2011 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

2011 Iowa State Fair

Despite differing weather forecasts, I went with my gut and opted for Saturday as my visit to the Iowa State Fair rather than holding out until Sunday.  It turned out to be a good choice because the weather was perfect, with highs around 80 and just a little bit of cloud cover in the mid-afternoon that helped lessen my sun exposure a little.  There was also a nice cool breeze.  It would have been hard to imagine a better day at the fair.  Substance-wise, the day was solid if unsubstantial.  It always felt like I was underperforming  back in 2008 and 2009 when my all-day visits to the Iowa State Fair yielded only 101 and 107 sightings, respectively, over the course of about 13 hours.  Last year’s 136 sightings seemed like a coup using the previous years as a baseline, but yesterday delivered by improving upon those numbers with a new record of 143 sightings.

With that said, in terms of quality, yesterday was more on par with 2008 and 2009.  I was spoiled at last year’s Iowa State Fair visit where I was picking up blockbusters and epics pretty much every hour.  Yesterday I was still doing well at keeping the sightings coming, with relatively few lengthy sightingless expanses, but at the same time there were only a few genuine classics among the bunch.  There’s still plenty of good material here though, so let’s get on with it….

I got to the fairgrounds at about 11:15, which is a good time avoiding the usually bland morning hours yet still having more than 12 hours of fetish time.  And it would take no time at all for the day to get off to a rocking start.  There’s this area next to the DNR building with a pond full of birds that has never once delivered a sighting in the five years I’ve been going to the Iowa State Fair, but I still keep going there when I first walk in the gate, mainly out of tradition I guess.  And this year would be the year the drought would end as I looked over the shrubbery surrounding the area to see a burst of smoke catching the wind and going into the air.  It took me about two seconds to identify its source as that of Sighting #1, an early 20s dirty blond standing amidst a large crowd that must have been her family.  There were about a dozen people who seemed to be in the cluster, about half of whom were smoking, but she was the only one of the desired demographic, oozing a sort of white trash sex appeal with her long dirty blond hair, a gray tanktop and a pair of snug jean shorts.  The whole family had a bit of a white trash thing going on, but not too severe, and I caught a handful of very accomplished drags from this girl, at one point walking past her and seeing her cigarette was a cork filter.  It’s always nice to start the day with an above-average sighting, especially this quickly after entering the grounds.

Just a couple of minutes later, I would encounter an oddball sighting near the grandstand area.  I was looking in the direction of the grandstand and saw a wheelchair occupied by an attractive blond sitting in the corner, with the girl facing the corner.  This was setting off some fetish alarm bells for me so I walked closer to get a better look.  Sure enough, my instinct led me to Sighting #2, an extremely attractive late 20s blond smoking a cigarette in her wheelchair.  It wasn’t clear why this girl was in a wheelchair as there were no obvious signs of broken bones or disfigurement, but there she was and was soon joined by a guy who emerged that must have been her husband or boyfriend.  He wasn’t smoking and conversed with her briefly as she smoked.  My presence was quickly noted so I began looking different directions and right in front of me, a moderately attractive dirty blond in a pink top and denim capris was fishing through her purse in the company of her boyfriend/husband.  I took a final look at blondie in the wheelchair and then noticed the dirty blond firing a cigarette and becoming Sighting #3, again in the presence of the guy who didn’t appear to touch the stuff.

And from there I journeyed through the grandstand seating area which has been known to produce some quality sightings in the past, and Sighting #4 was sitting there just waiting to be fetished.  This wholesome-looking brunette was decked out in a green and black dress while sitting on a bench by herself and enjoying the early stages of a recently lit cigarette.  The lighter and pack of Marlboro Lights was sitting right next to her as she attended to her text messages.  There was just something businesslike about this cutie’s look and I would later surmise she was probably a vendor working underneath the grandstand.  A bench opened up across from her and I had a front-row seat to a solid smoking show that included some solid five-second drags, lengthy five second hold times, and impressive cloudy exhales.  This girl was a very accomplished smoker, even though it was a bit surprising to behold given that she didn’t look the part.   In a few minutes she would stub out the cigarette below the bench and leave it sitting there, and then continuing her text message binge.  The show was over so I took off, but there was a brief encore with this girl later in the day.

I was only 15 minutes into the day and had already scored four decidedly above-average sightings.  Was this a harbinger of things to come?  It’s easy to buy into that logic when your day starts so well, but I’ve had that beginning-of-the-day binge before and it usually is followed by a slow period, as was the case yesterday.  However, in the remaining hour I would come upon a duo of above-average smoking mommies outside buildings that don’t warrant a specific writeup, but nonetheless gave me hope for the offspring who come from smoking homes influenced by these attractive young mothers.

My next great sighting came when I made my first visit to the water fountains in the common area near the center of the grounds.  The water is lukewarm but it’s free, and I make frequent visits at both the Iowa State Fair and Minnesota State Fair, especially on hotter days.  My timing was perfect as I walked upon the somewhat isolated structure of fountains because standing off to the side was Sighting #9, a sexy early 20s brunette in a white tanktop and jean shorts smoking a cigarette, really tearing at her cigarette with frequent drags and substantial toxic cloudbursts spewing from her mouth.  In what would easily be my best drink from a state fair water fountain in history, I was able to raise my eyes as I gulped the water and observe her continued fast-paced and impressive drags.  She wasn’t a stop-traffic caliber beauty, but she was undeniably a state fair cutie who raised her game with this first-rate smoking performance.  As I completed my drink and lifted my head from the faucet, she exhaled her final snootful of smoke before carelessly and obnoxiously dropping her cigarette butt to the cement uncrushed and then proceeding to rejoin her nonsmoking crowd off to the side.  I walked over and identified the still-smoldering butt as a Marlboro Light.

Shortly after I technically got my Sighting #11, even though it wasn’t a complete sighting.  Three uber-glam 21ish bleach blonds in summer dresses were strutting down the concourse, one of the three with an unopened pack of Marlboro Lights in her hand (considering the girls had no purses and were wearing pocketless dresses, where else was she gonna put it!?!?).  I followed briefly, wondering if it would be worth my time waiting them out with hopes of a light-up.  But when they passed the bar I thought they were gonna visit and kept walking eastward, I decided to retreat, acknowledging they could conceivably go hours without lighting up.  I was hoping I’d see them later in the day and get confirmation, but I never did.

Brace yourself because my sighting of the day came next.  It was a fluke of luck and long-time fetisher’s intuition that allowed me to see this one rather than simply walk right past.  I was making a loop down the Grand Concourse at around 1:30 on the northwestern edge of the grounds, scanning the crowd as I always do for smoking.  I passed a duo of mid-teen girls, one of whom had an IT factor but in my split-second observation of her didn’t get a smoker vibe.  But I caught something in her hand as I walked past that raised some suspicions.  As I got a few yards away, it continued to nag me that there was more to this girl than met the eye, so I turned around and started following, looking at the hand to see if I could figure out what it was.  It wasn’t big enough to be a pack of cigarettes but the way she was cupping her hand led me to believe she was holding something she wasn’t supposed to be.  Sure enough….as I got closer, I could tell it was a green lighter and an unlit cigarette.  My heart started racing when I came to this epiphany, and though her back was to me, I began looking her over more closely.   She was a curly-haired light brunette who had a body to die for with above-average height (I’d guess about 5’8” or 5’9”) wearing a nice-fitting black and white striped tanktop and a pair of killer jean shorts that perfectly wrapped her lower body, framing her adorable bubble butt and coming to an end just underneath her  asscheeks, leaving those long tan legs on full display.  But my observation of her body would come to a temporary conclusion as she finally raised what was in her hand to her mouth, inserting that cigarette between her lips and firing up to officially become Sighting #13.  And that’s when the real show began….

She then proceeded to hand the friend the lighter, and then the friend, who I’ll describe in more detail later, put the lighter in her bookbag, indicating she was the cigarette supplier.  The girls then proceeded into the area by the DNR building with the birds in the water.  In five years I have never had a good sighting in this area but now I had two great sightings in two hours.   Cutie placed the cigarette in her mouth and took her first drag, and while it wasn’t anything profoundly epic, it was nonetheless impressive with a good four seconds of dragging, another four seconds or so of holding, and then a cloudy exhale.  She exhaled a brief distance in front of a middle-aged woman and while the woman didn’t get hit with the girl’s exhale, she nonetheless developed this scowl on her face as she passed them, clearly not pleased with this open display of underage tobacco consumption.   It was soon clear that the girls were gonna turn around, and I welcomed the opportunity to see the smoker up-close for the first time.  And then it happened….and I could not have possibly caught her at a more perfect time as she turned around and faced me, with her beaming smile revealing a mouthful of braces and look of pure mid-teen innocence.  Combine her Midwestern sweetheart look with those skin-tight jean shorts that so perfectly framed her awesome body and I was reminded of exactly the kind of girl who I go to all these fairs to see smoking.  Right there, not five feet in front of me, was the embodiment of why I spend endless hours searching fairgrounds every August.

More times than not, you know when you’re experiencing what will be your best sighting of the day and I knew I was in the middle of it now, and savored it thoroughly as I followed these girls down the Grand Concourse.  And I quickly discovered that I was lucky that I saw these girls when I did because never in my many years of fetishing have I encountered such a stealth smoking display.  The girl was clearly a master of sneaking cigarettes, cupping her cigarette hand to the point that I would have most likely walked past without even detecting that she was a smoker if I hadn’t known already.   But every minute or so, when she thought nobody would see her, she would raise that cigarette to her mouth  and take a nice long drag, holding the smoke for an impressive amount of time and then exhaling.  After a handful of drags, she then turned into a two-for-one by handing the cigarette to the friend, a much more petite dark-complected brunette who like my preferred girl looked about 15 and also didn’t give off a definite smoker vibe.  She became Sighting #14 and proved herself an accomplished smoker as well, taking very nice drags and producing impressive blasts of exhaled smoke.    Had this girl been the only smoker of the duo, it still would have been a great sighting because of her age, but she clearly lacked the IT factor of her taller and more wholesome-looking friend.

But anyway, the second girl was incredibly paranoid herself, cupping her cigarette hand deftly and only taking drags when she didn’t think anyone was looking.  These were easily the most paranoid young teen smokers I’ve ever come across, and while it was cute, it took away a little from the sighting since I really prefer unashamed young smokers who flaunt their addictions.   After about three drags, she handed the cigarette back to my favorite girl and I was thrilled, but as she walked through the busy blocks immediately in front of the grandstand, she simply cupped the cigarette without dragging and it was getting frustrating.  But as the girls migrated into the midway, I saw the friend taking her bag off her back and I knew she was going for the lighter again to reignite the cigarette.   I watched from a distance as cutie placed the two-thirds smoked cigarette in her mouth and took the green lighter from the friend to fire it up again.  They stood there finishing off the cigarette taking a couple more nice drags much like her previous before handing it to the friend for an equally impressive final drag.  It never ceases to amaze me how in this day and age, mid-teen girls get to be such accomplished smokers.  The darker brunette dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out before moving just a few feet ahead to buy tickets for the midway rides.   As I approached, I took one final look at that cute girl’s amazing ass in those jean shorts, hoping I hadn’t seen the last of these girls for the day but recognizing I very well may have.  The discarded but was an all-white Marlboro with a blue ring around it.  Does Marlboro Smooth make a light version because that would be my best guess as to its brand?   Whatever the case, the day had new momentum now and even though the chances of topping this sighting probably weren’t great, I still had about 10 hours in which to try.

After taking a quick loop around the grounds, I made my first full loop around the midway, hoping that since those girls had bought tickets for rides that I’d see them again.  I didn’t, but there was a girl in the midway who I thought I had seen before on the grounds in the company of another girl and a guy.  It’s still torturing me because I’m going back and forth on it, but it might have been Brittny (ISF #4).  I try to keep in mind that when you’re looking for someone specific who you’ve only seen in person twice, a lot of people end up looking like they do, but something about this girl, tall and blond, decked out in a red top and white shorts, really gave off a Brittny vibe, and since I know she seems to go to the fair on the first Saturday of the 11-day event, I’m still about 50-50 on it.  Furthermore, when I looked at her, she looked at me with a somewhat familiar look in her eyes.  Now it could be she was just looking at me because she was being looked at by me, but I’m inclined to send Brittny an e-mail this week asking if she was at the fair on Saturday and if she saw a guy that looked like me.

Hooking around one of the commercial buildings to an area near a set of bathrooms that is frequently a prime location for sightings, I’d stumble upon a threesome of 17-18ish girls who would become Sightings #18 and #19.  Now this group wasn’t anywhere near the caliber of the underage twosome who I had followed around earlier, but two of the girls were smoking and definitely had a presence about them.  I could see the pack of Marlboro Reds between the two smokers, the best of whom was a long-haired blond who was quite pretty, but ruined it with a bunch of facial piercings that were an instant turnoff for me.   I can’t argue with her smoking performance however, featuring frequent deep drags and robust, cloudy exhales.  She easily outshined her light brunette friend, who was also cute and lacked the facial ornamentation but had a pseudo-country look going wearing a big black cowgirl hat.  Comparing her to the blond next to her (along with the shorter, unattractive light brunette nonsmoker also in their group) and I was wondering if I was seeing a female version of the village people.  Anyway, the light brunette was only okay as a smoker, and her exhales were overpowered threefold by the blond.  Pretty solid sighting.

Heading back to the concourse in the area near the grandstand seating, Sighting #22 presented herself slowly.  She was an attractive mid-20s brunette in an eye-catching purple dress hauling along two young kids.  I could see an unlit cigarette in her hand, but as I followed for a few moments there was no indication she was gonna light it anytime soon.  But I would quickly get a distraction with a two-pronged positive effect.  Sitting there by herself on the bench was Sighting #23, a gorgeous slender blond smoking a cigarette and minding her own business.  She was a perfect 10, the most beautiful woman I’d see all day, looking about 25 years old and decked out in sunglasses, a flattering flower-patterned multicolored top and tight blue jeans.    She had a slight badass look about her, mainly because of the sunglasses, but I got the sense of royalty looking at this girl….the kind of girl so beautiful that only in my dreams could I ever actually go out with.  Yet there she sat in what most would consider a decidedly unglamorous pose, parking her butt on the bench at the Iowa State Fair smoking a cigarette.  It was a great contrast.  Unfortunately, the show would end prematurely as she only smoked about half of the cigarette before stubbing it out on the curb.  She then opened her purse and extracted a set of earphones, presumably attached to an iPod and placed them in her ears before getting to, I suspect, relocate her crowd.  She left behind her stubbed-out half-smoked cigarette which I walked over and identified as a cork-filter Camel Blue.  I would see this girl again a couple of hours later with her group, all apparently nonsmokers.  And looking at her again, I wasn’t just caught up in the moment before….she really was THAT beautiful!

Now I said that running into blondie had a two-pronged positive effect earlier.  After I walked away from watching her sighting, I saw the #22 girl in the purple dress again….and by now that unlit cigarette she’d been lugging around was lit and she was smoking it.  This girl paled in comparison to the blond, but it was still nice getting confirmation of the sighting.

Another impressive young smoker mommy would surface on the midway and become my Sighting #31.  From afar on my second trip down the midway, I spotted a tiny blond cutie in a red-and-white striped shirt and jeans wielding a cigarette.  Even though her petite body type screamed 14 years old, the fact that she was kneeling in front a little boy made me realize before I even saw her face that she was an early 20s young mommy.  I walked up to the kiddie roller coaster and spotted mom talking to the two-year-old little boy preparing to go on the ride while taking a couple of skillful drags off of her cigarette.  There was no way to justify my presence standing in front of this kiddie ride so I had to walk away, but she was definitely the best young mommy sighting of the day.

Another winner came towards the middle of the grounds with Sightings #36 and #37.  Walking between two food vendors was a college-age brunette who I didn’t get a particularly close look at wielding a cigarette.  I quickly followed and discovered she was the last in a group of three 22ish babes, two of whom were smoking.  All three girls were attractive, but the two smokers were most attractive.  The brunette who I spotted first had long dark brown hair and was wearing a gray top and jean shorts while the other girl was a curly-haired blond wearing a tan summer dress.    The threesome strutted into the seating area near a stage that always has some sort of free entertainment going on, with the smokers unapologetically wielding their cigarettes as they walked amidst the seating where smoking is banned.  The brunette dispersed with her cigarette first dropping it to the grass and leaving it smolder, and despite being surrounded by people watching the show in the seating area, I was able to identify the butt.  It was a Parliament….which seemed a perfect fit for this stylish college girl.  The blond, who was almost exactly as attractive as the brunette, was still in possession of her cigarette for another couple of minutes, but she was more politically correct about disposing of hers, bending over to a tree to stub it out and then dropping it in a nearby garbage can.  There was something very satisfying about seeing these stereotypical college girls walk around the fairgrounds smoking their cigarettes without shame.  It was the only sighting of day of its kind.

From there I took a jaunt to another area that’s been known to deliver….the area where the bars, the grandstand, and the midway collide, with a bathroom area on the corner that seems to be the source of a lot of people on smoke breaks.  Sighting #39 was one such case, with a 20-something girl and her boyfriend off in the corner with their arms wrapped around each other.  The girl was nice-looking if not a bombshell, with a reddish-brown mane of curly hair and a bunch of freckles on her face, arms, and jean-short-draped legs.  But what made this sighting special was that she was smoking and he wasn’t.  It was delicious enough when they were simply face-to-face with their arms wrapped around each other.  But she took the final couple of drags on her cigarette and then dropped it to the cement and crushed it out…..seconds before she leaned her ashtray mouth forward and kissed the guy.  It wasn’t a full-on makeout session but they were swapping spit for a good five seconds.  Was I witnessing a male smoking fetisher being indulged by his smoker girlfriend?  I’m inclined to think so.  The couple walked away towards the midway in a few moments.

Only seconds later, in the same general area, I was leaving the edge of the midway when I stumbled into Sightings #40 and #41, which appeared to be a mother-daughter sighting of some measure.  Standing in front of me with arms braced around each other was a middle-aged woman, a curly-haired 20-something light brunette, and a bleach blond 20-something hottie.  Now the reason they had their arms around each other is that they were posing for a photo…..with all three proudly wielding their cigarettes in their hands for the camera.  Generally speaking, smokers try to hide their cigarettes when they know they’re being photographed, but these gals went out of their way to make sure the cigarettes were in the photo as if they couldn’t be more proud of it.  Not sure if it was two daughters with their mother, of it was a mother with one daughter and her daughter’s friend, but whatever the dynamic it was impressive to behold.  At one point, in between snapshots, the blond (who was very attractive by the way) took her arm off of mom’s shoulder and took a drag from her cigarette before returning to the previous position in time for the next picture.  Great stuff…..and I’d see the mom with the blond again in the same general area about an hour later, with the two gals once again extracting Marlboro Lights from a shared pack.

In the hour to come, I was on the precipice of the 50-sighting threshold and as I walked through the grandstand seating area I saw a hot brunette with a cigarette and was about to declare victory with the 50th sighting of the day.  But as I got close I realize this was not a new sighting, it was the second performance of the day from an old reliable girl….the businesslike brunette in the green and black dress who was my Sighting #4 of the day right away in the morning.  This time there was no place to sit nearby so I could only hang closeby and a watch a couple more of her impressive drags.  Given that she was back in this seating area, once again smoking all by herself, it reinforced my earlier suspicion that she was probably a vendor underneath the grandstand who was out on a break.

Not long after I’d get my 50th sighting but it wasn’t particularly memorable.  Sighting #51, on the other hand, would be.  Heading down a stretch of the south side of fairgrounds near the new horse building was a family that appeared to consist of three generations.  Seated in the middle of the bench was an attractive dark brunette in a black dress who I could see from afar taking a deep drag from her cigarette and releasing a very impressive blast of smoke from her respiratory system.  I found a bench across the street and settled in for the show.  But I would quickly discover that it was not a cigarette she was smoking, it was a small tipped cigar.  It wasn’t the size of a Black’N’Mild though, at least not a full-sized one, but it did have the plastic tip and it was yummy to see this 21ish girl smoking a cigar in such close proximity to her mother and a small child, which may or may not have been her kid.  I would only see one more drag, however, before she offered the cigar to the thuggish boyfriend sitting next to her, who turned her down.  She then stubbed out the rest of the cigar, presumably to save it for later.  I made one additional pass walking by her and was again impressed by her beauty with her dark features and hair really standing out.   She certainly looked too good for the thuggish boyfriend at her side, and I doubt he realizes how many guys would kill to go out with a cigar smoker as sexy and beautiful as she is.

Another blockbuster would come in the moments ahead as I was in front of one of the bars on the east side of the grounds.   A family stood there on the grass featuring a middle-aged woman, two college-age girls, and two little girls about 10 or 11 years old.  Right away, I saw the prettiest of the two college girls, and Sighting #53, was wielding a cigarette.  She didn’t look like a smoker with her ponytailed blond hair and decked out in her pink top and jean shorts, but not only was she smoking right then and there, she was the only one in the group smoking.  And I’m not sure of the context, but the two younger girls seemed to be lamenting that they were about to separate, at which point the smoker comforted the two girls by giving them stinky hugs, immersing them with her stench while holding her cigarette behind their heads as she warmly hugged them one by one.  The group would stick close for a couple more minutes as blondie finished off her cigarette, proving to be yet another girl yesterday with a very impressive smoking technique.  Seeing big sister smoke this way in front of her nonsmoking family while decked out in her wholesome pink top and jean shorts really drew me to her.  Even though she was all but leaning on a garbage can, she still piggishly dropped her cork filter cigarette to the ground and crushed it out, moments before the groups separated with the younger girls going off and mom and the two college-age girls going into the nearby bar.  I was a little surprised she was 21, as she looked more like 19, but her departure allowed me to identify her discarded cork filter cigarette butt….a Marlboro Smooth.  It’s heartwarming that with more and more pressure on smokers to not litter their butts, so many continue to be politically incorrect pigs dropping their butts wherever they please, in some cases like this one even where there’s a garbage can very closeby.  It was no 2010 yet, but things were still going pretty darn good yesterday!

At this point as the afternoon became evening, sightings started to come at a faster clip as they often do, but the first signs of foot tenderness also started to take hold after more than seven hours of nonstop walking on pavement.  It was time to rest my feet a bit and I sat down in a seating area on the south side of the grandstand near the fountains and water fountains.  Little kids routinely run into the fountains to cool and one little boy had just came back from doing, meeting mommy and daddy on the sidelines.  As you may have guessed, mommy was Sighting #63, an attractive sandy-haired blond in a red top and tan shorts with very smooth legs.  She was cheering on the little guy as he emerged from the water while smoking on her cigarette.  The father was not smoking.   I sat next to a family with two cute teen daughters who were eating, holding out hope that just maybe they’d be smokers.  It was a longshot that didn’t pan out, but it was still nice sitting next to them a sneaking a closeup peek at those smooth teenage legs of theirs while putting in those gel-filled inserts into my shoes to take a little pressure off of my feet.

The sightings were coming faster as the hours progressed.  I always use the 7:00 hour as a benchmark for how well I’m doing, and by 7:00 I had 72 sightings, which was right on track if not a little ahead of schedule.  The first impressive sighting at the 7:00 hour was Sighting #74, where a couple of semi-alternative looking college-age girls were coming out of the horse building with multicolored hair.  I got a smoker vibe right away and sure enough, the tall girl of the two extracted a cigarette and lit up while the smoker seemed to be consoling the other girl about a recent disappointment with a guy.  They weren’t exactly my type, but were both cute and I think the contrast between these two alternative-type girls, at least one a smoker, walking out of the horse building.

There’s a seating area in the dead center of the fairgrounds and an open seat that I decided to take advantage of to rest a bit and look for hottie smokers from this wide-open vantage point.  I was sitting for about five minutes when I noticed from behind a pair of hotties in jean shorts, one wielding a cigarette.  I saw the face of the nonsmoker, who was about 16 and adorable, but thus far had only seen the smoker from the rear.  Even though her body was well-toned and perfect with her long blond hair going down her back, covering up a light-blue tanktop and a pair of cutoffs, I found myself getting cynical by this point in the day about these would-be high school girl sightings.  While I was certainly gonna get a closer look, at that point I was betting on discovering that the smoker was the 40-something mother of the teen daughter who has managed to keep her girlish figure.  But as I proceeded forward to get that closer look, I would discover that Sighting #78 was definitely not anybody’s mother, and in fact that beautiful mid-teen girl would be my second best sighting of the day….

It was another classic teenage face of the Iowa State Fair, with beautiful well-tanned facial features that were far more girl-next-door than lady-in-red.  Just as I was starting to really appreciate her beauty, the other girl was welcoming another duo of 16ish girls, both nonsmokers who they both knew and greeted.  Once again, the smoker proceeded to give the new girls stinky hugs.  I think I’ve seen more stinky hugs from smoker girls in 2011 than every other year combined!  The presence of the new girls was helpful because it allowed me to watch the smoker of the group suck down on her cigarette.  Her technique wasn’t special in any significant way, but she was nonetheless a solid smoker with nicely timed drags and careless exhales that she didn’t go out of her way to keep out of the airspace of her nonsmoking friends.  Now this was an attractive group of teenage girls, none of whom looked the least bit like smokers, but the one who was wielding the cigarette was the beauty and the sexpot of the group, with that light blue tanktop of hers featuring the words Air-gasm, with the two syllables covering each respective boob.  Better yet on the bottom, her light blue cutoffs were shredded in all the right places, with a giant hole on the upper-left thigh that went right up to the crotch to the point that if she bent over or moved just the right way, you’d be able to see her panties…assuming she was wearing any.

The foursome then migrated towards the free entertainment stage, and I was fortunate enough to follow directly behind and get slammed in the face with a couple of the smoker’s exhales.  They migrated briefly into the seating area overlooking the stage when cutie finally released her cigarette, once again carelessly tossing it onto the grass without bothering to crush it out.  The foursome turned around and left soon after, allowing me to identify her butt, a cork filter Marlboro (possibly a Red but who can keep track with all the brands now?).  I walked away and headed back in the direction I came from when this sighting had an amusing final act.  I looked over my shoulders to get one final look at this girl and discovered that the two pairs of girls were separating again and the smoker and her friend were heading my way.  As I kept proceeding, I continued to peek over my shoulders and repeatedly discovered they were still following.  Suddenly, it appeared as though a teen smoker girl was stalking me!  But finally after a good block in my shadow the girls moved towards the midway and we separated for good for the rest of the day.  Great sighting though.

Normally one can’t expect to top a sighting like this too quickly and I wouldn’t, but I had about as good of a follow-up as possible with the very next sighting, Sighting #79.  Walking across the concourse together as if a couple was the interesting duo of a tall late 40s guy and a gorgeous platinum blond girl in her early-to-mid 20s decked out in a green top and khaki shorts.  She was smoking and he wasn’t.  Now despite the obvious age difference it didn’t seem that abnormal that these two might be a couple, but that adorable face really did not seem like a fit for this average middle-aged joe she was with.  They proceeded down a sidewalk near the bathroom and I would get the answer as they approached the back end of a trailer where a radio station was broadcasting.  They weren’t lovers…they were colleagues.  The guy made a couple parting comments to the beautiful blond before opening the door of the trailer and walking inside, leaving the girl to stand outside and finish her cigarette.  And what a show it was, with massive clouds of smoke gushing out of this girl’s mouth and nose.  Her drags were frequent but interestingly she made the cigarette last quite a while, which was just great by me as it meant seeing more from her.  There seemed to be a permanent residue of carcinogenic smoke hovering in front of this girl’s beautiful face given the frequency and density of her exhales.  She wrapped up her cigarette and tossed the all-white butt to the edge of the pavement.   I watched her open up that trailer door and step into that confined trailer where the radio station was broadcasting, and where I had seen at least three people inside before she went in.  Hard to even imagine how much her stench would have filled up the room in those tight quarters, and I got off imagining how some of them were repulsed by it.  I then walked over and identified her discarded butt, a Marlboro Light Menthol, that had just been consumed by one of my top-five sightings of the day.

After that, the sightings were coming fast and furious, but nothing of the quality that I had just witnessed with the past two.   I was scoring sightings at an average of about one every two or three minutes, but they were all of the second-tier or third-tier variety which would be the case for at least an hour.  Approaching 8:00, I went up to the free concert stage on the northeast side of the grounds where Iowa country singer Jason Brown was performing.  He’s a regional entity, but has a strong local following and I expected he’d pack in a pretty good crowd, and was right.  Almost all of the seating was filled and I found a bench near the bathrooms to take in about 10 minutes of the concert, looking around the seating area to see if there was any chance of a repeat of last year’s Whitney Duncan concert insanity where literally dozens of people were violating the seating area’s smoking ban.  No such luck last night.  When the crowd is that densely packed, there’s less chance of rogue elements testing the limits by lighting up.   Hearing Jason Brown talk about his second show at 9:30 I decided to come back then and take in a little more of it, and as I was leaving I saw two young couples about 21 stepping away from the concert for a smoke break.  All four were smoking, and the girls were both quite cute as they lit to become Sightings #96 and #97.  One was a dark blond in a yellow T-shirt and jeans and the other was a dark brunette also in tanktop and jeans, both very accomplished smokers with long drags and cloudy intense streams of exhaled smoke escaping their blackened respiratory systems.

Shortly after, I walked in a crevice next to a beer gardens where three attractive early 20s girls had just sat down, two of them sneaking cigarettes.  Given how tight the quarters were I wouldn’t be able to get a good look at them walking by, but they would be my 99th and 100th sightings of the day, and it wasn’t even dark yet!  This was easily the earliest I would cross the 100-sighting threshold at the Iowa State Fair.

It became dark quickly after that as I migrated back to the ground’s south side where I spotted a group of two girls and a guy.  The guy and the cuter of the girls were both smoking.  Sighting #103 was a curly-haired brunette who looked like a Latina from a distance and may well have been partially Hispanic, holding a pack of the new Newport Reds in her left hand, and a smoldering Newport Red in the other.  Most striking about this girl was the sheer amount of exposed flesh she had on display, wearing a very skimpy, shoulderless top and snug, skimpy jean shorts.  That mane of curly brown hair also impressed.  I walked directly behind her and got splashed by a couple of her exhales before she dropped the cigarette to the ground.

Not long after, but well after sunset, came one of my best sightings of the day as I was heading west on the concourse and spotted a trio of attractive 18-19ish girls from a distance.  It was after dark but I saw a pack of Marlboros (of one variety or another) produced by one of the girls and then moved their direction.   There were three girls….one a dark brunette with a bare midriff top and tight jeans, the other two blonds in tanktops and jean shorts, with one of the blonds about six inches taller than the other.  I got a look at the shorter blond and wasn’t particularly impressed with her beauty, prematurely concluding I had stumbled upon a trio of overrated dames who looked good from a distance but were mediocre up close.  But I would discover just how wrong I was as my focus then shifted to the brunette who placed the unlit cigarette to her lips and fired up to become Sighting #106.  I sped up to be parallel to her and saw her extract the cigarette from her mouth.  I was impressed by the length of the cigarette protruding from her fingers, so much so that I at first suspected it was a 120 but then decided it had to have simply been a 100, but given how rare 100s are in my part of the country anymore, I was taken aback by its length.  And I must have been lost in my observation of the cigarette in her hand because she then looked over and our eyes met.   Obviously I was busted watching her, but what a girl to get busted by.  If not for the darker hair, I would have sworn I was looking at Cassi, the smoking model ousted from Big Brother earlier this summer.   The girl had a classic look of supermodel-quality beauty, one of the biggest stunners of the night without question.  I had to hang back a little after being spotted but continued to follow and sneak glances at her.   It was priceless watching as she walked in front of me with that exposed bare midriff revealing her well-toned stomach without a hint of a muffin top hanging over her waistline.  She took a few more drags from the cigarette and while her style wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, it was just crazy to see first-hand a teenage beauty of this magnitude smoking a cigarette…..

But the sighting took on a second act as she handed the cigarette to the tall blond in jean shorts next to her.  Even though this meant I was observing Sighting #107, it was a little disappointing to see the beauty of the crowd relinquish possession of the cigarette.  But the disappointment would be short-lived as the high point of the sighting followed.  The shorter blond walked up to the lemonade shaker stand to get a glass of lemonade.  I got my first good look at the tall blond who now held the cigarette and while she wasn’t in the brunette’s league, she was a hot girl nonetheless.  But apparently she had something to say to the shorter blond because she walked right up to her while she stood in front of the lemonade stand placing the cigarette into her mouth.  I watched as a big sloppy exhale of smoked from the tall blond went right into the shorter blond’s face and some of the smoke even spilled through the window of the lemonade stand leaving the people inside to choke on it.  I was downright giddy but also cautious watching from afar, knowing I had already been spotted by the brunette but trying to find the right balance where I could watch them but not be detected.  As the three drifted off, I sensed that they spotted me again, and the tall blond gave the cigarette to the shorter blond, who became Sighting #108 and turned this into a three-for-one sighting.  But I didn’t like where this was going as the three girls migrated to the bathroom area.  I was following a reasonable distance behind in a dark part of the grounds, and watched as the three girls walked into the women’s bathroom.   I didn’t see what became of the cigarette and the thought crossed my mind that they took it inside with them.  Either way, I wasn’t gonna get any more out of this sighting and decided to retreat, still very satisfied with the overall bounty from this sighting.

Sighting #112 came next near The Depot, that restaurant and bar on the west side of the grounds that was home to the classic father-daughter sighting last year (ISF #14).  I wouldn’t score anything that intense this time, but got a cute sighting of a 17-18ish couple featuring a nonsmoking guy with his plain jane girlfriend, a ponytailed light brunette girl who wasn’t conventionally attractive but had a cuteness about her accentuated by the fact that she was smoking a cigarette.  The guy sat there dutifully while his girl finished her smoke.  She took a final drag and then proceeded to drop the cigarette to the ground in front of her and then release a lugie right in front of his eyes that appeared to land right on top of the cigarette butt.  For the second time yesterday, I wondered if I had stumbled upon a couple where the guy has the smoking fetish and the girl was performing for him.

I had a fun nonsmoking encounter as I walked back the direction I came from on the concourse as an 18-19ish cutie was crossing in front of me.  By this point in the night, I have a bit of a glazed look on my face and I didn’t even think I was staring, but was nonetheless taking in this girl-next-door curly-haired light brunette in a button-down top with sexy jean shorts and tan cowgirl boots.  The next thing I know she’s looking at my eye and for a moment our eyes met.  She gave me the sweetest smile I’ve gotten in quite some time.  I smiled back and she proceeded onto the curb en route to whatever her destination, that hot denim-clad booty of hers wiggling away.  Not much I know, but I like to think she was flirting with me at least a little even though she looked about 15 years younger than me.

From there, I drifted to that area in the center of the grounds where hordes of underage kids hang out after dark.  It was where I scored that epic Camel Pink mid-teen trio last year (ISF #11) and as always there were scores of pretty girls there again tonight, although there’s a significant police presence in this general area both to break up fights and to make sure there’s no underage drinking going on given that the beer gardens is right across the street.  This cramps my style because the police make it harder to fetish and underage girls are too paranoid to light up.  I would witness such a case first-hand last night as this long-haired 16ish blond and her male friend were talking to each other and I specifically heard her utter the word “smoking” before the two of them set off into the crowd.  Suddenly, the girl was looking at two cops talking to her friends and stopped dead in her tracks, turning back to the guy and saying “cops” as if her well-laid plan was falling apart.  I lost her voice in the crowd but read her lips to see her say “smoking” again, but the two of them stayed put, apparently waiting for the right time….a time that I for one would never see.  Now this girl wasn’t the kind of epic hottie that had me wringing my hands the rest of the night for missing out on, but it was still disappointing that the cops stymied her urgent need to ingest nicotine into her bloodstream.

The night was still alive even though my feet were rapidly deteriorating.  I went to the second Jason Brown concert and stayed about 15 minutes.  On the way back, I walked past the beer gardens and spotted Sightings #122 and #123 a couple college cuties with cigarettes standing out in the street.  Both looked about 21 or 22, with the more shapely of the two having a scholarly look with her horn-rimmed style glasses and studious but pretty face in sharp contrast to her blue top and snug white shorts.  The other girl was a chubbier but still adorable dark brunette in a white miniskirt who looked exactly like my Kayla did 7-8 years ago.  The first girl was by far the better smoker, taking nice drags and releasing tight exhales.  The Kayla clone took shorter drags that were farther apart.  At that point, a group of guys and one more girl emerged from the beer gardens with beer for everyone.    A couple of guys did not appear to know the Kayla clone, and were introduced to her.  The girl was a bit giggly, and during the introduction I was treated to the first of three “laughing exhales”, where a drag was followed up by a giggle in which smoke spewed from her mouth and nose.

They continued to stand in the middle of the street as the studious girl took a final drag from her cigarette before bending over and stubbing it out on the pavement.  I knew the butt was about to be discarded but it was still worth it being able to see this girl bend over in those nice white shorts.  Sure enough, she then tossed the butt into the nearby trash can and spent the rest of the encounter chatting with the guy closest to her who I assumed was a boyfriend.  This left me to admire the Kayla clone in her fringy white miniskirt who was talking it with the guy who I presume she just met, her smoking and him not.  Her chatty nature meant her drags were intermittent and even when she did take a drag they were very short and her exhales not particularly cloudy.  Still, it’s hard to complain when witnessing three laughing exhales from this girl who appeared to be very fun.  I got the feeling she was a social smoker, but I still liked her show.  She dropped the cigarette to the pavement and stepped on it, finally giving my cue to press on.

It was approaching 11 and I was on my last hour of fetishing, with my feet killing me to the point that I was ready for the night to be over, but still committed to sticking around to 11:30 and/or until I broke the previous year’s 136-sighting record.  I went back to The Depot area where piped-in music often leads smokers out dancing in the street in the late evening hours.  In this case, it was two teenage couples on the other side of the street entirely who captured my attention.  This dark blond was dancing to the music and caught my eye but it was the cutiepie brunette behind her wielding a cigarette and becoming Sighting #126 that really tickled me.  I was in a lousy location to watch and had to settle for an open bench parallel to them (but with a giant lamppost in the way).  Neither of the guys appeared to be smoking which made the sighting of the clearly underage brunette girl all the more cute, even though I hardly got to see anything from her.  However, she handed the cigarette to the dark blond who finished it off with a final drag and became Sighting #127 in the process.  Both girls were decked out in T-shirts and tight black shorts that raised their sex appeal.

I then took my final loop around the south side of the fairgrounds and when I saw a girl lighting up at the south side beer gardens area I took the next bench over to watch the show, but it would be a short show as I would be sidetracked in the yummiest possible way.  Walking in front of me was a pair of 18ish cuties, including this slender and petite blond sexpot in a tanktop and black pair of shorts with the word “AERO” written across the ass….and you guessed it, she was sporting a freshly lit cigarette to boot.  I’m guessing that my Sighting #133 was 18 but it was a little hard to tell given her slender size.  The other girl, a light brunette, was cute too but this smoker blond dominated my observation.   Her smoking technique was solid if unspectacular frequently turning her mouth to exhale smoke from the side as she progressed up the south side of the grounds, clutching her pack of Camel Crushes in her hand the whole time.    And she wasn’t the least bit shy about advertising to others that she was a smoker and I watched a group of dudes on a bench watching her.  I wondered if they were impressed her with sex appeal or disgusted that she was smoking a cigarette.  I was planning to enjoy this as an entirely mobile sighting, following her for the duration of the cigarette and ingesting some of her secondhand smoke, but the brunette spotted an older couple on a bench she apparently knew and greeted them.  Suddenly I’d have to sit on a nearby bench and watch this hoping not to get busted….

The blond was joking in some manner with the older couple as she extended her butt towards them as if preparing to sit down.  Perhaps she was just showing the writing on the ass of her black shorts, but whatever the case, seeing her thrust out that caboose made me want smack it all the more.   She then found herself sitting on the curb beside the couple, presumably to avoid exposing them to her cancerous secondhand smoke fumes.  They stayed put for about three minutes before the girls got up to go.  Once again, I was really flying close to the sun here but I just had to follow.  The girl was the kind who took frequent but smaller drags which made the cigarette last forever.  Finally as they approached the center of the fairgrounds they turned to the right to buy food from some vendor and blondie carelessly tossed her cigarette butt to the pavement.  Given that they were still in line for food just ahead of me, it was no easy task for me to officially identify her tobacco refuse but I got the job done.  It was labeled Camel Crush Bold and has a cork filter rather than the usual all-white of Camel Crushes, so apparently Camel has yet another new variation out there.  From there the girls advanced into that teen cluster that loiters in the middle of the fairgrounds, reinforcing my opinion that these girls were in 18 but definitely not yet 21.

It was after 11 now and it was pretty clear that I was gonna break last year’s sightings record….and what better place to do it than the cluster of teens I just mentioned and where I wrapped up the previous year with the Camel Pink trio.  I wouldn’t get anything of that caliber last night, but there were three attractive girls (belonging to two groups) wielding cigarettes in the cluster, pushing me to 138 sightings and breaking the past record.  But more impressive was a girl in this large crowd who wasn’t smoking, at least at the time…..that bombshell brunette from the three-for-one sighting a couple hours earlier with the bare midriff top and tight jeans.  She wasn’t smoking at this time, but again, what an incredible beauty!

My feet were fading fast, but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t make at least one more loop around the midway before I left.  I did just that and about halfway through the loop spotted a somewhat sleazy looking guy in the company of three early 20s girls who looked decidedly more wholesome than he did.  One of the girls was smoking and would become Sighting #140.  She was a long-haired blond wearing a green and white striped top and tight jeans.    I was able to get a closer look at her and was surprised by just how much she looked like Brittny.  She wasn’t as tall as Brittny and her features weren’t as soft, but her overall look was very similar.  Her smoking technique impressed too, releasing large plumes of smoke in her exhales for which she didn’t seem too concerned where they drifted.  I was lucky enough to catch a couple in the face while following.  And while in motion tracking this sighting I would score a sweet novelty sighting for Sighting #141…..

Standing with her back to me was this long-haired brunette in a tiny denim miniskirt holding her cigarette behind her back….who was in the middle of a very long open-mouth kiss with some thuggish-looking clown in her cluster.    These two had their tongues in each other’s mouths for at least 15 total seconds, her holding her cigarette behind her back the whole time and the guy not appearing to be smoking at all.  People were cheering them on as if it was a sport, and when she pulled away from the kiss just as I was walking by, this completely adorable 17ish face emerges with a giggle as if loving being the center of attention.  I was expecting to see some hardened rough-around-the-edges face pulling away from a kiss like that, not the face of angel.  Great final act of the night.

In the meantime, I followed the Brittny clone and her cluster to the front of the midway where she deposited the cigarette on the ground, again without bothering to crush it out.  It was a good old-fashioned Marlboro Red.  On that note, it was time to go.

Def Leppard was performing in the grandstand and were wrapping things up with “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.  I sat and listened to the song and then waited for the crowds to pour out, hoping they’d be in desperate cravings for cigarettes.  Unfortunately it was mostly older people that came out and lit up, and I’d only score two additional sightings between the concert’s dismissal and my long, excruciating walk to the bus where I could finally sit down and take the edge off, pleased at having completed a day at the fair having beaten a record that seemed insurmountable the year before with 143 sightings.   I’m sure I look like walking death by the time I get on that bus, my blond hair crispy as sandpaper from the combination of sun and sweat, my face red as a lobster and my bloodshot eyes almost as red as the rest of my face.  And then after the bus ride back, they park two blocks from my car as a final cruel joke to my poor feet.

Soon enough I’d be home at around 12:15 a.m. staggering up those steps like a 95-year-old man before finally relaxing in my apartment.  The impossibly lofty standards of 2010 were not lived up to, but I still had one helluva day at the Iowa State Fair.  And the best news is, in only three days, I’ll be heading back  after work for another 6 ½ hours of fetishing.

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