2012 Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

There was no question that my encore outing to the Minnesota State Fair in 2012 was gonna be a rain-free day which meant I was in higher spirits all around.  There’s no better feeling in the world than entering the gates of the Minnesota State Fair on a sunny Saturday morning knowing you have 14 hours of fetishing ahead of you, and I was feeling it yesterday.  And it continues to amaze me that even with smoking being banned in just about every conceivable public setting, indoors and out, the largest gathering in the respective states where I grew up and live today still allow obnoxious little girls to stink the place up undeterred.  I will savor these days as long as they last.  So how did yesterday go?  On balance I’d rate it similarly to last Saturday in terms of quality if maybe slightly ahead.  Last week, my Big Three really stood out from the rest of the pack, and this week I had two that really stood out and about a half dozen others that were just a tick below.  I had the same annoying cycle where I’d get a burst of greatness that made me think things were about to really come alive….followed by an hour where I would see little that impressed.  The evening hours went better than last week, however, but still didn’t quite live up to the high bar I’ve set in years past.  My parents came along again and it was frustrating to have to leave at 10:30 as I could have really killed it by staying another hour as I would have if I had gone alone.  I finished the day with 199 sightings, down from 203 on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend last year but obviously not enough to fret about.

The day began at about 8:45 as we walked into the fairgrounds’ gates.  Again, I wouldn’t get there that early if I was the one driving, but I wasn’t so I toed the line.  I had the aforementioned burst of energy that could only be released through hasty, overjoyed walking down that first stretch of pavement that represents 14 hours of fetish freedom ahead.  The morning crowds were still pretty small, but within five minutes I already spotted Sighting #1 of the day, a not-bad-at-all early 20s brunette mommy in a tanktop and jean shorts, pushing a stroller and smoking a cigarette in the company of her own mom who was a nonsmoker.  Let the games begin.

Most mornings are slow and yesterday was no exception, but my pace was a little quicker than last weekend, albeit with fewer great sightings than the string of impressiveness those morning hours brought me last week.  The first sighting that genuinely impressed was Sighting #7, and it was a barnburner for the a.m. hours.  I was perusing the west side of the grounds and watched two young couples emerge in the 19-20 age range from the seating area of some food stand.  One guy and his girlfriend were both brandishing freshly lit cork filters, and the girl was a beauty.  She was a light brunette with substantial blond highlights in her shoulder-length hair, wearing a sparkly, glamorous silver top and jean shorts.  From a facial standpoint, she could have been the kid sister of a hot but dumb-as-a-rock girl I dated last year named Jerrica the similarities were so striking.  The two couples proceeded down the midway which made my job a little more challenging as the midway is empty in the morning and it would be harder to disguise my presence following them yet being close enough to snap pictures.  While there was nothing distinctive about her style she sure was a hot little smoker taking with a steady pace of impressive drags and some respectable hold times.  It was a pleasure to walk through her exhales and I noticed one of them hit her nonsmoking female friend in the face.  That was the disappointment as the other girl, a blond, was equally as hot but neither she nor her boyfriend was smoking.  I followed halfway through the midway before she lost the cigarette butt.  I had already seen by its markings that it was a Camel Crush Bold so there was no suspense as to her brand, but I confirmed it anyway and then cut through to the other side of the midway so I could watch the group complete the loop.  Having primarily been watching her from the back up until now, it was nice to see her approaching from the other direction with that shiny top and that pretty face.  The fetish day had officially begun.

And as soon as I got to the end of that midway loop I was on the beer gardens block and spotted a young couple with a young daughter in a stroller.  They looked like a wholesome duo of young parents and not at all like smokers, especially the blond mommy in a pink top and jean shorts, but smoking was exactly what my Sighting #8 was doing at the foot of that stroller as the three of them were looking up to the extreme ride.  I stuck around to watch a couple of drags and continued to be impressed that a young mommy this wholesome was setting such a great example for the daughter by engaging in such a stinky habit.

I had a problem with inconvenient timing throughout the day, getting only a taste of greatness at the tail end of a number of girls’ smoking performances.  Perhaps the most painful examples of the day were Sightings #11 and #12.  I was walking on the east side of the Coliseum when I came upon a 19-20ish cluster consisting of two girls and a guy.  I first laid eyes on this petite short-haired brunette in a black top and dark jean shorts and wearing braces as she released the final exhale of her cigarette before dropping her Marlboro Light butt to the ground.  Damn!  But then I looked beyond her to the other two in the group.  The guy wasn’t smoking, but the other even hotter girl still had the stub of an all-white between her fingers.  She had a long mane of curly-haired light brown hair with a few minor blond highlights, decked out in yet another black tanktop with acid-washed medium blue jean shorts.  Extremely sexy girl with far more of an IT factor than the friend, cute as the friend was.  I was probably only gonna get to see one drag out of this so I had better make it count.  She took that final drag while talking to the friends and it was respectable.  As expected she dropped the cigarette to the pavement and the trio was preparing to leave, but not before the hot girl stepped towards the Coliseum wall and dribbled a lugie from her mouth.  Cute final act in the moments before the group left, but as I was closing in to confirm the hot girl’s butt was a Marlboro Light, I looked to the ground to discover I had to dodge at least a dozen salivary pools on the pavement where this girl had been standing.  She was another chronic spitter….and I missed all but one of her adorable lugies and possibly some by the friend as well as there were spit bombs on the sidewalk closer to where she had been standing too.  It struck me how cool it was that this nonsmoking guy had been standing there watching this decidedly unfeminine display of smoking and chronic spitting by these two hotties.

It was pure luck because I hadn’t noticed where this group went, but I headed east down Judson Avenue shortly afterwards and found myself walking behind them again…the guy and the two smelly females, only now nobody was smoking of course.  I got out my camera and took a pretty good rear photo walking behind and then attempted another frontal (or more side) photo when they walked towards the bathroom but I couldn’t get the positioning right.  Still felt like I got cheated with this sighting but was grateful to at least have salvaged a couple quick moments of seeing their smoking and pulling off a visual aid.

The next hour produced one of two mini-detours I took following girls I had high hopes for, mid-teens who would have been the sightings of 2012 had they lit up.  I only spent about 15 combined minutes on one and much less on the other.  The second girl was this sexpot blond mid-teen cowgirl with a rock-star ass in her dark jean shorts with cowgirl boots.  What was most striking about her was that she was attending the fair with this strikingly old, gray-haired guy who may have been father but also may have been her grandfather.  I had virtually no expectations of smoking but I really got off on the idea of this old guy walking around the fairgrounds with a mid-teen girl flaunting her sexuality so brazenly.  But the girl I spent the most time on was a mid-teen beauty who REALLY had the look of a smoker.  She had shoulder-length brunette hair and a bare midriff tanktop coupled with this outrageously tight and sexy pair of John Deere green shorts that framed the best ass and crotch of the day.  She was probably 15 and with her family so I tried to be realistic, but it’s not often I see a 15-year-old girl who looked as much like a smoker as she did.  After about 7-8 minutes following them I gave up, but then saw the group again with mom and daughter going to the bathroom.  I stuck around another 7-8 minutes waiting for them to come out, knowing after going to the bathroom would be a great time for a cigarette break.  It didn’t happen, but just for the opportunities to see that body of hers for an extended period it was worth my time investment.

The next sighting to impress was Sighting #23.  Different locations come through at varying degrees from year to year, but at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair it was the west side stairwell and awning outside the grandstand that delivered most, both last week and this week.  I was heading that direction and at the same time I was, an early 20s trio of two guys and a girl were as well.  One girl was an overweight brunette who I had no interest in, but the other girl was a different story altogether, with long auburn hair and badass sunglasses and a fantastic body draped in a white T-shirt and jean shorts.  I knew exactly what the three of them were going to do and they didn’t let me down, each extracting a cigarette and lighting themselves up.  And they were mostly standing directly in front of where I was sitting giving me a pretty good front-row seat.  The girl impressed with solid drags, impressive hold times, and decently cloudy exhales.  We’re not talking standout of the day or anything, but it had been at least an hour since I had seen a girl this pretty with a cigarette, so I was taking it all in and managed to snap a couple of decent photos.  About halfway through the sighting, she sat down on the pavement while continuing to smoke and when she finished her cigarette, she proceeded to crush the butt out into the cracks of the pavement and leave it standing straight up.  When they left shortly afterwards, it was no problem at all to identify that cork filter butt poking straight up out of the cement.  It was a Camel Menthol.

And at the exact moment that sighting was playing out, so was Sighting #24 sitting next to me to my left.  There were two middle-aged parents standing while smoking and letting their two daughters sit there.  The youngest daughter looked about 18 and was both the prettiest and skinniest.  Naturally, she was not smoking.  However, the chubbier older daughter who looked a year or two older did light up.  She was cute enough to count as a sighting but would not have warranted a write-up except for the cute way the sighting ended.  Granted it’s always cute when you run into a family of smokers with nicotine-addicted daughters in general, but in this case, the girl only smoked half the cigarette before stubbing it out and saving the rest for later.  But as they were preparing to leave, mom turned to the daughters and said “Ready freddies?”  It was such a cute comment in the context of a young daughter who had just smoked a cigarette.

After a decent morning, as mornings go, I must say the entire afternoon was a big disappointment.  While the sightings were coming in at a respectable pace, there was very little to really stand up and cheer about.  Those angellic faces and storyline sightings I so crave just weren’t happening, but there was one major exception with Sighting #35 which was one of my top-three for the day and until the evening appeared as though would be my best sighting of the day.  From out of the grandstand came this attractive young couple in their mid-20s.  The girl was a knockout long-haired platinum blond and a solid 9.5 beauty-wise.  While her outfit of a gray tanktop and black shorts was nice, I couldn’t help but think she could have done better in showing off her sex appeal, but she seemed like a conservative girl so wearing something slutty wouldn’t have really fit either.  I saw the couple drifting to a stairway that serves as a grandstand entrance for concerts during the evening.  While I made a mental note of them, there were a couple of younger girls lingering in the area who I was eyeballing at the time as well in hopes they’d light up.  The younger girls never did, but from out of the corner of my eye I saw blondie flicking a cigarette to life on that stairwell where she and the boyfriend were sitting.  Yeah baby!  I sat from my own vantage point for a couple of moments but then migrated over to that stairwell where they were.  I just had to get a closer look at this.

And it was every bit as adorable as I could have imagined, particularly since the guy didn’t smoke and he was simply waiting for his beautiful girlfriend to carry on with the stinky stuff.  And the girl was being as considerate as possible to the boyfriend, seated two stairs down from him where she was still close enough to converse but far enough away to where she wouldn’t be assaulting him with her noxious fumes.  She even went so far as to hold her cigarette hand behind her back to help keep his lungs pink.  The drags were always gorgeous, with a very natural smoking style and impressive hold times, always culminating in her pointing her head to the right to release a very tight plume of smoke straight ahead and completely from her mouth.  I was seated close by and always staring in awe every time she took a drag, so much so that on two occasions after expelling the contents of her black lungs she looked at me, knowing she was being watched.  I tried to take that in stride as much as possible, but having her look at me was exhilirating in itself as I got a full view of her gorgeous face.  And the second half of the sighting got even better as she gave up holding the cigarette behind her back and instead went for the bent-elbow pose, using her bare right knee as the equivalent of a bar stool.  Seeing this extremely feminine pose and all that bare flesh on this beauty made me want to club that boyfriend over the head and have sex with her then and there.  The sighting lasted almost 10 minutes before she crushed out the all-white on the pavement.  I was nervous she was gonna head to the garbage and throw it away considering she seemed to be a pretty considerate smoker, but apparently her manners are only relevant to her nonsmoking boyfriend as she piggishly let the butt sit there.  When they got up to leave, I effortlessly identified the butt from one of my favorite girls of the day….a Marlboro Light.  My only disappointment was that I was seated so close I couldn’t realistically snap a photo.

Needless to say, I wasn’t gonna be topping that one any time soon, but at least the sightings were coming at a decent clip, mediocre as many of them were.  The next one to impress was Sighting #43.  Another pair of young couples was entering the gate and walking past the Coliseum where the early 20s boyfriend and girlfriend wielding cigarettes caught my eye.  The girl was a blond cutie in a black tanktop and jean shorts.  Not sure why all these girls were dressed so much alike (black in the summer????) but if they’re shapely, sexy, and stinky you won’t hear much complaint out of me.  The smoker couple walked in front of the other couple making it challenging to get photos but I managed three of them, all fairly mediocre.  She was a good smoker but again without any defining characteristics which was a recurring theme in those afternoon hours.  I followed until she polluted the butt onto the Minnesota State Fair pavement and haphazardly crushed it out.  I identified it as another Marlboro Light.

Shortly afterwards I was on the block with the Giant Slide a short distance from the grandstand and walked into Sighting #47.  It was a petite young mommy, an early 20s blond who had no IT factor but had a sighting with a cute storyline.  Here stood the blond mommy in her T-shirt and jean shorts with a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  In a little wagon-style stroller next to her were what I assumed were twin boys, both about one year old.  And next to them all were the daughter’s nonsmoking middle-aged parents who personified the Midwestern stereotype looking down as the daughter was preparing something or another for the boys with a long, smoldering cigarette between her fingers.  The young boys were looking up at mommy, undoubtedly sowing the early seeds of a smoking fetish while the daughter was saying something I couldn’t hear to the parents.  She was a slow smoker and I bet I waited two minutes for the first and only drag I saw.  Since the girl was only modestly up my alley, I wasn’t gonna invest a ton of time on her so I split, but she definitely added a needed storyline element to my Saturday afternoon.

Within the next few minutes, I was back outside the west side awning and stairwells to the grandstand.  Seemed like no matter how much the rest of the grounds let me down yesterday and the week before, I could count on that area delivering almost every time I went over there.  I scored a couple good new sightings here and there and was following a bunch of hot underage girls lingering in the area who I figured just might light up.  And while doing so, I made a passing mental note of a blond sitting next to her boyfriend that I had just seen out of the corner of my eye on a flight of stairs inside that awning structure.  Doing my rounds, I happened to be there when the blond lit up a cigarette, immediately grabbing my attention.  As I finally took my first close look, I realized it was her….my Sighting #35 beauty queen blond lighting up again only about an hour and a half after her first!  I had been lamenting that entire time how I wasn’t able to snap a photo of her, but now I’d have my second chance.  Unfortunately, the vantage point was very challenging for picture taking as she was effectively seated around a corner up a flight of stairs with no place close where I could hover.  I tried my damndest and managed a couple mediocre pics from a modest distance, but still close to the point of being very nervous of being spotted in this awkward location.  If anything, her second smoking performance was even cuter than her first given that she was now seated right next to the nonsmoking boyfriend and therefore less able to protect him from the cancerous fumes she was spewing.  For most of the cigarette, her cigarette hand was in the bent elbow pose, again using her knee as the proto-bar stool, continuing to take those skillful drags with impressive holds, followed up with straight-ahead exhales she released by turning her mouth to the left away from the boyfriend.  What a cutie!  In my exposed location, I couldn’t stick around for the final third of the sighting, especially considering she had already spotted me during the first sighting, but this blond was by this point single-handedly keeping my afternoon exciting.

The afternoon plodded along with decent sightings, but few breathtaking moments.  Another along those lines was Sighting #61, which played out on in the seating area outside of the food building just as my very first sighting of the day last week did.  Most years it pays off to navigate through this area, particularly the grassy area behind it and in front of the horticulture building, and yesterday was no exception.  Hot off of seeing a teenage Asian girl smoking with her nonsmoking white friends, I stumbled into a wholesome early 20s couple that included a short-haired brunette with a scorching hot body draped in a flower-print top and a pair of white shorts.  Again, the girl was quite cute but the IT factor just didn’t jump out at me.  Nonetheless I was excited as she immediately took out two Camel Menthols from her purse for both herself and the boyfriend only footsteps after exiting the horticulture building.  I must say she didn’t look a lot like a smoker, but I got excited when she placed the cigarette in her mouth and fired up.  I managed a couple nice rear photos, mostly showing off her ass in those white shorts which looked even better with her cigarette hand only inches to the side.  She was a pretty obnoxious smoker too as she and the boyfriend then weaved their way through the seating area outside the food building, dragging from their cigarettes and exhaling right in the area near where people ate.  Given how crowded this area was, following them as they got in line in for food was out of the question, but I managed to walk behind (and through) about a half dozen of her exhales.

As expected on a nice day on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the crowds were suffocating.  The attendance figures came out the following afternoon and Saturday’s attendance figures were about as large as I predicted at more than 226,000 attendees.  Generally I prefer more heavily attended days.  The more people are on the grounds…the more smokers are on the grounds.  But it’s not quite that simple.  When you’re trapped in a sea of people and can only see a few yards in front of you, you’re bound to have sightings playing out right under your nose and miss them.  But there’s one place you can go at the Minnesota State Fair for some partial relief from the congestion…..the north side of the grounds.  I make a point of heading there twice a day most years, once in the morning and once in the mid-afternoon.  The crowds are smaller and there’s less smoking, but being able to see past your elbow has its merits.  And yesterday, I managed one boffo sighting on the north side that started out annoyingly.  Here was this doofus of an 18-19ish scruffy guy who lit up a cigarette…while in the company of two babes who didn’t follow his lead.  Grrr!  The girl who seemed more closely tied to him was this light brunette in a pink top with a lace bottom and white shorts, but even better was the dark blond in a zebra-striped top and jean shorts.  Surely at least one of these girls had to smoke, right?  The evidence was directing me against it, but since I was going the same direction anyway, I followed them….and got my confirmation of Sighting #62 when the guy handed the cigarette to the light brunette in white shorts who took a few drags.  Her style was modest but I got to walk through a couple of her thin exhales.  She surrendered the cigarette back to the boyfriend for most of the rest of the show, but even without a cigarette in her hand it was nice to see her ass wiggling in those white shorts from behind.  For the final couple of drags, the girl got the cigarette back and proceeded to finish it off right down to the filter before dropping it.  I wanted to identify the brand and knelt down and saw a green ring on the cork filter, which told me it was either a Newport or a Marlboro Menthol.  I caught up with them again while leaving the north side and by now the dark blond was with a guy so apparently there were two couples all along but the dark blond got separated from her man for whatever reason.  Still would have been great to have seen her smoking as well, but I got more out of the experience than expected in those early moments after the scruffy guy first lit up.  The north side of the fairgrounds came through once this year as it seems to most years.

Another really cute one in the moments ahead as I was perusing the main block south of the grandstand area.  In the background I could hear Pat Benatar practicing inside the grandstand for the show that night with Journey.  The block immediately south with the Giant Slide had already delivered once that day only a couple of hours earlier, but it was about to deliver in an even bigger way with Sighting #67.  Standing on the grass in the median was a family that included a set of middle-aged parents, a little blond boy who looked about five, and a knockout early 20s blond daughter wielding a freshly lit cigarette.  The little boy was standing in front of the daughter, and it was really tough to tell whether the girl was his mother or just his stinky big sister.  If she was his mother, way to go mom in keeping that incredible figure which was draped in a sleeveless black tanktop and pale jean shorts with a set of killer legs flowing from beneath and an adorable pink bookbag on her back, which seemed more fitting of a coed than a young mommy, but I guess there’s no law saying she couldn’t be both.  Whatever the case, the boy was less than an arm’s length in front of blondie, old enough to where he’d be conscious of the aura of stench the blond was so thoughtlessly exposing him to, all while talking to the family and commenting to the nonsmoking parents on being able to hear Pat Benatar practicing in the grandstand.  I managed three photos, all respectable even though I didn’t get much of a facial shot.  I even got the little boy standing in front of her in one of the shots.  As for the smoking, it was very impressive as her drags were solid and her exhales were some of the best I had seen for the day, producing generous mouth and nasal blasts of toxic smoke and delightful clouds of smoke.  I got to see three drags, the first two when she was very naturally conversing with the nonsmoking parents as she stunk the area up.  The third and final one came when she was standing by herself finishing the cigarette as everybody else got in line for some fair food.  The show ended early unfortunately as apparently she wanted to get in line with the family too and she crushed out the cigarette with still about a third of it left.  I wasn’t complaining too loudly though as I identified the butt, a Camel Crush, on top of the three photos I got of her.

My next sighting of significance came on the beer gardens block, and it was another of those sightings where patience was a virtue after an infuriating start.  Here stands this mid-20s guy smoking a cigarette with two adorable girls who looked less than 21 (and since neither had a beer in her hands I’m guessing they weren’t) who were not smoking.  Would one of them at least extend her hand to get a drag, I wondered?  It wasn’t happening, but as I lingered hoping they would, here came three more mid-20s women with beers that seemed to be attached to the original three in the group in some capacity.  I hovered in the background a bit longer just in case, and even though I didn’t hear the lighter flick, I saw from behind a plume of smoke rising above the head of this light brunette in a sexy tan miniskirt who I was standing just behind.  I walked up and saw a pack of Camel Wides in her hand, readying to go back into her purse and officially becoming Sighting #73.  Moments later, a long-haired dark brunette in the group was taking a pack of Marlboro 27s out of her purse and she lit up as well to become Sighting #74.  This girl’s outfit was even sexier than the light brunette’s, wearing a slutty little indigo blue minidress.  The only problem was that these girls’ uber-sexy presentation primarily served to glam up only modestly attractive faces.  I’d rate them both as 7s.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’d have had sex with either one of them, but my middling morale for the afternoon was not soaring after these two in the way it would have been if the younger girls in the group who I saw first had lit up.  I continued to hover in the area, watching the smokers puff away on their cigarettes and hoping something would come of the younger girls, who kept reaching into their bags but never to extract cigarettes.  I walked away a little disappointed, but still glad I was able to salvage two sightings for my investment of time.

Despite the full sunshine and baking heat in the afternoon, there was a cool east breeze and on the east side of the Coliseum, there was shade to boot so the area became a nice spot for a bunch of people to sit down and chill a bit….and of course amongst them were nicotine-addicted young females.  From afar I could see a mid-20s long-haired dark blond hovering with her mom and preparing to light a cigarette.  I was pretty sure Sighting #75 would end up being a mother-daughter sighting, but as the daughter lit up I was surprised that mom didn’t follow the daughter’s lead.  The daughter wasn’t a stand out in the crowd beauty but was a solid 8 and seemed to be an adept smoker comfortable smoking in front of her nonsmoking mom as the two slowly started to proceed into the grounds.  Nearby was a modestly attractive early 20s brunette who had also just lit up a cigarette to become Sighting #76 while standing next to her nonsmoking boyfriend/husband and exposing him to her toxic vapors.  For the few fleeting moments when I got to see both sightings play out at once, I was struck how both mother and boyfriend found themselves in a situation of having to tolerate the smelly young women in their lives doing stinky stuff multiple times per day.  Neither of the girls had any significant IT factor but it was still a cute dynamic to see unfold.  A choice was emerging as the mom and daughter were walking away so I decided to follow them.  I got to bask in a few of the daughter’s exhales which were solid if unspectacular.  They wandered off into the crowd and I wasn’t gonna follow any further, content with my existing encounter and hoping further greatness awaited me in the late afternoon hours as sightings numbers typically begin to escalate.

And in this case, greatness was awaiting me as just a few minutes later I’d encounter one of my top-five sightings of the day with Sighting #78, the girl who was by far the most skilled smoker I’d see yesterday.  Walking past the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand on busy Judson Avenue, I looked to the edge of the sidewalk and about collapsed when I saw this epic, wholesome early 20s blond cowgirl at the edge of a pretty big crowd of friends smoking.  On an afternoon where few faces jumped out and grabbed me, hers did as she had a confident air about her that went along well with the cork filter cigarette between her fingers.  Not sure why every girl at the Minnesota State Fair had to wear a black tanktop and dark jean shorts yesterday but she did as well along with a pair of black boots and a badass pair of sunglasses, although I wasn’t in much of a position to complain looking at this gorgeous blond smoking a cigarette in front of me.  Right away I snapped a close-up photo, one of my best of the day, and then just hovered there to enjoy the show which completely lived up to expectations.  The cigarette entered her mouth and her cheeks literally collapsed to the point of there being nothing left during the course of a six-second drag.  Damn!  And the hold times and high-volume exhales were just as good, particularly as much of the smoke came out of her nose.  There was another more modest blond in this cluster of 20-something guys and girls who was also smoking but she was elevator music next to #78.  It was the second drag from blondie that impressed most as she took an even more pulverizing, merciless drag.  Her face looked like a skyscraper in a demolition zone being imploded as those cheeks remained in the concave position for another six seconds drawing that toxic smoke into her tar-black lungs.  After a considerable hold time, giant streams of smoke spewed entirely from her nose before the final residual smoke came out of her mouth.

Her subsequent drags weren’t quite that intense and she was a slower smoker than I’d prefer, usually going 60 seconds or more between drags, but she still managed to finish her cigarette before the boyfriend standing next to her did.  And even towards the end, her cheeks always collapsed after every exhale and there was always substantial nasal exhalation during her exhales.  She didn’t have much to say and generally allowed others to do most of the talking, but when spoken to a recurring smile emerged on her face and the deja vu factor I had been having since I first set eyes on her was starting to gel.  This girl looked like Miranda Lambert, especially during those beaming smiles.  The sighting had an annoying end when she finished the cigarette, dropped it to the pavement, and crushed it out gingerly with her boot.  Unfortunately, the nonsmoking guy standing across from her then proceeded to smash his shoe over the butt and pulverize it completely, apparently thinking it would be funny.  The girl laughed pretty loudly, but suffice it to say she and I don’t have a similar sense of humor as this cork filter was no decimated beyond belief on the pavement in front of me.  I still wanted to identify it if at all possible, but the group continued to hover and I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I took off for a mini-loop and returned about three minutes later to see the group still there, but having moved just enough away that I was able to check out the mangled cigarette butt.  There was a little white on the paper but I was unfortunately still not able to identify the brand but leaning towards it being a Marlboro 27.  Despite the disappointment regarding the butt, the photo turned out great and it was the first of a string of sightings as I approached the 6:00 hour that represented my rising fortunes in what would easily be my best two hours of the day.

The next action-packed sighting took place, where else, under the awning and on the stairwell of the west side grandstand entrance.  Only Sighting #90 was for all intents and purposes the sighting that wasn’t.  Nestled into a nook and cranny underneath a flight of stairs and sitting in the cement was a short-haired blond in a purple top and white shorts with the stub of a cork filter cigarette between her fingers.  She looked cute from a distance but didn’t really jump out at me as I surveyed the area for smokers.  But as I was walking up to get a closer look and hoping to see one good drag, I instead got in on a conversation she was having with perfect strangers sitting across from her, a late 30s couple relaxing with a beer.  Seated in the same area, they decided to strike up a conversation with the stinky girl.  I couldn’t hear much of what the couple was saying but I heard most of what the girl was saying, and the conversation went thusly:

Couple:  “So what are you like 19?”
Stinky Girl:  “I’m actually 18.”
Couple:  “Going to school then?”
Stinky Girl:  “Yep just starting my first year of school.”
Couple:  “Well you seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders.”
Stinky Girl:  “Thanks, yeah I have a lot of things I want to accomplish.”

It was then that I couldn’t hear anything else the couple was saying but it also needs to be noted that the girl had a very husky smoker’s voice for a girl so young, and I would never have made the connection if not for her recently going blond, but the girl very much had a Miley Cyrus vibe going on.  She wasn’t a knockout beauty, mind you…more like an 8….but had a great body, carried herself with confidence, and had a husky voice that really raised her stakes.  Heartbreakingly, she stubbed out her cigarette against the cement corner where she was sitting and let the pollution sit there, standing up and showing just how hot her body was in the purple top and white shorts while telling the couple in her husky voice “Well you enjoy your drinking, and I will enjoy my working.”  It wasn’t a surprise that she worked in the grandstand and was out on a smoke break.  I so wanted to snap a picture as she stood in front of me but the logistics just wouldn’t allow it.
I waited until the area was empty the next time I was in the area and identified her butt as I was able to see exactly where she left it sit. It was a Marlboro Menthol.  Clearly this wasn’t one of my best sightings of the day due to the fact that I didn’t even see a single drag, but when you get to overhear a conversation of this caliber between a confirmed 18-year-old smoker girl and perfect strangers old enough to be her parents, you walk away pretty satisfied with the encounter.

And my next sighting would produce both actual smoking and a fantastic storyline…a storyline so fantastic that even though the girls themselves weren’t among my favorites of the day the sighting was among my top-5 of the day and will definitely be making my blog come reconfiguration time.  I was walking by the beer gardens block and wandered to the block just to the north where a lot of the beer gardens regulars drift off to have a drink and a cigarette away from the crowds.  I spotted a duo of early to mid 20s blonds sitting on the curb, the prettier of whom was a ponytailed platinum blond in a blue top and a deadly sexy short and skin-tight black miniskirt.  She was digging through her purse and pulled out both her iPhone and a pack of Marlboro 27s, which she proceeded to sit next to her and then typing away on her iPhone.  I waited a couple of minutes but she kept typing away, and since this was the prime 6:00 hour where I usually run up the score of my sightings the most, I couldn’t just stand there and wait 15 minutes for her to light up if that’s how long it took before she did, so I walked briefly up the block to see if anything else awaited but saw nothing and turned around.  And immediately after turning around I saw a massive cloud of exhaled smoke coming from her direction even before I officially spotted her again in the blinding sun.  I boogied on over though, disappointed that I missed the light-up but eager to see the rest of the sighting.  I snapped a couple of pictures but I wasn’t really close enough to capture their essence, especially with the glare of the setting sun in the direction where I was photographing.  My Sighting #93 girl was a solid 8.5 beauty wise, and at least as good on the spectrum for smoking skill producing impressive clouds of exhaled smoke with every exhale.  And two things happened over the course of my photo snapping that produced mixed results.  The first is that some middle-aged guy entered the scene and sat on a bench directly behind them, which would soon give the sighting its character.  And the second is that the pretty girl handed the cigarette to more modest blond to her left.  This helped make it a two-for-one with Sighting #94 now in possession of the cigarette, but she was neither as pretty nor as skilled of a smoker as the original girl.

Not content to stand watching this with the sun in my eyes, I crossed the street and took an angled rear view of the girls.  Even though she was no longer in possession of the cigarette, the #93 blond still had my attention, particularly as I looked down to that tight and short black miniskirt, which she had to carefully cross her legs in to avoid letting passersby see her private parts.  Back to the smoker, she finally took a mediocre drag and produced a mediocre exhale, but that same east wind that produced the cool breeze also blew this girl’s cigarette smoke right back towards the middle-aged guy on the bench behind her.  I watched the exhaled smoke flow right towards him and this aggrieved face of epic proportion entered his face as he looked behind him to see the clueless girls sitting there talking, with the lesser of the girls holding the cigarette that she just used as a weapon against this guy.  I could hardly wait until the next exhale as I knew it would be more of the same, and sure enough, another exhale blew right towards the guy, and he appeared absolutely exasperated this time, turning around looking at these girls as though they had just pissed on him.  I seriously thought he was gonna confront them.  My only disappointment was that my favorite girl with her much cloudier exhales wasn’t the one asphyxiating him.  After one more drag, the original girl did reclaim possession of the cigarette and produced her usual cloudy exhales.  The breeze seemed to no longer blow the smoke as directly into this guy’s air space now, but a group of teenagers settled in and stood near the bench, also behind the girls.  And the miniskirted blond’s exhale drifted towards this one mid-teen Asian girl who smelled the cigarette smoke and waved it annoyedly away from her nose, cringing at the smell of smoke.  These smoker girls just couldn’t win!  I don’t know as I’ve ever seen two separate groups of people openly express their disgust at young smoker girls like this, and it made for a pretty colorful encounter that I thought at times might be on the verge of breaking into fisticuffs.  The cigarette was crushed out and the girls didn’t move, but I had to.  I had already confirmed their brand was Marlboro 27s, so pocketing the butt wasn’t as high of a priority as boosting my sightings numbers in the final half hour or so before I had to meet my parents.

I was scrambling like the madman that I am to make up for lost time heading up to 7:00, determined to max out my sightings as I was starting to fall a bit behind schedule.  My baseline when meeting my parents is 111-125 sightings, and I was just over 100 as late as 6:40.  But when trying not to get sidetracked, the worst thing a guy can do is to head to the awning and stairwell on the west side of the grandstand, but that’s exactly where I went and sidetracked I would be.  Surveying the crowd seating and standing out there, many of whom were waiting for the Journey/Pat Benatar concert, I could tell the crowd was more of a 40-something group than for Blake Shelton last weekend, which makes sense given the era Journey and Pat Benatar were popular.  But standing by herself in a corner with her back to me was this ponytailed light brunette in a conservative purple top and blue jeans with a freshly lit cork filter in her right hand.  Her rear profile intrigued me as I got closer, but I tried to talk myself out of building expectations too high.  But then she turned around and my knees almost buckled.  Hers was the face I had been looking for all day but had not yet found.  She looked 16 or 17 and had the most perfect natural-looking tan and had the softest and most wholesome features of any girl I had seen this year, and perhaps for a few years, at the Minnesota State Fair.  Setting eyes on Sighting #105, I knew I was looking at my best sighting of the day and indeed for the entire 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  Unfortunately, the sighting doesn’t have much of a storyline and the photos I took are fighting with the long shadows and the glare of the early evening sun, but you’re just gonna have to take my word for it that this was the girl we spend many hours a year fetishing to see.

She was distracted while immersed in a phone call which made my job of snapping pictures and watching her smoke much easier.  She took that first drag and confirmed my suspicion….she was just a baby.  While this was very clearly not her first cigarette, her lukewarm drags and shallow exhales confirmed she had probably only been at this for a few months, which made it all the more precious knowing that with her looks and her developing dependency upon nicotine she was electing the glamorous life for herself.  Every time I laid eyes on that beautiful face, I had to pinch myself to help remind me this was really happening….that an underage girl this wholesome and this beautiful was really smoking a cigarette in public all by herself.  She had some black pouch around her waist which added to my initial suspicion that like my #93 girl, she was also working underneath the grandstand at one of the commercial exhibit booths.  There was nothing wrong with the outfit she was wearing, but I lamented how sexy she might be dressed if she wasn’t working and how much more that would have added to the sighting, but then again if she wasn’t working in the grandstand wouldn’t be out here smoking right now.  Drag after drag, my heart melted as this beauty’s body became more adjusted to the lifetime of nicotine slavery she was preparing it for, and it seemed as though even over the course of the cigarette her drags and holds became a little longer, and her exhales a little cloudier.  Even though she continued to be immersed in the phone call, my lingering presence ultimately got noticed as she would occasionally look my direction and notice me lurking.

And true to form, at the exact moment this sighting was unfolding, out stepped this young couple that included a long-haired mid-20s dark brunette in a skin-tight black dress that ended about four inches below her ass and a pair of incredibly stylish black leather boots going up her calf nearly to her knee…..and she was sitting down on the other side and lighting up a cigarette while the nonsmoking boyfriend waited.  Perfect!  Competing sightings!  Sighting #106 didn’t get nearly the attention she deserved and frankly I was only able to look over and catch a couple brief moments of smoking glory from her as I just couldn’t abandon my sighting of the day, especially as she approached the end of her cigarette.  Adding to the intensity was that it was 6:55 and I was supposed to meet my parents at 7, and of course they’d flip out if I was late.  But nothing was gonna stop me from seeing this sighting through.  Being a rookie smoker, she smoked slowly but she didn’t finish it off with half the cigarette yet to go as some teen smokers do on work breaks.  She smoked it to within a couple of drags from the filter, but then confirmed my fears as she lifted her shoe and crushed out on her cigarette on the heel while standing in front of a garbage can.  I knew it was coming and it did….she tossed the cigarette butt into the trash can before walking back into the grandstand, presumably to go back to her job.  I walked up to the garbage can, where luckily nobody else was standing close by and peered inside.  I could tell by the telltale marks on the cork filter when she was smoking that it was a Camel Crush Bold so I had that much going for me, but I wanted confirmation.  I was despairing as I didn’t see the butt, but as I looked closer I saw that it had fallen underneath a plastic glass.  Sure enough it was the Camel Crush Bold I had been looking for that was smoked by the prettiest underage smoker girl of the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  At this point, I turned right around hoping to catch what was left of the girl in the short black dress and style boots….but she was getting up to leave, entering the grandstand with the boyfriend.  I wouldn’t have missed the sighting of her for just anything, but seeing #105 play out in its completion was a rare exception.  If I hadn’t been spotted already by that girl, I’d have followed her into the grandstand and feigned interest in whatever she was peddling, hoping I could get close enough to smell her stink.  It was 6:58 now and I was heading to the agreed-upon meeting spot with my parents, riding high and hoping this burst of momentum would last into the evening.

I met the parents with 108 sightings under my belt, just below my baseline but disappointing given how well I was doing by mid-afternoon in terms of numbers.  Still, with the caliber of sightings I scored in that last hour, I was willing to trade quantity for quality.  I ate a few cookies, talked to the parents briefly, and then went off for 3 1/2 hours of evening sightings with a long way to go to get anywhere near my record numbers.  And my momentum continued, this time under the east side awning and stairwell outside the grandstand where seated on the steps was the girl who would become Sighting #110, this slender 18ish sexpot brunette smoking with her mother and either a boyfriend or brother who wasn’t smoking at the time.  She had a nice face, not with the kind of soft features of the last teen smoker girl, but more like a girl who’d been smoking for five years.  And her smoking style seemed to confirm that suspicion as her drags were deeper and her exhales cloudier with significant nasal exhalation to boot.  Her dark brown hair went just past her shoulders and she was wearing a black top and a pair of tight medium blue jeans, and seeing her sitting there I could see a few inches of exposed flesh of her back above her belt line.  If I had stood behind her, I could have peeked down the back of her jeans and saw her panties, if she was wearing any, but her smoking performance was just too cute to walk away from.  I would have been positioned perfectly to snap an up-close photo, and I did get one, but with one major problem…..there was a railing blocking her face from my camera angle.  Anyway, I could see the boyfriend/brother holding a pack of Pall Mall Menthols even though he wasn’t smoking, so I figured both mom and daughter were smoking the same brand.  After her final drag, she dropped the cigarette to the step in front of her and crushed it out rather gingerly before getting up to leave.  As soon as she left, I sat down where she was, poised to identify the butt, but as I looked up the girl was walking back towards me to pick something up that she had left.  It was nice to see her face approaching one more time and then see her hot ass in those tight jeans walking away.  I then looked at the butt and it was indeed a Pall Mall Menthol.  I’m pretty sure this is the first Pall Mall I’ve seen smoked by a young girl at any of my fairs.

I was scoring a decent array of above-average sightings mere minutes apart and it seemed as though I was heading towards another night on par with 2010 when I got to meet Lindsey and the Great White Whale, among many other classics.  I came upon a trio of friends, one guy and two girls on the horizon on the west side of the grounds, and the hot girl of the trio was the only one with a cigarette, becoming Sighting #115.  She was a total 21ish country girl babe with curly dark blond hair going past her shoulders and touching nothing but flesh on her low-cut yellow top with dark jean shorts, sexy bare legs, and a pair of tan, leather cowgirl boots moving down her anatomy.  I saw her with the cigarette and she started shouting past me towards a couple of friends approaching her.  She appeared to be teasing them over something and when the two other nonsmoking girls arrived she continued heckling them good-naturedly about something.  And while I didn’t get to see much of her smoking, I caught three fairly impressive drags with cloudy exhales that she released into the wind and allowed to spill about amidst the still very crowded area, with one of her exhales nailing one of the nonsmoking friends in the face.  I just got the sense of complete brashness with this girl, which raised her sex appeal, and despite the crowd I managed a pretty nice rear photo of her that shows off her nice body.  All too quickly, she dropped the cigarette without bothering to crush it out, leaving me ample opportunity to identify it.  It was a Camel Crush.

The hits kept coming as I went down the beer gardens block and ran up my sightings score with a pile of smoky party girls, but for whatever reason I decided to backtrack the beer gardens block just after finishing it, and what a profound decision that was.  I had just passed this one bench not more than a minute earlier but on my return safari I spotted an angelic duo of 20-21ish wholesome girls wielding freshly lit cigarettes who would become Sightings #122 and #123.  It was another of those images a fetisher spends his whole day searching for….a duo of babes this wholesome with freshly lit cigarettes between their fingers with a thin stream of smoke rising into the air from them.  One was a curly-haired dark brunette in a black tanktop and jean shorts who by herself was quite a find, with a girl-next-door face and an eye-squinting look of pleasure whenever she took one of her drags.  But the friend upstaged her by orders of magnitude.  She was a ridiculously pretty ponytailed light brunette wearing a pink top and white shorts.  Her face was another that conveyed equal parts wholesomeness and beauty, and I had already seen enough after processing about 10 seconds worth of these girls to know they’d be among my top-5 of the day.  But they were just getting started….

While the dark brunette had a solid enough style, the light brunette was a much harder-core smoker, doing her own version of no-handlebars drags off of the majority of her drags where the cigarette went into her mouth and she released her grip on it temporarily wrapping her mouth around the filter of that all-white and letting the carcinogens fill her sexy body.  She reclaimed possession of the cigarette after the drags and proceeded to send equal parts nose and mouth exhales blasting out of her face into the early evening sky that was more beautiful than any sunset taking place on the western horizon.  Sunset was indeed quickly approaching so my photo-taking options were fast waning, but I did manage three photos of varying degrees of impressiveness, the first two being when the girls were standing near this bench with their beverages, presumably alcoholic although clearly not beer and somewhat surprising as the light brunette did not look 21.  In a couple of minutes, a pair of friends met them and the girls became mobile, allowing me to follow them and snap a decent photo of their asses at the moment the light brunette is in the early stages of one of her no-handlebars drags.  Her cloudy exhales were fun to walk through and every time I looked at her I was impressed at how skilled of a smoker she was given both her age and her good-girl profile.  She kind of reminded me of some 80s sitcom daughter character, but for the life of me I can’t put a finger on which one.  Anyway, the group wandered across the street and settled onto a grassy area where I was able to see the two smokers finish their cigarettes.  The dark brunette finished hers with still a third to go, dropping it at the edge of the grass and then getting in line at the food stand next to her for either food or beverage.  The light brunette sexpot hadn’t finished hers yet though, and continued to upstage the sunset by producing huge clouds of smoke that blinded me from seeing anything beyond it.  After a couple more minutes she dropped her cigarette to the ground too without bothering to crush it, and I watched both cigarettes smolder from the grass near where they stood as neither girl was interested in keeping the fairgrounds from starting on fire amidst the serious drought the Midwest is currently mired in.  It took a few minutes but the girl eventually drifted off and I was able to cross the street and identify their two Marlboro Lights butts left behind.  God I love cigarettes!

Only a couple of minutes later, I had an otherwise forgettable sighting of an early 20s blond in a group of party girls that briefly turned interactive.  Sighting #127 was a decently attractive blond, the only smoker in her group of friends but without any distinguishable characteristics.  As I was walking by I was eyeballing her but right when I arrived on the scene, she turned around to start walking away and her eyes met mine as we crossed paths.  We were on the verge of colliding so I stopped in my tracks when she said, “Go ahead dude.”  And I did.

At the end of that beer gardens loop I rocketed up to 130 sightings and was about to send my friend a text to report on my rising fortunes for the day, but then I remembered when I did that at the Iowa State Fair, my evening fell off a cliff at exactly that point, so I decided against it.  But apparently all I need to do is merely think about how great of an evening I’m having for things to stop dead in their tracks.  I went on a midway run immediately following and got exactly zero sightings.  The midway seems to be deteriorating significantly as a sightings venue at the Minnesota State Fair, and considering it takes 20 minutes to make a round trip through dense crowds, I’m rethinking whether I want to waste vital time in the evening on these dry midway runs.  From there, I progressed back to the grandstand area where Pat Benatar was by now performing and I started to cobble together a few sightings, and the next to impress was Sighting #134.  On the east side stairwell of the grandstand sat a young couple with an early 20s brunette who gave off a massive smoker girl vibe.  When she didn’t light up in the minute or so when I lingered, I wandered off for just a minute or so and chose a good time to return, approaching from the rear and already seeing a pack of Marlboro Lights next to her as she sat.  She was leaning to her right and asking someone just out of sight if they minded if she smoked.  The person apparently said they didn’t mind as she then said “she always likes to ask in case somebody has allergies of something” and she said it in a squeaky, girlish voice that didn’t fit her smoker girl look in the least.  She had just lit the cigarette as I arrived and I was able to see the guy she was talking to was some nerdy high school age guy sitting with his friends.  It made me wonder if the guy had the fetish and was enjoying his front-row seat as much as I would have.  The girl’s smoking was average from a style standpoint, but what captivated me was her girlish voice in which she continued to speak to the nonsmoking boyfriend sitting next to her.  There was no place to sit so I was just kind of standing there lurking, and had seen about all there was to see of this sighting anyway, moving on but happy to have broken my cold streak.

And my revival would last one more sighting as I headed eastward and came upon a young couple making out while standing in line for a food stand with burning cigarettes between their fingers.  I was watching from the rear as they kissed and my first impression of the bottle blond girl in the white top and black skirt from that angle was that she was probably a burned-out 40-something party girl still behaving like she was 19, so imagine my surprise when I walked around and got a look at her face and discover that she was far closer to 19 than 40.  I’d actually guess Sighting #135 to be about 21 and while the ciggy-breath kissing was over at that point, she still had a lovestruck look on her face as she and the boyfriend continued to stare in each other’s eyes.  She was about an 8 on the beauty spectrum….not a full-scale natural beauty but a girl with an undeniable underlying cuteness.  And if the kissing part of the sighting was fun, the smoking show was even more fun as the cigarette approached her lips and she dangled it for a few seconds and after finishing the dangle proceeded to release an impressive combination nose and mouth exhale with considerable smoke volume.  I stuck around for about three drags and her smoking style always impressed with lengthy rapist drags, extended hold times, and dense, cloudy exhales.  Then it was onward and upward….well sort of.  I was about to spend at least a half hour spinning my wheels.

It was going up to 9:00 at this time and my evening seemed to hit the skids for an extended period.  My leg was becoming sore from the knee down again and really starting to get to me while the crowds were still unbelievably huge for that time of night, and I often found myself suffocating in them.  I scored a good haul of sightings on the beer gardens block as I often do and propped my numbers up, but none of the girls were particularly noteworthy.  The crowd of teenagers was forming at its usual spot across the street from the beer gardens but I wasn’t getting much out of that either, aside from the usual incredible booty in scantily clad summer outfits that can always be counted upon to linger there.  As far as sightings go, my next one to even stand out a little came back in the grandstand area where I spotted yet another brunette dressed in a black dress who was the only smoker in her cluster of 20-something friends.  She was a very attractive girl and Sighting #156 was nice, but the kind of adrenaline-pumping sighting where I’d forget about the pain in my leg was still nowhere to be found.

Looping around past the east side and the free stage where Wilson Phillips was performing, I continued to struggle and probably hobbled around like a pirate as I progressed past the International Bazaar area which didn’t come through as it usually does yesterday.  But when I walked past the bathroom next to it, I spotted a trio of two girls and guy, all in their early 20s, and one brunette stood out to me while passing.  I didn’t see a cigarette on the first passing, but looked over my shoulder while walking past her just to make sure….and lo and behold she did have a mostly smoked cork filter cigarette between her fingers, making her Sighting #159 and the only one of the three in her group smoking.  I turned around and followed them.  Again, a black top with jean shorts on the bottom with this one. I was watching when she took her one and only drag, and pretty intense little number with a mighty cloud of smoke to follow when she exhaled.  She dropped the cigarette and progressed with the friends to a seating area outside the bathroom.  I identified the butt without difficulty (a Marlboro Menthol) and when I looked up to see where they settled, my brunette was standing while the others sat, looking at photos or something or her iPhone, but still holding her lighter.  I’ll end the suspense now and clear up she didn’t light up a second cigarette, but I lingered a couple of minutes just to see and got a better look at the girl with the improved lighting where she stood.  She had dark features and appeared as though she probably had some Middle Eastern heritage in her blood, and a lot of those girls of Middle Eastern descent are very beautiful as she was.  While this sighting was my best in about an hour, I still felt like I needed something more substantial to really get the night up on its feet in my final hour….and I was about to get it.

Returning to the beer gardens block, I wouldn’t last long there as a group of teenagers was heading northward and I immediately laid eyes on a gorgeous long-haired brunette with an open pack of cigarettes who was extracting two, one for herself and one for her boyfriend.  Even without seeing her face, Sighting #163 projected an aura of teenage innocence the likes of which I hadn’t seen since my #105 girl.  And when I saw her face, her girl-next-door factor escalated to a new dimension altogether.  While she wasn’t as gorgeous as 105, she was so cute I just wanted to pinch her cheek as she was placing that unlit cigarette in her mouth and firing it up.  But much as I wanted to pinch her cheek, I wanted to pinch her asscheek much more.  The girl’s shapely little teenage posterior was draped in white shorts with little blue speckles all over it.  Here she was dressed in the kind of shorts you would expect to see a nine-year-old girl and she was lighting up a cigarette.  My hunch is she was 18, along with the boyfriend and the other three female friends, all beautiful and all with perfect bodies and all of whom I hoped would light up as well but did not.  But I must say, this brunette had the most IT factor of the group in an intangible sense, connected largely to those sexy shorts shorts she wearing but also because she reminded me of Danica McKellar, the actress who played Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years”.  She truly was that much of a sweetheart, but I must confess I can’t imagine Winnie Cooper taking a nice long drag from her cigarette, holding it in her lungs for four seconds and then tilting her head skyward with a look of pleasure on her face to release one after another stinky exhale.

And so it went, with me following every step of the way, this outlier of a brunette cutie immersing herself in this wholesome-looking friends’ group with cigarette in hand and maneuvering comfortably in their midst while doing so.  After every drag, the same routine of lengthy hold times, pleasured facial expression and then skyward release of a modest exhale coming almost entirely from her mouth.  Not sure if she got the boyfriend addicted or vice versa but whatever the arrangement I’m sure glad fate brought these two together to partake in this stinky habit.  And every time I was getting used to seeing this cute little face spewing cigarette smoke into the evening sky, I’d look down to those white shorts with the blue speckles and was amazed again that teen smokers of this pedigree still exist.  The group appeared to have a destination in mind and they ended up settling at the bathroom nearest the teen hangout.  There was a seating area nearby where the two smokers sat down to finish their cigarettes while the three nonsmoking girls all went to the bathroom.  My brunette finished her cigarette before the boyfriend, adorably, and then proceeded to crush it out against the wooden makeshift bench where that sexy ass of hers was seated, and I marked the location of that cigarette and the cooling embers of crushed out tobacco lying around it rested.  I was also still holding out hope that the other three girls would emerge from the bathroom and light up as well.  And while waiting I was treated to the brunette leaning over to engage in an extended open-mouth kiss with the lucky bastard of a boyfriend.  What I wouldn’t have given to trade places with him and taste her fresh ashtray mouth at that moment, but if it was me, I’d have had my hand caressing that outrageous ass of hers while doing so.  Cutie apparently decided she needed to go to the bathroom at that point too, leaving her purse behind and taking off while the boyfriend waited.

I was down to my last hour or so and I needed to boost my numbers, so I decided to quickly navigate through the teen huddle nearby and then return with the hopes of returning to see her and the other girls all smoking together when I returned, but of course things never work out entirely as planned as just as I was about to complete my loop of the teen cluster I spotted two 17ish cuties walking away down the beer gardens block, with a dark blond amongst them wielding a cigarette.  And I’ll be damned if my Sighting #165 girl wasn’t even more wholesome-looking than 163, albeit with less of an IT factor than either her or 105.  Here was this dark blond in a blue top and white shorts who couldn’t have possibly looked less like a smoker, but who was nonetheless puffing away on her cork filter cigarette as she and her friend, who looked at least partially Asian walked down the block talking.  Interestingly, the friend looked much more like a smoker but appeared not to touch the stuff.  I truly couldn’t believe my eyes following this girl and was despairing over not being able to take a photo of this madness, because of the darkness, to prove that a teenage girl of this pedigree still smokes in the year 2012.  And she smoked with all the eagerness of a nicotine addict in training, taking frequent but shallow puffs and releasing the tiniest plumes of smoke with her exhales.  How I wanted to smack that spectacular ass of hers in those white shorts too.  I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of sightings in the final hour of the day, when the wholesome smoker girls typically become harder to come by.  She and the friend were then talking about where to go next and decided upon this commercial building.  The dark blond approached the steps of the building, took a final drag from her cigarette and then dropped it to the step and crushed it out with her foot.  Needless to say, I swooped in to identify the butt and it was another of those oddball light orange cork filters with the weird lettering print above the filter that I saw two teen girls smoking the week before.  At the time I had no idea what this brand was but a guardian angel from the boards informed me a couple of days later that they are the new Camel Turkish Royals.  About 15 minutes later, I’d see these same two girls walking back the other direction, and once again could not believe that dark blond was a smoker.

I didn’t walk away from the end of this sighting, I ran…..in hopes of getting back to 163 and her crew.  And when I’ve been fetishing at the fair for more than 13 hours and still have the energy to run, you know I’m having some great sightings.  And sure enough, when I got there the group of five was still there….and my brunette was smoking another cigarette.  She was down to her last two drags though, which led me to believe the boyfriend smoked some of it while she was in the bathroom and she returned to finish it off as she couldn’t have possibly smoked an entire cigarette in that short amount of time since returning from the bathroom.  None of the friends were smoking, so apparently it’s just her and the boyfriend.  She took a final drag and then crushed out the cigarette, leaving me desperate for them to walk away so I could identify her butt, at least the first one.  But they didn’t leave, and added one more wacky dimension to this sighting as she pulled out one of those small 5-hour Energy bottles from her purse.  She and the boyfriend proceeded to drink from it and when it was empty, showed more of their naughty side when she attempted to throw the empty bottle through a little hole that led inside the men’s bathroom.  It didn’t go in, so she picked it up and threw it again, this time ricocheting off of the wall and hitting a group of black teenagers seated not far from them who proceeded to start screaming at her.  It was absolutely adorable as my little cutie first started running from them as if both embarrassed and scared what they might do.  She fell over herself apologizing but they didn’t seem to be in a very forgiving mood with one girl saying “How’d you like if I threw something at you?”  If nothing else this heated encounter got them out of there and allowed me to identify her discarded cigarette butts.  And I’ll be damned if it wasn’t ANOTHER pale orange butt with the weird lettering on the filter…another Camel Turkish Royal!  Apparently every hip teen smoker in Minnesota is smoking them in the summer of 2012.

With a much-needed spring in my step brought upon by these cutiepie teen emphysema girls I headed back to the beer gardens looking for more greatness, and came upon something close to greatness with Sighting #167, a slightly older girl than the last two but still no older than 22 walking speedily by herself and wielding a freshly lit all-white.  She was also projecting an image of wholesomeness with her dark blond hair hanging over her right shoulder in a braid, and wearing jean shorts and a low-cut top with an open back with a large cross tattoo on her upper back.  I kept this girl no more than a couple of footsteps ahead of me either, and watched her walk quickly across the beer gardens block and keep on going, taking nicely paced drags on that all-white which looked like a Camel Light judging by the rings on the filter.  I passed by a number of lesser sightings to add to my total as I followed her, but none that distracted this bloodhound off the trail.  I must have walked four blocks behind her as quickly as she was walking and the cigarette was disappearing down to nothing, yet she still managed to somehow find at least one more drag from it.  I had no idea what she was even smoking towards the end as she clearly drained the cigarette of every last morsel of tobacco from it until I finally lost her in the crowd for only a moment, but it was enough to where there was no longer a cigarette in her hand when I caught up to her.  I would have liked to have officially identified the butt, but it was an exciting detour even without it.

With less than 45 minutes left in the evening, I had seen the best of what the night had to offer but there was still one more entry left in the wholesome cutie brigade that came near the grandstand when I laid eyes on Sighting #175.  Yet another long-haired brunette of the highest caliber of wholesomeness and I-can’t-believe-she-smokes! surprise factor was walking down the grounds in the company of a cute but nonsmoking friend.  This girl was more like 21 or 22, but like her predecessors, was a mediocre smoker who looked a lot like a rookie.  Now this girl had a beer as well so she may have just been a social smoker, but watching her bubble butt quivering in her tight tan shorts as she walked while holding that long cigarette between her fingers, it scarcely mattered to me as the image was just too precious.  She was dragging from the cigarette pretty regularly but given her shallow drags it wasn’t going away very fast…not fast enough for me to continue following at this hour in pursuit of her butt knowing it may well be 10:30 before she even finished it.  I was really riding high on seeing all these angelic faces with cigarette smoke flowing from them last night though.

I lost track of time temporarily as my sightings continued to advance at a pretty steady pace but looked at my phone’s clock and was shocked to see it was 10:16, turning me into a bull in a china shop in an effort to score as many sightings as possible in those final minutes.  They were mostly a blur by that time and the last one to leave any impression at all was Sighting #188, which would have been great but ended without so much as a single drag.  I had been noticing this distinctive looking 18ish blond at the outer edges of the teen huddle for about an hour now and happened upon her holding a cigarette along with two guys on one of my final passes through the cluster.  I hovered for only a minute or so and she proceeded to hand the cigarette back to the guy next to her without even taking one drag, although she had likely already taken one or more that I missed.  Even if I had seen her smoke, she wouldn’t have been amongst my strongest of the day but would have gotten more of a writeup than she did.

I was pushing the limits of 10:30 once again as I made my final pass of the teen huddle and of the beer gardens block.  While there was nothing there that I was kicking myself for not being able to see, I was picking off the girls at a solid clip and thinking I just might score 200 sightings yet when I met the parents.  Once again the timing was horrible as Journey was singing their final song right as we were leaving, meaning I missed out on the grandstand crowd lighting up as they left.  On the way out, I saw a modest early 30s gal in a black dress who would be Sighting #199 and my last of the day, but even walking on the walk ramp that crosses over Como Avenue and into the parking lot, I found myself behind a group of three hot teenage girls, the hottest of which was talking to her friend and cut loose a fierce, hacking cough….and then joked that she “sounds like a smoker” followed by a continued feigned cough for effect.  Nothing would have ended my night better than if she was and lit up when she crossed the street, but it wasn’t meant to be.

I’m still riding high from the buzz of yesterday and not yet to the point of being depressed about fair sightings season ending just as summer and shorts season ends, but I’ll get there soon enough.  My 2012 Minnesota State Fair haul over two days was 385 sightings, down narrowly from 397 last year, but given how bad of a haircut I took at the Iowa State Fair this year my total annual fair sightings haul for 2012 was down more significantly from 762 to 691.  The Minnesota State Fair ended well with a somewhat better day than last year, but still not the kind of electric day that comes but once in a while.  The 2012 fair season didn’t have any runaway winners to be sure and the lack of extreme epics involving superbabes smoking big cigars, Lindseys, or any of the handful of wild ones of the last two years manages to leave me still hungering for more as the season closes, but it was still a solid year and as I configure my top-25 fairgrounds sightings at the end of the year, I’ll have a pretty good selection of worthy sightings to choose from.

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