well with sightings, and several of the best were still yet to come.  The beer gardens block was its usual treasure trove of evening sightings, and I stood outside the corner of one of the bars to see an attractive young couple where the very pretty light brunette girlfriend was smoking.  My Sighting #166 was a natural beauty with long brown hair, a black top and brownish pair of dress pants that seemed like an odd choice for a summer night at the state fair beer gardens but which she made it work.  Her smoking style was by and large average and my positioning was not conducive to an extended sighting, so I drifted away after three drags, with impeccable timing to see something else fantastic from its inception.

A trio of friends, two female and one male, who all looked 21 or 22, were only a few feet to the right of the last girl, and in front of my face was this redhead brimming with IT factor despite not conventionally being my type, with an unlit cigarette hanging from her mouth.  Right away I knew I was destined for an extra-base hit with Sighting #167, and the next thing I knew the guy, who I later determined had to have been her boyfriend, was approaching her cigarette with a lighter.  She leaned in to the flame and was lit, and that’s when the bells and whistles started chiming.  She dragged right off of the light-up, ingesting a flurry of smoke and then exhaling blasts through her nose and mouth while still dangling the cigarette.  The cigarette remained in dangle mode and the smoke just kept pouring out of her face, blasting the boyfriend and the nonsmoking female friend directly.  The girl was mildly beautiful, if you will, with a sort of brash redheaded cuteness about her that reminded me a lot of my former girlfriend Lizz, another heavy smoking redhead.  Contrasting with her smoker girl look was a cute red bow in her hair that seemed entirely out of place.  She was also chubbier than I’d prefer and probably wouldn’t look good in a bikini, but she knew how to make the extra pounds work for her and I must confess to being pretty turned on.  And that was before I got a very pleasant surprise.  The friends both got their exhales into the face….and now it was my turn.  As close as I was to them and as ferocious as her exhales were, I guess I should have foreseen the possibility of her belching out smoke into my airspace, but it never crossed my mind until an exhale sailed straight into my face for a perfect direct hit, and I’m not entirely sure it was unintentional.

After about a minute of enjoying her performance and turning occasionally towards the previous light brunette who was still smoking, my trio of friends separated and the redhead and her presumed boyfriend started walking down the beer gardens block.  As they proceeded, I followed at a comfortable distance and noticed a couple of things.  First, the boyfriend who lit her up was smoking an electronic cigarette.  Cute when the guy is willing to settle for a lame e-cig, but his girlfriend requires the real thing for her nicotine fix.  Secondly, her ass was draped in a tiny pair of black shorts that wouldn’t have worked if she was much heavier, but she had just the right level of chubbiness to pull it off and it was really sexy watching her walk ahead.  Sexiest of all though continued to be her reckless smoking as she meandered through the crowd and continued to produce dense, cloudy exhales that were released with no inhibitions, almost always nailing the boyfriend in the face and when he didn’t get hit by them, complete strangers did.  The most oddball part of the sighting came next though when she crossed paths with Sighting #168, a mediocre 20-something brunette in a black dress.  Just as I did, the two girls made the observation in passing that both boyfriends were smoking electronic cigarettes while the female halves of the relationships were smoking real cigarettes.  Now my redhead didn’t seem to be “drunk” per se, but she proceeded to lean towards the brunette girl and speak to her as though she was three sheets to the wind.  I couldn’t hear details of the conversation, but it was clear the redhead was pointing to their mutual cigarettes and beers and gushing how they should feel no shame about smoking.  It was quite a spectacle, and the first time that the presence of an electronic cigarette significantly improved the stature of a sighting.  From there, the couple drifted to a berm in front of the bathrooms and sat.  She continued pulverizing her all-white and as I sat watching, waiting for her to finish it, I could tell I had a problem.  Even though the rain was over now except for a stray sprinkle, there was a huge puddle of standing water right beneath her feet.  It was pretty clear where the cigarette butt was going when she finished it, and sure enough, she dropped it in the water.  I returned to the spot later, after they left, hoping to salvage a butt identification, but the only all-white I saw was so submerged in standing water there was no hope of IDing it.  Too bad because she was among my top-five sightings of the day.  I always love it when a girl who is not conventionally a sexpot carries herself and smokes in a way that dramatically raises her stakes, and I couldn’t have asked for a much better show than what she gave me.

On the topic of electronic cigarettes, they didn’t cramp my style much yesterday.  There were only a couple of moments over the course of the 14-hour day where I was gritting my teeth about young girls dragging on e-cigs rather than real cigarettes.  It’s obviously too soon to breathe a sigh of relief because the overall numbers of “vapers” yesterday were still quite high but the panic I felt at times last week never materialized this week, and I was grateful for that.

Anyway, not one minute after the redhead dropped her cigarette into a puddle of water, I resumed encircling the beer gardens block.  Standing just outside two picnic tables at the edge of one of the bars was a duo of mid-20s smokers.  One was an unattractive brunette, but the other was Sighting #170, a very attractive ponytailed blond wearing yet another delicious feminine ensemble of a pink tanktop and pale blue cutoffs.  Her body was incredible and her face was that of a sexy smoker girl.  The smoking itself was pretty nice as well and I watched the sighting play out, catching about five drags, all with above-average hold times and exhales, and then watching her drop and crush out the cigarette, which was obviously a Camel Blue by its coloring.  It was a solid sighting, but as I was observing it, I didn’t think it was quite distinctive enough to warrant a writeup.  Sighting #170 would have to settle for being my hottest girl of the day who didn’t get a writeup.  But an hour later, during my final 15 minutes of the evening, an encore performance from her made certain she’d be getting a writeup after all.  I was sitting on the berm right outside the bathroom structure, surveying the crowds of people near the beer gardens and seeing if I saw any airborne plumes of smoke.  Imagine my surprise when I looked to the exit of the nearby women’s bathroom and saw my blond in pink and light blue denim walking out of the bathroom….with a recently lit cigarette already dangling from her mouth!  Now I’ve seen smoker gals be pretty inconsiderate with smoking near bathrooms, often times dropping their spent cigarettes right at the door before walking in, but never have I seen a girl walking out of the bathroom with a cigarette already lit.  She had probably just lit it seconds earlier, but either way, my little blond Camel Blue sexpot assured she’d be making my blog with that little gesture.

The rain was without question a problem for my night, but I must admit that it certainly did not blow the whole night up.  In fact, it was kind of the opposite.  The sightings during and after the rain were among my best of the entire day.  And no sightings from last evening were better than what came next.  I approached the west side of the grandstand, knowing that the Macklemore concert was now ongoing but still hoping for some nicotine-addicted stragglers outside the gate.  But it was a distance away from the grandstand area where the real action was at that time, about 10 yards behind it where a group of four college-age blonds were standing and it was obvious instantly that cigarettes were being smoked.  As I approached and surveyed the foursome, I was impressed by their attractiveness and even more impressed that three of the four were smoking, becoming Sightings #176, #177, and #178.  Despite the fact that they were all a little glammed up, there was a good girl vibe to all four girls.  None of them were less than 8s on the 1-10 scale of hotness, but two of the smokers stood out a little less than the other smoker and the nonsmoker.  I was a little bummed about the nonsmoker of the group because she was the most wholesome, the cutest, and the youngest-looking of the four, but considering I had three beautiful smokers in front of me, I couldn’t be that damn greedy.  I had a very nearby bench where I sat down and watched the show in its entirety, with a nice front-row seat to the most attractive blond who was also the most glamorous of the four with curly long blond hair and a very sexy blue and white dress.  Of the three smokers, she seemed the most skilled as well, with the most frequent drags and the cloudiest exhales.  I had been observing this sighting for about three minutes now and thought I had a pretty good feel for everything that was going on, but then found myself in for the surprise of the night…..

One of the two lesser smokers from out of nowhere handed the cigarette to the blond who I had presumed was a nonsmoker.  Oh sweet!  Didn’t see that one coming but she was about to become the fourth sighting of this group and Sighting #179 for the day.  But I figured it was gonna find its way to the petite blond’s hand for one drag and then be handed back to its original possessor.  Boy was I wrong.  The wholesome blond grabbed hold of the cork filter cigarette and inserted it into her mouth where it stayed for an extended dangle.  She dug through her purse, dragging from the dangling cigarette with every breath and producing dragon-like expulsions of carcinogens from her adorable face with three successive breaths, all while dangling the cigarette for at least 20 seconds.  She removed the cigarette from her face, wisps of smoke still trickling out of her mouth and nose.  This was unbelievable!  The most wholesome-looking girl of this foursome just went from being the group’s only assumed nonsmoker to the girl who smoked the other three to complete shame.  And this sweetheart was just getting started, putting the cigarette back into her mouth for a repeat performance of what I just saw, ANOTHER 20-second dangle as she dug through her purse, with ferocious dragon-like expulsions of smoke from all of her facial orifices following repeated dangling drags.  It was a rare moment that this girl left the cigarette alone long enough for me to actually admire her features, and she was a cute little thing.  She was probably the same age as the others, who all looked about 21 or 22, but it’s possible she was younger.  Either way, she looked 18 with soft facial features, a black headband in her blond hair, along with a white tanktop and black shorts covering her nice figure….

The other two girls with cigarettes were wrapping theirs up, with the less distinguished remaining smoker dropping hers to the wet pavement first, followed about 30 seconds later by the glam girl in the blue dress, but the surprise star of the show still had some smoking left of her cigarette, and was merciless in hitting it for the duration of the sighting, a haze of smoke always lingering not far from her face.  Even when she wasn’t dragging in mid-dangle, she’d do a no-handlesbars drag, removing her fingers from the cigarette while she took the drag and then pulling the cigarette away.  I couldn’t have been more turned on, but before the sighting ended she had one more incredible moment.  The girl who seemed like the wallflower of this group as I first observed them was now the alpha female, looking ahead of her to this mini-donuts stand and calling out something aloud for the group which led me to believe she was gonna buy some donuts as she rapidly approached the stand.  The cigarette was dangling from her mouth and she was dragging from it as she walked, and most adorably, a line of two or three people was standing there for mini-donuts, and my girl cluelessly walked right past them as she removed the cigarette from her mouth and cut loose a giant exhale that nailed at least one of them (a middle-aged guy) in the face.  I didn’t notice a response from the guy and was a little surprised he didn’t give one.  Apparently rainy weather brings out vulgar female smoking behavior because this was one of about a half dozen acts of genuinely obnoxious smoking I observed from smoker girls last night.  Whatever she approached that stand for was not mini-donuts because she came back empty-handed and was now ready to move on, beckoning the other girls to follow her elsewhere in the fairgrounds, the stub of her cigarette still in hand next to those sexy black shorts.  Two more drags and she dropped it to the pavement and pressed forward, giving me my chance to approach and ID the butt as a Marlboro Smooth.  I then went back to the butts the other smoker girls finished and they were both Parliaments.  There are few things I love more than sightings that produce genuine surprises halfway through, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a sighting that ended as unpredictably as this one did!

And while my time was getting short with the final half hour of fetish time upon me, the Minnesota State Fair still had a couple great moments left for me.  The rain had played havoc in several different ways, including a couple sightings of cute young smoker girls who were covered in red plastic ponchos.  I have no idea where they got them but hundreds of people were wearing them, including one smoker who I could only tell was cute enough to count as a sighting because just about everything else about her was tragically covered up.  But a different dynamic with a happier ending played out with Sighting #187 which took place outside the west side of the grandstand.  As I was perusing the perimeter of the area, I happened upon a couple who were both lighting up cigarettes.  The guy had a shaved head and looked kind of generic and approaching middle age.  The girl had a cute face and awesome legs coming out of incredibly hot pale blue cutoffs, but a hoodie covered up everything else.  The rain had by this time ended, but she was still covered up completely as if it was coming down in buckets.  I could tell her face was quite cute but even that was mostly obstructed but the tightly wound hoodie, so there was a mysterious sexiness about her especially as that cigarette approached her lips.  While the anecdotal evidence was that she was pretty hot, I couldn’t bring myself to get too excited because the guy seemed as ordinary joe as they came and surely the girl underneath this hoodie had to have been some 40-year-old who simply had a nice lower body in tight-fitting cutoffs.  I didn’t look away long, but I must have absent-mindedly looked elsewhere for a couple of seconds, because when I returned my focus on the couple, everything had changed.  The hood of the sweatshirt was off….and a truly gorgeous early 20s blond was underneath.  I have no idea why a girl like this was with the shaved head guy….but way to go shaved head guy for landing her!  Suddenly a sighting that was mysterious and fun, but with an expectation of disappointment, had exceeded even my wildest expectations by light years.  And she was wholesome as hell too…..the kind of girl nobody would expect to be a smoker in modern times….

Her back was turned towards me for a bit and I couldn’t help myself from walking over there as I wanted to see her face as she exhaled.  And boy was it worth it.  I took a glance as she was dragging and she made eyes with me at the exact moment she expelled a blast of smoke straight forward from her gorgeous mouth.  She was hands-down the most beautiful smoker girl of the day.  I retook my original seat as she became more cooperative in smoking with her face in my line of vision.  I licked my lips and wished I could still get a picture of this beautiful long-haired blond with the tight and skimpy cutoffs, the long, smooth legs, and the cigarette in her hand.  The boyfriend was preoccupied with his phone while she smoked (there’s a gender switch for you!) and she finished a little before he did, crushing her cigarette out on the wet pavement and scaring me as she approached the garbage can with it and tossed it.  I really wanted a butt ID on this one but it wasn’t looking optimistic. In a minute or so, the boyfriend crushed his cigarette out but didn’t throw his in the trash, and the couple walked off into the night.  I approached the boyfriend’s cigarette first figuring they smoked the same brand, and his was a Marlboro Smooth.  But then I looked to the garbage can and noticed it was overflowing.  There was a chance her cigarette butt was still resting atop that trash pile.  And as I approached, sure enough….there was a cork filter sitting there on the lip of a cup. And it was not the boyfriend’s brand.  She was smoking a Newport.  Two sightings in a row that had positive surprise developments halfway through that turned them into blog-worthy masterpieces.  Maybe the rain isn’t so bad after all!

Moments later I had a weird deja vu moment, again near the grandstand, as I noticed two familiar girls walking eastward.  Not sure if I would have recognized them otherwise, but the green “Deep Fried Pickles” T-shirts gave them away.  It was the teen girls from last week who I saw smoking in one of the smoking areas….my Sightings #75 and #76 from the previous week.  And it was undeniably the same two girls as they were heading to the same area.  There was no question at all what they were going to do, so I followed.  This time they found a bench before they even got to that grassy smoking area, which would now be soaked.  They sat down and opened their purses, unsurprisingly revealing packs of cigarettes.  They threw away their evidence the previous week so I didn’t get their brands, but I did now.  The “cute nerd” brunette with glasses who reminded me of my high school girlfriend Jenny was smoking Marlboro No. 27s.  And the rail-thin blond friend was smoking Camel Light Menthols.  The brunette lit herself up first and then the blond used the friend’s lighter to fire up.  The blond was cute but a little too thin with virtually no curves.  Even white shorts couldn’t make her look like more than a little girl.  The light brunette had more curvy action going on with a brown and black striped pair of shorts that wore nicely on her.  I stuck around to watch a couple of minutes of precocious smoking but time was getting low and I had to take off earlier than I would have had it been just about any time earlier in the day.  I’m quite certain this was the first time I saw the same girl (in this case two girls) smoking on separate visits to the Minnesota State Fair.  I didn’t count them as unique sightings for this week as a result of being counted last week, but it was an awesome encore act nonetheless.

It was the final 15 minutes or so of the night and I wanted to run up the score in hopes of reaching 200, zipping back and forth from the beer gardens block to the grandstand area in hopes of leaving no rocks unturned.  And I might have gotten to 200 too, but the best-laid plans all too often fall apart in practice.  Such was the case last night when I was heading towards the grandstand and about halfway there I spotted a duo of 17ish blonds standing out in the open wielding cigarettes.  They were my Sightings #193 and #194 of the day, and my last of significance for the evening.  The first girl I spotted looked the most wholesome, with shoulder length blond hair, a white blouse with a lot of exposed flesh on the shoulders, and black shorts.  The other girl originally struck me as cuter but it was more because of her presentation.  She had curly blond hair and was wearing a very virginal white dress that seemed like an odd choice of attire for a rainy night at the fair.  However, she also had a dopey-looking ring in the bridge of her nose that looked entirely out of place on her.  My first impression was that, despite the nose ring, the second girl in the white dress was the better find of this sighting.  But then I compared the smoking styles and there was no question that the first girl was the star here, with much better and more frequent drags and far cloudier exhales.  She also had an adorably distinctive “tick” about her smoking style and it was something I had never seen before.  She abruptly jerked the wrist of her cigarette hand when ashing the all-white…..almost as if swatting at a fly.  It was extreme overkill for ashing a cigarette, but it was so cute to see on a wholesome blond teen smoker.  The friend in the white dress was less impressive as a smoker, with shallow drags and subsequent shallow exhales.

One other high point of this sighting came when a pair of cops came walking by.  Here stood two underage smokers who were both puffing outside of the designated smoking areas, yet these cops walked right past them without saying a word….and the girls never batted an eyelash or paused one second of their conversation.  That’s the kind of enforcement I was hoping for with the state fair’s smoking regulations!  Anyway, the first blond finished her cigarette a good three minutes before the second blond, and it was killing me seeing that all-white laying on the wet pavement by her feet because I wanted a butt ID after all that time.  The fact that the second friend’s shallow puffs never seemed to lead to the cigarette’s end was even more frustrating as I knew I was down to my last couple of minutes before I had to meet the folks.  Finally it became clear she was crushing the cigarette out with her fingers.  I wasn’t gonna get an ID on her butt, but with the end of the night here I had nothing to lose taking a major risk and bending down for a butt ID only a couple feet away from the first blond.  I did just that and saw it was a Camel Crush, and then fled the scene knowing it was the end of my night.  The rain was undoubtedly a gadfly for my evening but for a day that where only scored one sighting stronger than a “double” before sunset, the darkness and the rainfall that accompanied it sure produced some triples and homers after sunset!

I met the folks on schedule and observed two final mediocre sightings on my way to the gate.  There are upsides to coming and going to the fair with the folks (dad drives home for two hours while my exhausted body rests in the backseat being the best) but on balance it’s becoming a liability, as it was tonight because the rain-delayed Macklemore concert was not yet over, so I missed the flurry of nicotine-starved girls in the grandstand exiting for a cigarette after the show.  Had I stayed another half hour, who knows how many sightings I would have gotten.  As always, it’s more bitter than sweet to be wrapping up another fair season, but I continued to be relieved at how much success I had this year, particularly at the Minnesota State Fair, where I thought my gravy train had derailed in January when I read about the smoking restrictions.  In the end, the smoking areas probably helped more than hurt, and particularly in the evening they weren’t respected by fairgrounds smokers anyway.

I finished last night with 196 sightings, as opposed to 199 sightings the year before on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  Comparatively, last week I got 180 sightings compared to 185 that weekend in 2012.  That adds up to 376 sightings in 2013 compared to 385 sightings in 2012.  If you had told me in January when I first read about the fairgrounds smoking areas–or if you had told me in May when Minnesota imposed the largest cigarette tax increase in American history–that my sightings numbers at this year’s Minnesota State Fair would be down only 2%, I’d have thought you were crazy.  But that’s exactly what happened.  The Iowa State Fair was of course another story as that was a big disappointment but my local county fair was a success as was the MNSF.  For all my gloom and doom heading into 2013 expecting a dismal fair season, I walk away damn pleased with how well the Upper Midwestern smoker girls held up like champions for me.  I can only hope now that 2014 is anywhere near this good.

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