2007 Iowa State Fair, Day 2

I got exactly 50 sightings during my seven hours at the Iowa State Fair last night. Stack that on top of the 70 sightings I scored in 9 1/2 hours last Saturday, and I totaled 120 sightings in 16 1/2 hours. That may sound great, but it’s probably a little below average for all those hours. Beyond that, many of last night’s were kind of on the border in terms of qualifying as “satisfying”. At points, it fell like I was visiting the State Fair on “Nerd Night”, as I would go half-hour intervals without seeing any hotties smoking, particularly right around dusk. But there were a handful of stunners last night.

Just for the record, my serial numbers will pick up from where they left off at #70 on Saturday….

The first great sighting of Wednesday night may have been my top sighting of the night. Sighting #74 was ushered in near the women’s bathroom. Two 17-18ish girls were walking past me as I approached a bench. One of the girls was unattractive, but I was instantly drawn to the second girl, a long-haired brunette with reddish highlights and a very pretty face. She was somewhere between the lady in red and the girl next door, but very much had the look of a smoker. I looked her direction and she seemed to notice me as well. As she passed me, I really admired the “rear view”, with her striped shirt successfully displaying her carved out hourglass figure cresting above tight blue jeans that perfectly accentuated her top-notch posterior. She had exactly the kind of physical form I find most attractive in a young hottie….

But since she wasn’t smoking, I had no plans to consciously follow her. Still, the spot that I saw her was at the edge of the fairgrounds, so I had to turn around and proceed in the same direction I came from. Within a few brief moments, I spot my favorite brunette cutie with an unlit cork filter dangling from her mouth. My heart always skips a beat when a girl I had been hoping would smoke actually lights up. I began following her, successfully being splashed by her toxic exhales and seeing the pack of Camels peeking out of her purse. Stealing glances at her pretty face, it became clear that she’s exactly the kind of girl who best describes my particular type. I followed her until she and the friend approached the line for the Skyride and the cutie crushes out her cigarette under her heel.

And this wouldn’t be the last I’d see of this girl. I couldn’t make some of this stuff up. About an hour later, I was walking in the general area of these fountains where little kids often climb in to cool off. I looked up to the biggest fountain and see two older teenage girls getting themselves soaked and thought they looked vaguely familiar from a distance. Within a few minutes, I would see both of the girls walking by again….absolutely drenched. It was indeed the two of them who decided to cool off in the fountain with all the five-year-olds. A little immature perhaps, but as hot as that form-fitting tanktop of hers was when it was dry, I almost went into orbit seeing how sexy she looked with the T-shirt wet. I sure hope she didn’t get her cigarettes wet!!!

The next great sighting was Sighting #78, which really caught me off guard. I was walking near the Varied Industries building and for whatever reason, chose to walk look behind a bunch of carnival food stands to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any hotties with cigarettes. Suffice it to say my instinct was right. This brunette that looked about 14 was eating a big slice of pizza, but the ponytailed blonde next to her (who looked a little older, but not a day over 16) was sitting there smoking a cigarette. The logistics of this sighting made it brutal to watch, but I basically stood in the middle of the sidewalk acting like I was waiting for somebody and cautiously stealing the occasional glance of the young blonde smoker. She was such a cutie…the very embodiment of the girl next door who didn’t look AT ALL like a smoker. If anybody remembers the old TV show “Phenom” from about 15 years ago, this girl looked alot like the actress who played the young tennis star from that show except she had shorter hair and no strawberry tint to the blonde hair. I only got to see a couple of puffs, but she was good at what she did. As one girl ate and the other girl smoked, suddenly a very blue-collar looking 40-ish man started talking to the girls. I wondered if he was their father, but they walked awat without him about five minutes later, so I surmised they were not related…and that the guy just saw an opening to flirt with a nicotine hottie and took it.

And with the relatively light Wednesday night fair traffic, I would see this blonde cutie again, this time in the company of a bunch of dorky-looking teenage boys on a bench…and she was smoking again! And like last time, she was in the company of nonsmokers as she puffed away. Particularly intriguing was when she bounced off the bench and walked up to a nearby vendor stand to purchase something, proudly holding her cigarette above the table in plain sight of the vendor. A definite standout of the evening.

Sighting #83 was a tall brunette cutie (also in the company of nonsmoking peers) who I seemed to run into all the time over the evening, and who would smoke THREE cigarettes in the times I passed her.

I hit a wall of mediocrity until after dark before finally scoring a couple more memorable hotties breathing carcinogens into their attractive young bodies. Sighting #95 was a handsome young couple in their early-to-mid 20’s that looked a little too wholesome to be smoking, yet there they were both puffing on cigarettes. The young woman was a blonde in a pink T-shirt that really elevated her “girl next door” factor. Sighting #96 took place just a few minutes later with a cluster of three 18-ish girls of varying degrees of hotness. There was a scorching hot blonde, a cute blonde in glasses, and a chubbier blonde. The cute blonde in glasses was the one wielding a cigarette as the other two sat there eating. I watched from a nearby bench hoping the other girls would follow their friend’s lead and fire up cigarettes of their own. That didn’t happen, but there’s something sexy about one girl in a cluster bucking the tradition of the clique by being a smoker.

Sightings #103 and 104 came within the next half hour and included a really skinny long-haired blonde who looked about 16 and had a certain mischievous appearance. She was sharing a cigarette with a chubbier girl who was not as attractive and looked a couple of years older.

A better sightings duo would be the girls from Sightings #109 and #110, who were on the far south side of the fairgrounds near the exit. I had contemplated turning around a block early before the gate, but then spotted youthful female faces on the horizon inserting cigarettes into their mouths, which obviously changed my plans for turning around. I hastened my speed and had plenty of open bench options to observe them. Sadly, both girls were approaching the end of their cigarettes, but I still got to see a couple of drags and to observe them for a couple of minutes afterwards. They were exactly the kinds of girls I like to see smoking at the fair. Both had beers so must have been 21, but definitely no older than that. One girl was blonde and petite with capri pants, but the girl that most intrigued me was her friend, a long-haired blonde in a white dress. I was thoroughly intrigued as to why she was so dressed up for the fair. Perhaps she was a participant in one of the competitions (ranging from talent shows to “Dairy Princess” coronations) and got all glammed up for the occasion, making the all-white between her fingers all the more exciting to see. A couple of minutes after littering the still-smoldering cigarette butt onto the sidewalk, she stood up with the friend and walked away, at which point I noticed the blonde in the white dress was also wearing Cinderella-like high heel shoes. The image of a blonde college-age babe in a white dress and high heels smoking at the state fair is not one I’ll soon forget.

The last memorable sighting of the night would be Sighting #113. I was near the busy center part of the fairgrounds when I spotted a cluster of 16-17ish guys and girls that I was pretty sure I had noticed on the grounds before that evening. Just as I’m passing by, I see one girl, a pretty long-haired blonde in a low-cut pink top and tight blue jeans, inserting a cork-filter into her mouth and sparking up. Finally! I thought to myself….a hot and stylish teen girl smoking a cigarette. That demographic wasn’t lighting up at the Iowa State Fair at nearly the level they did two weeks ago at my county fair, but this girl was doing her part. They soon ran into another cluster of teens they knew and merged together into a loitering cluster. The sexiest part was that my favorite blonde was the only smoker, guy or girl, out of the 10-12 teens in the bunch. There she stood, smoking her cigarette and carefully trying to avoid the nonsmoking friends with her exhales and (here’s the best part of this sighting) somehow managing to avoid the notice of two police officers patrolling the grounds who were chatting with each other no more than 50 feet away, who either didn’t notice this obviously underage hottie with a cigarette in such close proximity, or simply had no interest in hassling her about it. She would drop the cigarette to the ground without crushing it out. I saw the same girl about an hour later at an outdoor concert, this time without the cigarette.

I got a handful more modest sightings in the next 45 minutes or so, but time was overdue to head home. As I said, I think my local county fair bested Iowa State Fair this year. I got some very quality material both Saturday and last night, but on a sighting-by-sighting basis, there weren’t as many drop-dead gorgeous hotties smoking as I would have liked. Modestly attractive young mothers represented a large percentage of my ISF sightings. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m hoping the Minnesota State Fair in nine days is more impressive. Last year, both state fairs were incredibly successful sightings venues, but Iowa didn’t quite live up to that bar in 2007. Let’s give the final grade for the 2007 ISF a “B”….as opposed to last year’s “A”.

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