2008 Iowa State Fair, Day 1

Iowa State Fair 2008, Saturday

After a string of incredibly successful visits to fairs in Minnesota and Iowa, I was overdue for a mediocre day of fetishing. August 9, 2008, at the Iowa State Fair was by and large mediocre (at least by the standards of recent fair visits which have spoiled me in their bounty) even though it ended with a flourish in the last few hours. It was by no means a bad day, and there’s plenty of noteworthy moments in this narrative, but there were no epic sightings and fewer blockbusters than in the previous two years. The state fairgrounds were exempted from the Iowa smoking ban (at least for now), but there were restrictions on smoking in the seating areas of restaurants and bars and the grounds as well as all free entertainment stages. I don’t agree with the bans in these locations of course, but it didn’t have much of an impact on my fetishing routine for the day. The Iowa State Fair always seems to produce a similar sightings pattern. The numbers are almost always substantially lower than what I get at the Minnesota State Fair. Even in 2006, by far my best day at the Iowa State Fair, I only scored 85 sightings in more than 10 hours (but there were many classics among them). Over 15 hours and two shortened days last year, I scored 120 sightings. This year, in nearly 13 hours of nonstop fetishing, I scored 101 sightings.

Also consistent with previous Iowa State Fair runs, there were A LOT of middle-aged men smoking, and a fair number of older women as well. Seems like the average age of smokers at Iowa’s fair is at least 10 years higher than Minnesota’s. Maybe I’m just not noticing the older smokers in Minnesota, but it seems as though there are far more older smokers in Iowa than Minnesota. Anyway, onto the sightings….

The day started with a pretty impressive array of smoking in the first 15 minutes after arrival, unfortunately virtually none of it was being done by attractive young females. There was a cluster of 30-something gals wielding cigarettes, but only one of the three would I consider attractive enough to count as my first sighting of the day. The morning hours are usually fairly unproductive, but yesterday was downright ridiculous. It would be well over an hour before I would come across Sighting #2 of the day, but was it ever worth it when I finally did. This sighting is a bit of a saga, so try to follow along. In the benches outside of a restaurant sat a family with two teenage daughters. The youngest was brunette and about 14, but the oldest was a long-haired blonde who looked about 18 and was incredibly attractive. Even though she was sitting down, it seemed as though she was quite tall in comparison to everybody else in the family, particularly due to her short khaki shorts that revealed a long pair of sexy smooth legs. She had the look of a smoker, even though she wasn’t smoking at time. I made a mental note of her and would return in the near future to see if my hunch was correct. And it was….the family was still there about 20 minutes later when I returned, and the father and the beautiful older daughter were both smoking. The off brand pack of Marlboros (with the bronze logo) sat in front of her along with her lighter. The seating arrangement made it very hard for me to observe her smoking progress so I kept moving from point to point hoping to get a better look but remain inconspicuous. Unfortunately, the girl was clearly paranoid, not so much because she saw me watching (I don’t think she did), but because she was smoking in an area that I believe is forbidden even though it was outside the restaurant. I walked away before she finished her cigarette considering the sighting somewhat of a lost opportunity, but I was fortunate enough to have an encore act in the near future.

Fast forward an hour or two, after plodding along through sightings mediocrity for a few hours now and I was through an outdoor seating area near a fountain on the southeast side of the fairgrounds where alot of smokers tend to congregate. Sitting there was the blonde beauty and her younger sister, engrossed in casual conversation and the text messages they repeatedly sent. I stopped for a bit to see if any tobacco use would ensue, but when none did, I moved on. Still, I kept returning to this seating area every 15 minutes or so, and the girls remained there the entire time, but with nary a cigarette in sight. But when I decided to have my lunch at about 2:00, I purchased my gyro and proceeded to the seating area where the girls continued to sit there. Not long afterward, mom showed up and sat on the bench next to them. It seemed intriguing that the girl waited until after mom arrived before reaching for her own purse. I knew exactly what I was in for in the split second before that familiar bronze pack of Marlboros re-emerged. She inserted a fresh cigarette into the corner of her mouth and dangled it for a few seconds before sparking up. This time, I was seated in the perfect stop to watch her even extended inhale, followed by her cloudy combination nose-mouth exhale. It was quite a sight to behold as she conversed with mom and sister, yet stunk up their small corner of the fairgrounds with her cigarette for next 5-7 minutes. As she crushed out that cigarette, I knew I had just witnessed one of my best sightings of the day, and I was right.

So sighting #2 essentially strung out for more than three hours, but taking us back in time to before the second act of that sighting, the late morning hours were fairly bland but nonetheless produced a few winning moments. Sighting #3 came near the general seating area near the horse barn, where I would behold a very attractive 20-something dirty blonde in a tanktop and jeans with a perfect figure and in possession of a smoldering cigarette. She was in the company of another young lady and a guy, neither smoking, who I assumed to be a couple. The smoker good-naturedly took the other two to task for dragging their feet before they proceeded to the horse barn. I closely followed and was able to walk through two clouds of secondhand smoke produced from her exhales. Watching her shapely body proceed added to the sensual experience as I found myself very attracted to this girl. She would stub out her cigarette against the garbage can in front of the horse barn, then tossed the butt into the trash and walked into the barn.

Sighting #6 also came on the southeast side of the grounds, which was by far the most productive side of the fairgrounds for sightings this year. A cluster of college-age hotties was walking towards me, one of whom was smoking. She was an attractive and slender brunette wearing a shoulder-baring green tanktop and khaki shorts who had a definite girl next door look. I watched a nice drag as I passed her, then pivoted to follow in her footsteps. She would only take one more drag without dropping the cigarette and crushing it out. I looked down as I walked by and saw it was an all-white Camel of some variety. Seems like Camels have really boosted their market share here in the Upper Midwest. On two more occasions yesterday, I would see this cluster of girls, but none of the three would be smoking in subsequent appearances.

Sightings #14 and #15 also delivered, and would be my only impressive sightings in the seating area of the grandstand this year. In the middle of this seating area is a play area for children with running water that’s good for cooling down on hot days at the State Fair. Watching into this area from afar was an attractive light brunette 20-something mother in a tanktop and shorts, with a cigarette between her fingers. Her toddler daughter was enjoying the water spraying her while mom was enjoying the carcinogens she was breathing into her sexy young body. The girl would emerge from the water to meet up with my mom, which is when I discovered there was another young couple in the mix, taking photos of mom and daughter from a few yards behind….and also both smoking cigarettes. After the photos, mom and daughter would meet up with the other two. Mom would finish her cigarette and crush it out near some railings near the grandstand. Mom would use the railings to horse around with the daughter, climbing upon them and leaning forward, giving me a perfect view of cleavage from within her skimpy tanktop. It was an excellent closing act to a solid sighting.

I was lucky if I was averaging three sightings per hour for the first four hours I was there and some of them were quite mediocre, but I would score with Sighting #18 in another well-traveled commons area. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a middle-aged couple scolding one or both of their teenage daughters. When I focused on the daughters, I immediately noticed the older girl had a cigarette. She had her back to me, but appeared from her body type to be in the 14-15 range, with her shoulder-length light brunette hair, petite body and khaki jean shorts. She would take only one more drag from her cigarette before crushing it out onto the tree she stood next to. I hastened my pace so I could at least get a closer look at the girl but stole a quick glance as the cigarette butt as I passed by, identifying by the logo that it was another Camel, this one a cork filter. Speeding up my walking pace and ultimately passing her, I got a glance at her face. She was a moderate cutie, with sunglasses adding to her coolness factor, but looked more like 18 upon closer inspection. I was really hard to identify her specific age. I guessed 18, but she could have been as young as 16 or as old as 21. But whatever her age, she was a blockbuster sighting that was desperately needed after the lengthy dry spell preceding it.

It wasn’t until about 3:30 that I would score anything else noteworthy, and it came when I decided to get in a short line to buy a small glass of root beer. I had just arrived in the line to see another cigarette-wielding young female from the rear who would be Sighting #25, who took a final puff off of her cigarette (yet another cork filter Camel!) before dropping it to the pavement and proceeding. I had to get out of line to get a closer look, and would soon discover it was a moderately attractive college-age girl who returned to the family with some fair food. I would then get back in line for root beer and this time discovered female smokers to my right. Specifically, it was two more moderately attractive 20-somethings, one blonde and one brunette and Sightings #26 and #27, sitting in a commons area and puffing on their ciggies, with two guys (presumably boyfriend husbands) standing in front of them without possessing cigarettes. As a nonsmoking fetisher, it never ceases to excite me when I see nonsmoking guys in relationships with ashtray-mouthed females.

It was mid-afternoon and the temperature had risen above projections. The clouds were supposed to roll in at this point in the day, but never did with any consistency. This all meant that I was feeling some of the early symptoms of nausea that crippled my 2007 Iowa State Fair safari. Iowa’s fairground is extremely unforgiving, with some steep hills on the east side of the grounds that knock the wind out of you after a few hours of walking, and also manage to contribute to early exhaustion. Thankfully, the crisis would be averted as a few hit-or-miss clouds did arrive around 4:00 offering at least a temporary reprieve from the misery and allowing my body to stabilize. It was soon after the realization that I would survive into the night this year that I finally started to increase the regularity of my sightings.

I’m always assured that a positive side effect of smoking bans is that the girls are still smoking….only they’re doing it outside. But for a nonsmoking guy like myself, that doesn’t do me much good. However, the smoking ban at fairgrounds bars this year would work to my advantage on a couple of occasions, most notably Sighting #33 where a young couple and an older man (I didn’t sense that they knew the older man before yesterday) were carrying on with casual conversation while smoking their cigarettes just outside a restaurant/bar on the grounds. The girl was a mid-20’s beauty with medium-length blonde hair who really turned me on as she took a drag from her cigarette and conversed with the older guy.

After seeing depressingly few teen smokers over the course of the day, my “at last” moment came with Sightings #38, #39, #40, and #41 as I approached the periphery of the midway and stumbled into a cluster of four 16-17ish girls, all of whom were smoking. They were in the company of a few seedy-looking guys, only one of who was smoking. Now this wasn’t nearly as epic as last year’s Minnesota State Fair sighting of the seven glam college-age girls all smoking at once. The girls all had a decidedly working-class work, but all four were at least modestly attractive while two of them were fairly impressive, including the short-haired light brunette and especially the ponytailed blonde in the tanktop and jeans. I watched from across the street and it seemed as though there was a constant cloud of smoke emerging as one of the girls would exhale, followed soon by another, etc. For the next five minutes, they put on a pretty good show of youthful tobacco consumption.

The next impressive sighting would be Sighting #47….a mother-daughter sighting. Mom was nothing to look at….about 50 and overweight, but the 20-something daughter was a looker, with long light-brown hair and a slender little body. It was adorable to see them proceeding through the grounds with cigarettes protruding from their fingers. I followed in close proximity, sensing something special from the daughter. I’m not well-versed in specifics about exhales the way some around here are, but the daughter let out what would easily be my favorite of the day. After a substantial drag, I saw a fair amount of escape from her mouth and nose, but it was another three seconds before a much larger quantity of exhaust would be released from all openings on her face. If only every young hottie could smoke with the kind of technique that was second nature to this gal.

I had a decent string of successes with this stretch of sightings that ended with Sighting #54. A State Fair cart, common in design to a golf cart, was heading my direction. I’m not sure if these carts are commandeered exclusively by fair workers or if they offer rides to fairgoers looking to get somewhere in a hurry. Whichever the case was in this instance, it was mind-blowingly hot to observe a beautiful long-haired early 20’s blonde riding shotgun with a middle-aged man behind the wheel….with the blonde brandishing a half-smoked cigarette in her right hand. I only had a few seconds to observe as they sped on by and didn’t even get to see a drag, but couldn’t help but be incredibly turned on knowing that this middle-aged guy was being exposed to the deadly carcinogens produced by this blonde beauty’s portable toxic waste dump.

It was a good thing I had the momentum from the sighting to coast on because I would go an extended period before Sighting #55 emerged, a good half hour in fact. But when Sighting #55 did come around, it came around stunningly. The sightings-rich southeast side of the fairgrounds has a couple of traffic barricades on the street. There is always someone manning these barricades seated at the edge of the street. Well there were a cluster of five young people at the barricade at my early evening pass (three sitting, two standing) and one of the three sitting was an incredibly attractive long-haired light brunette who appeared to be 18. She was the picture of sexy summertime perfection, seated there in a skimpy halter top and khaki shorts with her tanned and well-toned legs crossed, and a burning cigarette held in her right hand resting atop her thigh. I observed for a few moments, unable to take my eyes off of the perfectly feminine pose she exhibited with those silky smooth legs mere inches away from the fiery cherry of her cigarette. Her drags came infrequently (apparently they don’t have fire-safe cigarette/s yet in Iowa or hers would certainly have gone out) but produced tight little combination nose-mouth exhales when they did. I would return to this location about 15 minutes later, just in time for this girl and her friend (also attractive but nothing like the brunette smoker) to get up and proceed into the fairgrounds, indicating that they merely sat to socialize with the fair workers and weren’t fair workers themselves. What a wonderful encore to spend the next minute or so closely following these hotties, with my eyes sneaking glances at the smoker girl’s perfect ass and cellulite-free legs as she walked away, knowing that she was an addicted cigarette smoker.

In the numbers game, I was decidedly behind schedule. I left early at 7 p.m. the previous year, having scored 70 sightings. At last year’s Minnesota State Fair, I had scored an explosive 124 sightings by 7 p.m. But by 7 p.m. last night, I had only scored 55. Chances are, smoking among the demographic I’m looking for is down in Iowa as it is across the country, and will get infinitely worse in the years ahead with Iowa’s statewide smoking ban not only in bars and restaurants but on every college campus in the state, but I didn’t get too worked up about “the death of smoking” because the law of averages assures me that not all days searching for smokers at the State Fair are created equal. Nonetheless, I was hoping for a strong final few hours at the fair and largely got my wish, even though I was fast becoming physically exhausted to the point of impeding my passion to press forward. It’s always amusing, however, that whatever my exhaustion level, a sighting on the horizon always manages to give me a burst of adrenaline, allowing me to hasten my walking pace to a point I didn’t think possible with my deteriorated physical condition.

Sighting #60 was impressive, with a bubbly and preppy-looking 20-something brunette as the only smoker in a cluster of older people (likely family) who were apparently used to their attractive female cohort smoking in their presence and none in the party batted an eye as she puffed away.

Sighting #67 was another of my favorites. A muscular young stud parades into the fairgrounds in the company of an adorable and petite early 20’s brunette, with long dark brown hair, too-cool-for-school sunglasses, skimpy jean shorts, and a full-throttle sexiness about her accentuated by the all-white protruding from her fingers. Hot as hell that the guy wasn’t smoking as I followed and watched that adorable denim-clad ass of hers wiggle about with each footstep. She was so sexy it wasn’t even funny. She deposited the all-white to the cement. I caught the unmistakable colors of a Marlboro Light as I passed by the still glowing cherry on the all-white and took one more look at that smokin’ posterior before moving onto the next target.

At the same level of hotness was Sighting #68 a few minutes later. From the rear, I see a young couple where, yet again, only the girl is smoking. I was taken aback by the stunning contrast of a feminine body with a long mane of curly blonde hair running all the way down her back juxtaposed with khaki Army fatique-esque tanktop and slacks, and the cork-filter cigarette in her clutches. I walked from behind for a good block, watching clouds of smoke spewing from from her mouth and walking through them, even though I had yet to get a good look at her face. She kept on chugging along, hand in hand with the boyfriend, before finally stomping out the cigarette (Marlboro Red) and moving forward. This gave me the chance to pass them and get a closer look at her face. She was quite attractive, in the 17-18 range with a look somewhere in between angellic and hellcat. She didn’t really look like a smoker, but not exactly the kind of girl who really surprised me to see her inhaling tobacco and tar either.

It was about 8:30 and the sun had just gone down when my aching feet desperately needed a rest after having just scored my 70th sighting. I was on the southeast side of the grounds and saw a pair of moderately attractive 18-ish girls approaching from a side street and just had a gut feeling that the bench I sat down on would be an ideal spot for a sighting. The girls walked past me and one said “Let’s sit down on that bench over there”. Everything was going according to plan so far. I watched they reached into their bags to retrieve the usual cell phone and check their messages. Right when I starting to lose faith, the long-haired light brunette, definitely the prettier of the two, would extract a fresh cigarette from a pack hidden inside her bag and soon thereafter light up. Sighting #71 had just taken place. I continued to sit there and watch her smoke the entire cigarette, with the less attractive nonsmoking friend continuing to be distracted by the cell phone. The girl was by no means a 10, but was cute and looked even cuter with the cigarette in hand. She did some weird mouth contortions with her exhales, likely trying to direct the exhales away from her friend, that took a little away from the sighting, but it still impressed.

Having rested a good 10 minutes, I had recovered to the point where I could press on, and my timing again proved successful as I had journeyed about a block northward past the beer gardens (where a scored a few modest sightings) to stumble upon what would be the most abundant source of sightings I came across all day, and perhaps the top sighting of the day as well. Immediately grabbing my attention was Sighting #75, where I caught a glimpse of a very pretty 21-ish blonde with her curly medium-length hair contained in a ponytail. Between her fingers I saw darkness with a glowing ember at the end, and the darkness of what she was holding immediately brought to mind the nuclear option….a cigar. There was a burm area right behind the bench where this blonde, and a modest but less attractive brunette friend seated next to her (Sighting #76), providing me a perfect location to observe from behind. She only took one drag from the dark cigarette/cigar between her fingers before crushing it out on the pavement beneath her. Meanwhile, the friend next to her was still smoking on her cigarette. I obviously thought the best of this sighting had passed, but about 30 seconds later, the attractive blonde would insert another cigarette in her mouth, this time a tradition cork filter cig. Apparently, if her friend was gonna take that damn long to have a smoke, she was gonna by God have a second smoke rather than give her lungs a break. I focused like a laser on the blonde and saw some deep and impressive inhales, followed by some equally impressive combination nostril-mouth exhales that I was positioned just perfectly to watch yet avoid being spotted.

With all this excitement going on in front of me, it had almost escaped my notice that there was even more excitement going on very close to me. To my right was an 18-ish blonde cutie sitting by herself and smoking a cigarette…that would be Sighting #77. Not sure how I missed this as she was only a few feet away from me. I could see the Marlboro logo on the cork filter she was intensely dragging from, but I unfortunately was unable to observe much given that I was too close to avoid being detected. Then to my left, was a young and moderately attractive 20-something brunette mom also having a smoke break (Sighting #78). For those keeping score, you read right. I was had young female nicotine addicts surrounding me, with two to my front, one to my left and one to my right. I love the Iowa State Fair! The young blonde to my right appeared to be in a hurry, finishing off her Marlboro and crushing it out before taking off rather abruptly. This allowed me to focus all my attention on the blonde hottie in front of me, still smoking that second cigarette of hers. She kept on puffing for a couple more minutes before crushing the second cigarette out as well, and then quickly taking off with the friend. I finally got the first full-profile view as they walked away, and the blonde was definitely prettier, with a shapely body contained in a tanktop and capri pants. Very sexy. There was only one last mystery to solve here, and I would advance to the bench they were seated at to figure it out. I looked below my feet to find her recently crushed cork filter was a Marlboro Red. But what about that dark cylinder of tobacco I saw her with a few minutes earlier? I quickly spotted the black cigarette filter with the logo “Black” on the butt. Now I first became aware of these Blacks a few months ago, noticing that a young couple who lived in my apartment building smoked them. I know nothing about them, except that I find their exoticism kinda sexy the same way I find Mores sexy. With that in mind, I think this blonde was probably my favorite smoker of the day, so addicted to cigarettes that she carries packs of different brands in her purse and smokes them back-to-back interchangably. Suddenly, my aching feet didn’t seem to hurt so bad anymore!

A couple more decent sightings ensued in the next block. I was really on a roll before scoring another stunner with Sighting #81. Seated in the same commons area which richly delivered on two occasions earlier in the day were a group of four 16-17ish girls of varying degrees of cuteness. They were seated upon a large granite rock and were being courted by three young males, perhaps guys they knew or perhaps just horny young bucks eager to put the moves on some cute little honeys at the fair. Of the four girls, only one was smoking, but she was the cutest, freshest-faced girl of the crowd, and the one who looked the least likely to have a cigarette in her hand. I heard the name “Lucy” uttered and apparently directed towards her as she was the center of attention among the boys chatting with them as she waved her cigarette in their face. Lucy’s long light brown hair was wrapped in a ponytail and the girly look was further complemented by her green-and-white striped shirt, conservative pair of jeans, and cute-as-a-button mid-teen face. The only thing that was out of place in the image of a teen beauty queen was the cigarette in her hand. My positioning wasn’t good and I was only able to catch one drag, but it wasn’t bad for a girl this young and cute. It was nice to score an 11th hour save (literally 11th hour) with some kick-ass sightings towards the end of what had been a modest day.

I wandered around the grounds on increasingly pain-stricken feet for the next half hour or so, scoring more modest sightings and running up the score on my sightings total, which I was hoping to see hit the century mark before I left. I was at the point once again about 9:15 that I just had to sit down, choosing a seat behind the grandstand with a pretty good vantage point of the high-traffic street. Rick Springfield (yes, THAT Rick Springfield!) was performing in the grandstand so I listened to some of his songs while watching a handful of modest smokers parading on by. I kept telling myself that I would remain seated until a particularly impressive smoker chick passed by, and held true to my self-imposed deal until I spotted Sighting #90, a tall and attractive blonde wielding a cigarette and in the company of a more petite brunette friend who was not smoking. I followed and found the height of the blonde smoker very attractive. I don’t know if I’d ever date a girl over six feet tall, but when I see a pretty one, especially with a cigarette in hand, I am nonetheless turned on. I walked past her and got a closer look at how pretty she was with that cigarette between her fingers and knew that I had found the right smoker to motivate me out of my complacency.

A few minutes later, more wishes came true when a very pretty 19-ish girl I had seen earlier in the day and found particularly fetching was now seated on the bench with a friend, both dragging on their three-inch white slavemasters. I believe I’ve said before how drawn I am to white shorts, and this hottie had an amazingly hot pair with little strings attached on the side the way a string bikini would be, along with a red top that perfectly accentuated her beautiful face and long blonde hair. She looked so beautiful and innocent sitting there talking to her friend while consuming toxic carcinogens into her lovely feminine body.

I would score one more quality sighting before evening’s end….Sighting #96. I was making one final pass to the southeast side of the grounds before calling it a night, hoping to reach the century mark. There were clusters of teenagers huddled around a commons area that seemed to have potential earlier in the evening when I first observed its formation. By nearly 10 p.m. the cluster had nearly doubled in size and I figured there would have to be at least some smokers in the mix. Deep within the crowd, I caught a brief glimpse of a lighter firing up. I studied the scene carefully before finally singling out the recently lit cigarette belonged to one of the hottest girls in the crowd, a 16-ish bottle blonde with a seriously glam appearance. She definitely looked like the hottest girl in class. Nice to know the hottest girl in class may still be a smoker in the year 2008.

The evening ended with a few more marginal sightings that finally pushed me past 100 and ultimately to 101, allowing me to leave the grounds with a sense of fulfillment to go along with agonizing pain in my feet and a burning-up face from a full day in the August sun with only the slim supply of sunblock that I expected I would need on a day forecast as mostly cloudy. If my body could have taken it, I would have tried to go another hour, but I was physically unable to. With the Iowa State Fair trip, I’ll probably rethink my subsequent trips, beginning the safari later in the day (11:30 rather than 9:30 perhaps) so I’m more prepared to handle the more productive late evening hours. I always think when I get home that middle age has finally arrived, and that I pushed it too far as I wearily slog up the final flights of stairs to my apartment. But nearly 24 hours after the safari, I’m almost as good as new with my feet almost fully recovered. I still have the lobster-red face to take with me to work tomorrow, but that’s a small battle scar for enduring one of the last remaining venues of smoker sightings available to me. My fingers will be crossed for most of the next 365 days that the venue will still be available to me in 2009.

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