2012 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

On Friday night, I was despairing about my own negative interpretation of the weather forecast and that I might be rained out of a portion of my day of Iowa State Fair, contemplating the potential of a “Category 10 trainwreck”.  It turns out my assessment of the problem was misdirected.  Somehow, the weather remained perfect far longer than I expected, with the sun lingering until about 4:00 and only then becoming mostly cloudy but still relatively warm, and without a drop of rain in sight.  Unfortunately, there was still a “Category 10 trainwreck” yesterday and that was the day of sightings itself.  Up until the last hour and a half, I was prepared to crown August 11, 2012, the worst day of fairgrounds fetishing since I’ve been consciously looking for sightings in fairgrounds.  I had a bit of a flourish in that final hour and a half but even then the day was almost completely bereft of storyline sightings and most of the sightings that started out with potential were either short-circuited entirely or fell far short of their potential.  The upside is I managed one fantastic sighting that almost made the whole day worthwhile.

Back in 2008 and 2009, I scored 101 and 107 sightings, respectively, over a full day of fetishing and deduced that the Iowa State Fair was a solid fetishing venue but not in the same league as the Minnesota State Fair.  Then in 2010 and 2011, I figured that assessment was wrong when I managed 136 and 143 sightings on my full-day Iowa State Fair visits, figuring I must have become more efficient in my patterns and found the right hours to fetish.  I didn’t really consider that there would still be good days and bad days for seeing girls smoking at the fair.  Everything was in place for a great day of sightings yesterday with nice weather and large Saturday crowds, but I managed only 109 sightings.  Now it’s true that that is more than sightings numbers from 2008 and 2009 but it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison since those years I arrived more than an hour earlier and left more than an hour earlier, thus missing out on the 10:30 to 11:30 sightings boom.  Had I followed the 2008 and 2009 time patterns yesterday I would have definitely had fewer than 100 sightings, possibly within the 75-80 range that I hypothetically mused the night before would be representative of a “very bad day”.  Anyway, onto the frustrating narrative….

I had been inside the fairgrounds less than 10 minutes when I scored Sighting #1, which was a pretty impressive way to start the day.  This glamorous 20-something dark brunette in a neon orange summer dress was walking behind her husband as he pushed a stroller, presumably carrying her kid.  While dad was playing Mr. Mom, the brunette was walking down the Grand Concourse smoking a cigarette.  Presentation-wise the girl was a 10 with her glam look and that orange dress.  Her looks were a solid 8 but didn’t quite live up to the presentation.  Still, I followed and watched her enjoy her cigarette while bedazzling fellow fairgoers in her outfit.  After about two minutes of following and watching her smoke, she crushed out the cigarette on the pavement.   I checked out the butt and it was a Newport, which continues to increase its market share here in the Upper Midwest.  While that part of the sighting was over, about a half hour later I’d run into her and the husband again, standing in front of the port-a-potties.  The husband was talking to another guy while my girl was bending down to the bottom of the stroller.  I just had a feeling what might be coming, and sure enough, she stood up with another Newport dangling from her lips.  She didn’t light it up though as at that moment, the husband introduced the girl to “his cousin Mike” (the other guy he was talking to).  They exchanged greetings and the girl placed the unlit cigarette inside the top portion of the stroller, either because she always intended to smoke the cigarette later or because she didn’t want to leave a bad impression on “Cousin Mike”.  I did a half loop around the general area and returned five minutes later to see if she was smoking, but the unlit Newport still sat there in the stroller as she talked with her husband and his cousin.  Again, more could have come from this sighting but it was still pretty solid given the pedigree of the girl and the likelihood that she was the only smoker of the trio.  Little did I know I would go about six hours before I’d get another sighting that was even this good.

I stitched together a few decent sightings in that first half hour, including a cute Asian girl in white shorts, and things seemed to going smoothly before noon.  I hit a slow patch soon afterwards but didn’t panic because that often happens in the morning and early afternoon.  Sighting #8 was the next to moderately impress as I walked through the seating area on the back side of grandstand where an 18ish girl in a feminine summer dress was smoking a cigarette in the company of parents who were not smoking.  While this context was delicious, the girl herself was only modest…about a 6 out of 10 beauty wise with shoulder-length dark blond hair and a heavy dose of makeup covering up some obvious acne issues.  There was no place to sit and watch as all the benches were full so I had to be content to walk past her again and watch her comfortably smoking in the presence of nonsmoking parents while the three of them talked.

I was really hoping to hit a homerun with my 12th sighting of the day, because that would be my 1,000th Iowa State Fair sighting since I began attending the ISF in 2006.  Unfortunately, it was a very mediocre sighting of a mediocre 20-something gal and her boyfriend.  However, I did hit a triple with Sighting #13 of the day (and Sighting #1,001 of all-time at the ISF).  As I approached the bathroom area in the center of the grounds I could see from afar a trio of 18-19ish black girls with one petite white girl in the mix.  In a curious role reversal, two of the three black girls were smoking cigarettes, the other black girl wasn’t smoking at all, and the white girl was smoking a freshly lit Black ‘N’ Mild cigar.  Typically African Americans are at the forefront of the cigar-smoking trend so seeing the white girl being the only one in the cluster smoking one was rather unorthodox.  I bet she was only five feet tall so seeing her with that long, freshly lit cigar in her hand was impressive.  Best sighting of the day right?  Not exactly.  The girl’s cuteness factor was limited to her size as she was only about a 6 beauty-wise.  I had a helluva time finding anyplace to watch this from any position, so I rotated around, at one point standing to her front and watching her take her drags from the cigar and at another point standing behind her, enabling me to get the occasional whiff of cigar smoke blowing my direction.  After about three minutes, the group drifted off, with my girl about to enter the Grand Concourse wielding her fresh cigar in a very public setting.  Because of her size, those who would have seen her from behind with her cigar would have probably believed she was 14.  I followed briefly but ended up retreating because the girl wasn’t worth a 20-minute detour and the likelihood of her finishing off the cigar rather than stubbing it out and putting it in her pocket to smoke the rest later wasn’t great.  In retrospect, I could just as well have followed her because I would get nothing else worth seeing for hours to come.

And so it went, hour after hour stitching together as few as three or four mediocre sightings per hour all while knowing I was gonna be scorched with sunburn as the sun stayed out hours longer than I expected when I chose not to bother with sunblock. I typically remind myself not to panic when going through slow early afternoon hours, but I was so far behind schedule now that I was genuinely starting to panic. My morale couldn’t have been lower by mid-afternoon when I stumbled upon Sighting #30, a mid-20s strawberry blond in a white tanktop and jean shorts smoking an all-white in the company of two nonsmoking guys.  Did she have the IT factor of the strawberry blond from my local county fair?  Uh, no.  She was about a 7 on the spectrum, but that nonetheless made her the best smoker I had seen in hours yesterday, and I will say the girl’s stock rose throughout the day.  She crushed out her cigarette about three minutes after I started eyeballing her and this female brunette friend met up with them, also about a 7 beauty-wise.  I happened upon this group again only five minutes later and the strawberry blond was already smoking another cigarette.  About an hour after that, the group was all sitting up the hill on the east side of the grounds, and the strawberry blond was smoking for a third time, this time with the brunette smoking as well.  And then in the evening, in front of the oft-cited fairgrounds bar The Depot, I saw the strawberry blond with her group smoking her fourth Camel Light of the day.  Was I just seeing her every time she was smoking or was this girl a literal chain-smoker?  I’m leaning towards the latter, and even though she wasn’t one of my best girls of the day, the frequency of her tobacco consumption was nonetheless impressive.

I’d get what passed for a flourish yesterday in the next few minutes after my first sighting of the strawberry blond, scoring Sighting #33 at the edge of the midway near another set of bathrooms.  I came across what I figured was an adorable mother-daughter sighting where both the unattractive 40 or 50-something mother and the 18-19ish blond daughter were wearing matching red shirts and smoking cigarettes while sitting next to each other on a curb and chatting.  The girl one of the few genuine cutiepies I scored yesterday, especially during those drab daytime hours, sitting there with her ponytailed blond hair and her short jean shorts and bare legs, puffing away.  There was nothing distinctive about her style but she was a cute smoker, which yesterday seemed like an endangered species.   At one point she was digging through her purse and took out her pack of Marlboro Mediums, handing a fresh one to mom who lit up again.  Blondie hadn’t finished her cigarette yet but I was hopeful for back-to-backs from both of them.  Unfortunately, blondie crushed out her cigarette and threw the butt underneath this speaker stand for the nearby radio station booth, and then the older woman crushed out her half-smoked second cigarette and they got up.  I then figured out that they were likely not even mother and daughter as both gravitated to the nearby bar and grill where they both likely worked…hence the matching red shirts.  As I said, just about everything got short-circuited to some extent yesterday.  On the upside, a couple of hours later I was walking by this same area to see the cute blond with two other friends/coworkers about her age from the bar and grill.  She was the cutest of the three and the only one smoking.  Unfortunately, she was immersed in her iPhone and incessantly typing, leaving the cigarette between her fingers annoyingly unattended.  There isn’t a great place to stand and watch from this location so I had to retreat after a few minutes and only a couple of drags.

The pace of sightings remained abysmal through the late afternoon, but at some point around 5:30 I would score Sighting #38, the sighting that single-handedly salvaged the entire day.  I came upon this sighting at the unlikeliest of locations to boot….the block containing most of the livestock buildings on the south side of the grounds.  Soon after turning onto this block I laid eyes on the sweetest face I’d see all day…..a 15-16ish brunette of the highest magnitude of Midwestern wholesomeness sitting on a bench with a cigarette in her hand next to a blond-haired farm boy who was either a boyfriend or just a guy friend as it wasn’t overly clear by watching.  FINALLY I remembered saying to myself as I saw her and then had to find a position to watch which, as was the case so frequently yesterday, was difficult.  I leaned against a tree and observed.  How positively adorable she was, her sugary sweet look barely disguising a naughty little smirk that let you know the girl was a spitfire.  She had shoulder-length light brown hair, wearing a white T-shirt and dark jean shorts that really complimented her perfect little Midwestern cutie image. She was talking to the guy and very clearly amusing both him and herself with her antics before taking a drag from her cigarette, then proceeding to turn her head upwards and release a very generous skyward exhale that immediately informed me the girl was no flash in the pan style-wise.  Another girl of average attractiveness sat down next to them after a couple of minutes, clearly the friend of both.  A little too exposed at my current vantage point, I decided to go directly behind them and lean against the livestock building, hoping to snap a couple of pictures.

As I arrived at the spot, the smoker girl put her hand affectionately on the blond guy’s upper back and waved it around briefly, making me think they might have been boyfriend and girlfriend but that it could also have just been a friendly gesture of affection based upon whatever they were talking about, which unfortunately I couldn’t hear because I have a feeling if I did this sighting would have been that much more adorable.  The highlight of the sighting came next, when my girl took another drag from her cigarette, once again turning her beautiful face skyward and releasing an even more generous snootful of smoke into the summer air…..only one breath was not enough to release the entire contents of her black lungs as the stream of smoke ended briefly…and then resumed with a second smaller spurt of sky-bound smoke with her next breath.  And the look on this girl’s face was pure pleasure as she exhaled that smoke….not quite to the level of the wholesome dark blond from last week’s FCF but in that realm.  It was abundantly clear her pleasure level from consuming that cigarette bordered on the orgasmic.   I managed to snap a couple of pictures from this angle, but unfortunately they’re blurry as it was too far away with my crappy camera phone to give much detail on what a cutie she is.  I stuck around for one more skyward exhale from the rear, her pleasured look evident once again but without quite as much pomp and circumstance with the exhale.  I had to go back to my original vantage point leaning against the tree in hopes of getting a better frontal photo of her with the cigarette.  I did manage another photo and while it was the best of the three, it’s still not great.  She cooperated by taking a drag from the cigarette and this time exhaling straight forward so I could see she managed a pretty impressive distance with her smoke missile when directed straight in front of her face as well as into the air.

The last three minutes or so of this sighting were frustrating though as she had this stub of a cigarette between her fingers with one drag left, but she wasn’t taking it, instead engaging the friends in comedic discussion where it continued to be clear she was the life of the party.  Finally she took the last drag and proceeded to smear the cigarette butt on the ground beneath her and blowing her smoke to the ground while doing so.  Thankfully, she left the butt sitting there as she got up with the friends.  Immediately after they started walking away, I went to that bench in hopes of identifying the butt.  She had smoked the cigarette almost completely down to the filter, and after she smeared it onto the ground all that was left was the cork filter, so I have no idea what the brand was.   I then immediately pivoted to see where they were.  Seeing this girl standing in the company of her friends made the context of what I had just seen of her smoking that much more adorable as she was so tiny….maybe 5’1″ or 5’2″, walking next to her taller, nonsmoking friends with her cute little butt draped in those girl-next-door jean shorts.  And as a final adorable sunset for this sighting, the trio then walked into the entrance of the sheep barn, indicating to me that one or all of them are 4-H kids with livestock exhibits.  They sure looked like country kids, especially the boy, and now they were about to wander amongst the smelly livestock in the barn but still probably finding them to be less stinky that the petite cutie in their presence reeking of fresh smoke from the cigarette she just pleasured herself with.  This sighting had several things in common with last week’s FCF Newport cutie.  That sighting will probably rate better on my year-end list simply because I saw her smoke so often, but this girl was cuter and more wholesome.  I cannot even begin to convey how desperately I needed this sighting with as dull and exhausting as the day had been thus far.  I had a spring in my step and hoped I had turned a corner….

I didn’t really turn a corner, but I did score a couple of my better sightings of the day in the next hour and a half.  Sighting #43 wouldn’t have made my writeup in the past two years simply because there was no storyline at all, but at the back entrance of the fairgrounds’ main commercial buildings stood a young couple with a very attractive mid-20s blond smoking.  As always yesterday, they were standing in a spot where I couldn’t linger without being obvious, but I got to see a couple of nice drags for her and it felt good to know that pretty girls like her were still smoking at the fair as I hadn’t seen too many pretty faces drawing on cigarettes yesterday.  It was also noteworthy because you wouldn’t believe how many infuriating sightings I got yesterday of guys smoking in the company of cute girls who were not.  That was a common theme all day….all kinds of people smoking except the demographic I wanted to see.

Sighting #45 had a much better storyline as I was walking through an area near one of the entertainment stages and came upon two young ladies in the 20-21 range.  The cuter of the two was a dark blond in a black tanktop and jean shorts holding a pack of (I believe) Marlboro Lights 100s in her right hand and a very freshly lit all-white in her other that was so long I figured it had to be a 100.  The other girl was also blond and was holding a baby who looked about six months old.  The smoker girl was leaning towards the other girl and proceeded to lean down and give the baby boy a kiss on the forehead with her fresh cigarette breath.  Not only was this adorable, but it led me to believe the smoker was the mother and was simply letting the other girl hold the baby while she smoked.  After the kiss, I watched as the dark blond took a couple of solid drags from the cigarette before the duo became mobile.  The crowds were thick and I was struck by how the smoker walked with that long, smoldering cigarette at her side, oblivious to accidentally scalding anybody who might have brushed up against her in this crowd. She was just as careless with her smoking, letting the breeze carry her smoke into the crowd, including into the face of a certain fetisher walking behind her and admiring both her ass and her smoking.  She made pretty quick work of the cigarette, taking frequent drags and turning that once-long cigarette into a pretty short stub in just a few short minutes.  They crossed the Grand Concourse and got in the long line for deep-fried candy bars.  Sure enough, within 20 seconds of standing in this line, the smoker took her final drag from the cigarette and dropped it to the pavement to crush it out, leaving me zero chance of officially identifying the brand in this line.  Interestingly though, immediately after finishing the cigarette, she reclaimed the baby boy, holding him up against her stinky body and turning him into a future fetisher.  I left a few moments later but came upon this girl again not long afterwards, no longer smoking but playing with the baby boy in the same general area of the food stand where they had just been standing in line.

Within the next half hour, I had a strikingly similar sighting that was even a little bit hotter given the context.  In Sighting #51, a tool of a boyfriend/husband was pushing a stroller containing a daughter who looked about two years old, while the surprisingly wholesome-looking light brunette mommy…was smoking a cigar!  It was the final inch or so of a plastic-tipped Black ‘N’ Mild and it looked WAY out of place between the fingers of this 22ish cutie wearing an orange tanktop and pinkish striped shorts.  Looking at the image of this girl, the last thing you’d expect to see was a cigar in her hand.  I wouldn’t doubt if other fairgoers walking by and smelling cigar smoke in the air were looking for its source and were positively shocked that it was coming from her.  She had a lighter in the same hand as the cigar which informed me she had just relit the thing and probably only smokes a little bit of her cigars at a time.  I followed close by and snapped a few rear photos which were okay but you can barely make out that she has a cigar in her hand.  More luxurious was bathing in the smelly exhales that came whenever she took a drag, which unfortunately didn’t come often.  Frustration followed, however, as she sat down near the exit with the husband and the little girl, clearly waiting for somebody.  I stood by for a full five minutes and she never took another drag.  It was cute seeing the daughter come out of the stroller and being fairly close to mommy, knowing that mommy stunk of cigar, but I was pulling my hair out as she  failed to take additional drags from the plastic-tipped cigar.  About 15 minutes later, I returned to this spot to find no trace of either the couple or a cigar butt.  This was still probably my third favorite sighting of the day but like so many yesterday, had the potential to be so much more.

So it was 7:00 now.  Last year at 7:00, I had 80 sightings.  My typical 7 p.m. baseline was about 65-70.  Last night…I was at 51. It had really been a bleak afternoon, but I’ve had bleak daytime hours salvaged by fantastic evenings before and all I could hope for at this point was for that to happen again.  And while I wasn’t seeing smoker girls, I was having the misfortune of seeing people I knew.  From out of nowhere on the south side of the grounds at one point in the early evening I heard “Hi Mark”.  It was this guy Jaime from where I work…although not in my department.  Nice guy, but I could do without seeing him in this setting.  Worse yet, about 15 minutes later, who do I see but a trio of kids from the skate park I walk by almost daily in my neighborhood, including this young black kid who talked to me at Summerfest and this one unattractive girl.  And while they didn’t call me out, I heard the girl say “Hey that’s that guy who walks all the time!”  Oy.  Thankfully I didn’t run into any of these people again, but the world gets a little too small when I run into these people not only at my county fair but also at my state fairs.

It was already transitioning to dark before I got my next report-worthy sighting and I continued to fall farther behind schedule.  The good news is that one area in the center of grounds that is a magnet for teenagers after dark started to fill up.  There were plenty of all-out sexpots at the fair last night and I hoped like crazy that some of them would be smoking when the sun went down and they were in the company of their friends.  In a cluster of some of these sexpots I found Sighting #59, a curly-haired brunette in a summer dress with a stub of a cork filter cigarette in her hand.  The bad news is that of the three girls in this cluster, she was the least gorgeous.  She was cute but didn’t have the IT factor of her friends.  She was a decent smoker but failed to rock my world in a tangible way with her smoking style or the way she carried herself, even though I’d rate her no less than an 8 on the beauty spectrum.  Interestingly, however, I made a midway loop and returned to this spot about 20 minutes later…and this girl had the stub of another cigarette between her fingers so she certainly seemed as though she was a pretty heavy smoker.

I mentioned that in between the two cigarettes that I saw the last girl smoke, I made a midway run.  The midway was mostly worthless yesterday, but it did come through exactly once with Sighting #62.  One of the carnival games involves pitching a baseball into tarp and having it read your pitch speed.  There was a cluster of 21ish guys and girls hovering in this area, watching one of the guys try his luck at the game.  There were three girls in the group and one of them was a total cutie.  She didn’t smoke.  However, the moderately attractive tall dark blond next to her in a green tanktop and tight white shorts was fidgeting around with her purse.  I watched this half-heartedly but was so cynical by this time of the day after so many missed opportunities that I was certain that whatever came out of her purse would not be a pack of cigarettes.  But for one time yesterday I was wrong as she produced a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols, extracted one, and lit up.  And when she proceeded to dangle that lit cigarette for about 30 seconds after the light-up while putting the pack into her purse, I thought I was in for a rock star sighting.  Unfortunately the sighting peaked with the dangle.  From that point forward she placed the cigarette to her lips and left it there for about one second with each subsequent drag, producing very little smoke.  I sensed she was a regular and addicted smoker, but for whatever reason had developed a minimalist style that failed to excite.  She had a pretty nice body and her ass was hot in those white shorts, but as I followed for about two minutes and watched this mediocre performance from a girl who was only modestly attractive, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of following for a sighting of this caliber, especially since there had to be better stuff going on near the teen hangout.  In case you haven’t noticed, this was another of my problems yesterday.  With just about every group of girls I came across, there was only one girl amongst them who smoked.  While that dynamic can have its upsides from a storyline sense, it’s those groups of girls smoking that really boost my overall sightings numbers.  I had virtually none yesterday, which meant my sightings numbers increased pretty much one at a time through the entire evening.

Within the next 15 minutes, I’d get one of my top-five sightings of the day/night when I came across Sighting #66, a duo of girls on the south side standing in the middle of the street and apparently waiting for someone.  As always yesterday, one girl was smoking and the other wasn’t.  The blond of the duo was not smoking, but the good news is that the brunette who was the hotter of the two was smoking.  They looked about 21 and the brunette was quite pretty, and her presentation was what impressed most, as she was wearing this sexy tanktop that had an orangish-pinkish hue, and an even better pair of pale blue jean shorts on her bottom.  They were the perfect pair of jean shorts, being just the right color and just the right fit to caress her curves deliciously.  Definitely among the asses I most wanted to smack over the course of the day.  I found a nearby bench to watch and not long after two guys joined them…presumably their boyfriends.  The hottie remained the only one of the four smoking.  Her style was solid if not necessarily distinctive, and it was a pleasure to watch such a shapely and well-decorated young female smoking on a day where I saw so little of it from a girl of her pedigree.  She dropped the cigarette to the pavement and crushed it out before they soon walked off towards the south side beer gardens.  I had no difficulty walking up and identifying the cork filter cigarette butt…L & M….not one of my favorites.  I think it’s kind of a high-end generic as the girl I went out with last year named Brittany would buy those sometimes if she didn’t want to pay an extra dollar for Marlboro Smooths.  Anyway, I saw this girl one other time on the grounds that evening, and she really did have a delicious body.

It was interesting how common the theme of my next sighting of note was yesterday.  Sighting #75 was yet another attractive young mommy smoking while her nonsmoking husband pushed the stroller.  This mommy was a long-haired brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts with a modest IT factor.  She was talking to the husband and using her cigarette to point at things as they proceeded, which I always find kind of hot.  I walked near them as she took a couple of nice drags, but then pressed on as although the sighting was better than average for yesterday, it didn’t have the necessary punch for me to risk getting caught by following for the rest of the cigarette.

Sighting #84 was another sighting good enough for a writeup but lacking the punch needed to boost my evening to where it needed to be after such a lackluster day.  Outside the bar on the east side of the grandstand, a cluster of guys and girls were hovering and socializing.  As always, only one of the girls was smoking, but she was an adorable, petite long-haired blond wearing a tanktop and a pair of tight jeans.  She was very skinny and the outfit she wore was tight, which helped her stand out.  The all-white cigarette she held was freshly lit and the most distinctive part of her style was her exaggerated mouth contortions while exhaling, releasing her smoke at an angle from the corner of her mouth in a way that was kind of cute.  She was in a huddle with friends so I was able to watch about four or five drags before I figured it would be in my interest to leave the scene before getting spotted, especially since the group of friends was surrounding her and making it harder to see her smoke.

My most infuriating not-quite sighting was Sighting #88.  It was about 10:00 now and, finally, I was scoring sightings with a little more regularity and giving me hope that I’d at least reach 100 sightings, which as late as 9:00 seemed out of the question the way yesterday was going.  Back in the cluster of teenagers, I weaved my way through in hope of seeing something great just as the fireworks were going off.  Among a cluster of four sexy 18ish girls was this adorable girl-next-door blond wearing a white bare-midriff tanktop and turquoise jean shorts…..and holding a pack of Marlboro 27s that she was in the process of opening, ripping the cellophane wrapping off.  A bench was just opening up for me to get a front-row seat to this yumminess.  But she was only a tease….and an infuriating one at that.  On several occasions she would pop the top of that cigarette pack open as if she was about to extract a cigarette.  I sat there for a good 10 minutes always thinking she was about to light up…but she never did.  At one point, she drifted towards a guy that was clearly her boyfriend and I figured maybe she was gonna ask him for a lighter.  The two of them put on a display of PDA, kissing as she embraced him holding the pack of cigarettes behind his back while doing so.  But with one final kiss and him smacking her on the butt, she and the other girls started walking away and after all that teasing, I wasn’t about to follow and waste even more of my limited time on her.  My rule of thumb is whenever a girl is carrying a pack of cigarettes that I know is hers, I count her as a sighting, but easily my frustration of the night was not seeing her actually smoke.

I made my final largely fruitless midway run of the night before returning to this area full of teenagers and it finally delivered in a significant way with Sighting #92.  On the edge of the huddle stood this 18ish dark brunette with shoulder-length hair wearing a top and one of the slutty micro-miniskirts that are (thankfully) so en vogue lately.  Hers had a flower print pattern and totally advertised every scrumptious curve of her lower body.  She was smoking a cigarette while talking to a nonsmoking friend.  There are a ton of cops hovering around this area, making sure the underage kids don’t get their hands on alcoholic beverages being served across the street, so that made securing a vantage point all the more difficult.  I did find one, however, and watched this sexpot smoke most of her cigarette.  She was pretty, but with a more girl-next-door look than her slutty outfit indicated…..to the point that it seemed a little out of place on her.  Her best quality was that lower body so beautifully framed in that miniskirt.  While watching this, I noticed a cluster of guys and girls standing next to me, again with only one smoker in the group.  Sighting #93 was a curly-haired 19ish blond in a white top and pink shorts that was moderately cute but it was one of the only times of the day where I was able to direct my eyes from one smoker girl to the next at the same time.  Still, my attention was mainly directed towards this brunette in the sexy miniskirt.  She finished her cigarette and broke my heart by leaning down to the ground to smash out the cigarette on the pavement and then walking to the nearest garbage can to toss it.  My bad luck with butt identification continued.  However, she just happened to be going the same direction I was and immersed herself once again into the friend group she apparently walked away from, and one of the guys said “There you two are.  You just disappeared and we wondered where you went” to which the girl replied “I just went off to smoke a cigarette.”  Cute stuff…but it was even cuter the next time I walked by this area about 15 minutes later and saw the same guy who said that with his arm around the brunette’s waist…and his hand caressing one of her asscheeks in that tight miniskirt.  The guy has good taste…I’ll say that!

It was almost 11:00 by this time and I was wiped out.  One of the biggest problems about mediocre days is that you notice the pain in your feet after 11 hours of walking nonstop on pavement.  If you’re scoring a boatload of sightings, you tend to stop and watch them more frequently and thus delay the pain to your feet.  But if you’re walking endlessly in pursuit of sightings that just aren’t happening, the pain sets in earlier and you need to take more breaks by evening’s end.  So last night, during the peak final hour of sightings, I had to find a bench on the concourse to overlook the busy street, telling myself I’d just sit there until the next quality sighting walked by.  I scored a couple modest sightings during the five minutes or so I sat there, but it was Sighting #100 that brought me to my feet.  Across the street was a wholesome-looking 19ish long-haired blond, in the company of two other blonds, wearing a sweatshirt and jean shorts with a bright red cherry from her cigarette glowing.  Funny how sore feet don’t seem so sore anymore when you have to race forward to catch up to smoker girls.  When I caught up to them, I saw another girl in the trio was smoking as well, becoming Sighting #101.  Could it be??!!?!  Two girls in the same group were smoking at the same time!!!  This was only the second time I saw that all day!  And there was a contrast here too.  The girl I spotted first with the sweatshirt and jean shorts was the wholesome girl of the trio.  The other smoker was the sexpot wearing a top and slutty black-and-white striped miniskirt.  The nonsmoking blond of the trio was pretty hot herself and I was disappointed she wasn’t smoking.  I followed close behind and got a few glances at the face of the sexy girl who turned to talk to the friend allowing me to see she was quite attractive.  The wholesome girl was harder to get a good look at though as she was pretty much moving straight ahead without turning her head.  They turned towards the bathroom and it was pretty clear they were gonna go there, frustrating me in that I didn’t figure I’d have much chance of identifying their butts.  The trio all headed towards the bathroom, still with cigarettes in hand, and one by one proceeded inside….first the nonsmoking girl….and then the girl in the slutty miniskirt who took a final drag and then dropped the still-smoldering cigarette to the ground….and then the wholesome girl in the sweatshirt who took a final drag and flung her cigarette into the darkness just off the pavement.  I had an opening to walk past the bathroom and spot the still-smoldering butt of the girl in the miniskirt.  It was a Marlboro Red impressively enough.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the other girl’s butt in the dark.  From there, it was a matter of waiting for them to leave the bathroom so I could get a better look at their faces.  I was successful and all three girls were very attractive, with the wholesome girl not quite measuring up to the sexier girl in the miniskirt.  I followed them the brief distance to where they ultimately settled….where else but the giant cluster of teens in the middle of the grounds.

I had a half hour of fetishing left on the night.  My morale had increased after this 9th inning flourish, but my feet were so sore that I couldn’t fully appreciate it.  However, my second favorite sighting of the day transpired in a spot that allowed me to get off my feet to watch it unfold.  I saw a wholesome-looking 21ish couple sitting on a bench as I walked past, and the first thing I saw was that the guy was smoking.  I didn’t see the girl with a cigarette initially and figured it would be another annoying nonsighting where only the guy was smoking, but as I passed them I could see that the crazy wholesome brunette girl next to him indeed did have a smoldering freshly lit cigarette in her hand, becoming Sighting #103.  There was an open bench next to them facing the girl so I had it made, sitting down to enjoy the show.  I also got to enjoy the image of her impossibly smooth legs on display while seated, extending from the jean shorts that ended at the rump of her ass.  She wasn’t holding the cigarette immediately close to her legs but it was beside the bench only a few inches away.  I always looked her way when she took a drag, and she spotted me a couple of times, but it was worth it as she always took very pleasing moderate drags and then exhaled straight ahead with more of a burst of smoke coming from her mouth rather than the straight-line missile style exhale.  Again, very wholesome-looking girl and one of the straight-up cutest girls of the day making herself stinky.  The boyfriend finished his cigarette first as the girl appeared to be taking a little more time with hers.  That’s when the lovey-dovey stuff started as they began embracing each other and he pulled in for a kiss, electing to get a faceful of her ashtray mouth in the process.  I was jealous of this guy for scoring the kiss but wanted to smack him upside the head for failing to put his hands on those sexy legs of hers and feeling her up down there.  Needless to say I was sticking around for butt identification, but once again got screwed as she crushed the cigarette out on the edge of the bench and then got up to toss it into the nearest garbage can.  When they left, I actually looked into that garbage can to see if it was still visible.  As expected, it wasn’t to be seen, so the best I could do was follow them briefly and admire this cutie’s sexy legs and ass in those jean shorts.  A solid sighting to be sure, but not quite up to par for what would normally be my second best sighting of an entire day at the Iowa State Fair.

From there it was off to the south side for my final loop of the day.  The beer gardens on the south side usually has something interesting going on and last night was no exception as I came upon a huddle of early 20s guys and girls and immediately spotted this dark blond cutie in the mix who was smoking a cigarette, becoming my Sighting #106.  She didn’t have classically beautiful features but still presented herself well with a borderline wholesome and party girl face that was undeniably cute, wearing a blue tanktop and an uber-sexy pair of frayed white cutoffs.  To her left was a nonsmoking girl and to her right was a nonsmoking guy who I’d later discover was her boyfriend.  Across from them in the huddle was another guy who was smoking.  I noticed the guy taking a drag from his cigarette and then turning to considerately exhale the smoke away from the crowd.  The girl, however, had no interest in other people’s air space as when she took her next drag, she exhaled it straight ahead directly into the huddle, nailing the other smoking guy across from her directly in the face.  I was really starting to fall in love with this girl, but all too quickly she took one final mediocre drag and then dropped the butt and crushed it out.  She still had a couple more interesting things to show me though as she bounced back from crushing the cigarette to first hip-check the girl standing next to her and then hip-checked the boyfriend to the right, making me desperately jealous of getting hip-checked by a girl wearing shorts as sexy as hers.  I knew he was her boyfriend because they proceeded to embrace each other.  They didn’t kiss, but it was still hot to see this nonsmoking guy willing to be so tightly embraced by this smelly girl.  There was no hope of identifying the butt they were standing over in this tight huddle so I took off, basically on my final stretch of pavement before getting to my shuttle bus.

Only one last encounter on the walk out from a familiar face.  As I passed The Depot which was cranking out loud music, I spotted the skinny blond in the tight jeans and the exaggerated mouth-contorting exhales who was my Sighting #84.  She was still with the same group of friends, and she was again the only one of them smoking, this time dancing to the music with a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  Three hours earlier, I’d have been thrilled to see this, but after 12 1/2 hours of walking, I was too exhausted to get too worked up and was limping along to my shuttle bus on blistered-up feet.

So there it is…the highly disappointing first day of the 2012 Iowa State Fair.  I’m glad the Iowa State Fair gets a chance at redemption itself on (most likely) Wednesday night when I go again after work.  I have been going on these fairgrounds sightings adventures where I’m consciously dedicating my day to sightings since 2001, and until 10 p.m. last night was fully prepared to declare this one the worst of all-time.  Even with the flourish in the closing hours, I still think it’s my worst day at the Iowa State Fair with so many dead hours and so many squandered opportunities.  I have one certain blog entry at the end of the year, however, with that adorable mid-teen cutie from the late afternoon so the day wasn’t a complete waste, and of course the best news of all is I still have three more fairgrounds sightings events on the near-term horizon.

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