2010 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

From the beginning I’ve maintained that my original Iowa State Fair visit in 2006 was my all-time best.  That is no longer the case.  While my top-two sightings scored that year still stand tall at the top of my list, yesterday’s ISF bounty was just too prolific to be ignored and makes the 2010 Iowa State Fair my all-time favorite.  The setting of the Iowa State Fair is not conducive to the kinds of storyline sightings that I scored so many of at this year’s county fair, but I still scored a few good storyline sightings and plenty of sightings that were just damn hot.  You know how stingy I am with sightings I qualify as “epic” but I had one bona fide epic yesterday and two more in the borderline category, along with a flurry of blockbusters.  Numberswise, I could tell by about 8 p.m. that I would most likely have a record bounty.  I set my previous record for a one-day total at the Iowa State Fair with 107 sightings.  I not only broke that record, I humiliated it, wrapping up the day with 136 sightings (!), and I did it with about an hour and a half less fetish time than last year.  That’s a number closer to what I normally score at the Minnesota State Fair.

I’ve always held that even though my daily sightings bounty at the Iowa State Fair rarely approaches what I score at the Minnesota State Fair (where I scored 206 sightings in one day last year), the ISF was capable of greatness.  It’s just the demographics are more family-oriented and the grounds are less user-friendly with steep hills and streets that are less predictably grid-oriented.  It’s always been a great sightings venue.  It just never really came unleashed before yesterday.

As I said, I got less fetish time than in the two years previous.  This was by design.  In the last couple of years, I’ve arrived at the fair too early, scored marginal morning sightings, and found myself too podiatrically impaired to effectively navigate the grounds after dark due to all the hills.  So I decided to get to the fair a little later this year with the hope of having better mobility for the higher-volume evening hours.  Still, it was tough sitting around the apartment yesterday morning and not heading out when I knew there were so many young female smokers waiting to be observed.  I got to the grounds at 11 a.m. to an overcast sky.  At first I was nervous about rain, but quickly realized this was a best-case scenario as I wouldn’t be exposed to the midday sun and hopefully would walk away less lobster-red than I usually do.

Anyway, I filtered off of my shuttle bus into the state fairgrounds and took my first run around the grounds.  As is frequently the case during those morning hours, sightings were slow going and not particularly impressive, as was the case with the first four sightings of the day before I finally scored my first memorable sighting with Sighting #5.  On that same obscure street with the horse barns in which I scored that smoldering mother-daughter sighting in the early morning of 2006, I saw a massive family cluster seated on a bench.  Included in the mix was a middle-aged woman, two attractive early 20s brunettes, and four young kids, two in strollers.  I couldn’t quite understand the specifics of this family dynamic but got interested when I saw the more attractive of the two daughters smoking a cigarette decked out in sunglasses and a white T-shirt.  I’m guessing at least one of the two kids in strollers was hers but that’s all guesswork.  Whatever the case, the dynamic here was fun because this bench was incredibly crowded and the smoker girl kept struggling to find a good spot to hold her cigarette and to exhale without burning anybody or blowing smoke in their faces.  She ended up holding the cigarette behind the bench and times and up in the air other times.  But what impressed me most was her fierce drags and equally fierce exhales.  Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t notice the intensity with which so many girls drag and exhale but this girl was right up there with the best of them with four-second drags, solid hold times, and cloudy exhalations through all of her facial orifices.  Rarely was one exhale sufficient to expel the filthy contents of her lungs, as a second breath always seemed to be full of smoke as well.  She stomped out that all-white butt when she finished the cigarette and after the cluster left, I walked over and identified it as a Marlboro Light.

Only a couple of minutes later, Sighting #6 would dazzle.  A duo of hot 20-21ish brunettes was emerging from a side street towards the main concourse.  I saw one of the girls digging around in her purse and thought she seemed like a likely suspect.  Sure enough, a pack of Marlboro Lights was produced and a cigarette was extracted from the pack.  I began to follow after getting a good look at the beauty, with lighter brown hair going down her back, and dressed in a pretty glamorous white blouse with blue jeans.  Her friend didn’t appear to smoke, and it’s a shame because she was even hotter.  The girls then took me to a place on the fairgrounds I had never even been before….a very obscure side street next to the south side gate outside the edge of the pig barn.  I followed in pursuit, as she walked over a series of sewer grates and eventually tossed the butt into one of them.

Sighting #9 was the next great one.  I passed a bench near the 4-H building where I observed a very attractive early 20s dark blonde wielding a cigarette.  As I got a closer look, I saw that she was in attendance with her middle-aged parents, and both of them were joining her for a smoke break too.  You gotta love the families of smokers this day and age.  The girl looked slightly edgy, but not of the piercings and tattoos variety that I have little fondness for.  I found an open bench on the other side of the street and watched the show, with the girl putting on a smoking performance that surely made her parents proud, with nice drags and cloudy exhales.  Before they were done with their cigarettes, the family rose to their feet and made a bee-line for the 4-H building entrance.  The girl thoughtfully tossed her cigarette to the pavement in an easily accessible spot, allowing me identify it as a Marlboro Red.  I have nothing against Camels, but I have a special fascination with Marlboros of any variety and am pleased to see they’re still a significant presence in the purses of hot young women and girls. The day was shaping up nicely.

Sightings #13 and #14 came in the fairgrounds’ northwest corner, which every year seems to produce something worthwhile.  Yesterday it was a duo of country couples in which both pairs of 21ish guys and girls were smoking near the entrance of a building.  Once again, a convenient bench was open to watch the show.  The guys were clearly country bumpkins and proud of it, with one all decked out in cowboy attire.  The girls, both dark brunettes, were decently attractive and nice smokers, matching their men drag for drag.  I was close enough to see that the respective couples were smoking the same brands, with one couple puffing from cork filters while the others were smoking all-whites.  After they crushed out their cigarettes and headed inside the building, I  approached the pile of cigarette butts they left behind, identifying two Camel Blues belonging to one couple and two Marlboro Lights belonging to the other.

I went through spurts yesterday.  I’d go a half hour with seeing any sightings but then I’d get 10 of them in 10 minutes.  One of my spurts began with Sighting #17 on the back side of the commercial exhibits building.  It was a cute underage dark blonde girl smoking on the grass with what I assumed was her nonsmoking father.  The girl had a slightly edgy look but was still cute.  I’d guess she was 16, decked out in a skimpy white bare-midriff top and nicely fitting jean shorts.  Dad stood next to her, waiting for his stinky young daughter to finish her cigarette.  And while this was going on in front of my eyes, standing next to me was Sighting #18, a cute 21ish blonde smoking a cigarette in the middle of a blistering phone chat where she was laying into whoever was on the other line, dropping multiple f-bombs and talking at one point how she was “not gonna buy menthols!” and then went into some screed about her job, taking intermittent drags from her cigarette while chewing out her phone contact.  This girl crushed out her cigarette and went into the building first, and I had no problem walking over to identify it as a Marlboro Light.  From there, I got to watch the rest of the teen smoker finishing her cigarette before she and dad headed out.  She crushed out her cigarette and I identified that as a Marlboro Red.  A classic two-for-the-price-of-one sighting.

By this point, the clouds had parted and the sun was coming out.  It was already humid but now with the sun out it was gonna be a sweltering day with a high around 90, and I was really glad for those couple hours of overcast skies.  I went up the steep hill on the east side of the grounds early, knowing my feet wouldn’t be able to handle it in the evening.  As I descended that hill, I looked to a grassy area to my left that’s off the beaten path where a number of people sat.  At first I saw what looked like an attractive blonde, but as I got closer, I saw that she was outside my preferred age range (around 40 I’d say) and she wasn’t smoking.  However, the younger brunette on the opposite side of her, also known as Sighting #21 was smoking.  She was quite attractive and didn’t look much like a smoker, yet she was the only person in her cluster of two guys and two girls with a cigarette.  The one couple was late 30s/early 40s while the other was early-to-mid 20s.  They certainly didn’t seem like parents and children, so it was kind of an oddball group.  Whatever the case, the wholesome-looking brunette beauty stood out due to the freshly lit cigarette in her hand and her unusual black top, where the shoulders were held together by metal links.  I watched from afar as she smoked her cigarette, and would see her again on the grounds a couple of hours later not smoking.  That blouse made her easily identifiable.

Next would come the best sighting of the first half of my day and one of my top-five of the day.  Sighting #22 was seated on a bench in between two guys, one of whom was smoking, in a fairly crowded stretch of the grounds.  This girl was GORGEOUS, with the face of an angel and a mane of curly light brown hair flowing over her shoulders.  The last thing that you would have expected to be on this girl’s person was a stinky, smoldering cigarette, but there it was.  I found a bench across the street and watched her smoke the second half of the cigarette, exhibiting an above average style with nice drags, solid hold times, and cloudy airborne exhales.  Not sure which of the lucky SOB’s was her boyfriend, but I’d give anything to be in his shoes.   On top of that, this girl looked exactly the girl in an online dating profile I was taken with earlier in the summer, and I figure there was a good 40% chance it was her given that the girl is from central Iowa.  Anyway, the trio finished their cigarettes and took off.  Once again, I swooped in and sat on the bench they were on, identifying the cigarette as another Camel Blue.  I thought to myself that if this was the best sighting I’d score all day, I would be a happy man.  Little did I know what else the Iowa State Fair had in store for me in the hours to come.

And that’s when it happened….the moment I had been waiting for.  I was walking on the main stretch of the concourse and dying of thirst, standing in line to purchase a lemonade shaker.  After making the purchase, I proceeded until I saw a familiar face seated on a bench with her family.  It was a pretty smoker girl named Brittny, another girl I knew and had been chatting with from an online dating sites and had built a pretty good chemistry with for a few weeks leading up to that point.  By sheer coincidence, I definitively discovered she was the object of my affection in an earlier ISF sighting from two years earlier, and had gotten the heads-up that she was gonna be at the fair with the family again today.  And here she was…

She didn’t see me, which was good because it allowed me the opportunity to cross the street in hopes of seeing her firing up a cigarette.  After a few minutes, the family stood up and sat on another nearby bench underneath a Coca-Cola umbrella that probably helped them a little in staying out of the sun.  Brittny was wearing a utilitarian white T-shirt with black shorts and a kick-ass pair of sunglasses.  One thing she was not in possession of, however, was a purse, which made me wonder where her cigarettes even were.  I thought I was about to score my big find as mom was taking something out of her own purse and tapping Brittny on the arm to get her direction.  I was all excited that she was about to hand Brittny her cigarettes, but unfortunately it was just her damn blackberry.  For the next 10-15 minutes, Brittny sat there endlessly typing out messages and I faced a dilemma whether I was gonna wait her out in hopes of seeing smoking or cut my losses and see sightings that actually were taking place.  Having seen this family in action before two years earlier, I knew they took long breaks, so I figured I’d take off for a quick loop around the concourse and return regularly to see if she was smoking on my return pass…

So I did.  And I actually did score a couple modest sightings during my five-minute loop, but imagine my disappointment when I returned to find the family gone.  I was kicking myself and was briefly looking around the general area to see if I could find her.  A few minutes later, after I’d effectively given up on catching up with her, I cut through a walkway near one of the main bathroom structures on the fairgrounds….and there she was, standing there all by herself and apparently waiting for the family to empty their bladders.  Now I didn’t mention it, but the night before during our e-mail exchange, she expressed some trepidation about me approaching her if I saw her at the fair since she’d be with her family.  Easy to understand how a girl her age wouldn’t want some 32-year-old guy she knows from online to introduce himself to the family, but she said to feel free to say “hi” if I saw her.  I wanted to respect her wishes, and this set of circumstances was perfect for me since she was alone.  There was just one problem.  I looked like hell, having been out in the sun for hours and sweating like a pig, with my wet hair slicked back off of my forehead.  Did I really want to leave this first impression on her considering I’m trying to go out with her?  But with such long odds against this sort of chance meeting and her standing there by herself, I decided to go for it, approaching slowly and looking at her, acting surprised…..

She didn’t see me until I said “Brittny?” at which point she turned and look at me, clearly taken aback as I introduced myself.  We talked for about 30 seconds, basically just casual greetings and an expression of surprise that we keep running into each other at the fair.  But at that point, an older couple in her party that I assumed were her grandparents were walking towards her, so I bid her adieu and wandered off, never to see her again the rest of my day at the fair.  I hope I left a good impression and that I can spin a narrative in the days ahead that fate seems to be drawing us together.  We’ll see how it works.  So even though I didn’t see Brittny smoking at the fair yesterday, I still had an epic moment with her.

Anyway, back to sightings….there’s a cluster of plastic pools for sale on the west side of the grounds, all filled with cool chlorinated water that feels heavenly to dip your arms into during the 3:30 heat of the day.  I relaxed for a couple of minutes and picked a helluva time to walk away.  Approaching me was a trio that included two nonsmoking guys along with a 19-20ish dark blonde hottie with a cigarette who would become Sighting #28.  This was another “you gotta be kidding” sighting.  The girl was wearing a cowgirl hat, a black tanktop, and sexy jean shorts, and much like the cutie from my county fair last week, the girl had two braided pigtails flowing over her shoulders.  But unlike the girl last week, this girl didn’t have the glamour factor as much as she had a girl-next-door Future Farmers of America princess look.  She absolutely did not look like a smoker, but here she was taking a final drag from her cork filter and carelessly tossing the butt to the pavement to her side.  I passed by and identified it as a Marlboro 27.  After that, I had to catch up to this girl to get a better look.  As I approached, her ass looked so adorable wiggling in those jean shorts.  I then walked past her and saw that sweetheart of a mug again.  It was so hard to believe a girl of this pedigree had just smoked a cigarette.  I’d see her and her lucky male friends on the grounds again a couple of hours later, this time without either a cigarette or the braided pigtails, which she had undone.  But she still had the cowgirl hat and still looked adorable.  Yet another blockbuster in a day destined to be full of them.

Then came another winner with Sighting #30, at the edge of the midway where there’s a bar and grill and a bathroom attached to the grandstand that historically makes for a good sightings venue.  Sure enough, emerging from the midway was a wholesome and handsome-looking young couple about 21, both with freshly lit cigarettes in their hands.  The girl was a long-haired dark blonde.  While her face wasn’t as adorable as either of the last two major sightings I scored, she was nonetheless a doll, and her skimpy pink tanktop, snug jean shorts, and awesome ass and legs made it fun to follow her, and getting splashed by her exhales as I walked behind.  She also had some Latin word tattooed on her upper back.  Normally I’m not a fan of tattoos, but this nonetheless looked kind of cute on her.  The two of them proceeded down the concourse and turned towards the commercial exhibits building when the girl finished her cigarette and dropped it to the pavement and crushed it out, allowing me yet another opportunity to identify it as a Marlboro red.

Moving to the south side of the grounds, Sighting #31 would impress too.  I spotted a family with two young adult daughters, both blonde and both hot.  As I walked by, I saw the older of the two young women, probably in her mid-20s, opening a pack of Marlboro Lights and extracting a cigarette.  She fired herself up and then stood up in apparent effort to keep her smoke away from the rest of the family.  Strangely though, after lighting herself up, she handed the lighter to the younger sister who was even hotter and gave me hope the sister would light up as soon as she finished eating.  She didn’t, but there was still plenty to enjoy with the older sister.  She was definitely attractive, but her primary asset was her slender body well advertised in a skimpy tanktop and a very low-slung pair of tight jeans that revealed her awesomely toned bare midriff and about three inches of her black panties that were sticking up over her belt line.  I sat on a bench behind the cluster and eventually the smoker hottie sat on the curb directly in front of me, allowing me a great glimpse of her bare midriff and her undies.  After a few minutes, a young family sat next to her, and the blonde smoker quickly stood up again, apparently very paranoid about exposing nonsmokers to the toxins she was spewing.  Definitely a sighting that left me walking away with a smile on my face.

I was buying my cheese curds when Sightings #34 and #35 played out.  Just in front of me in line was this knockout brunette teenage girl in a blue tanktop and jean shorts.  After she bought her cheese curds, she walked towards a couple of early 20s gals with very dark hair who I first believed were Latinas but upon closer inspection determined were not.  I was waiting for my cheese curds when the girls extracted packs of Camel Pinks from their purses and sparked up.  These young ladies certainly looked like smokers and I thought it was adorable that they were smoking Camel Pinks in front of this young girl, who I assumed was a nonsmoker since she was eating cheese curds.  I had planned to take a seat while I ate, but had a vantage point leaning up against a tree to watch them smoke and took advantage of it.  You could certainly tell they were addicted smokers with an impressive and accomplished style, and the girl was offering them cheese curds, an offer they took her up on and ate as they smoked.  From there, they began to walk my direction and ran into middle-aged people they knew right in front of a food stand and stopped to talk.  The girls continued to smoke as they talked to the older people, which I found hot in itself.  They eventually finished their cigarettes and crushed them out beneath their feet, leaving a couple of minutes later.

I was perusing the midway when I saw Sighting #36, which was not really a sighting but nonetheless something I got a charge out of.  Three 18ish girls were playing some carnival game and had their backs (and asses) to me.  The girl that most drew my attention was this attractive brunette wearing a pair of white shorts that nicely accentuated her bodacious booty.  Now I love seeing packs of cigarettes in the backs of girls’ jeans, but I was looking at a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols peek-a-booing out of the back pockets of her white shorts.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  Now she wasn’t smoking and I didn’t stick around to see if she’d light up, but I’ve stated my policy before that if a girl is in possession of a pack of cigarettes where there’s little doubt she’s the smoker (as opposed to some boyfriend she might be carrying for), then I count her as a sighting.

As I said, some of these sightings came slower than my narrative would indicate based on the rapid-fire writeups which wrongly make it look they came one after another.  I hit a bit of dry stretch at this point but came back roaring with Sighting #39, where I observed a cluster of 20-21ish guys and girls, most of whom were smoking, including two of the girls (officially #40).  But the one girl in the cluster dominated my attention…a glamorous blonde with long, curly hair, wearing a black tanktop and a hot denim miniskirt.  She was quite pretty as well, with her most distinguished accessory being a pair of pink-rimmed sunglasses that added to her feminine glamour.  Anyway, she perused the grounds with her cigarette unashamedly extending from her fingers, dragging continually and exhaling carelessly in a very crowded part of the grounds.  I didn’t see anybody specifically get assaulted by her exhales, but not for lack of trying on her part.  Given the cluster of people she was with, I really was pushing my luck following so close, but this was a sighting I wanted to see play out.  The group’s occasional stop-and-go routine made my job all the more difficult.  But one of the members of the group stopped at a stand to get fair food and gave me my big break as there was an open pavilion across the street for me to stop and watch.  The girl took the final remaining drags from her cigarette, and just before the whole group walked away, the girl carelessly flung her butt onto the grass without crushing it out.  Some middle-aged lady behind her watched the girl toss her filthy refuse onto the grounds and briefly shook her head for a moment.  I was then able to walk over and identify another butt.  It was my third Camel Blue sighting of the day.

The last sighting ushered in a very productive stretch right around 6 p.m., one of the points of the day I mentioned earlier where I would score 10 sightings in 10 minutes.  None in this stretch were that incredible, but the best was Sighting #44, a cute brunette fair worker taking a smoke break.  She was underage, probably 16 or 17, and holding a paper fan over her face to block the sun.  I wasn’t able to get a good look at her, but she was quite cute sitting there willing to deal with the discomfort of the sun in her eyes if it meant getting the necessary supply of nicotine into her bloodstream.

I hit my benchmark 50th sighting in style near the bathroom area where I saw Brittny earlier in the day.  There is a cluster of benches not far from there and seated on them were two incredibly hot brunettes, both in the 17-18 range where they were either just about legal or barely legal.  I took note of their beauty but smoking wasn’t really on my radar until I took one more look on my final pass and saw the girls had respective packs of Marlboro Lights resting comfortably on their crotches as they sat there.  A bench right next to them was open and I took it.  Neither girl was smoking, but the presence of these packs nonetheless made me include them as Sightings #50 and 51 of the day.  The girls were adorable, and practically glowed with pride about the packs of cigarettes they were advertising on their denim-clad crotches.  Then they started checking their phones and managed to hold up their cigarette packs along with the phones.  It was as though these packs of cigarettes were extensions of their hot young bodies, as their every movement for the next few moments involved the cigarette packs moving with their hands.  It was so sexy, and I saw the darker brunette girl briefly looking inside her pack and saying to the other one “we should probably save some of these for later”.  I was bummed that I was apparently not gonna get an actual sighting.  The girls stood up and revealed their young bodies.  The dark brunette was a tad chubby but still hot as hell, decked out in a fairly conservative top and blue jeans.  I wouldn’t doubt if she was Italian based on her features.  Meanwhile the other girl was even hotter, with her still dark brown but less dark hair hanging almost all the way down her back, with a much more slender figure draped in sexy blue denim capris.  I moved onto their bench and looked around the pavement, further frustrated that there were no cigarette butts in sight below.  I watched them walk away and lamented what could very well have been my best sighting of the day if this had played out.

For the next half hour or so, I couldn’t get those girls out of my mind and scored another three average sightings.  I began moving to the south side of the grounds at around 6:30.  Now it’d have been better if I was able to build some suspense in my narrative here, but my favorite girls of the day came through that soon after I first saw them in the fashion of last week’s county fair where this same sort of thing happened several times.  The sighting that “would have been” my best sighting of the day a half hour earlier official became my best sighting of the day.  Heads-up here…..brace yourself.  This is some epic stuff, with all kinds of stuff going on….

On a bench on the south side sat the two girls.  I immediately recognized a freshly lit cigarette in the hands of the chubbier brunette.  The more slender girl was next to her eating, but her pack of Marlboro Lights was half exposed, tucked into her bra underneath her gray tanktop.  If only these smoker girls had the slightest hint of how adorable they are!  I found an open place to stand across the street and watch the events unfold, and the fair cooperated as the nightly parade of horses was occurring at this time so I actually had a reason to be looking across the street in the girls’ direction.  At first I was disappointed in the chubbier brunette.  Her drags were weak with long distances between them.  It was still kind of cute that she was apparently a beginner smoker who was nonetheless advertising her habit based on the proud way she sported the pack of smokes on her crotch earlier.  I was now more interested in the more slender girl as she wrapped up her fair food, as I just knew she would light up too but at this point anticipated she was probably gonna be a modest beginner as well.  And sure enough, the pack of smokes came out of her bra and she inserted one in the corner of her mouth, letting it dangle as she searched for her lighter.  This was interesting, I thought to myself observing her light up and then watched her dangle the lit cigarette for a moment.  She sure seems to be more comfortable with her cigarette than is the friend.  From there, she cut loose and took fierce 4-5 second drags, generating intense and cloudy exhales with them.  While her friend seemed to go 90 seconds between drags, she was lucky to go nine seconds, taking frequent and intense drags.  And then it stepped up even further….

The friend, no longer able to compete with her prettier and more slender friend, crushed out the remainder of her cigarette and put it back into the pack.  The girls were preparing to leave and the hottie did a good 20-second dangle as she inserted the pack back into her boobs.  Now it was the chubbier girl’s turn to get fair food.  The vendor she walked up to had no line, but the heavily addicted hot friend stood right next to her and perched her cigarette hand on the counter in full view of the vendor as if saying “You got that right buddy…I’m a hot girl who smokes”.  The girls then proceeded northward on the concourse and I followed at a discreet distance.  I had to decide whether I wanted to walk close enough to walk through her exhales as she rapidly closed in on the end of her cigarette or if I wanted to hang back a little and be able to observe a little more from the distance.  I chose the latter, and made a great decision in doing so.  Since I wasn’t catching the headwind of her exhale, somebody else was, and in this case it was a little girl about 7 or 8 years old.  The smoker inadvertently spewed her noxious carcinogens into the walk space of the girl who at first wrinkled her nose in disgust and then went into a fake coughing fit as she proceeded.  Crazy hot stuff, all capstoned by the girl dropping her Marlboro Light butt to the pavement and crushing it out with her flip-flop.

There was so much going on in this sighting, but also so much subtext.  The chubbier girl was something of a protégé, who probably recently took up smoking to be like the friend, who clearly was a long-time pro.  And she seemed to be doing everything she could to mirror the glamour factor of the older smoker, right down to the two of them resting their packs on their crotches earlier.  Put into that context, the “we better save these for later” comment from the heavier girl seems even more adorable, as you can almost imagine the other girl rolling her eyes hearing these naïve words from her best friend who was trying so hard to follow in her footsteps.  As stingy as I am with declarations of “epic” sightings, this one qualified.

Naturally, I had an extra bounce in my step after this sighting, and the hits kept coming afterward with a flurry of sightings in whizbang fashion.  Nothing of the caliber of what I just saw, but the best was Sighting #57, featuring another duo of brunettes, although this one a couple of years older in the 19-20 range and with only one smoker.  But she was a hottie, a tall dark brunette with distinguished facial features and a rare beauty.  I walked intermittently to her side and from behind to admire her beauty and her smoking style, as well as enjoy her black tanktop and loose-fitting but still sexy dark blue jean shorts and the long legs that came out of them.  She would crush out her cigarette in a little over a minute, and I would identify it as a Marlboro Red.  Seems as if Reds are making a comeback based on what I’ve been seeing this year.

The next blockbuster would come with Sighting #65…and it was a blockbuster.  There are two bars in front of the midway, and an alley between them full of port-a-potties where smokers frequently go to pollute their lungs.  I was simply gonna walk past the area, but gave a quick look-see as I passed by to see if there was anyone worthwhile in there.  I saw a gorgeous blonde from behind and got curious but it wasn’t until I changed my position and saw a cigarette in her hand that I really got intrigued.  Needless to say, I stepped down the alley and positioned myself somewhat awkwardly across from her.  I also finally got a close look at the girl who was stunningly gorgeous, a beautiful 22ish blonde with long hair with sunglasses resting on her hair, a light tanktop and awesome white shorts.  She was smoking an all-white in the company of an older and unattractive female friend who wasn’t smoking.  Her drags were incredible, with long hold times and filthy belching exhales comparable to a semi truck pouring out diesel after the engine starts.  She saw me watching her smoke, but I wasn’t gonna miss this…nor was I the only one as this middle-aged dude who likely worked at one of the two bars was looking her over pretty good as he smoked his own cigarette.  How could any red-blooded heterosexual not be looking at this beauty?  From there, an unattractive duo of guys came out, one about her age and the other older.  It was crazy to see this amazingly hot girl in the company of these decidedly unattractive friends group, but there she was.  She got on her cell phone towards the end of the sighting, making it easier for me to watch her undetected, and then crushed out the cigarette.  The group was thus far not leaving, so I did a quick loop around the building and returned to find they were just walking away.  I’m sure you know what came next.  I swooped in and identified her all-white as a Camel Crush.  Again, I really admire RJ Reynolds for these effective marketing gimmicks to young girls.

Not too long after this I would get my youngest smoker sighting of the day in Sighting #71.  In a cluster of benches near the middle of the fairgrounds was a flurry of high schoolers, guys and girls, either seated on the bench or standing.  As I approached, I was shocked to see a cigarette in the hands of a very young-looking (and adorable) brunette in a white T-shirt and jean shorts.  To see this girl from a distance, one would suspect she was about 13, as her petite body was vintage early teen.  However, the friends looked closer to 16.  Now there was no way this girl was 16 based on that body and her youthful features, but she was probably 14 or 15 and just hanging out with some older kids.  I didn’t get a close-up view of her drags, and she unfortunately handed the cigarette to a guy, apparently the only other smoker in the cluster, shortly afterward.  I wouldn’t see the cigarette in the girl’s hand again and couldn’t stick around as I had been spotted.  Still nice to see there are some middle school girls starting early though.

About a minute later, Sighting #72 also stood out, even though I only saw the sighting in passing.  It was another teenage girl, although this one more likely 17 or 18, wearing a tiny top that was barely more than a bikini.  A lot like one of those sports bras except meant for public attire.  She was surrounded by friends and lighting up a cigarette.  I didn’t get a good look at her, but what I did she of her involved a lot of exposed flesh!

Darkness arose fairly quickly at this point, and the cooler temperatures that came with sunset couldn’t come soon enough for me.  I was scoring a flurry of solid sightings just after dusk, but the best would be the blockbuster Sighting #86.  There’s a mini alley next to the fairgrounds’ largest bar on the west side where I spotted an adorable brunette teen cutie sitting down by herself on a step.  It didn’t take long to realize she was about to smoke a cigarette, and sure enough, from a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols resting on her lap came out an all-white which she inserted into her lips and fired up.  She was wearing a yellow shirt (and jean shorts) with the same writing on it as did the girl a few feet away running the walking taco stand.  I surmised she was a worker in the walking taco stand taking a break.   I found a decent but still awkward place to sit nearby and watch the show at close range.  She was a total cutie, a girl-next-door dark brunette about 16 or 17, and she was clearly no rookie at this whole cigarette-smoking thing, taking long drags and producing cloudy exhales.  I had to be really discreet watching the show, however, given the close proximity at which I was observing.  After about three drags, the sighting took a most eventful and adorable turn.  A middle-aged man approached her, also wearing a T-shirt similar to hers and sat down next to her.  It didn’t take long to realize he was the girl’s father, and when I discovered the slogan “The Depot” on the front of their shirts, I realized that the girl didn’t necessarily work at the walking taco stand.  She probably worked in some capacity at the bar and grill adjacent to it that was advertised “The Depot”, and was working there with her father during fair season, probably as a temporary summer job before returning to school in a week and a half…and to help pay for cigarettes…

Whatever the case, the girl was very comfortable smoking a cigarette in front of her father and was asking him about some people.  The father pointed into the seating area just outside The Depot that is also in that alley.  The underage girl wandered into the crowd, dragging from her cigarette and meandering through all the tables looking for people.  Frustrated that she wasn’t finding her party, she walked back towards the father, who was just lighting up a cigarette of his own.  With a smoldering cigarette in hand that was glowing in the early evening hours, she asked “Dad, where are Amy and Jessica?”  The father, frustrated himself, stood up and started walking towards the group he was pointing at, but seemed to discover that they weren’t there once he moved that direction.  Whatever the case, the teen smoker went in the midst of the tables and was eventually recognized by somebody who beckoned her to sit with them.  It was a cluster of adults, perhaps the parents of the girls she was looking for, and this cutie was again more than comfortable finishing her cigarette in their presence.  The dynamic of this underage smoker girl being so comfortable around all these adults as she stunk up the joint was one of several factors that made this sighting so satisfying.

By now it was going up to 9:00 and I wanted to head up the hill on the east side of the grounds to see at least some of the free concert from country singer Whitney Duncan.  I was wrongly under the impression that the concert began at 8:30, but even so I wanted to take another stroll down the south side of the grounds.  I walked past this makeshift seating area where, two years ago, I found myself literally surrounded on three sides by hot young smokers at one point.  Needless to say, I make a point of  exploring the area every year after that, especially at night.  I wouldn’t see anything that crazy again, but I would catch a surprising Sighting #92 nonetheless.  I saw a bench full of females, but the two I saw were of the middle-aged and overweight variety, so I kept on walking.  After I already walked past, I heard a younger female voice that came from the direction of the bench saying something along the lines of “I think we went there earlier last year.”  I stopped in my tracks to turn around, having not noticed a young girl in that cluster in my first pass.  Now my senses get duller and more fatigued by the time evening rolls around, but I can’t believe I almost missed this.  Sitting on the edge of the bench next to the two overweight nonsmoking women was a wholesome 18-19ish dark blonde beauty with a cigarette in her hand.  No matter what this cutie wore she would have been one of my most unlikely sightings of the day, but what she was wearing made the sighting all the more spectacular…this adorable multi-colored (but mostly red) summer dress.  Not sure of the dynamic of this group, but I’m guessing one of the two older women was her mother.  Just amazing that in the year 2010 that not only do girls like this still smoke, but they smoke openly in public around their nonsmoking parents.  I only got to see two drags before she crushed out the cigarette under her foot.  A definite last minute save with this sighting.  Anyway, it was now off to the east side to see Whitney Duncan…or so I thought……..

I got sidetracked on my journey to the east side in the most pleasant way.  It was time for a little bit of glamour at the Iowa State Fair as I spotted two 19-20ish babes in summer dresses heading towards me, both wielding freshly lit cigarettes and becoming Sightings #93 and #94.  Wow, I thought to myself looking at them.  The first girl was a dark blonde with her hair in a ponytail wearing a mostly green multicolored dress.  But the second girl was even better….a beautiful brunette wearing an even more glamorous black dress.  These girls were as wholesome-looking as they came, but clearly had arrived at the Iowa State Fair with partying on their minds.  For a moment, they stopped and talked to some older people they seemed to know, not flinching at all about the cigarettes in their hands, but then took off back in the direction I had come from.  Needless to say, Whitney Duncan would have to wait as I followed them.  The glamour factor was off the charts with these girls, and they knew it, parading down the concourse while wielding their cigarettes with beaming pride.  The girls were such a spectacle that I noticed a couple of people watching them strut down the concourse, undoubtedly taking special notice of the cigarettes they were so proudly displaying….

I was mostly tracking the brunette in the black dress, and have to say that I was initially disappointed in her style, especially her exhales which were sparse and thin, so thin I was having trouble walking through them even as close behind as I was following.  But then I realized that my judgment was a bit premature as I observed from behind as the girl took a couple monster drags.  At one point, she even did a very nice dangling drag, the only one I would see all day and wildly impressive.  But still the smoke emitting from her lungs wasn’t that substantial.  Was she dragging so hard that the smoke was staying inside her black lungs rather than filtering out with her exhales?  Hard to say, but it was one of the crazier dynamics I saw.  Even stranger, the dark blonde friend was taking shallower drags but producing more substantial exhales.  The brunette on two occasions raised her cigarette straight in the air while conversing with the friend, quite obviously talking about the cigarette but nothing audible from where I stood.  The girls were walking an unusual course, in search of a specific fairgrounds bar I suspect, making it increasingly risky for me to follow.  I hung back a bit, hoping to see where they dropped their butts so I’d be able to identify their brand.  A rare instance of no such luck.  I didn’t even notice the blonde lose her cigarette.  The brunette was a higher priority anyway, but just before they walked into this bar, she bent down and crushed out the cigarette on the pavement and then tossed it in the garbage can.  Even without seeing the brand, these girls were among my top-10 on a day with a flurry of blockbusters.

It was after 9:00 now and I really needed to get to the east side if I wanted to catch any of that Whitney Duncan concert.  Whitney Duncan is hardly a big star and hasn’t had any big hits on the charts, but I have heard her on the radio and have seen her photos so I know she’s incredibly hot.  Take a look…http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=yfp-t-701&va=whitney+duncan&sz=all  But when I got there, the free stage was almost empty and I was worried that I missed it.  I asked an older couple in the seating area if it was and they were under the impression she didn’t even start until 9:30.  My aching feet desperately needed a break at this point, but I wasn’t just gonna sit there on these benches for 15 minutes when girls were smoking on the fairgrounds. So I wandered around the east side of the grounds for awhile.  Having already ascended the steep east side hill, I wasn’t gonna go back onto the concourse and go through that climb again even though it’s likely sightings would have been more prolific there.  I scored a couple more sightings and got back just in time for the 9:30 concert.  I was doing very well with 97 sightings on the day, and another two hours of fetish time.  I knew I would easily surpass the previous record of 107 sightings during the day, but for now I really needed to rest.  Unfortunately, I would have to endure some time in the no-smoking-permitted seating area during this show, and wouldn’t have the benefit of overlooking the smoking area during the concert as I did at the grandstand at my county fair.  Or again, so I thought….

Whitney Duncan burst onto the stage in insanely tight jeans looking hot as hell and put on a pretty high-energy show, but within about 10 minutes, I noticed the damndest thing….I detected the aroma of fresh smoke in the area.  Now, my clothes stunk to high heaven of smoke after a full day of walking through exhales, but this smelled a lot fresher than anything that was coming off of me.  Sure enough, looking to my left I saw two people just on my row of seats smoking, albeit a middle-aged woman and a guy.  Still, an interesting development.

And it got even more interesting a few minutes later as I looked to my right behind me to see Sighting #98, a hot 18-19ish girl illegally lighting up a cigarette.  I suddenly felt the urge to find a new seat. I parked my ass two rows behind her and the guy I assumed was her boyfriend (nonsmoking by the way).  She was a blonde cutie in a white tanktop and khaki shorts…and I mean short shorts.  Even more adorably, she was wearing a lime green bra where not only the straps showed, but the entire backside assembly of the bra was in plain view a couple of inches above the low-cut tanktop.  I was not in a position to see much of her smoking but could see from the rear that her exhales were impressive.  Suddenly another guy emerged from the apparent friend group.  The smoker girl greeted him friendly, and she now found herself surrounded on both sides by two nonsmoking guys forced to choke on her exhaust.  But then another crazy development caught me off-guard.  Her cell phone rang.  With the loud music blaring, she startled me by rising to her feet and leaping across the several rows of open benches behind her to get to where she could hear the person.  This girl’s smooth legs couldn’t have been more than three inches away from me as she leaped from bench to bench.  I watched her head to the bathroom area to take the call.  I decided now was the time to get a close look at Whitney Duncan onstage (even hotter up close!) and then leave.  As I walked by the bathroom, the smoker was still on the phone, squatted down with her cigarette right next to the cell phone by ear.  I looked down to those skimpy khaki shorts as she knelt down and saw just the barest of fabric between her legs covering her crotch.  Very hot stuff.

I was walking off at that point, prepared to leave the concert and head back onto the concourse for the final hour and a half, but once again found a distraction that kept me around.  At the edge of the concert’s seating area emerged a young couple about 16 years of age who I first presumed were boyfriend and girlfriend but later expected were more likely to be brother and sister.  The girl was adorable, an absolute teen angel wearing a red top and jean shorts and with her dark brown hair contained in both a head band and a ponytail.  Now to be honest, as a hard-core smoking fetisher, the thought of “does she smoke?” always crosses my mind just a little, but with this girl only for a split second…enough for me to walk past her as she sat down on the bench with the brother.  Lo and behold, sitting on her lap was a cell phone….and a pack of Camels.  WTF!  One of the other benches in the area was open so I found a place to sit behind her.  She kept playing with that cell phone and every time her hands moved towards her lap I got goose bumps thinking it would be the moment, but it never was.  Now just seeing a girl carrying a pack of cigarettes in which case I have probable cause to believe the girl smokes is good enough to count, so she was officially Sighting #99, but I wanted to actually see her smoke.  Unfortunately, I never would, and this would be my only genuine disappointment of the day…..

The would-be sighting was not over, however, as a middle-aged couple emerged next to the two teenagers.  I had long assumed the teens were boyfriend and girlfriend, but it became apparent that these two were their parents.  Dad was smoking a cigarette and I was hoping that would trigger the daughter to light up but the next thing I knew the family was walking towards the regular seating area to see the show.  Even though she wasn’t smoking, you can’t imagine what a high it was to see this beautiful underage girl parading through the seating area with a pack of Camels in hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  I followed them with my eyes and was under no circumstance going to lose them…..and then I lost them.  I wandered aimlessly through the seating area for the next few minutes and absolutely could not find them.  I was looking from the back for airborne plumes of smoke and never saw them.  She’s the one mystery girl who I never saw smoking yesterday, but would have been right up near the top of the list if she had.

All was not lost, however.  Whitney Duncan was putting on a better show than expected, interspersing her own material with oddball rock songs from Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp, and the Fine Young Cannibals which kept the show lively.  And more importantly, while looking for the elusive sighting #99 girl, I would hit the century mark in high drama fashion, once again in the smoking-prohibited seating area during the concert.  A family was seated near the back and out of the corner of my eye I saw a smolderingly hot blonde extracting a cigarette from a pack of Marlboro Lights.  I moved that direction and took a seat two rows behind, in time to watch the pack get passed on down the line.  The cluster of young people included a guy and three girls, all in the 18-21 range, with somewhat white trash looking parents on the other side.  But the girls were anything but white trash, and this single corner-of-my-eye sighting soon turned into Sightings #100, #101, and #102 as all three girls (and the guy) lit up a Marlboro Light before sending the pack back in the direction of mom who then lit one up herself.  The only one who wasn’t smoking was dad.  I actually don’t think all four of these young people were brothers and sisters.  Probably more likely that two or three of them were and the others were just friends/boyfriends/girlfriends.  Whatever the case, I was seated behind mom and got to watch the smoking show by all three girls….

The blonde was the most glamorous and the most pretty, with long blonde hair flowing down her back and decked out in incredibly tight pale blue jeans with a few holes and frayed areas.  Damn she was sexy…and a good smoker to boot with long drags and hold times and cloudy exhales.  But at least in terms of smoking performance, the attractive brunettes on the other side outdid her.  The one brunette was a tad chubby but still very pretty.  She was frequently engaged in dapper drags.  But I gotta say the girl on the far left, who appeared to be the youngest girl in the group, managed to outperform the rest, with long intense drags and tight, dense exhales where the smoke poured out her mouth and nose, often with residual spillover on the second breath.  I would guess she was 18, but clearly addicted to the core of her being.  And there was one more treat with this sighting.  With five people smoking, including three hot young girls, the air was an absolute cesspool of secondhand smoke, and it didn’t go unnoticed by a duo of college-age cuties seated to the right and just behind this family of smokers.  The wind was blowing their direction and assuring an endless assault of smoke.  The girls kept looking their direction, and finally after about three minutes of this, got up and sat back down about six rows ahead.  Of course, the smokers responsible for polluting their air in this illegal setting didn’t have the slightest clue that they just drove these girls away.  It was now quarter after 10 and time to leave the Whitney Duncan concert for the final hour of the day….and what an hour it would be.

The grounds were full of young smokers at this point and I knew I was gonna have a wild final hour.  I would tie my previous year’s record of 107 sightings in just a few minutes, scoring two-for-the-price-of-one with a couple 21ish hotties clearly heading to the bars who became Sightings #106 and #107.  Both girls were attractive, but the more attractive girl was this long-haired light brunette bombshell who was just inserting an all-white into her mouth and sparking up as I approached her.

But those girls were amateurs compared to the girls who would help usher in my new record in the most dramatic of styles.  Another hold onto your hat sighting, just to warn you, and on the borderline of epicness as my second best sighting of the day.  I usually make three runs through the midway at the Iowa State Fair, and always leave the final run until the 10:00 hour, where you’re more likely to find the “naughty girls” going on rides.   Ironically, this sighting was strikingly similar to a 2008 sighting from my favorites’ archive…only hotter….

I walked past a trio of mid-teen brunette bombshells, all in the 15-16 age range, and although she was hiding it fairly well, could have sworn that I spotted a cigarette in the hands of one of the girls.  I followed long enough to see that indeed I had as this cute little thing soon took a drag.  I could tell from the rear that these girls were exactly the kind of mid-teen cutiepie smokers that represent the Holy Grail for myself and a large swath of fetishers, but so far was only able to see them from behind.  I desperately needed an opening to see their faces, and I would soon get one as the girls came to a stop near the line for one of the rides.  There was no good place to watch, but I wasn’t gonna be denied and stood on the other side of the line observing from close proximity.  I was nearly breathless when I saw the girl in possession of the cigarette.  All three girls were attractive dark brunettes dressed similarly in tanktops and nice-fitting jean shorts, but this girl was far and away the prettiest and absolutely the most wholesome with some of the softest features you can even imagine.  It only got better as she took her first drag in my line of vision.  The jet streams that flowed from that beautiful young face were so extreme that I’m surprised the G-force didn’t lift her little body about three feet up into the air.  It was the kind of exhale you would expect from a 10-year smoker, not the cutest possible teenage girl in the state of Iowa….

She then passed the cigarette around, meaning Sighting #108 would also include Sightings #109 and #110.  This allowed me to study the other two girls a little closer.  The girl she first passed it to was the chubbiest and least attractive of the three.  She was still a 7.5 or an 8 on the hotness spectrum, but in this group she was what qualified as the ugly duckling.  After a quick and relatively average drag, she passed the cigarette to the other girl who was the smallest girl of the group but still looked a little bit older than my favorite of the three.  She also took a single average drag.  But then it was time for the G-force girl to get her greedy little hands back on the cigarette.  She took back-to-back fierce drags only seconds apart and the smoke blasted out of her little face like a rocket both times.  The other girls got one more drag each as she passed the cigarette around, but the pretty girl wrapped things up in style by taking three final drags from the cigarette, absolutely dominating it both in terms of smoking style and number of drags.  And all of her exhales were equally stunning.  She crushed out the cigarette beneath her feet and the trio walked away.  I could see a few inquiring people watching this unfold, probably not pleased with the young girls being smokers, making it all the more epic.  I had no problem scooting over to the barren area they stood and identifying the butt.  Adorably, it was a Camel Crush.  I bow to RJ Reynolds with their marketing prowess getting girls like this to become smokers.  Absolutely out of this world.

Having now passed the previous record of sightings after scoring #108-110, I could have walked away from the fair on a big-time strong note after that, but you know how damn greedy I am.  I wanted to see even more smokers, foot pain be damned.  The sightings came fast and furious as they usually do at this point in the evening, but the next sighting of note I would score is Sighting #120.  Remember that alley way between the two bars where I spotted the bodacious blonde who was Sighting #65?  Well I headed down there again at just the right timing to see an early 20s brunette hottie pulling a pack of Kools out of her purse.  That’s right.  They’re not dead!  Kools live on, and with girls as hot as this one still smoking them, they have a good chance of making a comeback.  She was decked out in a green tanktop and tight jeans, looking hot as hell and smoking skillfully amidst a cluster of guys, some smoking and some not.  The sighting took a weird turn when some woman who clearly knew them came riding up in a motorized cart, feigning anger, and telling them to stand back so she could get through.  It was mostly the guys who played along with the woman, but the young smoker gal watched from the sidelines with a smile on her face while smoking her Kool.

From there I headed to a cluster of benches in the middle of the grounds across the street from the midway that is a frequent hangout for teens after dark with literally dozens of them clustered in the area.  There are always a number of cops standing guard in the area, most likely to break up fights in the area and make sure no underage drinking is taking place as the bar is close nearby.  Standing no more than 10 feet from a cop was a cute blonde girl smoking a cigarette.  Obviously she was Sighting #121, but from afar she looked underage.  Once I got up close though, it looked more obvious that she was 20-21, but it still struck me as interesting she was openly smoking so close to the cop.  Keep this teen hangout in mind because it’s coming back with a vengeance.

I was gonna make one final pass down the south side before calling it a day at this point.  My feet hurt like hell and my senses were getting dulled from so many hours of fetishing, with my fatigued and sunburnt body begging for a reprieve.  But the south side would deliver a couple good snap sightings.  A bench full of four flashy college girls featured two smokers on both sides that would be Sightings #123 and #124.  I took a passing interest in them.  Earlier in the day, I would have drooled over them mercilessly but by this stage they were unfortunately elevator music.

Sighting #125 would impress more just a few benches down as I spotted an attractive early 20s couple sitting together and both lighting up.  The girl was a brunette babe who didn’t look like a smoker, but who was nonetheless firing up.  At that second, everybody on the grounds was startled with the release of the 11:00 fireworks, which I believe is a nightly ritual every evening at 11:00.  The couple stood up and walked away to get a better vantage point of the fireworks, but I was more interested in the light show on the ground and was dazzled at the glamorous blue dress that the brunette was wearing, holding the freshly lit cigarette at her side.  I hope the jerk at her side knows how lucky he is.

From there, I made the loop around the south side collecting a handful more sightings.  It was about 11:15 when I returned to the main concourse and I was planning to leave.  But the girls of the Iowa State Fair weren’t ready to let me go just yet.  For one more time tonight, I ask you to buckle your safety belt and hang on tight as borderline epicness is about to be showered upon you.  I made a final pass near the same cluster of benches in the middle of the grounds that’s crowded with teens after dark.  On the west side, I stumbled upon a cluster of six teenage girls, all around 16 and all very wholesome-looking from afar, so I was flabbergasted to see a freshly lit cigarette between the fingers of this cutiepie light brunette in a pink top and brown shorts who would be Sighting #131.  All of these girls were the definition of the girls next door, and I scanned the crowd and didn’t see any other cigarettes, I found it amusing that one of the girls somehow found herself in a situation where she became a smoker.  There was a mostly open bench only a few feet away, so I sat there for my front-row seat for a pretty solid smoking show as this girl was no amateur, smoking right there in her tight cluster and not making any serious effort to direct her stinky fumes away from the crowd.  This clearly drunken redneck sitting next to me briefly engaged me in conversation, and I was distraught at the idea that my show would be sidelined by this clown, but thankfully he only exchanged a couple of comments with me before leaving me alone…

Suddenly, the tall brunette whose back and cute jean-shorted ass was towards me surprised me as she turned her head and exhaled a plume of cigarette smoke.  Now there was a second player to this sighting with the revelation of Sighting #132, and a beautiful and equally wholesome one at that.  But I was looking at this girl from behind and both of her hands were in clear view, and neither one of them was holding a cigarette.  Where did it come from?  In just a few seconds, the tall brunette moved over a bit and created an opening from which I could finally tell where the source of the cigarette was….another girl in the cluster who was the most innocent and adorable girl of the entire group of six, a cluster in which at this point, at least three of these uber-wholesome girls were confirmed smokers.  My Sighting #133 girl stood there in her tanktop and khaki shorts with an outrageously adorable and clearly underage face, with just a hint of an evil smirk that helped realize how this girl was a smoker.  She was the primary holder of the cigarette, and the tall brunette got her table scraps.  And again, all this was going on with a flurry of cops only a few feet away….

And right when I thought the sighting had hit its peak, another player entered in the form of a middle-aged man who snuck up behind one of the equally adorable nonsmokers in the cluster, a girl who was primarily chatting with the original light brunette smoker.  I’m not sure if it was her father or what, but I was at first expecting he was giving her or her friends hell for smoking.  But nope, he was just razzing them and inserting himself in their foul-smelling cluster.   Before long, I saw he was conversing with the really cute newcomer of the cluster who was grinning ear to ear as the middle-aged guy was razzing her about something.  He then did something that would raise the sighting to the stratosphere.  He reached out his hand and requested a drag from this cute teenage girl’s cigarette.  He took a single puff and handed it back to her.  For the next couple of moments, the cute girl and the tall brunette finished off the cigarette, with the brunette closest to me taking the final drag without bothering to crush it out on the pavement right in front of me.

As this was going on, the original light brunette I first spotted in the sighting was walking off with a couple of the other girls.  Since she had her cigarette all to herself, she still had a couple of puffs to go.  She literally walked right by a cop with a cigarette in her hand.  She came to a stop not far from there and I watched from behind as she took her last couple of drags before crushing out the cigarette underneath her feet.  It was then time to head back to the original cluster, where the girls who shared the cigarette had drifted a ways and left me an easy opening to look down at the still-smoldering butt….a Camel Pink.  There was no way I was gonna top this and it was way past time to head home.

On the way out of the grounds, I scored three more sightings and wrapped up the day with the aforementioned 136 sightings, a number I never expected I’d get to at the Iowa State Fair.  It wasn’t clear right away that this was gonna be a special day, but it sure wrapped up as one, and I’ll have plenty of reconfiguring to do on my top sightings list at the Iowa State Fair.  There were no cigar sightings and of course I didn’t get to see Brittny smoking again, but everything else I could have hoped to see I did. The fair season of 2010 has thus far been my best ever, and with luck, my half-day visit on Wednesday night will continue that trend.  It’s really amazing how I continue to defy gravity with these fair safaris.  Smoking is going down, but I keep breaking new sightings records every year.

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