2011 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

Well it was bound to happen.  In the past five years, my all-day hauls at the Minnesota State Fair have yielded new sightings records each passing year.  I did well yesterday, but I didn’t top last year’s one-day record of 212 sightings.  I almost killed myself trying to at least hit 200, but there just weren’t as many smokers out there yesterday and I topped out at 194.  Certainly nothing to grouse about, but it was a reminder of how spoiled I was last year where I was able to go on 40-minute detours chasing after nonsmoking Great White Whales and still get 212 sightings.  This year was much more of a labor.  Qualitywise the day was solid if not quite to the level of spectacular.  Interestingly the day was going very smoothly early on, but lost steam in the late afternoon and evening, the diametric opposite of last year where I had a below-average daytime but an incredible evening.  Kind of crazy actually how the track of this day was the inverse of the track last year followed. I scored one borderline epic that’s likely to be the only new entry to my all-time top-20 when I do my reconfiguration, but I scored a number of outstanding blockbusters yesterday and at times it looked like the day would be a classic Minnesota State Fair outing.

As usual, I tagged along with the parents and as usual we got there earlier than I’d prefer…at 8:30.  Those morning hours are usually unproductive and walking around the grounds intensively that early burns the feet out prematurely and makes it hell to navigate the grounds after dark.  Nonetheless, it’s hard to convey the energy I feel when I walk through that Minnesota State Fair gate for the first time.  As great as it is to walk through the gates of the county fair or the Iowa State Fair the first time each year, it doesn’t even hold a candle to tingly/giddy feeling I get entering the MNSF gate.  Some early mornings start with a spurt of great sightings that help set the stage for the day.  Yesterday did not, but at the same time, I was able to string together a handful of mediocre sightings in the first hour, which is vastly preferable to circling the grounds for more than an hour and getting no sightings, which has happened to me before.   Nonetheless, my recent streak of memorable “Sighting #1’s” ended as yesterday’s first sighting of the day was an average 20-something brunette.

It would be more than an hour into the day before my shovel hit a golden nugget, but it was worth the wait when I saw her.  Walking past the haunted house on the ground’s south side stood a cluster that was clearly waiting for one person from their party to finish their haunted house tour.  Standing on the edge of the group of five was this truly stunning long-haired blond who would become Sighting #7.  She had sunglasses on which gave her a hint of badass but for the most she was as Midwestern wholesome as they come with a long mane of blond hair, a black top, and skimpy white shorts.  She was engaged in discussion with the rest of her group, a mix of guys and girls, but was off to the side so as not to expose them to her cancerous secondhand smoke.  The bench nearest me was occupied so I had an inconvenient vantage point, but nonetheless stood there for the show.  She was a very adept smoker dragging intermittently from her all-white and releasing impressive jets of exhaled smoke that soared two or three feet in front of her beautiful face.  Since she was standing I was in a perfect position to admire her awesomely slender body, with two adorable little bumps poking out of her chest in the black blouse, one of the nicer busts I’ve seen in a girl so skinny.  And that ass looked amazing in the white shorts.  I was able to watch her smoke most of the cigarette before she stubbed it out in the grass and then walked over to the garbage can.  I was standing right next to the garbage can, meaning she walked right up to me when disposing of the all-white butt.  By doing so, I noticed the pack of Marlboro Lights poking out of the left front pocket of her white shorts.  As great as those white shorts were from a distance, they were that much more adorable seeing a pack of Marlboro Lights sticking out of them.  Interestingly, her proper disposal of her cigarette butt was the exception yesterday.  I was elated at just how many girls were boarishly polluting their cigarette butts even when it wasn’t necessary.

Shortly after this gem was Sighting #9, apparently a grandstand worker out on a smoke break.  She was early to mid-20s, a very ethnic-looking Asian girl and hot damn could she smoke, doing repeated dangling drags and even a couple brief talking dangles while on her cell phone.  She clearly saw me watching her so I had to attempt to be discreet, but she put on what I’d have to say was the most professional-looking smoking show I saw all day before dropping the butt in the smoker’s outpost and reentering the grandstand.

Once again, the entire square block dedicated to the beer gardens area was my prime sightings spot of the day and already in the morning it delivered with Sighting #14, an attractive and wholesome looking young brunette mommy in a black dress smoking a cigarette on the grass a few feet in front of the restaurant and bar.  A stroller was next to her, indicating right away she was a mommy, but I’d get confirmation of her status in seconds as a young guy and the little girl were talking her direction from inside the restaurant where they had placed an order.  Mom was talking to the little girl with a cigarette in her hand, most likely wishing she could have her smoke break to herself but still attending to the daughter’s comments as well as the nonsmoking husband’s.  I stood in an awkward spot overseeing this sighting and stuck around about a minute.  And thank God I did…..

Emerging from the left was a clearly underage brunette who became Sighting #15, making her presence known with what I expect was either the first or second exhale from a freshly lit cigarette, the smoke spilling from her face like a geyser with absolutely no regard for the large crowds near her, spewing every which way in front of her and not dissipating until well after she had walked by.  That’s what I’m talking about, baby!!!  As she walked in front of me, my heart nearly melted when I saw she was about 16 and in the company of another brunette friend who was holding a still unlit cork filter of her own.  I got the luxury of following from behind, and in moments, the other brunette lit up and would become Sighting #16….

The girls were clearly very experienced smokers as their drags were all intense, the hold times above-average, and their exhales a pleasing combination nose and mouth gush of unapologetic smoke spewed in front of their faces.  It didn’t necessarily seem to nail anybody in the face (besides me walking from behind), but it was not for lack of trying by the girls who exhaled with reckless abandon.  They also made no attempt to hide the cigarettes that were proudly protruding from their underage fingers as they pressed forward, frequently illiciting looks from middle-aged people sitting on benches who they passed by who never said anything but had a “those girls look too young to be smoking!!!” look on their faces.  No shame….no apologies….just the rawest form of underage nicotine consumption on display for the hundreds of thousands of fairgoers….

The girls themselves were not necessarily class hottie material, but they were both very cute….let’s say about an 8 on the beauty spectrum.  The first girl, who had darker and shorter brown hair, was more impressive as a smoker and was wearing a gray top with nicely fitting jean shorts.  The second girl, who also had her moments of impressive smoking, was a lighter and longer-haired curly brunette wearing a white shirt and glam blue denim capris with shiny gold trim along the pockets and belt line.  She was probably slightly prettier than the first girl, but they were both very nice.  It was so much fun following them and ingesting their smoky headwinds.  To avoid crowds, they weaved in and out of vendor stands and in so doing I found myself behind them with the second girl having already given up her cigarette.  In moments, they were heading right towards the entry to the food building when the first girl dropped her cigarette to the ground and crushed it out.  I had no problem identifying it as a Marlboro Smooth.  Definitely one of my top-five sightings of the day and it would usher in a pretty productive stretch of sightings that by slightly after noon had me thinking I might be on track for my best day of MNSF sightings ever.

I headed back to the beer gardens area where this sighting originated and was surprised to see that cute brunette young mother in the black dress was still there, albeit finished with her cigarette at this point.  But on the way back I had a fun little distraction with Sighting #17.  This 18ish dude was standing with two girls, one blond and one brunette.  He was smoking a cigarette and I naturally surveyed the landscape to see if the girls were in possession of a little white friend of their own.  They weren’t, but just as I was about to walk away, the guy handed the curly-haired light brunette the cigarette.  She was cute, but the blond was hotter and I was really hoping she’d get in on the action as well.  She didn’t but she was getting in line to buy some fair food and the other two stood next to her, at one point with the brunette leaning against the counter with cigarette in hand and taking a drag.  Unfortunately, she then handed the cigarette back to the guy who finished it off.  Still, I could feel my momentum surging.

And surge it would continue as right near the beer gardens would emerge Sighting #18, a modest late 20s blond with an average joe boyfriend/husband at her side.  I took notice when I spotted an unlit Marlboro Light Menthol in her hand.  What would otherwise have been an average sighting to pad my numbers with suddenly got more colorful when she put that MML in her mouth and then got out a Minnesota State Fair booklet to page through events at the fair for the day.  She was walking with the nonsmoking boyfriend and that cigarette just dangled there…..for FIVE MINUTES.  Had it not been for the visible lighter in her hand, I wouldn’t have known if she’d have ever lit it, but they were thoughtful enough to stop in a spot just in front of an open bench where I sat and watched that unlit cigarette dangling from her face.  Now as I said, the girl was only modest…maybe a 6 out of 10.  But you break a world record for unlit dangling like this and I’m gonna notice.  And at various points she did talking dangles to the boyfriend with the still unlit cigarette as well.  Finally, she put the State Fair booklet down and lit that cigarette up before pressing on.  I wanted to stick around for a moment or two to see if she’d dangle the cigarette lit the same way she did unlit.  After keeping the dangle going for about 15 seconds after lighting it, I’d get my answer when she removed the cigarette from her mouth and began to smoke it more traditionally.  One of my more memorable sightings of the day….and I was just getting warmed up for a tsunami of greatness in the hour ahead.

Just a few minutes later would be another of my top-five of the day.  I was approaching the west side of the beer gardens area just before noon when I spotted this very attractive long-haired brunette at the very moment she launched an epic smoke missile into the air while walking away from the beer gardens, instantly becoming Sighting #21.  The huge first impression would be followed up with continued greatness as I managed to walk right up behind her.  Immediately I noticed the pink rings on her all-white cigarette and knew it was a Camel Pink No. 9.  I haven’t seen these in the stores for months now but the dedicated addicts like this girl must be finding a way to keep getting them.  I tried to walk ahead of her to get a better look at her face and managed to get tangled up with her for a moment, briefly excusing myself and fearing I had ruined my chances for a prolonged sighting.  But it would take a lot to break me away from this.  And as luck would have it, she would stand on a grassy area waiting for somebody and I would stand against a tree for my front-row seat…..

She was a beauty, about 21-22 with a wholesome Midwestern look about her.  Definitely not Hollywood-quality features, but she gave off the kind of vibe of a girl who would really make a great girlfriend.  She looked like somebody from my past, but I can’t place who.  She stood there with her beer in one hand and her Camel Pink in the other, with long brown hair going down her back, a pair of sunglasses that for whatever reason looked more utilitarian than badass on her, complimenting her wholesome look, a black top, and a very sexy pair of denim jean shorts that weren’t tight, but fit her in a way that really added to her profile.  I must say it didn’t take her too many drags to make that Camel Pink disappear, the hallmark of a long-time heavy smoker.  Her drags always impressed and were followed up with equally impressive blasts of smoke from her mouth and nose.  While I was fairly conspicuous where I stood and watched leaning up against a nearby tree, I was fiddling around with my phone pretending I was doing the same thing she was….waiting for people to meet her.  I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of snapping a picture of this beauty (although I would get a few pics of girls later on) with my camera phone, especially since it was out.  Meanwhile she continued to furiously text whoever she was expecting to meet and would eventually crush out the Camel Pink on the grass.

After the sighting played out, I walked away and crossed the street, but looking at her standing there waiting, an overwhelming curiosity overcame me to find out who would arrive to meet her.  Would it be a buff boyfriend?  Would it be a cluster of college girls?  I wouldn’t have to wait more than a minute before I’d get my answer.  Adorably, it was her middle-aged parents who met up with her.   She started talking warmly with mom and I almost wanted to stick around longer to see if she’d have another cigarette in the presence of mom, but after a few moments observing these very hearty Midwestern parents with their smelly babe of a daughter, I got the sense that that was what triggered the separation.  Girlie wanted to have a beer and a cigarette…and the folks didn’t want any part of it and went separate ways.  The trio started walking off and the spring that was already in my step had just gotten even springier.

You may think it would be awhile before I topped that, but it would happen in the next half hour when I scored my sighting of the day with Sighting #25.  I was navigating the seating area on the east side behind the grandstand, always a great source of sightings.  At the furthest end of a burm area that people always sit on while taking a break was an 18ish blond girl of the highest magnitude of wholesomeness placing a cigarette in her mouth and lighting up.  There was a middle-aged couple seated to her right and she started talking to the woman, leading me to assume it was her mother, but I would later discover that was not the case.  I boogied on over there and as luck would have it, there was wide-open seating to her right and I sat about three feet from her, positioning myself for a front-row seat to greatness.  At first she looked my way, as if letting me know “I’m smoking a cigarette here, shooter.  If you don’t want to be around it, you’d best find another place to sit”.  But she never said anything, and watching her made my heart melt as she was incredibly wholesome.  She had such a gentle face, a look that was accentuated by a girlish plastic headband holding down the front of her hair) and a tight, adorable little blond ponytail on the back of her head.  She wore a tan tanktop and light green shorts that were very small and perfectly framed her awesomely slender figure. She was just too cute for words…and that was before I saw upclose the first drag at which point I fell completely in love…..

The cigarette went into her mouth and she took a mesmerizing six-second drag.  I was taken aback by how long that cigarette stayed in her mouth as she pulled from it, moments before she released a blast of smoke from her lungs that the wind caught just right to drift straight into my face.  I was toying around with my camera phone hoping to get a photo, but in this case I was simply too close.  There would be no way she wouldn’t know exactly what I had just done and she may even hear the shutter on the camera snap, so I held back and simply enjoyed the show….and what a show it was!  From afar this girl had a complete baby face without a hint of imperfections, but as close as I was, whenever she took one of her deep drags, I could see very well-defined draw lines already formed on her lips as she took her rapist drags.  It was clear that this girl had been sucking intensely on the filters of cigarettes for a very long time as it was taking its toll on her beautiful face in the most adorable way.  She only took that first six-second drag, but subsequent drags were still impressive, always revealing those draw lines around her mouth and always followed up with a look of orgasmic pleasure on her face for as good as that cigarette smoke felt inside her black lungs.  She would then tilt her head slightly upward and exhaled a tight plume of smoke that mostly came from her mouth with just a little bit of nasal residue.  But the sighting would rise to a new dimension when she would then pick up her cell phone to place a call, revealing a cute little girlish lighter that was sitting next to her by the cell phone…..

“Hey what up!” she answered with a definite smoker’s husk to her voice that didn’t match her girly girl look in the least.  From there I would eavesdrop on her conversation in which the person had apparently “stayed over at my mom’s last night”.   The more I listened, the more it became clear the middle-aged couple to her right was not her parents but perfect strangers….and the reason she probably spoke to them when she lit her cigarette was to warn them she was gonna stink the entire area up with her cigarette smoke.  Anyway, the conversation went on about “taking care of her birds” and then she talked about how “it’s hard for her to even go home now because home doesn’t feel like home anymore”….and that she “really loves Alexandria”.  Alexandria is a community college town about an hour and a half northwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and I’m assuming by her comments this girl was going into her second year of classes there and had been living there for the summer, but was home in the Twin Cities for the fair as it also became clear that she was working in some capacity at the fair, probably as a vendor for whatever her summer job was.  With all that context out there, fascinating as it was to listen to, let’s get back to the smoking show which was about to take an epic turn….

She had taken a couple of nice drags early into this conversation that fit into her established style.  But one of her final drags from the cigarette was the prime catalyst for what made this the best sighting of the day.  After another extended rapist drag, she began talking to the friend on the phone and proceeded with far and away the most amazing talking exhale I’ve ever seen.  I knew I was in the presence of greatness immediately as I saw the first wisp of smoke escape her face.   Her pleasured body was very slowly releasing the contents of her lungs as she talked, and I mean very slowly, with swirls of smoke spilling from both her mouth and nose one small burst at a time for 10 seconds.  The smoke spurts were literally doing pinwheels and curlycues as they escaped her face for a seemingly endless parade, and even after all that slow-motion smoke release, a huge remaining blast of smoke fired out of her nose when she finished talking.  I would have paid $1,000 to exchange bodily fluids with this girl at this point.  Unfortunately, the show was almost over as she took one more drag and then crushed out the cigarette on the burm next to her and let it fall to the ground.  She wrapped up the phone call and then put her girlish lighter and her phone in a bag and then she put on her shoulders and got up to walk away, likely back to whatever fair vendor she was working for.  She had to have been stinky as hell when she returned to work.  I watched as that slender body of hers pressed forward, her adorable ass wiggling in those skimpy green shorts and that tight little ponytail bouncing a little on the top of her head as she walked.  The Minnesota State Fair is such a blessed place.  Now when she dropped her cigarette butt, it fell into a crack but I was nonetheless able to identify it as a cork filter Camel Blue.

Never had the first few hours of the Minnesota State Fair been this good to me, and I was prepared for perhaps the best day ever based on this stretch.  If the morning was this good, how crazy would things get at night!  Unfortunately, it didn’t play out this way.  But I still had a few more prizes to come in the remaining hour.  In the general area around the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand on always-busy Judson Avenue, I would see from a distance Sighting #29, a petite and baby-faced curly-haired brunette in a tanktop and jeans who looked about 16 from a distance, but she had a stroller next to her, and I knew she was probably in the 20-21 age range.  She had a lip ring that didn’t fit with her cutiepie look, but even the ugly lip ring didn’t take away from her cuteness as she dragged from her all-white.  Now sitting in the stroller was her pack of cigarettes….and I guess I knew these existed but I don’t think I’ve seen them before…..Camel Pink No. 9 menthols.  They have the combination of a light blue and pink packaging.  They seemed to be a good cigarette for this girl, who by the way had about four other people (all nonsmokers) in her cluster including the thuggish-looking clown I assumed was the baby’s father.  She almost broke my heart at the end of the sighting when she bent down and crushed out the cigarette in the grass below, and I was prepared for her to then take it to the nearest garbage can to toss it.  But she didn’t.  She went to the trouble of crushing the cigarette out on the ground, and then she just let it sit there.  Very rarely have I seen that before yesterday, but yesterday I saw it like five times!

My stretch of quality morning and early afternoon sightings wrapped up with Sighting #32, which didn’t start out with much potential at all as I saw from afar this huge mama of a 20-something gal wielding a cigarette, with rolls of fat bubbling underneath her top.  But in the most odd-couple pairing of the day (and all of 2011 for that matter) walking next to her was a 20-something dark brunette bombshell in a black top and skin tight white shorts who was also smoking a cigarette.  She looked like a longer-haired version of what country singer Martina McBride did 20 years ago when she first came out…..a total knockout and one of the prettiest girls of the day.  I followed and while her style wasn’t distinctive, she was an impressive smoker nonetheless with nice drags and cloudy exhales.  I also appreciated how she unashamedly held that smoldering cigarette to her side and made no attempt to hide it as she walked through the crowded grounds with her portly friend.  One of her exhales nailed a guy right in the face, but unfortunately he didn’t seem perturbed by it…perhaps because he was a fellow fetisher who loved having a faceful of exhaled smoke that came from the inside of this beautiful babe as I did.  Until the very end it was a treat following this, admiring her awesome body, particularly those tight white shorts and the perfectly smooth legs extending out of them.  She would crush out her cigarette moments before approaching a food vendor with the friend.  It was a Newport.  This girl’s pretty hard-core!  Newports are starting to become a presence in the Upper Midwest, but I doubt their market share is more than 2%.  I’d see the girl once again on the grounds, albeit not smoking, a couple of hours later, being drawn in by the amazing hottie in the white shorts even before I recognized it was her.

An ominous metaphor for the day’s changing fortunes would come around 2:30 as the perfect late summer day that had been forecast started to cloud up…and to the southwest were some particularly black clouds that scared the hell out of me.  Wave upon wave of these dark clouds rolled over for four hours, occasionally dropping a few sprinkles, before the sun re-emerged.  It didn’t cramp my style much, but it corresponded with a much more modest sightings haul in the hours to come.  Now in one sense my numbers were holding steady in the mid-afternoon, on par with past years at various junctures in the day, but there were fewer sightings in the above-average territory that warrant a writeup.  As I encircled the beer gardens I thought I had finally found what I’d been looking for with Sighting #53, a young brunette in skimpy attire who had just lit a cigarette.  I rushed up hoping to validate my high expectations, but in her group of about seven early 20s young ladies, she was the least attractive and the only smoker.  She wasn’t unattractive, but her face was at best a 6 and considering her impressive body (not to mention the pack of Marlboro Lights poking out of her jean shorts), I was disappointed.  Nonetheless, I stopped there and watched the show for a couple of minutes, mostly in hope that one of the other hotties in the group lit up.  It turns out staying there for this would be my worst mistake of the day….

When I walked away from the last sighting and headed east past more beer gardens, I would see Sighting #54, my youngest smoker of the day.  My jaw almost hit the ground when walking towards me in a cluster of about six guys and girls was this angellic and petite curly-haired light brunette wielding a cigarette, the only one in her group who was smoking.  Holy shit!  She looked about 14 because she was so petite and her mildly freckled face so wholesome, but judging from her friends group she probably was 16.  The reason that I was kicking myself for sticking around too long at the last sighting was that the girl was at the end of her cigarette.  I walked behind admiring her shrimpy little girl body in a green-and-white striped top and jean shorts, but she took one final drag from the cigarette before dropping it to the ground.  I was able to identify the butt (a Camel Crush) and follow her a bit more.  I was determined to get a picture of this girl, standing there looking so innocent with her friends after just filling her body up with toxic cigarette smoke, but my camera was not working right as she was standing in front of me.  I finally did get it working and scrambled to keep pace with the group as they began to enter a commercial exhibits building.  At this point, all I could was snap a picture of her from the back entering the building, which at least conveyed how tiny she was and how cute she looked in that top and the jean shorts, but fate must have not wanted me to have a successful encounter with this girl as for whatever reason the photo didn’t save.  I would score three photos of subsequent girls in the day, but she would not be one of them.

One of the girls I’d snap a pic of came about 20 minutes later with Sighting #59.  Sitting on a bench in the general area around the International Bazaar was a young couple in their early 20s.  The guy had a little bit of a scruffy look but generally wasn’t in the league with some of the other losers many of these smoker girls hang with.  The girl was this perfectly Midwestern blond.  She had long straight hair going all the way down her back and was wearing a red flower print top and white shorts.  Now she kind of had a smoker’s look, but it was still impressive to see her sitting there with that cigarette protruding from her fingers.  Adorably, resting on her crotch was a pack of Marlboro Reds.  And even more adorably, the blue-collar looking boyfriend wasn’t smoking.  He was just sitting there waiting for his cute little girlfriend to finish filling her body with smelly smoke.  There was a convenient grassy area where I could stand and watch and an even more convenient small tree positioned so I could somewhat hide while snapping a couple of pictures of her sitting there.  I’m far from a great camera phone photographer, so they’re fairly long-distance pics, but you can appreciate her impressive profile and see that she’s taking a drag in one of the photos.  She was a slow smoker, which prolonged the encounter, and she was the second girl of the day to lean down and crush out her Marlboro Red butt on the grass in front of her…and then leave her pollution sitting there before she and the boyfriend got up to leave.

I continued to score sightings of at least modest impressiveness and continued to be on track to meet my baseline numberswise, but longed for the yumminess of those morning sightings at various points in the afternoon, particularly in those haunting moments where a few sprinkles started falling from the sky.  But once again, I’d get some salvation on the outskirts of the beer gardens where I came across another cluster of early 20s girls where only one brunette was a smoker.  But in the case of Sighting #71, the girl was a lot cuter than the #53 girl from the same area.  She was a dark brunette with shoulder-length slightly curly brown hair and was dressed in a green top and tight blue jeans….she had a very understated girl-next-door look, loosely resembling actress Amanda Bynes, and didn’t even seem to be the life of the party in her cluster…more just a chill girl who likes to relax with a cigarette.  She had the most familiar face of any girl I saw yesterday….to the point where I absolutely knew I had seen this girl before, perhaps at a prior Minnesota State Fair.  Her drags from her all-white were similarly understated, utilitarian but still sexy with her lips parting slightly to release cumulus clouds of exhaust that merged with the smoke coming from her nose.  She and a couple of her friends walked across the street to get in line for one of the midway rides, and she was still smoking.  I was trying like mad to get a couple pics of her in mid-drag, but the crowds were fierce and I wasn’t up to the challenge.  I got a couple of pics, but you can’t really appreciate her face in either of them.  The next thing I know she tossed the still-smoldering all-white butt to the ground while continuing to stand there in line.  I walked right up next to them and looked down at the still-smoldering cigarette a few feet in front of where they were in the line, effortlessly identifying it as a Marlboro Light.

And that sighting would have a nice second act as only about a half hour to 45 minutes later, I was navigating the beer gardens area where the sighting originated and there she sat, my chill brunette in an even more relaxed pose sitting on the bench while her friends stood in front of her, and holding another Marlboro Light in her hand over the backside of the bench, occasionally smiling at something the friend said.

In the next hour, I’d hit another fairly good stretch of sightings that stood out one way or another.  The first was Sighting #81, taking place just outside of the grandstand where a cluster of early 20s girls was awaiting one girl in the group, a curly-haired light brunette cutie in a black dress, to finish her cigarette so they could go inside to see the vendors.  Unfortunately, I got there in time only for the final drag, but she dropped the Marlboro Light butt to the ground and left it smoldering just before walking in.  I was disappointed that I didn’t see more but saw just enough to know it was a quality girl.

Minutes later was Sighting #82, which was only modest on the surface but had a nice trajectory.  This wholesome-looking mid-20s couple was perusing the grounds wielding half-smoked cork filter cigarettes, with the girl a long-haired dark blond who really had a wholesome vibe and didn’t look like a smoker.  She was a little chubbier than I prefer but she pulled off her red top and white pants combination nonetheless.  She and the boyfriend were approaching a root beer stand to get a beverage and the boyfriend finished off his cigarette before they approached the stand, but the girl didn’t.  She stood there with her cigarette smoldering and this young mid-teen boy working inside the root beer stand kept looking at the cigarette in her hand.  I’m not sure if he was a fetisher or if he was getting a faceful of sidestream smoke and was praying she’d leave so he could finally breathe again.  Either way, she stood there holding her cup of root beer and filling her hands up with napkins and straws, keeping that cigarette between her fingers as she proceeded.  The cigarette which had gone at least two minutes without her taking a puff from it by now had about a half-inch ash at the end of it.  She and the boyfriend walked away and walked off to find a place to stand out of the way and drink their root beer.  Finally after settling in and taking her first swig of root beer, girly got back to that long-ignored cigarette between her fingers.  It was cute to see her take a drag again.

From there I journeyed up the north side for a half loop.  I had already taken two full loops up the north side earlier in the day and got burned both times.  It’s a 20-minute round trip going up to the end of the north side and both previous times I scored zero sightings.  But this half loop would be different as it helped me scored Sighting #83.  In front of a small north side commercial exhibit building was an adorable 19-20ish college age ponytailed blond decked out in a green top and jean shorts who looked even younger from a distance, crouched down in the most vulnerable position responding to text messages on her phone and smoking a cigarette.  Given her crouched position, I was able to admire her body from an unusual perspective, her smooth legs spread just enough apart that I could see her tight and skimpy jean shorts framing her lower body awesomely, with the tight fabric in her crouched position perfectly outlining her vagina.  She spotted me so snapping a picture was out of the question, but that didn’t mean I was gonna be going anywhere considering what a cutie she was.  Her drags were always followed by a creamy ball of smoke disappearing down her throat before reemerging in front of her cute face after she exhaled.  I was able to see four of five drags before, once again, she made the effort to crush out the cigarette on the pavement in front of her as if preparing to toss the butt in the garbage can right next to her, but then this little piggy just got up and walked back into the commercial exhibits building, leaving her pollution for someone else to deal with.  It was a cork filter Marlboro Menthol.  I began to walk away, but about 50 yards later I realized that this girl was probably working in that commercial exhibits building and it would be worth my time to go in there and see for myself.  I walked back and went inside, and sure enough, right there at the very first exhibit was my girl standing next to a college-age guy peddling something I couldn’t quite understand, hopefully scaring away some of the customers with her fresh stench.  It was really cute seeing this wholesome blond in her tanktop and jean shorts standing there as a saleslady knowing she had just smoked a cigarette.

I would complete the half loop of the north side without any additional sightings, but would take note of a trio of college girls that even though they weren’t in possession of cigarettes, stood out as eye candy.  More on this trio later….

There’s one block that goes past the Giant Slide, which is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a block I don’t take much during the day because it’s near the area by the grandstand which is usually a more productive sightings venue.  It paid off in spades yesterday though, starting with Sighting #86, featuring a thuggish-looking nonsmoking guy and a light brunette girlfriend in a flower print summer dress who was brandishing a freshly lit cigarette.  I got off course following this group given that the dynamic was so cute.  The girl was attractive, but not as impressive from the front view as the rear view.  She still seemed like the gentle half of this duo though, at least aside from the smoldering cigarette she kept dragging from and exposing her poor thuggish boyfriend to.  As they met up with more people, I retreated and circled back to the block where I came from near the big slide.

Immediately upon arriving, this modest brunette would become Sighting #88, wielding a freshly lit cigarette while talking to a couple of nonsmoking friends.  This ordinarily wouldn’t have impressed but the girl was wearing a yellow “Giant Slide” shirt, meaning she was one of the workers there on a smoke break.  As I looked up to the top of the slide, I could see a bunch of college-age kids giving the young kids on the slide a push to get them going, so I knew this girl would be returning to help kids down the big slide with a fresh ciggy stench clinging to her.  She was a very slow smoker, however, and I got bored waiting between drags for her, so I pressed forward and came upon a group of young couples that would produce Sighting #89.  Upon first observation, there was only one person in the group with a cigarette, and it was one of the early 20s guys.  As I darted my eyes through the group upon passing to see if more tobacco was being consumed, he passed the cigarette to the girl next to him, a bodacious curly-haired dark blond beauty in a black top and white shorts who was a knockout, the prettiest smoker girl I’d seen in a few hours.  I saw a couple of drags which were decent, but then she handed the cigarette back to the guy which is usually a buzzkill.

I was feeling pretty good again after the past half hour and it was almost 6:00.  I was heading to the midway with 89 sightings under my belt and was preparing for what is usually the most prolific hour of sightings of the day.  But it was at this time the day went the opposite direction and really started to slow down.  Even though the sun was starting to come out again now, I think the dark clouds scared some people away as the suffocating afternoon crowds were becoming noticeably thinner.  And the midway proved to be a total bust.  I took three round trips through the midway with only a couple of mediocre sightings.  It’s always a hit-or-miss area, but yesterday was the worst midway haul I’ve ever gotten.  Suddenly, after being on schedule all day with sightings, I was falling behind….and was preparing to meet my parents at the standard 7:00 time as we always do.

Sighting #96 was indicative of my declining fortunes that day as I saw a petite blond in plaid shorts wielding a cigarette and raced up expecting something blockbuster.  Turns out she was in the company of a bunch of 18ish beauties, but she…the only smoker in the group….was only mediocre.  She was good enough to count, but again, the face didn’t match the quality of the hot body.

But I would hit the century mark in style with a two-for-one near the International Bazaar.  A group of five college-age kids that included three guys and two girls was standing there, with both girls wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  The Sighting #99 girl was a light brunette wearing a striped top with attractive green and white plaid shorts covering her impressive bottom.  The Sighting #100 friend was a dark brunette with straight shoulder length hair wearing a brown sweatshirt and jean shorts.  Both girls were impressive, but I had a soft spot for the #100 chick.  I walked by en route to a better vantage point and heard #99 tell #100, “These are the Crushes where they become menthol if you squeeze the filter” and the other girl responding in a way that she knew what they were.  It seemed likely that the #99 girl was the cigarette supplier which made sense because she was the better smoker of the two, taking longer and more frequent drags.  But #100 had her moments too, with some nice cloudy combination mouth and nose exhales that proved she was the real deal.  Meanwhile, there was one guy in the group who was smoking, although he was a very slow smoker, completely getting upstaged by the two cuties.  #99 finished her cigarette in just a few minutes and dropped the butt to the ground.  They were thoughtful enough to gravitate a little distance away in the moments ahead allowing me to identify the discarded butt as one of the new cork filter Camel Crush Bolds.  I’m not sure what the difference is between them and the traditional Camel Crushes….

Anyway, the sighting pressed on with the #100 girl, who had a real distinctive look about her, had one final ace up her sleeve to keep this sighting interesting.  With the sun out again, it had gotten too hot for that brown sweatshirt she was wearing, so she handed her cigarette to the nonsmoking guy next to her (the way they interacted led me to believe he was her boyfriend) while she proceeded to take the sweatshirt off, revealing a thin see-through white top and a visible black bra underneath.  The nonsmoking boyfriend stood there for at least a minute, forced to hold on to his girlfriend’s stinky smoldering cigarette before she retook possession of it and smoked it very close to the filter.  She dropped it to the ground and crushed it out.  It was only 20 minutes until 7:00 and I had to get going.

I would have 109 sightings by the time I met with the folks at 7:00, not terribly behind pace but my baseline is 116-125 sightings by the 7:00 hour so I had managed to fall behind schedule.  I would need more than 100 sightings in a little over three hours to pass last year’s record which wasn’t out of the question, but seemed like a longshot.  Still, it was at this point last year that things really went off the hook, with me scoring an unending litany of blockbusters and epics after 7:00.  But as I said, the inverse seemed to happen this year.  Even my trigger of putting those gel-filled inserts into my shoes for more evening foot support didn’t produce its usual effect of wave upon wave of great sightings as it did the year before.  Shortly after separating from the parents at 7:15 though, I would make good on one hoped-for sighting from earlier in the day though.

Remember that trio of college-age hotties who drew my attention on the north side earlier?  Well one girl from that trio delivered and became Sighting #116.  The downside:  it wasn’t the dark brunette in white shorts who resembled my ex-girlfriend Dana at 21 that most impressed me on the first observation.  The upside:  it was her hot long and straight-haired blond friend, a sweetheart of a cutie wearing dark skinny jeans and a gray top with slits throughout the back showing all kinds of flesh.  Once again, the picture of Midwestern innocence was that face, and even though she was the only one smoking, her face was that of the least likely smoker of the group.  Anyway, she sat that with a group, along with a couple of guys who had just joined them.  They sat on a crowded curb in front of the cookie stand, holding a beer and a cigarette.  The crowd was huge at this spot but I was able to snap a pic of this very feminine cutie, and while she’s not in mid-drag you can see the cigarette in her hand.   My positioning was terrible to observe too many drags.  What I did see was good enough but not necessarily memorable.  Before long, she crushed out the cigarette on the curb next to her and let it lay there.  I could tell it was a Camel Light from the light blue ring on the all-white filter.

About an hour later, on yet another unproductive midway run, this one after dark, I’d run into two of these three girls again…my favorite two actually…the blond smoker and the Dana clone.  They weren’t smoking but I was again taken aback by their beauty and awesome figures.  They would get in line for one of the rides and I pressed on.

Around the 8:00 hour, I was doing reasonably well with sightings, but few of them were jumping out at me as potential classics.  I saw a lot of weathered party girls, especially near the beer gardens, that were good enough to count but not necessarily my preferred demographic.  Plus the crowds were thinning out more than expected, a combination of the bleak afternoon weather suppressing late-day attendance and the lack of a strong draw at the grandstand.  It was some boy band from a Nickelodeon show.  I can’t remember the name.  Lots of cute teenage girls that came for the show, and 20 years ago this might have been the catalyst for some awesome underage sightings, but in the year 2011, the kinds of young teen girls who go to concerts for Nickelodeon boy bands are not smokers.

Finally I’d get a worthwhile sighting with Sighting #134.  Sitting on the curb near the horticulture building and across the street from the Space Tower was a young college-age couple featuring a black man and a wholesome-looking 19-20ish brunette cutie in an extremely subdued flower-print summer dress that oozed feminity.  Unlike most cute smoker girls I’ve seen lately, the African American guy she was with had the look of a cleancut guy, but like so many other guys, was a nonsmoker who had to sit patiently while his cutiepie girlfriend got her stink on.  I sat on an open bench and was able to see her smoke most of the cork-filter cigarette while frequently crossing and uncrossing her legs to the point that somebody across from her who was looking probably got a nice panty show considering how short her dress was.  She crushed the cigarette out on the curb and let it sit there like so many other girls had done that day, but it was clear this duo wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I pressed on.

But I’d get an encore from this girl at the very end of the night.  There’s a radio station booth that plays dance music at the edge of the midway and hordes of teenagers hang out there.  It’s where Lindsey and her friend smoked their cigarettes last year.  There wasn’t a great deal of visible smoking there this year, mostly because there’s a huge police presence to make sure there are no fights or underage drinking, but as I passed through I would see a flicker of light in front of me bringing a cigarette to life.  As I got closer, I recognized the familiar wholesome face and the familiar light summer dress of my #134 brunette.

I would finally find my footing again at around 9:00, where I scored my second best sighting of the day with Sighting #150.  I was approaching the east side gate of the fairgrounds.  It was the exact spot last year where I stumbled into Lindsey and her friends…and about the exact same time of the night.  But this time I saw two clusters of girls, the first a group of mid-teen babes huddled off to one side.  I walked past them and saw no cigarettes.  But then I looked towards the original group that caught my eye, which consisted of two teen cuties and a guy, all of whom were mere silhouettes from my distance as they sat on the curb.  As I got closer, I could see that the guy was smoking, but he was getting up to leave, presumably to go to the bathroom across the street.  That just left the two girls.  I first looked over the curly-haired brunette closest to me.  She was cute, but not smoking.  Next to her though was a ponytailed blond….and she was smoking.  This was a fairly dark part of the grounds at this time of the night so I had to get really close to see her face.  And holy shit when I did…..

This aura of Midwestern innocence oozed from her wholesome face, with that long ponytail more reflective than anything else of her girl-next-doorishness.  She wore a striped top and a snug pair of blue cutoffs that framed her body perfectly.  She didn’t even look 18 but my hunch is she was, yet there she sat with her mostly smoked cigarette.  Never in a million years just looking at this girl would I have believed she was a smoker.  I only got to see two drags, both of which were very nice and produced a couple of cloudy combination nose and mouth exhales.  She then became my final girl of the night to crush out her cigarette of the pavement, creating a long smear of burnt tobacco ash on the pavement, and then just letting her stinky pollution sit there only inches from her smooth, sexy legs.  I kept repositioning myself to get a better a look at her face, repeatedly making extra sure I really had seen the level of wholesomeness I thought I had…..and always reinforcing that I in fact had.  I would have loved to snap a picture, but as dark as it was in this part of the grounds it would never work out.  I wanted to at least be able to identify the butt she discarded and figured all I’d have to do was wait for the boyfriend to return and they’d get up to leave….

Things wouldn’t go as planned though as the boyfriend returned with two other guys.  The girls stood up and the five of them lingered in the same general spot, which at first was driving me nuts.  But it would have a silver lining as one of the guys took out his cigarettes and the one closest to my favorite blond who I expected was her boyfriend followed suit, producing a cigarette of his own.  The guy took a couple of drags, and it didn’t even occur to me what would come next, but as I was gritting my teeth waiting for this group to go away, blondie held her hand out to the boyfriend and took the cigarette from him.  Her drags were pretty impressive for her age, tilting her head to the side to avoid the group and pulling smoke into her lungs for an extended period and then cutting loose a thick, creamy and cloudy exhale that sailed in front of her face.  This girl was no amateur.  She took three successive drags and then passed the cigarette back to the guy.  And right when I was about to give up again thinking the guy had reclaimed full possession of the cigarette again, he took one drag and handed it right back to his nicotine-starved little feminine friend who kept on impressing with her repeated drags.  She would devour about 75% of the cigarette as I observed, her second in 15 minutes.  And they gravitated far enough away from the curb in the duration of that BS smoking session that I was able to sit down on the curb, pretend to be texting, and identify the butt as a Marlboro Red that this hottie was filling her adorable little body with.  Damn it I love cigarettes!

Riding high after that one for the first time in a few hours, I would follow it up with something else pretty yummy.  Sitting on a bench in the seating area in front of the grandstand were Sightings #153 and #154, two very young looking teen girls who were both wielding cigarettes.  They both looked about 16, but what was up with that baby stroller parked next to their bench?  The short-haired brunette was the first of the two I saw.  She was pretty, but the long-haired dark blond next to her was prettier and looked even younger.  The stroller was a telltale sign that at least one of these two was forced to be a grownup even though she was still a teenager, but looking at those sweet young faces I couldn’t believe that either of them was older than 17.  I saw only one drag from the brunette before she leaned forward and stubbed out the cigarette on the grass before handing it to the blond.  The blond cutie took a final drag of her own and then stubbed hers out.  The brunette stood up and walked up to stroller, picking up the baby that looked only a month or two old and held him next to her stinky young body, suggesting that she was the mother and leading me to believe she’s probably so addicted to cigarettes even at her young age that she probably smoked through her pregnancy.  Meanwhile, the blond was removing her pack of Marlboro Reds from her purse and lining up both stubbed-out cigarettes to reinsert into the pack and finish smoking later.  It was an unusual and undeniably arousing sighting.

The grounds were emptying out earlier than usual for Saturday night and most of my remaining sightings came from the square block with the beer gardens.  The downside to this setting is that the girls tend to be a little older and often a little more rough-around-the-edges party girls, but there were always a handful of impressive pretty faces to shore up my numbers.

But I’d score one more rock star sighting in the evening’s final hour with Sighting #166 about a block south of the beer gardens area.  Standing in the relative darkness was a cluster of four 18ish kids, including three guys and a cute girl.  There was only one smoker in the group.  Guess which one?  The guys all seemed a little edgy without seeming like outright thugs, but the girl was a total cutie who really had a teenage girl aura with the way she carried herself.  She had long and straight dark blond hair going down her back, and was wearing a white tanktop with jean shorts and nice long legs.  She reminded me of a cute high school girl from the town where I worked at the newspaper named Anna.  This sweet image was doubled down upon as she stood there in her feminine summery outfit with a bucket of cookies hanging from her arm, occasionally swinging back and forth and making that bucket swing from her arm.  Not quite fitting with this image was the cigarette in her other hand that she was frequently dragging from.  And it was pretty clear she was a fairly new smoker as her drags were slight and her hold times short.  Her exhales weren’t bad all things considered, but the newness of her habit was particularly adorable given her cutiepie profile….

As she smoked and conversed with the guys in her group, a really sweet smile frequently emerged on her face.  The group started to walk away, but the girl wasn’t done with her cigarette yet and she appeared to hold them back for a moment until she was done.  They stood at the corner and took a couple final drags.  I wasn’t sure what she’d do with the butt.  A sweet smile emerged on my own face as she just pitched it into the corner carelessly and boarishly, easily the most obnoxious butt disposal I’d see all day.  Seconds later, the group pressed forward and I had no problem walking up to identify her still-smoldering cigarette butt as a Marlboro Smooth.

At this point in the night, I had a little more than a half hour of fetishing left and considering how sparse the grounds were becoming, it seemed very unlikely I’d be breaking any records.  But I gave it the old college try and even with five minutes to go and agonizing pain overtaking my feet, I made one more pass down the beer gardens block to pad my sightings numbers before meeting up with the folks at 10:30.  On this final pass, there was one highlight.  I spotted this brunette hottie who would be Sighting #188 from the street and started to move in for a better look.  As I got to the curb, she apparently sensed there was a pair of eyes on her and looked up my direction as the second she began to exhale.  The result:  I was ascending the curb and saw a cloud of smoke streaming from her mouth straight into my face.  I didn’t have time to linger and started to move away, getting no apologies from the cutie who just nailed me with her exhale.

So there’s my day at the Minnesota State Fair.  As I said it was a solid day with plenty of memorable moments, especially early in the day.  It won’t go down among my top-five MNSF day of all-time or anything, but I certainly can’t complain.  Beyond that, I’m only six days away now from my second trip to the fair, my final hurrah of the 2011 fair season.  And just as an aside, today (August 28) is the fifteen year anniversary of my State Fair Girls classic that kicked my fetish off into high gear back in 1996.  It’s kind of bittersweet that I’m already approaching the final chapter of the 2011 fair fetish season, another undeniably successful one.

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2 Responses to 2011 Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

  1. funtimebeagle says:

    As always your MN state fair sightings never disappoint. You have a gift for it my friend. I was at the fair for about 12 hours the first monday of the fair. That day I wondered if anyone still smokes. Sightings were few and far between for me.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Thanks. Sorry your sightings haul didn’t go as well. Mondays are probably gonna be weaker for sightings than the weekends when I went so I’m sure that had something to do with it. Overall though, my success comes from sacrificing everything else at the fair in the interest of chasing around smokers. It’s worth it, but I almost wish I could have a normal day at the fair of seeing the traditional stuff the fair has to offer, but for as long as smoking is permitted on the grounds that won’t be happening.

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