2006 Iowa State Fair

2006 Iowa State Fair

I made my first visit to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, and the place was impressive both as a fair and as a sightings venue. The grounds were much bigger than I had remembered when I visited the fair 16 years ago for a non-fair event, so there was no shortage of room for me to explore.

For some reason, I walked into the fair yesterday (a little before noon) feeling an undercurrent of pessimism about my sightings prospects. My feelings proved unfounded as I had a tremendous sighting day with two epic sightings and a handful of other sightings that would rank as “9’s” on a scale of 1-10. I had 85 total sightings that I would qualify as satisfying, which is slightly below average for a full day at the state fair, but what I lacked in quantity I more than made up for in quality.

My early feelings of pessimism were reinforced when my first 15 minutes failed to yield a quality sighting. That first sighting of the day is always a rush, even when it’s not extraordinary as my first sighting yesterday was. It was a young redheaded mother with a freshly-lit all white. A very average sighting…but I had no idea what was in store for me following that little number.

After another average second sighting, Sighting #3 was the first pay dirt I hit yesterday. I take a stroll down a remote street on the grounds with side entrances to a lot of the livestock barns. This didn’t seem to be a likely venue for a blockbuster sighting, but all too often, the least likely places serve up the most satisfying material. Such was the case here as I pass a bench and immediately notice a 40-something mother and her teenage daughter enjoying cigarettes. I take a seat on the bench parallel to theirs about 10 feet away. A truck in front of both of us with horses poking their noses out provided me a venue to watch them without being too conspicuous. The girl couldn’t have been any older than 16. She was a very cute brunette and had a very country look. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a farm girl participant in the livestock shows. She was adorable dragging on that all-white while sitting right next to mom and got to see most of her performance. A devotion to nicotine passed down through matriarchal lines to a sweet young daughter….not a bad way to start the day!

I wasn’t expecting to top that sighting for quite some time, but less than five minutes later, I had the sighting I described earlier as “near epic”. I’m walking through a more populated street on the grounds and suddenly hear these two feminine voices behind me. I slowed down and moved to the side, allowing the girls to pass me. As they pass, I look to my side to see these teenage knockouts, probably about 16-17. They were both beautiful. One girl had long blonde hair and the other was a light brunette, both in tanktops and tight jeans that perfectly accentuated their shapely young figures. I quickly dismissed the idea that they would be smokers because they definitely didn’t look the type, but was nonetheless pleased with the opportunity to have had my day brightened up by their youthful beauty. Then, as the girls proceeded several feet in front me on the sidewalk, I’m blown away as I notice a freshly-lit all-white protruding from the fingers of the blonde. It was one of those fetish moments that makes your heart start racing with excitement…..

Both myself and the girls in front of me proceeded down the sidewalk. The blonde took intense drags off of her cigarette and it was pretty clear she had been doing this for awhile. She reached into her purse and opened up the pack of Marlboro Lights to see how many she had left for the rest of the day, and from my angle, it didn’t look like very many. She and the other girl soon turned down a different stretch and give me the opportunity to see her pretty face again, only partially obstructed by a pair of sunglasses. It was also at this time that she put the cigarette in her lips and took an extremely intense dangling drag that last a good five seconds before removing the cigarette from her mouth and exhaling a mighty cloud of delicious “secondhand girlsmoke”. By now I was elated beyond description and remembered six years ago when the Iowa State Fair was enforcing teen smoking. Apparently, that rule is no longer enforced as this beautiful and very obviously underage blonde was performing a very public dangling drag for the world to see right in the middle of the fairgrounds…..

The girls then proceeded to a commons area and the blonde smoker got out her cell phone. I stayed at a comfortable distance but could hear her talking on the phone, cell phone in one hand and cigarette in another, figuring out a destination to meet with a second party. Her voice was very soft and feminine, not at all husky like most long-term smokers. That made me think that perhaps she was a new smoker, but her professional technique certainly didn’t seem like that of a beginner. After placing the phone call, the two girls continued to their destination. I feel a tad creepy following smokers (especially those of the jailbait variety), but I had to see how this played out……

The blonde finally finished her cigarette and tossed it onto a grassy knoll near the sidewalk, then continued to walk. They finally arrived at the place where they had agreed to meet the second party. They sat and waited in front of a building and I kept hoping to see more tobacco consumption as I sat on a bench across the road. That didn’t happen (and the fact that the other girl, who was just as cute, never lit up was the only thing that confined this sighting to “near epic” status rather than epic), but within five minutes, the second party arrived. I expected it to be a pair of studly boyfriends, but it was a couple of middle-aged ladies…perhaps the girls’ mothers. Whoever it was, it was a bonus for me to visualize this bombshell blonde finishing off that pack of Marlboro Lights of hers in the company of elders. What a stunner!

I could have lived off of the buzz from this sighting for at least an hour, but I was lucky enough to score two more successive sightings in wiz-bang fashion only moments later. Seated in the commons area were two 20-something fair workers in orange shirts. The one was a brunette with a young son in her presence, and the other was a very attractive and petite blonde in her early 20’s with a mane of long, straight hair running down her back and gorgeous, well-tanned facial features. Both women were smoking all-whites and I was able to sit across from them on a bench and admire their performance. The long-haired blonde commanded most of my attention as she was by far the most attractive…and she didn’t disappoint with deep, intense drags and cloudy exhales.

Next, I journeyed past a building where crowds of people seemed to congregate. Among them at this time was an attractive 18-ish cutie with long light brown hair running down her back. Her look was fairly “alternative” but she was drop-dead gorgeous. She sat in the company of a middle-aged man who appeared to be her father and they sat there puffing on cork filters (likely Marlboro reds). They were nearing the end of their cigarettes by the time I arrived, but I got to see a couple nice drags by the girl before they crushed out the cigarettes and departed. While mother-daughter bonding over cigarettes is hot, it’s sweet to see father and daughter sharing treasured nicotine moments as well.

All of these sightings occurred in the first hour of the day. That’s very unusual for state fair outings where the early hours are often the least productive. The next couple hours weren’t as mind-blowing, but still offered some fine moments. I had a sighting with a mother and two daughters walking into the fairgrounds from the southeast side that was only satisfying because the younger daughter (about 15-16) was slender and a real cutie. The mother and older sister (presumably anyway) were overweight and unattractive.

A very handsome young couple about 20-21 sat on a bench behind the grandstand on the next pass. The girl was blonde and supermodel hot. Both were dragging copiously on their cigarettes.

Next I saw another cute young couple about 18-19 sit down in a lightly-trafficked region between a building entrance and the public bathrooms. The cute blonde girl was fishing around in her purse, which these days usually means she’s pulling out her cell phone. For some reason though, I sensed there would be a pack of cigarettes produced from that purse. Sure enough, here comes the pack of Marlboro Lights. She extracts one and proceeds to light up, feeding her insatiable need for nicotine while the apparently boyfriend sits next to her quietly allowing her to enjoy. I always love to see smoking girls with non-smoking guys for a number of reasons, but particularly since it gives me hope of being one of those lucky fellas.

Going back near the commons area, I see a middle-aged couple with what I later discovered to be a 16-ish boyfriend and girlfriend. The boy looked pretty thuggish, but the girl caught my eye, sporting a long, thick and gorgeous mane of dark brown hair and a really cute denim mini-skirt. Looking up to her left hand, I could see an unlit all-white that she was apparently preparing to light up. The family sat down on a grassy knoll and after a couple public displays of affection between the cheesy-looking boy and the homecoming queen chick (who had very pretty facial features to go along with beautiful hair and nice figure), she finally lit up the cigarette and proceeded to smoke it before the rest of the family lit up cigarettes of their own. I saw the young couple by themselves later in the day. They were again engaging in PDA’s but no smoking this time.

Journeying to a fairly secluded area near one of the beer gardens, I approached a group of three young people (two female and one male) sitting on a step. The guy was smoking and the girls weren’t (unfortunately, there were too many examples of that on display yesterday). As I walked past them, about to give up hope and write it off as a missed opportunity, the somewhat thuggish-looking guy hands the pack of Marlboro Lights to the girl sitting next to him, a very distinguished looking long-haired blonde about 20-21. Sure enough…she extracted a cigarette and lit up. As I observed from a nearby bench, she didn’t seem to be into it very much, going at least two minutes between her first and second drag. Still, seeing this cute and unlikely young lady smoking was a victory by any fetisher’s terms. And after a couple more minutes passed, the other girl proceeded to place a Marlboro Light between her lips and fire up. This girl was somewhat attractive, but not a stunner like the blonde next to her. Nonetheless, this was an impressive sighting since what appeared to have been a lost opportunity ended up being a surprise two-for-the-price-of-one treat.

Next I headed towards a stage (with accompanying seating) where a Iowa beauty queen pageant was taking place. Before I ever got there, I caught a glimpse of two attractive 19-21-ish blondes sitting on the grass with boyfriends sucking down all-whites. The long-haired blonde was the cuter of the two, but the shorter-haired blonde was nothing to sneeze at either, and accentuated her appeal with a bare-midriff tanktop and a tiny pair of jean shorts covering her bottom. After finishing their cigarettes, the four of them stood up, and it was a nice bonus to see the girl in the short shorts brushing the grass off of her scantily-clad backside.

Only about two minutes later, I proceeded to the back of the bleachers for the beauty pageant. As I walk behind the bleachers, a toxic cloud of exhaled tobacco smoke rising above the top row of the bleachers catches my eye. I arrive at the place where the smoke originated from to find the back seats occupied by four girls of varying degrees of hotness, but could see right away that the smoke had come from the lungs of 19-21ish blonde with a cute little blond ponytail and outrageously hot denim cutoffs. Sitting next to her was an overweight brunette who was also smoking and two other college-age girls, one very attractive and the other a plain jane, who were apparently non-smokers. Clearly, it was the blonde who caught my eye. She considerately exhaled straight into the air and held the cigarette above her head to avoid exposing the non-smokers on both sides of her and in front of her to her noxious vapors. She dragged frequently and intensely, easily besting the performance of the overweight brunette next to her and finishing the cigarette several moments earlier……

I took another loop around the grounds and didn’t see anything worthwhile, but returned to the pageant as it ended, partly to see which girl won the pageant but mostly to see if there would be any additional smoking performances by this blonde or any of her pals. She didn’t disappoint, standing up at the finale of the pageant and lighting up another cigarette along with the overweight brunette next to her. At this point, I noticed there were a couple of guys accompanying them seated in the row directly in front. At least one of them appeared to be the boyfriend of the blonde in the snug cutoffs. And neither of the guys were smoking. It was such a rush to think that this nicotine queen had a non-smoking boyfriend. Watching her polish off that second cigarette (a Marlboro Light from what I could tell) like a seasoned pro really gave me the momentum I needed to get through the late afternoon, where sightings were few and far between for a couple of hours.

One highlight that brightened up that late afternoon was a group of guys and girls in the 18-20 age range that entered the grounds. A couple of the guys were
smoking, but only one of the girls. She was a cutie though, 18-ish in a skimpy tanktop with bra straps exposed and pair of white shorts. She didn’t look at all like a smoker, but there she was, dragging on her cigarette in plain view at the Iowa State Fair. Following her group at a comfortable distance, I got to see a handful of nice drags and exhales, and also saw her stomp out the butt when she finished. Looking down at the green rings on the white filter, it was very obviously a Marlboro Light Menthol.

Another Marlboro Light Menthol girl followed with a sighting that was originally very hot for me, but where I had a bit of a buzzkill only about an hour later. Near the beer gardens area again, I see a middle-aged man with what I presumed to be his daughter, a petite and adorable girl with shoulder-length light brown hair and a microscopic blue cotton mini-skirt with something written on the ass. The middle-aged guy she was following was not smoking, but the girl sure was. Given her cutesy attire and petite body, I originally guessed she was no older than 15. I got to see her take two drags from her all-white. Next, I found it strangely enticing when she carelessly flung her spent cigarette butt into the corner crevace of a building. The cigarette rolled on the cement and landed not far from two young Latino men, one of which clearly was repulsed by the girl tossing the cigarette so close to him. Okay, so perhaps the girl was inconsiderate, but as a fetisher, such behavior is wickedly hot to me, particularly when done by a girl so young and cute…..

Now for the buzzkill, at least for me. About an hour later, I see this same cute girl in the same tiny mini-skirt with another smoldering Marlboro Menthol Light between her fingers. This time, she was with new company. Two males, and a young boy that looked to be about a year old or slightly less. One of the guys was the holding the child, but the girl was leaning in and gushing out some baby talk to the little guy. I wouldn’t have thought this girl was old enough to be a mother (and there was no way judging from her facial features that she could have been older than 19), but I definitely got the impression that this was her son. As I looked up to her bare midriff above that tiny skirt, I could see some of the most well-pronounced stretch marks I’ve ever seen on her belly. Now this was still cute in its own way, but I would have nonetheless preferred to cling to the premise that this was a mid-teen girl openly smoking at the state fair in the presence of her father.

The weary late afternoon hours slogged on, with my feet really starting to ache from more than five hours of almost non-stop walking at the same time as the sightings remained yawningly stagnant in the 40’s range for what seemed like an eternity. But I took the advice of country singer Rodney Atkins who advises that “if you’re going through hell, keep on going” and it eventually paid off. Behind the grandstand, I approach the many benches from behind and my eyes focus in on these two curly blonde ponytails. As I get closer, I notice that there’s a mother and two blonde teenage daughters. The younger girl was about 15 or 16 and had the cowgirl look going on, but otherwise looked a little on the nerdy side. I was just getting my first glimpse of the older sister as I notice an all-white cylinder being inserted into her mouth. I take a seat a couple benches over and observe. The girl was quite cute and didn’t look at all like a smoker. She looked to be about 18, but judging from the way she was concealing the cigarette from public view, it’s possible she was younger and didn’t want adults to see her smoking. Whatever the case, I got to see a handful of nice drags and sneaky, inconspicuous exhales that quickly vanished with the wind. Within a couple of minutes, the father of the family left the grandstand and they proceeded as a family to their next destination. The girl carefully snuffed out the cigarette and appeared to be saving the rest of it for later, indicating to me she is probably not a very heavy smoker and doesn’t let a ciggie go to waste. Whatever the case, after such a lengthy dry spell, this sighting was an outstanding development.

A free Shooter Jennings concert was to start at 8 p.m. that I wanted to attend, so I visited the bandshell area where the concert was to take place a half hour early, scanning the crowd for smokers whom I could sit near once the concert began. In the second to back row sat a group of guys and young ladies that appeared to be college age. I immediately took note of a very shapely and beautiful brunette with a wonderful girl-next-door look, as well as a sexy black tanktop really all kinds of skin and skin-tight painted-on blue jeans. Snug up against her shapely posterior was a pack of Marlboro Lights and a lighter. I didn’t want to wait here for a half hour and waste all that fetish time, so I decided to simply come back and see if this cutie would put on a performance for me.
I continued my journey for another half hour before the concert began and walked past the bathroom where two attractive college-age girls were waiting in line. The one was smoking a cigarette while waiting, and when it was her turn to go in, she handed the cigarette to a cute brunette who had either already went to the bathroom or didn’t need to. The brunette proceeded to drag from her friend’s cigarette while she was in the bathroom. At this point, a third girl, equally cute, exited the bathroom with an already-lit cigarette between her fingers. I can imagine there were some not-so-happy women in that bathroom who didn’t much enjoy that this girl added cigarette smoke to the stench of a public restroom, but that only made it more exciting. The third girl soon left the bathroom herself and the three of them proceeded elsewhere on the fairgrounds, two of them wielding cigarettes.

Not long after this sighting, the Shooter Jennings concert was about to start. I returned with excitement to see if I could see my girl-next-door brunette in the black strap shirt and tight jeans smoking. I was crushed when she and her posse were no longer there. I scanned the entire crowd and saw no sign of them before giving up and sitting elsewhere.

The concert lasted over an hour, and even here, I was rewarded with a handful of quality sightings. The best of them was a 21-ish blonde with long curly hair and an amazing figure who was prancing with a friend in the walkway directly in front of where I was seated. By now it was getting dark and I was less able to see the telltale signs of tobacco presence on a girl approaching from a distance. I saw her coming right as Shooter’s radio hit was playing. She was singing along and looking drop-dead gorgeous. She didn’t look much like a smoker, so my expectations were low. Imagine my pleasant surprise when she walks past with a freshly-lit all-white “sixth finger” on her right hand. About 10 minutes later, this girl walked back the opposite direction, this time without a cigarette but still giving me an awesome opportunity to admire a perfect female body strutting in front of my admiring eyes.

After the concert, I took my aching feet for another walk down the midway, my third of the day and a largely disappointing venue for sightings. Here was the one place where the Iowa State Fair didn’t live up to the Minnesota State Fair which I’m used to. The midway was large with plenty of rides and games, but was confined to a brutally crowded space that made sightings (and simple walking) a challenging feat compared to the spacious midway grounds at the Minnesota State Fair. I believe I had three sightings over the course of the day in the midway, none of which were among my top-tier or second-tier sightings of the day. After the midway, however, I went back behind the grandstand area and found myself trailing in the shadow of a group of young guys and attractive college-age girls that I had seen earlier in the day. Out of the blue, an attractive brunette in a red-and-black-striped shirt pulls out a pack of Marlboro Lights from her purse and extracts two cigarettes, one of which she gives to one of the guys in the group. The two of them light up. I was hoping that the blonde, the cutest girl in the group, would also light up, which she didn’t, but that didn’t take away from the sexiness of this brunette puffing away in front of me.

Next came restitution for the sighting stolen from earlier before the Shooter Jennings concert. I’m walking down one of the main stretches and the fair and immediately notice the “girl next door” hottie in the black strap shirt and tight jeans with all of her friends. With amazing timing, I happen to be approaching them just as that beautiful pack of Marlboro Lights makes another appearance. The brunette lights herself up along with a less-attractive blonde in the group. I got to see a few drags and it was extremely satisfying to have this moment back from earlier, and to see smoke pouring from the nose and mouth of this adorably cute young lady.

It was nearly 10 p.m. at this point and I was looking to leave, but as I’ve said before, I always prefer to end the day/night with a bang it if at all possible. But there’s no way I could have anticipated what lied in store for me. I should warn though that this “epic sighting” was one in which not everybody will share my enthusiasm. For me though, it simply doesn’t get better than this….

Sighting #77 of the day came when I was heading to the east side of the grounds, set up on a rather steep hill. I see a bright red cherry in the hands of shapely college-age girl only a few yards to the east. I begin to follow and admire the body of this girl concealed in tight jeans and skimpy halter top. The overweight and unattractive girl accompanying her (who wasn’t smoking at all) made it easy to focus all my attention on this girl. It took me a couple of moments in the dark of night to notice, but I eventually discovered that this girl was not smoking a cigarette, but a rather a pretty good-sized tiparillo cigar. For me, there is no sexier novelty than seeing a pretty girl smoking a cigar, particularly in a public setting like a state fair rather than some seedy bar….

After this bombshell revelation, I began to follow at close range, enabling me to ingest as much secondhand cigar smoke as possible. Every pungent whiff felt as though it was heaven-sent as it splashed me in the face. From there, the already astounding sighting got even better as the two girls stopped at a lemonade stand to purchase a beverage. There she stood, cigar in hand, buying her lemonade. What I wouldn’t have given to be the girl in that lemonade stand selling a drink to this cigar-chomping hottie…..

After the lemonade purchase, the girls proceeded up the hill to a crowded area near extreme rides. As they weaved their way through the crowd, a number of people took a second look upon getting a noseful of cigar smoke coming from this attractive young lady. As if it was the most normal thing in the world, she stood amongst this crowd dragging on her cigar without the slightest hint of self-consciousness. Standing there, I was extremely close to approaching her and requesting a date. I’ve never been good at that sort of thing, but a situation like this comes up so rarely that I nearly forced myself to proceed. Then I started to evaluate this situation a little more closely. Here we have a butch looking girl in the company of a female cigar smoker….not exactly the most heterosexual union I’ve come across in my day. The more I thought about it, the more I feared tremendous embarrassment if my date request was met with the revelation that the girl didn’t swing my way….

Determined to go out with a bang, this unpredictable girl carefully snuffed out the cherry on her two-thirds smoked tiparillo and then stored the remainder of it in her the back pocket of her jeans (don’t ask me how it even fit back there as tight as the jeans were), apparently saving it for later. Moments later, the girls turned around and walked away from the scene, passing me at close range and providing me one final chance to ask the girl out that I let pass. I’ll probably be kicking myself for weeks for letting this opportunity slide, but if I get nothing else from the girl in this lifetime, seeing her smoke a cigar at the Iowa State Fair on August 12, 2006, will be more than enough to put her in my Hall of Fame.

Having succeeded in ending the evening with a flourish, it was time for me to take the lengthy trek from the east side of the fairgrounds to the southwest corner where my shuttle bus awaited. The late evening is the best time for sightings, and last night was no exception, yielding an additional eight sightings before I got the gate. Two of them were particularly satisfying, including one behind the grandstand, where a horde of college-age guys and girls were approaching me. Briefly scanning the attractive crowd, I didn’t hold out much hope that any of this unlikely bunch was a smoker. But lo and behold, just as she’s passing me, this stunning blond in the group inserts a Marlboro Light in her lips and fires up. Intrigued, I briefly reverse course and follow, looking admirably at the very old-fashioned long skirt she was wearing and how the image contrasted with the freshly-lit cigarette only inches away from it. Out of all of the seven or eight individuals in the group, this girl struck me as the least likely to be addicted to nicotine. Yet there she was…the only one in the group feeding her insatiable dependency on cigarettes before my very eyes.
Lastly, I was walking side-by-side with a pair of couples, one young and one middle-aged, likely the parents of either the younger guy or the girl. I wasn’t paying very close attention, but out of the corner of my eyes, see the girl inserting a smoldering cigarette into her mouth. I was stunned at first, as she looked so petite from my angle that I didn’t think she could have been any older than 14. When I finally got a look at her face, however, it was clear that was probably more like 19. Nonetheless, it was a lovely parting shot to see this adorably petite chick smoking in the presence of either her parents or her in-laws.

So there you have it….my first deeply satisfying experience at the Iowa State Fair. I always pay a steep price for these intense state fair smoking safaris the next day and particularly the evenings of, and this time was no exception. I probably put on more than 25 miles on my feet and take in a full day’s worth of direct sun exposure, resulting in a feverish feeling that lingers for hours. When I get home and head to bed, my pillow becomes like a heating bad absorbing the heat from my face at the same time as I suffer from a sort of “sensory overload”, seeing images of generic females smokers inserting cigarettes into their mouths every time I close my eyes. I’ve been doing these all-day pressure-cooker sightings adventures for about five years now, and it’s crazy how I feel the exact same symptoms at the end of the day every time.

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