2008 Iowa State Fair, Day 2

As of Sunday, I figured there was about a 50-50 chance I’d make a return visit to the Iowa State Fair one weeknight this week. I should have known there would be a 0% chance of resistance, considering the opportunity for this number of sightings comes but one month per year for me and that it could and most likely will all go away at any time as soon as fairgrounds get absorbed within the domain of smoking bans. With that in mind, I headed to the Iowa State Fairgrounds for half-priced admission after 5 p.m. on Wednesday night excited at the prospect of scoring some primetime sightings, with perfect sunny conditions that helped to boost turnout. The storm clouds came in after 10 and shortened my evening a little, but I still managed 52 sightings, which is two sightings more than I scored over six hours time on the Wednesday evening I attended last year. Again, there were no epic sightings that I’ll continue getting off on five years from now, but a handful of humdingers nonetheless.

I trotted into the grounds at about 5:15 and quickly scored a couple of modest sightings. But it was Sighting #3 that stood out from the crowd. There are a couple small seating areas right in the middle of the grounds near the main stretch of food vendors. Sitting there late yesterday afternoon was a family that was cut from decidedly working-class cloth, with a mother, father (in a wheelchair), and brother who were by no means “beautiful” by conventional standards. Yet sitting smack dab in the middle of the group was an absolutely gorgeous 21-ish light brunette with a truss of long, curly brown hair running down her back. She sat right next to mom and was engaged in conversation as I walked past, recognizing the unmistakable green print near the filters of both ladies’ freshly lit all-white cigarettes signifying they were smoking Marlboro Menthol Lights. I stood from afar and kept looking in quasi-amazement, appreciating the flawless beauty of this college-age girl, decked out in a conservative green top and denim capris, and the contrast with the notably unattractive family whose gene pool she presumably emerged from.

A few short minutes later, Sighting #5 also impressed. In front of a restaurant on the fairgrounds stood a sexy 18-19ish blonde wearing a black dress shirt and slacks, signifying she was probably a waitress at the restaurant out for a smoke break, taking what appeared to be one of the first satisfying puffs from a freshly lit all-white.

The 17-18ish girl who would become Sighting #8 would impress me even before I saw her with a cigarette as she, along with her boyfriend, paraded around the grounds in a skimpy halter top and perfect, form-fitting striped shorts that instinctively captured the male eye (at least this male’s eye!). About a half hour later, she and the boyfriend were seated on a curb near the grandstand and treating themselves to freshly lit cigarettes. I approached them and got a closer look. The girl was not supermodel hot, with a somewhat inverted chin, but had an undeniable girl-next-door cuteness accentuated by her classic summer attire and her short, light-brown hair wrapped up in a small ponytail. I stood from an angle behind them and got to observe most of her consumption of the cigarette. She squashed out the cigarette, which I would soon identify as another Camel, on the curb and gave me one final treat as she stood up and revealed that perfect ass once again before proceeding back into the grounds arm in arm with the boyfriend.

Sighting #19 was kind of cool because of its context. I was observing the modestly impressive girl who was my Sighting #18 before catching out of the corner of my eye a glimpse of a chubby college-age blonde with a pack of Marlboro Reds in her hand. She passed the pack off to her friend, a more attractive 19-20ish curly-haired brunette in an impressive tight pair of blue jeans. The brunette would then proceed to “pack” the unopened pack of Marlboro reds while proceeding to the nearby ladies’ bathroom. The girls walked into the bathroom, so I assumed they were preparing their smoky reward for after their trip to the john. I made a quick loop around the nearby area and returned to find my assumption correct. Only a few feet outside of the ladies’ bathroom, both girls were smoking. Kind of impressive that even as their bladders were screaming for relief, the top priority of these addicted girls was their after-potty cigarette.

Another duo of nico-teenagers revealed themselves in Sightings #22 and #23 in a seating area in the center of the fairgrounds that’s a popular destination for teenagers in the evening. There were a cluster of cute 16-17 girls standing there socializing, and cigarettes could be found in the hands of two of them. The one girl was fairly average, but the curly-haired blonde wielding a cigarette was a cutie. I only got to see one puff before she crushed it out, but she was a welcome youthful face after a stretch of mostly 20 and 30-something sightings leading up to her. I would see her two more times that evening, but neither time was she smoking.

It was about 7:45 and I was poised for what would narrowly be my favorite sighting of the evening…Sighting #25. Standing all by herself on a grassy knoll behind the seating area for a free stage was an uber-glamorous mid-20s long-haired blonde….petite, skinny, well-dressed in a red top and white slacks, and dragging on a freshly lit all-white. I watched from afar in deep admiration for this wholesome-looking blonde bombshell with perfect facial features watching the stage show from behind the seating area and stealthy enjoying a beautifully stinky cigarette. About 20 seconds after sitting back and observing this girl, two young boys began encircling her. This hottie with a perfect body was actually a mother of two! She paid mild attention to the boys, but was engrossed in both her cigarette and the stage show, which she was forced to stand on the tip-toes of her flip-flops to see over the heads of the crowd. Her drags were exquisite, with lengthy and indulgent inhales, a comfortable three-second pause, and cloudy exhales that mostly spewed from her mouth but almost always involved wisps of residual smoke sneaking out of her nose. Her presumed husband then emerged from a nearby food vendor along with both boys. All three seemed to be vying for her attention, but mommy was preoccupied with her cigarette! I watched every final drag before she dropped it to the ground and walked off into the sunset with the nonsmoking husband (lucky b@stard!) and doting sons, none of whom appeared to be repelled by the stench of fresh tobacco smoke on their superhot mother. I would have always found this sighting hot, but now that I’m dating a shapely, attractive, heavy-smoking MILF myself, also with two sons, it hit really close to home on the hotness spectrum.

Another one of those fair carts produced another sighting last night…Sighting #29. Three 18-ish girls encircled one of these carts, while two more sat inside, with the sexy/cute blonde in the passenger seat smoking a cigarette. Since such a cart would most likely fall under the jurisdiction of a “state vehicle”, I’m guessing she was violating the law by smoking there, which of course only added to her allure.

Darkness had by now emerged as I approached the 9:00 hour, but the fun was about to kick into high gear. After a number of decent sightings outside of one of the bars, I proceeded to the back of the grandstand and walked past a cluster of four attractive teenage girls. The front two of the quartet were not in possession of tobacco, so naturally I didn’t hold out much hope for the attractive brunettes in the rear of the cluster…..but I was wrong. As I passed them, I leered over my shoulder to give what I expected to be passing confirmation of my prediction, so imagine my surprise when I see a pair of freshly-lit protruding from the young fingers of Sightings #33 and #34. Both were adorable 17-18 cuties, looking much closer to the girl next door than to the naughty girl stereotype associated with modern teen smokers. The one girl was more plain jane than the other, still cute but a little chubbier and decked out in conservative T-shirt and blue jeans. The other girl I could not take my eyes off of, with beautiful facial features, shoulder-length dark brown hair, a skimpy tanktop, and the most perfect form-fitting pair of cutoffs wrapped around her spectactular posterior. It doesn’t get much sexier than a hot girl in cutoffs at the State Fair, particularly when a smoldering all-white is only inches away. The four girls would soon be in motion navigating the fairground’s main street, two of them with cigarettes in hand. At first, I followed closely, basking in every delightful splash of secondhand smoke that hit me in the face. But not wanting to be caught and wanting to see some of their technique, I held back and watched them from a rear angle, focusing 90% of my attention on hotter girl as that perfect backside of hers mercilessly worked those scorching-hot cutoffs she was wearing. Her inhales were lengthy and nice, her exhales an experienced hybrid of nose-mouth combinations. No puffing and blowing by this girl. Both girls would crush out their cigarettes several blocks down the concourse and toss the butts into the garbage can. This was a little disappointing as I find it sexier when girls simply litter butts, and also because I would liked to have seen the brand they were smoking. Nonetheless, a stunner of a sighting, and a heartwarming revelation that the teen hotties in cutoffs at the State Fair may occasionally still be smokers.

After catching my breath from this sighting, I decided to make a run through the midway. Midways have been hit-or-miss for me at the Minnesota State Fair over the years. Only at night does a younger smoking crowd frequently surface, but the midway at the Iowa State Fair had been entirely disappointing for me in my three years of fetishing there….until last night, where I would score Sightings #36, #37, and #38 in the most dramatic fashion. I was almost to the rear of the midway loop when I see a cute but tall and mildly chubby, long-haired 16-ish blonde in a halter top and pink shorts inserting a Marlboro red into her mouth from her pack and then sparking up. She was standing by herself as she stopped to fire up, and as soon as she proceeded, I did a 180-degree pivot to follow. She quickly caught up with two other girls who I would later assume to be her age (15-16) that looked younger from a distance because they were more petite. I presumed the blonde was the only smoker of the three, but still held out some hope that the more glamorous looking brunette friends had nicotine addictions of their own to feed. After only one more drag, the blonde would fulfill my wish by passing the cigarette to the adorable brunette next to her. After she took a couple drags, the smallest and cutest girl of the three held her hand out to get in on some nicotine action of her own. I would watch from a close distance behind as the girls passed the cigarette from one to the next with the precision of a Swiss watch for the remainder of the walk through the midway. Again, no puffers and blowers. These girls were inhalers, and adept ones at that. Even the little one spewed smoke from her nostrils when exhaling. Among the three of them, they turn that cigarette into a cigarette butt in a fairly short timespan and crushed it out before leaving the midway. It’s so precious to see the future generation of smokers rising from the ashes….pun intended.

And my final noteworthy sighting of the night, Sighting #39, also came in the midway. A young couple watched from the sidelines as another young couple, likely their friends, played pool at a couple of pool tables set up there. The spectator couple included a gorgeous and glamorous long-haired brunette who appeared to be about 21 and wielding a freshly-lit all-white. She was intently watching her friends play pool while talking about it with her apparently nonsmoking boyfriend standing next to her. She was another girl I had to keep looking over my shoulder to get another look at, continually wondering if she was really as good-looking as she appeared on first glance. I was not in a good position to watch her entire smoking performance, but she definitely provided me the needed momentum to get through the next hour or so, which was semiproductive but ultimately forgettable quality-wise.

I could see the storm clouds on the horizon before dark and was actually surprised the rain held off as long as it did. I was torn in not wanting to leave early and miss any excitement, but also not wanting to get stuck on the grounds in the middle of a lengthy thunderstorm. It didn’t prove to be as big of problem as anticipated as the rain held off until 10:15 and the people started racing to leave. It didn’t rain very hard or very long so I just sat under an awning and watched the girls in wet T-shirts race on by. In another 10 minutes or so, the worst of the rain subsided and I left the fairgrounds. It was yet another modestly impressive Iowa State Fair run. It’ll take a lot to top that initial mind-blowingly 2006 visit, but I can’t complain about my two visits in 2008. All that’s left is Minnesota’s State Fair in another nine days before my top sightings period of the year has passed. If past precedent is any indication of what’s to come, however, I will end Fetish Season 2008 with a bang in St. Paul.

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