2012 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

Even though I knew it was gonna rain on Saturday, I made the decision to tag along with my parents, operating under the assumption that I’d return on Sunday by myself when it was supposed to sunny.  I have mixed feelings on that decision today as the result I should have feared most played out…that the rain would arrive, taper off and convince me that I might as well stay rather than come back tomorrow, and then after committing to staying for the night it returned, albeit in more of a light sprinkle.  The good news is that the rain didn’t ruin the day for sightings as I managed 186, not far off my baseline (on my two visits last year, I scored 194 and 203).  In addition, while it was gloomy and rainy it was also muggy and in the high 70s, so girls were still coming to the fair dressed like whores.  And it was a slightly above average day for sightings.  I had three sightings that really stood out and about a dozen others that impressed, but there were no epics and the upper reaches of my list (say, the top 25 or so) are safely secured.  I had a boom and bust pattern for the entire day where I’d hit a string of frequent and/or quality sightings leading me to think I had really hit my stride, but would then go 45 minutes before seeing anything else.  In addition, the Saturday evening hours I was so worried about missing out on if I left early and returned on Sunday were largely a bust as none of my best sightings came after dark.  Perhaps I would have been better off holding out until Sunday as it’s dry and sunny, but there’s obviously no going back now.  And there’s still a great deal of quality material here, so on with the show….

My parents insist on going earlier and earlier with each passing year, so we were officially parked and walking through the gate by 8:30 a.m…..way too early given how dead the morning hours usually are.  I was pleased that even by that time it was already 70 degrees so it wasn’t gonna be a cold day….and the girls walking in were wearing tanktops and shorts just as I had hoped for.  The skies were gloomy but didn’t look threatening, but I convinced myself that I would never relax and allow myself to believe I was gonna luck out and it would stay dry, because if I did it would be raining within 10 minutes.  Anyway, I wandered around the grounds for a good 20 minutes before my first sighting of the day, and suffice it to say the morning started out rather obnoxiously….

I was wandering through the seating area outside the food building en route to get my cheese curds before the crowds got there and the line got long.  The seating area outside the food building is not normally a place where many sightings transpire for the obvious reason that early 21st century etiquette is that smokers don’t smoke where people are eating, but I saw this family seated at a table that I just had to get a closer look at.  Sure enough, the parents were smoking little cigars and of the three kids (or some variation on two kids and a boyfriend), the hot 18ish girl was smoking and became Sighting #1.  It was a decently attractive blond with shoulder length hair wearing a cowgirl hat, a country plaid top and a pair of skinny jeans.  The presentation was spectacular and while her beauty was decent, it didn’t quite live up to the outfit.  Still, there she sat at the table with the parents, smoking away amidst what I figured might be her nonsmoking boyfriend and her nonsmoking younger sister who wasn’t as attractive.  I sat at the next table over and watched her take a couple of impressive drags and as the combined odor of her cigarettes and the parents’ little cigars wafted my way, I just knew there were people in close proximity who were gritting their teeth about the smoke assault.  The family got up to leave, still in the middle of their tobacco items of choice, and it was a pleasure to admire the hot body of the blond cowgirl in that top and those skinny jeans.  The parents and the young trio were separating and I obviously followed the young trio, and that’s when the high point of the sighting came.  Still walking through the seating area of the food building, blondie took a nice drag and then let rip a cloudy exhale.  A middle-aged couple was walking not too far behind and watched blondie’s blob of exhaled smoke flow behind her face….and they held back with this panicked look on their face desperately trying to avoid it as though it were anthrax.  Needless to say, avoiding the smoke was not high on my priority list and I took the opportunity to walk right through it.  I continued to follow the trio, where again only blondie was smoking, and watched her finish the cigarette while smelling her exhales.  She dropped the butt to the ground and I had no problem at all identifying it.  It was a Marlboro 27.  The day got off to a great start and I had 13 more hours ahead of me.

Now reading these early sightings you’re gonna think my morning was an endless sea of deliciousness because I scored some impressive stuff, but keep in mind most of these were a half hour apart so I never felt a surge of momentum.  The next great one was Sighting #4, which had the potential to be one of my best sightings of the day but was too short-lived to qualify.  The burm that serves as a seating area outside the grandstand has produced fantastic sightings for years now, the latest of which being last year’s epic talking exhale girl (MNSF #14).  And it came through again yesterday morning.  There were only two people sitting there at that early hour, and it just happened to be a teenage couple and I could see from a distance the very pretty brunette girlfriend was holding a cigarette.  I giddily approached and took note of the “skater dude” boyfriend who looked pretty thuggish, and contrasted it with the epic wholesomeness of the girlfriend which became more obvious with each step closer.  I was able to sit around the curve of the burm and have a pretty good vantage point all things considered.  The girl was an absolute doll, with her long dark brown hair in a girlish ponytail, and didn’t look at all like smoker.  I figured she was 17 but the sweetness of her face could easily make her pass for 15.  I would only get to see one drag but it was a doozy.  The cork filter cigarette approached her lips and she took a very solid drag.  Looking at the girl you’d have thought for sure she was a rookie, but the massive snootful of smoke that was exhaled from her cute little face quickly dispelled that notion.  I would say she was the sweetest-looking teen smoker I’d see all day, so it was a bummer the sighting ended after just one drag.  Within moments, she and the boyfriend were walking away, and they were definitely an odd couple….him with his shaggy blond hair and raggedy clothes and her with her cute ponytail, black top, and tight dark jeans with silvery trim.  My first thought was thank God for corrupting boyfriends getting their sweet little girlfriends to become smokers….but judging from the quality of smoking I so briefly saw from her, perhaps it was her that corrupted him!  I went to where they were sitting and there were a pile of cigarette butts in the area so unfortunately I had no way of knowing which was hers for identification purposes.

Only moments later, in front of the grandstand, I’d stumble into Sighting #5, a glam mid-20s long-haired brunette dressed in black seated on a bench next to a nonsmoking female friend.  She was quite a looker and I was lucky enough to sit on the bench next to hers as she smoked an all-white.  Now there was nothing distinctive about her style but a girl this hot smoking a cigarette in those usually mediocre morning hours is enough to make a fetisher stop and take notice.  She crushed out the cigarette at her feet and got up with the friend to go into the grandstand, allowing me to see an all-black ensemble of a top and snug shorts in full profile as she walked inside.  Very nice image…and I moved over to their bench and identify the butt without batting an eyelash.  It was a Marlboro Light.

It was about a half an hour before my next score but damn was it a hot one.  I came upon a bench outside the beer gardens where four young people were sitting.  On the right was a goofy-looking skater guy and girl who looked like they were early teens, but next to them were two 18ish girls.  Catching my eye first was this beautiful brunette in a low-cut top, but seated next to her was an equally beautiful light brunette with considerable blond highlights who had a cigarette in her hand, becoming Sighting #8.  It was interesting because of the four she looked the least like a smoker, but not only was she dragging from her cork filter right out in the open, she was sporting a pack of Marlboro Menthols tucked into the right front pocket of her jean shorts.  While it would have been perfect if the other girl smoked too, it was nice being able to focus on the hot teen smoker who was filling her body with carcinogens.  Unfortunately, two drags were all I got to see as her cigarette was near its end.  She dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out….and then proceeded to do a smoker-girl striptease for me.  Apparently, anticipating a cool day, she wore a gray sweatshirt, but after filling her body with the warmth of cigarette smoke, apparently decided the sweatshirt wasn’t necessary….so she removed it and thus revealed a low-cut tanktop similar to her friend’s with her bra straps on full display.  Refreshing to see her feminine assets on full display right after she smoked a stinky cigarette.  In a couple of minutes, the two hot girls got up and went inside the bar and grill they were sitting in front of, apparently not part of the same group as the younger skater children seated next to them.  They ordered some food and took a table inside.

One of those stretches of momentum I talked about earlier was playing out as I walked up and down the beer gardens block.  I came dangerously close to missing this next one.  I hadn’t even taken note of a trio of two girls and a guy as I walked right past them, but could smell smoke in the air and couldn’t identify its source until I turned around.  Whoa!  I was immediately hit with the image of a petite 15-16ish wholesome brunette girl with a cigarette, instantly becoming Sighting #9.  It took me a moment to process this before I looked past her to see an older brunette who looked about 18 and was almost definitely the younger girl’s big sister given how much alike they looked, and she was also smoking, becoming Sighting #10.  The only one who wasn’t smoking was the blond guy who I figured was the older sister’s boyfriend.  How adorable!  A stinky sister act!  Now both girls were cute but it needs to be said that the reason I missed them on the first pass is that neither had any tangible IT factor and both were dressed very utilitarian in T-shirt and capris.  The older sister was cuter and was about an 8 while the younger sister was more like a 7.  Neither one looked like a smoker though and seeing this open display of tobacco consumption by the two of them was quite a vision.  The younger girl was obviously a rookie, taking frequent and shallow drags with minimalist exhales.  The older girl was an infrequent dragger but clearly had smoked for longer as her drags and cloudy exhales suggested.  Who knows if this blond guy walking through the fair with these smelly sisters is a fetisher or not, but it would be a damn shame if he isn’t and doesn’t realize what a lucky bastard he is.  Adorably, the younger girl finished her cigarette first due to her frequent dragging and crushed it out on the grass as the trio watched the extreme rides from the ground.  I had no problem identifying her butt, a Camel Blue, but was holding out for the older girl as well.  While waiting, I managed an above-average photo of the two of them, but the trio drifted to a difficult spot to maneuver and the brunette finished her cigarette and I was unable to find the butt. Clearly if these two had IT factor, they’d have been zooming up to the upper reaches of my MNSF archives.  As it stands, the pedigree of the sighting had enough going for it that it was still among my top-5 of the day.

Just a couple of minutes later, also in the area by the beer gardens, a hot brunette wielding a cigarette amidst a duo of friends jumped out at me, becoming Sighting #11.  I hustled on over to find a top-notch long-haired brunette hottie in the outfit that seemed most common yesterday…a black top and dark jeans.  Not very summer-like, but as sexy as some of these girls looked wearing them I wasn’t complaining.  Standing with her was a guy who was also smoking and a mediocre-looking female dark blond who was not.  I tried to score a couple of pics because the brunette was so hot, but never could get the positioning right.  I watched her smoke most of the cigarette, however, and while her style didn’t stand out in the crowd, her exhales were nice and cloudy.  She ended up crushing out the butt and tossing it into the garbage so I didn’t identify that one, but I was riding high having just scored three very strong sightings in about 10 minutes.

Not long after I’d hit pay dirt again in an obscure seating area near the Space Tower where there’s a bunch of benches that manage to fly under most people’s radar.  Seated there was a duo of pretty 19ish brunettes who immediately set off my radar as potential smokers as they just had “the look”.  The brunette on the right was pretty enough, but it was the long-haired brunette of the left dripping with IT factor.  They were looking at something on the pretty girl’s phone as I walked by when I noticed a very long cigarette in the brunette’s hand.  At first I wondered if it was a 120 as long as it looked between her fingers, but then recognized it had to have just been a freshly lit 100.  So she immediately became Sighting #12 as I scrambled to a nearby open bench to watch them, and as I did I noticed the friend take a drag from a mostly smoked cigarette of her own, becoming Sighting #13.  I didn’t see any other smoking from the friend, who must have finished her cigarette and disposed of it without me noticing.  This made it easier to focus on the hotter brunette, who was kind of on the line between wholesome and party girl.  Her drags were frequent and lengthy, as were her hold times, and always producing a very nice deposit of tight, straight-ahead exhales.  She was no beginner…and she smoked with style as that once-long cigarette got shorter and shorter.  I was able to watch her smoke the whole thing, but she was fully aware of my presence as I looked her direction so frequently.  After about a five-minute show she dropped the cigarette and crushed it out, and when they got up to leave a couple of minutes later I had no problem heading over to identify yet another butt….a Marlboro 27.  Kind of surprised they’re still as prominent as they are.

Morning had pivoted to early afternoon around this time and I felt the first few sprinkles.  Uh-oh, I was thinking, but looked up to the skies not seeing too much potential for the sprinkles to grow into a steady rain.  The next 15 minutes would dispel that false prophesy as the rain started picking up.  I would have been really nervous about losing an entire day, but my Plan B was to come up the next day if it turned out to be a rainy mess.  Little did I know the contours of a rainy day would bring about a previously unexperienced dynamic that led to one of my favorite sightings of the day.  As the rain picked up and I walked past the grandstand seating area, moving from the east side to the west, I saw from a distance a pair of teenage asses in jean shorts standing under an umbrella.  Both asses were perfectly chiseled 18-year-old booty of the highest caliber in dark jean shorts.  I could see neither of them was smoking but I nonetheless eagerly approached from behind determined to see if their faces lived up to their rear views….and they did.  One girl was a brunette and really cute….but the stunner of the two was this long-haired blond in a purple top and carrying a handbag on her right arm as both girls finished off fair food.  She was a knockout….and totally looked like a smoker.  While she didn’t look specifically like the legendary Brittny (ISF #5), I got an absolute Brittny vibe from her and had that same feeling from this girl that I did the second I laid eyes on Brittny back in 2008, knowing she was addicted to nicotine.  But the girls were walking away and the rain was picking up, so I decided to head under the awning of the seating area outside the west side of the grandstand.

Immediately after arriving amidst a growing huddle of fairgoers trying to avoid the escalating rainfall, I spotted what I originally thought was two friends, with the better looking and younger of the two smoking a cigarette and becoming Sighting #19.  The younger girl had a killer body decorated in a bare midriff top and a glamorous pair of tight jeans that really showed off her curves and fantastic ass.  She was about 18, had light brown hair and a unique facial beauty that looked awesome expelling cigarette smoke…at least for the one drag I saw from her.  As I was positioning myself to watch the show, the next thing I know the cigarette was gone.  D’oh!  I couldn’t even tell which butt was hers when she left a minute or so later given that there were several next to where she sat.  The next 30 minutes or so were positively maddening as this girl stayed in the same crowded area under this awning trying to stay dry as I was.  The brunette with her who looked too young to be her mom but I grew to expect quite possibly was proceeded to smoke two Marlboro Light Menthols while sitting right next to her, but the light brunette never smoked again.  Worse yet, there was an adorable 14ish girl in the posse who may have been a younger sister…a brunette who I heard referred to as “Chelsea” who I was also hoping would carry on with the family tradition, but she never lit up either.  I’d see this family walking down the grounds about an hour later, with the #19 girl rocking that pair of tight jeans.  She would have easily been amongst my best of the day had I seen more than one drag.  In case you are noticing a pattern, the one-drag wonders were a recurring problem yesterday.

Moving back in time to the noon hour when I was stuck under that awning by the west side grandstand entrance, I was weaving my way through the crowd while standing there, hoping that seeking shelter from the rain would end up being a natural cigarette break trigger for some addicted girls.  Lo and behold, I was leaning on a railing and just on the other side was my Brittny  lookalike in the purple top and jean shorts seated by herself.  I was only able to see her from the rear but she was opening up her bag.  I held my breath in anticipation, unable to see exactly what she was doing, but trying not to build myself up too much in the event of a letdown.  But the unmistakable sound of a lighter flicking erased any lingering doubt, particularly when it was followed seconds later by a burst of smoke rising above her head.  Sighting #20 was about to become one of my three best sightings of the day.  I quickly walked to the other side of the fence to take a seat near her, but as I got out there, the rain started blowing onto the area where she sat so she got up and started wandering into the huddle.  Needless to say, I continued to follow.  Blondie planted her butt next to a familiar face….the brunette friend who was seated on a small flight of cement stairs and eating a cone full of chocolate chip cookies.  Only the blond occupied the one spot on those stairs that was left for people who actually wanted to walk on them.  Not only was she gonna occupy the only walk-space left in this very crowded spot with that fantastic ass of hers, she was gonna stink the place up to boot.

I found a great spot to stand for a front-row seat, and was readying my camera for a photo while watching this adorableness transpire.  And it got better as the blond proceeded to take impressive drags from her cigarette and then carelessly release exhales which the wind repeatedly sent directly into the face of the nonsmoking friend just trying to eat her cookies without her friend’s foul-smelling assault, clearly to no avail.  The brunette never complained but I still assumed she didn’t want to be eating cigarette-flavored cookies.  That’s tough…..because she wasn’t gonna be able to do it with this friend.  I was just getting ready to snap a picture but had to relent.  The blond seemed to be noticing me so I knew I had to proceed with extreme caution especially at this vantage point, but then she leaned over to whisper into the friend’s ear.  I’m familiar enough with teenage girls to know that whispering doesn’t lead to anything good, but I was still getting off on the cuteness of the whispering.  Not only was the brunette getting repeated blasts of cigarette smoke into her face, she now had the blond friend’s ashtray mouth right in her grill violating her airspace with ciggy breath stench.  Seconds after the blond whispered into the friend’s ear, the brunette was suddenly looking up to me for the first time with this smirk on her face.  I was so busted.  Taking the picture was out of the question here, but I still planned to watch this sighting play out and hunkered down for a continuation of what I’d been seeing….solid four-second drags and cloudy exhales that nailed the brunette in the face over and over again.  The blond eventually dropped the cigarette to the cement step and crushed it out underneath her shoe, planning to leave it sit there for others to deal with.    The girls got up to go away, popping open that familiar umbrella and proceeding into the rain giving me one last look at their incredible teenage asses waddle on into the sunset.  I swooped in and identified that cork filter butt.  It was a Marlboro Red.  What a hard-core little addict.  Not quite sure which of my three best sightings of the day was my favorite but this one is certainly in the running for my favorite of the day.

Not content to be in the same area during this rainfall, I meandered back and forth from the west side awning under the grandstand to the east side and back again, occasionally even getting myself wet and heading to the beer gardens area.  Under the east side awning was a foursome of 16ish babes I had seen earlier in the morning.  There was no smoking but if they had lit up they’d have been amongst my best of the day, particularly this one curly-haired tall brunette with tanned features who was drop-dead gorgeous and sported a sexpot pair of black and white shorts.  The girls were seated atop these cement steps and I kept wandering their way hoping I would see cigarettes eventually get smoked but knowing with the wholesome pedigree of the girls that it was unlikely.  And indeed it wasn’t meant to be as they left when the rain let up a little bit.  It was that west side awning that provided all the smoking action, as I returned there to see Sighting #23, a cute 18ish blond grandstand worker leaning up against that same railing I was talking about earlier while smoking and who I was able to stand right next to…..and an early 20s guy and his brunette girlfriend standing right next to the blond and they were smoking too, with the girl being Sighting #24.  I had no idea I’d be able to score this many sightings in the middle of a downpour and was suddenly wondering if the rain was working to my advantage here.

The rain let up after about 45 minutes but was still coming down lightly.  I ran into my parents three different times yesterday and was informed that Mary and Karen (the lesbian aunt and her partner who went to the Rosanne Cash concert with us two years ago) were there as well.  Wonderful!  All kinds of chances to get busted.  The parents along with many others were wearing plastic rain ponchos, and of course seeing all these girls with ponchos covering their tanktops and shorts was reinforcing my opinion that I needed to get out of there for Saturday and come back the next day.  Whatever the case, as I was down by the beer gardens, I saw a gal coming out of one the buildings and lit something up that took quite a while to ignite.  Now she was in her mid-40s and wasn’t attractive so I didn’t count her as a sighting, but she had lit a big cigar and was walking the grounds with her friend spewing cigar smoke.  Saw quite a few cigars yesterday….but unfortunately none by hot girls.

The rain wasn’t quite finished but was about to be so I headed one more time under that west side awning, spotting a cluster of two guys and a girl who was wearing the green shirt and hat that are the uniform for deep-fried pickle stand workers.  The girl was petite and looked about 14, but I think it was mostly her size as I’m guessing she was at least 16, but nonetheless sporting a cigarette as she sought out a dry shelter to finish the cigarette between her fingers with those two guys, becoming Sighting #34.  Not much IT factor here…but she was undeniably cute.

The weather dried off not long after, even though we hadn’t seen the last of the rain.  It was going up to 2:00 and even though sightings had been more prolific than expected during the rainfall, I felt I was getting robbed of a good day of fetishing at the fair.  With that in mind, I talked to the folks about wanting to leave early (specifically at 4:00) so that I could return the next day.  They will be returning by themselves in the middle of this coming week so they were fine with that.  I figured the next two hours would be all about boosting my sightings heading into Sunday, expecting fewer evening sightings without having the Saturday night beer gardens crowd to run up my numbers.  It wasn’t an ideal situation and left me kind of detached yesterday, but I’d go on another of my mini-surges at the top of the 2:00 hour that helped ease my mind.  This mini-surge began with Sighting #36, this adorable blond decked out in a gray tanktop and cute white shorts standing against one of the south side buildings while both were smoking.  She was about 22 and looked very wholesome….not appearing likely to be a smoker.  I had a great vantage point, but it was a spot so close that I didn’t dare do any camera work at the risk of getting busted by her and especially the boyfriend.  So I just leaned back and watched the show…and the girl had one extremely defining characteristic in her smoking style.  After every drag, she had this wildly exaggerated gulping motion whenever she inhaled.  I was struck by it the first time I saw it and found even more eyebrow-raising with subsequent drags.  It seriously looked like she had just received a cumshot load into her mouth and was swallowing it, and I had to wonder if she was hurting her throat muscles with these dramatic gulps.  It was nonetheless very cute, as was her final act with the cigarette even though it denied me identification of the butt.  Apparently she’s unable to use her finger to snuff out the cherry on the end of the cigarette because she handed the butt to her boyfriend who proceeded to do it for her and then to his own, before walking to the garbage to throw both butts away.

The area outside the International Bazaar is another area that seems to produce at least one quality sighting a year as they sell beer there.  I was approaching this foursome that included three girls and one guy when I saw this short blond in the group exhale a cloud of smoke directly into the middle of the foursome.  I hustled on up to get a better look.  The blond who was Sighting #40 was modestly cute but completely lacking in IT factor.  However, I did a quick scan of the friends and there was a tall brunette in a country plaid top and jean shorts (Sighting #41) wielding a cigarette who was much cuter.  A pack of Newports was sticking out of her the left front pocket of her jean shorts with a long and sexy set of stems extending from beneath them.  I saw several packs of Newports yesterday confirming their rising market share in the Upper Midwest.  The brunette was the quiet one of the bunch, standing back and slowly enjoying her cigarette while the blond and the nonsmoking guy in the group did most of the talking.  The other girl in the group was also a nonsmoker and didn’t have much to say either. I heard the chatterbox blond smoker mention “Mankato” which is of course the college town in southern Minnesota where I fetish at the River Hills Mall once or twice a year.  It quickly became clear they were exchanging college party stories and I saw the guy was even wearing a Minnesota State University-Mankato sweatshirt.  Sure would be nice to run into that tall brunette in Mankato sometime.  Anyway, the blond was the better smoker of the two, smoking her cork filter cigarette right down to the filter and tossing it to the wet curb below.  The brunette was still slowly smoking hers but I didn’t have the patience to wait for it knowing I’d probably be leaving in an hour and a half, so I pressed on.

I next walked to the area between the food building and the horticulture building where I’ve scored some impressive sightings in the past.  My timing was great as I stumbled into Sighting #43, this uber-wholesome 21ish ponytailed brunette standing by herself wearing a red sweatshirt and black shorts and smoking a cigarette.  She wasn’t a classic beauty but you can’t even imagine a more clearcut image of a girl next door.  Of all the smokers I saw yesterday, she probably looked the least like a nicotine addict….yet there she was pacing the sidewalk and stinking up the area with the cigarette smoke she spewed.  Again, unfortunately, I only got in on two drags as she dropped the cigarette to the wet ground when it was only about half-smoked before heading towards the horticulture building entrance.  I was able to both identify the all-white butt (a Marlboro Light) and follow her into the building.  I needed a photo or two of this.  I walked behind her and managed a couple rear shots just to get a general sense of this girl’s wholesome pedigree and its contrast with her cigarette habit.  One of the shots was pretty good.

About 20 minutes later, in what I expected would be my final hour at the fair on Saturday, I was at that same west side awning area where I scored so many sightings during the rainfall.  It was dry now and appeared to be clearing out but as I approached this set of steps ascending to the inside of the grandstand, I was struck by image of two 18-ish girls, the prettier of whom was lighting a cigarette and becoming Sighting #47 while the other girl was eating fair food.  A replay of the sighting with the blond (#20) you’re thinking?  No….these girls were a tick above plain janes….both having a vague cuteness about them but neither of them standing out in the crowd in any way.  Still, she was a good smoker taking deep drags and releasing cloudy exhales at an impressive clip.  And when the friend was done eating, she surprised me by taking a pack of Camel Blues out of her purse and lighting up one of her own to become Sighting #48.  Both girls were skilled smokers but the prettier girl who lit up first was probably the better of the two.  Still the second girl demanded to be noticed when she proceeded to fire off a spit missile to her right onto the cement steps, getting an impressive distance with her projectile saliva.  It was brutal trying to find a good vantage point for this sighting but found a bench outside the cement stair structure that was my best option.  The first girl stubbed out her cigarette on the stair beneath her feet and, proving how full of surprises they were, she produced her pack of Camel Blues and lit up a second one.  As average as this sighting was in the beginning due to the plain jane nature of the girls, it was fast picking up steam at this point.  But then came an annoying distraction…my phone rang.  It was my parents….

Due to the noise of the fairgrounds it was hard to understand them and I had to speak loudly, drawing attention to myself, some of which from the stinky teenage girls who I was stalking.  My parents wanted to know if I wanted to stay now that it was clearing up.  I had my reservations because I figured the rain would return, and because my left lower leg was extremely sore, a likely consequence of the rain and, of course, of my rapidly accelerating age having just turned 35 yesterday.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it eight more hours walking on this leg as sore as it was.  The discussion plodded on and on with me repeating myself over and over as my parents traded phones and made me repeat everything two times over, all while I was eyeballing these stinky dark blond teens.  Crazy as it was, the second girl fired up a second cigarette of her own and soon after doing so the girls got up to leave.  I awkwardly followed while still talking on the phone to the parents.  These girls had looked chubby sitting there, but I was impressed as they were walking how nice their bodies were, especially the second girl who was less cute but had a very nice ass draped in jean shorts.  They smoked very naturally as I followed, but when my phone conversation ended and they engaged in the dangerous stop-and-go routine that is brutal to a stalking fetisher, I retreated having already seen a good 10 minutes of stinkiness from these two.  I went back to the cement stairs where they were sitting and found two recently smoked Camel Blue butts sitting side by side.  Had these girls been more than 6’s on the beauty spectrum, this would have been amongst my best sightings of the day.

Shortly after this sighting played out, with the skies looking less and less ominous, I decided to take the folks up on the offer to stick around, knowing there was a good chance I’d regret it.  The grounds were still a mess and since it was still cloudy, they weren’t drying out.  The upside to this is that all the teen girls in shorts had flecks of mud dried onto their otherwise flawless legs which I always find really cute.  As 4:00 came and went, the ponchos were almost all off and my sightings numbers continued at a pretty good clip, even though the quality started to wane.  Even on the north side which usually doesn’t deliver much, I was scoring a handful of sightings, albeit mediocre ones.  I went more than an hour seeing nothing particularly memorable.  Heading to the west side of the grounds, I finally found a girl worthy of a writeup with Sighting #74, a curly-haired 19ish light brunette walking with two nonsmoking friends.  There was only one problem.  She wasn’t smoking.  She was just carrying a pack of Marlboro Smooths along with her phone.  I would have given anything to see her light up and break my cold streak but it didn’t seem like a good investment of time to follow her and wait for her to fire up so I abandoned.

And I chose wisely as I was about to hit another of yesterday’s several spurts of greatness.  A rare mother-daughter sighting unfolded next with Sighting #76 as I watched this light brunette 40-something gal and a ponytailed early 20s blond daughter walking together both wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  The daughter was redneck and proud of it, wearing a camouflage top and a pair of dark jeans, with a baseball cap where her ponytail was poking out of with the name of “redneck woman” country singer Gretchen Wilson written on the hat.  Seemed like a true country girl and a quality smoker at that taking long drags and expelling nice cloudy exhales while chatting casually with the mother.  A young boy who was about six years old walked in front of them, and the daughter looked too young to be his home, but at the same time the mother looked too old to be his mom.  The women soon met up with the men of their lives, neither of whom was smoking.  The dad was pushing around a stroller with a young daughter that I figured was blondie’s daughter.  I watched her finish the cigarette and eventually drop the cigarette to the pavement and crush it out.  I waited for her to leave and easily identified her butt…a Marlboro Light.

Again, my timing was perfect in watching that last sighting play out as it allowed me to be in the right place at the right time for Sighting #77, one of my three best sightings of the day.  Heading in the same westward direction where I was headed before the mother-daughter entanglement, I would get another entanglement upon setting my eyes on this heaven-sent 21ish blond spitfire.  She looked about 5’1″ with shoulder-length blond hair, a black-and-white striped bare midriff top and dark blue denim capris.  She was walking amidst a boyfriend and another couple that included an attractive black girl who was also lighting up to become Sighting #78, but this fetisher’s eyes were fixated on that blond as she dangled an unlit all-white from her mouth, freshly removed from a black pack that I could tell were Camel Crushes.  I just knew I was in for a great show, but didn’t anticipate she’d be the most skilled smoker of the day.  I walked behind her after she lit up, hoping I could score a rear photo and at this point just wanting to keep close company behind them.  The boyfriend lit up a cigarette too so there were now three smokers in front of me…and I wanted to get another look at blondie’s face so I picked up my pace.  As I was in the process of passing from the side, I noticed both of her hands were on her iPhone as she was typing out a text.  What happened to the cigarette??!?! I thought to myself in a brief moment of panic before I took a couple more footsteps and got my answer.  She was dangling it….in one of the most adorable natural dangles I’ve ever seen, the all-white cigarette hanging out of her lips at just a slight slant as she typed and staying there for what seemed like a crazy amount of time.  It probably wasn’t more than 20 seconds but just seemed like it was going in slow motion given how incredible she looked with that stream of smoke rising from the cigarette up to her nose but not aggravating her a bit.  And she still wasn’t done as she looked up to the boyfriend who stood about eight inches taller than her and began speaking to him through her talking dangle.  Gahhh!  I was officially in love.

And as I pressed on, the show only got better as her style was positively extreme with thin streams of smoke escaping her mouth and nose as the rest of the smoke was clearly attaching itself to the tissue of her black lungs.  There were four people walking here amidst a large crowd and they were extremely unpredictable in their maneuvering, making it almost impossible to snap a photo, but I was content to simply catch as many of her rapist drags and thin exhales as possible, often coming in beautiful wispy talking exhales while conversing with either her boyfriend or the black female friend.  At one point, the giddy blond and her friend ran off to stick their faces in one of those boards with the holes in them…and from there proceeded to walk the perimeter of this one building for no apparent reason other than burning off a surplus of youthful energy, all while wielding cigarettes.  They soon met back up with the boyfriends in front of some food stand where the boyfriend went inside.  He handed the little blond girlfriend his cigarette when he went inside and she motioned the friend’s attention showing she now had a cigarette in both hands and proceeded to act as if she was gonna take puffs off of both of them.  Here’s where I managed to take a distant photo which at least isn’t blurry but is from far enough away that you can’t really appreciate her adorable features.  I had three more drags to enjoy and as always the exhales were the best part, either coming in thin streams after lengthy hold times or in the form of wispy talking exhales.  What an adorable little ball of energy she was.  She dropped the cigarette to the ground and stomped it out, and managed to resist finishing off the boyfriend’s cigarette as she waited for him to return. A minute or so later he did and they stood there longer than I had hoped as I desperately wanted to confirm that butt she dropped was a Camel Crush.  After a few more minutes, they walked away and I was able to do so.  I was suddenly glad I was talked into sticking around.

Sightings continued at a pretty good clip and the next one of note was Sighting #83, a glamorous dark brunette who was the only smoker in a cluster of about three other girls and a racially mixed group of about five guys.  Not much of a storyline here…I just always enjoy seeing one stinky hot girl in a friends group of people not smoking.

Heading towards the block with the beer gardens and the grounds’ primary bathroom structures next, I came upon an extremely cute 18ish Asian girl with a killer body draped in a tanktop and white shorts.  The freshly lit cigarette between her fingers immediately made her Sighting #84 but I wasn’t prepared for her incredible smoking style which rivaled the petite blond from #77 except instead of thin exhales she produced massive geysers of smoke that I did not expect to see coming from this innocent Asian girl’s face.  I got to see two very impressive drags and exhales, preparing to follow them and watch what looked to be a great show, but I got sidetracked by the sighting I’m leaning towards rating as my sighting of the day.

As I was following the Asian hottie, I looked to my right to see Sighting #85, this 22ish blond angel holding a freshly lit cigarette while in the company of a beautiful brunette friend and a guy.  I just couldn’t pass up a face like this, far and away the most beautiful of the day.  We’re talking a perfect 10 here, with long flowing platinum blond hair rolling over her shoulders and down her back, and decked out in the most conservative attire in the form of a jean jacket, a pair of dark jeans, and a navy blue Minnesota Twins T-shirt.  In a way this conservative outfit added to her allure as this wholesome face just wouldn’t have looked right wearing something slutty.  Never would I have guessed that this girl was a smoker if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes…..and I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me she was!
While watching her in this outfit I probably would have made the parallel even without the Twins shirt, but particularly with the fangirl Twins T-shirt I really picked up on a Cousin Jamie (Random #2) vibe here….kind of a mix of Cousin Jamie and Carrie Underwood except even a little more adorable than both.  I made all these observations before she took her first drag.  I kind of figured she was probably a social smoker not only because she seemed too wholesome to be a smoker, but also because of the rather pedestrian way she held her cigarette.  I changed that assessment when the cigarette finally approached her lips after 30 seconds or more of waiting, and she proceeded to take a rapist five-second drag complete with a squinty-eyed look of pleasure.  When the cigarette left her adorable mouth, she then turned to the friend to say something and exhaled a snootful of smoke that nailed the nonsmoking brunette point blank in the face.  No apology coming from blondie….if you want to be friends with her you better get used to bathing in her exhaled smoke clouds.

Not sure if they began moving around because they noticed me watching, which is possible since I didn’t have a very good stalking position, but they then migrated to this area where a couple of cars were on display in front of the beer gardens.  I followed and stood on the opposite side of the cars, still with a decent vantage point.  She was a slow smoker which was a little frustrating and her stylishness and skillfulness with the cigarette wasn’t on par with the #77 blond, but when she did take a drag boy howdy did she make it worth your while, pulling on that cigarette filter for five or six seconds with a shameless look of squinty-eyed pleasure and doing everything she could to turn the interior of her body black and slimy even as the exterior of her body couldn’t have been more beautiful.  And you could set your watch by the fact that as soon as the cigarette left her mouth, she would lean over to the friend to continue the conversation and, apparently without even realizing it, launch a toxic cloud of smoke point-blank into her face from only inches away.  How could a girl this beautiful be so obnoxious?  I was prepared to propose marriage to her if it would help me get an answer.  Now I was too far away to get a good picture, but I just had to get something and took a snapshot over the car.  It’s by no means great but even through the blurriness you can see she’s the highest caliber of beautiful.

I continued to be nervous that they knew I was watching them as they again moved away, this time walking towards the beer gardens building which is shaped like a garage with an open door, still considered indoors and still smoke-free by order of law.  But was the law gonna stop this girl from walking inside with a cigarette?  Hell no!  They didn’t go far inside, but they did go inside, hovering underneath the roof and continuing to chat, with blondie continuing to take her drags and continuing to nail the brunette in the face, not in a way that seemed malicious, just clueless.  Even there they didn’t stay long–no more than three minutes–and would eventually drift to the very remote area where the sighting started, with blondie leaning against a tree and finishing off the last quarter of her cigarette.  I actually got to see one exhale that didn’t smash the friend in the face as she was a little too far away to pummel her in this instance, apparently finally learning she needs to keep a bit of a distance unless she wants a faceful of blondie’s ciggy vapors every time she breathes.  The exhale was solid but not distinctive compared to the petite blond #77 or the Asian girl who I abandoned to watch this sighting play out.  Now it was just a matter of identifying that butt….but I watched her crush it against the tree and then just hang onto it.  It was killing me knowing I wouldn’t be able to know her brand, but when about three minutes passed and she was still hanging onto the butt, I decided it was time to head out.  When I returned a few minutes later to see if maybe just maybe there was still a butt laying there, I came up empty.  Even without the butt, the image of this beauty queen nailing her friend in the face with exhale after exhale was my best image of the day, and I was really feeling an adrenaline rush about the remaining hours of fetishing at this point.

And while I came up empty when I returned to that area in search of blondie’s cigarette butt, I scored in the form of another rock star sighting in the seating outside the beer gardens.  I looked up from afar to see this mane of semi-curly dark brown hair flowing down the back of this country girl wielding a cigarette, easily landing herself as Sighting #91.  Standing obnoxiously at the edge of the sidewalk blocking people who might have been trying to weave through the seating area was this tall sexpot of a brunette decked out in a pink country girl bare midriff top with an impossibly sexy pair of pale blue Daisy Duke cutoffs–with crazy long legs extending from the frayed bottom of those cutoffs–and a pair of light brown cowboy boots that went several inches up her calves…was the girl sporting one of the best presentations I came across all day, and I just had to get a look at the face to see if it lived up to it.  And boy did it.  She was about 20 years old and beamed beauty with a look that bordered on the glam…but in the sense of a good girl doing her damndest to look glam, making it all the more precious.  Now she was probably standing by herself at this obnoxious spot while waiting for one of her friends to come out of the beer gardens with adult beverages, but she couldn’t have picked a worse spot as her exhales had no place to go but towards the crowded sidewalk in front of her where they would assault any number of luckless fairgoers who thought they’d be able to spend an afternoon at the fair without having to walk through some beautiful cowgirl’s air pollution.  No such luck people.  The only seating was behind her and I never did get to see the look on her face as she took a drag or even the quality of her exhales from my positioning, but towards the end of her cigarette she looked to see a young mommy pushing a baby stroller with an infant inside.  Her maternal instincts kicked in as this beaming smile emerged on her face as she interacted briefly with the infant who was looking at her (a future fetisher no doubt).  She dropped the cigarette to the ground and it was thrilling to see her use that spiky-heeled cowgirl boot to crush out that cigarette.  Suffice it to say the cigarette never stood a chance.  She continued to stand there waiting for whoever she was waiting for but I  wanted to identify that butt.  I waited for a couple of minutes, and was treated to a bit of a peep show while I did as she proceeded to reach her hand up the back of her shirt as apparently her bra strap was cutting into her back.  As she was adjusting it, I got to see even more exposed flesh of the perfectly toned hot girl variety.  When she continued to not go anywhere, I took another brief loop around the beer gardens block and returned about five minutes later.  She was gone but the cork-filter cigarette she smashed with her boot was still there.  It was a Camel Blue.

I was approaching 100 sightings and on an obvious high, although I’m glad I didn’t know at the time that all my best sightings of the day had already taken place.  I’d get a brief encore with this last girl about a half hour later though.  Blake Shelton was performing at the grandstand last night and the country girls were all decked out in their sluttiest country attire.  It was no surprise at all to see my #91 girl decked out in that outfit was attending the Blake Shelton concert and it became obvious she was as she was standing outside the grandstand–again in that west side area under the awning that was such a gold mine for me yesterday–with a guy friend and a hot blond friend.  Nobody was smoking, but it’s possible I just got there a couple of minutes too late to see it.  But it did give me the opportunity to snap a photo.  It’s a bit blurry as always, but I got the shot of her outfit and you can see what an outrageously hot body she had.

The numbers game proceeded pretty well after that except with the snarl of another light rainstorm, albeit briefer than the one before.  I’d see a few more country girls waiting for the Blake Shelton concert out smoking, but none of the caliber of #91.  Seems like the 6:00 hour manages to be the most prolific hour of the day for sightings but it’s not often that any epic sightings happen at that time oddly enough.  Such was the case last night as I was making up for the rainy period by stringing together a lot of modest sightings (and some above-average but just not worthy of a writeup).  I had to meet the parents at 7 as usual and in the minutes leading up to it I would see one more hottie outside the grandstand who was late 20s and in the company of what I assumed was a husband, both of them smoking.  My Sighting #111 had shoulder-length brown hair with a white top and black shorts, giving off a wholesome aura and being one of the more attractive gals over the age of 25 that I saw during the day.  Even from a distance, Parliament cigarettes have some telltale markings and as I leaned against a tree to watch her, I could see she was smoking a Parliament.  I was only able to see two drags before she dropped the cigarette to the ground.  I checked it out lying in the dirt and sure enough, it was a Parliament.  Given where she and the husband were smoking I expected they were going to the Blake Shelton concert but found out otherwise when I saw her an hour later on the beer gardens block, this time by herself and wielding another freshly lit Parliament.

It was 7:00 and I met up with the folks, having scored 113 sightings thus far, which was impressively within my 110-125 sighting baseline for that time of night despite the rain.  Seems like there’s usually a decent sighting that plays out from a distance (or sometimes from upclose) while I’m sitting there with my parents.  Last night was no exception as about 20 yards in front of us with their backs to us were two early 20s cowgirls who looked smoldering hot from a distance.  They seemed to hover in the area for a couple of minutes and right before they took off I saw clouds of smoke emerging from in front of one the girls, making her Sighting #114 of the day officially even though unofficially I didn’t see nearly enough of the sighting.  I was pumped up about getting out and about for 3 1/2 delicious evening hours, hoping for greatness.

Up to this point, I was having an above average day of sightings.  Unfortunately, the evening was so below average that it was a wet blanket on the whole day.  You get used to those nights that produce Lindseys, cigar chain-smokers, and Great White Whales, so when you get nothing even remotely in that league, it really diminishes your morale.  It wasn’t a total loss and the rain had ended altogether by that point in the evening.  With dusk approaching, I scored Sightings #124 and #125, a sighting that occurred at a table outside the grandstand that actually featured three smoking gals, but one of them was a butch blond who wasn’t attractive enough to count.  There was one cowgirl with braided pigtails and a pack of Parliaments in front of her who was smoking, but was only modestly attractive despite the sexy presentation.  The looker of the group was a long-haired late 20s brunette in a summer dress smoking a cork filter.  I found a place to sit and while her style didn’t shatter any records, it was deft and solid.  I stuck around for the entire cigarette but wasn’t in a position to identify the butt.

Sighting #131 was one of a handful during those evening hours with great potential but simply never lived up to it.  I had seen a cluster of late 20s/early 30s friends where a couple of the guys were smoking big cigars….as in REALLY big.  But then I noticed a guy and two girls heading into the Blake Shelton concert past security….and one of the girls had a big cigar in her hand!  Unfortunately, it had burned out and the girl was a somewhat chubby brunette with zero IT factor and about a 6 on the hotness spectrum.  If she had actually smoked that cigar, I’d have been impressed but she was merely holding it and most likely preparing to put in her purse to finish off later.  After the security guy jokingly gave them a hard time about it, he asked the guy where they got the cigars, to which he pointed to the cluster of couples behind them who I had seen with the cigars earlier.  They then proceeded into the concert with extinguished giant cigars in their hands.  Nothing to see here, folks.

I got a brief sighting with a happy ending minutes later with two girls and a guy.  A modestly attractive early 20s dark blond was smoking.  She was good enough to be Sighting #132, but why couldn’t that hot brunette friend of hers be smoking?  I looked over my shoulder as they passed….in time to see the dark blond hand the brunette the cigarette.  Yes!  She was gonna be Sighting #133 after all.  I followed briefly but since her smoking style didn’t impress I figured I’d press on, expecting better things to be waiting on the horizon.  To an extent they were as the next half hour produced my top-three sightings of the mediocre evening hours.

Gravitating towards the beer gardens where sightings are usually the most prolific after dark, I didn’t even make it there before spotting a large group of stylish and glamorous early 20s gals.  I circled their group looking for smokers and found only one.  The good news is that least from a presentation standpoint, Sighting #138 was the girl who stood out in that crowd.  She was a curly-haired blond going for an all-white theme with a white tanktop and a very sexy pair of white shorts advertising her awesome ass.  Everything about her presentation was a perfect 10, but the face, while cute, didn’t quite live up to the look as I’d rate it about an 8.5.  The other girls in the group of about eight were razzing the smoker about something as they drifted to a fairly obscure bathroom.  Every single one of the girls went inside to the bathroom except the blond smoker who held back for obvious reasons.  I hadn’t really gotten to watch her smoke up to that point, struggling to find a good vantage point.  But as I found an open bench and she stood there all alone, I suddenly had plenty of opportunity to watch her smoke…and she was impressive taking deep drags with solid exhales, but what impressed most was her hold times which drug on for as many as seven seconds.  This became even more noticeable when one of the friends came out from the bathroom and started talking to her.  The blond would take a drag, hold it for 7-8 seconds while talking, and then turn her head to expel the smoke that practically bought a condo inside her black lungs.  I watched her smoke the whole thing and the friends were taking forever to leave the bathroom.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out.  After a few more minutes, they finally wandered off allowing me to identify the butt.  It was another Marlboro 27.

It was moving towards 9:00 now and the cluster of naughty teenagers that forms across the street from the beer gardens (yes MNSF has one of these teen huddles just as the ISF does) was now gathered together in quite a huddle.  I weaved my way through this massive cluster of teenage humanity and was very impressed with some of the incredible bodies I was so close to being able to touch.  At one point, this adorable little blond approached her friends and started talking to them….and the words “cigarette” and “again” came out of her mouth.  Gahhh!  Had I just missed seeing this cutie smoking?  I would never know….so I pressed forward in this huge crowd and was rewarded with alternative teen girl hotness when I spotted Sighting #140, this short light brunette in a tanktop and jeans holding a cigarette between her fingers while packed in this dense crowd.  While she was a cutie, there were definitely other girls in this huddle I would have preferred to see smoking instead of her.  Whatever the case, she was smoking and they weren’t and while I pretty much had to freeze inside this huddle to watch her, I managed to for a couple of minutes and was rewarded with the arrival of a long-haired blond in white shorts who looked 17-18.  I knew all kinds of no good goes on in this teen cluster (it’s where Lindsey smoked two years ago), but I was still taken aback when the blond reached into her purse and pulled out a small bottle of booze, which she then chugged back in front of the smoker girl, then reached out her hand to take a drag from the cigarette and became Sighting #141, exhaling the smoke mostly through her nose and making it clear she was no rookie smoker, even though she did give the cigarette back to the light brunette after just the one drag.  The girls separated, insofar as separating was possible in this tight huddle, and thankfully the light brunette wasn’t done yet as she proceeded to talk to this guy who was about seven inches taller than her.  The guy wasn’t smoking but he didn’t have to be with this girl around as she’d take a drag, look up to him, and exhale smoke that drifted into his face both times I watched.  I’m pretty sure I saw more careless exhales into friends’ faces than ever before yesterday.  She crushed out the cigarette under her shoe but in this huddle there was no way I was gonna be identifying it.  This was my best sighting of the evening hours.

And as I weaved through this huddle, I found myself at the edge of it and came upon Sightings #142 and #143, two more modest 18ish girls who stepped out of the crowd for a cigarette.  The prettier of the girls was a long-haired light brunette and about a 7.5, but with both the positioning and the fact that I had just witnessed a better sighting, I only stuck around for a couple of drags.  Needless to say, I would return to this huddle of teenagers many times over the course of the night, and unfortunately smoker sightings were rare there…but I got one more jaw-droppingly brazen encounter as I followed two adorable 16-17ish superbabes in tanktops and white shorts, both of whom looked way too wholesome to be engaged in naughty behavior, but they were nervous beyond belief leering over each shoulder while burying themselves in the middle of the huddle and opening up their purses.  Here it comes, I thought, preparing myself for the best sighting of the night…more cigarettes.  Nope…more booze bottles.  These underage cuties proceeded to throw back two bottles of booze in little blue bottles, and then quickly put pieces of gum in their mouths to cover it up.  Obviously not nearly as good as smoker sightings, but if these girls continue down this road, they’ll be heavy smokers soon enough.  Amusingly, by the next time I arrived at this huddle of teens a squad car was parked right in the middle of it.  They clearly found out that some major league debauchery was going on there.

I was in the middle of my final sightings wave of the day at this point and it had one more act before this spurt flamed out as well.  Here was a sighting that had the potential to be one of my all-time best but was cut short far too quickly.  If nothing else, the sighting made clear that right when you think you’ve seen every variation of smoker sighting the state of Minnesota has to offer, a new one comes out of left field to prove that you haven’t.  Five underage girls were huddled on a bench, all wholesome beauties, and I took note when one very nicely tanned girl second from the right was holding a cigarette and a lighter.  I stood off to the side waiting for Sighting #145 to become official.  As I was studying the other girls to see if they had any tobacco paraphanelia on their persons, I somehow managed to miss the light-up until I saw the cigarette in the mouth of the tanned light brunette and a cloud of smoke spewing from her face.  I found an open bench very close by and thought I’d take my front-row seat for a great show, but when I got there, the girl was going through a coughing fit and proceeding to spit three successive lugies to the ground in front of her….and the cigarette was gone completely with no sign of it anywhere.  Did I just witness a cute teenage girl trying her first cigarette?  Or at least inhaling for the first time?  Nothing else made sense.  But this all transpired without a hint of fanfare from her friends which seemed odd.  I just couldn’t figure this sighting out, and obviously if the girl soldiered through the cigarette, so excited about smoking for the first time that she endured the early discomfort on her road to being a nicotine addict, this would have been among my best sightings ever.  Instead, all it did was break my heart, looking at this adorable girl decked out in a tanktop and these high-riding white shorts that looked really sexy on her, and knowing the one puff I had seen from her was all I would end up seeing.  The context was still hot, but I walked away from this sighting wanting so much more.

Outside the grandstand, I hit my benchmark 150th sighting in style with a glamorous 20-something blond cowgirl wearing skin tight white pants and wearing boots walking the sidewalks by herself with a cigarette in hand.  No storyline at all with this sighting, but she was one of the prettier girls I saw smoking in the final hour and a half of the day.

I was dragging along at this point in the day, my left leg still very sore even though my feet were holding up surprisingly well after having walked on them for nearly 14 hours nonstop.  Sightings were coming slower than usual and were mostly mediocre which was not helping matters.  After my final unimpressive midway run of the day at about 9:45, I approached the beer gardens and could see a cluster of early 20s friends and from the rear spotted a hot dark blond in tight jean shorts wielding a cigarette.  Alas, a hot girl dressed for the season wielding a cigarette.  As soon as I arrived, my Sighting #161 girl drifted off from the rest of the friends, apparently so she could smoke her cigarette away from those who may object, but she took a less attractive brunette friend with her.  I was not overly surprised that her smoking style was mediocre with shallow and infrequent drags and lackluster exhales, but seeing a pretty girl smoking a cigarette was pretty hard to come by at this point in the night so I leaned against a lamppost and took it in.  She finished off the cigarette and crushed it out beneath her shoe after about five minutes, and I somehow managed to will her just a little bit off the curb so I could identify the butt.  I wasn’t able to tell it while she was smoking, but when she dropped the all-white butt I thought I saw the familiar markings of a Parliament once again.  As I moved that direction, I discovered it indeed was a Parliament.  As I was walking away from this sighting, I was surprised to see the less attractive brunette friend had just lit up her own cigarette.  While she wasn’t good enough to stick around and watch, she was good enough to count as Sighting #162.

With about 15 minutes left in the day I was behind schedule and needed a flurry of sightings.  I went back to the huddle of teenagers which is at the edge of the midway.  Up to that point, I had scored nothing too impressive on the midway during my three journeys through it, but I chose the right time to walk past the line for the extreme ride Stratosphere as there were no fewer than four college age girls smoking cigarettes standing in line, sending my sighting numbers in the right direction with Sightings #175, 176, 177, and 178 in one big gulp.  Three appeared to be together in a group but the fourth girl was well behind them in line.  None of them were raging beauties worthy of a writeup, but they were all attractive enough to warrant inclusion and
I’m grateful for them giving my tally a needed boost.

From there it was one more half loop past the grandstand area which was pretty unproductive.  I was able to hear Blake Shelton perform whenever I walked by the area near the grandstand.  The crowd went wild upon the sound of a female voice that entered the stage and I just knew it would be his wife who is of course Miranda Lambert.  She sang with him on the final song.  Interestingly I attended concerts by both of them (the same year no less…2006) at my county fair and while Blake’s concert was one of the best I’ve attended at the FCF, Miranda’s was a little disappointing.  Anyway, I could tell this concert was about to let out but since it was almost 10:30 I would miss out on the departing crowd since that was when I was leaving with the folks.  Who knows how many sightings I could have gotten if I stuck around only 15 minutes longer.  But since I knew my parents would throw a fit if I wasn’t at the designated meeting spot on time, it was time to wrap things up as I proceeded to the huddle of teenagers one final time….and I managed something else worthwhile in those final minutes at the fair.

A pair of cute 17-18ish girls, one blond and one brunette decked out in tanktops and tight jeans, were drifting off from the crowd, and it quickly became clear why as the blond had a cigarette in her hand, making her Sighting #181 of the evening.  The blond was the cuter of the two but they were both pretty.  The brunette had a look that sometimes made me think she was older but the way she carried herself was more along the lines of a 17-18-year-old.  The blond did most of the smoking and was clearly either a social smoker or a rookie judging by her modest style, shallow drags, and lackluster exhales.  It was still gratifying to seeing a cutie like her who felt compelled to remove herself from the friends she was likely having a great time with to feed her developing dependency upon nicotine.  I didn’t figure the brunette came with her for no reason and sure enough the blond handed her the cigarette for a couple of drags to become Sighting #182, neither of which were better or worse than the blond’s from a style standpoint.  Blondie reclaimed the cigarette and spent the next couple of minutes finishing it off before dropping it to the ground.  But before she did, a couple more of her friends joined her.  I was nervous about my chances of identifying this butt as time was not on my side, but the girls were readying themselves for a photo-taking binge and moved away from the butt just long enough for me to swoop in.  It was some oddball light-orange cork filter that at first I thought was one of those Camel Turkish Blends that have become so rare but upon closer inspection I could see it wasn’t, as it featured some oddball print and a ring made up of “i” and “n”.  Still not sure of the brand and the curiosity is killing me.

I was moving towards the designated meeting place with the folks near the exit.  It was only 10:29 and my cell phone was already ringing off the hook as the parents were wondering why I was making them wait.  At some point the convenience of having a free ride to and from the MNSF is gonna have to yield to the freedom of being able to fetish on my own terms.  Another hour last night would have been so helpful.  Anyway, it was still a great day, and I always love it when the sightings aren’t even done as you’re leaving the grounds.  As I wandered through the parking lot towards the car, I saw two girls wielding cigarettes in front of me.  One was so chubby I didn’t count her, but the other girl who would be Sighting #185 was a long-haired blond in a tanktop and jean shorts who looked very hot from the rear.  I picked up my pace hoping to see her face, but it would be a challenge at the rate she was hoofing it.  She finally came to a stop in front of one of the buses where she was gonna ride home, with her and the friend hanging back to finish their cigarettes.  I finally got a chance to see her face and even though it was too dark to fully appreciate, she looked far more wholesome than I suspected and I really wish my timing could have been a little more helpful with this one.

As we drove out of the lot, I’d score one more snap sighting while passing another bus stop.  The 2012 Minnesota State Fair experience is now half over and while it was definitely not my favorite day at the fair with the rain interruptions and the uncertainty over whether we were gonna stay past the mid-afternoon, I was impressed that I still managed 186 sightings even with lower attendance (152,000) than they usually get for a Saturday, again because of the rain.  That takes my annual fairgrounds haul up to 492 for 2012, which of course means I’ll need 271 sightings next weekend to top last year’s fairgrounds season haul of 762 total sightings.  Not likely, but with Labor Day weekend crowds, anything is possible, provided the weather holds up and these rainy days at the fair don’t become a new tradition.

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