2007 Minnesota State Fair

2007 Minnesota State Fair

I hadn’t had much sleep Friday evening after a hot date with a heavy smoker, and because of that I didn’t feel the same blast of adrenaline walking into the Minnesota State Fairgrounds as I usually do on that sunny Saturday morning. I wouldn’t describe my mood as pessimistic, but I also wasn’t expecting a blockbuster day. Little did I know how those modest expectations would work to my advantage. I dismissed last year’s over-the-top day, where I shattered my previous record and pulled in a blistering 165 sightings over 13 hours, to be a fluke unlikely to ever be repeated, particularly in an era when smoking rates are in notable decline. August 25, 2007, would prove that assessment incorrect, as I would actually improve upon the 2006 number, scoring an out-of-this-world 184 sightings over the course of 12 1/2 hours. I had several things going for me. It was a weekend day with perfect weather, attendance that was more than 15,000 persons higher than the day I was there last year, and pop diva Fergie performing at the grandstand that evening and bringing in large numbers of the demographic I was looking for. Still, what a day. I would score so much satisfying material that even I’m gonna be hard-pressed to remember all of it. And no matter how great the quantity of sightings are, you always walk away a little bit disappointed if you don’t score an extreme “epic” sighting. Yesterday would not disappoint on that front either. We’re talking about a sighting worthy of my top-five Minnesota State Fair sightings of all-time, which is an exclusive lot!

The safari started at about 9:30 a.m., when my parents’ car was among the last 10 to fit in the public State Fairgrounds lot. All cars afterward need to seek private lots in which to park. 9:30 is incredibly early for that to happen, so I knew it’d be a busy day. After entering the grounds, I went at least 20 minutes before scoring that first sighting. That may have been the longest I’ve ever gone before the first cigarette-wielding hottie reared her head….and Sighting #1 was very ho-hum. A short time later, Sightings #2 and #3 would impress. A family sat at a go-cart track, and I could see plumes of smoke rising from a college-age brunette daughter and a blonde 18-ish girl I assumed was the sister. Sure enough….both girls were smoking amidst nonsmoking parents. While neither were bombshell beauties, they were both slender and attractive, and looked as they produced clouds of carcinogens that greatly exceeded what those go-carts on the track were capable of producing.

Sighting #4 was a scorcher. Seems like 4 is my lucky number because it has generated blockbuster or epic sightings at the Iowa State Fair of this year and last as well as the last two years at the Minnesota State Fair. Sitting on a bench near the Space Tower was a teenage couple featuring a long-haired 16-17ish blonde whose attractiveness really struck me as I approached from a distance. She seemed to be holding something that closely resembled a pack of cigarettes in her hand as I got closer. Sure enough, out came a cigarette from the pack which she would soon light up and start smoking. I was able to secure a bench in close proximity and watch the show. About halfway into the cigarette, the boyfriend reached out for it and she handed it to him. Naturally, I thought there no longer anything worth seeing, but stuck around for another 30 seconds just to make sure, and it’s lucky that I did because blondie would reach into her purse and extract a second cigarette….this one entirely for herself. I observed as she smoked the whole thing (and clearly being noticed doing so) and flicking the butt far in front of her when finished. This sighting gave me a much needed burst of energy, and I would see this couple again about an hour later, this time not smoking.

After a lengthy stretch of ho-hum sightings, the next one that really impressed was Sighting #11, which I scored on the north side of the fairgrounds, usually the least likely place to see smokers but definitely among my top six or seven sightings of the day. I see this golf cart-esque contraption (property of the Minnesota State Fair) hauling garbage driving down the streets of the fairgrounds and spot two young ladies in the driver and passenger seat. The two young employees included an unattractive and overweight redhead driving a ponytailed blonde cutie who looked about 18 in the passenger seat. Guess which one was sporting an 85-100 millimeter companion in her right hand? I walked quickly to follow this vehicle they were driving as blondie stopped at every full garbage can and removed the bag, tossing it on the heap of bags in the back of the vehicle. Who could have ever imagined that the “garbage man” would ever be a blonde cutie who personified the girl next door image? And would be smoking an all-white on top of everything else?!? She would dangle that cigarette from her lips every time her T-shirt and denim shorts-clad young body removed a garbage bag from the can…and my heart melted every time she did. She tossed the cigarette butt into one of the very trash bags she was removing before her garbage cart and I parted ways.

Sighting #13 wasn’t bad either. Sitting all by herself on a bench on the south side of the grounds was this very prim and proper looking 20-something brunette. She didn’t look at all like a smoker, but there was taking the final couple of drags off of her cigarette. I watched for a couple of brief minutes afterwards in case she lit up another. She didn’t…and a studly boyfriend arrived with a beer for both of them as they sat. Thank goodness I got a glimpse of those last couple of drags of this esteemed-looking brunette…one of the most unlikely smokers I would see all day.

Sighting #17 also impressed. In the area near the beer gardens (always a ripe venue for sightings) I spotted another attractive 18-ish couple, both wielding cigarettes. Another blonde ponytailed cutie was the female in said couple and had an awesome body packaged in her tanktop and tight blue jeans. It was a hoot walking behind them, enjoying that posterior of hers in between splashes of secondhand smoke in my face. She deposited her spent cigarette onto the pavement, allowing me to take a look and discover it was a cork filter Camel. Strange how many hotties smoke Camels these days. Apparently, the macho stigma related to Camels has completely worn off.

Sighting #23 was an early 20’s brunette hottie who appeared incredibly addicted as she approached the ATM machine with a freshly-lit cork filter dangling from her lips for a good 20 seconds. She stood there in line puffing copiously from the cigarette….not supersmoking, but not far from it either.

Things were going fairly slow. It was about 3 p.m. by then and my sightings count was only in the 20-something range. I remembered the year before I was in the 40-something range by that time of day. I wasn’t really “disillusioned” but I was patiently awaiting things to pick up. And they soon would, particularly when I spotted my third best sighting of the day….Sighting #29. From a distance, I spot a 40-something mother and 18-ish daughter standing together, immediately spotting the daughter extracting an all-white from those new Camels in the black pack (the ones allegedly targeted to young females). I stop dead in my tracks waiting for a light-up, but getting something infinitely better. Mom had already lit her cigarette…and proceeded to hold up her smoldering cigarette to the daughter’s cigarette….slowly bringing the second cigarette to life. I watched from across the street and was struck by what a cutie the girl was. She had chin-length blonde hair and carried around this University of Minnesota backpack….the very embodiment of the girl next door….sinfully cute and looking at all like a smoker. And it would get better…..

Dad would show up….as mother and daughter smoked. The girl and father would get in line and purchase some greasy fair food, with the girl smoking her cigarette as she stood in line. She would snuff out the half-smoked cigarette and take it with her as the whole family sat on a bench to eat. I made a quick loop around that neck of the fairgrounds to see if there would be an encore. Dad was smoking this time while mom and daughter continued to eat. I sat on a nearby bench just in case girlie would light up the half-smoked cigarette she held on to before. She didn’t….for whatever reason, she removed a brand-new cigarette from the pack and smoked it. I watched from a perfect angle and distance as she smoked the entire cigarette, exhibiting a well-practiced style and ejecting smoke from both mouth and nose with every exhale. She would turn to the bushes behind her and crush out her cigarette out of sight. I looped around and returned a good 20 minutes later and they were still sitting there, but no longer smoking. What a stunning sighting!

It would be a long while till I saw anything that matched that sighting for intensity, but Sightings #31 and #32 would be another sighting that involved nonsmoking parents in the company of smoking daughters. These particular girls were slightly chubby and had their hair dyed jet black, but they were still cute….and I caught one of the girl muttering something to one of the parents about “blowing it right into my face”. I didn’t catch the context, but just the utterance was exciting to hear.

The next stunner would be sighting #37. From outside the food building, I spot a bench containing three teenage workers, two of whom were smoking cigarettes. One was unattractive, but the other was this long-haired blonde beauty queen, about 16 or 17, who was among the most glamorous looking smokers I would see that day. There was no good place to watch, so I stood in front of this large tree acting like I was waiting for somebody. She was very aware of the fact that she was being watched, but I nonetheless had to peek as often as possible as this sunshine-blonde babe took infrequent drags from that cigarette while reviewing some sort of booklet with the other two friends. She would crush out the cigarette next to the bench and toss it in the nearest trash recepticle.

Sighting #47 was impressive given the context. The local pop station was broadcasting live from the fair and a cluster of mostly young people stood watching whatever crazy publicity stunt was taking place onstage. Observing the cluster, I notice a plume of smoke rising into the sky and try to find out the source. Please let that smoke be coming from the lungs of a young hottie, I was thinking to myself….and my prayer was answered as I spot a hot 21-ish light brunette brandishing a cigarette right in the middle of the cluster. I can only hope there were some antis in the mix choking on her smoke.

I would endure a litany of average sightings, even as I crossed the threshold of the 50th sighting of the day. However, Sighting #51 delivered. A long-haired 18-ish blonde cutiepie in a very impressive pair of white pants stood in front of the Space Tower smoking a freshly lit all-white. She had this incredibly nervous look on her face as she looked around, and I was wondering if it was my distant fetishing that was making her nervous. But she soon got on a cell phone, likely trying to discover the whereabouts of someone she was waiting for….and looking hot as hell smoking while she did it..lol.

I would go on one more loop around the large but usually unproductive north side of the fairgrounds at that point, and ironically, it was at this stage (somewhere around 4 or 4:30 p.m.) that the number of sightings significantly ramped up. I would score all kinds of two-for-the-price-of-one sightings with groups of hotties or couples that included two smokers. Things were really starting to go well as my sightings count moved into the upper 50’s and 60’s….but it was about to hit its high point of the day at just after 5 p.m….

I was drifting towards the midway area and scored Sighting #65 and #66 of the day….the “epic” sighting I promised at the beginning of the e-mail. Throughout the day, I would always see clusters of impossibly cute early teenage girls on the fairgrounds….the kinds of hotties that every junior high boy lusted for back in the day…..and every time I cross such a cluster, I would wish that at some point in the day, the opportunity would arise to see just one of them with a cigarette in hand in the year 2007. Well, my time was now…..

A group of four dollish 13 or 14-year-old girls were working their way from the midway to the Heritage Square area of the fairgrounds. Sometimes when there is only one girl, it’s hard to discern if she is really as young as she originally looks….but there were four girls in this bunch…and they were very clearly in that 8th grade age range. One of them…..an adorable blonde in a red and white striped tanktop and white shorts…had herself a cigarette. I couldn’t believe what I saw, and proceeded to follow the group of girls en route to Heritage Square. But the sighting was about to take on an entirely new dimension as the group would wander directly past a parked squad car with two police officers sitting inside….

I take notice of the cop spotting the young girl smoking the cigarette….and so did one of the other three girls in the group (a light brunette cutie in a denim mini-skirt), who nudged her friend in the shoulder and muttered something to her that was inaudible from my distance, but that I figured was a warning that the cop spotted her smoking. With God as my witness, this blonde babe proceeded….who didn’t look ANYTHING like a rebel….turned herself completely around a released one of the cloudiest exhales I’ve seen in recent memory directly pointed to the squad car she had just walked by!!!!! The gesture was a thousand times more fierce than a middle finger would have been….and it was coming from this 14-ish girl that looked like she should be a “B squad” cheerleader…..

The group of girls would press forward, and the blonde smoker handed off the cigarette to the mini-skirted light brunette (every bit as cute as the blonde) who warned blondie about the cop watching. The brunette took a few puffs of her own. By this point, I was standing directly behind them and ingesting the headwind of every exhale their young lips spewed. As the girls ascended the steps into Heritage Square, the blonde (who got the cigarette back after her friend took a couple of drags) dropped it right on the steps. It was a Marlboro red! These junior high princesses were smoking full-tar Marlboro Reds! Any wonder why this masterpiece is an almost certain addition to my all-time top five??!?!?!?!?

I didn’t expect to top this epic stunner for awhile, and didn’t….but I would proceed into the midway from there and score a string of impressive sightings, starting with the very next sighting….Sighting #67, which featured a very cleancut looking young couple, capstoned by a long-haired 19-20ish blonde in a long flowing white skirt and an angellic face. This combination didn’t fit in at all with the cigarette she was wielding. It was kind of like seeing a teenage Amish babe smoking. Bizarre!

Sighting #68 and #69 was another two-for-one hottie college girl sighting in the midway. I was a roll now….and it was all uphill! And it would go on uninterruptedly for the next hour and a half.

At this stage of the day, sightings came so fast and furious that all but the most amazing kind of got lost in the shuffle. I was scoring sightings to the tune of three per minute for a lengthy stretch, especially as I passed the block-long stretch of restaurants/beer gardens. It was when I got to the seating area directly in front of the beer gardens and behind the women’s restroom where I would really hit pay dirt. Sitting on a bench is Sighting #77, a knockout college age light brunette with shoulder-length hair wielding an all-white and chatting on her cell phone. Most striking about her was this tiny pair of striped shorts covering her bottom (barely!) with a very smooth and sexy pair of legs stemming out of them. I attempted to position myself behind her and ran smack-dab into Sighting #78, a glamorous looking early-to-mid-20’s blonde smoking a cigarette while waiting for company. I sat on a bench and was able to observe both, but was most interesting in #76 with those scorching shorts….

Eventually her studly shirtless boyfriend sat next to her and the girl handed her his cigarette before foraging into her purse to score another Marlboro Light for herself. Damn was she hot…probably about 21-22 and very well-practiced in the art of smoking, exhaling lovely plumes out of her mouth and nose. The boyfriend was engaging a middle-aged lady next to him in conversation, which eventually led to the introduction of the girlfriend who identified herself, cigarette in hand, as “Brandy”.

During the final stages of observing “Brandy” from behind, I caught Sighting #79, my strangest sighting of the day. This incredibly petite light brunette girl of modest attractiveness was walking on by. Watching her, I couldn’t have guessed she was older than 12. Sometimes girls are slow to undergo growth spurts and her friends seemed to be a little older than she was, but I wasn’t the only one shocked to see what appeared to be an elementary-age girl publicly smoking. This old codger a couple of benches in front of me took mental note of the cigarette-wielding girl as well, watching closely as she walked by and then leaning over to whisper into his wife’s ear…most likely chastising the young girl he just saw smoking….unless of course they’re both fetishers and he wanted to make sure his wife didn’t miss the eye candy.

Bang, bang, bang the sightings would continue to come. It was an absolute blur of yumminess until I had a triple-bang shot of particularly impressive hotties near the Space Tower. The first would be Sighting #87, an 18-ish dark shoulder-length brunette who typified the bubbly sorority girl stereotype, walking in the company of two studly guys of the same age range who were not smoking. She was giggling and boisterously horsing around with the two guys, all while clutching an all-white between her fingers. This particular stretch of the fairgrounds was pretty sparse so I was able to follow in close company and ingest her delicious exhales. True to form for this day, she would approach a garbage can with the remnants of her cigarette butt, spending several moments snuffing it out before throwing the butt in the trash.

But while I was walking and enjoying Sighting #87, I would also catch a glimpse of Sighting #88, a blonde hottie in her early 20s puffing on a cigarette in the company of a nonsmoking chick friend while relaxing on a bench. She was quite attractive and it was a pleasure watching her polish off that cigarette from the bench across the street.

Sighting #89 was another particularly surprising one. Right in front of the trash can where the brunette sorority hottie had deposited her spent butt was a cluster of very proper-looking young ladies that seemed to be family members, ranging in age from late 20’s to late teens. The middle girl of the bunch in the 20-21 range had a cigarette. I had to look three times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was. This perfectly poised light brunette indeed did have a cigarette in her hand. I was spotted watching them and they maneuvered their way awkwardly around the periphery of this one building, making it impossible for me to follow much as I would have loved to.

The blistering sightings pace continued for the next 45 minutes to an hour. If I blinked, I’d miss five sightings. One particularly productive pass took place near the grandstand. Sitting on the cement was Sighting #96, another very pretty and unlikely looking 19-20ish brunette smoker. Her boyfriend was standing up near her smoking a cigarette of his own. As I’m positioning myself to get a better look at her, I inadvertantly stumble upon Sighting #97, a glamorous college-age blonde talking on her cell phone and smoking near the line to get into the Fergie concert. (by the way, the girl from Sighting #96 snuffed out her cigarette on the grass and got up to leave with the boyfriend, This was a consistent theme of the late afternoon hours….seeing one white-hot sighting, positioning myself to get a better look, and then being in the line of fire of another one. Fate was helping me usher in my 30s in spectacular fashion this year!

I hit the century mark with a ho-hum sighting. Sighting #101 was last year’s epic event, right around the same time of day, but it was average this year. However, on the corner near the beer gardens, my second-best sighting of the day would transpire. In the course of less than 20 seconds, I would observe Sighting #102, #103, #104, #105, #106, #107, AND #108……all in one fell swoop. Seven incredibly hot college age babes, each wielding cigarettes. I counted four of them in my initial pass, but three more of the group of eight proceeded to light themselves up in the seconds to come. Only one girl of the eight was not smoking during the course of my observation. I don’t ever recall seeing a cluster of hotties this large simultaneously smoking at the State Fair. All of the girls were stunners, decked out in stiletto heels and dressed in glamorous attire, but three of them really stood out. A dark-haired brunette who was the prettiest in the group, a light brunette who was also stunning, and an uber-glamorous blonde who wasn’t the kind of natural beauty the other two were but compensated for it with a skimpy brown leather top and short skirt. The cluster of girls left their spot near the beer gardens and walked in unison. The sheer numbers of nicotine addicts meant a permanent trail of fumes was left in their aftermath, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. It really struck me how amazing this day was going for me as I broke away from this cluster of addicted hotties….and relieved my ongoing fears of the perils of continued anti-tobacco legislation.

The wizbang pace of sightings would press on undeterred as I was now heading in the direction of the information booth for the obligatory meetup with the folks at 7 p.m., but I would score more than a dozen additional sightings in the 10-15 minutes it would take to get there. Passing the women’s restroom, I see Sighting #110, another wildly glamorous early 20’s hottie with long flowing blonde hair running down her back, wearing a sexy black and white summer dress and finishing off a cigarette as she stood in line to get in the women’s bathroom. She was the third hottie I would see smoking in line for the women’s bathroom that day, and by far the hottest.

Less than 30 seconds later, I would score another average sighting (or what passes for average at this point) and follow that with Sighting #112, featuring a young couple in their early 20s out smoking in a secluded corner in front of the DNR building. The guy wasn’t smoking, but his cutiepie addicted brunette girlfriend was. She was another classic girl-next-door hottie taking enormous drags and releasing exhales so voluminous they made the sunny day seem cloudy….all while the nonsmoking boyfriend stood there and waited. Lucky SOB. I was positioned perfectly to act like I was watching waterfowl in the DNR pond while actually spying on the hottie about 20 yards away. Another phenominal sighting.

The incredible pace continued on my march towards the information booth to meet Ma and Pa Fetisher. Another two-for-the-price-of-one blockbuster I scored included Sighting #120 and #121, with two more glamorous college-age blondes sitting on a bench (next to a mother and daughter) with both girls smoking. Both had long blonde hair and looked incredibly hot, but I only saw a cigarette on the one at first glance. The second girl, sporting a scorching denim skirt and a pair of sexy cowgirl boots, did not appear to have a cigarette in her hand upon first glance….but when I got in a better position, I could see that she too had a cylinder of respiratory pleasure in hand.

I would score one more sighting, a college-age couple with a modestly attractive brunette, before meeting up with the folks for the obligatory 7 p.m. intermission, which is more of an excuse to simply rest my feet for about 15 minutes than anything else. After I was sufficiently well rested, I was back on the nicotine trail, and my timing was great as they were about to let the crowds in for the 8 p.m. Fergie concert, and a battalion of addicted hotties were getting their final hits of nicotine and tar before heading into the concert. Most memorable were Sightings #124 and #125, which consisted of a group of 18-ish girls who were reminiscent of the original 1996 “State Fair Girls” responsible for kicking my fetish up to the next level. This sighting wasn’t quite up to that caliber because there was only one cigarette amongst the girls, in the hands of a glamorous looking brunette with shoulder length hair, a green tanktop and very nicely fitting khaki shorts. As I lock my eyes in on this cluster of uber-hotties, I hear one the girls mentioning about how “it tastes smooth”. This was being said as the brunette passed the cigarette to another girl in the group, a hot and tall blonde in a tanktop and tight jeans, and my instinct was that it was being said about the cigarette even though I didn’t catch any additional context. Watching from reasonably close proximity, I watched as the two smokers in the cluster passed the cigarette back and forth before it finally stayed in the hands of the brunette who held it originally. The grandstand was about to let the modest-sized crowd inside, so the girls proceeded towards the gate. I followed and observed a nice dangle from the brunette as she fished for her cell phone in her purse. She finished off the last couple of drags amidst a sea of people exposed to her noxious secondhand carcinogens. I watched from as close of a distance as possible as she drops the cigarette to the ground. I look down to it and can see by the inverted all-white filter that it’s a Parliament.

I would get two more two-of-the-price-of-one gems in the next 2-3 minutes, the best of which were Sightings #130 and #131, with two more very glamorous-looking hotties among a cluster of college-age girls seated on a bench near the grandstand before heading inside for the concert. I only got to see the final drag of the curly-haired light brunette before she stubbed out her cigarette on the pavement. However, a slightly more attractive long-haired dark brunette had a couple more drags to enjoy from hers, and I would get to observe both of them before this girl stubbed out her ciggie on the pavement as well, seconds before they all got up to get into the concert.

The sightings came fast and furious leading up to Sighting #140, a mid-to-late 20’s brunette sitting amidst two nonsmoking guys on a bench by the DNR building. They became a blur they were coming so fast. I was seriously expecting pulling 200 sightings before evening’s end, but the pace declined surprisingly in the two hours after dark. That said, the excitement was far from over….

Sighting #142 would be another among my top-10 of the day. Walking down a busy stretch of the fairgrounds that is a heavily traveled block on the fairgrounds, but not one that I walk down often due to sheer logistics, I spotted a cigarette held Audrey Hepburn-style by a VERY attractive 18-19ish long-haired blonde. I quickly reversed course and followed her, quickly determining that she was in a cluster of four friends. Three of the friends were attractive but the other was not. The Hepburn-esque smoker was the most attractive and the other smoker was the least, allowing me to focus exclusively on this awesome blonde hottie in the white tanktop and gray shorts. I got to see smoke almost all of the cigarette, and she spent almost the entire time holding the cigarette with a bent elbow as if she was resting it on a table….while she was walking. That’s not a pose I see often on a chick who’s mobile in the era of smokers “shamed” about their habit, particularly in such a crowded venue where such a pose could easily burn some unlucky (or lucky, depending on your perspective) passerby. She tossed the all-white to the ground and I watched the cherry burst as it landed on her friend’s shoe and was kicked a few inches in front of her, and could tell by the rings as I walked by that it was a Marlboro Light.

I would actually improve upon this sighting just a few minutes later with Sighting #145, the last of what I would consider my blockbuster sightings of the evening (by now it was pretty much completely dark). As I encircling the horticulture building and approaching the Space Tower, I spy two blonde hotties in the 17-18 range. The hottest of the two was the bottle blonde holding a cigarette and sporting a ridiculously tiny white cotton mini-skirt that barely covered her ass. Needless to say, I reversed course and followed them. What a stunner of a smoker this cutie was. I’m not big on nose rings, but this prototypical “party girl” was so cute she actually pulled it off….and her intense drags and cloudy combination exhales were positively astounding. When the girls took note of the aforementioned pop music station playing tunes ahead, they hurried up their pace and stood at the back of a small cluster dancing away to the music playing. The smoker girl’s cigarette became animated and that microscopic white skirt of hers danced around and jiggled just underneath her buns. It was quite a sight. The two girls would walk away from the radio station booth after a couple of minutes and the blonde deposited her spent cigarette butt on the curb, a conveniently wide open space where I was able to identify the butt as that of a Marlboro Light. A great day had transitioned to a great night.

Sightings #148 and #149 came a few minutes later behind the grandstand area as two 16-17ish girls (one blonde and one brunette) with very attractive features but who looked a little on the naughty side, surprised me not at all by extracting a pack of cigarettes from the one girl’s purse. I watched from close proximity as the first girl lit up and wasted little time passing a second cigarette to her friend. I wasn’t in a great location to spy, but got to see a couple of satisfying drags.

At that point, I was hoping to cross the 150th sighting threshold in style with something memorable, and before I could even finish my thought, I observe a cigarette in the hands of a beautiful long-haired 18-ish blonde (another one who was VERY pretty but like the last girls, looked just a little more mischievous than some of the smokers I’d seen so far today) sitting on one of these cement balls and encircled by a cluster of nonsmoking guys and girls. She had kind of a Cleopatra thing going on with this group encircling her that was difficult to comprehend, but a little bit sexy to witness.

Average sightings (at least by Saturday’s standards) ensued for the next half hour or so, and as always, the darkness made them harder to appreciate in some of the more poorly lit areas of the grounds. Once again, the beer gardens/women’s bathroom seating area would deliver for me, though, with a sighting was like pulling teeth to score. The sighting that was poised to become Sighting #162 would actually become Sighting #164 because it took so damn long for this girl to light up that I actually scored to more modest sightings of hottie passerbys while waiting for her. It was an excruciating process that began with me observing this brunette hottie in a cluster of 21-ish guys and girls extracting a fresh pack of Marlboro Lights from her bag. She handed the fresh pack to a hot blonde standing next to her….and the blonde would break open the new pack. Then she handed the new pack back to the brunette who would slooooowly open it and extract a cigarette. Even after she finally removed the cigarette from the pack, she must have held it there a good 5-7 minutes unlit. I was beginning to wonder if I could or even want to wait her out. Finally, as the group walked away, one of the guys in the cluster (possible boyfriend) would light up the brunette’s cigarette. I’m not sure if it was worth the wait because I hoping the blonde who broke in the pack would also light up, but was at least glad I got some reward for my patience.

Modest sightings ensued for the next stretch, and I expected to end the evening with a bang as I entered the midway after dark with only a half hour to go before meeting the folks to leave for the night. The midway is the best lit part of the fairgrounds at night and is the domain of copious numbers of young female smokers. Such was the case as I was turning the corner to walk into the midway and find myself behind a pair of 18-ish couples, in which both of the girls had just lit up cigarettes amongst two guys who were not smoking. You gotta love that. The girls, one a pretty blonde in a green shirt and tight jeans and the other an incredible and girl-next-doorish brunette sweetheart in a white T-shirt and striped shorts, would become Sightings #177 and #178. I got to follow them deep into the midway, standing right behind the brunette who was definitely the cuter of the two. I observed her every exhale and watched as the plume of smoke flowed from her lips and was followed by that tiny wisp that escaped her nose at the end of the exhale. The fact that these nonsmoking guys endured the air pollution produced by these stinky sweeties made the sighting all the more hot. The brunette would deposit her cigarette to the ground and crush it out first while the blonde would quickly follow.

Unfortunately, the rest of the midway disappointed, and the massive crowds made it hard to get out of there, meaning I wasted much of my final 15 minutes of fetish time and probably ruined my chance of scoring 200. You never know exactly where to be at what time I guess, but I was a little disgusted as I struggled to wiggle my way out of the crowded midway a half-footstep at a time without a smoker in sight. I was fast approaching closing time so would only be able to fit in one more pass by the beer gardens, where I would score a handful of modest/decent sightings, the best of which was a pair of 18-ish cuties in a cluster of company that would become Sightings #182 and #183. The first girl, a girl-next-door brunette cutie with shoulder-length hair, was definitely the more impressive of the two and provided me the needed satisfaction to call it quits for the day.

Usually, on my walk out of the fairgrounds and the drive out of the lot past all of the shuttle buses, I can’t count on anywhere from 3-5 additional sightings. This year, I didn’t get any….but I was nonetheless far from dissastisfied after my best sightings day of all-time, exceeding the quantity of last year’s Minnesota State Fair safari by a margin of 184 to 165, and at least matching the quality of last year’s and possibly exceeding it. It was an amazing day at the fair….and I wasn’t even in as rough of shape physically as I’ve been following so many past ballbuster all-day State Fair safaris. The sun was out so I got plenty of sunburn, but the lack of scorching heat (the high was 77) kept me from turning my pillow into a heating pad all night. Even my feet, sore as they were, recovered nicely and rather quickly. I definitely ended more than 12 hours of fetishing at the Minnesota State Fair better than I ended 10 hours at the Iowa State Fair that miserably hot day two weeks earlier. It’s hard to see how I could possibly do better next year, but after saying that last year and being proven wrong, it’s open up my mind to realm of possibilities as it pertains to addicted hotties smoking at the Minnesota State Fair.

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