2008 Local County Fair

2008 County Fair

Wednesday–I just returned to the Minnesota hometown yesterday afternoon and made my annual pilgrimage to the local fair last evening. The local fair usually proves to be a decent venue for sightings, but the grounds are small so I’m more conspicuous and thus less comfortable navigating them compared to the larger state fairgrounds of both Iowa and Minnesota. Still, my hometown is a blue-collar enclave where smoking remains high, and the sightings last night were surprisingly impressive (I scored 17 sightings that impressed me) even though I didn’t score any epic sightings with the kinds of details that went into my all-time best fair sightings list.

The first sighting came in the midway where two young moms (or so I assumed) watched their kids on the kiddie rides. One of the mothers was an early 20’s blonde bombshell with a fantastic body, beautiful face, and form-fitting white shorts with gold stars on them. She was just inserting a Marlboro Light into her mouth and lighting up as I walked past. Excellent start to the evening.

Unfortunately, three of my best sightings of the night were stymied because I met up with my friend and his girlfriend and went to a concert. Only seconds after the two of them approached me at our designated meeting spot, here comes this shapely long-haired 18-ish brunette in multi-colored shorts and flip-flops polishing off an all-white at the entryway of a building before going in. I was a good 15 yards away and didn’t get as good of a look as I had hoped for…because I couldn’t break away from the friend. This is why fair fetishing is best done alone or at least in the company of someone who knows of your fetish and won’t be an obstructionist.

Smoking has been banned in the grandstand seating area since 2002, but the upshot of that is that hotties are commonly found standing outside the gate smoking before, after, and even during the show. My best sighting of the night was this adorable 19-20ish brunette with a beautiful girl-next-door face, a ponytail, and white shorts finishing off a cigarette at the gate along with two apparently nonsmoking friends. She only sat a couple rows of seats in front of us at the concert (and actually left briefly one more time during the show, likely to smoke another cigarette) so it was very nice to be able to admire her beauty during the show and know she was a smoker.

These two 18-year-olds in the row we were in came and went twice during the show. The one girl wasn’t very attractive, but the long-haired blonde was attractive indeed, if a little too thin for my taste. I just sensed they smokers, and sure enough, on the way out of the grandstand, both girls were standing to the side wielding freshly lit all-whites.

I roamed the fairgrounds for another hour after the concert and saw a couple other noteworthy sightings. One included a 19-ish blonde cutie who I just happened to see entering the horse barn dangling a cigarette from her lips. I followed her into the horse barn and she was settling in her own horse in the designated stall with cigarette in hand. I wasn’t able to get a close look at her face but she did seem quite attractive.

The last good one of the night came on my way out. This uber-flashy long-haired brunette in a sexy denim mini-skirt was chatting on a cell phone with a cigarette in her other hand. She appeared to be receiving directions on where to find her friends as she was aimlessly wandering around the walking area, making it very hard to follow her inconspicuously. She was drop-dead gorgeous and worth the risk, however, but ultimately walked right into the throes of a cluster of friends which made it impossible to watch much of her performance.

Still, an excellent opening evening at the fair. Tonight is gonna be my only night dedicated exclusively to fetishing, as opposed to attending concerts and meeting up with friends, so hopefully it proves just as productive. I’ll be hanging outside the grandstand gates frequently as there always seems to be some adorable young hotties in desperate need of a nicotine fix who sneak out of the show for a smoke.

Thursday–First of all, I had a huge scare last night before going to the fair. I was watching local TV with my mom and after seeing some ads for the fair, she said she had heard the fair board had ruled to ban smoking throughout the grounds this year. My heart obviously skipped a beat, but it didn’t make any sense because tons of people were smoking the night before and there was zero enforcement against them. I looked it up online and discovered it wasn’t my local fair that imposed the ban, it was the fair in Rochester, a city about an hour away. Rochester’s politically correct fair board chose to exploit the “workplace smoking ban” that prohibits smoking within 25 feet of a work station, which means every fair walkway in proximity to a vending station is smoking prohibited. So not every square inch of their fairgrounds will ban smoking, but it sounds as though 80% of the grounds are smoke free, which is scary enough. Even the carnies are gonna be forced to hide out in their trailers to smoke. Seems like carnies would be a group most inclined to boycott such an irrational restriction, leaving the carnival of the fair high and dry.

I’ve been predicting for years that fairgrounds-wide smoking bans were only a few years away, and the precedent has now been set and thus likely to be mimicked elsewhere in the very near future. The only point of difference with the Rochester fair than either my local fair and the Minnesota and Iowa State Fairs is that the former is a “free fair” with no cost of admission and thus less likely to be concerned with ticking off customers and reducing attendance (and thus operating revenue) the way that my county fair and the two state fairs do. Nonetheless, it’s pretty obvious that political correctness and junk science will prevail sooner or later. My only hope is that it’s later. Each fair that I attend without a fairgrounds-wide smoking ban will be considered a gift at this point.

Now onto the good news…the sightings. It was another robust night, where I scored 25 solid sightings over the course of four hours of navigation, with some stunners in the mix.

One of the best came early in the evening when I walked in the low-traffic area behind the livestock barns where I saw an attractive young light brunette in a hot little blue summer dress in the company of what I assumed were older relatives. I could have sworn I saw a cigarette between her fingers from a distance so I approached quickly and discovered I was right. All three women had just lit up, even though the young one was the only one who was even remotely attractive. She had a very fresh face and looked about 16, but my hunch is she was probably more like 18-19 upon closer inspection. Still, seeing her smoking a cigarette in that sexy dress in the company of her family was a great start to the evening.

The next sighting is a bit of a multilayered saga. Right when I arrived at the fair, I bought some food and ate it at the VFW Bingo stand, a roofed facility with open windows that has several ashtrays seated on every desk, seemingly in blatant violation of the statewide smoking ban. And it’s not just old Bingo-playing hens in there either. I had already seen two young hotties smoking there on Wednesday night. As for last night, I took notice of two 16-17 ish girls sitting across the table with what I assumed to be the mother of one of them (she was smoking), and made a mental note that they looked like smokers. The one girl was a petite dark-skinned Latino with a sexy little body draped in jean shorts. The other girl was a taller dirty blonde, also in jean shorts. Neither were 10’s on the sexiness Richter scale, but both were solid 7’s and since they looked like smokers, they had my attention.

Almost inadvertantly, I kept running into them all night, initially never with a cigarette in hand. That all changed in, of all places, the entrance to the “kiddie barn” with little animal exhibits, where the Latino girl, likely underage, finished off an all-white in front of a crowd of surrounding adults. Less than 15 minutes later, I saw the girls exiting the fairgrounds and decided to follow them at a comfortable distance towards the gate…which proved to be a good choice. This time, the blonde was extracting a pack of Marlboro Lights from her purse and proceeded to light up. From there, the girls would return to the fairgrounds with an older Hispanic woman (likely the mother of the younger Hispanic girl) and on two more occasions later in the evening, I would see both girls smoking along with the Hispanic mother. Talk about getting my bang for my buck out of two nicotine cuties!

The epic sighting of the night came about a half hour later though. As I was approaching the commercial exhibits building, I noticed three mischievous little teeny-boppers heading towards the sparse bleachers area on the north side of the building and I had a strong expectation that tobacco was about to be consumed. Now I’m getting older and it’s not as easy to discern the seventh grade girls from the 10th grade girls nowadays, but these three didn’t look a day older than 14, and one of them looked even younger than that.

Even though my gut told me I was looking at fresh-faced nico-teenagers in the year 2008, I still couldn’t quite bring myself to believe that they were rebellious enough to be smoking at the fair. I sat on a bench and stole glances their directions every few seconds. I couldn’t tell if the girls were taking note of me watching them or just incredibly nervous about getting spotted by other adults, but they kept looking around them to make sure the coast was clear. Finally, my hunch was confirmed as I spotted wisps of smoke coming from the fingers of two of the girls, and then spotted a cigarette in the hands of the third as well. What a treat!

Unfortunately, the girls’ fears got the best of them and they started to migrate into the campground area behind all of the buildings with their cigarettes, still not convinced they were out of the view of law enforcement or disapproving elders. I had to be fast on my feet to get a closer look before they migrated out of sight, and quickly walked into the commercial exhibit building and raced to the back, where I was able to watch the three cuties sneaking back behind the trailers to finish their cigarettes.

And what dolls they were. None of them were “class hottie” material in the sense that my #2 sighting in the history of the Minnesota State Fair back in 2000 was, but all had a girl-next-door quality that I know I would have been pleased to pursue back in middle school. The cutest was the girl who appeared to be the youngest, with shoulder-length dark brown hair and glasses that gave her a certain “cute nerd” look. One of the other two girls was a light brunette in a strapless red top and tight blue jeans, while the other girl, a dirty blonde who was the most conventionally pretty of the three, wore an adorable little white sundress. For about 10 seconds, I watched them parade behind the trailers out of sight, cigarettes in hand, en route to engage in some precocious smoking. It was a great sighting, but it could have been positively mind-blowing if I had been able to actually watch the actual smoking show. I did spot the girls again later that night on the midway, but this time without cigarettes. The week is still relatively young, and I’m hoping that I can get a full course sightings meal from these girls yet, either tonight or tomorrow night, after the tasty appetizer they already treated me with.

Nothing else last night compared with that, but there were still some “damn….she smokes?” moments with sexy 17-21ish babes, especially in the midway area where I scored a handful of impressive sightings. When the concert got out last night, a sexy short-haired early 20’s brunette in a denim miniskirt lit up my world when she lit up a cigarette and smoked it right in front of me outside the grandstand.

Then, on my walk out to my car, I followed a moderately attractive college-age blond as she smoked her cigarette. Seems like I almost always pull off an excellent nightcap sighting at the very end of the day.

Anyway, I’m kind of racing through this report because I’m on my way out the door for night three of my fair sightings safari tonight. It’s always exciting to know that I’m almost certain to see SOMETHING sexy tonight…and be sure I’ll return to report on it tomorrow when I do.

Friday–Friday turned out to be another productive evening at the local county fair, where I scored 23 satisfying sightings. Much of the evening was spent by myself in the grandstand where two performers put on concerts that lasted from 7:30 till nearly 10:00, but I sat in the back row of the grandstand where I could leer behind me to watch the smokers below on the fairgrounds. This is an imperfect venue from which to observe smokers, but you do have a helluva vantage point of the grounds and since smoking is banned in the grandstand itself, it’s the only productive spot for sightings.

My first sighting of the evening came early on before I went into the grandstand. It was a glamorous 20-something brunette with a freshly lit all-white in a cluster of nonsmoking friends. As I observed more closely, I recognized the guy in her presence was the son of a woman I worked with, and even though I barely know him, I knew he had married a hot young smoker named Nikki…and it was nice to see Nikki for the first time, especially with a cigarette in hand.

The next sighting came with two 20-somethings blondes pushing around a stroller. One girl wasn’t particularly attractive, but the other was a decent looker, with a skinny long curly blonde hair running down her back. She reminded me alot of my cousin Jamie, who will be familiar to those who’ve read my past sightings reports. Both gals were smoking outside the grandstand before the show…and I would actually see them smoking two more times on the fairgrounds later in the evening.

A sighting I forgot to mention from Thursday night would replay again last night. Last winter, I briefly dated a South Indian girl named Rachelle, so I could tell the very petite dark-skinned girl who I was seeing smoking on two subsequent evening shared the ethnicity of Rachelle. Her tiny figure made her look about 14, but she had a couple of tattoos on her shoulders so I have to believe she was older than that. She wasn’t a bombshell beauty, but I gotta say it was impressive to see a girl born out of conservative Indian culture being a heavy smoker in her new southern Minnesota home.

From the grandstand, I could see a cluster of young hotties smoking on those bleachers where I had my epic sighting of the young teens the night before, but they were too far away from where I sat to provide much information beyond the fact that they were shapely and addicted to nicotine.

My top sighting of the night came within 15 minutes of exiting the grandstand. So much of fetishing success can be traced to blind luck. Such was the case last night as I drifted to a fairly space nook and cranny of the fairgrounds near a free stage where nobody was performing. But my timing was pitch perfect as I watched three hot teenage friends approaching the empty bleachers, with an attractive long-haired brunette among them extracting a Marlboro Light from her pack and firing up. In mere seconds, the even hotter long-haired blonde in the group fired up a Marlboro Light of her own. The other girl, a cute light brunette, was the only nonsmoker of the bunch, and sat there on the bleachers as her friends filled their beautiful young bodies with tar and nicotine. Luckily, there was a convenient bench to sit on and admire this scene from a distance.

It was dark by this point and I was in a particularly dark spot of the fairgrounds, so I could only surmise from my limited vantage point that these girls were about 18. But unlike the girl-next-door cuties who were the 14-ish damsels I saw smoking the night before, these smokers were “glam girls”, the kind that probably get hit on by scores of guys every evening they navigate the fairgrounds. Although it was too dark to really study their faces, the blackness added some extra atmosphere to this sighting, as I studied the silhouettes of these gorgeous teenage girls with the bright orange cherries of their cigarettes glowing with every drag, followed by the plumes of blue smoke that emerged from their faces after every exhale. The girls soon finished their cigarettes and walked back into the main part of the grounds. While I certainly thought they looked 18 from my vantage point, I had to wonder why they’d be sneaking their cigarettes in this dark, isolated enclave if they were, and thus hoped to see the girls again later in the evening.

In less than 10 minutes, I would get my wish as I crossed paths with the three again. All were adorably cute, with the long-haired brunette looking somewhat similar to my ex-girlfriend Dana, the nonsmoking light brunette also being a cutie, and the blonde being the biggest babe of the three. It was also abundantly clear that these girls were probably closer to 16 than 18 after studying their youthful faces closer. I would see them yet again about 20 minutes later and continued to be elated at the idea of teenage girls this hot keeping the smoking habit alive in the year 2008.

Another teen sighting that raised eyebrows occurred later in the night in the midway. There were two moderately attractive 16-17 year old blondes walking past the carnival games and I was fairly surprised to see a cigarette in the young hands of the taller girl, with her long blonde hair running down the back of her sweatshirt. I reversed course and followed them at a comfortable distance, fairly surprised to see the smoker girl’s illegal tobacco consumption on such public display after having seen the previous groups of young smokers going out of their way to stay under the radar when they were smoking. One of the carnies took note as well, looking at the girls walking by and saying “Now this looks like trouble and deep trouble!” to which kept on walking but let out a brief moment of giggling. I would follow the girls to the long line of a food vendor stand, where the smoker would continue puffing on her cigarette unashamedly as she stood in line. Very refreshing to observe.

My last sightings of the night came in a giant cluster. My second favorite sighting from last year’s county fair was this very distinctive-looking 18-ish blond with a hyperglamorous appearance that I recognized immediately when I saw her again this year. As she and a bunch of her friends stood outside the ladies bathroom last evening, I just knew they were probably sucking down cigarettes as they waited. And sure enough. I was busted looking at them on the first pass so I didn’t dare to engage in any gratuitous leering their direction from close proximity. Nonetheless, I snuck in a couple lightning fast glimpses as I passed by and saw at least two other girls in the cluster of five, all glamorous and uber-sexy, were brandishing cigarettes in their youthful hands. I heard the blonde saying “lets see what’s going on in the midway when we finish our cigarettes” and wished I was in a position to observe more closely. Still, I felt that was enough of a high note to end the evening in good form.

Tonight I will return for the final night of yet another productive local fair. My Saturday sightings at the local fair have generally been pretty bleak in years past, but it’s certainly possible it’ll come through again tonight. However, I’m meeting up with more old friends tonight and going to another concert (and this time, not sitting in the back where I can still score sightings on the grounds behind me) so that will limit fetish time. Thankfully, I’m only one week away from the Iowa State Fair and three or four weeks away from the Minnesota State Fair, so there’s still alot of fetishing to go in the month of August, easily my favorite month of the year.

Saturday–I wrapped up my week at the local fair last night, and as I predicted, I was joined at the hip with old friends most of the night and had less than an hour of time dedicated to fetishing. I scored 15 total sightings, and several of them were in the bleachers at the concert, where I had a vantage point of the beer gardens and saw a handful of attractive young ladies smoking. But despite the limited fetish time, I happened to find myself in the right place at the right time yet again to score my favorite sighting of the week….and once again there was a damn good selection to choose from this year.

I had met the friends at a fairly secluded corner of the fairgrounds where are the farm equipment was on display and was too engrossed in conversation to be paying due heed to the female smoker foot traffic, but just when there was a lull in the conversation, a perfect opening was created for me to take notice of a tall, leggy and uberglamorous blonde in the 19-20 range dragging on an all-white and decked out in a brown halter top and a denim miniskirt. This sighting would have been impressive enough by itself, but then I also observed she had a fairly diverse selection in her cluster, including what appeared to be either a brother or boyfriend, a middle-aged woman, and a very petite strawberry blonde whose back was towards me, and all four were in possession of smoldering cigarettes. I didn’t see the strawberry blonde’s face and had pretty much assumed she was another college-age gal who was simply very petite for her age in comparison to the towering blonde. Still, it seemed odd that they would be hiding amidst the secluded farm equipment smoking their cigarettes as they were.

This sighting would have been my best of the night even if it had ended there, but this family had far more excitement in store for me. My group all went into the fairgrounds for the concert and got surprisingly good seats considering we got there fairly late. About 15 minutes into the show, I see the tall blonde college girl walking in front of me en route to the exit, and from there took note that several others from her cluster were following…and I finally got a good look at the strawberry blonde. My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw how young she was. At first I thought there was no way she was older than 12, but when I noticed she had some modest breast development, I concluded that she was MAYBE 14. In complete contrast to the sexpot blonde in her posse, this petite strawberry blonde was dressed in a girl-next-door fashion, with a conservative bluish button down blouse and blue jeans, that seemed a perfect fit for her sweetheart face.

I watched feverishly for this crowd to return to the grandstand to get an even closer look, and in just about the time it takes to finish smoking a cigarette, the diverse group of four would return and I was once again blown away by the bombshell beauty of the tall blonde and the angellic class sweetheart look of the younger girl, who was without a doubt of middle-school age. It never ceases to amaze me to see how many teen smokers there continues to be in rural southern Minnesota when I attend the county fair, but this girl wouldn’t have fit the image of a teen smoker even 10 years ago.

Amazingly, this family (presumably) sat only a few rows behind my group and I was able to leer back every few minutes to study the scenery even more carefully, consistently unable to believe that the younger girl was a smoker every time I looked at her. The concert began to wind down and I desperately wanted an encore performance, but figured the timing would have to be pitch-perfect given that I would be exiting in the company of my group. I got really nervous when the tall blonde and a couple others in the group got up to leave a bit early, presumably to smoke another cigarette. Only two remained in the grandstand….the middle-aged woman I presumed to be the mother….and the early teen strawberry blonde. Fate was on my side as the two of them exited the grandstand with my group directly following. I could see the pack of Marlboro Lights in the mother’s hand and thought maybe, just maybe, I could pull off the sighting I was hoping for.

The two of them stood off by the side, likely waiting for the rest of their party to meet them. I was joined at the hip with my own party of friends and couldn’t come up with a believable excuse to part ways with them long enough to see what may be yet to come, but mercifully I didn’t have to. I watched over my shoulder as I exited the grandstand as mom opened up her pack of cigarettes and extracted TWO, handing one to the daughter and putting one in her mouth. Just as I was walking out of sight, I witnessed mom using her lighter to spark up the daughter’s cigarette. It was almost like a fairy tale, as this family did not all resemble the kind of “white trash” stereotype that so often comes to mind with modern-day families where everyone in the household smokes. My friends were asking me if I enjoyed the concert as we were walking, but I was clearly distracted to the point of incoherence and I’m sure they were wondering what was wrong with me. Yet just when I got my composure back, I see the rest of the party, headed by the tall blonde heading to meet up with mom and daughter and taking final drags from their own cigarettes and stomping them out underneath their boots.

My only regret with this setting is that I wasn’t able to thoroughly observe consumption of the cigarettes by the females as I would have if I had been on my own. That will prevent this from rising to the very top eschelon of my all-time sightings list, but still, what an amazing thing to see in the year 2008. Wow!

Nothing else I would see last night would even remotely compare to that, but I did see a couple attractive smoking MILFs pushing around strollers and a very pretty 21-ish brunette hand-in-hand with a nonsmoking boyfriend but nonetheless consuming a cigarette herself.

Lastly, the same two 17-18 hotties(one a petite Latino girl and the other a dirty blonde) who I had seen smoking three times in and around the VFW Bingo stand in the previous two nights were back. I saw both girls navigating the fairgrounds on two occasions late in the evening, about 20 minutes apart. On both occasions, both girls were smoking. I said when I first saw them that they looked like smokers, and I was certainly right. I had seen them both smoking five times over the course of two nights at the fair, indicating they were very heavy smokers for such young girls.

Over four nights, I scored 80 sightings at this year’s local fair. That’s about average as 20 decent sightings per evening is pretty much par for course. I’ve been truly amazed at how productive the local fair has been in the last couple of years, with large numbers of both teen smokers and very pretty girls keeping alive a habit that we’re told is dying and kept alive only because of “trailer trash” types. My all-time best local fair was 2005, but last year’s was almost as good because of the quantity of impressive material. This year at least manages to rival the 2007 fair despite the fact that my best sightings had some level of visual or timing obstruction that prevented me from admiring the sightings with as much detail as I’d prefer. Nonetheless, the Iowa State Fair and Minnesota State Fair have their work cut out for them once again this year.

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