2007 Local County Fair

Local County Fair 2007

Tuesday night sightings–17

I arrived on the grounds at about 5:30 last night, set to meet my friend for the concert at 6:00. I made a few runs around the grounds and saw nothing of interest. I met my friend and we got a few bites to eat and proceeded to the top of the grandstand for the show. There is no longer smoking permitted in the grandstand, but sitting at the top seat allows me to look down at the fair below, and doing so helped me score a couple modest sightings.

The first was a young couple with three young kids. Both parents lit up cigarettes. The 20-something mother looked surprisingly good having so many kids as she walked around exhaling puffs of smoke while pushing the youngest child around in a stroller. I would get a closer look at this family after the concert when I was on the grounds and she definitely was an attractive young mommy. And yes, she was smoking again the second time I saw her.

Also during the course of our sit in the grandstand, I saw this young couple directly below us. There were both in their 20s and the young lady had long brown curly hair. She kind of reminded me of a more attractive version of Rachel, the girl I dated early this year. And like Rachel, I could see from above that this girl was holding a pack of Marlboros and a lighter in her hands. I never saw her light up, but still counted it as a sighting. Thankfully, an opportunity would arise for me to see this young lady smoking as she and the boyfriend were seated on a bench in the midway sucking down cigarettes after dark. She was a little chubbier than I prefer but not overweight. It was nice to get the opportunity for second-chance sightings of smoking girls last night, which is much easier to do at my county fair than at the larger State Fairgrounds.

I was soon out of the grandstand and, within a half hour, navigating the grounds on my own after my friend went separate ways. It was fetish time! Standing in the back of an eating area was a young couple that included an attractive 19-20ish brunette hottie in a red top. Both guy and girl were smoking. Hard to see much given the logistics and the lighting, but I certainly took note of it. About a half hour later, I was walking behind two sets of young couples and the brunette in front of me in a red top looked familiar. Within about 30 seconds, I would recognize why and she extracted another all-white from her purse and light up. It was the same girl, and this time she was smoking without the accompaniment of her apparently lighter-smoking boyfriend. I maneuvered around to get a closer look at her face. She wasn’t bad…not a vintage beauty, but certainly above average. The red top had a certain maternity quality to it that was somewhat off-putting. She would have looked much hotter in a tanktop or halter top. And believe it or not, I crossed paths with this same double-dating couple once again another 20 minutes or so later…..and the brunette was AGAIN smoking. One more time I would cross paths with them, and this was the only time the brunette hottie did not have a cigarette. But three out of four certainly isn’t bad.

On a bench near the animal barns on the outskirts of the fairgrounds sat what appeared to an overweight 50-ish mother and a 20-something bottle blond daughter who was skinny and something of a looker. I passed this bench to see mom with a cigarette. I looked to the daughter and was disappointed to see her without a cigarette. But when I made another pass around the same corner of the fairgrounds about 15 minutes later, the mom and daughter were still sitting there, and this time BOTH were smoking. It was a nice come-from-behind victory.

At a couple points in the evening I observed a disturbing trend when I passed a cluster of teens, the first right around dusk and the second about an hour later, where all of the guys were smoking but none of the hot girls. I sure hope this trend isn’t indicative of the future, but it got me down as I passed these groups several times in the evening and saw copious amounts of underage male smoking but no underage female smoking. After the first hour of stalking, I was kind of down actually. It’s not uncommon to have a disappointing night of sightings at the local fair, but whenever sightings numbers aren’t where I think they should be, my impulse is to bemoan the death of female smoking, whether accurate or not. Thankfully, the final half hour at the fair last night starkly improved my perspective.

My ninth sighting of the evening involved an attractive but slightly pudgy blonde whose age was hard to discern as she quickly trekked through the grounds. I followed at a reasonable distance and watched the trail of smoke from her every exhale before she arrived at her destination near the horse barns. I’m guessing she was in her mid-30’s, but could easily pass for late 20s given her undeniably good looks.

As I backtracked to the main area of the fairgrounds, I was about to score my blockbuster sighting of the evening. I pass a cluster of 20-somethings and observe a hot blonde taking a drag off of her cigarette I look back and take note of her as an attractive if not stunning 10th sighting of the evening. But as my attention was directed her way, I then took note of a cluster of teenage girls standing next to them. Typically, clusters of teen girls in this part of the fair never smoke. They are usually absolute cuties dressed in the sexy way high school girls always dress these days during summertime, but the area is generally too public for girls this young to be openly smoking. Imagine my surprise when I see one 17-ish hot chick with a freshly lit cigarette in her hand……

There was no realistic way to observe this sighting from afar, so I awkwardly walked around in a circular pattern to steal as many glances as I could. And the stakes went up as another girl in the cluster opened up her purse and extracted a cigarette from her pack. Apparently without a lighter, the first girl used her own lit cigarette to light the second girl’s cigarette. I had to stop dead in my tracks to watch this as two 17-ish hotties were now smoking. Both girls looked like probable smokers, but two other girls in the cluster were cute as hell and did not look at all like smokers. The one had shoulder-length light brown hair and the had the most innocent sweet face and smile. It even looked as though she had braces….the absolute last girl you would expect to see smoking. I don’t think this girl had her own cigarette, but it was very difficult to tell from within this cluster of girls who seemed to be scrunching together even closer, perhaps in attempt to hide the fact that they were smoking. Whatever the case, I caught TWO instances where this adorable brunette was apparently handed one of the other girls’ cigarettes and took drags from them. You could tell by her drags that she was an accomplished smoker and not just trying her friends’ cigarettes. The positioning was too awkward to stand and watch the entire smoking show, but I stuck around to see as much as I could. I would walk past them several more times in the evening and always managed to feast my eyes upon this one adorable light brunette. Just before I left, I spotted one of the girls in the cluster smoking another cigarette, but my favorite would not light up again….at least last night. I have little doubt she’ll be there subsequent nights of the fair, and with luck, she’ll bring her own cigarettes those nights.

My misgivings from early in the evening were gone as I made another jaunt down the midway. At the far end of the midway is the most lawless place on the whole fairgrounds, with clusters of some of the sexiest teenage girls at the fair loitering and waiting to get on the most intense fair rides. Complicating matters is that I have a 14-year-old second cousin who always seems to be here, and probably knows me well enough to recognize me, making it awkward for me to be wandering around back there alone. And by the way, this girl is about as a cute of a thing as you can imagine, but from what I know of her and her parents, seems incredibly unlikely to ever be a smoker. But anyway, one cluster of teens back here seemed to be producing clouds of smoke, so I tried everything I could to look within the cluster and identify the smoking girls. While there were more smoking guys than girls in the bunch, I noticed an all-white in one feminine hand. Before long, the cluster broke apart and four attractive and naughty-looking 16-ish girls (all but one blonde) departed. Only one was smoking, and she wasn’t the most attractive of the four, but she was still cute and very slender. No more than five minutes later, I would see the same cluster of girls at the end of the midway and the skinny blonde was still working on that last cigarette.

The evening grandstand show was about to end at 10 p.m. and I sat on the benches near the exit hoping to see nicotine-starved smokers on their way out of the grandstand and young hotties preparing to enter the nearby beer gardens. From out of nowhere, possibly emerging from within the beer gardens but I’m not sure, was a short-haired brunette cutie who looked like she was about 18-19, but may have been older if she had been inside the beer gardens. She had a cute orange top and an even cuter denim skirt that feathered out above the knees….and was holding a cell phone to her ear and a cigarette in her other hand. She had the sweetest look on her face and a certain “nervous nelly” quality as she passed in front of me. I got up from the bench and followed her a way’s to see what else would transpire, and suffice it to say my instinct proved right as she proceeded to insert that cigarette in her mouth and just let that baby dangle for a good 20 seconds while feverishly playing around with the cell phone.

The grandstand traffic disappointed, and since it was almost 10:30, I decided to depart. Now I always like to go out with a bang, and as luck would have it, managed to do so last night as well. On my way out the north gate, I look into a pair of benches within a tent and see three very attractive 18-ish brunettes seated inside. The long-haired hottie on the right had a cigarette in her mouth and proceeded to light up. The arrangement of this sighting was absolutely horrible as they were enclosed in this tent with very little light shining upon them, meaning I had a hard time seeing their faces from a reasonable distance and pretty much had to look straight at them to see anything. I pulled off some strange circular moves and managed to score a couple good glances, hoping that the other girls would follow suit and light up as well. Even though they didn’t, it was kind of cute that the other two were waiting patiently for their nicotine-addicted friend to feed her insatiable dependency.

I walked out of the fairgrounds feeling pretty good Tuesday night, particularly with the knowledge that there will be more people on the fairgrounds in the nights to come (at least if the weather cooperates). On an average night at the local fair, I score about 20 sightings and was within that frame last night having picked up 17 sightings. We’ll see what subsequent evenings bring.

Wednesday Night Sightings–17

The same number of sightings as Tuesday night, and right around the same level of quality. Since I didn’t attend a concert last night, I arrived later in the evening, but generally spent the same amount of time navigating the grounds on a female smoker safari. As is so often the case, the evening started slow, and the first sighting of the night was a late 20’s blonde with her husband. She was plenty attractive (and I would see her smoking again later in the evening) but the sighting was not mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination.

A good 40 minutes into the evening (I got stuck chatting with my cousin who I ran into and wanted to discuss that bridge collapse in Minneapolis which is all over the news around here…..quite possibly the biggest calamity in Minnesota history), I finally scored something worthwhile. A cluster of attractive teenage girls squeezed in between two carnival games en route to a grassy knoll behind the midway and next to the public restroom building. It’s an area of the fair where lots of teen smokers puff away out of sight. I had a hunch that’s what these girls were about to do, but knew that there was no inconspicuous way to walk back to that area without sticking out like a sore thumb. Nonetheless, I did….and walked past the four girls to discover that one (it just happened to be the most attractive of the bunch) was exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke into the sky. I had to walk a fair distance away in the grassy area before sitting down myself, providing a less-than-perfect vantage point to casually observe them. The girl was definitely a cutie, with a pink tanktop and a tan denim mini-skirt. She was too far away to appreciate her facial features, but I guessed she was about 16-17. A group of boys their age would soon arrive and I got up to leave. Just as I was leaving, another of the four girls lit up a cigarette. I didn’t get to see much from her, but later in the evening would pass the girls again in the midway (not smoking), admiring their attractiveness (although they did have a little bit of a naughty girl look up-close), particularly the dirty blonde in the tan denim skirt.

Next came one of the most attractive smokers I saw last night navigating northward from the main gate. She was a long-haired blonde about 21 in the company of another girl and an African-American male. Admiring her shapely figure concealed in a pink top and a super-sexy denim skirt. It sure looked as though there was an all-white in her hand, and when I got close enough, my suspicion was confirmed. I only got to see a couple of drags before her cigarette was gone, but she did me proud. She reminded me alot of the actress Kari Matchett, who played a “human-alien hybrid” on the ABC sci-fi drama “Invasion” a year ago and was also on “24” last season (President Daniels’ advisor/love interest). This girl looked like Matchett’s kid sister. Very nice.

My best fairgrounds sighting of the evening came next as I was looping around the north side and once again approaching the public restroom. I see this angellic-looking long-haired brunette cutie in a white tanktop and denim shorts standing with a friend in front of the restroom structure. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that both girls were smoking. “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me!” I thought to myself, unable to believe a girl this cute and innocent looking would be a smoker. She was every bit as much of an innocent-looking cutie as the light brunette teen from the night before, except this girl was even prettier. My initial instinct was that this girl was probably 16, but as I saw her friend (a long-haired dirty blonde who was also attractive), I started thinking the two of them were probably more like 18. I stood at a nearby dumpster and had a front-row seat to their nicotine show. They dragged copiously on their cigarettes and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. The friend was wonderful, but I was fixated on this brunette babe as she relentlessly placed that all-white to her lips and pulled from it. I could feel my crotch swelling……

Then came a very unexpected turn of events. I hadn’t even noticed a set of strollers only a few feet away from the girls until the brunette cutie started spouting baby talk and assuring the toddlers in the strollers that they would be leaving soon. These two were mothers?!?!?! That probably made them older than I suspected (but they still couldn’t have been ANY older than 21) because their faces and their near-perfect young bodies oozed youth. I couldn’t imagine babies had popped out of those hourglass figures. In some cases, seeing this may have been a buzzkill, but the idea that these hotties were new mothers and had restored their girlish figures and their cigarette habits was unbearably hot. The girls would crush out their cigarettes under their shoes and stroll away with the little tykes. I actually followed them a bit into the midway and got a few admiring glances in before moving on to the next targets. They were very pretty girls. What a great sighting!

And believe it or not, I wasn’t done with these two. I would walk past them once more about a half hour later, this time with the strollers resting in the middle of the walking zone while conversing with two dudes….and BOTH girls were smoking again! By the time I looped around to get another look, they had finished their cigarettes and the brunette uber-babe was holding her baby and talking to him/her. It would be the last time I saw them that night, but what an amazing and memorable impression they left on me..lol.

I would get a few ho-hum sightings in the next half hour before going on an incredible tear. Drifting towards the south side of the fairgrounds, I walked past a cluster of 16-ish girls and observed a cigarette in the hand of one of them. I had to pull back a distance to see which girl it was. It was this brunette who was a bit overweight, but very cute. There were a few cuties in that cluster who I would have preferred to smoke than her, but nonetheless wasn’t complaining.

I would then wander further south, which is basically a dead end because the main fair gate is on that side and you either have to exit the gate or turn around and head back into the fair. As I was near the gate, I notice three approaching college-age girls in their early 20s. Looking at them from afar, there was just something about them that jumped out at me and screamed “Smokers!” even though two of the three didn’t exactly look like smokers. They weren’t classic beauties, but were all nonetheless attractive. I was at the end gate of the fair anyway, so I really had no choice but to turn around and follow them a bit….and so I did. For some reason, they were able to make their way a comfortable distance ahead of me, but I was able to spot them and detected a smoldering all-white in the hands of the brunette (the one girl of the three who looked like a definite smoker). I picked up my pace and caught up to them just in time for them to find a seat on a makeshift bench near the grandstand which is a frequent hangout for smokers…..

I walked past for a moment, ready to swing back around at the slightest hint of additional tobacco consumption. However, I got a brief detour as I observed this young early 20’s couple in front of me where both guy and girl were smoking. Particularly cute about this long-haired blonde girl was that her foot was in a velcroed cast, indicating she had broken or sprained it recently. So she hobbled around arm in arm with the boyfriend through the fairgrounds while wielding a cigarette in her free hand. Made me wonder if she’s an athlete who incurred an injury, and is taking the downtime to publicly indulge her nicotine addiction.

As cute as this girl was, I just had to turn around and check out what I suspected would be an all-smoking college-girl triumvarite seated near the grandstand. Upon turning around, I could see another unlit cigarette on the lap of the cutest girl of the three, a light brunette with a short ponytail and a girl-next-door quality. I knew I was in for a show, so seated myself on the same makeshift bench (actually a burm around the building with flowers planted) and positioned myself behind the girls where I could watch them over my shoulder. Within 30 seconds, all three girls were smoking…and it was a show! Every drag was an intense 5-7 seconds orgyfest of carcinogen ingestion, and every exhale was a cloudy mess of toxins flowing equally from the girls’ mouths and noses. For girls that didn’t look like smokers, it was very obvious they had a festering and merciless subservience to nicotine. The positioning was awkward, but as good as I was gonna be able to do under the circumstances. The brunette, who lit her cigarette first, was the first to finish, which was fine by me because it gave me the opportunity to watch the more attractive two consume the rest of their cigarettes with taunting gusto. They would finally finish and stood up to leave. Sad to see them leave but what a show they put on!

Nonetheless, I’d see these girls again as I was leaving, again all seated on a bench (this time on the north side of the fairgrounds). They weren’t smoking this time, but their positioning on this bench led me to believe they either just finished more cigs or were about to light up more. And upon closer inspection, they were all still girl-next-door cuties who I would not have expected tobacco consumption from, let alone such obvious long-term addiction.

The last sighting within the fairgrounds came as I watched a young 20-something couple walking back to their car on the west side parking lot. The girl (an attractive long-haired brunette) was the only one of the two smoking, and when she happened to turn around and provide me a closer look, I was struck by her beauty and definitely wanted to snuff out that lucky SOB holding her hand.

On my way out of the fairgrounds, I got what I thought would be the last sighting of the evening. A pair of early 20’s cuties were approaching the north gate and even in the dark, I could spot the cigarette protruding from the fingers of the brunette girl. They crossed the street in front of me, so I watched over my shoulder for a bit but the lighting was so poor I couldn’t appreciate their beauty from across the street.

At that point, I was somewhat satisfied with a great evening at the fair and was preparing to drive home. But you know me….I’m greedy. I just had to make one final pass through town to see if there were any smokers at common teen smoking destinations such as my favorite gas station. I came up empty on that front and was content with the reality that my sightings were done for the night. I was ready to get home. But as I drove up the main highway on the edge of town heading home, the flashing lights at the railroad crossing made me acutely aware of the unfortunate reality that I was gonna be stuck behind a train for awhile….and unfortunately, I was not in a position to simply turn around and go on a side street to get away from the train. I just had to sit there and wait. But there would be a silver lining…..

I was in park in the right lane of the four-lane road and expected that there must be a derailment judging from the fact that nothing was moving (in fact one of the cars did apparently jump the track) but after about five minutes of sitting in solitude, up comes this red truck in the left lane that parks nearly parallel to me. I look over my shoulder with no real expectations of anything when I notice an incredible blonde beauty in the passenger seat. She looked about 18-19 and was easily the best-looking girl I had seen all night….and it didn’t take long to recognize an all-white cigarette stemming from her lovely fingers. God bless stalled-out trains!

Even though I had to fight the temptation to just stare, I would proceed to look over my shoulder many times over the course of the next five minutes, admiring that glowing red cherry on the end of her cigarette as she chatted with the driver (unfortunately, it appeared to be a boyfriend). I got to see a couple of drags, but couldn’t risk staring long enough to watch the exhales given how close she was. The driver couldn’t stand waiting anymore and proceeded to drive over the median to the other side of the four-lane and drive off the other way, but not before the hot blonde girlfriend carelessly tossed her butt onto the pavement within a few short feet of my driver’s side door. Crazy how the best sightings so often come when you least expect them.

Finally, they would back up the train after about 20 minutes of waiting and I would be able to proceed home, ever thankful for the incompetence of the railroad keeping their cars on the track. Needless to say, it was another VERY memorable evening. I hope to churn another sightings posting on Friday based on my Thursday night sightings, but I have a pretty busy schedule Friday so I may not get to it right away.

Thursday Night Sightings–19

That’s right….two more sightings than the nights before. You always like to see more rather than fewer smokers. I saw more smokers in general (not just hot young ladies and girls) on this particular evening than I did on Tuesday or Wednesday and had the added benefit of surging at the end of the night. I sat up in the back row of the grandstand for the concert and watched from above for the entire show, and managed to score three sightings below during the course of the nearly two hours that I was sitting there. The first was a modest single mother sighting, but the second one was more impressive. There are two BINGO stands at the fair, both of which seem to attract smokers, albeit usually older ladies. I always scan them now and then for younger smokers, and finally hit pay dirt. Two young girls (difficult to discern their age from that distance) sat there in the outer side of the BINGO stand. One was very overweight, but the other was a cute brunette in a red shirt and jeans that appeared to be a healthy weight. Guess which one was smoking? I actually got to see a few decent drags as she tracked her cards. Eventually, the girls would get up and I guessed they were in the 18-20 range. I would actually see them once again on the grounds last night, and even though they weren’t smoking, it was abundantly clear the brunette was sufficiently slender and a total cutie.

The next sighting also involved a brunette, this one an 18-ish hottie in sunglasses hand-in-hand with a boyfriend who at least at the time wasn’t smoking. The sunglasses really added some mystery to this girl, who was very clearly attractive even from a good 50 feet above.

After the concert, I went about my usual business of encircling the fairgrounds looking for youthful female smokers, but managed to get myself entangled in a half-hour chat with a guy I used to ride the school bus with…..behind the livestock buildings where very little foot traffic ensues. All was not lost, however, as even this scarce region would go on to produce two solid sightings. The first was a young couple in the 20-21 age range that included a blonde who was just a tad chubby, but extremely attractive. Both of them were smoking all-whites and since my old busmate had his back to them, I was able to sneak in a few glimpses of her impressive drags and exhales.

Just as I parted company with this guy, another couple in their mid-to-late 20’s emerged. The short-haired brunette wife/girlfriend was a stunner, with a classic beauty that reminded of my 11th grade quasi-girlfriend “Ria”, wearing a nice halter top and pair of tight, form-fitting white pants. She was smoking an all-white as she passed me and I turned around to watch she and the non-smoking Mister approached a cattle barn. The guy walked right in, but the young lady took a couple more furious drags off of her cigarette before stepping inside. I would see this couple two more times that evening. Neither were smoking in the subsequent encounters, but I was always struck by the woman’s beauty and those sexy white pants.

In a loop around the backside of the midway, I saw a cluster of three 18-ish “kids” smoking. There was a guy and an unattractive overweight girl, but the other girl was a very cute long-haired light brunette in a red-and-blue striped shirt with capris. She didn’t look like a smoker, which made the sighting all the more adorable.

Next came a trio of 18-19 girls near the north side grandstand gate who had an alternative thing going on. They were modestly attractive, but had their hair dyed (one was jet black and the other was red). The third girl had a normal light brown hair color, but apparently didn’t smoke. Both of the other two had just lit up as I approached and for some reason just seemed to stand there in a wide-open space. The girl with the jet-black hair was dialing on her cell phone and let the cork filter cigarette dangle from her lips for a good 30 seconds as I walked past. I would see this trio again about a half hour later, and the redhead was smoking again.

Heading into the midway, I see two attractive young couples in the 18-19 range heading the same direction I am. The only one of the four smoking is an attractive blonde. I didn’t get a great look at her, but could tell she was very good looking. Nonetheless, I wasn’t crazy about her helmet-ish hairdo. Still, a very solid sighting.

On the other end of the midway (the part I referred to as the “most lawless part of the fairgrounds”), I spied another cluster of college girl hotties, and unlike what has been the case in most cluster situations, the prettiest and most distinguished girl of the four was the only one wielding a cigarette. She was a fairly tall 18-19ish blonde with shoulder-length hair and a white and blue striped shirt. She didn’t look like a smoker from afar, but when you got closer she had a certain fire in her eye. For the longest time, she stood amongst three other girls smoking her cigarette, and I got to observe about three drags before they separated into groups of two. I followed the group with the girl with a cigarette and she was soon preparing to play the carnival game after stomping out her cigarette. I admired how sweet and cute she looked as the carny explained the game to her. I kept wondering if the carny could smell the fresh tobacco on her breath and if he was either turned on or grossed out.

I would only stay about 15 more minutes, but would get my wish of going out with a bang as I emerged from the midway and found myself standing behind two VERY nicely toned teenage female bodies draped in tanktops and blue jeans. The blonde on the left was clutching a cigarette in her hand as I began to follow. This imagery was eerily reminiscent of the 16-ish blonde bombshell that would be my second-best sighting at last year’s Iowa State Fair. I would see one drag and managed to ingest the trail of smoke that followed it. The girls worked their way into a cluster of otherwise nonsmoking teens and I was able to walk past a get a good look at her face. She was very pretty, but not as young or the classic beauty that last year’s Iowa State Fair smoker I spoke of was. Still, a very impressive 18-ish girl smoking all by herself in that cluster. Since I would be within sight distance of her from the makeshift bench where I spotted the three college girls smoking last night, I sat there again and got to see a couple of her drags from within the cluster. Very nice. I would even see her again that night, but this time without a cigarette.

As I sat there on the aforementioned makeshift bench, I was taking note of the fact that the second concert was almost over, but before I even had time to process the idea that there could be alot of nicotine-starved smokers exiting the concert after nearly two hours without a cigarette, suddenly I see this absolutely adorable petite brunette in a white tanktop with blue denim capris walking towards the same bench I was in with what certainly looked like a cigarette in her hand. She actually looked alot like that 14-year-old nonsmoking cousin I mentioned from Tuesday night. She had the same curly hair, except hers was brunette. My guess is this girl was 16, possibly 17, and cute as a button. She didn’t look much like a smoker, but here she was sitting down in between a group of adults and placing a Marlboro Light between her lips before lighting it. This was easily my best sighting of the night (and possibly of all three nights) as there were only two people in between me and her, allowing me an abundance of opportunities to lean forward and observe her. She took lengthy and well-practiced drags with smoke spilling from her nose and she exhaled. Even though this girl was almost certainly underage, she was a heavily addicted smoker. The more I contemplated the situation, the more intense I figured her addiction must be. She must have been sitting through this entire hourlong concert waiting for the singer’s final act, but her young body simply could not wait till the end of the show for a desperately needed fix of nicotine. Her craving was too insatiable to wait another 10 minutes. Her young body needed a cigarette NOW!!!!! She would crush out the cigarette and quickly get back up to go into the nonsmoking grandstand to catch the last two or three minutes of the concert. Damn was I riding high after this one.

Walking behind the grandstand to where the clusters of teens hang out, I spot another solitary smoker in a crowd. I’m quickly able to discern that it’s another very attractive long-haired 18-ish blonde with a classically beautiful look. Damn it’s good to see girls this pretty are still smoking, particularly when so many of their friends are apparently nonsmokers as she was the only one smoking in a crowd of about eight. The good news is though that these clusters rarely produce any smoker sightings, but this year, I’ve scored like 8-10 boffo sightings in them.

Figuring I would end on a high note, I proceeded to exit the fairgrounds at that note, but always seem to manage that yummy final sighting on my way out the gate, this time it being a very pretty 19-20ish brunette with curly hair in the company of three guys. I don’t know which if any of those lucky SOBs was her boyfriend, but I would certainly trade places with them.

So there you go. Nineteen more sightings from Thursday night in what has been another solid year for sightings at the local fair (the last three years have all been impressive actually). I should certainly have more sightings from Friday night and possibly Saturday night dependent upon how my planned date for the evening goes (and yes, she’s a smoker).

Friday Night Sightings–32

No, that’s not a misprint. In what was easily the most crowded night at the county fair, I saw nearly double the number of sightings I scored in the three evenings prior….and that was with another half-hour detour talking to an old buddy. I ended up staying another 45 minutes later than the previous nights because the sightings were so abundant. My previous record for a night at my local county fair was 22. Needless to say, I shattered that threshold.

The night got off to a bad start because the grandstand was already so filled up for the evening concert that I had to settle for a seat in the second-to-last row rather than my favorite seat in the back row overlooking the fairgrounds. Even from the second row, however, I could still look over my shoulder from time to time and see certain parts of the grounds…..and somehow managed to score four sightings even there. The first three were fairly modest, but the fourth was this 18-ish blonde babe in the company of three nonsmoking guys. I could tell even from the considerable distance overhead that she was a cutie, but would get a closer look about 20 minutes later on the grounds when I would see her close-up. She wasn’t smoking then, but she was very cute and had a certain “naughty smoker” look on her pretty face. Definitely a good start.

A litany of modest sightings followed, including a 15-ish Hispanic girl who wasn’t overwhelmingly attractive, but was bold enough to smoke a cigarette while standing in line to go on a carnival ride.

Next would come one of several blockbuster moments of the evening. The second concert by country singer Josh Turner was about to begin so I head to grandstand gates to see if any hotties were sucking down final cigarettes before heading up to the show. Sure enough….here come two 18-ish babes pouring out of the south side grandstand gate with freshly lit cigarettes in tow. One girl was a little chubby, but the other was an off-the-charts uber-babe. As she began to walk my direction with her friend, I immediately identified her as that cutie I saw smoking TWICE Wednesday night…..the angellic-looking brunette who was wearing a white tanktop and denim shorts! And it was definitely her. You don’t forget a face that pretty. This time she was in another tanktop and jeans, but not was pushing around a stroller with a kid. I followed at close proximity in the very crowded cluster of people behind the grandstand as the girls got one final cigarette in before the concert began. This brunette was an absolute dream. They would head up to the gate on the north side of the grandstand where they would finish smoking their cigarettes and head back in for the concert only moments before it began. What an amazing encore from one of my favorite girls at the fair this year.

My next sighting of the night was vindication from a letdown earlier in the week. Remember when I cited how discouraging it was to see these bleachers full of male teen smokers where the girls accompanying them were not smoking? Most frustrating was this long-haired 16-ish brunette cutie who would have looked like a natural with a cigarette. Yet even tonight, I would make a pass behind these isolated bleachers to see guys smoking but this girl conspicuously lacking a cigarette. It was about 45 minutes later that I would give her one more try, and this time she delivered. It was right around the time of dusk and the cherry glowed from the cigarette she held in her hand. I got to see a couple of drags from a distance and appreciated the effort I had put in to earn this sighting.

I was really on a roll at this point, but was about to score a double-barreled sighting that would only grow with intensity. I’m strolling past the cattle barns where sightings are usually minimal, but which are so isolated that smoking babes often feel under-the-radar when they fire up a smoke. As I’m approaching a bench right in front of one of the livestock barns, I see a pair of cuties (one a shoulder-length blonde and the other a long-haired brunette) and immediately detect a cigarette in the blonde’s hand. As I continue walking, I quickly notice the brunette is brandishing a magic wand of tobacco of her own. Thankfully, a bench on the other side of the barn was open allowing me to have a seat and observe from a comfortable distance. It was evident that both girls were very cute and I estimated their age to be about 16. The blonde was just a tad on the chubby side, but the brunette was skinny as a rail. I got to observe a handful of drags before a couple of rowdy boys approached the girls when they finished their cigarettes, so I decided to take off. Never fear, however, because I would see these girls (and their accompanying dudes) again in the midway more than an hour later. They weren’t smoking, but I was blown away when studying them close-up. These girls were probably more like 14 or 15. The blonde was in that “barely chubby” category, but she was so impossibly cute that it more than made up for it. And the brunette was an absolute stunner…..the very picture of the junior high sweetheart girl. The girls kept digging in their purses for either cell phones or more money to waste on carnival games during my additional five minutes of observing them. I kept hoping to see more cigarettes produced, but even without additional tobacco consumption, it was mind-blowing to realize these adorable sweethearts were publicly smoking cigarettes only an hour earlier. Definitely one of my top-three from Friday night.

After those two hotties, the next cluster of modest sightings didn’t break any new ground. It would be another half hour or so until the second concert would end, and it was then that I felt like I was caught in a sightings avalanche for awhile. If I blinked, I would miss 10 of them. Busting out of the gate would be three girls. There was only one cute one of the three, but she had a freshly lit cigarette smoldering in her hand. This girl was so petite that my first instinct was that she couldn’t be older than 14. But judging from her less attractive friends and after getting a better view of her face, it was clear she was probably more like 16-17. Whatever the case, she was a little firecracker, and would proceed to literally run to the midway with her friends hand-in-hand. I followed as best as I could with as quickly as they were moving, but eventually caught up with them. Got to see a few drags and was enamored with how impossibly tight this petite girl’s blue jeans were. In my mind, there was nothing that could distract me from pursuing this sighting as far as it could take me. But I was wrong…..

As I’m following this group of girls, I took note of these three 17-ish uber-babes in the midway. The prettiest girl of the three was this long-haired blonde who looked incredibly familiar (I had probably seen her on the grounds before and just took note of her beauty). She was dolled up in a blanket of makeup and was wearing a skimpy halter top and a tiny white mini-skirt…..one of the most glam girls I’ve seen at the fair yet. From about 20 yards away, it certainly looked like she was dangling an unlit cigarette from her lips, but I was skeptical that she was actually smoking. My skepticism proved incorrect as she and her two friends who wiggle their way in between two midway rides and the hottie would proceed to light up her all-white in front of my adoring eyes. I followed them between the rides and found that the three girls had met up with a bunch of other girls seated on a nearby bench. The blonde smoker was a bubbly effervescent ball of energy, and she would proceed to approach the other friends with the cigarette dangling from her lips. I was stunned watching her embrace her friend in a tight hug, holding her head skyward as she hugged the other girl with the smoldering cigarette pointed straight in the air. I almost lost it watching this…..

The bench was crowded with high school girls, and another girl in the cluster (another blonde and the second most glamorous-looking hottie of the bunch wearing skimpy jean shorts) would regularly take the cigarette from the other girl and take drags of her own. I watched in awe as the girls would then proceed to get cluster pics of themselves with a digital camera. I couldn’t help but think what the other nonsmoking girls were thinking as they had to squeeze together so closely in the picture with these stinkers who had just sucked down a cigarette. After they finished taking the pics, they got up and left…

And bear in mind that as I was sitting on this bench for several minutes watching these high school hotties indulge their smoking addictions, I was treated to a sideshow of THREE 19-22ish babes walking through the midway with cigarettes of their own. They were all hot, and all were in the company of nonsmoking guys. As I said, I was briefly caught in an avalanche of smokers.

Back to the glam high school girls, particularly the one who lit up first……I would run into her multiple times in my remaining 45 minutes or so of fetishing. She was so stunningly hot it took my breath away every time I passed her. And one more time, I would see her in the company of two guys her age near the restroom structure…..smoking another cigarette. Even with those two 14-15 cuties I mentioned earlier, I’m afraid this girl has to be my favorite from Friday night.

And the insanity was about to continue. Just as this girl finished up her cigarette by the restrooms, another curly-haired 18-19ish brunette would emerge from the women’s bathroom with a cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots halfway up her knees, an autographed photo of the country singer who concert she just attended in one hand, and a freshly-lit cigarette in the other hand. She was in the company of two other nonsmoking friends (also very attractive) and they were hastily approaching the grandstand for some reason. I followed and watched as this brunette hottie marched right past the police officer into the “no smoking” grandstand with a burning cigarette in her hand. I followed into the empty grandstand without a clue as to what the girls were doing. It appeared the smoker had left something (perhaps her purse) in the grandstand and was able to retrieve it. They proceeded through the opposite gate and the girl must have deposited her cigarette butt somewhere in the grandstand because when I came out the other side, I spotted her and the other girls, but she was no longer smoking. Still, another awesomely strange ride brought upon by a hottie with a cigarette.

I planned one more pass around the grounds and got sidelined chatting with an old high school buddy for 45 minutes, but the timing worked out as I walked away to discover two incredibly attractive 17-18ish babes walking side by side and both wielding freshly-lit cigarettes. One was a dirty blonde who was scorchingly good-looking and the other was a longer-haired blonde who was also very attractive. I walked right behind them in the crowd and was lucky enough to be splashed in the face with their exhaust and close enough to see that the blonde was holding an all-white while the dirty blonde was smoking a cork filter. The girls would merge with company ahead and briefly chat amongst their cluster while finishing their cigarettes. I had definitely found the high note with which I could end my evening with pride.

Yet I would score two more sightings on my way out….one of which was the oddest sighting I would get on Friday night or ANY of the four nights at the fair. Three very young girls are heading towards the midway as I’m heading for the north side exit gate, with one girl in the group being extremely petite. She was the perfect stereotype of the nerdy middle-school girl, with goofy glasses and a decidedly “math whiz” kind of look. Yet here she was, the only girl of the three holding a cigarette in her hands. This was absolutely surreal, especially considering she was so tiny that I expected she was like 11 years old. She actually may have been because she sure didn’t look like a teenager. The other girls in her midst only looked to be about 13, so perhaps she was their age, but even so, this was the least likely smoker I’d seen all week.

On that strange note, it was time to go. I would score one more modest sighting on my way out the door, packing in a blistering 32 sightings for the evening. It’s possible I may get back to the fair tonight, but I’d actually prefer it if I didn’t because that’ll mean my date with Krissy wasn’t as successful as I hoped. Either way, next Saturday’s Iowa State Fair has its work cut out for it to compete with the extravaganza that was the 2007 county fair.

Saturday—I did end up going to the fair late that night, but it was freezing cold and rainy.  I only got three sightings of note…and absolutely nothing of import.  Ended a great year with a whimper.

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