2012 Local County Fair


What an incredible start to the 2012 fair season!  Last year’s opening night of my local county fair was far and away my best Tuesday night ever up to this point, but I think I surpassed it tonight.  There was never a truly unproductive portion of the evening but the momentum was picking up until the final hour of the evening which was nothing short of stunning.  My sightings count was 27, which I believe was the same as last year’s opening night, but it severely understates the quantity of tobacco I saw smoked on July 31, 2012, at my hometown fair.

I crashed the fair gate at 6:00 with the usual rush of adrenaline flowing through my body at the opening of fair season.  Again this year, the two ticket takers were sexy teenage girls in shorts, one blond and one brunette.  I sure don’t remember the ticket takers looking like this when I was a teenager!  Anyway, in I went and was immediately struck by the impressive selection of youthful booty wiggling its way through the grounds.  And literally within 60 seconds upon arrival, I got a “Hi Mark” from my barber, the one who used to work for the fair.  Oy!  Not good to be running into familiar faces who could sabotage my fetish routine this quickly.

By now I know the drill that I need to be patient when anticipating sightings before dark at the county fair, and since I was hungry, I quickly headed to the gyro stand and picked one up.  I found a seat with a decent vantage point overlooking the grounds.  I got to enjoy about 75% of the gyro but looked towards the midway and saw a youngish gal with a cigarette.  Time to go!

Eating the rest of the gyro on the go, I caught up to her.  She was a decently attractive late 20s blond wearing a black top and tight dark jeans and was in the company of a nonsmoking guy.  I was able to see a couple of drags and could tell she was a long-time smoker with an accomplished style.  Nothing mind-blowing, but a solid start to the 2012 county fair.

I only managed about five minutes of fruitless fetishing when my phone rang.  It was buddy Corey who had already agreed to meet me there that night!  Great!  He was already on the grounds and by the dairy building.  I was reasonably close to the dairy building and was heading that direction, but told him I was way on the other side of the grounds to buy myself a few extra minutes of fetish time, then headed the opposite direction away from him and made him wait.  On this detour, which didn’t produce any sightings, my phone rang again….this time it was my other buddy Dan (the wingman at the 2010 county fair who knows about my fetish), who was also there…and had seen me walking by!  Are you kidding me?!?!  I told him I was gonna meet Corey first and then the two of us would meet him.  And so we did.  The week was early and the fairgrounds activity was light so it wasn’t eating me up too badly to have to socialize.

We sat in the grass near the 4-H building and the area was quite sparse.  We had chatted a good 10 minutes when I looked between the 4-H building and the floral building to see a young couple sitting in the grass.  It didn’t take long for cigarettes to be produced but they were too far away to thoroughly study.  I tried my damndest to compel Dan to look that direction since he knows about my fetish and Corey doesn’t, but the damn fool didn’t seem to take the hint and my nudge went unheeded while my coded snicker raised his eyebrows and led him to tell Corey “one thing with this guy is that he just breaks into laughter for no reason sometimes”.  Even now the dumbass doesn’t know what I was doing.  So amidst the conversation I was looking at this couple where the mid-20s long-haired brunette girl was pretty cute, but they were too far away to give much of a technique description.

From there I baited the two of them by bringing up my story getting busted by the cops last year.  Dan knows the context that they questioned me because I was a creepy fetisher.  Corey doesn’t know the context.  So it was a fun little dichotomy playing Mr. Innocent and watching Dan have to bite his tongue while Corey was shaking his head wondering why on Earth the cops were hassling me.  Dan took off within 15 minutes and then it was just Corey and I proceeding down the grounds.

We ran into a couple of Corey’s friends, one of whom I vaguely know, and proceeded across the grounds for a half hour or so.  Corey didn’t want to go to the concert tonight so I was gonna fly solo, which was fine by me.  So when I saw it was 7:50, I bid him adieu to get my preferred seating overlooking the smoking area and hopefully get there early enough to score some quality sightings.  There was no competition at all for the seats, as expected, since very few people would have any idea who Colt Ford is.  The place was pretty bare but I took my seat and spent quite a bit of time texting the girl I’m currently seeing who knows about my fetish, and I felt no inhibitions at all to tell her exactly what I was doing.

The smoking area only delivered twice but boy did it deliver.  Remember last year when I described that mid-20s blond who smoked Marlboro Menthols who was my first sighting of consequence last year smoking in this same spot?  And then I saw here again in a turquoise top the next night?  Most notable about her is that she was my 3,000th lifetime fair sighting last year.  I recognized that familiar face instantly as she stood just inside the gate before the concert started at 8:30, and in about two seconds, she returned to form by inserting a cigarette into her lips and lighting up.  Very pretty girl.  Not really a radiating IT factor, particularly in her utilitarian tanktop and jeans, but when she lights up, you take notice.  And in this case someone else took notice too.  For whatever reason, she chose to light up just inside the grandstand gate, and in less than five seconds, the scruffy young guy in an orange shirt working security approached her at the very moment she was taking a drag from her cigarette, gently nudging her to quit violating the law.  She did her best “oops…I’m sorry” look and scooted her booty on outside the gate where she proceeded to smoke her cigarette.  Her style was just as I remembered with deep drags and impressive streams of straight-ahead smoke on her exhales flowing a good 12 inches in front of her face.

Later in the evening, I saw her again with her mother when walking the grounds after the show.  She was with mom last year too.  And if you guessed the girl was probably smoking another cigarette the second time I saw her, you’d be right.

And there was another familiar face as well.  I’m only 50-50 on this one but right away when I spotted a cluster of two dudes and two early 20s blonds hovering outside the port-a-potties and taking their turns before the concert, I had a deja vu feeling about the prettier blond, who had long hair down her back and was wearing a black top and jeans.  I think this might have been the 2005 early teen cowgirl/2009 friend of the six-second dragger.  There was no cowgirl hat this time, but the features were similar.  No cigarette though…and her boyfriend was smoking….so it couldn’t be her.  Right?

In the middle of the concert the four of them came out again and the guys were again concert.  I was starting to lose hope.  But about two minutes later, I just happened to look up inside the gate of the beer garden and there was my favorite blond lighting up a fresh all-white.  She was absolutely pulverizing the cigarette, taking rapid drags and producing incessant blasts of smoke with her exhales, turning that cigarette into nothing but a filter in very short order.  She occasionally had her back to me and got lost in her crowd of four, but other than that the only problem with this sighting is that she made the cigarette go away too damn quickly!  It was done in like four minutes!  This increased my suspicion that she was my 2005 nicotine cowgirl all grown up and 21 now….because clearly as young as that girl started she’d have this whole cigarette-smoking thing down pretty good by now…and this girl did!

The group spent about 10 minutes in the beer gardens and then returned to the concert.  I expected to see them come out to smoke again during the show but they didn’t.  There were two girls who captured my heart but didn’t come through while overlooking the smoking area.  The biggest disappointment for the night from a smoking perspective was this wholesome light brunette superbabe in a pink tanktop and the tightest pair of jean shorts I think I’ve ever seen, with smooth tan legs extending from them.  She was with a boyfriend and then went into the beer gardens (I’m guessing she was early to mid 20s) and they were making out in there briefly.  What a lucky bastard to be able to go home and take those jean shorts off of her…assuming he could!  I got a bit of a smoking vibe from her, but apparently it’s a no because after the show, she was standing in the smoking area with THREE guys who were all smoking.  You have no idea how excited I got seeing this haze of smoke hovering near her only to approach and find she was the only one of the four not smoking.  Still, she’s the only girl the entire night I can qualify as a genuine disappointment.

Now the concert was as terrible as I expected if not a little worse.  While the concept of “country rap” seems far-fetched to begin with, the guy just doesn’t have much talent.  He had a couple of songs I kind of enjoyed early in the concert that made me think it might be better than I thought, but it quickly descended into drivel and he badly botched covers of “The Devil Went to Georgia” and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”.  As the songs got louder and more obnoxious, I couldn’t take any more and left about 10 minutes.  I briefly ran into Cousin Tammy and her husband and they thought the concert was terrible too.  Now keep in mind this Colt Ford has his cult following, including Miss Brittny (ISF #5) who made a special trip to the Iowa State Fair to see him two years ago.  Well no Brittny at this concert.

Concert over….a good hour and a half of wide-open fetishing ahead of me!  Just outside the beer gardens I saw the prettiest face of the night with one of the most adorable outfit smoking a cigarette before entering the beer gardens.  It was this long-haired 22ish dark brunette who looked wholesome beyond comprehension decked out in a pinkish-whitish plaid top and a pair of matching pink and white plaid shorts that tightly caressed her fantastic ass.  My heart melted when I saw her from afar and realized that she was in fact smoking a cigarette.  I even got to see a pretty nice drag from her.  It was my first “girls like this really still smoke!” moment of the 2012 fair season.  Unfortunately, what had the potential to be the best sighting of the night was short-lived and was prevented from getting a “storyline”.  She was with a guy and another pretty girl, neither of whom were smoking, and as soon as I arrived the three of them approached the beer gardens door.  I suspect the group was waiting outside while cutiepie finished her smelly cigarette.  All was not lost though as she hovered to the side while her friends showed the bouncer their IDs.  She was literally standing right behind the bouncer exposing him to her secondhand smoke as she took three very nice final drags from the cigarette, all of which I got to watch.  They seemed a little rushed but it was clear she was a solid smoker and as you can imagine I desperately wanted to identify that butt.  She cooperated by tossing it away from the bouncer into the grass before wiggling that cute backside of hers into the beer gardens.  I just might be able to pull this off.  I held up my phone pretending to be texting and wandered to the area she was standing.  The bouncer briefly looked my way, wondering if I was planning to get in, but when he realized I wasn’t, left me alone.  I knelt down towards that still-smoldering cigarette.  Marlboro Light!  Mission accomplished.  Amazingly enough though, this would end up only being my FOURTH best sighting of the night by the time I left.

The evening was still only smoldering at this point, proceeding slowly before becoming a full-on inferno.  Right in the dead center of the grounds, clusters of teens always gather and the groups can become quite large at times, making it difficult to find smokers in the middle of them.  But when they’re standing on the edge of a group as my next girl of note was, that makes it much easier.  Here stood this dark complected wholesome 18-19ish brunette with shoulder-length hair, a conservative black top and jeans.  Utilitarian outfit but still sexy as hell.  She may have been at least half Hispanic but didn’t have particularly Hispanic features.  Whatever the case, she had a freshly lit cigarette smoldering between her fingers amidst a group of two guys and two girls.  One of the guys was smoking but he was clearly not a concern.  I barely got to see a drag because of the difficult logistics, but what a pretty face…and as I saw the stream of smoke rising from her cigarette I just adored the fact that the cigarette had just been in the mouth of that pretty face.

At the edge of the midway, at around 10:45, I saw a trio of 18ish kids (two girls and a guy) that I had taken note of a few times before in the crowd all seated on a bench.  The tall brunette in the middle of the bench with her hair up in a tight ponytail was hard to miss.  She didn’t have an IT factor was she was a cutie…and a smoker it turns out.  I saw the guy with a cigarette and it raised my radar that maybe one or both of the girls was too.  And I was right as ponytailed girl was smoking.  I didn’t get to see much unfortunately as they’ve greatly reduced bench capacity in that part of the midway so it was impossible to linger.  As it turns out I was lucky I didn’t stick around for the show.

I proceeded down the midway and found myself just behind a modest young gal smoking, but my attention was quickly diverted when I looked over to one of the carnival games and discovered the blond who I thought MAY have been the 2005 cowgirl with the rest of her group.  An all-white was dangling from her lips, but lucky me, it wasn’t even lit yet.  She produced her lighter and brought it to life, immediately smoking it to within an inch of its life and taking deep and frequent drags, and producing massive quantities of smoke.  A bench was wide open only feet away and I took my front-row seat.  At this point, she was the only one of the group smoking, but even more delicious was the fact that she was smoking absolutely recklessly, and her monstrous exhales were flowing right into the carnival game booth.  That poor carnival operator, choking on this blond beauty’s obnoxious expulsions of carcinogens at a pace in which the poor dude may have seriously died of asphyxiation given the pace she was smoking and exhaling.  I was around to watch about two minutes of this, which for this girl constituted about 75% of her cigarette, but you may be wondering why I wasn’t around to see it end.  Well because this was only my THIRD best sighting of the night…and a still better one was walking past and managed to short-circuit the ending for blondie’s sighting.

This has happened before, where I’m watching a hot sighting transpire in the midway and up walks a girl with a cigarette who steals my attention away.  In this case, I spotted two adorable underage girls, both probably 17.  One was smoking and the other wasn’t.  First the smoker….she had long light brunette hair going down her back, wearing a black top and short white shorts.  She had a very pretty and wholesome face but was wearing some woolly beret that gave her a bit of an artsy air.  The artsy look usually annoys me and was a bit of a distraction for this girl as well, but that face was just so cute.  And her smoking looked like that of a beginner as she took shallow puffs and produced shallow exhales on her all-white.  I was wondering if I made the right decision in following her instead of watching the end of blondie at the carnival stand, but part of what made me decide to follow this duo was the other girl.  For as cute as the long-haired smoker was, I was even hotter for the other girl, another light brunette with her hair up in a fairly tight ponytail.  She was wearing a blue top and a pair of adorably tight jean shorts that perfectly framed an ass that I wanted to smack until my hand stung.  The nonsmoker may have even been a tick less cute than the smoker, but she looked more wholesome and just had an IT factor air about her that was irresistible.

But anyway, she wasn’t smoking and the woolly beret girl was, so I focused my attention on the latter as I followed them fairly closely through the midway.  Her shallow puffs and exhales were pretty cute and I was close enough to walk through her exhales, shallow as they were.  As the girls looped to the end of the midway, the smoker was still smoking since her drags were so shallow.  They sat down on a bench which was killing me because I wanted to identify that butt when she finished it and there was absolutely nowhere to observe.  I had to stall and drag my feet and pretend to text as I looped around, watching her drop the cigarette to the ground and then both girls texting away, wondering if I’d ever get my chance.  I walked for a brief distance and then doubled back…and they had just left.  Perfect!  I swooped in and spotted her cigarette butt, which was still smoldering.  It was a Camel Light.  Had hoped for a little more from this sighting but came through pretty well anyway.

I continued traversing the grounds in the coming moments.  The cops were cooperative and for some reason seemed to all be centrally located, hovering and talking amongst each other and helping me fly below the radar as long as I avoided them.  About 10 minutes after my last encounter, I was looping around the sparse north side of the grounds, which empties out almost entirely after the livestock buildings close at 10.  It was now almost 11.  And while I was on the sparse north side, I was gonna sit down on an open bench and fire off a quick text, but that plan was derailed when I looked up and saw two familiar faces….teenage girls who were respectively decked out in a black top and white shorts with a woolly beret and a blue tanktop, super-tight jean shorts and cute ponytail.  Only this time the other girl who I had hoped would smoke on the first sighting had a cigarette of her own going.  Score, baby!  I just sat there and watched as they approached, talking amongst each other.  My favorite girl took a fairly shallow drag, suggesting she was just a beginner as well, but released a much more impressive cloud of smoke than anything I saw from woolly beret girl.  For a moment I was so struck by the image of this teen cutie smoking that I didn’t realize woolly beret girl was smoking another cigarette herself!  Her second in only the last 15 minutes!  Her drags and exhales continued to be shallow and infrequent, making it all the more mind-blowing that she was smoking so soon after her last cigarette.  The girls were right in front of me when my favorite of the two took a much deeper drag than the last one I saw, and the cherry on her cigarette was glowing bright red as she pulled the smoke inside of her adorable little teenage body.

They had made me obviously after following them through the midway, but I couldn’t let this one go.  I held back more than I’d have preferred, but I followed from a distance and just adored their beautifully shaped female bodies and the clouds of smoke released by their blackened young respiratory systems.  As they turned towards the main part of the fairgrounds again, they passed an older couple.  Both the older guy and his wife looked straight at the girls as they passed, noticing they were both smoking cigarettes.  They didn’t give exaggerated signs of disapproval, but unless they were fetishers I don’t think this was the look of approval.  My favorite girl took far more frequent drags and seemed to drag more deeply, but her hold times were not impressive and I still don’t think she’s been smoking for too long.  Woolly beret girl didn’t impress by comparison as her drags were infrequent and sparse, and her exhales slim.  But the contrast was not only adorable but helpful as my favorite girl tossed her smoldering all-white butt to the ground in a perfect wide-open spot, finishing her cigarette well before the friend.  I had no problem at all identifying the smoldering butt.  It was a Camel Crush.  Now these girls weren’t carrying purses and I didn’t see packs of cigarettes in their shorts, so I’m assuming they were tucked into their bras.  I continued to follow as they stumbled upon two other nonsmoking female friends.  The woolly beret girl was still smoking…slowly…while talking in the group.  I was not in a position to stick around ao I pressed forward, sure that I had seen my best sighting of the night and possibly the entire county fair.

Time to go back into the midway and honestly it was just ridiculous at this point.  I was passing a cluster of four mid-teen girls who I had seen earlier in the evening and had been intrigued by.  They were standing in a huddle in the middle of the midway and I almost soiled my shorts when I saw a cigarette approach the lips of this brunette in the group.  Now all four of these girls were adorable and I got a smoking vibe from none of them.  Hard to say if this girl was the prettiest in the group or not as they were all complete cuties, and none a day over 15, but she was hot.  Dark brown hair just over her shoulders and a face that resembled a non-Latino Selena Gomez, she was wearing a black tanktop and a pair of fire engine red shorts that looked just smolderingly hot on her.  Positioning was gonna be brutal with this one, but if any girl was worth taking an epic risk on it was her.  I watched her first drag and it was as close to a puff and blow as you’re ever gonna find it was so quick.  Awww, she’s just a baby!  Or so I thought.  Unsatisfied with my positioning, I moved behind her for a bit.  She took a second drag about 30 seconds later, and while it was brief, she held the smoke in her lungs longer than I expected….and then proceeded to turn her head straight up to the sky and release an incredibly tight and voluminous plume of smoke directed straight to the furthest stars on the Milky Way!  Where the hell did that come from?!?!?

I had to constantly change positions for this one, and in doing so, came across another distraction, a 19-20ish guy and girl where the girl was smoking.  She was a total wholesome-faced cutie with long auburn hair, a white top, and a pair of very light blue jean shorts covering her precious bubble butt.  Incredible of an image as it was, especially with the cigarette held next to that bubble butt, I was gonna have to let this one go….because you don’t see a midteen girl this wholesome smoking publicly often….and I had one in front of me.  This sighting reminded me of my classic MNSF #15 from 2001, where only one girl amidst a cluster of wholesome mid-teens was a smoker and the others were waiting for her.  Regrettably, I never could find just the right vantage point where my eyes could penetrate this feminine cluster and focus solely on this one girl, but I did see the remainder of her drags and exhales, which were more of the beginner variety like the first one.  Still don’t know where that second blast came from with her!  She dropped the cigarette to the dirt and covered it up in dirt with her foot before the group pressed on, making it a challenge for me to identify it….but not a challenge I couldn’t overcome as I spotted the cork filter poking just out of the dirt under where she stood.  I dropped down and fished around, hoping nobody was looking, and discovered it was a Newport!  The slow-motion penetration of Newports into the Upper Midwestern cigarette market continues….with one of the cutest and youngest smoker girls ever scored at the county fair.

So that was it right?  Best sighting of the day?  What could top that!  I wandered around for a few more minutes and spotted out of the corner of my eye a cutiepie 18-19ish blond in a green top and white shorts smoking, but wasn’t in much of a position to follow.  I did a brief once-over of the terrain but returned to the midway again as that seemed to be where all the action was tonight…and got the answer to the rhetorical question I started this paragraph with at about 11:15.

At the back of the midway, where the “big kid” rides are and where the most lawless teenage culture plays out, there stood two familiar female faces yet again.  It was the ponytailed light brunette in the tight jean shorts and the white-shorted long-haired light brunette with the woolly beret.  The girls were talking to two nonsmoking guys they seemed to know…and they were both smoking again.  For my favorite girl, this was her second Camel Crush in the last 15 minutes.  For the woolly beret girl who seemed like such a novice, this was her third Camel Light in the past half hour.  The contrasts here were mind-blowing.  Neither of these girls seemed like heavy smokers based on their style, but neither one could go 10 minutes without a cigarette!  I again had to do some fancy footwork to observe this even from a distance without standing out like a sore thumb, but once again, my favorite girl of the two was belching out nice thick clouds of smoke and taking very frequent drags while her friend was taking slower, shallower drags.  I waited until my favorite girl flung her smoldering cigarette to the grass before pressing on, recognizing I couldn’t linger any longer there.  With this much tobacco smoke consumed by these girls, it was looking like they were gonna win the night again and upstage the 15-year-old brunette in the red shorts.

I pressed forward yet again and before leaving the midway, was lucky enough to get another good look at the cutie with auburn hair and the jean-shorted bubble butt whose sighting was short-circuited by the red-shorted mid-teen brunette earlier.  She wasn’t smoking this time, but that ass was worth a second look.  After I got it, I wandered further…and luck was with me…sort of.  On the same cluster of benches where I saw the teen angel in white smoking back-to-back last summer, there sat a familiar mid-teen brunette in red shorts with one of her blond friends.  The benches were wide open behind them so I took it and began texting, looking up to see their faces again.  I didn’t get a great vantage point during the sighting, but I certainly got to see how pretty she was this time.  They were drinking smoothies but not smoking, but I got to thinking that if I waited these two out, I could probably see her light up again when leaving the grounds.  I proceeded with my plan…..but they walked towards the shuttle buses and would be riding out of the grounds rather than walking, so I couldn’t follow.  Had she lit up again in a more convenient spot, she’d have probably gotten sighting of the night….but with three different acts, I have to give it to woolly beret girl and her friend.

And greedy as I am, I still wasn’t done.  I went through midway one more time, in hopes of seeing discarded butts near where my favorite two girls of the night were standing while exposing their male friends to their noxious secondhand smoke.  I didn’t mark the spot well enough and couldn’t find their butts but I did see two other things that were enjoyable.  I saw that 18-19ish dark complected possibly half-Hispanic girl in the really nice fitting jeans extracting another cigarette from her pack of Marlboro Lights and fire up.  And I saw the auburn hair girl with the jean-shorted bubble butt sitting with her boyfriend on a bench and sharing a cigarette.  Bad vantage point, but I was able to stick around about 90 seconds and enjoy bits and pieces of both sightings.  It was now 11:45 and time for me to split.

Now a night at the county fair is hardly ever done when you decide to call it a night.  In this case, as I was heading out the exit towards my grandma’s building where my car is parked in her garage, who did I see in front of me but a duo of girls including the green-tanktopped 18-19ish blond with the white shorts who I caught just a second of at the edge of the midway about an hour earlier.  Now I didn’t get another sighting, but her awesome ass was wiggling right in front of me, and it was evident that in one back pocket was her cell phone and in the other back pocket was her pack of cigarettes.  Her unattractive friend was on the phone with a boyfriend (presumably) declaring how much she loves him and wants to spend more time with him in a very pathetic tone that the guy is undoubtedly taking advantage of.  I was hoping the smoker would light up but unfortunately she didn’t….but interestingly enough she parked her car in the lot at my grandma’s building so I followed them right up to that point and was able to watch from my grandma’s garage to see if they lit up while backing out of the lot.  They didn’t….but hardly a point of grievance for a night like tonight!

I think you see now why my 27 sightings is a gross understatement given the number of multiple sightings I got tonight.  Whenever I start to think the local county fair isn’t quite of the same pedigree as a venue as the two state fairs, a night like this comes along and blows up all my preconceived notions.  Even if the next four nights at the FCF suck, tonight was so fantastic that it will still be a great fair.


Last year I had a fantastic opening night on Tuesday and a modest follow-up night on Wednesday.  In 2012, I had an even better opening night on Tuesday and a better follow-up night on Wednesday as well.  I ended the evening with 28 sightings, which is actually one more than I scored yesterday, but tonight was one of those nights that produced a lot of solid sightings but none with genuinely compelling storylines like last night.  Still the last half hour of the evening delivered with a master blockbuster.

I arrived at the fairgrounds at about 6:30 with a thunderstorm watch declared on the evening news.  The rain looked to be three hours away (by car) in western Minnesota so I wasn’t worried about losing out on my evening.  I arrived at the grandstand and once again the ticket-takers were all 18ish babes in shorts, two brunettes and one blond.  I got the blond tonight, and she was flirting with me!  “How are you doing tonight?” she asked like she had known me for years.  I flirted back during the brief exchange before pressing on into the grounds.  At this pace by week’s end, the ticket taker girls will be grinding their asses into my crotch before they let me in the gate.

I pressed forward into the grounds and was mildly surprised that a line (of mostly girls) had already formed for the Kip Moore concert.  The guy did just have a #1 country song last month, but that’s his only hit thus far so I’m surprised as many people knew him as did.  As I was observing this modest line I noticed one 19-20ish light brunette in a black top and jean shorts standing outside of the line and talking to her friends from a distance.  Oh I knew what she was up to.  I approached and sure enough, she was smoking a cork filter cigarette.  She was nothing to sneeze at either, a solid cutie with a bubble butt draped in pretty tight dark denim, talking from about five feet away to her apparently nonsmoking friends.  I took a brief seat nearby and watched her take a couple of solid drags and exhales, identifying from the cigarette’s unique markings that it was one of those Camel Crush Bolds with the cork filter.  I walked away pretty pleased that I had already scored the first sighting of the evening within five minutes of arrival.  And interestingly enough, as the concert got out a few hours later, I noticed from behind a light brunette in tight jean shorts lighting up a cork filter cigarette as she exited the show.  I passed her by and quickly noticed upon seeing her face that it was the same girl.

Back to before the concert, only a few minutes after spotting the girl smoking outside of the line, I was looking to the northwest and was not pleased to see the skies already turning dark.  How the hell could it be here already, I thought to myself.  Moments later, I heard an announcement over the loudspeaker that this elephant show would be starting in 10 minutes.  I had wanted to check a little bit of that out so was contemplating watching briefly from afar when it began, but as I was contemplating this I heard “hey Mark”.  It was Corey…this time with his parents.  D’oh!

“We’re gonna go to the elephant show.  You want to join us?”.  Now I was gonna attend, but would have preferred to do so on my own terms, having no idea how long this was gonna last.  But I tagged along, sitting in the middle of these bleachers in the moments approaching the show’s opening and talking to Corey.  The show soon started and while it was perfectly amusing and would have been a lot of fun in a traditional setting, I was about ready to jump out of my own skin when it dragged on and on…and as I looked over my shoulders to see black storm clouds approaching ever more quickly from the northwest.  The whole damn night was falling apart!  The show ended and Corey and his parents were talking about going some place to eat.  I had already eaten, so I had a perfect out to separate for the evening.  It was about 7:20 and I still had some time to fetish before taking my seat for the show.

Or then again maybe not as much time as I thought!  The loudspeaker came on again and announced the Kip Moore concert was being pushed up from 8:30 to 8 to try to get it in before the rain.  As the clouds got darker and darker and closer and closer, the evening was looking like a complete trainwreck.  After a couple of laps around the grounds I was about to take my seat, but at the front gate of the beer gardens was a cutie with a cigarette…and a friend holding a pack of Camels.  I swear these girls looked 16 or 17, but I would find out within the next 60 seconds that they were at least 21, as unless they had fake IDs, they proceeded into the beer gardens.  I know I’m getting older and it’s getting harder to discern the teenagers from the early 20s, but seriously these girls did not look 21!  Whatever the case, the girls had cute matching pink tops.  The one smoking was a dark blond wearing a denim skirt.  She was solidly attractive but not a stop-traffic knockout.  The friend, holding the pack of Camels, was actually cuter in an unconventional way.  Underneath her pink top she had a pair of jean shorts and a nice pair of legs, but her face was the classic “cute nerd” look with light brunette hair and blond highlights, wearing a pair of glasses.  She was probably the girl with glasses who looked kind of gawky in elementary and middle school but ultimately comes of age and developed an indisputable sex appeal.  Since she was carrying a pack of Camels, I counted her as a sighting right away even though she didn’t smoke…and the two of them soon went into the beer gardens, leaving me scratching my head because they did NOT look 21. They surprised the bouncer too as he was really studying their IDs.

Anyway, within the next 15 minutes I’d get my wish as I saw the cute nerd outside in the beer gardens as I sat watch in the grandstand in my favorite spot.  I saw the light brunette cutie with a cigarette in hand, taking a final drag, exhaling an impressive plume, and then dropping the cigarette to the grass before going inside the building for more adult beverages.  I followed her with my eyes as she headed back out and while she was sitting at an inconvenient spot for me to watch, I was able to see her and the friend during the remaining moments of daylight.  Even after dark, at one point I saw the friend wielding a cigarette and then saw the cherry light up when she took a drag.  After the show, at least two hours later, I saw the light brunette again standing outside the front of the beer gardens and smoking.  I took a bench to watch her, even though cops were nearby.  Her technique was solid and this girl was clearly no amateur smoker.  She just looked like such an adorable little sexy geek standing there smoking all by herself, but whatever hope I had of getting closure on the sighting ended when the girl wandered over to the cops I was trying to steer clear of and began making small talk with them.  Hint taken…time for me to pursue different sightings.

Anyway, I know I’ve shaken up the timeline here a little to try to get this duo’s entire evening arc in but it’s time to take you to 8:00 and the Kip Moore concert.  The concert wasn’t bad….a vast improvement over the night before and only lasted a little over an hour, so I was out of there by 9:15.  The rain threatened by never did arrive other than a few drops.  No idea how it missed given how black those clouds were, but it all went to the north.  I’m particularly happy about the concert not getting rained out because there was some serious action tonight in the beer gardens.  Now the beer gardens is far enough away from my vantage point that it’s hard to get a great deal of detail, but if the gals are standing right on the other side of the fence, it helps a lot, especially before dark.  I had two cooperators tonight.

The first was this epic long-haired mid-20s dark brunette wearing a very summery and very wholesome-looking pale yellow summer dress.  She was with a cowboy in a big hat who seemed like he was probably a boyfriend or a husband, and a somewhat older-looking unattractive blond.  The latter two produced cigarettes right away.  And since my brunette had a pack of Marlboro Lights in front of her on the picnic table I knew it wouldn’t be long until she fired up either.  Her face looked familiar.  I don’t think I’ve seen her as a smoker sighting before though, because trust me I would have remembered if I’d seen this girl smoking.  I probably just saw her around town and was struck by her beauty.  This is one of those 1 in 100 girls whose face is so beautiful that she radiates beauty….an extremely wholesome sweetheart kind of beauty….and the last person you’d expect to see smoking.  But smoke she did.  I was thrilled when she fired up….and even more thrilled when she placed the cigarette in the right corner of her mouth and took her first deep drag.  Again, looking at this girl’s wholesome beauty I figured she was only a social smoker, but the way she smoked that cigarette and the cloudy exhales she was producing made me doubt this was a once-a-month pastime for this girl.  I got to see every drag from my front-row seat.  And within 10 minutes, she lit up again, always dragging quite deeply from the right-hand corner of her mouth and producing generous exhales.  The other gal and the cowboy in her group were smoking nonstop so I got a little annoyed when the brunette went most of the rest of the show without smoking, but as I was exiting the grandstand as the show ended, there she was with another freshly lit Marlboro Light protruding from her finger.  I got to watch one more drag from my closest position yet and was pleased to see she was as beautiful upclose as she was from afar.  In terms of sheer beauty, this girl was far and away the best of the night.

And playing out at the same time as this girl was smoking her three cigarettes, there was another young couple piquing my interest only about 10 yards away.  I had spotted this sexy 21-22ish long-haired blond in a skimpy red dress inside this beer gardens right away when I sat down and made a mental note of her.  And sure enough within about 15 minutes, the blond was standing next to her presumed boyfriend and both were smoking cigarettes.  Once again, I was thrilled to see this sexpot was smoking, holding that smelly cigarette so close to that hot red dress.  The craziest quirk of this girl was her oddball way of holding the cigarette during a drag.  It more closely resembled the “masculine” way of holding a cigarette, but with her own unique twist.  She held the cigarette between her thumb and forefinger with the “ok” hand configuration and placed the cigarette into her mouth.  Extremely odd but memorable.  Not sure how she came to develop this strange way of taking a drag, but it didn’t affect her smoking style any as she was quite obviously an accomplished regular smoker judging by the length of her drags and her exhales.  I got to see her smoke the entire cigarette fairly early in the concert and wanted for more.  As the concert continued, she seemed to get fairly aggressive with the boyfriend, wrapping her arm around his shoulder and keeping it there, assuming the role of the male without his reciprication.  Perhaps between her smoking style and the way she courts her boyfriend publicly, they may have some gender role reversal in their relationship.  Whatever the case, about a half hour after that first sighting, she produced another cigarette, dangled it from her lips and lit up.  Only after she got her cigarette did she hand the pack to the boyfriend who was then able to have his own.  Again, a pleasure to watch her smoke again with that unique dragging style, even though it would have been preferable to see her smoke it closer.

So between those two and the friends in the pink shirts all smoking during the concert, the beer gardens treated me very well tonight.  I left the concert, which started early and thus ended early, meaning it was probably gonna be a shorter night since I don’t like to be too exposed covering this same small fairgrounds area in endless loops for hours.  Right away upon leaving the grandstand, I saw something I hadn’t seen thus far in 2012 and was afraid I wouldn’t see again….a 19ish brunette walking with her boyfriend and holding a pack of Camel Pink No. 9s.  I never see those anywhere anymore and keep thinking they’ve been done away with, but apparently there’s still just enough demand to keep them available somewhere.  There was just one problem….this was not the girl worth wasting a Camel Pink sighting on.  She wasn’t unattractive, but the embodiment of a 5 on the 1-10 hotness spectrum, a slightly chubby brunette in a black shirt and capris.  I followed her and the boyfriend just to see if she’d light up…and she actually did.  She was too mediocre to spend any further time on though so I went elsewhere, but was still grateful to her for showing me that Camel Pinks still exist.

I’m glad I abandoned that sighting as well because from there I progressed to the south side exit of the grandstand, where there were still people pouring out of the Kip Moore concert.  Standing there right outside the gate was this total cutiepie of a 17-18ish long-haired blond talking on her cell phone and smoking a cigarette.  She was wearing a black shirt and dark jeans.  Not really sure what it was, but something about this girl just melted my heart.  She wasn’t a bombshell but was very cute.  She kind of looked like a smoker and kind of not.  She kind of looked wholesome but also had the slightest of an edge to her.  The fact that she defied characterization but was so brazenly and publicly smoking in front of everybody this way enhanced her sex appeal…and I had a perfect front-row seat to watch it play out.  Also her smoking skill stood out.  I didn’t get talking exhales per se, but whenever she took a drag the smoke flowed evenly and cloudily from her mouth and nose in a way that it was obvious her respiratory system has fully adjusted to smoking.  I got to see this a good dozen times as she smoked the cigarette.  I wanted to identify her butt and figured it would be a cinch, but as she started drifting vaguely towards me but to my right, I hung my head in disappointment as I saw she was moving towards a smoker’s outpost receptacle.  Sure enough, after one final drag she dropped the butt inside.

One more great sighting played out in this area about a half hour later, seated on the cement burm outside the south side exit. A group of guys and gals were sitting there and seemed to stick around at this spot for an odd length of time.  Whatever the case, there was one beauty amongst them….a solid 9 of an attractive long-haired mid-20s blond wearing a red summer dress with a country-looking flower print design….and cowboy boots to match.  The location made it impossible to watch her, but I caught her smoking an all-white while decked out in that sexy combination.  And as I said, they stuck around quite a while, so about 45 minutes later they were still sitting there and I saw her smoking another cigarette.  Had I gotten more from this sighting, she could have been a contender for a higher standing amongst this year’s haul.

I strung together a few decent but unsubstantial sightings in the next 20 minutes.  One I enjoyed was when I was walking through the sparse north side and from out of nowhere emerging out of the farm equipment came this cute early 20s brunette in a summery dress with a cigarette in hand.  I saw her on the grounds again about a half hour later without a cigarette.  She definitely didn’t look like a smoker.

Another girl that I enjoyed but came with a rather surprise disappointment was this petite 16-17ish dark blond with these tight jeans draped over her skinny ass.  I saw this girl three times tonight and she had a cigarette in her hand every time.  Now she looked a touch trashy but was about a 7 on the beauty spectrum.  Always a pleasure to see her with a cigarette when I passed her but she was never gonna get more than a brief writeup.  What confused me, however, is that she was in the company of the petite, beaky-nosed light brunette that has been an FCF fixture for the last two years, going back to the day in 2010 when Dan was my wingman and our first mutual sighting was this girl who we both thought was 13 at the time.  I saw her again last year and she was smoking Marlboro Menthols both times I saw her only about a half hour apart.  And tonight…nothing.  And there were no shortage of opportunities….especially with this dark blond friend smoking three times in her presence.  Girls who start smoking this young tend to be the least likely to quit, yet there’s no other explanation for me seeing this girl three times in the presence of another smoker, yet never smoking herself.

Moving to a painful near-miss, as I was heading up to the north side, I was only about 10 seconds too slow to arrive in time to get a direct look as this pair of young early 20s couples.  One guy and one girl in the group were smoking, and she was a knockout sexpot….a curly-haired dark brunette wearing a tight white T-shirt and a denim miniskirt.  Unfortunately for me, they were approaching the exit.  Not only did this mean they were leaving, but the area is extremely dark so even with my fancy footwork that got me ahead of them and positioned me to look over and see her, it was too dark to get a real handle on how attractive her features were.  I did see her ash the freshly lit cigarette between her fingers and proceed to splatter a significant cherry onto the ground that really glowed in the dark, but walked away very disappointed that I didn’t see her face beyond a silhouette.

After a couple other modest sightings, it was time for my blockbuster storyline sighting of the evening.  Most years the VFW BINGO stand delivers me something worthwhile, but I am on record tonight saying that I just got my all-time best VFW Bingo sighting.  Keep in mind this BINGO stand is an open-air pavilion, meaning the seats on the edge are outdoors while the seats inside are basically like being in the indoors with the windows down.  For years I was surprised and impressed that the VFW put out ashtrays for BINGO patrons, but last year the ashtrays were removed.  Not sure if they officially decided to make the pavilion smoke-free but they seemed to be trying to nudge patrons that direction with the removal of ashtrays.  Anyway, I was walking past the BINGO stand around 10:30 and saw a cloud of smoke emerging from inside.  It was coming from a blond guy who was sitting inside the building rather than on the outer periphery.  As I was processing this, I noticed he seemed to be with a group of four, including two girls.  Sitting right next to him was this absolutely adorable girl-next-door brunette who looked about 16.  Under just about any circumstance I wouldn’t have recognized a cigarette, but since the guy was smoking my radar was up…..so I noticed that her right hand was underneath the table…and she was holding a cigarette too.  Holy shit!  I looked at this brunette cutiepie and couldn’t believe she was smoking to begin with let alone inside this BINGO pavilion.  And she was even more inside than the boyfriend who was closer to the outdoor portion than she was.  My only problem was gonna be positioning because I wasn’t gonna miss this for all the money in the world.  After becoming distraught that I was finding nothing, I then noticed an open bench (the same bench I ate my gyro on last night ironically enough) that would give me a perfect semi-rear vantage point where I could see her face from the side and not be easily recognized.  I had my front-row seat for the show….

And what an incredible show it was.  In seconds, she placed the cigarette in her mouth and took an intense five-second drag.  Her hold time was lackluster, but with that must smoke taken in, it had to go somewhere and was expelled from her lungs in adorably cloudy straight-ahead plumes….and again, INSIDE the BINGO stand.  The other guy and girl to her right who were in her friends group were not smoking and as I started to look them over, they mostly looked closer to 18 than 16, so it’s possible she was older than she looked.  Trust me, looking at that impossibly sweet perfect Midwestern face, you wouldn’t think this girl was 18.  I really was sitting in the perfect spot because her legs were on display too, decked out in short black shorts that seemed fitting for this cutie.  I continued to be amused that she still held the cigarette underneath the table between drags, as if knowing she wasn’t supposed to be smoking there but trying to get away with it anyway.  Whenever the cigarette was extracted from its subterranean location and placed in her mouth, however, it was a thing of beauty as all of her drags were of the five-second, squinty-eyed pleasure look variety.  But the sighting still hadn’t hit its peak….

Someone yelled out BINGO and the reward was passed out after the numbers were checked….and moments later the attendant was walking up and down the aisles to collect the 50 cents from everyone there who wanted to play again.  Doing so, he was approaching my girl and her group when she took a drag.  Now he wasn’t quite there yet so he didn’t get it in the face, but if he was five seconds later he would have.  While most of my girl’s exhales were straight-ahead plumes, remember there were storms not far away and gusts of wind came out of nowhere.  In this case, a gust came just in time to blow the exhaled smoke straight back as she exhaled, blowing the smoke further indoors in the BINGO pavilion.  Unfortunately, that part of the pavilion directly behind them was almost entirely empty so nobody was forced to choke on her obnoxious carcinogenic cloud, but it was a fluke that they didn’t.  And best yet, after that drag she held the cigarette briefly over the floor and tapped the ash, allowing her ash to fall onto the pavilion floor.  Had she done this on the outer perimeter, nobody would have batted an eye, but the sheer obnoxiousness of doing it indoors blew my mind.  What was she supposed to do….they got rid of the ashtrays after all….and not smoking inside while playing BINGO was clearly not an option for her.  I stuck around as they played one more game and she finished the cigarette.  I didn’t see what she did with the butt but figured I must have simply missed it when she dropped it.

They quickly departed as soon as the next person yelled BINGO, the group of four getting up to walk away.  The other girl in the group was a long-haired blond who also cute, but this brunette ran circles around her.  And as innocent as she looked, clearly she had some vinegar in her. I saw she had some white written words on the front of the black shirt, and once she got up I tried to read the writing, but could only make out one word on the bottom….a giant all-capped “BOOBIES”.  This is what she wears to the fair.  And that sweet little rump that was her posterior in those black shorts was her most striking feature below the neck.  If only I could have gotten her to trade her blond boyfriend for another blond guy slightly older!  They walked off into the midway and I went inside to the seats they vacated in the BINGO hall.  No butts on the floor.  Not sure what they did with them but they were nowhere to be seen so I was getting totally shut out on the butt identification front.

That would finally change as I drifted to the sparse south side of the grounds and in front of this food stand was a blond ordering something, and standing next to her was a petite 16-17ish curly-haired brunette in a slutty tanktop and jean shorts smoking a cigarette.  She was so short that my initial impression was that I had stumbled into a really young smoker, but as I got closer it was clear she was a bit older.  She was standing very close to this food stand and took the final two drags from the cigarette as I approached before dropping it to the ground and crushing it out with her foot.  Only then I got close enough to see she was quite cute, but looked much more like a smoker than the BINGO girl, who at that point in the evening had pretty much ruined me for anything lesser.  I couldn’t linger and check out the butt, but still wanted to do so after a final midway run, I came back.  It had just turned 11:00 so the food stand was closing, giving me an opening to identify it…another Camel Crush Bold.  I was ready to go for the evening….

But as I turned around, who was hovering there but the two couples who were at the BINGO stand only 15 minutes earlier.  They were in a huddle and talking amongst each other in the middle of the street, and given how sparse this part of the grounds were at this time, lingering to watch for an extended period was not an option.  I managed to stall and wander around just long enough to see the blond boyfriend of “Boobies shirt” girl to light up a cigarette.  When nothing happened in the next few seconds, I decided I might as well head off, but just as I did, the blond female friend produced a cigarette and became my final sighting of the night….and in seconds her boyfriend lit up as well.  The only one who wasn’t smoking was the brunette cutiepie.  I couldn’t accept this and as I proceeded forward I continued looking over my shoulder every five seconds, until finally, on about my third glance, there was a flame gleaming in front of her face and lighting up another cigarette.  Drove me nuts not knowing her brand so I hung back and found a bench a significant distance away hoping that they’d litter their butts before leaving.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be as within less than a minute the foursome starting drifting in between buildings to an even sparser area where I simply couldn’t follow them undetected.  Time to go home….but certainly with a flourish.

Even though it never did rain, the fact that the concert let out early meant the fairgrounds was dead earlier than the night before.  It was only 11:10 and the place had emptied out significantly to the point that I was the only one around when exiting the grounds for the evening.  I got home at 11:30 with a running total of 55 sightings at the FCF which is right where I need to be.  Tomorrow could get really hairy though if Cousin Justin shows up as
planned.  I’m fucked if he does and refuses to leave after the show.


Hump night of the Freeborn County Fair produced 21 sightings, the fewest of my three nights.  Must have been a pretty weak evening, right?  Um…hardly.  Not only did the sightings that came through manage to come through big-time, but the evening produced another regular feature of the local county fair….repeat offenders who were already counted in previous nights but resurfaced this evening.  Without further adieu, on with the show….

I arrived at the grounds at 6:30 and again went past the three teen girl ticket takers.  I got one of the brunettes tonight instead of the flirty blond.  No flirting today as I got my punch card clipped.  In I went and traversed the grounds, knowing I had to be wary tonight because Cousin Justin (I’ll call him Judd from here on out…everyone else does) was supposed to show up with his girlfriend.  I hadn’t been in the fairgrounds five minutes before I spotted a high school buddy named Steve and his wife pushing a stroller with their newborn through the grounds.  Under normal circumstances, I’d have approached and said hi….but one of my select few nights of fetishing at the hometown fair ain’t normal circumstances.  I carefully avoided him and had to continue to do so a couple more times in the night.

I proceeded from there to the north side hoping to lose Steve and Nikki, but instead turned a corner and spotted Cousin Judd in the middle of a conversation with someone and did a 180-degree aboutface, turning around and walking away undetected.  Somebody missed the memo that I was looking for sightings of smoker girls here, not old friends and relatives!  Still without any sightings, I proceeded to the only place I thought I might still be safe…the midway.  And what a fine call that was.  On the edge of the midway at a cluster of benches I spotted from a distance two very hot 17-18ish babes, one of whom was wielding a cigarette.  I approached and could tell even from several yards away I was looking at top-tier babes.  And then it hit me when I saw her face and realized this wasn’t my first sighting of the night either….because I had already seen this girl smoking before on Tuesday night.  It was the woolly beret girl, tonight sans the woolly beret, and her brunette friend seated next to her.  Unfortunately, the sighting lasted all of 10 seconds as the woolly beret blond took a final drag of the cigarette and the two girls got up.  She handed the cigarette to the brunette friend who took a final drag of her own while walking away before dropping the cigarette to the ground.  I had no problem at all identifying the still-smoldering Camel Crush butt and following the girls.

And even with the smoking part of the sighting finished, following them was a dream in and of itself.  The woolly beret girl was wearing a tanktop and white shorts that were on the surface similar to what she wore Tuesday night, but this outfit had a much more summery look and feel to it.  But the brunette was the one who really sparkled tonight.  She had her hair in a ponytail on Tuesday but had it loose tonight.  It seemed much darker brunette and it looked hotter hanging down past her shoulders.  As for her outfit, what a sexpot.  It’s hard to stand out amongst a crowd of teenage girls dressed like $10 whores as today’s teenage girls do at these fairs, but this girl did, wearing a smoldering white tanktop and a pair of pale blue cutoffs that caressed the most perfect ass I saw tonight.  As much fun as it was watching the girls walk from behind, their destination was a fun one…the BINGO stand.  They went inside and sat on the inner tables inside the pavilion.  While they didn’t smoke inside like last night’s teen brunette, they sat next to a group of old ladies, probably stinking of fresh cigarette smoke.  I’d see this duo once again about a half hour later, just walking by without cigarettes.  I took a good long look as those asses wiggling on by, especially the brunette’s.  There’s some stiff competition, but this duo is certainly making a run at the marquee position for 2012 FCF sightings.

After spotting them in the BINGO stand, I turned back to the main part of the grounds….once again looking at Cousin Judd talking to someone else.  I pivoted around again and walked the other direction undetected.  One of these next times my luck was gonna run out.  A few minutes later I ran into Corey and asked him if he was going to the concert.  He was, which good news for me, as I’d now have alibi for Judd that I was gonna be with my friend.  Better yet, Corey was gonna go elsewhere before the concert started so I’d be free to fetish until 8:30…and it was 7:30 now.  But my luck ran out a few short minutes later, still without my official first sighting of the night from a girl not already counted, when I was snooping around the grounds and walked right into Cousin Judd.  I was finished!

Or maybe not.  For as much as he talked about hanging together on Thursday night when he came to the fair, he didn’t seem to want to do more than chat it up for a while tonight.  When I mentioned I was going to the concert with my friend, he didn’t request to join us but just said he was waiting for a call from his girlfriend who was driving there.  I was sidelined no more than 10 minutes before he asked where the cheapest soft drinks were.  That request led to the first blockbuster sighting facilitated by Cousin Judd.  I told him the stand outside the north exit of the grandstand sold pop for $1 and he was all over it.  This stand selling the cheap pop happened to be overlooking the smoking area outside the grandstand…and sure enough as we got in line for our beverages, there stood this complete sexpot of a 19ish curly-haired light brunette with her modestly attractive dark brunette friend.  Only the light brunette was smoking, standing there dressed in this red and black plaid blouse and tight blue Daisy Dukes with long smooth legs stemming from outside, all with a pair of sunglasses propped up on top of her hair giving her a touch of a badass look to go with the country girl sex toy profile.  I just got one glance initially and that was enough to see that this girl was dripping sexuality to the point that I almost needed a scoop shovel to remove the sex appeal all over the ground next to her.

I was in line to get my 7UP first and Judd was behind me.  There was a canopy from the booth blocking my view so when I bought the 7UP I told Judd I was gonna stand in the shade underneath the tent…but of course you know what my real objective was.  I moved as close as I could, knowing that my time was limited.  I had a good vantage point as this amazing long-legged babe took two back-to-back drags.  Her technique was modest with average-length drags and thin exhales.  I couldn’t tell if the thin exhales were the result of weak consumption or if she was just so practiced at smoking that much of the ingested smoke was clinging to her lung tissue.  Usually I can tell, but I couldn’t here.  Not that I had much time…Judd approached from behind giving me this “what are you doing?” look.  We walked away for a brief time before he got the call from his girlfriend to meet him at the gate.  I took the opportunity to tell him I better meet Corey, even though I knew Corey wasn’t gonna be there yet.  I walked to the grandstand and entered the show, taking my favorite seat.  Obviously, my curly-haired light brunette sexpot was no longer there, but 15 minutes later or so I watched her exit the grandstand.  Hot damn was she a siren, the pockets of those cutoffs gleaming a glittery blue from underneath the frayed fabric and on those smooth thighs.  Definitely hoping to see this girl again!

Before Corey got there, the smoking area would deliver big-time once again.  A long-haired mid-20s dark brunette was exiting the grandstand in the company of a young girl who looked about five.  Mom had a very glamorous air about her and was wearing a short dress with a pair of jean shorts underneath, but two things really spiked her sex appeal.  Beneath the jean shorts she was wearing black style boots with spiked heels that went all the up to her knees.  You can’t even imagine how sexy they looked.  Also raising her sex appeal was the fact that she was walking outside carrying her wallet and her pack of Marlboro Smooths.  I watched her extract a cigarette from the pack as she walked out the gate with the daughter, but I was about to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum that would have been far more childish than anything the five-year-old could have thrown when she walked right past the smoking area. But all was not lost as she was merely stopping at the rib booth just outside (the same place I got my $1 7UP) to buy dinner for the daughter.  After making the purchase, mommy lit up her Marlboro Smooth.  It was clear she was a very adept smoker, and at this point she was approaching the smoking area.  Even though the daughter had just purchased the food, she had to use the port-a-potty, leading her to hold up the pork sandwich (or whatever it was) to mom.  Mom placed the cork-filter cigarette in the corner of her mouth for a wickedly hot dangle as the daughter handed her the food and went in the port-a-potty.

Mom was literally right in front of me smoking, so I got to see her very close-up.  Facially she was probably a 7….not quite as gorgeous as her sultry presentation would suggest but the presentation won me over.  I got to see three drags and a pretty solid smoking style while she waited for the daughter.  As soon as the port-a-potty door opened, Mom placed the cigarette back into the corner of her mouth dangling it for several seconds while holding out the sandwich for the daughter to take back, and then capstoned the moment by asking the daughter through a talking dangle if she washed her hands.  Now the sighting was coming to a close, but as great as the overall pedigree of this sighting was, with the talking dangles and the incredible example being set for the daughter, the best image of all was yet to come.  Mom took two more drags as she approached the grandstand gate before dropping the cigarette to the ground and then using that spiky-heeled high leather boot to squash out the cigarette before heading back inside.  I’ll be fantasizing about the image of her crushing out her cigarette with that bootheel for months to come.

Also before the concert started, I got another sighting from the cute blond who I saw smoking two nights last year and already this year on Tuesday when she had to be asked to step outside the gate to have her cigarette.  This girl is adorably cute and even though her IT factor isn’t high enough to get her on any top sightings of the fair list, it still warrants a mention every time she lights up because the girl is cute as hell and a very skillful smoker.

Corey got there just as the concert was beginning.  Tonight was the husband-wife duo Thompson Square who are presently on their third hit.  The concert was okay, but the most entertaining part of it was some drunken redneck that got pulled into the crowd and started attacking one policeman after another.  It took three of them to surround this nut and suppress him, hauling him away in handcuffs.  Suffice it to say whatever song Thompson Square was singing at that moment was only the second most interesting thing going on at that time.

Throughout the concert, all I could think about was my desire to see a second sighting from the country girl in the Daisy Duke cutoffs.  Just as Thompson Square was in the final throes of the concert, I would get my wish as I looked up in the grandstand to see an approaching light brunette late teen superbabe in a red and black plaid top along with her dark brunette friend.  Just as she was exiting the grandstand, Corey was telling me something and I didn’t even pretend to listen to him as my eyes were glued on this hottie.  She stopped at a perfect spot just outside the gate and I had a prime vantage point as the two of them stood there.  Out came a dark pack and I’m pretty sure it was Camel Crush Bolds once again, especially since I think I saw a cork filter.  I could barely stay seated as excited as I was to see her light it knowing I was gonna see her smoke the entire cigarette.  And smoke it she did, with solid four-second drags and those continued thin exhales.  I definitely didn’t think this girl was a rookie smoker, but saw virtually nothing coming from her mouth when her black lungs released the smoke, and upon seeing this again I moved more towards the theory that the smoke is clinging to her lung tissue rather than coming out in the form of cloudy exhales.  Drag after drag, thin exhale after thin exhale, my excitement level was maintained for the duration of this sighting as it played out for the next five minutes.  I did the best I could to mark where she dropped her cigarette and crushed it out with her flip-flop.  I wasn’t certain that her brand was Camel Crush Bold and would have to wait for several hundred people to walk over it while exiting the grandstand at the end of the show before I’d get my chance at it, so it wasn’t hopeful.  Sure enough, well after the show when I went to see if I could find a Camel Crush Bold in the general area but there were too many other butts to know for sure which was hers.  Butt or no butt, I felt fortunate to get such a thorough encore act to the opening teaser this girl gave me before the concert.

As we were leaving, Corey was telling me of this joint problem he was having in his foot and how the medication he was taking for it made him incredibly tired….so he was heading home immediately after the concert.  Could I really be this lucky?!?!?  Apparently so as I wouldn’t run into anyone else I know for the rest of the night…well, except for smoker girls at least!

Immediately after leaving the grandstand I migrated to the south side grandstand exit and came across a very familiar-looking 21ish redhead who I at first thought was the woolly beret girl.  Seriously, I’d bet $20 she’s the older sister to woolly beret girl because their features are almost identical.  She was with an unattractive overweight friend and only seconds after I laid eyes on her, she opened her purse and extracted a pack of Camel Lights Menthols.  Up to that point, I thought it WAS the woolly beret girl, until I realized this girl had reddish hair and she was wearing tight blue jeans instead of the white shorts that woolly beret girl was a couple hours earlier.  If my hunch is right, these two sisters must be about 50% of RJ Reynolds’ profit margin!  I followed for awhile but the crowd right after the concert was thick and I wasn’t able to see much before giving up.  However, about 15 minutes later while walking through the midway and scoring sightings at a pretty impressive clip, I heard a lighter flicking behind me and immediately jerked my head back to discover the source.  Lo and behold, it was her again lighting up her second Camel Light Menthol in the last fifteen minutes.  I’d see her again a couple more times on the grounds but not smoking then.

During that same midway run, I found myself standing behind three 21ish girls.  One was attractive but not holding a cigarette.  Another was smoking but unattractive.  The mystery girl was the third, who I was only able to see from the back, but was wielding a freshly lit all-white 100 between her fingers.  She was quite tall and wearing high heels to raise her elevation further.  She had a smokin’ body with very long legs extending from a tiny denim skirt.  Her downsides were that her hair looked frizzy and damaged from the back and she had an ugly tattoo on her upper leg under that denim skirt.  I suspected she was gonna look like total trash, but she intrigued me enough to walk past her for a better look.  So much for my instinct on the trashy look.  The girl was drop-dead gorgeous…the prettiest face I’d see all night.  Unfortunately, only seconds after I saw her face, someone in her group announced to her that “they’re already here…over there”.  My high-heeled tall blond seemed elated and the girls did a fast and complete pivot to go back the direction they came from.  I followed, feeling more excited about that long cigarette between her fingers now that I knew how pretty she was.  I was able to see a couple of drags, both of which were nice but didn’t stand out in any specific way.  But then I heard her squeal as she saw the group of guys that apparently had just called them.  Her high heels clapped on the pavement like a Budweiser Clydesdale as she ran up to the three nonsmoking guys, wrapping up one of them in a stinky hug with her cigarette still smoldering.  The positioning was terrible so the best I could do was watch as she took a couple of drags, knowing there was no hope of me getting an extended sighting with this one as long as the cigarette still was and as slowly as she was smoking it.  I retreated from the sighting wishing I had seen more but still thrilled that a girl vastly exceeded expectations from my distant first impression, which doesn’t happen often.

The bad news:  I would go more than a half hour without seeing any new girls smoking after that midway run, which brought me up to 14 sightings for the evening.  The good news:  I was seeing old reliable girls in place of new girls…..and one girl in particular.  Heading from the midway to the north side of the fairgrounds by the cattle buildings, I recognized her the instant I saw her…..the 15-year-old wholesome brunette who was the only smoker amidst her friends group on Tuesday night.  Three of the friends with her the previous night were with her again….and just like Tuesday, they weren’t smoking…but she was.  And her positioning was getting bolder, standing in the middle of the street on the north side with far more passersby than would have been found on the midway Tuesday night.  And after scrambling to find an open bench with a good vantage point, I got creative and sat in this empty lawn chair somebody from one of the nearby buildings sat out.  She was literally right in front of me, smoking largely the way she did two nights earlier with fairly shallow drags and modest exhales.  She sure seemed like a rookie, but it was impressive how much this “rookie” needed to smoke in a public place to get her nicotine fix.  It seemed like her hair was longer today than I remembered it being on Tuesday, flowing over her shoulder and onto her black tanktop.  Below the waist she had a subtle but sexy pair of skimpy dark jean shorts, with those nice long teenage legs extending from them.  I was able to see a good six drags before she dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out.  The girls cooperated by leaving in mere moments and identifying the butt was a cinch.  Again, it was a Newport.  God I love cigarettes!

I made a surprisingly fruitless midway run in the coming moments, but did spot one more familiar face from Tuesday night… the very pretty half-Hispanic (I think) dark brunette who I saw smoking twice on Tuesday.  I only had a passing glance of her smoking tonight in a cluster of two other nonsmoking friends, but I saw her again when she wasn’t smoking and was struck by how beautiful she is, and how understated her sex appeal was.  She was wearing a reasonably conservative top and tight jeans on Tuesday…and was again tonight with a green tanktop and a pair of pale blue jeans that her perfect body was absolutely rocking.  This girl would seriously be worthy of a multiple paragraph writeup on a lesser night.

By the time I finished the midway loop I saw two of the 15ish friends of my
Newport girl standing outside the women’s bathroom.  Hmm…I thought.  It might be worth finding a seat and lingering here just in case.  For whatever reason, I waited and waited and waited and the friends were standing outside waiting while the other two were inside.  Besides, she just smoked…and she seemed like a rookie smoker with beginner drags.  There’s no way she would smoke again not even 15 minutes after her last one, and if she did I would positively piss myself.  I walked away briefly but after a quarter loop I returned in time to find all four friends walking away from the bathroom…and I’ll be God-damned if that adorable underage brunette wasn’t extracting that pack of Newports from her little purse again.  I followed as closely as I felt comfortable doing and watched her once again hold up her friends by lighting her second Newport in the last 15 minutes.  How could a girl who was so obviously such a baby smoker be so addicted that she needs to smoke this often?!?!?!  And best of all, she was drifting to the most public part of the grandstand, having escalated her boldness over the course of three cigarettes in two evenings to the point that scores of people were passing her and taking notice of this clearly underage girl smoking.  This was a double-edged sword though.  For whatever reason they just stood at the edge of the main walkway of the fairgrounds blocking traffic…and my girl now held her cigarette hand up to her face with a bent-elbow pose.  The only problem was I had no good place to watch and found myself weaving in and out of various spots trying to see this play out.  Unfortunately during this weaving, I managed to lose them and wouldn’t see her smoking again.  I did see her and the friends on the grounds multiple times in the last 45 minutes of the fair, but she didn’t smoke again.  Still, with two more nights this girl has the potential to be the FCF’s most prolific smoker in a single year….and she’s competing with the woolly beret girl and her friend who are also very heavy smokers.  Who knows what the last two nights of the fair could bring!!!

As I said I went the longest time between my 14th sighting of the night and my 15th, but when I got the next sighting, boy howdy did I get it.  I was walking past the outside entrance of the beer gardens when I laid eyes on a foursome of attractive 22-23ish gals, all blond.  When I saw that three of the four had unlit cigarettes in their hand, my delay in scoring the 15th sighting of the evening had ended and came with the added bonus of the 16th and 17th sightings.  The first gal to light up was the least attractive.  Nothing wrong with her, but I was more intrigued with the other two.  The gal to her right lit up next.  She was the most wholesome and the most platinum blond of the group, with her long locks flowing over the shoulders of her pink top with a pair of tight jean shorts down south.  Now we’re talking.  Her drags were frequent and deep and she always turned her head up and released tight and cloudy exhales.  Of the three smokers, hers was the face that looked least like a smoker.  Still, the last remaining holdout intrigued me most and did from the get-go.  She was a darker blond with beautiful features, still more wholesome than edgy looking, but not as wholesome as the second girl.  She was wearing a thin summery dress and looked like she had a black skirt underneath, odd as that combination seemed.  But holy shit was it worth the wait when she lit up.  The flame of the lighter reached her cigarette and she took a nice drag before removing it from her lips.  I waited and waited to see the smoke exit her face…and finally about eight seconds later a billowing puff burst from her mouth.  Whoa!

For the next five minutes, there was an incessant cloud of smoke hovering from these three gals, and the only one not smoking was eating her walking taco amidst this filthy haze.  I was focusing almost exclusively on the prettier of the two smokers, with the wholesome platinum blond looking so adorable in her pink top and tight jean shorts taking frequent drags and constantly turning her head to release tight exhaled plumes skyward.  But the friend wasn’t as considerate.  Her drags were just as deep, but her hold times were even deeper and the smoke came out of her face whenever the hell it came out, usually in the form of talking exhales or else careless belching cloudbursts that gassed the entire group at close range, including the poor girl trying to eat.  I stuck around at my front-row seat as long as I could but was very clearly made by the wholesome girl.  I left before they dropped the cigarettes much as I wanted to identify the butts, not wanting to get called out for spying on them.  And it’s a good thing I didn’t try to identify the butts because I returned about 10 minutes later and the four women were still standing at the same spot, no longer smoking.  Very rare that I’m treated to a group like this featuring two babes with impressive and distinctive smoking styles.

And the night had one more two-for-one treat for me.  On my final midway run I had taken about 10 steps into the midway when here came these two hot 19ish blonds with freshly lit cigarettes between their fingers.  Both of these girls were far more wholesome than naughty-looking, so I was once again taken aback by the cigarettes in their possession.  I turned to follow them and they gravitated to a more thuggish-looking guy and girl who ironicially were not smoking, but were about to have their evening get a whole lot stinkier with the arrival of these two.  I walked right past them in search of a place to sit.  One of the blonds had long and somewhat shaggy hair and was wearing a yellowish flower print dress that was really cute given the way she was demolishing her cigarette and creating very impressive exhales.  But it was the other blond that intrigued me most.  She was wearing some light black jacket, with an odd bookbag-style purse on her back.  Couple that with her little ponytail and glasses and she looked like a studious girl ready for school to begin.  Below the jacket she was wearing short jean shorts.  And as impressed as I was with the other girl’s smoking thus far, studious girl upstaged her big-time in the moments to come.

My study hall cutie got out her phone and placed the cigarette in her mouth for a 60-second dangle, and during this dangle she looked up to the friends and started talking.  One of the least likely looking girls to do a talking dangle just did one…..and when the cigarette finally came out of her mouth the volume of smoke that flowed from her face and mouth was even more dense than what came from the friend.  These were two very accomplished smokers, but my studious girl was the more accomplished of the two.  Only then the girl started getting itchy feet.  First she moved with the friends group to another part of the midway…and then separated from the friends and started walking solo through the midway, still wielding her cigarette and still dragging from it intensely and releasing cloudy exhales.  Perfect…I thought.  I’ll sit on a bench and identify her cigarette when she walks by and litters it.  Once again, it didn’t work out that way as she strolled past me at a fast clip and then began to weave her way through midway rides in a way that made it impossible to both follow her from a secure distance and see what was going on with the cigarette.  It was almost as if she was following somebody herself.  Through everything, the shrinking stub of a cigarette stayed in her hands.  But then she found a new friends’ group after doing a complete solo loop through the midway and stopped there, taking a final drag from her cigarette before crushing it out right in this huddle of people.

One more hot 20-something brunette was lighting up as I left and that was the night.  For obvious reasons, I was pushing my luck by sticking around late tonight…until about 11:45.  Even with only 21 new sightings, I’m thinking tonight was at least on par with Tuesday if not surpassing it.  I venture to say the 2010 local county fair could be left in the dust as the best FCF by the 2012 fair if Friday and Saturday are anything like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Unfortunately there are question marks about the weather, particularly on Saturday, but it doesn’t sound devastating yet at least.


I was overdue for a mediocre night and I got one tonight.  It wasn’t a disaster as at times it seemed like it might become, but I maxed out at 17 sightings and had to squeeze blood from a stone to get that many sightings by evening’s end. The evening got off to a late start as my lesbian aunt and her girlfriend (the ones who went to the Rosanne Cash concert with my parents two summers ago) were visiting my grandma and I felt obliged to stop in and chat when I parked my car in granny’s garage.  They ended up telling me all about their vacation at Park City, Utah, which was more entertaining than it sounds but I was there for more than a half hour before I took the opportunity to head to the fair at 7:00.

I had a vibe the night could be soft as country music old-timer Charley Pride was the grandstand performer and hardly anybody from the preferred smoker girl demographic would be familiar with or interested in his music.  Furthermore, on a Friday night, even my home county probably has other things going on more interesting than another night at the fair for those who already spent hours there.  My worst suspicions were confirmed as I traversed the grounds for 45 minutes getting zero sightings.  I was about to buy my $1 RC and retreat to the grandstand for the Charley Pride concert, but just as I approached the booth I ran into Corey and his fiancee.  There was no big hurry for me to get to the show so I talked to them for about 10 minutes and then they asked me to take a photo of them together in front of the tractors (needless to say, they’re both farm folk).  I did as requested and happened to turn my head to see from afar a brunette in a blue dress hand in hand with her boyfriend putting a cigarette in her mouth.  Two seconds was all I got to see, but I could tell she was hot enough to count as my first sighting of the night….but there was absolutely no way I could break free and track her down for a closer look.  She didn’t strike me as epic from that vantage point so I don’t think I missed out on the best FCF sighting of the year, but it was still annoying.

I broke free from there at about 8:10 and headed to the grandstand to claim my preferred seating.  But had a brief detour on the way as I saw a trio of trashy-looking 20-21ish girls outside the grandstand.  The one who caught my eye was this petite light brunette with shoulder-length hair, a skimpy tanktop exposing a giant ugly tattoo on her upper back, and what struck me most about her, a very skimpy black miniskirt.  Her face was decent–about a 6.5–and I got an immediate smoker vibe that was confirmed in about two seconds when I spotted the pack of Newports poking out of her purse.  I lingered for a few seconds as another modestly attractive girl in her group pulled out her own pack of Marlboro Mediums and lit up.  I stuck around to see if the miniskirt girl would follow suit but she didn’t so I went up to the show counting both of them as sightings.

As expected, the median age at this show was about 65.  Very few young people there, so I had little hope of my luck changing overlooking the smoking area.  I did score a couple of sightings there over the course of the next hour and a half, but the best girl to come out was that cute Marlboro Mediums blond who was removed from forbidden territory when smoking inside the gate on Tuesday night….and was out smoking again last night. She was wearing another cute and nicely fitting tanktop and light blue jeans ensemble tonight and came out to smoke twice, once with her mom.  I’m gonna refer to this girl as Old Reliable at this point as I’ve now seen her smoking a total of five nights in the last two years.

Tempted as I was to leave before the show ended in hopes of changing my luck, a cluster of early 20s babes inside the beer gardens kept me at my seat.  I noticed them at about the halfway point of the concert.  There were four girls and right away two of the girls were smoking.  One was this sexy dark brunette decked out in a black dress that only covered one of her shoulders.  Another was this bleached blond babe in a blouse and jean shorts.  There were two problems with this sighting though.  The two smokers were on the far side of the cluster from my vantage point so I only managed a few good looks their way.  Both girls appeared to be quality smokers with nice drags and hold times, and cloudy exhales.  The other problem was that the beauty of the bunch was this wholesome long-haired platinum blond who was wearing the sexiest outfit of the night, this absolutely skin-tight, painted-on white dress with black vertical stripes….and over a significant observation time she never did light up.

The girls left that part of the beer gardens after about 10 minutes and I figured my time with them was done, but they resurfaced at an even better spot with improved lighting in the last 20 minutes of the show, where they stayed.  They were frantically taking photos of one another for most of that time, but my eyes were glued on them until I saw the bleached blond with a cigarette that came out of nowhere as I didn’t see her light it.  I actually first became aware of it when she handed it to another attractive brunette in the cluster who took a single drag and handed it back to her.  Just as the concert was getting out, the dark brunette in the sleeveless black dress lit up another cigarette and while exiting I walked immediately past her on the other side of the beer gardens fence, managing to take in her stinky exhale. The sighting was over, but I’m damn glad I had this cluster to save me from complete smoker girl isolation during the Charley Pride concert.  Still disappointing the girl in that tight white dress never did light up though.

I left the concert with eight sightings, hoping that things would improve after I left but not having a great deal of confidence that they would.  My instinct was right as I went a good half hour with nothing.  Finally in the early stages of a midway run, I set eyes on a bodacious young thing with a cigarette in her hand.  My eyes locked on this backside of this blond babe.  Her ass was draped in nicely fitting jean shorts and the cigarette in her hand was freshly lit.  I hadn’t seen the face yet but with a backside like that I knew I couldn’t go wrong.  She turned her head to talk to the friends she was with and confirmed my suspicion that she was very pretty….a solid 9.  And I would guess she was 19 after seeing her face. Her smoking style was less impressive though as her drags were quite shallow, yet she still managed pretty decent exhales from every micro-drag she took.  And while blondie was the star of the show, she was in the company of two other girls.  One was overweight and very unattractive, and was also smoking, but the third girl of the group was an attractive brunette in a black tanktop and jean shorts.  She wasn’t smoking and was busy with her phone…and was only slightly less hot than blondie….about an 8.5.  I followed as the trio traversed the midway, watching blondie’s very modest drags followed up with surprisingly respectable exhales, and occasionally getting to see her turn her head and remind myself how pretty she was.  Seemed like a pretty safe bet that if I followed this trio, I’d identify her cigarette butt….or not.

A trio of nonsmoking dudes the girls recognized were standing by this carnival game, once again illicited a hot blond girl with a smoldering cigarette between her fingers to embrace one of the guys in a stinky hug.  The vantage point here was nonexistent so after lingering a few seconds the best I could do was do a quarter loop around the midway and return to the scene, hoping my timing was just perfect to catch them as they were walking off.  I got back and they were long gone.  I shook my head in disgust and increased my walking pace, hoping to catch up but realizing as I got the end of the midway that it was a lost cause.  I conceded defeat and headed northward past the livestock buildings.  I continued a good block when I noticed a cluster of late teens standing in front of the cattle barn entrance and almost soiled myself when I spotted a brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts smoking a cigarette there.  Nobody ever smokes here!  And as I approached and settled in a wide-open bench for a front-row seat, I noticed a familiar face with a cigarette….the blond from the midway.  She took a final drag from her still-going cigarette and tossed it to the ground to crush it out.  The brunette smoking with her was the friend I was hoping would light up and now had.  Talk about an unlikely save! I still had no idea how they made that much distance from the midway given that it took me about two football fields’ length to catch up with them while walking quickly myself.  They apparently found a new cluster of friends to talk to in front of the cattle barn of all places.  Now it was just a matter of waiting them out and identifying two butts, one from both girl.

Or not….they started moving again, heading towards the back parking lot behind the cattle barns.  The brunette was still smoking her cigarette and I figured I’d spot that one when she dropped it to the ground and go back for blondie’s.  But just as they were approaching the back parking lot, here came another late teen guy and girl who they knew….and then they stood there talking to them.  Luckily for me, I found the most unique but risky vantage point in history to watch this from afar.  It was the inside of this empty barn where they put on horse shows during the day.  I stood inside the door watching this group of five with this stinky brunette still smoking.  The danger here is that if someone happened to walk in at another entrance and see me standing there peering out the window, I’d have no defense whatsoever.  The brunette’s performance was decent, with better drags than the blond and similar exhales.  And the cigarette just seemed to last forever as I watched from this uncomfortable spot as she took drag after drag, with that cherry from her cigarette glowing like a firefly next to her jean shorts and bare legs.  Finally I saw her take a final drag and toss the butt into the dirt.  I watched as smoke rose from the smoldering cigarette butt laying there about seven feet from her.  But they never moved.  They just kept standing there talking.  It was time to get out of here and check to see if the area in front of the cattle barn was vacant so I identify get blondie’s cigarette butt.

I headed up there and, lo and behold, it was empty.  But I looked at the ground for a good 30 seconds and saw no cigarette butt.  Where on Earth did it go??!?!?  People were walking past and I couldn’t just stand there looking at the ground, so I had to retreat, heading back to where the cluster was most recently.  They had finally separated, so now it was a matter of the brunette’s cigarette butt.  I thought I had marked the exact location, but it was dark and very hard to see.  Lo and behold, I paced the area like five times and found nothing.  All that time invested in these two and zero brand IDs to show for it.  It was definitely one of those nights, but the girls broke my cold streak by being a rare breed this evening…hot young smoker girls with awesome bodies.

From there I headed to the south side and a few minutes after the last mess I got myself into, I saw a young couple sitting on a bench near the front of this commercial building.  He wasn’t smoking…she was.  The guy looked mid-20s and just appeared to be a complete tool, way out of the league of his beautiful girlfriend, this dark-complected 21ish knockout with shoulder-length dark brown hair wearing a tanktop and very tiny jean shorts.  She was sitting down and I could tell the jean shorts came to an end just below the rump of her ass, and I was able to find a bench parallel to them and admire those long, smooth, and tan legs.  I only got to see three drags and while not out of the ordinary, they were very nice.  Don’t know what this guy’s secret is to landing a smoker girl of this caliber but I was impressed.  I could see the cigarette was a cork filter as she held it up, but from out of nowhere it just disappeared.  I figured she must have dropped it to her feet so I was gonna wait her out to identify the butt.  In a few minutes, the couple started to get up, but the girl gave me one more treat before leaving the area.  There are some pipes with running water that serve as a makeshift drinking fountain for fairgoers just in front of where we were sitting.  Just as I was admiring how hot her body was standing up, I could tell she was gonna grab a drink.  She literally bent down for a drink directly in front of me, her barely covered ass expanded front and center in my line of vision.  Damn did I want to smack it.  As the couple drifted off, I walked over expecting another easy butt identification.  Nothing.  No trace of a cigarette anywhere in the area. Gahhhh!!  What was going on here?!?!?!

It was after 11 now and I was in my last half hour or so with abysmal numbers for the evening (13 sightings).  I got excited when I saw my 15-ish Newport brunette with two of her familiar-looking friends on the grounds but I’ll spare the suspense and just say I never saw her smoking tonight.  She was wearing a T-shirt and short jean shorts again, showing off those long legs, so her sex appeal lit up my evening even if her lack of smoking didn’t.

But the midway did deliver with my best sighting of the night.  Sitting on a bench about halfway through the midway were two 17ish brunettes….including this knockout in a black T-shirt and jean shorts with her dark brown hair puffed up in front.  I had seen this girl on the grounds earlier in the day and thought to myself what a hot smoker she’d be.  Well my wish was the fair’s demand as she was sitting on this bench with her less attractive, nonsmoking friend puffing away.  It wasn’t perfect, but there was an open bench about 20 yards away and I had a good vantage point.  Now this girl was a smoker…with the best style of the night.  Her drags were a solid four seconds and her exhales were creamy and cloudy…but her most memorable style point was her hold times.  Now my instinct was that this girl was a smoker the first time I laid eyes on her, but sitting there watching her I just had the feeling she was either a rookie smoker or a social smoker…so imagine how caught off-guard I was when she held the smoke in her black little lungs for four seconds after every drag.  God I love cigarettes!

Much as I was enjoying the show of just the two of them, the same old story played out when two guys their age stopped in front of them.  The guys who looked about the same age as the girls (17ish) weren’t smoking but my little brunette cutie just kept puffing away on her cigarette as they talked.  I was at first annoyed by this but it definitely had a happy ending.  The guys talked to the girls for about two minutes and then started walking away….but something held the one guy back.  He turned around and went back to the brunette smoker….and then knelt down and kissed her ashtray-mouthed lips.  I would have paid $1,000 to experience what that guy just got for free as he then resumed walking away with his guy friend, undoubtedly not even realizing what a lucky bastard he is.  This just left the two girls sitting there again, and my brunette took the final few drags from her cigarette, exhibiting the same impressive style with every drag before dropping the cigarette to the dirt and casually crushing out the cherry.  Nothing would stop me from identifying this cigarette butt…..except of course if the girls never, ever moved.  And they didn’t!  I couldn’t just sit here on a bench in this midway full of teenagers indefinitely without arousing suspicion so I had to take off and hope I could return and swipe the butt.

I made another loop around the grounds, again seeing my 15ish Newport girl and her friends and also noticing the larger-than-previous-nights cohort of police officers were starting to eyeball me a little closer, resuming their suspicions that led them to confront me last year.  It was almost 11:30 and I had to get out of here but not without going to the midway to identify my prize.  The bench was open….and although it took me a moment, I found the cork filter Marlboro Smooth butt in the dirt…the only cigarette butt around smoked by the evening’s hottest girl.

As I completed that final midway loop, I padded my weak numbers with two midway girls.  One was a tall teen blond who I caught in a skyward exhale from afar and couldn’t wait to get a closer look at….until I saw two cops very closeby and positioned in a way that intimidated me from even attempting to see her upclose.  Disappointing end, but definitely time to go.  And I got one last treat walking past the 17ish brunette girl of the night who was hand in hand with the boyfriend who got the stinky kiss from her about 10 minutes earlier.  Very impressive girl.

I was headed for the door and Mother Nature was telling me it was definitely time.  Thunderstorms had been forecasted for after midnight but there was no sign of turbulent weather until all at once these ferocious winds hit the grounds, filling the sky with dirt and getting in everyone’s eyes.  It felt like I was caught in a Saharan sand storm and as I headed for the gates and these epic wind gusts continued, entire canopies started rolling over from the strength of these gusts. It reminded me of what led to the stage collapse at that Sugarland concert in Indiana last summer.  I overheard virtually everybody I passed talking how they were getting the hell out of there before the storms struck so it was a mad dash to the exits.  I got out of there and was nervous about having to drive 10 miles home northward, which is the very direction the storms were coming from.  They hit when I was about halfway home, but interestingly the wind was the worst part.  The lightning died off before I got home and the thunderstorms delivered only a modest rainfall.  Crisis averted but that sure was a spooky five minutes leaving that fairgrounds.

Today’s meager sightings haul puts me at 93 overall sightings for 2012.  I’m not even on pace to hit last year’s 125 let alone the 2010 record of 144, and if Smoke-Free Saturday is enforced at all I’m really in a world of hurt tomorrow.  The upside is that, barring more stormy weather, tomorrow should be very busy with the Lonestar concert.


So what if they held a smoke-free night at the fair and everybody came with cigarettes?  I don’t mean to make it sound like it was an off-the-hook night for sightings, but if they weren’t planning on putting more effort into this smoke-free Saturday than they did, I’m not sure why they bothered in the first place.  As I approached the gate tonight I was wondering if there would be gigantic banners reading “NO SMOKING ON SATURDAY”.  There were none, but the bright yellow T-shirts of the fair workers were replaced with “Smoke Free Saturday” T-shirts.  I guess that was their way of advertising it, but unless
you’re somebody who really studies the T-shirts worn by ticket counters, you wouldn’t know smoking was not allowed that night.

I was still a little nervous as I proceeded through the grounds, but in the first 10 minutes I saw three smokers.  They were all guys, but I’ve never been more thrilled to see dudes smoking, most likely in clueless defiance of Smoke-Free Saturday.  My fantasy sighting was to see either a girl wearing a Smoke-Free Saturday T-shirt smoking herself or a guy wearing one in the company of a girl smoking.  That never happened but I saw some great stuff tonight.  It was a relatively modest haul of 23 sightings, but there was some solid quality amongst them.  Also a cold front went through and the temperatures dropped.  It felt good out there tonight, but it meant more jeans and fewer shorts among the smoker girls.

I got to the fair early tonight (around 5:20) because the country group Lonestar was performing and I figured there would be a long line to see them given how popular they were/are.  To my surprise, there was hardly any line at all for the show, meaning I had a long time to kill before the concert began and there just isn’t much going on before dark at the FCF and the grounds are so small that you’re out of maneuvers in an hour or so.  I scored the first two modest sightings of smoker gals in that first hour, and under the advertised conditions was satisfied I was seeing any smoking at all, but my big break came at about 6:15.

I was approaching the north side of the grounds and got to see a sighting in its entirety as a glam long-haired 20ish dark brunette was sitting by herself on a bench.  I got an instant smoker vibe from her that took about 10 seconds to confirm as I approached and saw her put a pack of Marlboro Blacks back into her purse.  She lit up the cigarette and became my first official Marlboro Black sighting and a bench directly across from her was open giving me a literal front-row seat.  The girl was a sight to behold with an edgy yet not trashy look, wearing a magenta-and-black striped top with glam dark jeans.  She had a badass pair of sunglasses on and really looked like a here-for-the-party kind of girl.  I’d give her a 7.5 for beauty but a 9.5 for smoking quality as her drags were beautiful, especially the fierce streams of exhaled smoke that spewed from her mouth.  It was a treat seeing the streams of smoke rise from her cigarette as it really told the story on how abusively she was smoking the thing.  Each drag was a treat and the sighting hit its peak when this Hispanic woman with a young kid sat next to her on the bench.  The woman looked over to the stinky girl and gave a friendly smile as they made eye contact, but I was wondering if she was silently gritting her teeth about the girl exposing her and her child to secondhand smoke on “Smoke Free Saturday”.  Whatever the case, she was approaching the end of her cigarette and I’m excited about eyeballing my first Marlboro Black butt for future reference of its color scheme, but in a telling sign of the worst imaginable luck following me again tonight, I looked to my right and who did I see walking straight towards me but Corey.

Sure enough, Corey noticed me and sat next to me on the bench, asking if I was “people watching”.  I answered yes but didn’t tell him I was only watching one person.  As I was talking to him, I continued to keep one eye on this smoker cutie as she wrapped up her cigarette with her most impressive feat yet.  She took a final drag and crushed the butt out on the grass below and then stood up.  She was three steps into her walk before she released that last drag.  I had noticed some impressive hold times before on this girl, but that one was the most exceptional, and I had renewed respect for her watching her ass wiggle away in those tight jeans with the glossy belt.  I wanted the cigarette butt and Corey wanted something to eat.  We got about halfway between the benches we just left and food vendors when his phone rang.  His fiancee was gonna come after all and the two of them got into an absolutely endless discussion of how he was gonna try to get her his season pass so she wouldn’t have to pay to get in.  I’m pacing over to that bench hoping it’s free but the Latino gal and her kid are still there.  Grrrrr!

About 10 minutes later, Corey was off the phone and I got in line for a gyro and he got in line for some pork sandwich.  From there, he asked me if I wanted to go the horse show.  My head was screaming “NOOOO!” but my lips said yes…since I didn’t have an alibi.  Now I can be entertained by groups of horses walking around in circles for about two minutes, but Corey and his family can literally spend five hours watching it.  And I don’t exaggerate.  Last year when his brother came down we were standing watching the horse show while visiting…and it drug on and on and on.  I ate my gyro sitting on a set of bleachers wondering how the hell I was gonna get out of this nightmare and get back to fetishing when a text saved me.  The official story of the text was that it was a friend who had just come to the fair and wanted to visit. I took off but told Corey I still hoped to see him and his fiance for the show.  I took off and went back to fetishing, having dodged another bullet.

I went back to the grounds and endured another hour or so of mostly mediocrity and at one point they came over the loudspeaker and reminded people it was Smoke-Free Saturday, but the loudspeaker only reaches a small portion of the fairgrounds so not even half of the people there at that time were in earshot of it.  Less than five minutes later, I ran into another guy smoking.  But it wasn’t until right before I went into the grandstand that I got my next worthwhile sighting that involved females.  I walked past the line for funnel cakes and at the back of the line was a 21ish short-haired blond wielding a cigarette standing right there in line.  She was only modestly attractive, but as I was positioning myself for a better vantage point of that sighting, I saw the backside of this curly-haired light brunette in a sexy red and black plaid blouse and jean shorts with smooth tan legs whose ass was towards me signing up for some drawing.  I took a mental note of her while getting a better vantage point of the smoker girl obnoxiously smoking while in line for food during Smoke-Free Saturday.  Again, she was only modestly cute so I started walking away, but something compelled me to look over my shoulder again.  Suddenly I saw that light-brunette in the red and plaid top and jean shorts standing in line next to the line….and this girl was smoking too! I turned back around for a better look but wasn’t in a position to linger.  She was decently cute, but not as hot up front as she was in the back.  Still, nice obnoxious two-for-one that I needed before heading up to the grandstand to take my seat.

The smoking area delivered tonight, and this spot behind the rib rack was indeed the sanctioned “smoking area” during Smoke-Free Saturday.  Since nobody knew or cared that it was Smoke-Free Saturday, however, it was pretty much business as usual.  A trio of gals that looked good from a distance came out before the show and as it became clear they were gonna smoke cigarettes, I got excited.  However, I let my eyes focus on the hottest girl of the three, who I had mostly seen from the rear.  I started studying the mid-to-late 20s trio closer and was far less impressed.  Two were blonds, and one wasn’t even attractive enough to count as a sighting, while the other blond was only modest.  The main girl of the sighting was a brunette with shoulder-length hair rocking a hot body draped in a tanktop and jean shorts.  I still hadn’t seen her face but with a body like that figured she couldn’t go wrong despite the less-than-stellar friends in her group.  While she was the prettiest of the three, she was only about a 7 from the neck up.  Would have loved to have tasted her ashtray mouth, but given the stellar presentation the sighting began with, was expecting better.

For the next half hour or so, the smoking area was pretty active, albeit with only a few modest younger women.  Corey and his fiancee met up with me and Lonestar began performing.  They have dozens of major hits so the concert was quite good.  Very rarely can I go to a concert and know just about every song.  Of course the concert wasn’t so outstanding that it took my mind of the smoker girl game.  And the disappointing trio from before the show was about to be vindicated by the next trio, landslide winners of my favorite smoker girls of the night.

When hot girls start leaving the grandstand and heading towards the exit, I usually take notice of them, always hoping they’ll stop in the smoking area even though few usually do.  I saw this trio of 18ish girls coming from quite a distance away and let my hopes build as I always do.  As they started walking out they seemed to be focused straight ahead which was not the direction I wanted, but as I was about to give up hope, one of the three girls nudged the other two towards the smoking area.  I could barely contain myself from shouting “yeeee-ha!” to go along with the country music in the background as the only girl of the three with a purse opened it up and proceeded to extract a pack of Marlboros (I believe Marlboro Lights but didn’t see the logo entirely) and take a cigarette out for herself and one each for her friends.  Jack-fucking-pot!

The cigarette supplier was a modestly attractive long-haired blond in a white top and jeans.  She was the plain jane of this crowd.  The girl to her left was the glam girl, wearing a netted white top and sultry jean shorts with fairly short blond hair.  She was very pretty and because of her glam look and outfit stood out at first as the hottest girl of the three.  But directly in front of the cigarette supplier was the girl who won my heart for the evening, a long-haired dark blond wearing a fairly conservative flower-print blouse and tight dark jeans.  Her unassuming outift didn’t stand out from a distance but I was lucky enough to look at her face.  The face was familiar, undoubtedly from fetishing this year and before, but if I had seen this girl smoking before I would have remembered it.  She was a wholesome sweetheart of the highest magnitude with the softest and most adorable features of any smoker girl at the fair this year.  All of this observation and the sighting hadn’t even started yet!  The cigarette supplier lit herself first and then handed the lighter to the glam girl.  The lighter was barely working and the glam girl was struggling to get a lasting flame from it.  She tried and tried with no success.  Meanwhile the wholesome dark blond was just standing there dangling her unlit cigarette….and she was getting impatient waiting for the incompetent blond girl to light up.  The cigarette supplier then got pulled in two different directions as the wholesome blond took the supplier’s cigarette and used the cherry to light her own.  Meanwhile, the supplier had to take the lighter from the glam blond and assume control, flicking the lighter a couple of times before successfully bringing her cigarette to life.  Alas, all three cigarettes were lit…and the nicotine wild west show was about to begin!

It was easy to relegate the cigarette supplier to elevator music since she was the least attractive.  The glam blond had a modest smoking style overall but won me over with her above-average hold times and messy exhales that belched out of her mouth and flowed like a blob into the semicircle that the girls were standing.  Her face was the most obstructed of the three while smoking but it was hard not to admire those messy and directionless exhales.  But that wholesome dark blond was the one I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off of….and fortunately she was the one directly in front of me.  After every drag, the girl had this out-of-this-world look of pleasure on her face, and I kid you not that she proceeded in picturesque slow motion to lift her head upward with that continued look of orgasmic pleasure when she exhaled.  Again, this was her routine after ever drag.  She was getting sexual pleasure from smoking as the look of satisfaction on her face as she held that cancerous smoke in her black lungs was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, with the possible exception of an 18-year-old cigar smoker named Jerica who I went out with once three years ago.  Watching this, I thought to myself this girl enjoys smoking so much it’s hard to imagine she could ever possibly quit.  As much sexual pleasure as she was getting from that cigarette, I was getting as much sexual pleasure watching her smoke it.

Clearly my attention had been completely diverted toward this trio for almost the duration of their cigarettes, but as I briefly looked to my right, I noticed Corey and his girlfriend were looking the exact same direction I was….and kept looking there.  I’ve seen Corey do this before, but this time I got actual verbal feedback that made this sighting that much sweeter.  Corey leaned to me and said “We’re just noticing how young those girls out there smoking are.”  Oh yeah, Corey.  I kind of noticed that too!  I came back with what I thought was a pretty good response.  “Yeah, but I wouldn’t doubt it they’re 18.  As we get older the girls look younger.”  And I was serious as I did think these girls were 18, but I was very impressed that both Corey and his fiancee couldn’t even take their eyes off of these babes.  I then resumed watching the rest of this incredible sighting.  Unsurprisingly given the way she was committing sex crimes against her cigarette, the wholesome girl finished hers off first while the other two were done in the next 30 seconds.  They all dropped their cigarettes to the ground right below their feet, and the downside of watching this smoking area from the grandstand is that those butts will remain in the dirt until they decompose rather than being identified.  Watching the girls proceed back into the grandstand, I had a pretty good feeling I’d be seeing more of them…and I did.

But before the show ended, the smoking area would deliver for me one more huge time at the 2012 FCF.  Before the show this guy and a very unattractive 17-18ish girl went outside to share a cigarette.  I didn’t think much when the two of them came out again in the final third of the concert, but meeting them in the smoking area from the main fairgrounds rather than the concert were two decidedly more attractive 17-18ish girls who were both eating fair food.  One girl was a wholesome light brunette in a purple dress with cowgirl boots who was absolutely adorable and didn’t look like a smoker.  I’ll kill the suspense right now and confirm that she wasn’t.  But the other girl was this long-haired dark blond wearing a yellow top and very tight dark jeans.  She was very attractive but had a harder look than the brunette friend, quite similar to a 2003-era Avril Lavigne.  She was also very skinny in a way just enough to still be sexy and not unattractively skeletal.  I kept watch on them over the course of about five minutes hoping some smoking would come out of it.  Right as I was losing hope, the long-haired dark blond produced a pack from out of nowhere (too dark to see the brand) and lit up.  Yet another barely legal girl smoking in front of me.

And hot damn did this girl have skills, kicking things off with a 20-second dangle while messing with her hair.  But her most impressive feature were her rapist drags, every one in the 5-6 second range and one even extending as long as seven seconds.  How does an 18-year-old girl smoke like this?!?!?  Every time I saw her drag I became that much more attracted, and often wondered as she stood there in that endless dragging posture if she had frozen into a lifeless statue during the course of the drag as it didn’t seem possible for her to suck smoke  from the cigarette that damn long.  She was in a very tight huddle with the three friends and then spit to the ground.  The guy started playing mock footsie with her and I was wondering if it had anything to do with her spitting a lugie to the ground and either hitting his shoe or coming close.  Whatever the case, a couple of rapist drags later and she spit another lugie to the ground in the middle of this huddle.  Her best was still to come though.  She placed the two-thirds smoked cigarette into her mouth and began to take another rapist drag and then let go, dangling the drag for the final four of the six seconds and then letting the mostly smoked cigarette (that had to be quite hot on her lips) dangle again for no reason.  That’s when the guy from the group did something I’ve never seen before.  He grabbed the cigarette from her mouth while she was dangling (who knows how long it would have gone on otherwise!??!) and took a puff himself before handing it to his homely girlfriend for another drag….and then handed it back to blondie.  Blondie took one more deep drag and then flicked the cigarette to the corner of the smoking area.  Moments later, she and the wholesome brunette in the purple dress (what an odd couple these two were!) walked away together and the guy and ugly girl went back to the concert.

Now I wouldn’t see this girl smoking again, but I saw her twice more on the grounds and was very impressed by her somewhat weathered-looking but still solid beauty.  No surprise at all looking at this girl that she was a smoker as she had the look big-time, as it would be hard not to the way she massacres her cigarettes like she’s a general in an army.  And I even got the brand as she stuffed the pack in the back pocket of her tight jeans….Marlboro Reds!

In the closing moments of the Lonestar show, I saw my trio of smoker girls walking out in the company of another modestly attractive light brunette who was apparently the nonsmoker of the group since she didn’t come out earlier.  I prayed they’d stop for another cigarette but were pressing forward.  Still, I couldn’t help but continue watching as they walked away.  And sure enough, the cigarette supplier was opening her purse.  As they walked off, I watched her extract one cigarette from the community pack for the evening….and she handed it to the wholesome dark blond.  It was my genuine heartbreak of the night, knowing this adorable little thing was about to have sexual relations with another cigarette while I was in no position to leave this concert.  And while I’d see more from this trio, I regrettably saw the last of the trio’s main event girl with a cigarette.

The concert ended in about 10 minutes.  Corey’s fiance’s sister came over to talk to her sister and I figured this was a good opening for me to fly the coop, saying I might see Corey again on the grounds afterwards but hoping I wouldn’t.  I made my escape and not 30 seconds after leaving, who do I spot but the sexpot trio that had now become a foursome standing in front of the mini-donut stand.  The good news is that two of the three smokers had just lit fresh cigarettes.  The bad news is the dark blond had already finished hers.  Gahhh!  Even so, the glam blond in the jean shorts was hot as hell with the messy exhales, often in the form of talking exhales, that she displayed in the previous sighting was a pleasure to watch.  I heard her say “I have to go to the bathroom.” and the group of girls drifted towards the fairgrounds’ primary bathroom structure.  I was able to stand to the side and watch as the two outrageously obnoxious smokers stood there in this line, probably less than two feet behind the other women in line, smoking their cigarettes and not seeming to care much if the other women in line didn’t like it.  This would have been a big enough deal for these 18-year-old girls to smoke in line for the bathroom on a typical night, but it was really something to see on Smoke-Free Saturday!  Unless she flicked the butt quite a distance, I wasn’t optimistic about identifying this one but stuck around watching her smoke until she finished it.  She squashed it underneath her foot right there in the line for the women’s bathroom.  I wasn’t gonna be identifying that one.  And so it went tonight with girls finding the most inaccessible and inconvenient corners of the fairground that exist to deposit their cigarette butts tonight and preventing me from identifying them.

I’ll give a passing mention to my 15ish Newport girl who I saw once in the midway with her same friends, but was not smoking when I passed her.  She was wearing a gray T-shirt and skimpy jean shorts showing off those long legs again, but with an added flourish of cuteness tonight had that dark hair that flowed over her shoulder hanging over her shoulder in a braid tonight.  Wish I could have the timing to see her smoke just one more time as that would have secured a #1 berth for 2012 for her.

Another very brief heartbreaker of a sighting I scored was this cute long-haired petite blond who I figured was 16 and in my brief glance at her she looked very pretty.  She was at the edge of the midway and I saw her with a cigarette but for the life of me I couldn’t find a workable vantage point.  Having looped around the food stand she was near twice in search of shangrila, I had to retreat, but managed to see one drag from her and it was a doozy, with a very cloudy exhale.  How did 16-year-old girls smoke like this???!?!?  I thought to myself again.  I would see her on the grounds a few minutes later after she was finished smoking (decked out in a tanktop and tight pale blue jeans by the way) and she had a look that can almost be described as prissy and snobbish, but in a very cute way and probably quite dissimilar her actual personality.

One more frustrating encounter with “the trio” before the night ended.  The cigarette supplier and the glam blond separated briefly from the wholesome blond and the nonsmoker.  I followed the wholesome blond and the nonsmoker briefly and they ended up drifting into this spot between the pizza stand and the Mexican food stand and talked to some other friends who were standing there for whatever reason.  I walked away from that but about five minutes later found myself walking right behind the cigarette supplier and the glam blond….who had just lit up their third cigarettes of the evening.  I followed them in hopes of finally identifying their brand from the butt….but as they were walking towards those two food stands where the other friends were, I knew I was probably gonna get screwed again.  And sure enough.  I found a bench with a distant vantage point and was at least able to see the glam blond smoking another cigarette.  I had hoped the wholesome blond would get another craving while the two friends were smoking, now immersed in a group of six, but it didn’t happen.  As the glam blond crushed out the cigarette, I thought there might still be hope that after they left I’d be able to identify at least one butt from this epic trio of emphysema girls but I passed the place three more times before leaving and there was ALWAYS somebody standing there for whatever inexplicable reason.  Infuriating!

I’d get one more great sighting while in pursuit of the glam blond.  I was walking on the increasingly sparse south side of the grounds right around 11:30 and found myself behind an early 20s blond in a yellow tanktop and tight jeans who I’d noticed all night long.  I had the notion to follow for no reason but pure instinct and while she never lit up, in about 20 seconds I finally managed to notice that the hot brunette friend next to her was smoking.  This just confirmed my suspicion that while I don’t have a conscious preference for blonds over brunettes, I seem to instinctively notice the blonds first.  But now that this brunette wielding a freshly lit cigarette had my attention, she kept it as I repositioned myself to get a better look at her.  I first admired her body draped in a black top and dark blue jean shorts that framed her bubble butt beautifully.  Then I got a look at her face and it was very pretty as well….an 8.5.  Suddenly another duo of friends joined them, one a modestly attractive blond smoker (having another cigarette) who I had already seen smoking on the grounds earlier and a dark blond nonsmoker who didn’t stand out.  This brunette dominated my attention and I was very impressed with how good of a smoker she was, taking frequent impressive drags and releasing a solid snootful of smoke every time she exhaled.

The girls were progressing right past the shuttle bus area and towards the south side gate, apparently living within walking distance of the fairgrounds.  While this left me pretty exposed since I was following them closely and was the only one around in the immediate area, I wanted to see this show play out.  The smoking show continued to impress but I also got another unexpected show when the smoking brunette and the other anonymous brunette joined hands as they walked towards the gate.  Lesbians?  It would certainly seem so.  If you’re as sexy of a smoker as that brunette, you can’t like other girls!  It should be the law!  Whatever the case, I was fully confident I’d finally get the chance to identify the brunette’s butt.  It was just a matter of following until she dropped it.  But suddenly the girls pass this mounted mini-carousel that is at the entry/exit gate on the south side of the fairgrounds.  Not sure what they were doing, but they honest to God climbed over a small roped fence and went BEHIND the cement pillar with the merry-go-round on top….into a pitch black area where I couldn’t even dream of following.  Suddenly I had no other recourse but to turn around and head back into the grounds for a final loop, knowing fate had no interest in helping with me identifying hotties’ cigarette butts tonight.

I was unimpressed with my numbers totals as the previous two Saturday nights were very prolific, so even though it was about 11:40 I did one more loop and managed a couple of sightings, the best of which was an attractive late 20s long-haired brunette in a black top and tight white pants smoking while chatting with a nonsmoking female friend.  The smoker seemed pretty prim and proper, so I was taken aback when she hocked up a lugie and spit it on the ground next to her.

At 11:45, I left the grounds and was behind a duo that included a modest late 20s smoking blond, who I counted, and her friend, an obese brunette also smoking but who I didn’t.  So I ended Smoke-Free Saturday with 23 sightings, ending the year with 116, down from last year’s 125, and way down from 2010’s 144.  Now 2010 was a fluke with that Hinder concert giving me 52 sightings in one night, but it does seem as though the trajectory is undeniably declining at the FCF, albeit modestly.  And furthermore, the sheer number of incredible sightings (and multiples) I scored hardly makes 2012’s haul worth complaining about.  Friday was my weakest night but I scored something very impressive all five nights.  It was bittersweet leaving the 2012 local county fair for the final time tonight, but it was a great one that will live on forever in my blog and I’m now less than a week away from the Iowa State Fair.

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