2009 Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

For the first time ever, I made an encore visit to the Minnesota State Fair this weekend. The parents had a stop they wanted to make at a politician’s booth and, since the weather was so crummy most of last Saturday, it felt great to have the opportunity for a do-over. While the day was cut short because my mom had to go to work early on Labor Day, I made the most of the roughly nine hours we spent there and scored an impressive 95 sightings. It was just too bad I couldn’t have stuck around one more hour because typically the 6-7 p.m. hour is the most off-the-hook sightings hour of the day.

And last week, there was plenty of mediocrity in between the memorable sightings, but I must say the quality of this Sunday’s visit was impressive too. There were no epics, but a long list of blockbusters as my preferred demographics seemed to be out in higher numbers. Again, the barnburner years of 2006, 2007, and 2008 still stand tall as the best years of all-time for the MNSF, but I liked this week better than last. Anyway, let’s get started…

I arrived at the grounds just before 9 p.m. much like last week and found there is one benefit of getting there that early….the young chick fair workers are not yet busy and are thus able to take smoke breaks before the crowds arrive. With that in mind, Sighting #1 of the day was impressive for the first time in memory at the Minnesota State Fair. Sometimes it takes an hour to find something worthwhile, but today only about 5-7 minutes after arrival I was loitering near the grandstand and saw a 16-17ish girl with a cigarette in the midst of a cell phone call. The benches were wide open for me to get a front-row seat. She was clearly a worker, most likely somewhere in the grandstand, wearing a cap that covered her very dark brown hair which ran past her shoulders, with a T-shirt and jeans covering the rest of her slender body. She wasn’t a stand-out-in-the-crowd beauty but was cute enough to get me excited given how young she appeared to be. The cigarette was only about two-thirds smoked when she crushed it out on the cement ledge next to her and continued chatting on the cell phone. I was concerned that she would either save the rest of the cigarette or toss it in the garbage can the way she snuffed it out, but she just walked away, leaving that cigarette butt lying right in the middle of the seating area where fairgoers later in the day will likely have be absolutely repulsed to sit down and find the stinky little souvenir this underage cutie left for them . A fantastic start to the day.

My next sightings were two more modestly attractive fair workers, but the next to impress was Sighting #4. Near the women’s bathroom, I saw an attractive 21-ish college girl (light brunette in a tanktop and blue jeans) smoking a freshly lit all-white just outside the bathroom structure. I stopped to watch for a couple moments and quickly found the rest of the family (a younger sister and both parents, all nonsmokers) coming out of their respective bathrooms to meet her before the crew walked away together, with one smelly feminine smoker in their midst stinking up the MNSF experience for the rest of them.

Sighting #5 was about 10 minutes later and would be one of my favorites of the day. I was perusing the sometimes-worthwhile Heritage Square area where, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a knockout 18-19ish long-haired blonde wielding a cigarette. I then took note of her company, including a middle-aged father who was also smoking and an equally attractive younger sister who was not. The family was walking together, two of them with cigarettes extending from their fingers, and I was struck by how pretty the blonde smoker was (the only drawback was a lip ring..not a fan) wearing a modest gray T-shirt and skin-tight light blue jeans with her long blonde hair flowing all the way down her back, looking very much like a smoker. Her image was solidified when I took note of the pack of Marlboro Reds peek-a-booing out of that tight back jean pocket. I was so jealous of that pack as I watched her walk in front of me, resting so comfortably against that wiggling ass of hers. I admired a couple of her drags from behind…nothing particularly special from what I could see but nonetheless adorable coming from her. They got in line for the Skyride with the two smokers on the last throes of their cigarettes before dad crushed out his and then girly crushed out her Marlboro Red butt a couple moments later.  Even though I didn’t realize it then I was gonna be treated to a delicious encore from this girl in the not too distant future.

Sighting #9 would be the next great one. I was near the main entrance of the fairgrounds where an information booth rests only a few yards inside. Approaching was a cluster of people including a long-haired blonde wearing sunglasses with a freshly lit cigarette in hand. I stopped in my tracks and watched her approach the information booth for a booklet, holding her cigarette up above the booth so that nobody would miss it. I already loved this girl! From there, she proceeded all by herself (quite rare to see young women on the grounds themselves unless they’re workers on a break) and I was able to get a better look. Her long hair flowed down her back and was a little disheveled, mostly dyed blonde with clear brunette natural colors showing through from the roots to the tips, but her body had all the right curves in all the right places, covered by a black T-shirt and a conservative pair of blue jeans. Her face looked very pretty as well, but the mixed bag that comes with sunglasses is that they look badass and add to a smoker girl’s mysterious allure, but also obstruct the full beauty of her face. Nonetheless, she walked at a healthy clip and I followed, getting splashed by her exhales the entire way until the cigarette was finished and she crushed it out in front of a radio station booth.  I looked down as I walked past and saw it was a Camel Crush. Yes, there continue to be more Camels found in the purses of Midwestern females than in the entire Sahara Desert these days.

Now brace yourself because things get a little crazy starting with my third best sighting of the day, Sightings #13 and #14. Just behind the full-square block beer gardens area is a semihidden seating area where smokers occasionally go to indulge their addictions out of sight. Sitting there at around 10:30 this morning were two 16-ish girls, both ponytailed dark-haired brunettes, in the middle of their cigarettes. The girls were somewhere in between “plain janes” and hotties, but both had a cuteness to them that drew me in. I sat on the cement seating area about 10 yards in front of them and watched the show. And what a show it was. The girl on the left was the cutest, with a reddish-pinkish top and jean shorts, while the girl on the right, still cute but not likely to win homecoming queen honors in the next year or two, was wearing a white T-shirt and blue denim capris that went past her knees…..

The girls sat there smoking and people-watching (unfortunately they quickly became aware I was watching them), and exhibited a cute trait I often see with teenage girls who smoke…..they were spitting frequently between drags. Of course, not everybody (even every fetisher) would find this attractive, but I found it adorable watching these teen cuties take a drag from their cigarettes, exhale, and then hock up a lugie which they spat either to their side or between their legs. They didn’t do it after every drag, but usually after every two or three. Amidst their people watching, another 16-ish girl in super-tight black leather pants walked right in front of them and the girls kind of rolled their eyes, probably wondering as I was how miserable this girl must be wearing leather pants in 75-degree sunny and moderately humid weather. The girls retired their cigarettes and I marked where the cuter one flung hers. Neither of them got up even after finishing their smokes, and having already been spotted and wanting to move on with my sightings, I decided to take off, do a quick lap around the block, and return to see if these girls’ act was over. So around the corner I went….

As I approached the other side of the block and its beer gardens area, who did I see approaching but Sighting #5, the hot blonde smoker with the tight jeans and her smoking father and nonsmoking sister only an hour or so after my original sighting of the family. The pack of Marlboro Reds was in the blonde’s hand and I could tell she was getting ready to fire up another one. Sure enough, they found an open bench in front of the beer gardens and the blonde sat on the right, the father sat on the left, and the cutiepie sister sat in between, about to exposed to secondhand smoke from both sides. Adorably, the blonde smoker dangled the unlit Marb Red from the corner of her mouth before firing up as dad retrieved his pack of Pall Mall Lights. Can you imagine???!?! The late teen blonde daughter smokes Reds and the dad smokes generic lights. How adorable is that? I watched the show for a couple minutes, but wanted to see what was up with those teen girls across the block….

So I cut into the sparse block where they were sitting and could see from all the way across the block that they were still sitting there. Whatever could they be doing???? And while back there, I spotted a location I hadn’t even realized existed until today….a loading zone behind the beer gardens where some of the beer gardens workers apparently take breaks. There were a half dozen or so 21ish smokers back there, all guys except for Sighting #15, a beautiful brunette in a cowgirl hat and black capris. The location is such that I had a helluva time watching her, but even from my 15-yard distance I could see she was one of the prettiest smokers I would come across all day. Now, back to the 16-year-olds down the block….

After those two nice distractions, I finally got around to returning to the girls, wondering why on Earth they were still sitting there after all that time…and I would get my answer upon arrival. The less attractive but still cute girl on the right was smoking another cigarette. Unfortunately, I missed most of it having been pursuing those other two sightings and the girl only had a few puffs left. Now I was in the awkward position of having been spotted by these girls twice and knew I had to retreat. So I swung around the block again, and when I returned I found the most precious leftovers marking their territory. Not only did these girls litter their cigarette butts, the girl on the right littered her empty pack of Camels leaving it sit there, along with several small pools of saliva from where they had spit amidst their smokes.  And just think my best sightings of the day were still yet to come.

Even though I didn’t see much of it unfortunately, the smoker responsible for Sighting #17 wins the blue ribbon for the most perfect fair outfit of the day. As I was walking the concourse on the east side of the grounds, I saw this spectacular female body in an uberskimpy white tanktop/strap shirt with an equally skimpy pair of multicolored shorts draped around her spectacular posterior standing next to a boyfriend. I didn’t even get a chance to get a closer look before seeing this dark brunette with shoulder-length hair raise a mostly-smoked cigarette to her lips and taking a final drag before bending it over and snuffing it out and then regrettably tossing the butt into the garbage can right in front of her. The downside was that I didn’t see much smoking, but the upside was that I got to see that ass in those hot shorts bending over to crush out the cigarette butt. I followed for a bit to see if the face matched the body and outfit. She was a modest beauty…perhaps a 6 on a scale of 1-10, but that body was just amazing and the outfit a perfect fit for the State Fair. Neither she nor the boyfriend looked like smokers, but I took pleasure knowing that she was.

Not ten minutes later came the next blockbuster with Sighting #20. I’ve mentioned before the cement seating areas on both the left and right sides of the grandstand that have been sightings gold mines over the years. Such was the case today on the west side as I encircled the seating area to find a cutiepie long-haired (semicurly haired) brunette sitting all by herself on a bench with a cell phone and a cigarette. I sat on a nearby bench and had a perfect vantage point to watch the show. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something about this 18ish girl that drew me in, and it might have something to do with how her face was kind of tiny, scrunched together in a way that was distinctive but still very cute. She wasn’t an epic beauty but was very cute and didn’t particularly look like a smoker, decked out in jeans and a black sweatshirt with the logo “93X Rocks” that must have been incredibly hot by that point in the late morning. Yet the drags were frequent and the exhales tight and impressive combination nose-mouth inhales amidst the texts she was sending. She tossed the cork-filter Camel to the pavement and started walking my direction. I knew she had noticed me but kind of nervous as to what may be coming. But she walked right past me and seem to slip into the booth right behind me. I just had to see where she disappeared to. I walked up to the booth that she seemed to slink into and, lo and behold, it was the 93X Rocks radio station that she advertised on her sweatshirt. There she stood, amidst three coworkers stinking up the inside of the booth with the smell of fresh smoke clinging to her. I hope the coworkers found it as repulsive as I found it lip-smackingly hot. And once again in this day of multiple sightings, to be continued on her…..

The blockbusters kept rolling and the next, Sighting #23, would come in the seating area on the OTHER side of the grandstand at some point around 1 p.m. Immediately drawing my attention, sitting there all by herself, was the girl who would become my second favorite sighting of the day. Looking cool as a cucumber was a long-haired 22ish brunette with a freshly lit cork filter between her fingers and a cell phone next to her ear, badass-looking white-framed sunglasses, and a scorchingly hot black and white striped sundress. This girl had serious style! Apparently other fairgoers found her too stinky to sit next to because there was open seating on both sides of her, which I took immediate advantage of. Suffice it to say that this was a time where the cell phone was my friend because I was sitting right next to this girl and eyeballing her relentlessly, yet she appeared to be too wrapped up in her call to notice she was being stalked. And what a cutie she was, with residual freckles spilling from outside of the sunglasses, giving her a girl-next-door softening to contrast with the sunglasses……

Listening to her conversation, it was clear she was a vendor/saleslady working underneath the grandstand and out on a smoke break, as she chattered endlessly about work to the person on the other end of the line while smoking her cigarette. And as I said, I was able to watch the smoke break unfold from very close range and loved her style, which included four talking exhales that I got to see in their entirety. Now with most talking exhales, the girl takes a drag, and then starts talking with the smoke immediately spilling out of her mouth. With this girl, she would take a nice, long drag, and start talking without immediate exhalation. Magically, about 3-5 seconds after talking, the smoke would finally begin to spill out of her mouth and nose as she talked, indicating to me some serious hold times which I’m sure you know are particularly sacred to me. After about five minutes of this awesome show, she crushed out the butt and then  tossed it into the conveniently located trash can right in front of her. Sighting over, I thought to myself, getting up to leave. But not so fast….

Just as I’m walking past her to get one more look at her freckles, sunglasses, and black and white sundress, out comes the pack of Camels and the extraction of another cigarette, no more than 10 seconds after the trashing of the last one, and she fired it up immediately while still mired in her cell call. I had given up my spot and couldn’t very well go back without arousing suspicion, so I found another spot that was still pretty decent and watched her consume her second tar stick in a row. Apparently realizing break time was over halfway through her second cigarette, she extinguished it and placed it back in the pack before heading back into the grandstand, turning several heads with that sundress of hers..and perhaps with the stench of fresh smoke clinging to it. I walked away with a new energy for a day that was already going well.

The next impressive sighting came on the south side of the grounds. Standing in an open area off of uberbusy Judson Avenue was a very attractive early-to-mid 20s blonde with a freshly lit all-white in her hands. I got off Judson Ave. to get a closer look at Sighting #27. Turns out it was a young mommy with two young daughters (in the 2-5) and what I presume was a husband in her company. Wearing her white T-shirt and tight blue jeans one would never have guessed that two babies were squeezed out of that hot body, yet there she stood, along with her nonsmoking husband/boyfriend, with what I would guess was a Marlboro Light 100 between her fingers. 100s have become so rare in the Midwest that I’m taken aback by how long a cigarette looks between female fingers when a female actually has one between her fingers. Seeing how sexy she looked with that cigarette in her hand and those two cute young daughters fawning for mommy’s attention, I beamed with joy knowing the great likelihood of two more hot young addicted females living in that household in another 10 years.

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds is so big that every year I do my best to hit every corner, leaving no stone unturned. In the past I’ve had some success walking through the back of the seating area for the food building and decided to head that direction yesterday around 2 p.m. Suffice it to say I was damn glad I did. There’s a grassy area just behind the seating area and in front of the building where I looked up to see Sighting #30, a cute 21-ish blonde in the company of a nonsmoking guy and girl. I walked up that direction and leaned against a building to watch the show. The blonde had a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. She was cutie, with a summery outfit to match her face, including her shortish blonde hair pulled back in a small ponytail and a tanktop and dark jean shorts covering her impressive figure, the jean shorts curving perfectly in all the right places. I got to see about five drags before she dropped the cigarette and crushed it out, sticking around to chat with her friend.

But thank God she decided to stick around a couple of minutes because less than a minute after she finished her cigarette, a family of smokers congregated about six feet to the east. Mom and Dad were already smoking, which really focused my attention on the curly-haired 18-19ish light brunette who began rummaging through her purse. I knew the second I saw her this girl was a smoker and indeed she did become Sighting #31 seconds later when from out of her purse came a pack of those adorable Camel Pinks….followed by a pack of Marlboro Lights which she held out for the guy in the cluster which was either her boyfriend or her brother. I was a little disappointed to see that the 15-16ish brunette in the cluster was a nonsmoker, but was still intrigued by this girl who then inserted the Camel Pink into her mouth and fired up. Camel Pinks were a truly perfect for this cutie, who looked a bit like that Breanna girl I was considering going out and may still (the flaky one who likes “A Clockwork Orange”..lol) with long light brown hair going down her back, a leopard-skin tanktop, and white shorts, an outfit that added to her image. She wasn’t quite the knockout that sent my sexual energy raging with this sexy outfit, but she was undeniably a cutie whose smoking style raised her stakes further. Her drags came regularly amidst her chatting and she routinely turned her head skyward to exhale nice medium-sized streams of smoke into the sky. Making my heart melt most, however, were the two instances where she let loose the most feminine giggle while chatting with the family. I had really become a fan of this girl by the time she crushed out her cigarette underneath her flip flop moments before the family walked away.

And towards the end of my stay at this spot, another trio of young people had sat down and fired up cigarettes, including a modestly attractive Sighting #32. Given how productive this location turned out to be yesterday, I vowed to make sure I returned there regularly in the years to come.

I had already had a great repeat sighting earlier that morning and was about to have another one the next time I went to the seating area to the west of the grandstand. Once again, sitting on a bench all to herself was the Sighting #20 cutie who earlier had been wearing the 93X Rocks sweatshirt. She had lost the sweatshirt but thankfully had not lost her Camels as she polished off the final couple drags of another one, her second cigarette break in the last two hours or so. Once again, I followed her as she went back to the 93X Rocks booth to immerse her stinky self back into the booth with her coworkers. I would even see this girl once more on the grounds late in the afternoon. She didn’t have a cigarette that time, but she had such an intriguingly unique look that I recognized her immediately. Hot stuff.

At no point in the day did I feel frustrated, melancholy, or bored as I did at several intervals last week. Sightings of impressive caliber kept coming at a frequent enough clip to keep my energy level high the entire time. Next to impress were Sightings #38 and #39. I was walking on the north side of the beer gardens block and from a distance saw a cigarette in young female hands on a bench on the adjacent block. I headed that direction and was again floored by what I saw. Sitting on a bench were two more 16ish girls both in the middle of cigarettes. The girls were somewhat similar demographically to the two 16ish girls who were Sightings #13 and #14, but perhaps a little cuter and with a girl-next-door softness to them. The girl on the left was a ponytailed dark blonde in a T-shirt and jean shorts while the girl on the right, the prettier of the two, was a brunette with long dark brown hair flowing all the way down her back, donning a T-shirt and a pair of extremely loose-fitting black pants. It was so precious watching these girls dragging from their cork filters in front of the hundreds of thousands of fair attendees……

But there was another dimension that made this sighting even more memorable. These little gals weren’t the only people sitting on the bench. To their right was a dorky-looking 30-something male hick with a young daughter. This guy was the perfect stereotype of a farm boy dweeb and had this incredible look of awkwardness of his face sitting next to these stinky teenage cuties spewing air pollution and forcing him and his three or four-year-old daughter to choke on it. It reminded me of my very first MNSF sighting back in 1993 when I was only 16, where those two teenage girls sat on the bench next to me and started smoking. I had to wonder whether this guy secretly enjoyed sitting next to these teen smokers in the same way I did 16 years ago.  The girls finished their cigarettes, dropped them to the ground and crushed them out. I walked past and could see the butts were Camels.

Looking up from there I yielded the hot Sighting #44. Walking down the nearby beer garden block was a 21ish couple that included a very pretty and very shapely long-haired blonde strutting her stuff in a white T-shirt and very tight blue jeans. Peeking out of her right front jeans packet was her pack of Marlboro Lights, one of which she was smoking at that exact moment. Watching that pack of Marlboro Lights getting worked by her gyrating hips as she walked mesmerized me. I watched her drop the cigarette to the pavement and crush it out and I came running up to get my hands on it.  I proceeded down the block to get a closer look at her face (and her body!), but they just seemed to have vanished. It’s easy to lose someone in a crowd when you’re dealing with 186,000 people on the fairgrounds, but I was nonetheless surprised that I was unable to find them after losing track of them for that mere 15 seconds or so.

Heading down crowded Judson Avenue from there, I would encounter yet another repeat sighting. Two familiar-looking teenage faces turned northward off of Judson onto a less-crowded street. It was the Sighting #13 and #14 girls, those 16ish brunette Camel smokers who had been spitting more often than actual camels a few hours earlier. The cuter girl, still wearing her jean shorts, was eating a corn dog, but the other brunette (still cute) with the white T-shirt and blue denim capris had ANOTHER cigarette in her hand. Keep in mind, this girl had already smoked two cigarettes back-to-back earlier in the morning. I had seen this underage girl three times in this stretch, and she was smoking a cigarette all three times. If only every teenage girl in America could follow her lead. I followed her and saw a couple drags from the rear before she tossed her Camel butt to the curb and crushed it out.

In the next stretch, I decided to make my second run up to the less-populated north side of the fairgrounds. It’s a gamble going up this way. I’ve seen some very good sightings up here over the years, but it’s a 25-minute walk round trip and if sightings are sparse, you’ve just wasted a helluva lot of time. I had walked about 18 minutes into this loop without a single sighting and was kicking myself….until I looked to my left and all my misgivings went away when I spotted Sighting #49. An all-white cigarette protruded from the fingers of this very attractive 21ish blonde, as well as her boyfriend. There was a nonsmoking third girl in the mix who I’ll discuss a little more in a bit, but for now I was fixated on this blonde, who fit somewhere in between girl-next-door cuteness and glamorous hottie. Her clothing certainly smacked of girl-next-door as she donned a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans like several other smoker girls I had run into earlier in the day had. The only downside is that the friend wasn’t smoking. This girl was a stunner….a beautiful curly-haired dark blonde decked out in a denim miniskirt with fringes on the bottom and cowgirls boots on her feet. If she had been smoking, this would have been among my best sightings of the day. The three of them hung back near a food stand as the two smokers finished their cigarettes. They finished them and crushed them out before approaching that food stand to make a purchase.  That north side of the fairgrounds ain’t such a bad place after all…….Just before I left for the day, I saw the same two hotties standing in line for the women’s bathroom. Had it been a situation where it wasn’t near the end of the day, I would have waited for the two of them to exit the bathroom to see if the confirmed smoker would light up again…and whether her even hotter friend would light up at all.

The next memorable sighting was Sighting #57. I had poked my head into the Coliseum briefly to see a few minutes of the horse show, and then raced right back out onto crowded Judson Avenue to catch more sightings. I was outside for only a few seconds before I saw her, a really cute long-haired dark blonde with a freshly lit all-white in her right hand. I zoomed into get a closer look. She was about 19 or 20 with a pretty face with a pretty good dose of light freckles dotting her landscape. She was just a tad chubby, but hid it well inside her red plaid blouse and nicely fitting jean shorts. The boyfriend (I presume that’s what he was anyway) stood next to her and was also smoking. The only downside was the brunette kid sister in the cluster, who looked about 16 or 17 and was absolutely gorgeous with the same adorable freckle pattern as big sis, was not smoking. Even without her puffing, it was a treat following the older girl as she progressed down the packed Judson Avenue holding her cigarette in her hand not caring a bit if anybody else didn’t like her smoking. I was hoping to see her exhales hit somebody in the face, but I made that harder by walking right behind her and ingesting most of her exhales myself. She stopped in front of the food stand and took a couple puffs of her cigarette before dropping the Marlboro Light Menthol debris to the pavement and crushing it, and then walking up to the food stand to make a purchase.  The next time I looped around the area, the three were all seated on a bench still eating their recent purchase, and it was so cute seeing the freckle-faced sisters knowing one was already a smoker and the other hopefully would be soon.

Only a few minutes later I would stumble into Sighting #59 near the haunted house, one of the more unique sightings of the day. Placing a freshly lit cigarette into her lips was a light brunette 18-ish girl sitting on the sidewalk. Looking at her face, she was only a cut or two above plain jane status but her entire right arm was in a cast that went all the way up to her shoulder. Only seconds after observing her first drag followed by her first exhale, two other teenage girls that were sitting right next to her with fair food in hand got up and moved, most likely disgusted by the girl’s secondhand smoke and didn’t want it to ruin their food. They moved about 10 yards down the sidewalk in a smoke-free zone. I looked back at the smoker girl with the cast and it did not appear that the other girl’s departure escaped her notice as she had this smirk on her face that started when the girls stormed off and never seemed to leave her face for the rest of my observation.

Walking around the corner from the haunted house around the horticulture building I stumbled into Sighting #60, featuring two 21-ish brunettes sitting on the curb smoking cigarettes. One had a little bit of a weathered party girl look on her face while the other was a genuine beauty. Amazingly, it was the beautiful girl who was smoking and the party girl who wasn’t! The pretty girl sat there in her green strap shirt and tight jeans smoking away and looking fantastic doing so. I would see her up-close about an hour later near the beer gardens, this time without a cigarette, but still very much impressing me with her beauty.

I made a loop all the way back to the south side of Judson Avenue. In front of the very same stand where Sighting #57 and her freckle-faced sister purchased their food was Sighting #66, a cute and naughty-looking 16-17ish long-haired blonde sitting right there on the curb in her sunglasses smoking a cigarette. The context was impressive, with a long line to her right of fairgoers waiting to purchase food from this stand. Yet here was this badass looking underage smoker with her butt parked on the curb right in full view of everyone in line and the thousands of passersby on crowded Judson Avenue. And through it all, looking through her sunglasses and wearing her T-shirt and tight jeans, she had this smirk on her face that screamed “Oh yeah…..I’m a baaad girl”. The location was terrible to observe much beyond about 20 seconds and a single drag, leaving this girl as one I really wish I could have seen more of.

More mind-blowing hotness came with Sighting #72 near the beer gardens. Walking away from the beer gardens block was an eclectic-looking cluster of four hotties that did not seem like natural friends. Two of the girls were overweight and unattractive, while a third girl was an adorable late-teen brunette in a blue strap shirt and tight jeans, and then there was the fourth girl. She had a very wholesome look, perhaps more wholesome than any of the other three, looked about 18 or 19, but was probably 21 since she was the only girl in the group holding a beer in one hand and a half-smoked Camel Pink in the other. Her shortish light-brown hair was wrapped in a small ponytail and her slender and sexy girlish figure was draped in a tanktop and jean shorts. The last thing that looked appropriate in this girl’s possession was a beer and cigarette. They cut through a grassy area en route to the grandstand and chatted amongst themselves. The unattractive and overweight girls were babbling on about something that sounded fairly ridiculous while the hot smoker indulged their immaturity, responding back and seeming to have a good 40 IQ points on them by the way she talked while intermittently dragging from her Camel Pink. When finished with the cigarette, she tossed it to the grass and crushed it out right in front of a cluster of middle-aged people sitting there.  I looked down as I walked past and confirmed it was a Camel Pink.  This had really been a great day.

It was past 5:00 now and I had less than an hour to go. My goal was to get to 100 sightings, but I realized it was probably a tall order. Having had so much luck earlier behind the food building’s seating area, I wanted to make another visit there before day’s end. Before I even got there, I ran into Sighting #77, a breathtakingly beautiful long-haired dark blonde sitting on a makeshift bench next to a vaguely Muslim-looking guy I assumed to be a boyfriend but who didn’t seem even close to being in this girl’s league. There she sat with a cigarette in hand, looking like the picture of femininity while the boyfriend next to her apparently had pink lungs and didn’t mind the stench his beautiful girlfriend constantly exposed him to. She looked about 18 or 19 and had an outrageously pretty face, one of the best I’d see all day, wearing a white tanktop and a nondenim pair of blue shorts. I would have loved to have seen her stand up so I could have observed how fantastic her ass looked in those shorts. I nonetheless found a bench across the street where I could watch her. She was an infrequent dragger, at one point going about 90 seconds between drags. She stepped it up towards the end though, taking a few more frequent drags but still generally looking like either a new smoker or a light smoker. She dropped the still-smoldering cigarette to the ground in front of her and I walked up there hoping to see the brand when she got up to leave. But they never left!!!   Making matters worse, the cigarette was still smoldering by her feet, and I watched in agony as it burned away through the brand-name, which I never was able to identify although suspect it might have been a Pall Mall with the large capital-letter print, and a lengthening ash going almost to the cork filter. I couldn’t wait forever so I looped around and returned to this spot about 10 minutes later….and they were still sitting there. AHHHHHH!!! Couldn’t spend my limited time left on her, so I cut my losses and moved on. Even with that final frustration, however, she was still one of the most beautiful smokers I saw all day.

During that aforementioned loop around the block, I finally made it to the seating area behind the food building, scoring a couple modest sightings immediately and then stumbling into a family of smokers that became Sightings #81 and #82. The first to light up was the prettiest daughter, a 19-20-ish brunette in sunglasses sitting on the grass. The younger sister, who looked about 18, wasn’t as pretty but still had a cuteness to her face, extracted a pack from her purse and supplied cigarettes to herself, mom, and dad. I didn’t stick around to see this sighting through, but was impressed to see yet another smoking family.

Moving away from the food building and circling the horticulture building, I stumbled into a foursome of 16-17ish girls sitting on the sidewalk, all with cigarettes. Before you get too excited that I was seeing a quasi-replay of that epic 2007 sighting where I saw seven knockout college girls all smoking together at the same time, these girls were all in the plain jane category, with only two of the four girls standing out as nominally pretty. I only counted three of the four as official “sightings” (Sightings #83, #84, and #85, in fact), because the girl on the left was about as butch as they come and not the least bit attractive. Even if a smoker girl is only 16, she still has to be at least passably attractive for me to qualify her as a worthwhile sighting.  Still, four 16-year-old girls smoking together out in the open at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009 is at least worthy of mention.

I was approaching the final 20 minutes at this point and still thought I could reach the century mark given how fast and furious sightings tend to come at this point in the day at the MNSF. But I found myself sidetracked in the most wonderful way. Remember how I said my best sighting of the day was still coming? Well I’ve saved the best for last with Sightings #90 and #91….

I was headed for that bench where two teenage girls had dropped their ciggie butts several hours earlier yet I was never able to get my hands on. Approaching me were a trio of different teenage girls, all very wholesome-looking and not particularly raising my radar as potential smokers as our footsteps continued to draw us closer to one another. The girl on the left dominated my attention because she was so beautiful, about 16 with the face of an angel and curly blonde hair with pinkish streaks flowing past her shoulders, wearing an ultrafeminine pink tanktop and an equally feminine pair of white shorts. She began to rummage around in her purse, but I’d been seeing girls like her rummage around in their purses for cell phones all day and it was gonna be the same story with this girl, I told myself….But just in case, I looked over my shoulder as she passed me to see if maybe, just maybe, she was gonna be the one wholesome-looking teen beauty queen I would see all day who retrieved something from her purse that wasn’t a cell phone. I remember saying to myself in a state of near shock, “Oh my God!” as her left hand extracted a blue pack of Marlboro Smooths and quickly turned around……

I made a point of walking in front of them briefly to get a closer look. There was a definite pecking order to their beauty. The blonde was by far the prettiest looking like an absolute angel, while the tall girl in the middle was modestly attractive, and the girl on the opposite end was a plain jane, with obvious acne issues covered up by a thick layer of makeup. After sufficiently viewing their faces, I held back to follow them once again. They may have had varying quality to their 16-year-old faces, but all had equally impressive bodies to observe from the rear, all decked out in shorts. After about 10-15 seconds of these general observations, the beautiful teen blonde finally got around to inserting the cigarette into her mouth. She let that thing dangle unlit from the corner of her mouth for a good 20 seconds while digging through her purse, apparently unable to find her lighter. She then had to recruit the least attractive friend to find a different lighter in her own purse, and while she did, she cut loose a lugie so voluminous that it literally splashed on impact with the cement, leaving a big wet pool of her saliva to mark her presence as she pressed forward, finally in possession of the friend’s lighter. At last, this beauty had everything she needed to spark up her cigarette….

She brought that thing to life and started dragging. The look of pleasure on that pretty face as she filled her bloodstream with desperately needed nicotine made my heart melt. She took a couple more drags, both with impressive frequency and better-than-expected volume to her exhales coming from a girl so young. At this point, she handed the cigarette to the tall girl in the middle who got her first drag. She then stood there with the cigarette in hand for nearly a minute before finally taking her next drag. The hot chick, having none of this lengthy spans between drags by her friend, all but swiped the cigarette from the other girl’s hand after that second drag and then took three rapid-fire drags of her own. It was a thing of absolute beauty to behold.

Naturally, a sighting would normally have been best if all three had been smoking, but the dynamic of this specific shared-cigarette sighting added to its allure. The primary reason is that the hottest of the two girls smoked about 80% of the cigarette and completely upstaged the taller girl. The third girl who provided the lighter, strangely enough, never got her hands on the cigarette. It was just the two prettier girls. I was in a position to walk directly behind the cluster of girls at points, taking in a few of their exhales directly into my face and admiring from closeup their trio of perfect teenage asses bouncing and wiggling in their skimpy shorts with each step, with flawless legs extending from those shorts without even a trace of cellulite on them. At other points, I would move more to their right side and observe their drags and exhales. Again, the beautiful blonde upstaged the tall light brunette friend on both fronts.  Damn was she sexy.

After dominating the cigarette for most of the walk, the blonde handed over the cigarette to the tall friend for the last two drags. She would take those two drags and then crush out the cigarette under her flip-flop. I have not been able to get the image of those three teenage butts wiggling in front of me for the last 26 hours, especially the white-shorted ass that belonged to my favorite sighting of the 2009 Minnesota State Fair.

I had about 12 minutes left after this sighting and scored four more sightings in the next few minutes, expecting one final pass before the beer gardens on the way out the door would easily push me above 100 for the day. Strangely, nothing! I don’t ever recall passing the beer gardens in the 5-8 p.m. hours without scoring a half-dozen sightings, but I didn’t even get one yesterday. Still, no complaints, especially after that wild closing sighting. One more hour at the fair would have been perfect but since it was an unexpected bonus in the first place you won’t hear any more complaints out of me. With my 95 sightings this week on top of the 206 last week, I scored 301 total sightings at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. Not a bad haul.

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