So How Well Do I Remember All of These Fairgrounds Sightings??

With peak summer fetish season upon us and my daily afternoon and evening walking routine now underway, I thought it would be a fun experiment to try to remember as many sightings as possible from my fairgrounds sightings safaris.  As anybody who pays any attention at all to my real-time fair sightings reports knows, I keep a running total each year of the sightings that I score at my local county fair, the Iowa State Fair, and the Minnesota State Fair that I deem to be “satisfying”.  Obviously I highlight only the best of these sightings on this blog, which means a lot of the sightings I tally up as part of my hauls are quickly forgotten since they didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.  I had no idea how well my memory would hold up as I thought back year to year to see how many each year I could recall.  After my thought experiment, I went back to my archives to see if I had forgotten any of the sightings specifically profiled, and in a few cases but not many, I had.   There were a number of stray sightings that I vaguely recalled, but if I couldn’t remember the specific year and fairgrounds in which they were scored, I didn’t count them.  With all that in mind, let’s see how I did…..

Local County Fair–The first year that I seriously began keeping track of my yearly sightings hauls at my local county fair was 2006.  Most troubling about this fair, particularly back in that 2006-2007 timeframe, was that there were a number of sightings that I couldn’t remember even after going back to my archives.  Anyway, here was my tally of what I remembered year to year….

2006–12 out of 55…..21.8%

2007–30 out of 88….34.1%

2008–24 out of 80….30%

2009–40 out of 125….32%

2010–54 out of 144….37.5%

2011–46 out of 125….36.8%

2012–55 out of 117….47%

2013–76 out of 119….63.9%

Total–337 out of 853…..39.5%

Moving onto the Iowa State Fair, I discovered I had a modestly strong memory retention rating here, although I was apparently tuned out from the secondary-quality sightings on a couple of those early half-day evening runs because my memory was pretty abysmal there.  More recent half-day evenings were far more memorable though, and I suspect the fewer the overall sightings on a given day or night, the more likely I was to remember them.  Here’s what I remembered year to year from the ISF….

2006–27 out of 85……31.8%

2007, Day 1–20 out of 70…..28.6%

2007, Day 2–8 out of 50…..16%

2008, Day 1–28 out of 101…..27.7%

2008, Day 2–13 out of 52….25%

2009, Day 1–24 out of 107…..22.4%

2009, Day 2–25 out of 64…..39.1%

2010, Day 1–43 out of 136…..31.6%

2010, Day 2–26 out of 83…..31.3%

2011, Day 1–44 out of 143…..30.8%

2011, Day 2–29 out of 97……29.9%

2012, Day 1–26 out of 109…..23.9%

2012, Day 2–34 out of 80…..42.5%

2013, Day 1–43 out of 119….36.1%

2013, Day 2–19 out of 61….31.1%

Total–408 out of 1357……30.1%

Moving on to the Minnesota State Fair, I’ve been keeping close tabs on my sightings there since 2001, although in those early years it was much more loosely, and relatively few have really stuck with me.  I did some writeups, mostly for e-mails, for the 2001-2004 years that I really wish I had saved or printed out so I could dig for forgotten gems among them.  Since 2005, however, I’ve retained a pretty good number of my Minnesota State Fair sightings, but partly as a product of scoring so many sightings at the MNSF year to year compared to my other venues, I tend to remember fewer of them percentage-wise.  Plus there are plenty of MNSF sightings I vaguely recall, but as I said if I can’t definitively place the year with the sighting, I don’t count it in my tallies.

2001–12 out of 106…..11.3%

2002–8 out of 105…..7.6%

2003–12 out of 106…..11.3%

2004–11 out of 109…..10.1%

2005–27 out of 101…..26.7%

2006–33 out of 165…..20%

2007–49 out of 184…..26.6%

2008–52 out of 192…..27.1%

2009, Day 1–40 out of 206…..19.4%

2009, Day 2–33 out of 95…..34.7%

2010, Day 1–31 out of 117…..26.5%

2010, Day 2–42 out of 212…..19.8%

2011, Day 1–35 out of 194…..18%

2011, Day 2–51 out of 203…..25.1%

2012, Day 1–55 out of 186…..29.6%

2012, Day 2–48 out of 199…..24.1%

2013, Day 1–54 out of 180…..30%

2013, Day 2–63 out of 196…..32.1%

Total–656 out of 2,856……23%

I guess I’m a little surprised that for as good as my memory is when it comes to smoker girls that I only remember roughly one in three local county fair sightings, one in four Iowa State Fair sightings, and one in five Minnesota State Fair sightings from the past several years.  Obviously I remember the important ones but it’s quite telling that for as much content as I’ve plugged into my fair fetish writeups over the years that more than 70% of the total sightings I scored were not even chronicled anywhere.  That number really underscores just how productive these fair sightings venues have been, and will hopefully continue to be despite increasing restrictions on where people can smoke there.

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