2008 Minnesota State Fair

I have no idea what I was doing wrong before 2006. Up until that time, you could set your watch by the fact that I’d average a little over 100 sightings of attractive female smokers at the Minnesota State Fair. In retrospect, I really had to have been an amateur back then…because for the third consecutive year, I’ve shattered the previous record for all-time sightings. In 2006, it seemed like an unrepeatable fluke when I scored 165 sightings, crushing my previous record of 109 in 2004. Then in 2007, the number increased to 184. This year, I even topped that with a mind-blowing 192 sightings. It’s actually kind of frustrating because I could have easily scored 200 sightings, if not 225, had I not afforded several minutes of attention to a number of blockbuster sightings in the very successful evening hours. But in the interest of quality over quantity, I just couldn’t pass up studying some of the more amazing smoker girls I came across even at the expense of crossing the double century threshold. Since I rode along with my parents, leaving at 10:00 as planned was required even though it deprived me of another hour of fetishing.

And once again the quality was indeed there. I scored at least a dozen blockbuster sightings, a borderline epic sighting that everyone should enjoy, and a sighting I qualify as epic but should warn in advance that it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea so as not to inflate expectations. With all that said, let’s get to the chronology of the day….

I bursted through the gate of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds just after 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. It was a cool morning, but sunny and poised to get to the mid-70’s for a high. I don’t know how I pull it off year after year, but it was once again perfect fair weather. Making that left turn at the Coliseum right near the gate to escape from the parents is always such a burst of adrenaline. Last year, I was distracted after having a dream date the night before with a long-time crush, but on August 23, 2008, my mind was focused like a laser on nicotine-addicted girls at the Minnesota State Fair. I pressed forward with my usual path upon entering the grounds and within a couple of minutes witnessed an early 20’s light brunette carnival stand worker smoking a cigarette. Nothing particularly special, but nonetheless that first sighting of the day. Game on!

Seems like most years, I score a handful of quality sightings almost immediately after arriving and then go through a couple slow hours. This year, there was a troubling dearth of sightings from the get-go, and like Iowa two weeks ago, I began to lament over the fact that most of the smokers I was seeing were middle-aged. After nearly an hour stuck at one sighting, I journeyed to the sparse but sometimes rewarding north side of the fairgrounds where I would stumble upon Sighting #2, which finally set the stage for another good day at the Minnesota State Fair. As I’m walking down the street, I notice a modestly attractive 16-17ish brunette with shoulder-length hair standing still on a corner. I made my way her direction and, after such an extended period of nonexistent sightings, was actually surprised to discover a cigarette in her hand. The lack of crowd proved challenging as far as watching this sighting, particularly when a large, bearded middle-aged man emerged and stood next to her. I’m guessing the son-of-Ernest-Hemingway-lookalike was the girl’s father, and it was particularly impressive to see him without a cigarette. I watched from a comfortable distance and don’t think I was spotted as the girl dragged from her all-white. She wasn’t a bombshell beauty, but had a certain country girl cuteness to her that was very endearing. The father and daughter would proceed northward down the block of “Machinery Hill” when the sighting hit its peak. The girl took a nice puff from her cigarette and just as an elderly couple passed from the other direction, she inadvertantly exhaled a stream of smoke that slapped the guy right in the face. He then proceeded to wave his hand in front of his face as if to expunge the smoky odor, then stuck his nose up as he griped to his wife, “Smoking!” I was so proud of this little cutie. From there, she and her dad would wander up to look at some snow removal equipment for sale and I watched her stomp out the cigarette from a distance. I walked away pleased as punch that I had at least scored one quality sighting for the day. This day and age, every quality sighting one scores has to be looked upon as something of a victory.

The next winning sighting would be Sighting #7. I was passing the DFL booth, overflowing with political junkies as it always is on election years. Getting up from a bench right in front of the booth was a family that included a light brunette 20-something who I could have sworn was brandishing a cigarette. I walked closer and identified that indeed she was smoking, the youngest and the only smoker in the cluster of four. I followed for a brief distance until she deposited the cigarette onto the street, identifying it as a Camel by the logo.

It would be another half hour or so until I stumbled upon a pretty good roll of momentum, and when walking towards the Giant Slide, scored back-to-back winning sightings. Sighting #12 was an attractive young mother with long, light brown hair running all the way down her back. She was giving her child money to go on the slide with the free hand that wasn’t wielding a cigarette. I got to study her for about 20 seconds before Sighting #13 emerged out of the corner of my eye. It was a wholesome looking young couple, both 19-20ish blondes, where the girl, a petite ponytailed cutie in khaki shorts, was smoking a cigarette. I followed and got to observe a couple of quality drags before she stomped out the cigarette, which I would identify as I walked by as a Marlboro Menthol Light with its white filter and green print. Definitely one of the more wholesome-looking girls I would see with a cigarette on Saturday.

The very next pair of sightings I scored were also wholesome-looking young smoker girls. I was at the edge of the midway when I came upon two sets of very attractive and wholesome-looking 18-19ish couples. As I spotted them from a distance on the crowded street, I didn’t immediately notice the cigarettes in their possession, but closer inspection would produce the desired appearance of smoldering tobacco…and Sightings #14 and #15 were now official. All four of them were puffing on half-smoked cigarettes, and I carefully observed both the short-haired brunette with blonde highlights and sexy pair of striped shorts, and the even more attractive girl-next-door long-haired blonde wearing a cute white top. All she was missing was a halo to cement her angellic look, making the Marlboro Light she was dragging from look all the more out-of-place. The girls would eventually crush out their cigarettes and proceed to the swing ride at the edge of the midway. The boyfriends watched from the sidelines as the girls climbed aboard the ride which seemed way too young for them. Kind of a hot contrast when college-age girls follow up the ingestion of toxic cigarette smoke into their lungs with a fun-filled carnival ride designed for 10-year-olds.

Not long after would come one of my high points of the day. It was just after noon and I was walking north from the food building when I saw the girl who would become Sighting #21, an incredibly hot young mother with a petite firecracker of a body that would be hot on a high school homecoming queen let alone an early 20’s mother who recently delivered an infant. She had long light brown hair, a nice form-fitting tanktop, and perfect pair of tight jean shorts covering her shapely posterior and smooth, tanned legs. If there was a single young lady I came across yesterday who looked like she would be a smoker, this was the girl, with a pretty but slightly weathered face indicative of a heavy and addicted smoker. Yet there was no immediate evidence as I approached her party of hubby/boyfriend, mother/mother-in-law, and infant child in a stroller. I walked closer and discovered an unlit all-white and a lighter in her hand. This was perfect! I still on the sidelines and observed, before the cigarette was inserted into her mouth and lit about 30 seconds later. As I already alluded to, this MILF looked absolutely built to be a smoker. The husband pushed the stroller while mommy attended to her cigarette. I watched from behind as that perfect booty pressed forward, cigarette in hand. I watched a couple of illustrous drags and told myself nothing couple possibly make me abandon seeing this sighting through till after she extinguished her cigarette. But I was wrong…..

Seldom do I stumble into hard choices during these fair safaris, but I was about to endure my toughest one in nearly a decade of fetishing. While following MILFy, I see of the corner of my left eye two bombshell blonde teenagers strutting down the street in the opposite direction, proudly brandishing freshly lit cigarettes in their young hands. I paused for a moment, quickly looking one way to evaluate the girls, then looking back at the MILF, but upon noticing how glamorous the teen smoking blondes were, I had to reverse course and follow Sightings #22 and #23 of the day. Tough of a choice as it was, I think I made the right one. It was hard to categorize these girls, both about 16, who didn’t look like naughty little smoker girl stereotypes, but also looked a little more mischievous than the proverbial girl next door. The one girl was far more glamorous, with long and curly blonde hair and a face that resembled Taylor Swift with a deep tan. She was dressed in a black blouse and dark jeans and was smoking an all-white, which I would later identify as a Marlboro Light. The other girl was just as pretty, but had a decidedly less flashy look. Her dark blonde hair rested at about her shoulders, her skin was less tan, and her clothing was a utilitarian T-shirt and jeans. She was a bona fide 16-ish cutiepie and thus intrigued me most of the two. Adding to her intrigue was the unusual brand of cigarette she was puffing on. The cigarette itself was white, but the filter was brown. Does More make a cigarette like this? If not, I’d appreciate any information anyone could provide me in identifying this brand. Both girls dragged copiously from their cigarettes and exhibited a stylish and well-practiced smoking style. The sighting ended with a bang as well, as both girls approached a sign featuring a map of the fairgrounds to study it. There were a handful of other fairgoers in very close proximity studying the map themselves as the girls took the final drags from their cigarettes, undoubtedly much to the annoyance of at least some of those in their crosshairs. They both dropped their cigarettes to the pavement and stomped them out before wandering off into the grounds. I think I would rank this as my third best sighting of the day, and one that would take several hours to replicate in quality.

Just a few minutes later on one of the fairgrounds main streets, I walked through a median between food vendors where alot of fairgoers sit on the grass to eat their fair food. Leaning up against a lamppost next to friends feeding their faces with food was Sighting #25, a very pretty 18-ish brunette in T-shirt and jeans who had just lit up a fresh ciggie. She spotted me immediately which made it hard to get too many close looks, but I got a couple and was very impressed with her beauty, even though it looked like she may be a tad chubby. A couple of hours later, I would run across this girl on the grounds again, this time without a cigarette. Standing up, I was correct on her being just a little bit chubby, but by no means did it diminish her attractiveness.

I made three midway runs yesterday. Traditionally, the midway is unproductive during the day, but a sightings holy land during the evening. This year, however, my favorite midway sightings came in my early afternoon run. I was about in the final 20 yards or so before exiting the midway area when I spotted a younger-looking family approaching my way. Standing out, literally, amongst the crowd was Sighting #30, a tall and leggy college-age blonde in striped shorts who was flaunting around her cigarette. The company which I assumed to be her mother and sister were not smoking and were basically background clutter in the presence of this tall and glamorous blonde smoker girl. Number-wise, I yielded the most midway sightings in my evening run as I usually do, but none of the 7-8 sightings I scored in the evening midway run was a good as this girl.

Sighting #41 was a fairly surprising one. Seated in a grassy area somewhat near the grandstand were what I assumed to be three teenagers when eyeballing the cluster from the rear from several yards away. There was a girl and a young boy whose faces I could see and very clearly were in that 14-year-old range, but as she stood up from the grass, I see this brunette with a perfectly slender and well-proportioned adolescent female body and a cigarette between her fingers. I was excited at the prospect of a young teen sighting when I raced up there to get a closer look. Imagine my surprise when I discover that it was a 30-something woman who was most likely the mother of one or both of the teenagers. She was reasonably attractive, but it was that perfect girlish figure on a woman her age that impressed me most.

Just a few minutes later, Sighting #43 would be the young smoker sighting I had anticipated Sighting #41 was going to be. On the west side of the grandstand is a cement seating area that has been a bonanza for sightings in years part. Hiding in a corner of this cluster was the tiniest little girl with a cigarette in her hand that I’ve seen in recent memory. I took a seat nearby and watched as she rather furiously dragged from her cigarette, but closer inspection really revealed a mystery at play here. Even though she wasn’t particularly cute, the face of this girl looked every bit as youthful as her tiny body, but she was in the company of a large redheaded adult male (presumably nonsmoker) who was too old to be a father but nonetheless looked like an adult. Brother perhaps? Possible, but they looked absolutely nothing alike. She very quickly smoked through her cigarette and crushed it out on the pavement beside her and the two of them headed back into the grounds. I’m still of the mind she was 14 or 15 but it’s possible her tiny stature and youthful appearance fooled me. It’s getting harder to tell. Even way, she was at best a 5 out of 10 on the cuteness spectrum. She wasn’t anything like the strawberry blond middle-school cutie I saw at my county fair earlier this month.

Sighting #48 came to fruition near the Space Tower area. Surrounding the tower are basically a cluster of supersized Chia pets that produce gatherings of fairgoers. As I passed by, I spotted a burning cigarette with a girl attached to it. The more I focused, the more I liked what I saw. She was an attractive college-age light brunette with hair almost to her shoulders in the company of two preppy-looking nonsmoking guys. Most striking about this girl was her attire. She was wearing a short summer dress with a flowery print that perfectly framed her feminine assets. As luck would have it, she was looking at the Chia-esque exhibits with her posterior facing the rather notable breeze, and the wind pressed the dress firmly against her ass, allowing for a perfect outline of her panties. The guys she was with began to walk away, and she would deposit her all-white Marlboro Menthol Light butt onto the curb before following them. Definitely one of the more glamorous sightings of the day.

I got a rare “ebony and ivory” sighting for Sightings #52 and #53, with two attractive college-age girls, one white and one black, standing near the seating area of the beer gardens where live music is frequently performed and smoking their cigarettes. With the live music, the beer gardens, and the women’s restroom all surrounding this particular seating area, it’s perennially one of the fairgrounds best sightings hotspots. At least 20 of my sightings on Saturday, including a couple that are yet to come, transpired in this area.

Another location that has produced several of my all-time favorite sightings is near the pop music station’s booth. Large numbers of young girls congregate around the area to listen to the music and take part in their promotions. Standing just to the side of the booth on Saturday around 4:00 was the girl that would be Sighting #58. I noticed a cluster of attractive college-age guys and girls and gravitated their direction to see if tobacco consumption was taking place. I didn’t notice any, but right when I was about to give up and move, a pretty long-haired, light brunette talking on a cell phone standing right in the middle of the cluster excused herself and moved slightly away from the rest of her posse, presumably for the sake of her cell phone conversation. A cigarette was already burning between her fingers. I had a pretty good vantage point of the distracted hottie (the one good thing about cell phones from a fetisher’s standpoint is that when girls are smoking and chatting at the same time, they’re less likely to notice that they’re being stalked by a fetisher!) and watched her take a couple quick drags before ending the call and pressing forward with the rest of the group down Judson Avenue, the busiest street on the fairgrounds. It’s incredibly easy to lose track of somebody just a few feet ahead of you at this busy location, and I found that I was separated from this girl by a middle-aged couple. I nonetheless witnessed an impressive drag ingested by the girl that was soon followed by a surprisingly cloudy exhalation of exhaust that flowed right into the face of the husband in the couple ahead of me. For the second time that day, I witnessed an antismoking middle-aged dude get assaulted by the secondhand smoke of a cute girl. I’m sure it was completely unintentional, but I was nonetheless extremely proud of her.

It’s absolutely amazing how closely my day paralleled the timeline of the past two fairs. It was about 4:30-5:00 last year that I scored my epic sighting at last year’s fair….an adorable and fiendishly defiant 14-ish smoker exhaling cloudy plumes of carcinogens at a cop car behind her near the Heritage Square area at the extreme northwest corner of the fairgrounds. She and her friend were my 65th and 66th sightings last year. This year, I was looping around the Heritage Square area once again at around the exact same time of day when I scored Sightings #64 and #65 of the day, a rock-solid mother-daughter sighting. Mom was a 40-50 something and only modestly attractive, but the 20-something daughter was an absolute siren, with her long light-brown hair flowing over her summery flower-print top, and her shapely lower body covered (sorta) by a white mini-skirt. Hot damn! Both women’s cigarettes protruded from their fingers as they walked, almost as if intentionally giving a performance for the crowd. I followed in close proximity and watched the daughter pull off a couple quality drags. I could hear from their conversation that they were looking for the bathroom, and was a little disappointed when they stopped near a garbage can and took final drags from their cigarettes because I knew that meant they’d be tossing their butts into the trash can. This strikes me as too politically correct and I much prefer to see the more antisocial naughtiness of randomly littering butts curbside. Nonetheless, this specific instance would work to my advantage. With a level of symmetry worthy of synchronized Olympic divers, both ladies bent down to the pavement in perfect unison to snuff out their cigarettes on the pavement, allowing me a brief but perfect glimpse at the miniskirted early 20’s daughter bending over and showing off her assets. With a police officer standing literally right next to them surveying the crowd, the women then tossed their butts into the garbage and proceeded towards the bathroom. I took a brief glimpse toward the bathroom to get a final look and noticed another 20-something light brunette cutie, this one in sexy striped shorts, smoking a cigarette of her own just in front of the bathroom. For whatever reason, smokers #64 and #65 were conversing with Sighting #66. I can only imagine what they were talking about, but of course my fantasy is that it was a loving discussion about the joys of nicotine dependency.

It was somewhere around 5 p.m. and I decided to make my second and final run of the day through the more lightly travelled north side of the fairgrounds. Almost every year, I get something good sightingswise on the north side, so it’s a no-brainer to take the half-hour loop that direction a couple of times per day. A minisaga that would ultimately evolve into one of my top five sightings of the day began as a huge missed opportunity. I came upon a bench near the 4-H building and spotted Sightings #74 and #75, two long-haired brunettes sucking on the tail end of cork filters. On the left was a skinny 16-17ish superbabe, pretty as can be, with a figure so visibly slender that I was struck by it even as she was sitting. Unfortunately, she locked eyes with me almost immediately after I looked her way. On my second passing glance, I took in her friend, equally beautiful if not slightly more so but just a tad chubbier. Again, her eyes met with mine instantly. Both girls had spotted me. If I had more confidence, and if they weren’t jailbait, I may have taken the opportunity to approach them. Instead, I walked on past, self-confident about peering over my shoulder too soon and getting busted for eyeballing these hotties too intently. Eventually, however, I was enough distance away that I did turn around to get another look. Both girls had long manes of gorgeous and curly dark brown hair and were as glamorous and beautiful of teen smoker girls as I couple hope to see. Unfortunately, they were so far away and I desperately wanted a closer look that I knew I wasn’t gonna get…..at least for now. This sighting is “to be continued”….

I scored a handful more modest sightings on the north side before I decided to make a brief detour into a mini-carnvial full of kiddie rides in the middle of the north side…and what a good decision it was. Standing up on near a bench were a young couple wielding cigarettes. This Sighting #79 girl, a 19-20ish long-haired dark blonde in khaki shorts, was among the prettiest smokers I would see all day, if not the prettiest. She was exactly the kind of girl that excites me most as a fetisher to still see smoking, since her demographic is becoming decidedly less inclined to smoke. She was somewhat boisterous in the presence of her mostly nonsmoking friends, at least one of whom had to have been a parent attending to a child riding the kiddie rides. There was no “storyline” to this sighting, but I had a really good vibe from this girl and it lighted up my day, which was about to really hit a stride in the coming minutes.

The seating area to the right of the grandstand has produced large numbers of quality sightings for me in the past, and would deliver some additional punch this year as well, as I noticed a middle-aged woman and either two kids or one kid with their boyfriend/girlfriend all sitting smoking together. The two kids were both late teens, somewhere in the 18-20 range and the Sighting #81 girl was a modestly attractive brunette. As I walked the perimeter to get a better look at this sighting, I noticed a cluster of four early 20’s couples (two guys and two girls) and a stray pack of Marlboros laying amidst them. One of the girls was a gorgeous brunette, so I held out some hope the pack was hers. Less than a minute later, I would encircle the seating area and look her way again…..and sure enough, she had just turned herself into Sighting #82 as she puffed on her freshly lit Marlboro. She was the only smoker in the group and a knockout hottie. I would have spent the entire tenure of her cigarette observing her but she caught me watching her and I decided it would be in my interest to get lost. And in this case, I’ll forever be grateful for the fact that I did.

I had already encountered one tough decision earlier in the day…and I was about to have another. Mere seconds after abandoning the last sighting, I notice a gorgeous and angellic looking 19-20ish brunette with long and curly hair exiting the grandstand and producing a pack of Marlboro Mediums. I noticed a badge clipped onto her black slacks and recognized she was a grandstand worker, most likely one of the vendors for the commercial exhibits underneath the grandstand. I hadn’t had a blockbuster grandstand worker sighting since that epic supersmoking cutie in 2000, but I definitely sensed I was about to have one now with Sighting #83 of the day. She was dialing numbers on her cell phone as she leaned up against a lone tree right in front of the seating area. Just as she was lighting her cigarette, I sat down to watch her performance but noticed a cluster of college girls wielding cigarettes a few yards behind her. What to do? I decided to make a quick detour in the direction of the college girls to see what they had to offer. I made a fairly quick loop around the six of them and noticed that three of them were smoking. All were modest beauties, and their strength in numbers helped me score Sightings #84, 85, and 86 just walking around them, but my allegiance was with the grandstand girl….and I had the perfect location to watch her smoking performance, a performance that would go down as one of my all-time favorites and qualifying it as my “borderline epic” sighting of the day…..

Unlike the two marginally lookalike brunettes I had just caught passing glimpses of on the north side of the grounds less than a half hour earlier, this girl did not have a particularly flashy or glamorous look. Her red blouse and dress slacks made her look a little more professional, but her girl-next-door face gave her a distinctive and heartwarming allure. In itself, that made her a great sighting. But it was her technique that elevated her to another level. Amidst her distracting cell phone call, she dragged intermittently from her cigarette as though it was an afterthought, but the drags were nonetheless intense and extreme. But it was what happened after the drags that was most intriguing. Literally, 7-10 seconds passed where the smoke lingered inside her coal black lungs before the smoke came pouring out of her mouth and nose. Even more amazing was that the smoke kept coming after the initial exhale. After every exhale, residual smoke continued to escape all three of her facial orafices with every breath. Smoke was literally oozing out of this girl like incense from a metal container waved around the church by a priest during Lent. And it was the same routine with every drag. Deep and intense drags, a period of extended where you could almost take a nap and still wake up before the first sign of smoke escaped the inside of her body, and then more smoke spilling out of her gorgeous face for as long as 30 seconds after the original exhale. This struck me as the smoking style of a 20-year veteran smoker coming from a girl who was most likely only 20 years old. Unfortunately, the performance ended entirely too quickly. She would end the phone chat and quickly retire the two-thirds smoked cigarette, stubbing it out and placing the remainder in her Marlboro Mediums pack to finish off later. This level of cigarette conservation told me she probably wasn’t quite as heavy of a smoker as I originally anticipated. Nonetheless, what a huge sighting. Clearly I made the right choice to watch this girl instead of the college girl cluster. I anticipate seeing smoke pouring of this girl’s face with every breath for several weeks now when I lay my head to sleep.

You wouldn’t think I’d be able to easily top this sighting for quite some time, and I didn’t, but I can think of no better follow-through than to redeem my near-blockbuster sighting of the two brunettes from the north side barely a half hour earlier…and one of them was already smoking again!. The odds were against it, but here were the same two hotties from before, this time walking and allowing me a full-profile glance at their bodies. The somewhat chubbier but still beautiful girl was standing in line waiting for mini-donuts, while the slender girl was smoking what was at least her second cigarette of the hour. She had a perfect hourglass figure concealed in a tight form-fitting black lace top. After her friend purchased the mini-donuts, they walked towards a seating area. The shapely smoker soon deposited her cigarette to the ground and carried the pack of Marlboro reds in her hand until they got to a bench and sat down. I sat nearby and watched as the friend ate her mini-donuts, hoping that possibly more tobacco consumption would transpire when she finished eating. Unfortunately, both girls got up and walked away in about 10 minutes…..not that watching those cute teenage butts walk away was a bad thing!

The 6:00 hour was upon me, and as was the case in the last two years, sightings came at an absolutely blistering pace during this hour. If I blinked, I’d miss five of them. The only downside is that the sightings come so fast and furious that many tend to be a blur….and on Saturday, a cramp in my lower leg was really starting to become a concern as I wondered if I’d be able to press on for the high-density evening hours. Nonetheless, I took note of a couple sightings in this stretch that involved adorable late-teen girls depressingly in the company of thuggish boyfriends. Sighting #93 was a very beautiful long-haired light brunette with a doe-eyed cuteness about her, smoking a cigarette in the company of a boyfriend who shouldn’t have been even remotely in her league. Sighting #118 about a half hour laterwas a very petite light brunette firecracker in snug jean shorts inserting a mostly smoked cigarette into her mouth that barely even looked worth her bother. Much of a punk as the nonsmoking (at least at the time) boyfriend looked like, I had to give him props for extending his lighter to spark up his cutiepie girlfriend’s one-inch cigarette.

I had hoped to hit the century mark with a bang around 6:30 but instead hit it with a very weird disappearing act on the extremely busy stretch near the horticulture building. I spotted two attractive college age girls standing still while lighting up fresh cigarettes, and saw enough to assure me they were Sightings #99 and #100 of the day. I walked past them and in less than five seconds was at a location I deemed sufficient to turn around and observe their performance. But where’d they go? I scanned the area in all directions looking for them but couldn’t see them anywhere. Were they just a mirage?! I don’t think so, but perhaps after all those hours at the fair in such a pressurized circumstance, I was becoming delirious!

Every year, I meet the parents briefly at 7:00 just to touch base and to get a few minutes of desperately needed relief from fetishing. This year, I reached the 7 p.m. threshold with 125 sightings, exactly one more than I had at 7 p.m. the year before. My dad was gonna pick up some cookies which allowed me to scan the crowd while sitting there in front of the main information booth, pulling off three hot smoker sightings just while sitting there and boosting my total up to 128 sightings. At about 7:20, I was ready to go again until final departure time at 10 p.m., and once again, my timing to set off into Phase II of Minnesota State Fair Smokefest 2008 could not have been more perfect. Less than one minute after leaving the information booth, I would stumble into my epic sighting of the day.

I spotted a cluster of four early 20’s hotties on the edge of the sidewalk after about a block of walking. An attractive long-haired dark blonde extracted a cigarette from her purse and fired up, leading me to walk their direction for some further observation of Sighting #129. As soon as I’m standing in close proximity, I notice an equally attractive long-haired brunette muttering something indecipherable to the blonde as she looks at the freshly lit cigarette, and then starts fishing into her own purse as if to get one of her own. I knew Sighting #130 was at my doorstep, but imagine my delight when the item removed from her purse is not a cigarette, but a small tipped cigar. It wasn’t the size of your typical Black and Mild. It was much shorter, only the length of a cigarette, but considerably bigger around. The contrast was striking as the brunette fired up her cigar. She was very feminine with her flowing mane of dark brown hair running all the way down her back, wearing a modest pink T-shirt for a top and skin-tight painted-on light blue jeans to advertise her unbelievable ass. There were four girls in the cluster, each above-average on the attractiveness scale but somewhat hard to discern age-wise. I would guess they were 22, with somewhat of a weathered party girl look on their faces that could indicate they may have been as old as 25, but definitely no older than that. At the time, it was just the two smokers, but all my attention was on the cigar girl as my subfetish for novelty cigar sightings is even more intense than my cigarette fetish….

Watching her smoke the cigar completely lived up to expectations, as she would tilt her head into the sky after taking a drag, giving me a perfect vantage point of the ball of thick smoke disappeared down into her throat, followed by cloudy and dirty exhalations only a few seconds later. There was no ideal location to watch this incredible hotness unfold, and I found myself awkwardly watching from the side, attempting to act like I was waiting to meet someone yet still be close enough to breathe in some secondhand cigar fumes. Things would not get easier as the girls had a strange habit of stopping at a certain destination, staying a few minutes, then meandering a half block or so and then stalling out again, meaning my presence would not escape notice. Nonetheless, when the cluster first took off, I delightfully followed right behind cigar girl, and was lucky enough to get splashed in the face with a couple lungfuls of filthy cigar smoke that lingered in the air several seconds after she released them from her black lungs. The girls, only two of whom were smoking, stopped dead in their tracks again closer to the grandstand area, making my job extra difficult. But the best part of the sighting was soon to come. The girls were standing right in front of an anti-meth booth, complete with a display of photos of meth users. The two smokers approached the booth and dragged from their tobacco cylinders of choice, seconds before a teenage girl working the booth approached them with some literature. I noticed that the girl’s eyes lowered as she spoke to the young ladies, clearly taking note of the cigarette in the blonde’s hand and the smelly cigar in the brunette’s hand. It’s rare that I see something so hot at the fair that my boy parts get uncontainably excited, but as I watched that brunette exhaling a cloud of cigar smoke right in front of the anti-meth booth, my “excitement” could be contained no longer. Soon after, the bizarre stop-and-go routine continued until they stopped at a corner near the DNR building. By this point, I really had to linger at a distance to avoid being spotted. A couple of the girls seemed to look my direction now and then, but never made direct eye contact, so I’m not certain whether I was spotted or not. I had spent a good 15 minutes observing this crew before the brunette finally finished her cigar, tossing it onto the curb with nothing but the plastic tip remaining. I had seen all I needed to see, but just in case some of you think this sighting is completed, I should warn you I wasn’t through with these girls yet. Or is it that they weren’t through with me?!?!?!

I scored a couple modest sightings in the midst of pursuing cigar girl, so when I finally departed from her, I immediately stumbled upon a couple of classy college-age beauties wielding cigarettes in the company of nonsmoking boyfriends that would become Sightings #133 and #134. The blonde was particularly fetching, with a classy white top and black slacks. Had I scored this sighting at any point earlier in the day, it would have been huge, but I was still in recovery mode from cigar girl and couldn’t effectively process the matter.

Amazingly, the hits just kept coming as I drifted back towards the grandstand seating area where I had already scored stunners only about an hour earlier. Hiding inside the cement structure were Sightings #135 and #136, two 16-ish cuties puffing on their cigarettes out of sight. A cluster of nonsmoking teenage boys surrounded them, and given that they went separate ways afterwards, I assumed they didn’t know each other and it was just some random dudes, possible fetishers, who thought they’d hit on the cute smoker girls. The petite brunette girl was cute enough, but had a lip ring, which is almost an instant turn-off for me. The other girl was the one who really impressed though, a long-haired strawberry blonde in a pink tanktop and black slacks that perfectly curved around her shapely ass. She looked far more wholesome than the lip-ringed brunette at her side, and somewhat resembled the girl who plays Julie (Susan’s daughter) on “Desperate Housewives”, a girl who was somewhat homely when the series started but has blossomed into a full-scale girl-next-door hottie as she approaches womanhood. The girls crushed out their cigarettes in their fairly well-hidden enclave and wandered off into the fairgrounds, ditching the dudes courting them who went the opposite way. I walked up to the site where they were smoking and noticed they were both smoking cork-filter Camels.

As these dual sightings transpired, I was watching out of my other eye as three early 20’s gals with completely polarized looks all huddled together amidst a common bond of nicotine servitude. One modestly cute light brunette already had her cigarette burning while the blonde (most attractive girl of the bunch) and another light brunette stood there for a seemingly infinite timespan dangling unlit all-whites from their lips. The light brunette dangler rummaged through her purse forever and apparently could find the lighter. Finally, the one girl with the burning cigarette used the cherry from her cigarette to fire up the other two girls. They stood there each dragging from their own cigarettes for the next several minutes, thus becoming Sightings #137, #138, and #139.

The pace of sightings continued to be blistering and I figured it was a good time to head out to the beer gardens area where the early evening hours tend to bring out the young female smokers. It didn’t disappoint. Most appetizing was a bench full of cuties that included three very attractive 21-ish smokers that would become Sightings #145, #146, and #147. Sitting right next to each other were the cutest two, one brunette, and one blonde, both with long, straight, and flowing hair and both dragging copiously from their all-whites (likely Marlboro Lights). Both girls were expert smokers, ingesting nice lengthy drags followed by cloudy exhales spewed mostly from their mouths with the classic residual spillover emptying out of their noses. It was getting dark which made the glowing cherries from their cigarettes amidst each drag an additional perk to the fairgrounds’ sunset landscape.

Darkness was quickly overtaking the fairgrounds at around 8:15 which is always a mixed bag. The sightings numbers increase after dark but it becomes harder to appreciate them due to the darkness. That makes it a great time to head to the midway, particularly with the young smoking crowd now out and about in considerably larger numbers. While I scored an impressive number of sightings during the 20-minute walk through the midway, none really jumped out as spectacular after all the stunning things I had already seen in the very recent past. My top midway sighting of the day would remain Sighting #30 which was detailed earlier in the report, but I exited the midway with 159 sightings. It was only 8:40 and I figured I had a very good shot at getting to 200 with an hour and twenty minutes of peak fetish time left. And they just kept coming, often two at a time, as I looped around the grounds’ main concourse. Near the grandstand, I found myself staring the barrel of a repeat sighting that I had never even imagined would resurface. It was the cluster of party girls from an hour earlier….including an encore performance from cigar girl!!! Amazingly enough, she was in the middle of another cigar. Two of her three female friends were smoking cigarettes, including the cute redhead who wasn’t smoking before and the sexy blonde who was. It was a perfect opportunity to briefly follow them again and ingest some more stinky secondhand cigar smoke, but didn’t want to risk being spotted given how much time I had already spent watching these girls. Still, the location was better for spying this time as I sat on a bench near the grandstand about 20 yards away and watched the show. Again I was struck by the contrast between this brunette cutie’s pink shirt, tight blue jeans, and stinky plastic-tipped cigar, which she continued to inhale every puff of. I couldn’t imagine anything sexier, and was overjoyed as the cluster walked away and the brunette deposited her second cigar on the fairgrounds pavement.

With less than an hour fetish time left, I anticipated the best was behind me and was most interested in reaching the 200 sighting mark. The next impressive sighting were Sightings #178 and #179, two well-figured 18-19ish blondes who didn’t look like smokers as I walked past them and immediately reversed course to watch from behind. They weren’t bombshell hotties, but nonetheless impressive and wholesome looking cuties with long-blonde hair wearing conservative yet sexy T-shirts and jeans. Both were smoking all-whites and I followed in close enough proximity to take in some delicious secondhand fumes in their trail until the cigarettes were extinguished beneath their feet.

A couple short minutes later, my plan to get to 200 sightings was stalled again as I stumbled upon Sighting #180 right next to the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand. It was an uber-glamorous 18-19ish long-haired blonde in the company of a guy…easily one of the hottest smokers of the day in raw beauty with cheekbones so distinguished you could hang Christmas ornaments from them. Sometimes the “really hot” girls are more likely to be smokers than the merely “cute” types, but I would not have expected carcinogens to be flowing from this babe’s face until I saw that ball of cigarette smoke she inhaled flow from her mouth and nostrils. I stood at a comfortable distance and watched the impressive performance, wishing like crazy those tight jeans covering her bottom were going home with me….with her inside! She stubbed out her cigarette and began walking, likely looking for a garbage can to throw it in but didn’t come across one within the first several yards of walking. She finally gave up and tossed the butt to the curb. If I was gonna be held back from getting 200 sightings tonight, there would be no complaints coming from me if it was the result of being fixated on studying goddesses like her. But amazingly, I still wasn’t done!

It was almost 9:30 and I was losing hope at hitting the 200 threshold, but nonetheless being amazed at what I was stumbling into, and nothing more amazing that what I would see next. Walking past the haunted mansion on the busiest street on the grounds, there they were AGAIN! The party girls including the pink-shirted brunette stogie girl. None appeared to be smoking this time so I kept walking around the perimeter of the nearby horticulture building, where I would once again strike gold. I hadn’t seen any truly wholesome-looking teenage girls smoking yet that day….until now. Four 16-ish chickies were sitting on a cement slab a decent distance away from the sidewalk, likely doing their best to hide from the crowds that would almost assuredly disapprove of the fact that two of them, Sightings #183 and #184, were smoking. The smokers both sat on the right and were both adorable brunettes. The girl on the far right was most heartbreakingly cute of the two, which worked out because I got to see more of her smoking performance than the other girl. The girl on the left flung her spent butt several feet in front of her and onto the grass while the girl on the right kept on smoking. My positioning was perfect to watch. There’s nothing sexier than young girls in cutoffs smoking, and this girl was laid out with her smooth legs on display all the way up to her upper thigh, with frayed denim cresting just before the hump of her ass. Beautifully out of place was the glowing cherry from her all-white. Her smoking performance was precocious but endearing and she certainly seemed to enjoy every puff and made the cigarette last at least three minutes longer than the nicotine-addicted friend next to her did. The other three friends finally got up to leave, brushing the grass off of their backsides and taking off, while my adorable little smoker cutie hastily stubbed out the Marlboro Menthol Light she was enjoying so much onto the pavement and quickly rising to her feet to keep up with her girls.

I only had 20 minutes fetish time left, but I nonetheless needed to make another pass by the haunted mansion to see if my favorite girls of the day were still there. And boy were they. I could see freshly lit cigarettes in the hands of the blonde and redhead and seconds after making that observation, what do I see but my brunette sweetheart firing up her THIRD cigar in the last two hours. I made one final pass closely behind her and timed it perfectly to ingest one more exhalation of cigar smoke. Now I know not everybody is into cigar sightings, but c’mon…..a bona fide babe smoking three cigars in two hours. That’s epic, my friends!

I had been worried about my feet several hours earlier as cramping started to set in by late afternoon, but I could barely even notice they were sore as I hastily looped to the grandstand area one final time before having to meet my parents in less than fifteen minutes. I knew 200 sightings was likely out of the question at this point but I had already broken my 2007 record and I was still racking up a few more decent ones, and none more impressive than Sighting #188. A few of the concertgoers were exiting the Backstreet Boys (!!!) show at the grandstand a little early. An 18-ish brunette cutie in an orange top and khaki shorts with a nonsmoking friend emerged, smoldering cigarette in hand and quickly met up with the two guys I assumed were boyfriends. She was the only smoker of the four which always strikes me as incredibly hot. She galloped like a pony across the mostly empty fairgrounds and seemed bubbly in comparison to the somewhat annoyed friends. I had just a few minutes left and spent most of them following her before she glibly flicked her cigarette butt to the curb. I watched that glowing cherry on the pavement and could tell in passing that it was a Marlboro red.

I would score four more minor sightings on my way out the door and met my parents a couple minutes late after the 10 p.m. hour. I had been walking for almost 13 hours but could have easily gone another hour, presumably on pure adrenaline from such a great evening. Beyond that, the Iowa State Fairgrounds are much more unforgiving than Minnesota’s, so having endured 13 hours of those fairgrounds two weeks earlier almost certainly prepared me for 13 hours in Minnesota. For the first time, I clocked my walking distance with a pedometer. I remember estimating the distance at 25 miles in the past….but I lowballed it. 33 1/2 miles of walking time over the course of the day. I just turned 31 today…and wonder how many more years I’ll be able to do this before my body can’t handle it.

On the long walk out of the fairgrounds to the car, I can usually count on scoring at least a couple additional sightings, but have come up empty in the last couple of years. The same dearth of last-minute sightings held my total number down to 192 this year, but how could I possibly complain? That’s three years in a row of truly inspired visits to the Minnesota State Fair, and I don’t know which of the three I could identify as the best. If we’re truly on the cusp of a society where public smoking no longer occurs, any given day at the Minnesota State Fair would certainly challenge the effectiveness of that premise. It was another of those increasingly rare days that give me hope for the future.

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