The 12 Best Fairgrounds Sighting Heartbreakers and Near-Misses

We’ve all been there…..either catching the tail end of what would have been an incredible sighting….or perhaps being in the presence of company moving the other direction while an incredible sighting was playing out……or maybe seeing the girl of our dreams in possession of cigarettes but not getting the opportunity to see her light up.  I’ve had more than my share over the years and I tend to consider myself better off knowing that the girl smokes but still grievously bemoaning missing out on sightings greatness.

With peak summer fetish season now underway and thus keeping sightings on my mind more than usual, I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of the fairgrounds “sightings that got away”.  I was surprised at how many sightings I thought of where I felt “I was robbed”, but narrowed the list down to a dozen of the biggest heartbreakers, all of which at least had the potential to be singled out among the other greatest hits on my blog had I seen more from them.  So feel free to either enjoy the countdown for what it’s worth or share my pain over the girls that slipped away….


#12.  2008 Local County Fair, Wednesday Night

Anybody who’s read my previous writeups from my county fair know that my old neighbor buddy Corey has been both a blessing and a curse over the years, walking me right into a few classic sightings but also robbing me of a couple.  This was the best find that Corey robbed me of….

I had agreed to meet Corey and his girlfriend in front of the 4-H building before going to a concert.  He and the girlfriend arrived and just as we began to take off, I looked over my shoulder to the commercial exhibit building across the street from the 4-H building just in time to spot this shapely long-haired 18-ish brunette in multi-colored striped shorts and flip-flops polishing off an all-white at the entryway. I was a good 15 yards away and didn’t get as good of a look as I had hoped for, but what I saw the perfect image of a wholesome summertime teen beauty smoking a cigarette.  My heart sank as she crushed out the cigarette underneath the flip-flop preparing to go inside the building, our footsteps taking us the opposite direction and blurring her appearance even more and forcing me to resist the gravitational pull I felt towards her and instead following my friend to a crappy concert.  It was one of many reminders I’ve gotten over the years that fetishing is a pastime best done alone.


#11. 2012 Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

I had a problem with inconvenient timing throughout the day, getting only a taste of greatness at the tail end of a number of girls’ smoking performances, but this was the most painful example of the day of tortured timing..

I was walking on the east side of the Coliseum when I came upon a 19-20ish cluster consisting of two girls and a guy.  I first laid eyes on this petite short-haired brunette in a black top and dark jean shorts with braces as she released the final exhale of her cigarette before dropping her Marlboro Light butt to the ground.  Damn!  But then I looked beyond her to the other two in the group.  The guy wasn’t smoking, but the other even hotter girl still had the stub of an all-white between her fingers.  She had a long mane of curly light brown hair with a few minor blond highlights, decked out in yet another black tanktop with acid-washed medium blue jean shorts.  Extremely sexy girl with far more of an IT factor than the friend, cute as the friend was.  I was probably only gonna get to see one drag out of this so I had better make it count.  She took that final drag while talking to the friends and it was respectable.  As expected she dropped the cigarette to the pavement and the trio was preparing to leave, but not before the hot girl stepped towards the Coliseum wall and dribbled a lugie from her mouth.  Cute final act in the moments before the group left, but as I was closing in to confirm the hot girl’s butt was a Marlboro Light, I looked to the ground to discover I had to dodge at least a dozen salivary pools on the pavement where this girl had been standing.  She was another chronic spitter….and I missed all but one of her adorable lugies and possibly some by the friend as well as there were spit bombs on the sidewalk closer to where she had been standing too.  It struck me how cool it was that this nonsmoking guy had been standing there watching this decidedly unfeminine display of smoking and chronic spitting by these two hotties.

It was pure luck because I hadn’t noticed where this group went, but I headed east down Judson Avenue shortly afterwards and found myself walking behind them again…the guy and the two smelly females, only now nobody was smoking of course.  I got out my camera and took a pretty good rear photo walking behind and then attempted another frontal (or more side) photo when they walked towards the bathroom but I couldn’t get the positioning right.  Still felt like I got cheated with this sighting but was grateful to at least have salvaged a couple quick moments of seeing their smoking and pulling off a visual aid.  When I showed the photo to my fetish buddy, even he was taken aback and confessed he couldn’t believe a girl this hot was a “slobbering mess when she smoked”.


#10. 2012 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

In the late evening hours of last year’s decidedly below-average all-day visit to the Iowa State Fair, things finally started to heat up, but what would have been one of my best sightings of the day never actually materialized after an extended period of brutal teasing…

A cluster of teenagers forms every evening amidst a grid of seating right in the center of the fairgrounds and I always keep close tabs on it looking for smokers.  At 10:00, I weaved my way through this cluster in hope of seeing something great just as the fireworks were going off.  Among a cluster of four sexy 18ish girls was this adorable girl-next-door blond wearing a white bare-midriff tanktop and turquoise jean shorts…..and holding a pack of Marlboro 27s that she was in the process of opening, ripping the cellophane wrapping off.  A bench was just opening up for me to get a front-row seat to this yumminess.  But she was only a tease….and an infuriating one at that.

On several occasions she would pop the top of that cigarette pack open as if she was about to extract a cigarette.  I sat there for a good 10 minutes always thinking she was about to light up…but she never did.  At one point, she drifted towards a guy that was clearly her boyfriend and I figured maybe she was gonna ask him for a lighter.  The two of them put on a display of PDA, kissing as she embraced him holding the pack of cigarettes behind his back while doing so.  But with one final kiss and him smacking her on the butt, she and the other girls started walking away and after all that teasing, I wasn’t about to follow and waste even more of my limited time on her.  My rule of thumb is whenever a girl is carrying a pack of cigarettes that I know is hers, I count her as a sighting, but easily my biggest frustration of the night was not seeing her actually smoke.


#9. 2009 Local County Fair, Wednesday Night

Another of my most frustrating fair fetish nights was this one, where there were a number of promising girls but most weren’t delivering with bona fide sightings.  The biggest heartbreaker came in the last evening in the final half hour before I called it a night….

I was sitting on a bench in the back of the midway keeping tabs on an intriguing girl who I suspected was a smoker, but directly behind me there was another bench where two attractive 21ish blondes sat smoking. One was a mother and had a stroller beside her. I was hoping to get more direct headwind from their secondhand smoke sitting so closeby, but unfortunately was not splashed with too much of it. Emerging from one of the rides to rejoin this duo (trio if you count the infant) was a girl I just caught a snap glimpse of before she turned her ass to me. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at a petite and incredibly slender female body that looked to belong to a pubescent 14-year-old holding a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols in her hand.

Her figure, including tiny chest and backside, screamed early teen and I was definitely of the mind that she was, but when I finally got a glimpse of her face, she looked older than that, at least a little bit. It was dark so it was hard to discern, but I’m thinking she was more like 16.  It was a tough call though as it’s entirely possible she was as young as my first impression suggested.  And I figure if she was to light up, it would probably be telling by her smoking style how old she actually was.  Moments later the group got up to go and I followed her and the rest of the party, all heading towards the parking lot. The slender girl continued to openly clutch that Marlboro Lights Menthol pack but she never did light up.  Big disappointment.


#8. 2009 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

My first day at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair was another of my weaker days and the mediocrity of the sightings was coupled with unseasonably chilly and windy late August weather that was hurting my morale.  But I thought I stumbled into greatness during the dinner hour but was ultimately teased by one of the most unusual sightings of my life…

I was walking through the seating area behind the food building and took a brief seat to watch a beauty I had seen smoking earlier in the day hoping she’d light up again, which she never did.  While I was sitting there, however, I took note of a trio of guys in the company of a very beautiful long-haired 21ish brunette standing about 20 feet in front of me. Suddenly, the guy pulls out an all-brown tobacco unit which I originally expected was a Swisher Sweet. He struggled to work the lighter in the wind and couldn’t quite get the job done. That’s when his hot chick girlfriend came in, taking the cigarette/cigar and placed it between her lips to fire it up. The other two guys heckled the boyfriend when the girl got the thing lit in a matter of seconds. From that point forward, the couple proceeded together alone with the guy in possession of the tobacco. I had to follow to see if anything else exciting would happen with this pair….

I briefly got caught in a sea of humanity when trying to follow the cigar couple to see if it really was a cigar and if the girl would actually smoke some of it or light up her own. I caught up with them in time to see the guy hand the girl the cigar. She took a puff and produced a cloudy exhale before immediately handing it right back to the boyfriend, who held onto it for the duration of its existence. This gave me the time to make two observations. First, this brunette girl was a stunner….very close to a perfect 10 on the attractiveness/sexiness scale with her long and dark brown hair flowing all the way down her back, and the ultra-skimpy tanktop she wore with only a sport bra underneath. Second, I don’t think this was a Swisher Sweet he was smoking. The colors were not the same and I could not detect the unmistakable odor of cigar smoke emitting from it. Would it really be a More cigarette? That’s the best I could come up with, but I always considered that to be a feminine cigarette and am surprised any guy would ever smoke one. Whatever the case, he must have gotten sick of smoking it after a few minutes as she snuffed out the cherry and stuck the cigarette behind his ear to save for later. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed at the way this sighting played out.


#7. 2011 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

The first few hours of this day was shaping up exquisitely, with a half dozen blockbuster and epic sightings playing out, but my mid-afternoon my fortunes changed.  And at one point I stuck around watching a relatively mediocre sighting on the beer gardens block longer than I should have, and it cost me dearly only moments later…..

When I walked away from the last sighting and headed east past more beer gardens, I would see my youngest smoker of the day.  My jaw almost hit the ground when walking towards me in a cluster of about six guys and girls was this angellic and petite curly-haired light brunette wielding a cigarette, the only one in her group who was smoking.  She looked about 14 because she was so petite and her mildly freckled face was so wholesome, but judging from her friends group she probably was 16.  The reason that I was kicking myself for sticking around too long at the last sighting was that the girl was at the end of her cigarette.  I walked behind admiring her shrimpy little girl body in a green-and-white striped top and jean shorts, but she took one final drag from the cigarette before dropping it to the ground.  I was able to identify the butt (a Camel Crush) and follow her a bit more.

I was determined to get a picture of this girl, standing there looking so innocent with her friends after just filling her body up with toxic cigarette smoke, but I was just getting the hang of my camera phone and when snapping the photos of her while she was standing in front of me, I was befuddled to find that something was obstructing both of the shots I took.  It turns out my finger was over the lens when I took the shots but I wasn’t able to figure it out in time.  I scrambled to keep pace with the group as they began to enter a commercial exhibits building.  At this point, all I could was snap a picture of her from the back entering the building, which at least conveyed how tiny she was and how cute she looked in that top and the jean shorts, but fate must have not wanted me to have a successful encounter with this girl as for whatever reason the photo didn’t save.  It was a very unfunny comedy of errors all around robbing me of what would have one of my best sightings of the day.


#6. 2010 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

One of the most legendary outdoor free stage concerts I would ever attend would be that of the very low-profile hot blond country singer Whitney Duncan.  Her profile was so low that the crowd was sparse, but the sparsity of the crowd worked to my advantage because there was widespread disobedience of the smoking ban in the seating area.  I had just witnessed a very hot sighting transpire and figured I’d leave while on top, but stumbled upon a beautiful distraction that kept me at the concert for a long time further….

I was walking off at that point, prepared to leave the concert and head back onto the concourse for the final hour and a half, but once again found a distraction that kept me around.  At the edge of the concert’s seating area emerged a young couple about 16 years of age who I first presumed were boyfriend and girlfriend but later expected were more likely to be brother and sister.  The girl was adorable, an absolute teen angel wearing a red top and jean shorts and with her dark brown hair contained in both a head band and a ponytail.  Now to be honest, as a hard-core smoking fetisher, the thought of “does she smoke?” always crosses my mind just a little, but with this girl only for a split second…enough for me to walk past her as she sat down on the bench with the brother.  Lo and behold, sitting on her lap was a cell phone….and a pack of Camels.  WTF!  One of the other benches in the area was open so I found a place to sit behind her.  She kept playing with that cell phone and every time her hands moved towards her lap I got goose bumps thinking it would be the moment, but it never was.  Now just seeing a girl carrying a pack of cigarettes where I have probable cause to believe the girl smokes is good enough to count, but I wanted to actually see her smoke.  Unfortunately, I never would, and this would be my only genuine disappointment of an otherwise exceptional day…..

The would-be sighting was not over, however, as a middle-aged couple emerged next to the two teenagers.  I had long assumed the teens were boyfriend and girlfriend, but it became apparent that these two were the teens’ parents.  Dad was smoking a cigarette and I was hoping that would trigger the daughter to light up but the next thing I knew the family was walking towards the regular seating area to see the show.  Even though she wasn’t smoking, you can’t imagine what a high it was to see this beautiful underage girl parading through the seating area with her parents and a pack of Camels in hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  I followed them with my eyes and was under no circumstance going to lose them…..and then I lost them.  I wandered aimlessly through the seating area for the next few minutes and absolutely could not find them.  I was looking from the back for airborne plumes of smoke and never saw them.  She’s the one mystery girl who I never saw smoking yesterday, but would have been right up near the top of the list if she had.


#5. 2009 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

It was early afternoon on a day that gotten off to a disturbingly slow start, but this was the sighting where I initially thought my luck was about to change.  My luck eventually did improve some, but this encounter proved to be my most agonizingly unlucky of the day…

Days later I remained beside myself with frustration that I couldn’t have stumbled upon this one only two minutes earlier than I did. I was navigating through the crowds on the busy south side of the grounds and almost stumbled right into a knockout 21ish hottie (in the company of a boyfriend and another couple….none smoking) with a baseball cap, long light brown hair flowing down her back, and a pair of uber-sexy white shorts that were frayed on the ass….the perfect profile of summertime Midwestern beauty.  And in her hand was a half-smoked Black and Mild cigar. My breath was temporarily taken away. As I’ve said in the past, cigar sightings are the Holy Grail for me. I followed at a close distance, expecting one of my hottest cigar sightings ever. But only about 20 seconds later, I heard her whisper to the boyfriend asking if he’d put this out for her. He took the cigar, lifted his foot, and crushed out the cherry on the bottom of his boot before handing it back to her.

She held onto it until they got to the next garbage can and then tossed it. I was devastated. I didn’t even get to see a single drag! I didn’t get a single splash of smelly cigar smoke streaming from her lungs into my face. I wouldn’t get the chance to rate this sighting as an epic…..or even a blockbuster. It just barely met the threshold of classifying it as a sighting at all. I nonetheless followed the group into the nearby building they walked into to get another look at both her white short-draped ass and that beautiful face. She was indeed a knockout…and it would have been such a treat to see just one puff off that cigar of hers. But it wasn’t meant to be. I’d see her and her cluster twice more on the grounds that day….and neither she nor the other three in her company would be smoking.


#4. 2012 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

The daytime hours of this day at the fair were successful but I kind of hit a wall in the evening as it was just one of those nights where nothing was coming together well.  But a sighting that appeared to have the potential for one of the best storyline sightings of all-time came up short of the grand slam I originally anticipated that I had walked into….

If nothing else, the sighting made clear that right when you think you’ve seen every variation of smoker sighting the state of Minnesota has to offer, a new one comes out of left field to prove that you haven’t.  Five underage girls were huddled on a bench, all wholesome beauties, and I took note when one very nicely tanned girl second from the right was holding a cigarette and a lighter.  I stood off to the side waiting for the sighting to become official.  As I was studying the other girls to see if they had any tobacco paraphanelia on their persons, I somehow managed to miss the light-up until I saw the cigarette in the mouth of the tanned light brunette and a cloud of smoke spewing from her face.  I found an open bench very close by and thought I’d take my front-row seat for a great show, but when I got there, the girl was going through a coughing fit and proceeding to spit three successive lugies to the ground in front of her….and the cigarette was gone completely with no sign of it anywhere.

Did I just witness a cute teenage girl trying her first cigarette?  Or at least inhaling for the first time?  Nothing else made sense.  But this all transpired without a hint of fanfare from her friends which seemed odd.  I just couldn’t figure this sighting out, and obviously if the girl soldiered through the cigarette, so excited about smoking for the first time that she endured the early discomfort on her road to becoming a nicotine addict, this would have been among my best sightings ever.  Instead, all it did was break my heart, looking at this adorable girl decked out in a tanktop and these high-riding white shorts that looked really sexy on her, and knowing the one puff I had seen from her was all I would end up seeing.  The context was still hot, but I walked away from this sighting confused and wanting so much more.


#3. 2008 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

Another Iowa State Fair day that had some impressive attractions, but were few and far between in the morning and afternoon hours.  One of my most painful near-miss sightings came in the early afternoon and I still get visions of the brief image I caught from this sighting sometimes when I close my eyes, still hungering for additional context from a sighting that sure seemed to have a truly delicious backdrop….

Heading through a well-traveled commons area heading to the fairgrounds’ south side, out of the corner of my eye I caught a middle-aged couple scolding one or both of their teenage daughters. When I focused on the daughters, I immediately noticed the older girl had a cigarette in her hand. She had her back to me, but appeared from her body type to be in the 14-15 range, with her shoulder-length light brunette hair, petite body and khaki jean shorts.  It was one of those moments that makes your heart skip a beat seeing a girl with this profile and a cigarette in hand.  She would take only one more drag from her cigarette before crushing it out onto the tree she stood next to. I hastened my pace so I could at least get a closer look at the girl but stole a quick glance as the cigarette butt as I passed by, identifying by the logo that it was another Camel, this one a cork filter.

Speeding up my walking pace and ultimately passing her, I got a glance at her face. She was a serious cutie, with sunglasses adding to her coolness factor, but unfortunately the sunglasses obstructed her face enough that it was really hard to identify her specific age. I guessed 16, but she could have been as young as 14 or as old as 21.   There were so many unanswered questions here.  Were the folks bitching at the girl for smoking publicly before she put the cigarette out or was it something else that led them to scold her?  Was she the mid-teen I first suspected she was or were the sunglasses hiding the face of a college girl with a middle school girl’s body type?  Sadly I’ll never know.


#2. 2011 Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

The following will go down as my best-ever Minnesota State Fair smoker girl sighting where no actual cigarettes were smoked.  As I walked past the beer gardens block in the late morning hours, I saw a trio of underage girls walking with a middle-aged guy who I figured was one of their fathers.  Catching my eye was the prettiest of the three girls, a dark-complected 17ish brunette in a yellow tanktop and jean shorts with her hair in a tight ponytail…and I saw right away she was clutching a dark green pack of Marlboro Menthols in her hands.  I followed, expecting she was gonna light up since the pack was out.  She didn’t, but got to watch her stuff that pack in the tiny back pocket of her tight-fitting jean shorts.  All three of these girls were skinny minnies, and all had the look of smokers.  They weren’t particularly edgy or alternative, but they also weren’t girls next door.

The dad then started asking around if the girls wanted root beer as they passed the root beer vendor.  At least one of them apparently did, allowing me to stop and evaluate the trio.  My dark-complected brunette with the pack of Marlboro Menthols jutting out of her jean shorts was hands-down the cutest, but I definitely sensed she was not the daughter of the dad catering to these girls every whim…and that one of the other girls was the daughter.  I was able to snap three photos of the girls both at the root beer line and where they went next….to the midway where the dad stood in line for tickets while the girls drank their root beer….

Dad came back with a pile of tickets and the girls migrated to the scariest-looking ride on the midway.  There was no line at this hour and I was about to walk away expecting everything there was to be seen had already been seen.  But without comment, I saw my brunette take out her pack of Marlboro Menthols from her jean shorts.  I didn’t think she’d be getting out a cigarette for when she was on the ride…and she wasn’t.  But what she did do was at least as adorable.  She handed the pack to the middle-aged guy to hold onto while she went on the ride.  Since the ride went upside down, she apparently didn’t want to lose her smokes.  And right when I thought it couldn’t get more adorable, the blond behind her (who I assumed was the middle-aged guy’s daughter given that they kind of looked alike) produced her own pack of Newports and handed them to the guy as well.  The three girls then proceeded their cute little backsides onto the ride, leaving this pussy-whipped dad standing on the sidelines holding two underage girls’ packs of cigarettes for them as they went on the carnival rides.

It was almost too cute for words, and I stayed for the duration of the ride hoping the girls would light up when they got off. They wouldn’t, however, and simply reclaimed possession of their packs from dad and headed elsewhere on the midway.  It might have been an hour before they got around to smoking again and I wasn’t gonna wait the whole time, but honestly felt as though I had witnessed greatness with this sighting even without any actual tobacco having been smoked.


#1. 2012 Iowa State Fair, Day 2

I still wake up sweating from the nightmares of having fouled up such a golden opportunity with this would-be classic sighting from just last year in the final 10 minutes before midnight when the fairgrounds closed….

It was 11:45 and I was on my way out of the grounds, needing to catch the last shuttle bus that left at midnight.  I was gonna take a final drink from the fountain near the seating outside the grandstand before making my escape.  On the bench sat three boys of varying ages, as old as 16-17 and as young as about eight, and all quite wholesome-looking.  Standing in front of them was this spitfire of a 16-year-old brunette girl with a straw hanging out of her mouth.  Obviously when I saw the straw in her mouth amidst this darkness the imagery of a cigarette crossed my mind, but quickly faded when I realized it was just a straw.  But as I was getting my drink, I overheard snippets of this girl tormenting these poor boys who were trying to relax on the bench and from out of her mouth was “I need this straw….” followed by comments I couldn’t make out in which the word cigarette was included.  Needless to say, my head popped up from the drinking fountain and I studied her more closely.  Sure enough….there was a pack of Marlboro Menthols poking out of the right front pocket of her 16-year-old jean shorts!  This girl smokes?!?!?!  I thought to myself!   I just had to take a seat and observe a little more of this as she continued to hassle these boys mercilessly, and I hoped to figure out her relationship with the group (brothers, perhaps one’s a boyfriend…who knows?).

They took note of my presence right away, and after only about 30 seconds the girl turned to me and said “Sir, do you have any gum?”  I stood up and moved closer, breaking her heart by saying “no”.

“How about napkins?” she then asked, drawing a puzzled response from me as to why she’d want napkins at which point the older boy she was tormenting the most said “Don’t give it to her!” before the girl then responded that she wanted to shoot spitballs at him.  This was just too adorable.  I had neither and said so…at which point she still didn’t relent, asking if I had a dollar bill she could roll up and use.  Needless to say, I should have parted with the dollar just to extend this encounter, but it was 11:50 and I had to leave, taking one last look at the pack of cigarettes tucked into her pocket that I so desperately wanted to see be removed.  When I see a pack of cigarettes that I know belongs to a girl, I count it as a sighting.  But what could have been one of my best sightings of the fair season wouldn’t be because no actual cigarettes were smoked.

It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later, when I was already on my shuttle bus, when I realized where I could have gone with this with just a little more on-the-spot imagination.  I could have told her I’d give her that dollar if she gave me one of her cigarettes.  Obviously I don’t smoke and could tell her I was saving it for the drive home….but I could have gotten in on this group’s dynamic when she took out her pack to give me one….at which point I could have turned to the guys and ribbingly asked them if she was old enough to smoke.  Can you even imagine how delicious this could have been if I had thought of all this at time?  Clearly I’ll know it for next time but a situation like this won’t come up often where a teen smoker interacts with me in any context.  Sigh….I would spend $500 to relive this moment.


Whenever I complete one of these lists, I typically express my wishes to have more such delicious encounters in the future…but in the case of this list, I hope I DON’T have to reconfigure the list in the future to add in even more heartbreaking near-misses.

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