I expected to post this in about the second week of July based on my view count averages of recent months, but for reasons that appear to be connected to the host site of this blog, my views cratered about a month ago so this salute to the blog’s heavy viewership came a little later than expected.  Unexpected setbacks notwithstanding, I started this blog at the repeated suggestion of a buddy of mine who knows about my fetish in April 2011.  I was skeptical that many people would have much interest in checking out writeups of someone else’s sightings.  I mainly went through the motions of creating this blog so I’d have a detailed, easily accessible personal archive of my greatest hits.  I never would have imagined the response as soon as I started hyping it to fellow travelers on the smoking boards.

The tide has kept rising month after month since the April 2011 debut (at least until this significant recent structural setback) and the 100,000-view threshold that seemed unthinkable when I set up the blog has now been crossed as of this morning (August 5, 2013).  Thanks to everyone who has ever visited, and especially to repeat readers who have followed me with every new posting of fair sightings reports, every top sightings of the year listings, and every annual reorganization.  The new fair reports will begin coming up in the next week and will keep coming till after Labor Day, so significant new content will be soon forthcoming for those interested.

In addition to thanking my viewers, I thought it would also be interesting to dissect some trends among viewers.  I’ve always known that some aspects of the smoking fetish are polarizing among fetishers and it’s helpful to have such a range of sightings to draw from.  Fetishers who are into cigar smoking girls can (or at least could!) isolate those sightings by tag while fetishers who don’t get into cigar-smoking girls have plenty of other material to choose from.  There were a distinction between blond smoker sightings and brunettes….brand distinctions for those who discriminate between cork filters and all-whites….you name it.  But what surprised me the most was how many fetishers get off on mother-daughter sightings.

Every single sighting on my blog with the mother-daughter tag has well over 100 views, and in some cases several hundred views.  I certainly get the attraction, but must admit that I’m not as personally invested in this particular subfetish as most in the community are, which is why one of my most popular entries on this blog only ranks as my 74th favorite Minnesota State Fair sighting.  Part of the problem for me is that I just don’t find women smokers over age 40 to be that attractive, so the “mother” in the mother-daughter sighting is unlikely to do much for me.  In other words, the mother’s primary role in the dream mother-daughter sighting for me is to provide an obvious culture of acceptance and encouragement of the daughter’s habit.  And the daughter has to be hot too….because a mother-daughter sighting with a merely mildly attractive daughter isn’t gonna get any bonus points from me just for being a mother-daughter sighting.  By no means do I want to throw cold water on whatever sightings I’ve written that trip the triggers of my viewers, but I do find it interesting that the genre of sighting that is the Holy Grail for so many fetishers is not disproportionately important to me.

One other trend I noticed by have never quite been able to understand is why certain sightings go on wild tears of viewings while others don’t.  It seems like when a sighting catches fire, everybody that discovers the blog is reading it for weeks or even months to come.  Yet often the sighting’s view count dies down after that.  As far as I know there isn’t a “most viewed” list that allows readers to check out sightings that have been looked at the most in recent days or weeks.   I realize this won’t mean much to too many people, but from my perspective it’s very interesting to track viewing trends.

I hope to have at least some of this blog’s current access issues resolved by September, possibly sooner if my friend can restore the tags and the category headings.  And I also hope interest in my blog continues.  I’m less than 24 hours away from posting my local county fair sightings from 2013, so hopefully the next 100,000 viewers will come away with as favorable of an impression as I hope the first 100,000 did.

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2 Responses to 100,000 Views!

  1. Peter says:

    Your blog really is superb, Mark, and has inspired me to start my own. You deserve all the readers. Other people’s sightings are just as good as one’s own. Well, nearly.

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