2009 Local County Fair

Tuesday–God I love cigarettes!

Officially kicking off August fetish season this evening at the local fair, that observation just had to be made. I got there at a little after 6:00 since I’d be meeting a friend for a long concert at 7:30 and wanted some fetish time. Generally sightings are sparse before dark at the local fair, but I needed to set the mood and succeeded. I drifted towards the VFW Bingo stand to once again see ashtrays set out in the open-air building, to my knowledge a violation of the state smoking ban, with an older lady puffing away as she played her BINGO card. Upon seeing this, I knew the good old days weren’t over yet.

It took less than 10 minutes before I got my first sighting. I was walking past the food vendor stands and took note of an attractive and shapely early 20’s curly-haired blonde in sexy jean shorts puffing on a cigarette next to the Casa Zamora Mexican Food stand. I stood from afar and watched the last several drags. She then stomped out the cigarette and stepped back into the stand to prepare and serve more food, allowing me to catch additional glimpses of her waiting on customers and knowing she’s undoubtedly dying for her next cigarette break to fill her young body with more of the nicotine it depends on.

Another great sighting transpired about 20 minutes later when I see a very petite and cute short-haired brunette mother (looked about 21 from afar but was probably closer to 25 upon closer inspection) smoking a cigarette outside of the floral building with her young boy (presumably) running circles in her proximity. I took note of this and drifted away, but quickly discovered the same young woman, this time with a guy (husband, father, and or baby daddy most likely) accompanying her without smoking himself. They were standing amongst a fairly dense crowd watching some amateurish performance, but quickly drifted away themselves. A few steps out of the huddle, I see mommy taking a final puff off of her cigarette even though I thought it had been disposed of back at the floral building and then dropping it to the pavement.

Another great sighting was a few moments away as I observed a bench with three young women from a distance and thought I saw a wisp of smoke go airborne. I marched on over and discovered I was right. Of the three women, one was overweight and unattractive…and she was the only nonsmoker. The other two were very attractive early 20s dirty blondes both dragging from freshly lit all-whites. Luck was with me as an open bench was available nearby. There was a baby in a stroller that belonged to one of the three women (my guess is it was the overweight one). The other two smoked away off to the side. Hard to say which of the two was hotter as the girl on the left was dressed in a white T-shirt and denim capris while the girl on the right was wearing a slightly sexier red tanktop and white shorts. Probably my second favorite sighting of the evening.

Not long after this I met my friend. I scored another sighting of a petite brunette on the way to the grandstand that I couldn’t follow up on being anchored by this friend who doesn’t know about my fetish. When we were looking for seats in the grandstand, I tried to nudge him into taking the bait and sitting at the north corner of the grandstand so I could spy on smokers off to the grandstand’s edge. He seemed to be taking it as we drifted that direction, briefly spotting a trio of college-age hotties including at least one smoker in the very spot where I would have been able to observe all night….but then he meandered elsewhere meaning I’d be stuck at a very boring concert for nearly two hours without any chance of seeing a sighting. Really seemed like a wasted opportunity….and since he offered me a reserved seating ticket for another show on Thursday night, I’ll most likely be stuck in a similar situation on Thursday. Thankfully, the other nights should give me more flexibility to sit where I want to…and even drift out of the grandstand when I see something I like.

Fast forward to 10 p.m., when the concert finally got over and the temperate sunny afternoon had given way to a decidedly cool August evening. My friend and left the grandstand and were on the cusp of separating, drifting to the remote north side of the grounds where he was gonna go to some horse show. About 10 yards in front of us were the denim-clad backsides of what appeared to be very cute 16-17ish girls. They looked pretty innocent from my brief observation so I didn’t anticipate any smoking would transpire, but lo and behold I caught a wisp of smoke exhaled from their direction and focus on them intently to discover cigarettes protruding from the fingers of three of the four girls. With perfect timing, my friend chose that exact second to bid me adieu and walk away, as the girls all stopped where they were and I grabbed an open bench just behind me for a front-row seat to my only genuinely blockbuster sighting of the evening.

The girl who caught my eye first was the girl on the right, the cutest and most innocent-looking of the bunch…and curiously, the most distinguished smoker of the three. She had curly light brown hair that flowed past her shoulders, wore a very feminine blue plaid blouse and jeans, and had a look of pure mid-teen innocence on her face. She didn’t hold her cigarette in a very feminine way, but she took deep drags, leaned her head back and fired jets of exhaled tobacco into the evening sky repeatedly for the next five minutes or so. The other girls were also impressive. The most conventionally pretty of the three was a curly-haired blonde who had a certain glamorous aura to her. She was to the rear of the cluster so I saw the least of her. The other smoker on the left of the cluster was a brunette cutie with a yellow sweater and jeans. It was a treat watching all three of them make the cigarettes held in their nicotine-stained young fingers slowly disappear. The fourth girl had her back (and ass) to me so I didn’t get to see much of her, but since she wasn’t smoking, she wasn’t a top priority anyway.

The highlight of the sighting came when a cluster of apparently local girls were walking the direction of the smokers when one said in a slightly catty tone, “Look at those girls smoking cigarettes. I don’t know ANY of them.” Not sure why, but this chick’s words really raised the stakes of this sighting, almost as if the girls were out-of-towners marking their territory at the county fair with their cigarettes knowing the local girls would resent it. As so often happens, a cluster of dudes then rained down on the cluster of sexy smokers, flirting with them and making light conversation. The dudes weren’t smoking but still courted the company of these adorable young female fumers. They parted ways after the last girl finished her cigarette and crushed it out beneath her flip-flop. This sighting wasn’t quite mind-blowing enough to penetrate my all-time top-five of the local fair, but it has a good chance of holding up as top-fifteen caliber and is hands-down the best first-night sighting I’ve ever had at the fair.

From there, nothing too dramatic happened. As I said, the temps cooled down considerably and the Tuesday crowd, already thinner than any other evening’s crowd traditionally, was thinning down even more than usual. With that said, it was now after 10:30 and the most-likely-to-smoke crowd was out. Sightings included a blonde and surprisingly sexy 20-something carnival worker in jean shorts and a couple cute young mothers before my final jaunt down the midway yielded a few more cuties. At the edge of the midway with the most extreme rides, clusters of teens often hang out and it generally seems to be the grounds’ most lawless corner. During this final midway loop, I took note of nearly a dozen young smokers….that all happened to be guys. It was frustrating as the girls were taking direct hits of secondhand smoke in the face but did not seem to be lighting up themselves. Finally, one slender and attractive 18ish brunette did produce a cigarette, but she was the only girl hanging out with these guys that lit up. I’ll write it off as an anomaly, and look on the bright side that guys who smoke often influence the girls around them to pick up the habit as well.

In the final jaunts through the crowds of teens (mostly preppy types) loitering behind the grandstand area, I finally started to see a couple with cigarettes. Three girls were lit up in the moments before I left, two of them attractive 18-ish cuties with their hair dyed jet black….but not necessarily in an overt “Goth” style. The cluster situation made it hard to get extensive looks at their faces, but from what I did see I could tell they were pretty.

On my way out the gate, I stumbled upon my 22nd and final sighting, a bench full of three 17-ish “kids”, two guys and one cute girl…all three smoking and getting visibly nervous a cop approached. I looked over my shoulder while walking away and saw that the cop left them alone, walking away as if not even noticing the cigarettes in their underage hands.

So that was the first night. Four more nights to go. While I’m naturally hoping for an epic stunner, if I get four more nights as good as this one, I’ll still be a happy camper.

Wednesday–Yeah I know one more sighting than last night but overall it was a disappointing night. Certainly nothing epic and only one I would even rate as blockbuster. Two of the 23 aren’t even actual “sightings” but are worthy of mention for reasons I’ll outline. I actually had an extra hour of fetish time tonight and sat at the edge of the grandstand near the smoking area and the beer gardens, by myself, for the concert, so the fact that I underperformed last night definitely feels like a bummer. But this is the way it goes at the local fair. Some nights are simply unproductive.

My second sighting of the day wasn’t bad. It was a cute and slender young mother sitting in the back of the bleachers where people were watching this stage show. Her infant child was in the stroller next to her and mom was indulging herself with a cigarette. I would come back about five minutes later to find the host of the stage show baby-talking to the stroller-bound infant, with mom in the background still unashamedly smoking her cigarette.

Mediocrity ensued for long stretches of time with few sightings and nothing particularly memorable. I took my seat in the grandstand at 8:30 when the concert began, and suffice it to say I sat in the right spot as I would score my best sighting of the night here. I caught one blonde 20-something lighting up behind the fence of the beer gardens as a nice appetizer, but the main course came when a very attractive long-haired blonde wandered outside the grandstand with her friend, both of whom looked somewhere between 19 and 21. They stood on the outside of the beer gardens fence and chatted it up with some people for an extended period of time without producing any cigarettes. But I really had a feeling about this girl, with her well-tanned and beautiful face, long bottle blonde hair, and slender figure draped in a brown top and tight blue jeans, as she completely looked like a smoker, so I continued turning her head her direction to see if tobacco consumption would transpire.

Finally, my 15-minute investment paid off as I alas turned to find her with a cigarette in the most dramatic matter. A freshly lit all-white was dangling from her lips just as the singer onstage was starting an uptempo dance number. The girl was be-bopping to the music in mid-dangle. She removed the cigarette from her mouth after about 10 seconds but would quickly begin a second long-distance dangle while shaking her slender hips to the music. I was pretty obvious as I craned my neck leftward to watch as much of this girl’s skillful smoking performance as possible. It was abundantly clear she was a long-time and well-practiced smoker and her drags were epic and her exhales cloudy. A guy who I presumed to be a boyfriend had joined the mix but the blonde was the only one smoking of the three. After she finished her cigarette, she tossed it onto the grass and walked back into the grandstand with the guy and other girl.

Not long after that I would leave the concert about a half hour before it ended so I could keep close tabs on the smoking sections on both sides of the grandstand. At one point about 15 minutes later, when passing the BINGO stand, who do I see but slim blondie again sitting alone at a table in the middle of a cell call. Her boyfriend and female friend quickly arrived, and as expected, it wasn’t long after that that cigarettes were fired up. This time, the average-looking female friend and the boyfriend lit up with her, but it was abundantly clear who the most skilled smoker of the three at the table was as blondie’s drags were monstrous and her exhales were cloudy nostril and mouth jet streams that probably exited her lungs with a G force they were so extreme. Not long after, I would see her again talking at close range with her lucky boyfriend. I can only imagine how intense her ciggy breath must have been just a few inches away like that.

I would score three sightings of moderately attractive 20-somethings outside the gate after the grandstand show ended, but other than that I encircled the grounds for a good hour scoring absolutely nothing. It was maddening. I did end with a relative flourish in the last 15 minutes, however, as I passed a cluster of 18-19 year-olds, a couple of whom were beauties, and three of them were smoking.

Then I went to the midway and had some success. First I would stumble upon a cluster where a cute but chubby 15-16 year old girl was smoking amidst a handful of “bad boys” and a very cute and slender female friend who unfortunately wasn’t smoking. Even more frustratingly, I passed a trio of 16-ish cuties in the back of the midway and was dazzled by this attractive blonde in a bright and sparkly red tanktop worn with a tiny denim miniskirt and black leggings. She was the most glamorous girl of the three, but the others were cute too. Imagine my elation when I see a pack of Marlboro Reds 100s in the blonde’s left hand as she chatted. Unfortunately, no cigarette ever was produced. I sat at a nearby open bench and waited a good 10 minutes…and neither she nor any of her friends would light up. I saw her two or three more times before I finally left for the night and she never had one of her long cork-filter Marbs burning then either. As I said earlier, two of my sightings weren’t actual “sightings” and this was one of them. But seeing the pack in her hands, I counted her among the 23 anyway.

Likewise, while I was sitting in that bench, there was a bench directly behind mine where two attractive 21ish blondes sat smoking. One was a mother and had a stroller beside her. I was hoping to get more direct headwind from their secondhand smoke sitting so closeby, but unfortunately was not splashed with too much of it. Emerging from one of the rides to rejoin this duo (trio if you count the infant) was a girl I just caught a snap glimpse of before she turned her ass to me. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at a petite and incredibly slender female body that looked to belong to a pubescent 14-year-old holding a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols in her hand. Her figure, including tiny chest and backside, screamed early teen and I was definitely of the mind that she was, but when I finally got a glimpse of her face, she looked older than that. It was dark so it was hard to discern, but I’m thinking she was more like 18. Tough call though as it’s possible she was much younger. I followed her and the rest of the party, all heading towards the parking lot to go home, and the slender girl never did light up from the Marlboro Lights Menthol pack she held. Another lost opportunity.

From there, on the way out, one more cute and petite brunette who looked about 16 was getting lit up by a guy old enough to be her dad (maybe he was!!). The girl migrated into a dense cluster of friends at that point, all of whom looked much older than her, so I couldn’t pay due heed to her smoking.

I left the grounds fairly disappointed as tomorrow night will be another night where I’m tied to a long concert with a friend in reserved seating nowhere near the smoking areas. The upside is that this concert is likely to have the most youth appeal with former American Idol contestant/bimbo Kellie Pickler performing. The higher the turnout of that key demographic, the better the likelihood for sightings when the concert lets out. And even after tomorrow, I should have two nights of wide-open fetishing, so life is still pretty good.

Thursday–Only one more sighting than last night but considerably better quality. Plus just about everything was going against me for much of the night, so I feel very lucky to have pulled off what I did. I arrived at about 6:20, hoping to get an hour worth of fetish time in before meeting my friend to attend the Kellie Pickler concert. Rain was forecasted to arrive mid-evening, so there was a very high likelihood of the night becoming a complete trainwreck. I hadn’t been there for 10 minutes when I heard my name called out. It was my friend…and he had just finished eating and wanted to “walk around” the grounds together before going to the concert. Great! Just great!

I would walk around the grounds listening to my friend tell the story of his date last night with an old girlfriend, while dutifully scanning my surroundings as I always do for smokers as I half-listened. Finally, as we turned the corner into the midway, I got my first sighting of the night of an 18-ish brunette hottie lighting up as she sat on her boyfriend’s lap on a bench. Unfortunately, due to being leg shackled to my friend, all I would get was those few seconds walking by. Things would get worse as we left the midway and headed towards the grandstand to take our reserve-seating right-up-by-the-stage seats. Most would be happy to have such good seats, but I was distraught about the prospect of sitting there for nearly three sightingless hours while all this smoking was transpiring on the grounds behind me. The only bright spot is that the concert was being pushed ahead to 7:45 in the hopes of getting it in before the rain, meaning there would theoretically more of the evening left to fetish after the show ended.

My friend and I were approaching the grandstand seating but my friend decides we’re there earlier than we need to be and that he should really head to the bathroom before we take our seats. Sounded like a plan to me as it would get me onto the grounds for another 10 minutes or so. Little did I know, however, that for the second time is as many instances, my friend had inadvertantly led me to my best sighting of the night. As we walked towards the cement bathroom complex, I immediately spotted two teenage cuties standing right off to the side with freshly lit cork filters between their fingers. And I would get to stand out here and watch the show for a few moments while my friend went into the bathroom.

As is usually the case, the men’s bathroom was wide open and my friend walked right in, but the women’s bathroom had a pretty significant line. The girls were smoking not far to the left of the line and I stood about five yards in front taking in as much as possible. The girl on the left wasn’t bad. She looked 17-18, had dark blonde hair down to her shoulders and was in the middle of a cell phone call while smoking. The other girl, however, was absolutely adorable. She was very slender with long light brown hair flowing down her back and a face that oozed innocence. Looking at her, I would have figured she was 15, but it’s likely she was closer to her friend’s likely age of 18. The brunette stood there silently while her friend chatted on the phone, adorably folding her arms together in a way very definitive of a shy and somewhat insecure teenage girl handles herself in such settings, yet still smoked like a veteran with deep drags and dense exhales. But here’s the best part….I was standing where I was in hopes of getting splashed in the face with the girls’ exhales, but the wind was such that they didn’t come my way. Instead, they drifted directly into the line for the women’s bathroom….and I mean straight into their faces. None of the women were complaining at that time, but with both girls smoking, the volume and frequency of their exhales created an almost relentless deluge of secondhand smoke assault from these adorable teen girls. As soon as the air finally cleared for the women in the bathroom line, another new cloud of toxic exhaust was produced by the second girl. It was truly remarkable. This sighting was spectacular enough to keep me satisfied for more than two hours we’d spend in the grandstand before and during this concert.

I won’t get into details of the concert itself but it ended about 9:20 as a light rain had just begun. I exited the grandstand fearing the worst….that the rain would continue unabated and the massive crowds on hand to see Kellie Pickler would disperse quickly. But as we were exiting the crowded grandstand, the rain essentially stopped. Yet right when I thought I finally caught a break, my friend tells me he’ll stick around a bit now that the rain had stopped and thought we could just wander around the grounds a little bit longer. WTF was going on here!!!!!!

Through gritted teeth, I obliged and we perused the grounds another 20 minutes or so, leading me past a couple modest sightings but nothing great. As 10:00 approached, I had to come up with a reason to ditch the friend…and as I checked my cell phone for the time, it came to me. I told him at 10 I was supposed to call my 19-year-old girlfriend back in Iowa. I didn’t really have to call her, but it gave me a perfect excuse to tell him to take a hike while still not incriminating myself by saying I had to leave, only for him to later see me wandering the grounds alone. He cooperated beautifully by saying he was gonna head out. We walked towards the lot where his car was and just as my friend was leaving, you guessed it, for the THIRD time he led me straight to a wild sighting. And I had been cursing this guy as a fetish liability?!?! The man was a guardian angel!

In the remote corner of the grounds near the lot where my friend was walking towards sat two teenage girls on a bench near the 4-H food stand which had by that hour closed. I could see right away that one girl (the cute and little one) had a cigarette. She took note of me spotting her and turned around on the bench, making it clear that she was considerably underage. I had a hard time getting a good look in the dark and with her doing her best to hide her face, but the extremely petite and ponytailed blonde girl looked at most 14 upon first glance. The nonsmoking brunette friend was considerably chubbier and looked more like 15 or 16, so perhaps the little smoker girl was the same age. I sat on a nearby bench and feigned making that cell phone call I lied to my friend about while watching from afar and seeing the girl’s precocious drag. The cigarette would disappear into oblivion before the girls did unfortunately and the sighting came to anticlimatic end. Still, I need to give a hat tip to my friend for being such a nicotine beacon for me, leading me to three great sightings in two nights.

After spotting this young smoker sighting, I was revved up for more than an hour of solo fetish time, but I had gotten no more than 50 yards before stumbling into several relatives who wanted to stop and chat. Oh you gotta be kidding me, I thought to myself as the clock continued to tick.

When the family members finally retreated, my freedom had finally arrived and I put it to good use. The next batch of killer sightings I scored would be a trio of 17-ish hotties with two guys standing near the VFW Bingo stand smoking. It was very hard to get a good vantage point, but I stood across the pavement and attempted to steal some glances anyway. One girl was very skinny and only mildly attractive, but the other two girls were knockouts. They both wore identical zebra-striped blouses on top and tiny black shorts on the bottom. Both were brunettes and both were wielding cigarettes. The brunette on the far end of the cluster was the absolute stunner of the trio, with beautifully symmetrical facial features that fit perfectly with her very dark hair. I just wish I had had a vantage point that allowed me to watch their entire show without being so conspicuous. I circled that general area for the next 10 minutes before the cluster proceeded elsewhere into the grounds. One of the two pretty brunettes (not the prettiest of the two but the second-place hottie) had already fired up another cigarette as she progressed with her friends elsewhere on the grounds.

I only got a couple midway sightings tonight, but one was a stunner…..a beautiful long-haired 19-20ish light brunette in amazingly hot white shorts (again, this is the summer of white shorts!!) tightly grasping a freshly lit all-white between her fingers while roaming the grounds with two guys. I would see her on the grounds a couple more times that evening, and the guys in her posse were smoking when I saw them again, but she wasn’t.

The other midway sighting featured a cluster of modest girls and only one was smoking. It was a modest 17ish blonde but she stood out, literally, because of her height and very long legs. She had several inches on her nonsmoking friends yet she had the tiniest pair of cutoffs of the bunch, with frayed denim only millimeters below her crotch and asscheeks.

I had been planning to leave the grounds at just a little after 11 with only 17 sightings, but got sidetracked (in a good way) as I proceeded towards the beer gardens and the exit gate. In front of me and making eyes with me was an absolutely adorable fresh-faced brunette in a green top and a microscopic denim miniskirt holding a mostly smoked all-white between her fingers. She had the face of an angel and carried herself in the most feminine way as she seemed to be struggling for her footing in her flip-flops on the edge of the sidewalk where the pavement meets the grass. As she struggled for composure, she let loose a feeble “Oh shit!” only a couple of seconds in front of me. We looked at each other and I smiled and she smiled back about her near-stumble. She had spotted me, but I nonetheless turned around to follow, admiring her petite assets and hoping to discern her age. She was at least 18 but very doubtfully more than 21 by my assessment. She took only one final drag from her all-white and I got splashed in the face with her exhale a few steps behind before she dropped her cigarette to the pavement, revealing to me that it was a Marlboro Light Menthol. She stopped immediately to get in line for cheese curds and I went to the other side of the booth to get one more look at her pretty face. My hope was to see this girl on the grounds again given that I had now decided to stay a bit longer. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Things were progressing fairly steady at that point as I scored an adorable teenage brunette smoking in a cluster of otherwise nonsmoking teens. After that I would see the blonde Casa Zamora stand cutie from Tuesday night sitting on the benches near the booth for her first after-closing time cigarette of the evening.

After that, one additional venue that hadn’t delivered for me yet this year was about to….the BINGO stand. Upon passing, I saw mass clouds of smoke being produced inside the structure and could tell by looking inside that it wasn’t just the usual old ladies producing all the smoke. There was a table full of 16ish girls and three of them were smoking. Two of the girls were only modest beauties, but the third was a stunner in a few different ways. She appeared to be of Indian descent (not Native American, Asian Indian) with dark complexion and a very cute face and petite frame. Very hard to tell how old she was but she and her friends were waving to other high school girls that walked by, so I felt secure she was no older than 17, particularly when seeing that cute young face. But I’ll be damned if she wasn’t one of the hardest-core smokers I’ve seen in quite some time. Her drags were wildly intense and the dense ball of smoke disappeared down her throat not to be seen again for three or four seconds when her black lungs finally expelled the smoke in tight and cloudy streams. She easily outsmoked her friends, and at one point one of the old VFW codgers was engaging her in conversation. I didn’t think it was about her smoking, but my fantasy is that was!

I would encircle this Bingo stand again less than 10 minutes later. I would see an early 20s blonde who had struck me as a hottie earlier in the evening sitting down for a game….and smoking an all-white…even though the rest of her cluster to two guys and another girl were not smoking. And who else was smoking AGAIN….the petite little Indian girl.

It was after 11:30 at this point and time for me to break free. On the way out the door I would see a very attractive and sexy early-to-mid 20s blonde in tight white pants smoking a cigarette outside the beer gardens and engaging her nonsmoking boyfriend in conversation, making her my 24th and final sighting of the evening.

I don’t think any of tonight’s blockbusters were quite worthy of those three cuties on Tuesday night, but if I were to pick second, third, and fourth places so far this fair, I think my sightigns tonight would dominate those positions. I have two more nights of fetishing left and tomorrow night my friend (a different friend) is gonna play wingman. He’s the one friend not from online who knows about my fetish in all its gory detail and while he doesn’t understand it, has nonetheless agreed to tag along. He’s also an accomplished photographer and will be bringing his camera along, so if luck is with me, I’ll have some visual aids to tag along with tomorrow’s report.

Friday–As was the case last night, there was a widely reported threat of rain tonight. Last night we got a brief spurt of light rain, but nothing at all tonight. However, the rain threat was enough to scare off my friend from coming down from Minneapolis to be my photo-taking fetish buddy. Also scaring him off was a report in today’s local newspaper that a man was kicked out of the fairgrounds yesterday for snapping photos of teenage girls, and had the memory card confiscated from his camera by police. Definitely a “message from God” moment for him. I found it strange from the outset that my uptight friend was willing to personally take on advancing my already intense level of stalking to an entirely different level by taking photos. So ultimately, it was probably for the best he didn’t come. Furthermore, given the caliber of stuff I saw tonight that I likely would not have seen if he was there, I can definitively say that his absence was for the best.

I arrived at the grounds shortly after 6:00 on the sparse north side of the grounds where I usually arrive. Looking towards the livestock barns after walking through the gate, I immediately spot clouds of smoke spewing from female mouths in front of one of the barns. My hopes sunk as I got closer and saw mostly unattractive middle-aged women among the four smokers, but there was one blonde ponytailed 20-something among them that was modestly attractive and had a certain country girl charm to her. It wasn’t until I got right up there that the sighting took on an entirely different dimension. I caught a glimpse of specifically what one of the middle-aged women were smoking and soon discerned it was a small cigar. Then I looked more closely at the rest of the women to find that they were all smoking cigars! At that exact moment, another older woman was taking the cigar from the 20-something blonde and took a puff, apparently not liking what she tasted before handing it back to the younger woman. The remaining cigar smokers continued to puff and their smelly secondhand cigar smoke was migrating inside the livestock barn where I was standing watching the younger woman from inside. I timed my exit perfectly to get splashed in the face by her cigar smoke. I fumbled around outside and watched the rest of the show before they all simultaneously ditched the cigars and walked into the building.

What a strange and alluring way to start the evening. I wondered if this was just an exotic experience the women decided to indulge or if they all really are regular cigar smokers. I definitely got a nice charge out of starting my night with this!

I pressed onward for nearly two hours with nothing very impressive. The closest thing to a cool sighting was my fifth sighting of the night, as I approached a cluster of two guys and two girls from behind. I saw cigarettes were being consumed by most or all of them, but the girl with her back to me had a flowing mane of dark brown hair running down her back and a cigarette between her fingers. I began to become excited as I was about to pass her and get a look at her face which I expected to be beautiful. When I finally got that look, the face was only modestly attractive. More intriguing was the size of her belly. The girl was at least seven months pregnant….and openly smoking at the county fair. Seems like the only pregnant smoker sightings I get anymore are at my county fair, where I seem to get one almost every year.

By 8:00, it was clear there would not be any rain tonight and I called my friend to heckle him for stranding me. I had only six sightings at that point and decided since my friend wouldn’t be there tagging along to fetish, I’d go solo to the concert and sit at my favorite spot overlooking the “smoking section” outside the grandstand. Suffice it to say I made a spectacular choice.

The second that I got there I immediately laid eyes on two 19ish blonde cowgirls (complete with cowgirl hats) up near the entrance passing a cigarette back and forth. I didn’t press forward with these two yet but make a mental note of them because they figure VERY prominently in upcoming paragraphs! But distracting me from them at the moment was an adorable 21ish blonde standing between the gate of the nearby beer gardens and some dining tables smoking a cigarette. Now this girl wasn’t a knockout beauty, but she had a very distinguished girl-next-door look that made her recognizable in a crowd. She stood all by herself smoking her cigarette but I quickly noticed that the people sitting at the nearest table were in her cluster, including a guy her age (maybe a brother or boyfriend??) and a woman that appeared to have been her mother. How cute? The young daughter was addicted to cigarettes and desperately needed one but didn’t want to subject her nonsmoking elders to her cancerous exhaust.

The highlight of the sighting came when a bunch of middle-aged men and women cut through the almost inaccessible area where the girl stood, and since she had been looking the other direction in mid-inhale, their arrival caught her off-guard. Seeing the middle-aged woman walking right in front of her, the girl contorted her lips to blow the smoke to her right….and the pollution ended up going right into the face of the middle-aged guying following her. Priceless!

From there, I went into the grandstand with the concert only about 10 minutes from beginning. I could not have imagined I would have an almost uninterrupted show of nicotine consumption through the duration of the 90-minute concert in the smoking section just to the left of my seat. It was relentless. There was a cluster of two guys and three girls in the 17-20 range. Both guys were smoking but only one of the girls was, but she was a girl-next-door brunette cutie that I would not have guessed would be a smoker until I saw that masterfully crafted cylinder of tobacco between her young lips.

Next would come a pair of 18-ish couples with one guy and one girl taking final drags from their cigarettes before entering the grandstand. The girl had a very dignified and preppy look with her long dark blonde hair and gray sweatshirt. I had seen her on the grounds earlier that evening and was very surprised to see that she was a smoker.

But the highlight of my night came next. Once again, a pair of guys and two girls, all about 19 or 20, settled into the smoking area. I could see all-whites being inserted into their young lips and could see one of the girls’ faces. It was an above-average brunette. But for some reason the girl who’s face I couldn’t see (her back was towards me) intrigued me most. She had shoulder-length hair that was dyed blonde on top but left brunette towards the ends. A flattering red blouse and dark sexy blue jeans covered her backside (just a tad chubbier than some of the more bony-assed chicks in the crowd but very sexy). When I saw her light up that all-white, I knew she was worth the hype as she took the first drag and pulled the tobacco out of that cigarette….and pulled….and pulled….and pulled. The drags were almost cartoonishly long, and it wasn’t just the first drag, it was EVERY drag she took. I timed them out and discovered every drag lasted 5-6 seconds. I figured that cigarette filter must be burning this poor addict’s fingers and lips something terrible as ferociously as she was pulling from it. The only disappointment was that she didn’t hold the smoke in as long as I would have liked considering the length of those drags. Still, I was seeing something special here. As for her looks when I finally saw her face…..beautiful. In fact, I got a strange sense of deja vu looking at her. I swear I knew this girl from somewhere, but can’t for the life of me place where that would be.

In the midst of her cigarette, two more familiar faces emerged….the two blonde cowgirls with the cowgirls hats were back…and apparently were in the same posse as the six-second dragger and her friend (and the two guys). The cowgirls were not smoking at this time, but were posing for group pictures with the two girls who were smoking. The group photos were the only impediment that cut short a couple of my favorite girl’s megadrags as she had to quickly exhale before the camera snapped. In a fairly short time period, she dropped her all-white to the ground and crushed it out (I was thinking how pitch-black that filter must have been the way she was sucking on it). It took at least two more minutes before the rest of her group, including the two guys smoking, finished their cigarettes and they all headed into the grandstand to take their seats.

The concert began almost immediately after they walked in, and with the smoking area for the grandstand briefly empty, I looked just beyond it inside the fence of the beer gardens. I immediately spot a couple college-age hotties with cigarettes, and seconds after that, who do I see but that girl-next-door blonde from only about 15 minutes earlier, still with the nonsmokers that I assume are her mom and brother….all three drinking a beer, but only her having another smoke, her second in 20 minutes.

It only took about 10 minutes into the concert before the two cowgirls came outside the gate. Apparently they have pea-sized bladders and nicotine-starved lungs (not necessarily in order of importance) as they exited the gate and immediately lit up a new round of cigarettes, took a few drags while talking amongst each other, and then standing in line for the port-a-potty. I finally got close looks at these girls. One dressed up nicely but didn’t strike me as particularly beautiful underneath the makeup, but the other girl was a true beauty, with a much softer look and a seemingly harder-core addiction to nicotine judging by the frequency of her drags. Again, there was a deja vu factor here and I briefly pondered the prospect that she could be the young adult version of the 14-year-old smoker I saw in 2005 (also wearing a cowgirl hat…and my #1 local fair smoker sighting of all-time). I could just as easily be wrong about that as right, but that girl’s image is burned into my mind forever and this girl had some definite similarities. As they stood in line, they exhaled from their cigarettes and the dispersal of the pollution they spewed certainly advanced beyond themselves in the line. The cuter of the girls dropped her cigarette to the ground and crushed it out literally one second before stepping inside the port-a-potty. With luck, the next person to step inside the port-a-potty got the pleasure of ingesting some final remnants of her lingering ciggy breath.

No sooner did those two step back inside the grandstand than I saw the blonde girl-next-door just inside the beer gardens gate reaching into her sweater pocket and producing a pack of cigarettes (very visibly Parliaments) and firing up her THIRD cigarette of the last half hour. Not bad for a wholesome-looking blonde cutie hanging out with her nonsmoking family.

At some point during that girl’s cigarette, out steps a 16-ish couple featuring a “bad boy” and a cute and petite brunette girlfriend. The dude was extracting his cigarette and lighter, and the girl cupped her hands around the flame of the lighter as the guy lit himself up. I just got the feeling that this girl wouldn’t abandon the concert just to accompany the boyfriend if she didn’t smoke herself, so I kept looking their way. Sure enough, about a minute into his cigarette while snuggling with the girlfriend, he placed the cigarette in her underage lips and she dragged. He did this for her three times, always attempting to camouflage the girl’s illegal public tobacco consumption from sight (nice try pal, but you’ll have to do better than that to hide it from me). You could tell by the voluminous exhales that the girl was a practiced smoker. They went back into the grandstand and were soon replaced by another pair of modestly attractive 20-something women stepping out for a smoke.

And then, with the concert about two-thirds completed, here they came again. The two cowgirls along with their friend (and mine), the six-second drag girl with the beautiful face and mix of blonde and brunette hair, accompanied by one of the guys from their mix. The less attractive cowgirl got back in line for the bathroom while the other two lit up cigarettes. Just as before, her drags were never shorter than five seconds long. This was a girl whose bloated, hyperexpanded lungs could hold massive quantities of smoke, and she was showing that fact off to everyone looking her direction. The other pretty cowgirl was very good at what she did too, but has to settle for the consolation prize tonight with that nicotine whirlpool of a friend of hers. Strangely enough, these girls were also smoking Parliaments just like the blonde inside the beer gardens. Parliaments are a reasonably popular brand around here, but it was a little surprising that all of these hotties smoked them.

This really proves how big of a difference it makes where one sits in the grandstand. The previous night in the “good seats”, I went sightingless for 2 1/2 hours. In the cheap seats where I was sitting tonight, I had increased my sightings total from 6 to 21 just sitting there….and that’s not including repeat sightings of multiple offenders like the cowgirls and six-second drag girl.

I knew at this point that the show was at its last 15 minutes and I thought it was a good time to make my escape, my logic being that the most nicotine-starved concertgoers usually have to leave a little early for their nic fix, and not just at my gate, at the other gate as well. I exited the grounds, once again with perfect timing and stumbled upon an absolutely surreal sighting. Only about a dozen yards outside of the fairgrounds, I see a 15-16ish brunette girl who had just finished sparking up an all-white. She took a hit and handed it to her dark blonde friend next to her, and then the girls started walking away….with their PARENTS…and the parents were not smoking. Actually, the dark blonde girl looked like the mother, but the brunette may have just been a friend. Either way, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I followed these two clearly underage smokers who were apparently granted permission to publicly smoke by mom and dad. Both of these girls were relative plain janes, but the brunette who took primary possession of the cigarette was the prettier of the two. At one point, the two girls hid between two food vendors while smoking, but then decided it wasn’t worth the bother hiding and tagged along with mom and dad, ultimately stopping at a point in the middle of the concourse as the parents let the girls finish their cigarette. I wasn’t in a great spot where I could stand and watch and the girls were pretty self-conscious about being caught smoking and nervously looking around them, so I didn’t get to follow this sighting till the end. Still, wow….a seemingly normal family letting their mid-teen daughter(s) publicly smoke at the fair in the year 2009. Damn if I don’t love living in the sticks!

There was only one genuine high point left in the evening. I would return to the north gate of the grandstand near where I sat at the concert’s end….and there they were. The cowgirls, the six-second-drag girl, and the two dudes. Only one (the less attractive cowgirl) was smoking as the other girls stood in line for corn dogs. Much as I wanted to watch them until they were all smoking again, I knew it was out of the question and began traversing the grounds once again, but lo and behold, about 15 minutes later I’m near the north exit of the fairgrounds and there the whole posse comes, all-white cigarettes protruding from the fingers of the every last one of them, guy and girl. I got one last look at the beautiful face of my favorite girl of the night as they headed towards the fairgrounds exit. Astonishing!

Clearly the night had peaked and late evening sightings were largely disappointing in their quality and average at best in quantity. I saw one very attractive 17-18ish curly-haired brunette with her boyfriend at two different intervals in the evening, both times smoking.

And at about 11:15, I called the derelict friend Dan to chastise him for what he missed out on, but also to thank him for forcing me to go to that concert where I would score most of my best sightings of the night. “The allied forces held up better without the services of Benedict Arnold” were my exact sneering words to which he laughed. As the call ensued, I looked ahead to watch a cluster of girls in the middle of the concourse lighting each other up….and when I saw one of the girls was a hot brunette in white shorts, I had to cut the call short and get a closer look. Clearly, he understood. All three of the 16-17ish cuties were hot smokers, but that brunette in the white shorts was the definite beauty of the bunch, with a face that made her look younger than the other girls in the group. As I was taking in my final images of that sighting, I spotted the girl in the white shorts embracing a guy for a hug, carefully avoiding burning him with her smoldering cigarette. Lucky SOB!

I stuck around another 15 minutes or so without seeing anything to dramatic, but Friday night nonetheless delivered. For the second night in a row, a Mother Nature-instigated crisis was averted and I scored some very impressive sightings. Only time will tell if these sightings stand the test of time to make my all-time local fair favorites list, but I think a few of these are gonna be worthy. One more night ahead, and keep in mind my best sighting last year (and third best local fair sighting of all-time) took place on Saturday.

Saturday–I arrived at the grounds at about 6:45 and was committed to yet another concert night with my friend who I’ve attended concerts with two of the previous four nights, slated to meet up with him at 7:30. Overall, it was a pretty weak night as Saturdays so often are. By the fair’s final night, the party crowd tends to get bored with the fair and particularly with tonight’s grandstand performer, the largely old-news Travis Tritt, the young crowds that swarmed the grandstand previous nights for more contemporary performers came in smaller numbers tonight. Furthermore, alot of familiar faces show up, and if the smokers of Saturday are the same girls as the smokers from nights previous, I don’t count them in the tally. Still, there were a few things worthy of mention tonight.

I got myself all excited early on when I saw a guy smoking huddled near three adorable-looking 16ish girls, none of whom looked the slightest bit like smokers. Well it turns out they most likely weren’t. When the cluster migrated from in front of the bathroom to behind, I thought for sure the girls were gonna light up too and made every awkward move imaginable to find a good vantage point without getting spotted. The cluster stuck around for 20 minutes or so and I kept close tabs on them, and regrettably none of the girls ever lit up.

I did stack up a half dozen or so modest sightings before meeting up with my friend and getting into a long conversation with another old friend I bumped into. When that wrapped up, we headed into the grandstand and this time I steered right to my preferred spot from the evening before overlooking the side gate where smokers congregate as well as the beer gardens. He’s a great guy but not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he followed my seating instruction without question and likely without suspicion of my true motives. The concert got off to a late start so we sat around quite some time with me looking over my shoulder spying on smokers. I would get what I presumed was a mother-daughter sighting with a middle-aged woman and a 20-something light brunette and modest beauty each smoking. It wasn’t until the young woman stood up that I could see she was at least seven months pregnant. And I would see her come out to smoke no fewer than THREE additional times during the concert. Only at the local fair!!!

There were two 17ish girls that kept walking into the smoking area, one a curly-haired brunette and the other a long-haired blonde with a pink T-shirt and painted-on light blue jeans, neither of whom looked the least bit like smokers, and neither of whom would light up. It was a mystery…but one that paid dividends by evening’s end. To be continued on this one….

Early on during the concert, I was overlooking the cluster and stumbled upon a very beautiful 20-something brunette who was standing with a cluster of adult smokers and finally lit up herself. From there I casually observed three teen girls join the cluster with food. It wasn’t until the three teens proceeded into the grandstand that I had my jaw-dropping moment of the 2009 local fair. As I finally got a look at the faces of the three teen girls, I instantly identified the youngest and smallest as the strawberry blond 13-year-old from last year’s epic behemoth family-of-smokers sighting and my #3 local fair sighting of all time, which took place exactly one year to the day on the Saturday evening of the fair. After spotting her, I looked at the other two girls with her. The one girl didn’t look familiar, but sure enough, the other was the tall blonde who was smoking with her last year, minus the cowgirl hat and the glam miniskirt. Then I looked back to the adult cluster still outside smoking….and there she was, the mother who handed her young daughter a cigarette outside the gate last year after the concert. I was breathless, having felt as though I was robbed of fulfilling last year’s sighting due to logistics and elated at the prospect of a second chance. I would spend the rest of the concert watching the grandstand exit like a hawk to keep tabs on when those girls stepped out.

While waiting, I was treated to a couple more quality sightings in the smoking area, with a scorching hot 18-19ish long-haired blonde in a denim miniskirt with black cowgirl boots heading out with her boyfriend. The boyfriend lit up and I was getting nervous that the girl wouldn’t smoke, but after a couple of drags by the boyfriend he handed the cigarette to the cutie who would consume the majority of the rest of it, taking dense drags, holding the smoke in her lungs a couple seconds and then producing impressively cloudy exhales. For a girl who didn’t seem to want to light up her own cigarette, she sure proved to be an accomplished smoker.

My second-best sighting of the night came next. A teenage dude steps out with two ponytailed cuties. The guy lit up a cigarette first and then offered one each to the girls, both of whom took it. From above, the girls looked about 16, with their ponytails giving them a fairly innocent look, but closer glimpses of their faces suggested they were more like 18. One girl was very thin, had dark blonde hair, a white top, and jean shorts. She looked like a smoker. The other girl, however, didn’t. She had light brown hair and was just a little chubby (the kind of girl who will probably be overweight when she’s 25 but has a certain cute semi-chubbiness at 18) and wore a cute pair of jean shorts herself. She handled the cigarette well, but I just got the feeling she was more of a social smoker. Incidentally, I caught my friend craning his neck the girls’ direction when they smoked. Is it possible he has the fetish as well???? Anyway, the best part of this sighting came at the end when the chubbier girl, who I had thought was probably not a regular smoker, proceeded to flick the three-quarters smoked cigarette like a seasoned pro. I watched the all-white butt soar through the air before crashing onto the grass about 15 feet away and the cluster walked back into the concert. Interestingly, I would see this trio again in the fairgrounds after the concert, and seeing their faces up-close I became convinced my original assessment was more likely correct….they were probably only 16 judging by their fresh and innocent faces.

The concert drug on and on and on. The other concerts were all right around 90 minutes, but Tritt was feeling pretty generous apparently and sang for well over two hours. I was getting annoyed about losing out on evening fairgrounds sightings but at the same time had not seen that strawberry blonde exit the grandstand yet and figured my best chance of seeing her would be to stay right where I’m at and wait her out. But it just got the point where I knew it wasn’t gonna happen. Addicted smokers like she and the blonde with her would not be sticking around this concert this long without detouring for a cigarette break. It’s unlikely I missed them given how vigilantly I was watching, but it’s likely that they walked out the other gate at some point during the show. Whatever the case, it was becoming more and more clear that I would not get to fulfill my dream of a dramatic replay to this epic sighting from 2008.

Feeling a little bummed after the concert finally let out after 11, I would spend the last 45 minutes of the local fair this year getting mostly mediocre sightings on the grounds. One highlight was the girl you may remember from last night….the brunette 17ish hottie in white shorts whose cluster lit themselves up as one of my final sightings from Friday evening. Well tonight she had a nearly identical outfit on again (black tanktop and white shorts) and was again walking around the fairgrounds with an all-white between her fingers.

But my final sighting of the night would be my best. I was just getting ready to go when I spotted that blonde with the pink T-shirt and light and TIGHT blue jeans who had been hanging around the smoking area without smoking along with her hottie friend earlier during the concert. The friend was nowhere in sight, but the pink-shirted blonde was passing me and up close I was finally able to spot that she had a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols stuffed into her back jeans pocket. As luck would have it, she was only seconds away from lighting up, in the accompaniment of two guys, neither of whom smoked. I did some fancy footwork to get a closer look to make sure she was worth the hype….and she was. This girl was beautiful with an innocent and adorable face. She may have been 18 or 19 but her face screamed 16 or 17. Her actual smoking performance wasn’t particularly impressive as she may well have been only a social smoker, but it was a sighting to behold nonetheless.

As luck would have it, she was about to navigate the grounds with the two guys and abandon her largely inaccessible spot near the cheese curds stand. I followed at a distance close enough to ingest some of her exhales but still far enough away not to be spotted. It’s always a tough balancing act but I think I pulled it off and the girl and her cigarette walked into the midway. She made the cigarette last close to 10 minutes before crushing it out. I would get to see that spectacular ass of hers, with the MML pack still jutting out of the back pocket, one more time at a carnival game as I exited the midway.

So that finally does it for the local county fair. While I didn’t have any epic sightings, I had some incredibly good ones. I totaled 125 sightings over the five nights, easily besting my 2007 record of 88. And lest you think this marks the end of my sightings safaris, I need remind you that the Iowa State Fair is already on tap for next Saturday….exactly one week from today. Since state fairs are much more user-friendly stalking grounds than smaller county fairgrounds, the good times should only get better for me as the glorious month of August proceeds.

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