Top 25 Fairgrounds Sightings of 2012

The six-week stretch of late summer when I make my three main fairgrounds tours always produces the overwhelming majority of smoker girl sightings that I get for the entire year.  2012 was no exception, but for the first time in several years, there was a slippage in the sightings numbers.  I peaked in 2011 with 762 sightings, and even though I put in as much if not more time fetishing at fairgrounds in 2012, my overall sightings number dropped to 691 this year.  And while that number is still very good, 2012 produced no runaway winners or once-in-a-lifetime epic sightings the way most years preceding it did.  It was also the first year where my local county fair exceeded the output of either the Iowa State Fair and Minnesota State Fair, a feat that will be reflected by its disproportionate bounty in this top-25 list.  There’s still plenty of first-rate sightings material here, but suffice it to say this year’s #1 wouldn’t have made my top-three in the past few years.   I still suspect readers will enjoy reading the 25 sightings that I singled out from the 691 total fairgrounds sightings, however.  As always, there are a few sightings bubbling just under the top-25 that I wish I could give end-of-year recognition too, but will limit the list to a top-25, beginning now.


#25.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

Despite being my least productive day of fairgrounds fetishing in years, my first Saturday at the 2012 Iowa State Fair still produced a dozen or so memorable moments and few golden images, including this would-be classic from early evening that ultimately left me wanting for more even though I still give it props for being one of the most classic images of the summer….

I was journeying westward on the Grand Concourse and took note of this tool of a boyfriend/husband pushing a stroller containing a daughter who looked about two years old, while the surprisingly wholesome-looking light brunette mommy…was smoking a cigar!  It was the final inch or so of a plastic-tipped Black ‘N’ Mild and it looked WAY out of place between the fingers of this 22ish cutie wearing an orange tanktop and pinkish striped shorts.  Looking at the image of this girl, the last thing you’d expect to see was a cigar in her hand.  I wouldn’t doubt if other fairgoers walking by and smelling cigar smoke in the air were looking for its source and were positively shocked that it was coming from her.  She had a lighter in the same hand as the cigar which informed me she had just relit the thing and probably only smokes a little bit of her cigars at a time.  I followed close by and snapped a few rear photos which were okay but you can barely make out that she has a cigar in her hand given the diminutive size of what was left.  More luxurious was bathing in the smelly exhales that came whenever she took a drag, which unfortunately didn’t come often.

Frustration followed, however, as she sat down near the exit with the husband and the little girl, clearly waiting for somebody.  I stood by for a full five minutes and she never took another drag.  It was cute seeing the daughter come out of the stroller and being fairly close to mommy, knowing that mommy stunk of cigar, but I was pulling my hair out as she failed to take additional drags from the plastic-tipped cigar.  About 15 minutes later, I returned to this spot to find no trace of either the couple or a cigar butt.  This was still probably my third favorite sighting of the day but like so many that day, had the potential to be so much more.


#24.  Iowa State Fair, Day 2

My second visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2012 was a half-day adventure after work one Wednesday that proved much more productive than the first day.  The first hour of the visit was already shaping up nicely and I was about to score again walking around The Depot bar and grill on the west side of the grounds, making my usual loop around the back  of the structure and coming upon a cluster of four Depot workers, three male and one female.  They were all wearing the purple T-shirts advertising The Depot so it was clear they were employees.  Guess which one of the four employees was a smoker?

And not only was the girl cute, she was almost certainly underage.  She was a dark blond with a cute ponytail and a wholesome, girl-next-door face wearing a pair of pale blue jean shorts to go with her Depot T-shirt and who looked so gosh-darned adorable with a fresh cigarette extending from her fingers, amidst the three male coworkers of various ages.  Now the girl was extremely cute but I need to confirm that she wasn’t in the league of that teen brunette with her dad from 2010 (“Dad, where’s Amy and Jessica?!?!”….ISF #16) who was my last great Depot sighting.  The way she carried herself was so girlish but it was kind of frustrating how restless she was, darting from a much older guy sitting there relaxing to this young guy who I later would come to realize was probably her boyfriend, albeit a nonsmoking one.  This made it hard to see her smoke and even harder to get a photo in from the bench I sat on in close proximity.  I managed one but it’s blurry and lousy.

After failing to secure a quality photo I just relaxed and enjoyed the show, her precocious 17-year-old smoking style on display so unapologetically in front of these older guys.  But when I thought I had this group’s dynamics figured out, she wandered over to the young guy (who still looked a few years older than her) who was sitting by himself on the seat of one of The Depot’s golf cart-like vehicles and snuggled on up to him, kissing him on the cheek with her tobacco breath.  Very exciting to witness this girl meandering around these adult males and asserting herself with no inhibitions all with that cigarette proudly perched in her hand.  There was no way I was gonna identify the butt the way the scene was situated, so I parted…..

Fast forward nearly five hours to 11:20 when I was on an extended cold streak in the late evening hours and time was slipping away before midnight closing time, but I’d end with a flourish with a great follow-up walking around The Depot.  It was pitch-black in the spot out back where the workers gravitate out, but I could see my adorable ponytailed 17ish Depot worker was one of the three that was stepping out.  The two guys were getting behind the wheel of the golf cart-type vehicle that they were about to drive.  My teen cutie was climbing into the back to sit in what would pass as a storage type area or open-air trunk on this vehicle.  I had a feeling it was coming and it did….as the vehicle was preparing to drive off, a lighter flicked in the darkness and brought to life another of her cigarettes.  Apparently stinky girl has to sit in the back so as to lessen her offensive odor to the adult males driving.  Great follow-up on this one.


#23.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

As I said above, my opening day at the Iowa State Fair was a disappointment, but I was fortunate to end the day with a flourish of above-average sightings in the final hour, capstoned by this sighting which came around 11:30 that evening…

My morale had increased after this 9th inning sightings flourish, but my feet were so sore that I couldn’t fully appreciate it.  However, my second favorite sighting of the day transpired in a spot that allowed me to get off my feet to watch it unfold.  I saw a wholesome-looking 21ish couple sitting on a bench as I walked past, and the first thing I saw was that the guy was smoking.  I didn’t see the girl with a cigarette initially and figured it would be another annoying nonsighting where only the guy was smoking, but as I passed them I could see that the crazy wholesome brunette girl next to him indeed did have a smoldering freshly lit cigarette in her hand.  There was an open bench next to them facing the girl so I had it made, sitting down to enjoy the show.  I also got to enjoy the image of her impossibly smooth legs on display while seated, extending from the jean shorts that ended at the rump of her ass.  She wasn’t holding the cigarette immediately close to her legs but it was beside the bench only a few inches away.  I always looked her way when she took a drag, and she spotted me a couple of times, but it was worth it as she always took very pleasing moderate drags and then exhaled straight ahead with more of a burst of smoke coming from her mouth rather than the straight-line missile style exhale.  Again, very wholesome-looking girl and one of the straight-up cutest girls of the day making herself stinky.

The boyfriend finished his cigarette first as the girl appeared to be taking a little more time with hers.  That’s when the lovey-dovey stuff started as they began embracing each other and he pulled in for a kiss, electing to get a faceful of her ashtray mouth in the process.  I was jealous of this guy for scoring the kiss but wanted to smack him upside the head for failing to put his hands on those sexy legs of hers and feeling her up down there.  Needless to say I was sticking around for butt identification, but once again got screwed as she crushed the cigarette out on the edge of the bench and then got up to toss it into the nearest garbage can.  When they left, I actually looked into that garbage can to see if it was still visible.  As expected, it wasn’t to be seen, so the best I could do was follow them briefly and admire this cutie’s sexy legs and ass in those jean shorts.


#22.  Iowa State Fair, Day 2

I was on quite a roll during the period just before and after dusk on my Wednesday half-day visit of the 2012 Iowa State Fair, and the final sighting in this stretch of greatness took place on the fairgrounds’ south side.  I found myself walking to the rear and just parallel to two young couples in their early 20s.  The one girl in the group of four stood out, a perfectly wholesome-looking brunette with shoulder-length hair wearing a blue tanktop and white cutoffs that were frayed at the bottom.  It was one insanely sexy image and she had a perfect body.  She was beautiful too….not in the “most gorgeous girl at the fair” sense, but in the “girl-next-door who you’re always looking out the window as she walks by as a teenage boy” sense.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could see a girl like that smoking a cigarette tonight, I thought to myself as I studied her awesome feminine profile from the diagonal rear.  No sooner did that thought cross my mind when I saw her up-to-that-point obstructed right hand approach her mouth with a half-smoked cigarette and take a drag.  It was one of those moments that make your knees buckle, seeing her make that cherry of her cigarette glow bright red in the night sky as she wrapped her mouth around that filter and breathed in the cancerous chemicals.

I quickened my pace so I could get a frontal view of her and the rest of her group.  She was a solid 9 beauty-wise, with that incredible presentation with the blue tanktop and frayed white cutoffs making her positively irresistible as she walked hand in hand with yet another nonsmoking boyfriend who is perfectly content with enduring the incessant stench of a smoking girlfriend as any sane male would do for a girl of her caliber.  Indeed the other nondescript couple was also nonsmokers, so my girl was the only one of the four stinking up the fairgrounds.  I got to see three more drags, all nice but none particularly distinctive in a style sense before she dropped the cigarette to the ground and made a halfhearted effort to stomp it out, but not even succeeding in squishing the cherry.  I had no problem identifying it as a cork filter Camel Blue.  I followed them briefly towards an obscure stage where live music of some sort was playing.  The sighting had played out, however, so I ventured on, obviously walking on cloud nine and texting a friend bragging about what a great night I was having even though the night stopped being great at that exact moment.


#21.  Local County Fair, Thursday Night

The first three nights of my early August local county fair were particularly epic in 2012, and the best night of all was Thursday, with one of several classic sightings from the evening transpiring at around 7:45 as I sat in my favorite spot of the grandstand awaiting the concert by country group Thompson Square and my friend Corey to arrive, all while keeping close tabs on the quasi-smoking area just below where I sat and scoring big-time…

A long-haired mid-20s dark brunette was exiting the grandstand in the company of a young girl who looked about five.  Mom had a very glamorous air about her and was wearing a short dress with a pair of jean shorts underneath, but two things really spiked her sex appeal.  Beneath the jean shorts she was wearing black style boots with spiked heels that went all the up to her knees.  You can’t even imagine how sexy they looked.  Also raising her sex appeal was the fact that she was walking outside carrying her wallet and her pack of Marlboro Smooths.  I watched her extract a cigarette from the pack as she walked out the gate with the daughter, but I was about to stomp my feet and throw a tantrum that would have been far more childish than anything the five-year-old daughter could have thrown when she walked right past the smoking area. But all was not lost as she was merely stopping at the rib booth just outside to buy dinner for the daughter.  After making the purchase, mommy lit up her Marlboro Smooth.  It was clear she was a very adept smoker, and at this point she was approaching the smoking area.  Even though the daughter had just purchased the food, she had to use the port-a-potty, leading her to hold up the pork sandwich (or whatever it was) to mom.  Mom placed the cork-filter cigarette in the corner of her mouth for a wickedly hot dangle as the daughter handed her the food and went in the port-a-potty.

Mom was literally right in front of me smoking, so I got to see her very close-up.  Facially she was probably a 7….not quite as gorgeous as her sultry presentation would suggest but the presentation won me over.  I got to see three drags and a pretty solid smoking style while she waited for the daughter.  As soon as the port-a-potty door opened, Mom placed the cigarette back into the corner of her mouth dangling it for several seconds while holding out the sandwich for the daughter to take back, and then capstoned the moment by asking the daughter through a talking dangle if she washed her hands.  Now the sighting was coming to a close, but as great as the overall pedigree of this sighting was, with the talking dangles and the incredible example being set for the daughter, the best image of all was yet to come.  Mom took two more drags as she approached the grandstand gate before dropping the cigarette to the ground and then using that spiky-heeled high leather boot to squash out the cigarette before heading back inside.  I have fantasized about the image of her crushing out her cigarette with that bootheel regularly in the nearly five months since this sighting transpired.


#20. Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

Neither of my two full day visits to the 2012 Minnesota State Fair produced any of the all-time classic sightings that the venue is known for, but I still had two above-average days that generated plenty of fun little moments like this 2-for-1 sighting that ultimately yielded a fantastic storyline…

I was walking by the beer gardens block and wandered to the block just to the north where a lot of the beer gardens regulars drift off to have a drink and a cigarette away from the crowds.  I spotted a duo of early to mid 20s blonds sitting on the curb, the prettier of whom was a ponytailed platinum blond in a blue top and a deadly sexy short and skin-tight black miniskirt.  She was digging through her purse and pulled out both her iPhone and a pack of Marlboro 27s, which she proceeded to sit next to her and then typed away on her iPhone.  I waited a couple of minutes but she kept typing away, and since this was the prime 6:00 hour where I usually run up the score of my sightings the most, I couldn’t just stand there and wait 15 minutes for her to light up if that’s how long it took before she did, so I walked briefly up the block to see if anything else awaited but saw nothing and turned back around.  And immediately after turning around I saw a massive cloud of exhaled smoke coming from her direction even before I officially spotted her again in the blinding sun.  I boogied on over though, disappointed that I missed the light-up but eager to see the rest of the sighting.  I snapped a couple of pictures but I wasn’t really close enough to capture their essence, especially with the glare of the setting sun in the direction where I was photographing.

She was a solid 8.5 beauty wise, and at least as good on the spectrum for smoking skill producing impressive clouds of exhaled smoke with every exhale.  And two things happened over the course of my photo snapping that produced mixed results.  The first is that some middle-aged guy entered the scene and sat on a bench directly behind them, which would soon give the sighting its character.  And the second is that the pretty girl handed the cigarette to more modest blond to her left.  This helped make it a two-for-one, but the second girl was neither as pretty nor as skilled of a smoker as the original girl.

Not content to stand watching this with the sun in my eyes, I crossed the street and took an angled rear view of the girls.  Even though she was no longer in possession of the cigarette, the original blond still had my attention, particularly as I looked down to that tight and short black miniskirt, which she had to carefully cross her legs in to avoid letting passersby see her private parts.  Back to the smoker, she finally took a mediocre drag and produced a mediocre exhale, but the east wind blew this girl’s cigarette smoke right back towards the middle-aged guy on the bench behind her.  I watched the exhaled smoke flow right towards him and this aggrieved face of epic proportion entered his face as he looked behind him to see the clueless girls sitting there talking, with the lesser of the girls holding the cigarette that she just used as a weapon against this guy.

I could hardly wait until the next exhale as I knew it would be more of the same, and sure enough, another exhale blew right towards the guy, and he appeared absolutely exasperated this time, turning around looking at these girls as though they had just pissed on him.  I seriously thought he was gonna confront them.  My only disappointment was that my favorite girl with her much cloudier exhales wasn’t the one asphyxiating him.  After one more drag, the original girl did reclaim possession of the cigarette and produced her usual cloudy exhales.  The breeze seemed to no longer blow the smoke as directly into this guy’s air space now, but a group of teenagers settled in and stood near the bench, also behind the girls.  And the miniskirted blond’s exhale drifted towards this one mid-teen Asian girl who smelled the cigarette smoke and waved it annoyedly away from her nose, cringing at the smell of smoke.  These smoker girls just couldn’t win!  I don’t know as I’ve ever seen two separate groups of people openly express their disgust at young smoker girls like this, and it made for a pretty colorful encounter that I thought at times might be on the verge of breaking into fisticuffs.  The cigarette was crushed out and the girls didn’t move, but I had to.  I had already confirmed their brand was Marlboro 27s, so my priority was boosting my sightings numbers in the final half hour or so before I had to meet my parents.


#19. Local County Fair, Saturday Night

I didn’t know what to expect at my local county fair as Saturday night was advertised as “Smoke-Free Saturday” this year.  The gimmick didn’t seem to severely impact tobacco consumption on the grounds as many people probably didn’t even know about it.  Even if the ploy had been a complete success, however, the designated smoking area happened to be in the exact spot outside the grandstand where I am seated for the concerts, and the area delivered in a big way a couple of times that Saturday evening during the concert by country group Lonestar, with the following being one of those times….

Before the show this guy and a very unattractive 17-18ish girl went outside to share a cigarette.  I didn’t think much when the two of them came out again in the final third of the concert, but meeting them in the smoking area from the main fairgrounds rather than the concert were two decidedly more attractive 17-18ish girls who were both eating fair food.  One girl was a wholesome light brunette in a purple dress with cowgirl boots who was absolutely adorable and didn’t look like a smoker.  I’ll kill the suspense right now and confirm that she wasn’t.  But the other girl was this long-haired dark blond wearing a yellow top and very tight dark jeans.  She was very attractive but had a harder look than the brunette friend, quite similar to a 2003-era Avril Lavigne.  She was also very skinny in a way just enough to still be sexy and not unattractively skeletal.  I kept watch on them over the course of about five minutes hoping some smoking would come out of it.  Right as I was losing hope, the long-haired dark blond produced a pack from out of nowhere (too dark to see the brand) and lit up.  Yet another barely legal girl smoking in front of me.

And hot damn did this girl have skills, kicking things off with a 20-second dangle while messing with her hair.  But her most impressive feature were her rapist drags, every one in the 5-6 second range and one even extending as long as seven seconds.  How does an 18-year-old girl smoke like this?!?!?  Every time I saw her drag I became that much more attracted, and often wondered as she stood there in that endless dragging posture if she had frozen into a lifeless statue during the course of the drag as it didn’t seem possible for her to suck smoke from the cigarette that damn long.  She was in a very tight huddle with the three friends and then spit to the ground.  The guy started playing mock footsie with her and I was wondering if it had anything to do with her spitting a lugie to the ground and either hitting his shoe or coming close.  Whatever the case, a couple of rapist drags later and she spit another lugie to the ground in the middle of this huddle.  Her best was still to come though…..

She placed the two-thirds smoked cigarette into her mouth and began to take another rapist drag and then let go, dangling the drag for the final four of the six seconds and then letting the mostly smoked cigarette (that had to be quite hot on her lips) dangle again for no reason.  That’s when the guy from the group did something I’ve never seen before.  He grabbed the cigarette from her mouth while she was dangling (who knows how long it would have gone on otherwise!??!) and took a puff himself before handing it to his homely girlfriend for another drag….and then handed it back to blondie.  Blondie took one more deep drag and then flicked the cigarette to the corner of the smoking area.  Moments later, she and the wholesome brunette in the purple dress (what an odd couple these two were!) walked away together and the guy and ugly girl went back to the concert.

Now I wouldn’t see this blond smoking again, but I saw her twice more on the grounds that evening and was very impressed by her somewhat weathered-looking but still solid beauty.  No surprise at all looking at this girl that she was a smoker as she had the look big-time, as it would be hard not to the way she massacres her cigarettes like she’s a general in an army.  And I even got the brand as she stuffed the pack in the back pocket of her tight jeans….Marlboro Reds!


#18. Local County Fair, Friday Night

There were no unproductive nights at my local county fair in 2012, but the least impressive of the five was Friday night, but even that one delivered in the final half hour of the evening as I was exploring the midway.  Sitting on a bench about halfway through the midway were two 17ish brunettes….including this knockout in a black T-shirt and jean shorts with her dark brown hair puffed up in front.  I had seen this girl on the grounds earlier in the day and thought to myself what a hot smoker she’d be.  Well my wish was the fair’s demand as she was sitting on this bench with her less attractive, nonsmoking friend puffing away.  It wasn’t perfect, but there was an open bench about 20 yards away and I had a good vantage point.  Now this girl was a smoker…with the best style of the night.  Her drags were a solid four seconds and her exhales were creamy and cloudy…but her most memorable style point was her hold times.  Now my instinct was that this girl was a smoker the first time I laid eyes on her, but sitting there watching her I just had the feeling she was either a rookie smoker or a social smoker…so imagine how caught off-guard I was when she held the smoke in her black little lungs for four seconds after every drag.  God I love cigarettes!

Much as I was enjoying the show of just the two of them, the same old story played out when two guys their age stopped in front of them.  The guys who looked about the same age as the girls (17ish) weren’t smoking but my little brunette cutie just kept puffing away on her cigarette as they talked.  I was at first annoyed by this but it definitely had a happy ending.  The guys talked to the girls for about two minutes and then started walking away….but something held the one guy back.  He turned around and went back to the brunette smoker….and then knelt down and kissed her ashtray-mouthed lips.  I would have paid $1,000 to experience what that guy just got for free as he then resumed walking away with his guy friend, undoubtedly not even realizing what a lucky bastard he is.  This just left the two girls sitting there again, and my brunette took the final few drags from her cigarette, exhibiting the same impressive style with every drag before dropping the cigarette to the dirt and casually crushing out the cherry.  Nothing would stop me from identifying this cigarette butt…..except of course if the girls never, ever moved.  And they didn’t!  I couldn’t just sit here on a bench in this midway full of teenagers indefinitely without arousing suspicion so I had to take off and hope I could return and identify the butt.

I made another loop around the grounds, noticing a larger-than-previous-nights cohort of police officers were starting to eyeball me a little closer, resuming their suspicions that led them to confront me last year.  It was almost 11:30 and I had to get out of here but not without going to the midway to identify my prize.  The bench was open….and although it took me a moment, I found the cork filter Marlboro Black butt in the dirt…the only cigarette butt around and it was smoked by the evening’s hottest girl.

As I completed that final midway loop, I got one last treat walking past the 17ish brunette girl of the night who was hand in hand with the boyfriend who got the stinky kiss from her about 10 minutes earlier.  Very impressive girl.


#17. Local County Fair, Thursday Night

Thursday night fetishing at my local county fair had serious potential to be blown up by a few landmines, the biggest of which was my cousin “Judd” who had told me earlier that week on Facebook that he’d be coming to the fair Thursday night and wanted to hang out.  While a nice guy, he has an exhausting in-your-face presence that would kill my chances of successfully taking in smoker girl sightings if I was joined at the hip with him for the evening.  And lo and behold, I spotted him early and often immediately after arriving at the fairgrounds, always trying to carefully evade his notice, but my luck would eventually run out as he spotted me.  But as is all too often the case, his presence facilitated one of the best fetish moments of the evening….

For as much as Judd talked about hanging together on Thursday night when he came to the fair, he didn’t seem to want to do more than chat it up for a brief while that night.  When I mentioned I was going to the concert with my friend, he didn’t request to join us but just said he was waiting for a call from his girlfriend who was driving there.  I was sidelined no more than 10 minutes before he asked where the cheapest soft drinks were.   I told him the stand outside the north exit of the grandstand sold pop for $1 and he was all over it.  This stand selling the cheap pop happened to be overlooking the smoking area outside the grandstand…and sure enough as we got in line for our beverages, there stood this complete sexpot of a 19ish curly-haired light brunette with her modestly attractive dark brunette friend.  Only the light brunette was smoking, standing there dressed in this red and black plaid blouse and tight blue Daisy Dukes with long smooth legs stemming from outside, all with a pair of sunglasses propped up on top of her hair giving her a touch of a badass look to go with the country girl sex toy profile.  I just got one glance initially and that was enough to see that this girl was dripping sexuality to the point that I almost needed a scoop shovel to remove the sex appeal all over the ground next to her.

I was in line to get my 7UP first and Judd was behind me.  There was a canopy from the booth blocking my view so when I bought the 7UP I told Judd I was gonna stand in the shade underneath the tent…but of course you know what my real objective was.  I moved as close as I could, knowing that my time was limited.  I had a good vantage point as this amazing long-legged babe took two back-to-back drags.  Her technique was modest with average-length drags and thin exhales.  I couldn’t tell if the thin exhales were the result of weak consumption or if she was just so practiced at smoking that much of the ingested smoke was clinging to her lung tissue.  Usually I can tell, but I couldn’t here.  Not that I had much time…Judd approached from behind giving me this “what are you doing?” look.  We walked away for a brief time before he got the call from his girlfriend to meet him at the gate.  I took the opportunity to tell him I better meet Corey, even though I knew Corey wasn’t gonna be there yet.  I walked to the grandstand and entered the show, taking my favorite seat.  Obviously, my curly-haired light brunette sexpot was no longer there, but 15 minutes later or so I watched her exit the grandstand.  Hot damn was she a siren, the pockets of those cutoffs gleaming a glittery blue from underneath the frayed fabric and on those smooth thighs.  I definitely hoped to see this girl again!

Throughout the concert, all I could think about was my desire to see a second sighting from the country girl in the Daisy Duke cutoffs.  Just as Thompson Square was in the final throes of the concert, I would get my wish as I looked up in the grandstand to see an approaching light brunette late teen superbabe in a red and black plaid top along with her dark brunette friend.  Just as she was exiting the grandstand, Corey was telling me something and I didn’t even pretend to listen to him as my eyes were glued on this hottie.  She stopped at a perfect spot just outside the gate and I had a prime vantage point as the two of them stood there.  Out came a dark pack and I’m pretty sure it was Camel Crush Bolds, especially since I think I saw a cork filter.  I could barely stay seated as excited as I was to see her light it knowing I was gonna see her smoke the entire cigarette.  And smoke it she did, with solid four-second drags and those continued thin exhales.  I definitely didn’t think this girl was a rookie smoker, but saw virtually nothing coming from her mouth when her black lungs released the smoke, and upon seeing this again I moved more towards the theory that the smoke is clinging to her lung tissue rather than coming out in the form of cloudy exhales.  Drag after drag, thin exhale after thin exhale, my excitement level was maintained for the duration of this sighting as it played out for the next five minutes and included a couple moments where she proceeded to clap along with the concert even with one hand holding her cigarette.  I did the best I could to mark where she dropped the cigarette and crushed it out with her flip-flop.  I wasn’t certain that her brand was Camel Crush Bold and would have to wait for several hundred people to walk over it while exiting the grandstand at the end of the show before I’d get my chance at it, so it wasn’t hopeful.  Sure enough, well after the show when I went to see if I could find a Camel Crush Bold in the general area but there were too many other butts to know for sure which was hers.  Butt or no butt, I felt fortunate to get such a thorough encore act to the opening teaser this girl gave me before the concert.


#16. Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

In the moments approaching sunset during a very productive stretch on my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, I went down the beer gardens block and ran up my sightings score with a pile of smoky party girls, but for whatever reason I decided to backtrack the beer gardens block just after finishing it, and what a profound decision that was.  I had just passed this one bench not more than a minute earlier but on my return safari I spotted an angelic duo of 20-21ish wholesome girls wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  It was another of those images a fetisher spends his whole day searching for….a duo of babes this wholesome with freshly lit cigarettes between their fingers with a thin stream of smoke rising into the air from them.  One was a curly-haired dark brunette in a black tanktop and jean shorts who by herself was quite a find, with a girl-next-door face and an eye-squinting look of pleasure whenever she took one of her drags.  But the friend upstaged her by orders of magnitude.  She was a ridiculously pretty ponytailed light brunette wearing a pink top and white shorts.  Her face was another that conveyed equal parts wholesomeness and beauty, and I had already seen enough after processing about 10 seconds worth of these girls to know they’d be among my top-5 of the day.  But they were just getting started….

While the dark brunette had a solid enough style, the light brunette was a much harder-core smoker, doing her own version of no-handlebars drags off of the majority of her drags where the cigarette went into her mouth and she released her grip on it temporarily wrapping her mouth around the filter of that all-white and letting the carcinogens fill her sexy body.  She reclaimed possession of the cigarette after the drags and proceeded to send equal parts nose and mouth exhales blasting out of her face into the early evening sky that was more beautiful than any sunset taking place on the western horizon.  Sunset was indeed quickly approaching so my photo-taking options were fast waning with my third-rate camera phone, but I did manage three photos of varying degrees of impressiveness, the first two being when the girls were standing near this bench with their beverages, presumably alcoholic although clearly not beer and somewhat surprising as the light brunette did not look 21.

In a couple of minutes, a pair of friends met them and the girls became mobile, allowing me to follow them and snap a decent photo of their asses at the moment the light brunette is in the early stages of one of her no-handlebars drags.  Her cloudy exhales were fun to walk through and every time I looked at her I was impressed at how skilled of a smoker she was given both her age and her good-girl profile.  She kind of reminded me of some 80s sitcom daughter character, but for the life of me I can’t put a finger on which one.

Anyway, the group wandered across the street and settled onto a grassy area where I was able to see the two smokers finish their cigarettes.  The dark brunette finished hers with still a third to go, dropping it at the edge of the grass and then getting in line at the food stand next to her for either food or beverage.  The light brunette sexpot hadn’t finished hers yet though, and continued to upstage the sunset by producing huge clouds of smoke that blinded me from seeing anything beyond it.  After a couple more minutes she dropped her cigarette to the ground too without bothering to crush it, and I watched both cigarettes smolder from the grass near where they stood as neither girl was interested in keeping the fairgrounds from starting on fire amidst the serious drought the Midwest is currently mired in.  It took a few minutes but the girls eventually drifted off and I was able to cross the street and identify their two Marlboro Lights butts left behind.  God I love cigarettes!


#15. Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

The late afternoon hours on my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair brought a number of sightings that were on the outer edges of greatness, but I was hungry for something really special at that point in the day and greatness would find me a short while later as I encountered one of my top-five sightings of the day from the girl who was by far the most skilled smoker I saw that day.

Walking past the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand on busy Judson Avenue, I looked to the edge of the sidewalk and about collapsed when I saw this epic, wholesome early 20s blond cowgirl at the edge of a pretty big crowd of friends smoking.  On an afternoon where few faces jumped out and grabbed me, hers did as she had a confident air about her that went along well with the cork filter cigarette between her fingers.  Not sure why every girl at the Minnesota State Fair had to wear a black tanktop and dark jean shorts that day but she did as well along with a pair of black boots and a badass pair of sunglasses, although I wasn’t in much of a position to complain looking at this gorgeous blond smoking a cigarette in front of me.

Right away I snapped a close-up photo, one of my best of the day, and then just hovered there to enjoy the show which completely lived up to expectations.  The cigarette entered her mouth and her cheeks literally collapsed to the point of there being nothing left during the course of a six-second drag.  Damn!  And the hold times and high-volume exhales were just as good, particularly as much of the smoke came out of her nose.  There was another more modest blond in this cluster of 20-something guys and girls who was also smoking but she was elevator music next to this sexpot.  It was the second drag from blondie that impressed most as she took an even more pulverizing, merciless drag.  Her face looked like a skyscraper in a demolition zone being imploded as those cheeks remained in the concave position for another six seconds drawing that toxic smoke into her tar-black lungs.  After a considerable hold time, giant streams of smoke spewed entirely from her nose before the final residual smoke came out of her mouth.

Her subsequent drags weren’t quite that intense and she was a slower smoker than I’d prefer, usually going 60 seconds or more between drags, but she still managed to finish her cigarette before the boyfriend standing next to her did.  And even towards the end, her cheeks always collapsed after every exhale and there was always substantial nasal exhalation during her exhales.  She didn’t have much to say and generally allowed others to do most of the talking, but when spoken to a recurring smile emerged on her face and the deja vu factor I had been having since I first set eyes on her was starting to gel.  This girl looked like Miranda Lambert, especially during those beaming smiles.

The sighting had an annoying end when she finished the cigarette, dropped it to the pavement, and crushed it out gingerly with her boot.  Unfortunately, the nonsmoking guy standing across from her then proceeded to smash his shoe over the butt and pulverize it completely, apparently thinking it would be funny.  The girl laughed pretty loudly, but suffice it to say she and I don’t have a similar sense of humor as this cork filter was now decimated beyond belief on the pavement in front of me.  I still wanted to identify it if at all possible, but the group continued to hover and I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I took off for a mini-loop and returned about three minutes later to see the group still there, but having moved just enough away that I was able to check out the mangled cigarette butt.  There was a little white on the paper but I was unfortunately still not able to identify the brand but leaning towards it being a Marlboro 27.  Despite the disappointment regarding the butt, the photo turned out great and it was the first of a string of sightings as I approached the 6:00 hour that represented my rising fortunes in what would easily be my best two hours of the day.


#14.  Local County Fair, Thursday Night

Another classic sighting from that Thursday evening at my county fair, this one coming in the final hour of the evening.  I was walking past the outside entrance of the beer gardens when I laid eyes on a foursome of attractive 22-23ish gals, all blond.  When I saw that three of the four had unlit cigarettes in their hands, I was ecstatic as the prospect of a triple-dip sighting unfolding directly in front of me.  The first gal to light up was the least attractive.  Nothing wrong with her, but I was more intrigued with the other two.  The gal to her right lit up next.  She was the most wholesome and the most platinum blond of the group, with her long locks flowing over the shoulders of her pink top with a pair of tight jean shorts down south.  Now we’re talking.  Her drags were frequent and deep and she always turned her head up and released tight and cloudy exhales.  Of the three smokers, hers was the face that looked least like a smoker.

Still, the last remaining holdout intrigued me most and did from the get-go.  She was a darker blond with beautiful features, still more wholesome than edgy looking, but not as wholesome as the second girl.  She was wearing a thin summery dress and looked like she had a black skirt underneath, odd as that combination seemed.  But holy shit was it worth the wait when she lit up.  The flame of the lighter reached her cigarette and she took a nice drag before removing it from her lips.  I waited and waited to see the smoke exit her face…and finally about eight seconds later a billowing puff burst from her mouth.  Whoa!

For the next five minutes, there was an incessant cloud of smoke hovering from these three gals, and the only one not smoking was eating her walking taco amidst this filthy haze.  I was focusing almost exclusively on the prettier of the two smokers, with the wholesome platinum blond looking so adorable in her pink top and tight jean shorts taking frequent drags and constantly turning her head to release tight exhaled plumes skyward.  But the friend wasn’t as considerate.  Her drags were just as deep, but her hold times were even deeper and the smoke came out of her face whenever the hell it came out, usually in the form of talking exhales or else careless belching cloudbursts that gassed the entire group at close range, including the poor girl trying to eat.  I stuck around at my front-row seat as long as I could but was very clearly made by the wholesome girl.  I left before they dropped the cigarettes much as I wanted to identify the butts, not wanting to get called out for spying on them.  And it’s a good thing I didn’t try to identify the butts because I returned about 10 minutes later and the four women were still standing at the same spot, no longer smoking.  Very rare that I’m treated to a group like this featuring two babes with impressive and distinctive smoking styles.


#13.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

While my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair was an above-average day overall, there was an extended mediocre period in the early afternoon, but one particularly impressive blond smoker kept the momentum alive during those hours…..

From out of the grandstand came this attractive young couple in their mid-20s.  The girl was a knockout long-haired platinum blond and a solid 9.5 beauty-wise.  While her outfit of a gray tanktop and black shorts was nice, I couldn’t help but think she could have done better in showing off her sex appeal, but she seemed like a conservative girl so wearing something slutty wouldn’t have really fit either.  I saw the couple drifting to a stairway that serves as a grandstand entrance for concerts during the evening.  While I made a mental note of them, there were a couple of younger girls lingering in the area who I was eyeballing at the time as well in hopes they’d light up.  The younger girls never did, but from out of the corner of my eye I saw blondie flicking a cigarette to life on that stairwell where she and the boyfriend were sitting.  Yeah baby!  I sat from my own vantage point for a couple of moments but then migrated over to that stairwell where they were.  I just had to get a closer look at this.

And it was every bit as adorable as I could have imagined, particularly since the guy didn’t smoke and he was simply waiting for his beautiful girlfriend to carry on with the stinky stuff.  And the girl was being as considerate as possible to the boyfriend, seated two stairs down from him where she was still close enough to converse but far enough away to where she wouldn’t be assaulting him with her noxious fumes.  She even went so far as to hold her cigarette hand behind her back to help keep his lungs pink.  The drags were always gorgeous, with a very natural smoking style and impressive hold times, always culminating in her pointing her head to the right to release a very tight plume of smoke straight ahead and completely from her mouth.  I was seated close by and always staring in awe every time she took a drag, so much so that on two occasions after expelling the contents of her black lungs she looked at me, knowing she was being watched.  I tried to take that in stride as much as possible, but having her look at me was exhilirating in itself as I got a full view of her gorgeous face.

And the second half of the sighting got even better as she gave up holding the cigarette behind her back and instead went for the bent-elbow pose, using her bare right knee as the equivalent of a bar stool.  Seeing this extremely feminine pose and all that bare flesh on this beauty made me want to club that boyfriend over the head and have sex with her then and there.  The sighting lasted almost 10 minutes before she crushed out the all-white on the pavement.  I was nervous she was gonna head to the garbage and throw it away considering she seemed to be a pretty considerate smoker, but apparently her manners are only relevant to her nonsmoking boyfriend as she piggishly let the butt sit there.  When they got up to leave, I effortlessly identified the butt from one of my favorite girls of the day….a Marlboro Light.  My only disappointment was that I was seated so close I couldn’t realistically snap a photo.

Less than two hours later, I was back outside the west side awning and stairwells to the grandstand.  Seemed like no matter how much the rest of the grounds let me down that day and the week before, I could count on that area delivering almost every time I went over there.  I scored a couple good new sightings here and there and was following a bunch of hot underage girls lingering in the area who I figured just might light up.  And while doing so, I made a passing mental note of a blond sitting next to her boyfriend that I had just seen out of the corner of my eye on a flight of stairs inside that awning structure.  Doing my rounds, I happened to be there when the blond lit up a cigarette, immediately grabbing my attention.  As I finally took my first close look, I realized it was her….my beauty queen blond lighting up again only about an hour and a half after her first!

I had been lamenting that entire time how I wasn’t able to snap a photo of her, but now I’d have my second chance.  Unfortunately, the vantage point was very challenging for picture taking as she was effectively seated around a corner up a flight of stairs with no place close where I could hover.  I tried my damndest and managed a couple mediocre pics from a modest distance, but still close to the point of being very nervous of being spotted in this awkward location.  If anything, her second smoking performance was even cuter than her first given that she was now seated right next to the nonsmoking boyfriend and therefore less able to protect him from the cancerous fumes she was spewing.  For most of the cigarette, her cigarette hand was in the bent elbow pose, again using her knee as the proto-bar stool, continuing to take those skillful drags with impressive holds, followed up with straight-ahead exhales she released by turning her mouth to the left away from the boyfriend.  What a cutie!  In my exposed location, I couldn’t stick around for the final third of the sighting, especially considering she had already spotted me during the first sighting, but this blond was by this point single-handedly keeping my afternoon exciting.


#12.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

Rain had been forecast for the Saturday that was both my 35th birthday and my first day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  I had a back-up plan to revisit the fair the following day in the event of a washout, but through the morning the grounds stayed dry and I was having outstanding luck with sightings.  That changed right around noon, however, as a steady hourlong rain event was beginning.  But how could I have imagined that a rain-out would ultimately produce one of my best sightings of the day….

As the rain picked up and I walked past the grandstand seating area, moving from the east side to the west, I saw from a distance a pair of teenage asses in jean shorts standing under an umbrella.  Both asses were perfectly chiseled 18-year-old booty of the highest caliber in dark jean shorts.  I could see neither of them was smoking but I nonetheless eagerly approached from behind determined to see if their faces lived up to their rear views….and they did.  One girl was a brunette and really cute….but the stunner of the two was this long-haired blond in a purple top and carrying a handbag on her right arm as both girls finished off fair food.  She was a knockout….and totally looked like a smoker.  While she didn’t look specifically like the legendary Brittny (ISF #5), I got an absolute Brittny vibe from her and had that same feeling from this girl that I did the second I laid eyes on Brittny back in 2008, knowing she was addicted to nicotine.  But the girls were walking away and the rain was picking up, so I decided to head under the awning of the seating area outside the west side of the grandstand.

As I got under this awning I weaved my way through the crowd while standing there, hoping that seeking shelter from the rain would end up being a natural cigarette break trigger for some addicted girls and in the minutes ahead would discover that it was as I stumbled into a couple decent sightings.  But about 10 minutes had passed in the general area before I leaned on a railing and just on the other side was my Brittny lookalike in the purple top and jean shorts seated by herself.  I was only able to see her from the rear but she was opening up her bag.  I held my breath in anticipation, unable to see exactly what she was doing, but trying not to build myself up too much in the event of a letdown.  But the unmistakable sound of a lighter flicking erased any lingering doubt, particularly when it was followed seconds later by a burst of smoke rising above her head.

I quickly walked to the other side of the fence to take a seat near her, but as I got out there, the rain started blowing onto the area where she sat so she got up and started wandering into the huddle.  Needless to say, I continued to follow.  Blondie planted her butt next to a familiar face….the brunette friend who was seated on a small flight of cement stairs and eating a cone full of chocolate chip cookies.  The blond occupied the one spot on those stairs that was left for people who actually wanted to walk on them.  Not only was she gonna occupy the only walk-space left in this very crowded spot with that fantastic ass of hers, she was gonna stink the place up to boot.

I found a great spot to stand for a front-row seat, and was readying my camera for a photo while watching this adorableness transpire.  And it got better as the blond proceeded to take impressive drags from her cigarette and then carelessly release exhales which the wind repeatedly sent directly into the face of the nonsmoking friend just trying to eat her cookies without her friend’s foul-smelling assault, clearly to no avail.  The brunette never complained but I still assumed she didn’t want to be eating cigarette-flavored cookies.  That’s tough…..because she wasn’t gonna be able to do it with this friend.

I was just getting ready to snap a picture but had to relent.  The blond seemed to be noticing me so I knew I had to proceed with extreme caution especially at this vantage point, but then she leaned over to whisper into the friend’s ear.  I’m familiar enough with teenage girls to know that whispering doesn’t lead to anything good, but I was still getting off on the cuteness of the whispering.  Not only was the brunette getting repeated blasts of cigarette smoke into her face, she now had the blond friend’s ashtray mouth right in her grill violating her airspace with ciggy breath stench.  Seconds after the blond whispered into the friend’s ear, the brunette was suddenly looking up to me for the first time with this smirk on her face.  I was so busted.  Taking the picture was out of the question here, but I still planned to watch this sighting play out and hunkered down for a continuation of what I’d been seeing….solid four-second drags and cloudy exhales that nailed the brunette in the face over and over again.  The blond eventually dropped the cigarette to the cement step and crushed it out underneath her shoe, planning to leave it sit there for others to deal with.    The girls got up to go away, popping open that familiar umbrella and proceeding into the rain giving me one last look at their incredible teenage asses waddle on into the sunset.  I swooped in and identified that cork filter butt.  It was a Marlboro Red.  What a hard-core little addict.


#11. Local County Fair, Saturday Night

“Smoke-Free Saturday” at my local county fair ironically produced a few electric moments of hot girls smoking cigarettes, but far and away the most electric was the group of smoker girls during the Lonestar concert that will forever be identified as “The Trio” in the years ahead…..

When hot girls start leaving the grandstand and heading towards the exit, I usually take notice of them, always hoping they’ll stop in the smoking area even though few usually do.  I saw this trio of 18ish girls coming from quite a distance away and let my hopes build as I always do.  As they started walking out they seemed to be focused straight ahead which was not the direction I wanted, but as I was about to give up hope, one of the three girls nudged the other two towards the smoking area.  I could barely contain myself from shouting “yeeee-ha!” to go along with the country music in the background as the only girl of the three with a purse opened it up and proceeded to extract a pack of Marlboros (I believe Marlboro Lights but didn’t see the logo entirely) and take a cigarette out for herself and one each for her friends.  Jack-fucking-pot!

The cigarette supplier was a modestly attractive long-haired blond in a white top and jeans.  She was the plain jane of this crowd.  The girl to her left was the glam girl, wearing a netted white top and sultry jean shorts with fairly short blond hair.  She was very pretty and because of her glam look and outfit stood out at first as the hottest girl of the three.  But directly in front of the cigarette supplier was the girl who won my heart for the evening, a long-haired dark blond wearing a fairly conservative flower-print blouse and tight dark jeans.  Her unassuming outfit didn’t stand out from a distance but I was lucky enough to look at her face.  The face was familiar, undoubtedly from fetishing this year and before, but if I had seen this girl smoking before I would have remembered it.  She was a wholesome sweetheart of the highest magnitude with the softest and most adorable features of any smoker girl at the fair this year.  All of this observation and the sighting hadn’t even started yet!

The cigarette supplier lit herself first and then handed the lighter to the glam girl.  The lighter was barely working and the glam girl was struggling to get a lasting flame from it.  She tried and tried with no success.  Meanwhile the wholesome dark blond was just standing there dangling her unlit cigarette….and she was getting impatient waiting for the incompetent friend to light up.  The cigarette supplier then got pulled in two different directions as the wholesome blond took the supplier’s cigarette and used the cherry to light her own.  Meanwhile, the supplier had to take the lighter from the glam blond and assume control, flicking the lighter a couple of times before successfully bringing the glam friend’s cigarette to life.  Alas, all three cigarettes were lit…and the nicotine wild west show was about to begin!

It was easy to relegate the cigarette supplier to elevator music since she was the least attractive.  The glam blond had a modest smoking style overall but won me over with her above-average hold times and messy exhales that belched out of her mouth and flowed like a blob into the semicircle that the girls were standing.  Her face was the most obstructed of the three while smoking but it was hard not to admire those messy and directionless exhales.  But that wholesome dark blond was the one I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off of….and fortunately she was the one directly in front of me.  After every drag, the girl had this out-of-this-world look of pleasure on her face, and I kid you not that she proceeded in picturesque slow motion to lift her head upward with that continued look of orgasmic pleasure when she exhaled.  Again, this was her routine after ever drag.  She was getting sexual pleasure from smoking as the look of satisfaction on her face as she held that cancerous smoke in her black lungs was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, with the possible exception of an 18-year-old cigar smoker named Jerica who I went out with once three years ago.  Watching this, I thought to myself this girl enjoys smoking so much it’s hard to imagine she could ever possibly quit.  As much sexual pleasure as she was getting from that cigarette, I was getting as much sexual pleasure watching her smoke it.

Clearly my attention had been completely diverted toward this trio for almost the duration of their cigarettes, but as I briefly looked to my right, I noticed Corey and his girlfriend were looking the exact same direction I was….and kept looking there.  I’ve seen Corey do this before, but this time I got actual verbal feedback that made this sighting that much sweeter.  Corey leaned to me and said “We’re just noticing how young those girls out there smoking are.”  Oh yeah, Corey.  I kind of noticed that too!  I came back with what I thought was a pretty good response.  “Yeah, but I wouldn’t doubt it they’re 18.  As we get older the girls look younger.”  And I was serious as I did think these girls were 18, but I was very impressed that both Corey and his fiancee couldn’t even take their eyes off of these babes.  I then resumed watching the rest of this incredible sighting.  Unsurprisingly given the way she was committing sex crimes against her cigarette, the wholesome girl finished hers off first while the other two were done in the next 30 seconds.  They all dropped their cigarettes to the ground right below their feet, and the downside of watching this smoking area from the grandstand is that those butts will remain in the dirt until they decompose rather than being identified.  Watching the girls proceed back into the grandstand, I had a pretty good feeling I’d be seeing more of them…and I did.

In the closing moments of the Lonestar show, I saw my trio of smoker girls walking out in the company of another modestly attractive light brunette who was apparently the nonsmoker of the group since she didn’t come out earlier.  I prayed they’d stop for another cigarette but were pressing forward.  Still, I couldn’t help but continue watching as they walked away.  And sure enough, the cigarette supplier was opening her purse.  As they walked off, I watched her extract one cigarette from the community pack for the evening….and she handed it to the wholesome dark blond.  It was my genuine heartbreak of the night, knowing this adorable little thing was about to have sexual relations with another cigarette while I was in no position to leave this concert.  And while I’d see more from this trio, I regrettably saw the last of the trio’s main event girl with a cigarette.

The concert ended in about 10 minutes.  Corey’s fiance’s sister came over to talk to her sister and I figured this was a good opening for me to fly the coop, saying I might see Corey again on the grounds afterwards but hoping I wouldn’t.  I made my escape and not 30 seconds after leaving, who do I spot but the sexpot trio that had now become a foursome standing in front of the mini-donut stand.  The good news is that two of the three smokers had just lit fresh cigarettes.  The bad news is the dark blond had already finished hers.  Gahhh!  Even so, the glam blond in the jean shorts was hot as hell with the messy exhales, often in the form of talking exhales, that she displayed in the previous sighting was a pleasure to watch.  I heard her say “I have to go to the bathroom.” and the group of girls drifted towards the fairgrounds’ primary bathroom structure.  I was able to stand to the side and watch as the two outrageously obnoxious smokers stood there in this line, probably less than two feet behind the other women in line, smoking their cigarettes and not seeming to care much if the other women in line didn’t like it.  This would have been a big enough deal for these 18-year-old girls to smoke in line for the bathroom on a typical night, but it was really something to see on Smoke-Free Saturday!  Unless she flicked the butt quite a distance, I wasn’t optimistic about identifying this one but stuck around watching her smoke until she finished it.  She squashed it underneath her foot right there in the line for the women’s bathroom.  I wasn’t gonna be identifying that one.

And I had one more frustrating encounter with “the trio” before the night ended.  The cigarette supplier and the glam blond separated briefly from the wholesome blond and the nonsmoker.  I followed the wholesome blond and the nonsmoker briefly and they ended up drifting into this spot between the pizza stand and the Mexican food stand and talked to some other friends who were standing there for whatever reason.  I walked away from that but about five minutes later found myself walking right behind the cigarette supplier and the glam blond….who had just lit up their third cigarettes of the evening.  I followed them in hopes of finally identifying their brand from the butt….but as they were walking towards those two food stands where the other friends were, I knew I was probably gonna get screwed again.  And sure enough.  I found a bench with a distant vantage point and was at least able to see the glam blond smoking another cigarette.  I had hoped the wholesome blond would get another craving while the two friends were smoking, now immersed in a group of six, but it didn’t happen.  As the glam blond crushed out the cigarette, I thought there might still be hope that after they left I’d be able to identify at least one butt from this epic trio of emphysema girls but I passed the place three more times before leaving and there was ALWAYS somebody standing there for whatever inexplicable reason.  Infuriating!  Clearly if a couple of things had broken my way with this trio after that original sighting, and particularly if I had gotten to see more of the wholesome dark blond, they would have been several positions higher for 2012, but given the frustrating optics as their storyline progressed, they’ll have to settle for #11 for the year.


#10. Iowa State Fair, Day 2

Things were going very well for me right away during my Wednesday evening visit to the 2012 Iowa State Fair with a flurry of impressive sightings in the first hour, but the evening really hit its stride at the tail end of an unproductive midway run.  As I was leaving the midway I faced the usual choice of exiting through the main gate or in between two fairgrounds bars, an area that produces more than its share of quality sightings.  I opted for between the bars and what an outstanding decision that was as I came upon the most beautiful girl of the night wielding a freshly lit all-white.  It was a very attractive group of five young ladies, all in their early 20s, but one stood out in the crowd and she happened to be the only smoker.  She was a long-haired platinum blond wearing a pink top, a killer pair of white shorts and some badass sunglasses that really helped raise her stakes as the hottest girl in the room.  And that face….damn.  She looked a lot like a hot mid-20s girl named Amanda who I dated in 2007 except she was blond with a perfect body and even prettier.  One other feature that bedazzled was her legs extending from those white shorts, and up near the top of her right leg just below the end of her white shorts was a colorful little bandage like you’d expect to see a young child wearing that must have covered a little shaving accident she had and served as an adorable little imperfection on her otherwise flawless form.

She caught my eye and wouldn’t let it go as I followed her, watching her take frequent and impressive drags, releasing generous smoke missiles with every exhale and not being particularly interested where they went.  All five of the girls were swilling beers but she was the only one with a cigarette.  Often times you prefer seeing an entire group of beauties like these smoking, but in this case having her be the only smoker was preferable because she was the biggest looker of the group and it was sexy that the other girls simply have to endure their stinkier but hotter friend.  They stopped at a somewhat convenient area near a line for food where I leaned up against a lamppost and watched her smoke.  I was too exposed to go for a photo but was content to just admire this show as she continued to smoke her cigarette with the most natural style that made it clear she was a long-time smoker for whom the cigarette was a natural extension of her person.  She crushed out the cigarette on the cluster of wood chips the group was standing on and while they didn’t move, I marked the location of that all-white and was definitely not gonna let it lie there without being identified.  A few minutes later I came back and they were gone.  I spotted the butt, which was a Marlboro Light.  And let’s just say to be continued on this one.

Not long after that original show, I was walking past the row of benches technically inside The Depot as even though they are open air, they are technically considered the inside of the bar, there was my group of glam girls from before including that impossibly sexy blond…who was illegally smoking another cigarette only 15 minutes removed from her last one.  While this was such a delicious location for her to have a cigarette from a storyline standpoint, the downside is that there was no place to get a good pic that wasn’t 15 yards away.  I made an effort but it’s a blurry one.  Despite being too far away for a photo, it was a great vantage point as I watched her once again aggressively tackle that cigarette sitting there in that quasi-indoor bench releasing tight, impressive, and voluminous exhales with little regard for the density of her smoke impacting others, especially those long-suffering friends seated near her choking on her unending fumes.  She was an avatar of obnoxiousness.  I was seriously believing there was another girl smoking seated next to her…that there had to be considering how dense the streams of smoke constantly flowing were…but after taking a number of additional looks at that girl next to her, I can confirm with certainty the blondie was the only one responsible for producing all that air pollution.  There was no sexier girl than her who I saw with a cigarette at the 2012 Iowa State Fair, and suffice it to say that loop around The Depot was extremely productive!

Now this girl’s performance thus far had the potential to be among the all-time best, but unfortunately I saw her multiple times on the grounds again but never smoking.  I saw her one more time even deeper inside The Depot and managed my best photo of her body while doing so.  I saw her later on the outskirts of the Hunter Hayes concert and then again outside another beer gardens.  It was undoubtedly just bad timing not seeing her smoking again, but if I had seen this girl smoking constantly, she would easily be among my top-10 ISF girls of all-time.


#9.  Local County Fair, Wednesday Night

While Wednesday evening at my local county fair wasn’t quite as incredible as Tuesday or Thursday night, it still produced its share of quality sightings, and none better than this one.  Most years the VFW BINGO stand delivers me something worthwhile, but I am on record saying that this was my all-time best VFW Bingo sighting.  Keep in mind this BINGO stand is an open-air pavilion, meaning the seats on the edge are outdoors while the seats inside are basically like being in the indoors with the windows down.  For years I was surprised and impressed that the VFW put out ashtrays for BINGO patrons, but last year the ashtrays were removed.  Not sure if they officially decided to make the pavilion smoke-free but they seemed to be trying to nudge patrons that direction with the removal of ashtrays.

Anyway, I was walking past the BINGO stand around 10:30 and saw a cloud of smoke emerging from inside.  It was coming from a blond guy who was sitting inside the building rather than on the outer periphery.  As I was processing this, I noticed he seemed to be with a group of four, including two girls.  Sitting right next to him was this absolutely adorable girl-next-door brunette who looked about 16.  Under just about any circumstance I wouldn’t have recognized a cigarette, but since the guy was smoking my radar was up… I noticed that her right hand was underneath the table…and she was holding a cigarette too.  Holy shit!  I looked at this brunette cutiepie and couldn’t believe she was smoking to begin with let alone inside this BINGO pavilion.  And she was even more inside than the boyfriend who was closer to the outdoor portion than she was.  My only problem was gonna be positioning because I wasn’t gonna miss this for all the money in the world.  After becoming distraught that I was finding nothing, I then noticed an open bench that would give me a perfect semi-rear vantage point where I could see her face from the side and not be easily recognized.  I had my front-row seat for the show….

And what an incredible show it was.  In seconds, she placed the cigarette in her mouth and took an intense five-second drag.  Her hold time was lackluster, but with that much smoke taken in, it had to go somewhere and was expelled from her lungs in adorably cloudy straight-ahead plumes….and again, INSIDE the BINGO stand.  The other guy and girl to her right who were in her friends group were not smoking and as I started to look them over, they mostly looked closer to 18 than 16, so it’s possible she was older than she looked.  Trust me, looking at that impossibly sweet perfect Midwestern face, you wouldn’t think this girl was 18.  I really was sitting in the perfect spot because her legs were on display too, decked out in short black shorts that seemed fitting for this cutie.  I continued to be amused that she still held the cigarette underneath the table between drags, as if knowing she wasn’t supposed to be smoking there but trying to get away with it anyway.  Whenever the cigarette was extracted from its subterranean location and placed in her mouth, however, it was a thing of beauty as all of her drags were of the five-second, squinty-eyed pleasure look variety.  But the sighting still hadn’t hit its peak….

Someone yelled out BINGO and the reward was passed out after the numbers were checked….and moments later the attendant was walking up and down the aisles to collect the 50 cents from everyone there who wanted to play again.  Doing so, he was approaching my girl and her group when she took a drag.  Now he wasn’t quite there yet so he didn’t get it in the face, but if he was five seconds later he would have.  While most of my girl’s exhales were straight-ahead plumes, remember there were storms not far away and gusts of wind came out of nowhere.  In this case, a gust came just in time to blow the exhaled smoke straight back as she exhaled, blowing the smoke further indoors in the BINGO pavilion.  Unfortunately, that part of the pavilion directly behind them was almost entirely empty so nobody was forced to choke on her obnoxious carcinogenic cloud, but it was a fluke that they didn’t.  And best yet, after that drag she held the cigarette briefly over the floor and tapped the ash, allowing her ash to fall onto the pavilion floor.  Had she done this on the outer perimeter, nobody would have batted an eye, but the sheer obnoxiousness of doing it indoors blew my mind.  What was she supposed to do….they got rid of the ashtrays after all….and not smoking inside while playing BINGO was clearly not an option for her.  I stuck around as they played one more game and she finished the cigarette.  I didn’t see what she did with the butt but figured I must have simply missed it when she dropped it.

They quickly departed as soon as the next person yelled BINGO, the group of four getting up to walk away.  The other girl in the group was a long-haired blond who also cute, but this brunette ran circles around her.  And as innocent as she looked, clearly she had some vinegar in her. I saw she had some white written words on the front of the black shirt, and once she got up I tried to read the writing, but could only make out one word on the bottom….a giant all-capped “BOOBIES”.  This is what she wears to the fair.  And that sweet little rump that was her posterior in those black shorts was her most striking feature below the neck.  If only I could have gotten her to trade her blond boyfriend for another blond guy slightly older!  They walked off into the midway and I went inside to the seats they vacated in the BINGO hall.  No butts on the floor.  Not sure what they did with them but they were nowhere to be seen so I was getting totally shut out on the butt identification front.

A brief while later, I was exploring a sparse stretch of the grounds’ south side and who was hovering there but the two couples who were at the BINGO stand only 15 minutes earlier.  They were in a huddle and talking amongst each other in the middle of the street, and given how sparse this part of the grounds were at this time of the night, lingering to watch for an extended period was not an option.  I managed to stall and wander around just long enough to see the blond boyfriend of “Boobies shirt” girl light up a cigarette.  When nothing happened in the next few seconds, I decided I might as well head off, but just as I did, the blond female friend produced a cigarette….and in seconds her boyfriend lit up as well.  The only one who wasn’t smoking was the brunette cutiepie.  I couldn’t accept this and as I proceeded forward I continued looking over my shoulder every five seconds, until finally, on about my third glance, there was a flame gleaming in front of her face and lighting up another cigarette.  Drove me nuts not knowing her brand so I hung back and found a bench a significant distance away hoping that they’d litter their butts before leaving.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be as within less than a minute the foursome started drifting in between buildings to an even sparser area where I simply couldn’t follow them undetected.  Time to go home for the night….but certainly with a flourish.


#8. Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

My leg was starting to cramp up badly in the mid-evening hours of my second Saturday at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, and while the after-dark sightings weren’t bad, I was pulling for a sighting that would really get the night up on its feet for the final hour of fetishing….and I would get it!

Returning to the beer gardens block, I wouldn’t last long there as a group of teenagers was heading northward and I immediately laid eyes on a gorgeous long-haired brunette with an open pack of cigarettes who was extracting two, one for herself and one for her boyfriend.  Even without seeing her face, she projected an aura of teenage innocence the likes of which I hadn’t seen all evening.  And when I saw her face, her girl-next-door factor escalated to a new dimension altogether.  She was so cute I just wanted to pinch her cheek as she was placing that unlit cigarette in her mouth and firing it up.  But much as I wanted to pinch her cheek, I wanted to pinch her asscheek much more.  The girl’s shapely little teenage posterior was draped in white shorts with little blue speckles all over it.  Here she was dressed in the kind of shorts you would expect to see on a nine-year-old girl and she was lighting up a cigarette.

My hunch is she was 18, along with the boyfriend and the other three female friends, all beautiful and all with perfect bodies and all of whom I hoped would light up as well but did not.  But I must say, this brunette had the most IT factor of the group in an intangible sense, connected largely to those sexy shorts shorts she wearing but also because she reminded me of Danica McKellar, the actress who played Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years”.  She truly was that much of a sweetheart, but I must confess I can’t imagine Winnie Cooper taking a nice long drag from her cigarette, holding it in her lungs for four seconds and then tilting her head skyward with a look of pleasure on her face to release one after another stinky exhale.

And so it went, with me following every step of the way, this outlier of a brunette cutie immersing herself in this wholesome-looking friends’ group with cigarette in hand and maneuvering comfortably in their midst while doing so.  After every drag, the same routine of lengthy hold times, pleasured facial expression and then skyward release of a modest exhale coming almost entirely from her mouth.  Not sure if she got the boyfriend addicted or vice versa but whatever the arrangement I’m sure glad fate brought these two together to partake in this stinky habit.  And every time I was getting used to seeing this cute little face spewing cigarette smoke into the evening sky, I’d look down to those white shorts with the blue speckles and was amazed again that teen smokers of this pedigree still exist.

The group appeared to have a destination in mind and they ended up settling at the bathroom nearest the teen hangout.  There was a seating area nearby where the two smokers sat down to finish their cigarettes while the three nonsmoking girls all went to the bathroom.  My brunette finished her cigarette before the boyfriend, adorably, and then proceeded to crush it out against the wooden makeshift bench where that sexy ass of hers was seated, and I marked the location of that cigarette and the cooling embers of crushed out tobacco lying around it rested.  I was also still holding out hope that the other three girls would emerge from the bathroom and light up as well.  And while waiting I was treated to the brunette leaning over to engage in an extended open-mouth kiss with the lucky bastard of a boyfriend.  What I wouldn’t have given to trade places with him and taste her fresh ashtray mouth at that moment, but if it was me, I’d have had my hand caressing that outrageous ass of hers while doing so.  Cutie apparently decided she needed to go to the bathroom at that point too, leaving her purse behind and taking off while the boyfriend waited.

Much as I wanted to wait, I felt compelled to soldier down the block in hope of boosting my sightings numbers for the evening, so I took a detour that I intended to be brief, ultimately planning to return to the original location and see more from Winnie Cooper 2.0 and her entourage.  However, my detour lasted longer than expected as I stumbled into another impossibly wholesome underage smoker who just missed a slot in this year’s countdown but who was impressive enough to delay my return to Winnie, which speaks volumes about her impressiveness.  It took me longer than expected, but I did ultimately make it back to my original group, and when I got there, my brunette was smoking another cigarette.  She was down to her last two drags though, which led me to believe the boyfriend smoked some of it while she was in the bathroom and she returned to finish it off as she couldn’t have possibly smoked an entire cigarette in that short amount of time since returning from the bathroom.  None of the friends were smoking, so apparently it’s just her and the boyfriend.  She took a final drag and then crushed out the cigarette, leaving me desperate for them to walk away so I could identify her butt.  But they didn’t leave, and added one more wacky dimension to this sighting as she pulled out one of those small 5-hour Energy bottles from her purse.

She and the boyfriend proceeded to drink from it and when it was empty, showed more of their naughty side when she attempted to throw the empty bottle through a little hole that led inside the men’s bathroom.  It didn’t go in, so she picked it up and threw it again, this time ricocheting off of the wall and hitting a group of black teenagers seated not far from them who proceeded to start screaming at her.  It was absolutely adorable as my little cutie first started running from them as if both embarrassed and scared what they might do.  She fell over herself apologizing but they didn’t seem to be in a very forgiving mood with one girl saying “How’d you like if I threw something at you?”  If nothing else this heated encounter got them out of there and allowed me to identify her discarded cigarette butts.  It was another pale orange butt with the weird lettering on the filter, which I would ultimately identify as a Camel Turkish Royal, making her the third underage smoker I saw puffing on a Turkish Royal in two weeks and wrapping up the 2012 Minnesota State Fair season with a huge score.


#7. Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

I was seriously contemplating leaving the Minnesota State Fair early on my first day there because of the noontime rain, but the day ultimately cleared up and a couple of sightings that transpired in the late afternoon made me really happy I decided to stick around, including this one that came amidst a very successful 20-minute stretch while walking near the grandstand, at the right place at the right time for one of my three best sightings of the day.

Heading westward where I had recently been entangled in another sighting, I would get another entanglement upon setting my eyes on this heaven-sent 21ish blond spitfire.  She looked about 5’1″ with shoulder-length blond hair, a black-and-white striped bare midriff top and dark blue denim capris.  She was walking amidst a boyfriend and another couple that included an attractive black girl who was also lighting up, but this fetisher’s eyes were fixated on that blond as she dangled an unlit all-white from her mouth, freshly removed from a black pack that I could tell were Camel Crushes.  I just knew I was in for a great show, but didn’t anticipate she’d be the most skilled smoker of the day.  I walked behind her after she lit up, hoping I could score a rear photo and at this point just wanting to keep close company behind them.  The boyfriend lit up a cigarette too so there were now three smokers in front of me…and I wanted to get another look at blondie’s face so I picked up my pace.

As I was in the process of passing from the side, I noticed both of her hands were on her iPhone as she was typing out a text.  What happened to the cigarette??!?! I thought to myself in a brief moment of panic before I took a couple more footsteps and got my answer.  She was dangling it….in one of the most adorable natural dangles I’ve ever seen, the all-white cigarette hanging out of her lips at just a slight slant as she typed and staying there for what seemed like a crazy amount of time.  It probably wasn’t more than 20 seconds but just seemed like it was going in slow motion given how incredible she looked with that stream of smoke rising from the cigarette up to her nose but not aggravating her a bit.  And she still wasn’t done as she looked up to the boyfriend who stood about eight inches taller than her and began speaking to him through her talking dangle.  Gahhh!  I was officially in love.

And as I pressed on, the show only got better as her style was positively extreme with thin streams of smoke escaping her mouth and nose as the rest of the smoke was clearly attaching itself to the tissue of her black lungs.  There were four people walking here amidst a large crowd and they were extremely unpredictable in their maneuvering, making it almost impossible to snap a photo, but I was content to simply catch as many of her rapist drags and thin exhales as possible, often coming in beautiful wispy talking exhales while conversing with either her boyfriend or the black female friend.  At one point, the giddy blond and her friend ran off to stick their faces in one of those boards with the holes in them…and from there proceeded to walk the perimeter of this one building for no apparent reason other than burning off a surplus of youthful energy, all while wielding cigarettes.

They soon met back up with the boyfriends in front of some food stand where the boyfriend went inside.  He handed the little blond girlfriend his cigarette when he went inside and she motioned the friend’s attention showing she now had a cigarette in both hands and proceeded to act as if she was gonna take puffs off of both of them.  Here’s where I managed to take a distant photo which at least isn’t blurry but is from far enough away that you can’t really appreciate her adorable features.  I had three more drags to enjoy and as always the exhales were the best part, either coming in thin streams after lengthy hold times or in the form of wispy talking exhales.  What an adorable little ball of energy she was.  She dropped the cigarette to the ground and stomped it out, and managed to resist finishing off the boyfriend’s cigarette as she waited for him to return. A minute or so later he did and they stood there longer than I had hoped as I desperately wanted to confirm that butt she dropped was a Camel Crush.  After a few more minutes, they walked away and I was able to do so.  I was now really glad I stuck around the Minnesota State Fair that day.


#6. Iowa State Fair, Day 2

In the moments before dusk on my successful Wednesday evening visit to the Iowa State Fair, I had a choice to make as I was already observing an impressive sighting of a hot young mother smoking in the presence of her young daughter when a new set of girls caught my eye heading the other direction.  It was a tough decision, but I decided in favor of the younger girls and undoubtedly ended up making the right decision.

The sighting began impressively enough but I wouldn’t have guessed it would have morphed into the best sighting of the night as it did.  The storyline began with two approaching 17ish girls wielding cigarettes and progressing down the block with a strikingly confident air about them.  They were solid cuties, one an 8 and the other an 8.5, but they weren’t dripping with IT factor.  One was a blond wearing a pink top and lighter-colored jean shorts, but the cuter of the two was a light brunette in a turquoise tanktop and dark jean shorts.  After witnessing their extended approach as they walked eastward, I began following them and managed to follow very closely.  Their smoking styles were impressive enough, but what impressed most was, for whatever reason, the stink.  Not sure what this duo’s secret was, and it was probably just the right location on my part, but their exhales all drifted right into my face and standing at a diagonal rear position from them, the aura of cigarette stench never abated for even a second as my olfactory senses were under a sustained and merciless assault.  And at some point during this observation it struck me that this light brunette bore a striking resemblance to a 2001-era Dana, my most serious girlfriend.  No sooner did I make that observation than a 2001 Dana storyline began to play out right before my eyes.

From out of nowhere, two perfectly respectable-looking nonsmoking teenage dudes showed up and immersed themselves directly in the girls’ company greeting them with the opening line of “you guys heading to that concert?”.  I could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation and the girls were clearly loving the attention.  After about 30 seconds of light conversation, the guys finally introduced themselves.  My eyes were focused on the light brunette, and studying her face I could easily detect romantic interest which the psychology books tell you is evident by a certain squintiness in a girl’s eyes.  The guy outstretched his hand as he said his name, which was inaudible in the crowd and the girl, who had just taken a drag from her cigarette, outstretched her hand to respond in kind, and through a talking exhale said her name, which I sadly didn’t catch.  The look on her face took me back to August 1, 2001, and Dana when I introduced myself to her at the fair as at that exact moment she was the spitting image of Dana.

The lingering cigarette stench in the area produced by these girls continued to be absolutely dominating, but it was pretty obvious that it was catnip to these young male, nonsmoking suitors as it was to me…..and the girls made no effort at all to downplay the fact that they were addicted cigarette smokers enjoying a cigarette despite what might have been an instinct to downplay their smoking when being courted by nonsmoking guys.  I was intensely focused on the light brunette to the point of ignoring the blond who was being courted by the other guy, save for when one of the blond’s stinky exhales hit me in the face and demanded to be noticed.  The brunette took a final drag from her cork filter cigarette before obnoxiously flinging it right past the guy to her left…the smoldering cigarette soaring through the air amidst this large crowd and landing in the middle of the street about 10 feet away, not hitting anybody entirely as a function of luck.   I was easily able to walk over and identify the butt and even though it was smoked close to the filter, I could see by the light coloring of a capital letter M that it was a Marlboro Red.

The two couples continued to walk eastward and converse and I was absolutely thrilled for these guys that they might get lucky with these incredibly sexy underage girls later in the night.  I left the scene after they finished their cigarettes and drifted to the heavily populated area around the seating for the Hunter Hayes concert, and after about 10 minutes after the concert had started, who did I come across but Dana’s doppelganger and her blond friend walking the other direction apparently leaving the concert, only this time alone as apparently they had already parted ways with the guys.  That made me a little sad, but I was grateful to see them again even though they weren’t smoking, knowing what they were capable of.  And for a while it seemed like these girls were following me as for the next 10 minutes or so they were always close by as I spotted them again shortly after buying Pepsi from a machine.  I lingered for a few minutes hoping they might smoke again.  They didn’t, but were randomly approached by another guy who they chatted with briefly.  There were prettier girls at the fair last night but for whatever reason, guys found this duo irresistible.

But these girls still weren’t done with me and gave me an epic going-away gift several hours later in the final 20 minutes or so before closing time.  Seated on a bench I noticed from afar while walking the concourse were two familiar faces…my favorite-of-the-night girls who were getting hit on by the guys when I first saw them.  Some things never change as now there was a shirtless teenage guy sitting in between the two girls.  The blond sat there on the right, left to her own thoughts as the guy was not coming on to her.  It was kind of sad seeing her emotionless face knowing she was jealous of her prettier friend getting all the attention.  But I couldn’t be sad for her for long as I looked past her to the Dana lookalike brunette who was being heavily courted by this nonsmoking guy….as she was in the final throes of another cigarette herself.  I didn’t get a good look at the guy for obvious reasons but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t one of the random guys hitting on her earlier.  Yet again this girl draws nonsmoking guys to her like bees to honey.  Either all of these guys are operating under a “she smokes, she pokes” philosophy or they all have the smoking fetish.

Whatever the case, they weren’t officially making out in the form of open-mouth kisses but they were in an erotic state of passionate bliss pressing against each other.  She took a final drag from her cigarette and, just like before, tossed it several feet in front of her.  The grounds were empty enough at this point that there was no fear of her hitting somebody with the airborne butt, but the obnoxiousness of it was still sexy.  Sexier yet was the 2012 version of Mark and Dana playing out in front of my face as these two were all over each other, her fresh ciggy stench driving this nonsmoking guy to the highest level of eroticism and the look of pleasure and passion evident on her face, making me seriously wonder if they were gonna bed down in the moments after leaving the fairgrounds.  The deja vu factor made the smile on my face even wider as I walked by.  They were gone the next time I walked by, quite possibly exchanging bodily fluids while she smoked.  Fantastic!


#5.  Local County Fair, Tuesday and Thursday Nights

I had a number of great finds on my opening night at the 2012 local county fair but this duo won the night based on their persistent tobacco consumption.  I was on the midway watching in awe at a smoldering early 20s blond smoking a cigarette with amazing skill and thinking nothing could take me away from that spot for as long as she was smoking…but that was when THEY entered the scene…

I spotted two adorable underage girls, both probably 17, strutting down the midway.  One was smoking and the other wasn’t.  First the smoker….she had long light brunette hair going down her back, wearing a black top and short white shorts.  She had a very pretty and wholesome face but was wearing some woolly beret that gave her a bit of an artsy air.  The artsy look usually annoys me and was a bit of a distraction for this girl as well, but that face was just so cute.  And her smoking looked like that of a beginner as she took shallow puffs and produced shallow exhales on her all-white.  I was wondering if I made the right decision in following her instead of watching the end of blondie at the carnival stand, but part of what made me decide to follow this duo was the other girl.  For as cute as the long-haired smoker was, I was even hotter for the other girl, a light brunette with her hair up in a fairly tight ponytail.  She was wearing a blue top and a pair of adorably tight jean shorts that perfectly framed an ass that I wanted to smack until my hand stung.  The nonsmoker looked even more wholesome than the smoker and just had an IT factor air about her that was irresistible.

But anyway, she wasn’t smoking and the woolly beret girl was, so I focused my attention on the latter as I followed them fairly closely through the midway.  Her shallow puffs and exhales were pretty cute and I was close enough to walk through her exhales, shallow as they were.  As the girls looped to the end of the midway, the smoker was still smoking since her drags were so shallow.  They sat down on a bench which was killing me because I wanted to identify that butt when she finished it and there was absolutely nowhere to observe.  I had to stall and drag my feet and pretend to text as I looped around, watching her drop the cigarette to the ground and then both girls texting away, wondering if I’d ever get my chance.  I walked for a brief distance and then doubled back…and they had just left.  Perfect!  I swooped in and spotted her cigarette butt, which was still smoldering.  It was a Camel Light.  Had hoped for a little more from this sighting but came through pretty well anyway.

About 10 minutes later, I was looping around the sparse north side of the grounds, which empties out almost entirely after the livestock buildings close at 10.  It was now almost 11.  And while I was on the sparse north side, I was gonna sit down on an open bench and fire off a quick text, but that plan was derailed when I looked up and saw two familiar faces….teenage girls who were respectively decked out in a black top and white shorts with a woolly beret and a blue tanktop, super-tight jean shorts and cute ponytail.  Only this time the other girl who I had hoped would smoke on the first sighting had a cigarette of her own going.  Score, baby!  I just sat there and watched as they approached, talking amongst each other.  My favorite girl took a fairly shallow drag, suggesting she was just a beginner as well, but released a much more impressive cloud of smoke than anything I saw from woolly beret girl.  For a moment I was so struck by the image of this teen cutie smoking that I didn’t realize woolly beret girl was smoking another cigarette herself!  Her second in only the last 15 minutes!  Her drags and exhales continued to be shallow and infrequent, making it all the more mind-blowing that she was smoking so soon after her last cigarette.  The girls were right in front of me when my favorite of the two took a much deeper drag than the last one I saw, and the cherry on her cigarette was glowing bright red as she pulled the smoke inside of her adorable little teenage body.

They had made me obviously after following them through the midway, but I couldn’t let this one go.  I held back more than I’d have preferred, but I followed from a distance and just adored their beautifully shaped female bodies and the clouds of smoke released by their blackened young respiratory systems.  As they turned towards the main part of the fairgrounds again, they passed an older couple.  Both the older guy and his wife looked straight at the girls as they passed, noticing they were both smoking cigarettes.  They didn’t give exaggerated signs of disapproval, but unless they were fetishers I don’t think this was the look of approval.  My favorite girl took far more frequent drags and seemed to drag more deeply, but her hold times were not impressive and I still don’t think she’s been smoking for too long.  Woolly beret girl didn’t impress by comparison as her drags were infrequent and sparse, and her exhales slim.  But the contrast was not only adorable but helpful as my favorite girl tossed her smoldering all-white butt to the ground in a perfect wide-open spot, finishing her cigarette well before the friend.  I had no problem at all identifying the smoldering butt.  It was a Camel Crush.  Now these girls weren’t carrying purses and I didn’t see packs of cigarettes in their shorts, so I’m assuming they were tucked into their bras.  I continued to follow as they stumbled upon two other nonsmoking female friends.  The woolly beret girl was still smoking…slowly…while talking in the group.  I was not in a position to stick around so I pressed forward, sure that I had seen my best sighting of the night.

I was really on a roll that night and before long made another journey down the midway.  At the back of the midway, where the “big kid” rides are and where the most lawless teenage culture plays out, there stood two familiar female faces yet again.  It was the ponytailed light brunette in the tight jean shorts and the white-shorted long-haired light brunette with the woolly beret.  The girls were talking to two nonsmoking guys they seemed to know…and they were both smoking AGAIN!  For my favorite girl, this was her second Camel Crush in the last 15 minutes.  For the woolly beret girl who seemed like such a novice, this was her third Camel Light in the past half hour.  The contrasts here were mind-blowing.  Neither of these girls seemed like heavy smokers based on their style, but neither one could go 10 minutes without a cigarette!  I again had to do some fancy footwork to observe this even from a distance without standing out like a sore thumb, but once again, my favorite girl of the two was belching out nice thick clouds of smoke and taking very frequent drags while her friend was taking slower, shallower drags.  I waited until my favorite girl flung her smoldering cigarette to the grass before pressing on, recognizing I couldn’t linger any longer there. It’s a rare victory when I get to see hot girls smoking twice in one night, but it’s truly exceptional when I see them smoking three times in one night, especially when the three sightings transpire over the duration of no more than a half hour!

And Tuesday would not be the only night of the 2012 local county fair that this duo would deliver.  Two nights later, when I was trying to evade familiar faces and avoid an encounter that would take away my fetish time, I figured the safest place for me to go would be the midway, and what a fine call that was.  On the edge of the midway at a cluster of benches I spotted from a distance two very hot 17-18ish babes, one of whom was wielding a cigarette.  I approached and could tell even from several yards away I was looking at top-tier babes.  And then it hit me when I saw her face and realized I had already seen this girl smoking before on Tuesday night.  It was the woolly beret girl, tonight sans the woolly beret, and her brunette friend seated next to her.  Unfortunately, the sighting lasted all of 10 seconds as the woolly beret blond took a final drag of the cigarette and the two girls got up.  She handed the cigarette to the brunette friend who took a final drag of her own while walking away before dropping the cigarette to the ground.  I had no problem at all identifying the still-smoldering Camel Crush butt and following the girls.

And even with the smoking part of the sighting finished, following them was a dream in and of itself.  The woolly beret girl was wearing a tanktop and white shorts that were on the surface similar to what she wore Tuesday night, but this outfit had a much more summery look and feel to it.  But the brunette was the one who really sparkled tonight.  She had her hair in a ponytail on Tuesday but had it loose tonight.  It seemed much darker brunette and it looked hotter hanging down past her shoulders.  As for her outfit, what a sexpot.  It’s hard to stand out amongst a crowd of teenage girls dressed like $10 whores as today’s teenage girls do at these fairs, but this girl did, wearing a smoldering white tanktop and a pair of pale blue cutoffs that caressed the most perfect ass I saw that night.

As much fun as it was watching the girls walk from behind, their destination was a fun one…the BINGO stand.  They went inside and sat on the inner tables inside the pavilion.  While they didn’t smoke inside like the previous night’s teen brunette, they sat next to a group of old ladies, probably stinking of fresh cigarette smoke.  I’d see this duo once again about a half hour later, just walking by without cigarettes.  I took a good long look at those asses wiggling on by, especially the brunette’s, and recognizing then and there that this duo was certainly making a run at the marquee position for 2012 FCF sightings, ultimately getting a very worthy second-place ribbon.


#4.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

My best birthday gift on August 25, 2012, on the first day of Minnesota State Fair fetishing took place around 5:30 p.m.  I had taken an early interest in a sexy late-teen Asian girl with an epic rapist smoking style, but only about a minute into her performance, I looked to my right in a grassy area a brief distance away from the women’s bathroom to see this 22ish blond angel holding a freshly lit cigarette while in the company of a beautiful brunette friend and a guy.  I just couldn’t pass up a face like this, far and away the most beautiful of the day.  We’re talking a perfect 10 here, with long flowing platinum blond hair rolling over her shoulders and down her back, and decked out in the most conservative attire in the form of a jean jacket, a pair of dark jeans, and a navy blue Minnesota Twins T-shirt.  In a way this conservative outfit added to her allure as this wholesome face just wouldn’t have looked right wearing something slutty.  Never would I have guessed that this girl was a smoker if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes…..and I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me she was!
While watching her in this outfit I probably would have made the parallel even without the Twins shirt, but particularly with the fangirl Twins T-shirt I really picked up on a Cousin Jamie (Random #2 of all-time) vibe here….kind of a mix of Cousin Jamie and Carrie Underwood except even a little more adorable than both.  I made all these observations before she took her first drag.  I kind of figured she was probably a social smoker not only because she seemed too wholesome to be a smoker, but also because of the rather pedestrian way she held her cigarette.  I changed that assessment when the cigarette finally approached her lips after 30 seconds or more of waiting, and she proceeded to take a rapist five-second drag complete with a squinty-eyed look of pleasure.  When the cigarette left her adorable mouth, she then turned to the friend to say something and exhaled a snootful of smoke that nailed the nonsmoking brunette point blank in the face.  No apology coming from blondie….if you want to be friends with her you better get used to bathing in her exhaled smoke clouds.

Not sure if they began moving around because they noticed me watching, which is possible since I didn’t have a very good stalking position, but they then migrated to this area where a couple of cars were on display in front of the beer gardens.  I followed and stood on the opposite side of the cars, still with a decent vantage point.  She was a slow smoker which was a little frustrating and her stylishness and skillfulness with the cigarette wasn’t on par with the #7 girl from this list who I had just seen moments earlier, but when she did take a drag boy howdy did she make it worth your while, pulling on that cigarette filter for five or six seconds with a shameless look of squinty-eyed pleasure and doing everything she could to turn the interior of her body black and slimy even as the exterior of her body couldn’t have been more beautiful.  And you could set your watch by the fact that as soon as the cigarette left her mouth, she would lean over to the friend to continue the conversation and, apparently without even realizing it, launch a toxic cloud of smoke point-blank into her face from only inches away.  How could a girl this beautiful be so obnoxious?  I was prepared to propose marriage to her if it would help me get an answer.  Now I was too far away to get a good picture, but I just had to get something and took a snapshot over the car.  It’s by no means great but even through the blurriness you can see she’s the highest caliber of beautiful.

I continued to be nervous that they knew I was watching them as they again moved away, this time walking towards the beer gardens building which is shaped like a garage with an open door, still considered indoors and still smoke-free by order of law.  But was the law gonna stop this girl from walking inside with a cigarette?  Hell no!  They didn’t go far inside, but they did go inside, hovering underneath the roof and continuing to chat, with blondie continuing to take her drags and continuing to nail the brunette in the face, not in a way that seemed malicious, just clueless.  Even there they didn’t stay long–no more than three minutes–and would eventually drift to the very remote area where the sighting started, with blondie leaning against a tree and finishing off the last quarter of her cigarette.  I actually got to see one exhale that didn’t smash the friend in the face as she was a little too far away to pummel her in this instance, apparently finally learning she needs to keep a bit of a distance unless she wants a faceful of blondie’s ciggy vapors every time she breathes.  The exhale was solid but not necessarily distinctive.

Now it was just a matter of identifying that butt….but I watched her crush it against the tree and then just hang onto it.  It was killing me knowing I wouldn’t be able to know her brand, but when about three minutes passed and she was still hanging onto the butt, I decided it was time to head out.  When I returned a few minutes later to see if maybe just maybe there was still a butt laying there, I came up empty.  Even without the butt, the image of this beauty queen nailing her friend in the face with exhale after exhale was my best image of the day, and I was really feeling an adrenaline rush about the remaining hours of fetishing at this point.


#3.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

On my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, I was scrambling like the madman that I am to make up for lost time heading up to 7:00, determined to max out my sightings as I was starting to fall a bit behind schedule.  My baseline when meeting my parents at 7:00, as I do every year at the MNSF,  is 111-125 sightings, and I was just over 100 as late as 6:40.  But when trying not to get sidetracked, the worst thing a guy can do is to head to the awning and stairwell on the west side of the grandstand, but that’s exactly where I went and sidetracked I would be.

Surveying the crowd seating and standing out there, many of whom were waiting for the Journey/Pat Benatar concert, I could tell the crowd was more of a 40-something group than for Blake Shelton last weekend, which makes sense given the era Journey and Pat Benatar were popular.  But standing by herself in a corner with her back to me was this ponytailed light brunette in a conservative purple top and blue jeans with a freshly lit cork filter in her right hand.  Her rear profile intrigued me as I got closer, but I tried to talk myself out of building expectations too high.  But then she turned around and my knees almost buckled.  Hers was the face I had been looking for all day but had not yet found.  She looked 16 or 17 and had the most perfect natural-looking tan and had the softest and most wholesome features of any girl I had seen this year, and perhaps for a few years, at the Minnesota State Fair.  The closest celebrity comparison I can give is heavy-smoking actress Rebecca Gayheart back in the early 90s when she was the original and most revered “Noxzema girl” in their ads.  Setting eyes on her, I knew I was looking at my best sighting of the day and indeed for the entire 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  Unfortunately, the sighting doesn’t have much of a storyline and the photos I took are fighting with the long shadows and the glare of the early evening sun, but you’re just gonna have to take my word for it that this was the girl we spend many hours a year fetishing to see.

She was distracted while immersed in a phone call which made my job of snapping pictures and watching her smoke much easier.  She took that first drag and confirmed my suspicion….she was just a baby.  While this was very clearly not her first cigarette, her lukewarm drags and shallow exhales confirmed she had probably only been at this for a few months, which made it all the more precious knowing that with her looks and her developing dependency upon nicotine she was electing the glamorous life for herself.  Every time I laid eyes on that beautiful face, I had to pinch myself to help remind me this was really happening….that an underage girl this wholesome and this beautiful was really smoking a cigarette in public all by herself.  She had some black pouch around her waist which added to my initial suspicion that she was also working underneath the grandstand at one of the commercial exhibit booths.  There was nothing wrong with the outfit she was wearing, but I lamented how sexy she might be dressed if she wasn’t working and how much more that would have added to the sighting, but then again if she wasn’t working in the grandstand wouldn’t be out here smoking right now.

Drag after drag, my heart melted as this beauty’s body became more adjusted to the lifetime of nicotine slavery she was preparing it for, and it seemed as though even over the course of the cigarette her drags and holds became a little longer, and her exhales a little cloudier.  Even though she continued to be immersed in the phone call, my lingering presence ultimately got noticed as she would occasionally look my direction and notice me lurking.

And true to form, at the exact moment this sighting was unfolding, out stepped this young couple that included a long-haired mid-20s dark brunette in a skin-tight black dress that ended about four inches below her ass and a pair of incredibly stylish black leather boots going up her calf nearly to her knee…..and she was sitting down on the other side and lighting up a cigarette while the nonsmoking boyfriend waited.  Perfect!  Competing sightings!  The sexpot brunette didn’t get nearly the attention she deserved and frankly I was only able to look over and catch a couple brief moments of smoking glory from her as I just couldn’t abandon my sighting of the day, especially as she approached the end of her cigarette.  Adding to the intensity was that it was 6:55 and I was supposed to meet my parents at 7, and of course they’d flip out if I was late.  But nothing was gonna stop me from seeing this sighting through.  Being a rookie smoker, she smoked slowly but she didn’t finish it off with half the cigarette yet to go as some teen smokers do on work breaks.  She smoked it to within a couple of drags from the filter, but then confirmed my fears as she lifted her shoe and crushed out on her cigarette on the heel while standing in front of a garbage can.  I knew it was coming and it did….she tossed the cigarette butt into the trash can before walking back into the grandstand, presumably to go back to her job.

I walked up to the garbage can, where luckily nobody else was standing close by and peered inside.  I could tell by the telltale marks on the cork filter when she was smoking that it was a Camel Crush Bold so I had that much going for me, but I wanted confirmation.  I was despairing as I didn’t see the butt, but as I looked closer I saw that it had fallen underneath a plastic glass.  Sure enough it was the Camel Crush Bold I had been looking for that was smoked by the prettiest underage smoker girl of the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  At this point, I turned right around hoping to catch what was left of the girl in the short black dress and style boots….but she was getting up to leave, entering the grandstand with the boyfriend.  I wouldn’t have missed the sighting of her for just anything, but seeing the 2012 version of the Noxzema Girl sighting play out in its completion was a rare exception.  If I hadn’t been spotted already by that girl, I’d have followed her into the grandstand and feigned interest in whatever she was peddling, hoping I could get close enough to smell her stink.  It was 6:58 now and I was heading to the agreed-upon meeting spot with my parents, riding high and hoping this burst of momentum would last into the evening.


#2.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

That first Saturday of the 2012 Iowa State Fair was the dreariest day of fairgrounds fetishing I had experienced in several years, and by late afternoon the day was really at its nadir, frustrating as all hell as I journeyed the grounds seeing virtually nothing for hours on end.   But at some point around 5:30 I would score the sighting that single-handedly salvaged the entire day.  I came upon this sighting at the unlikeliest of locations to boot….the block containing most of the livestock buildings on the south side of the grounds.  Soon after turning onto this block I laid eyes on the sweetest face I’d see all day…..a 15-16ish brunette of the highest magnitude of Midwestern wholesomeness sitting on a bench with a cigarette in her hand next to a blond-haired farm boy who was either a boyfriend or just a guy friend as it wasn’t overly clear by watching.

FINALLY I remembered saying to myself as I saw her and then had to find a position to watch which, as was the case so frequently that day, was difficult.  I leaned against a tree and observed.  How positively adorable she was, her sugary sweet look barely disguising a naughty little smirk that let you know the girl was a spitfire.  She had shoulder-length light brown hair, wearing a white T-shirt and dark jean shorts that really complimented her perfect little Midwestern cutie image. She was talking to the guy and very clearly amusing both him and herself with her antics before taking a drag from her cigarette, then proceeding to turn her head upwards and release a very generous skyward exhale that immediately informed me the girl was no flash in the pan style-wise.  Another girl of average attractiveness sat down next to them after a couple of minutes, clearly the friend of both.  A little too exposed at my current vantage point, I decided to go directly behind them and lean against the livestock building, hoping to snap a couple of pictures.

As I arrived at the spot, the smoker girl put her hand affectionately on the blond guy’s upper back and waved it around briefly, making me think they might have been boyfriend and girlfriend but that it could also have just been a friendly gesture of affection based upon whatever they were talking about, which unfortunately I couldn’t hear because I have a feeling if I did this sighting would have been that much more adorable.  The highlight of the sighting came next, when my girl took another drag from her cigarette, once again turning her beautiful face skyward and releasing an even more generous snootful of smoke into the summer air…..only one breath was not enough to release the entire contents of her black lungs as the stream of smoke ended briefly…and then resumed with a second smaller spurt of sky-bound smoke with her next breath.  And the look on this girl’s face was pure pleasure as she exhaled that smoke.  It was abundantly clear her pleasure level from consuming that cigarette bordered on the orgasmic.   I managed to snap a couple of pictures from this angle, but unfortunately they’re blurry as it was too far away with my crappy camera phone to give much detail on what a cutie she is.  I stuck around for one more skyward exhale from the rear, her pleasured look evident once again but without quite as much pomp and circumstance with the exhale.

I had to go back to my original vantage point leaning against the tree in hopes of getting a better frontal photo of her with the cigarette.  I did manage another photo and while it was the best of the three, it’s still not great.  She cooperated by taking a drag from the cigarette and this time exhaling straight forward so I could see she managed a pretty impressive distance with her smoke missile when directed straight in front of her face as well as into the air.

The last three minutes or so of this sighting were frustrating though as she had this stub of a cigarette between her fingers with one drag left, but she wasn’t taking it, instead engaging the friends in comedic discussion where it continued to be clear she was the life of the party.  Finally she took the last drag and proceeded to smear the cigarette butt on the ground beneath her and blowing her smoke to the ground while doing so.  Thankfully, she left the butt sitting there as she got up with the friends.  Immediately after they started walking away, I went to that bench in hopes of identifying the butt.  She had smoked the cigarette almost completely down to the filter, and after she smeared it onto the ground all that was left was the cork filter, so I have no idea what the brand was.   I then immediately pivoted to see where they were.  Seeing this girl standing in the company of her friends made the context of what I had just seen of her smoking that much more adorable as she was so tiny….maybe 5’1″ or 5’2″, walking next to her taller, nonsmoking friends with her cute little butt draped in those girl-next-door jean shorts.  And as a final adorable sunset for this sighting, the trio then walked into the entrance of the sheep barn, indicating to me that one or all of them are 4-H kids with livestock exhibits.  They sure looked like country kids, especially the boy, and now they were about to wander amongst the smelly livestock in the barn but still probably finding them to be less stinky that the petite cutie in their presence reeking of fresh smoke from the cigarette she just pleasured herself with.  I cannot even begin to convey how desperately I needed this sighting with as dull and exhausting as the day had been thus far.  For the first time in nearly seven hours on the grounds that day, I had a spring in my step and hoped I had turned a corner.


#1.  Local County Fair, Tuesday and Thursday Nights

This sighting found its way to the top of my list for 2012 mostly because of the ongoing saga aspect of what was an immensely satisfying and highly unlikely sighting even in the beginning.  The saga began on the opening night of my 2012 local county fair and I was already riding high having just witnessed back-to-back sightings from the woolly beret girl and her friend who are #5 on this list, but when I proceeded from that sighting into the midway at around 11 p.m. things honestly got just ridiculous….

I was passing a cluster of four mid-teen girls who I had seen earlier in the evening and had been intrigued by.  They were standing in a huddle in the middle of the midway and I almost soiled my shorts when I saw a cigarette approach the lips of this brunette in the group.  Now all four of these girls were adorable and I didn’t get a smoking vibe from any of them.  Hard to say if this girl was the prettiest in the group or not as they were all complete cuties, and none a day over 15, but she was hot.  Dark brown hair just over her shoulders and a face that resembled a non-Latino Selena Gomez, she was wearing a black tanktop and a pair of fire engine red shorts that looked just smolderingly hot on her.  Positioning was gonna be brutal with this one, but if any girl was worth taking an epic risk on it was her.

I watched her first drag and it was as close to a puff and blow as you’re ever gonna find it was so quick.  Awww, she’s just a baby!  Or so I thought.  Unsatisfied with my positioning, I moved behind her for a bit.  She took a second drag about 30 seconds later, and while it was brief, she held the smoke in her lungs longer than I expected….and then proceeded to turn her head straight up to the sky and release an incredibly tight and voluminous plume of smoke directed straight to the furthest stars on the Milky Way!  Where the hell did that come from?!?!?

I had to constantly change positions for this one, and in doing so, came across another distraction, a 19-20ish guy and girl where the girl was smoking.  She was a total wholesome-faced cutie with long auburn hair, a white top, and a pair of very light blue jean shorts covering her precious bubble butt.  Incredible of an image as it was, especially with the cigarette held next to that bubble butt, I was gonna have to let this one go….because you don’t see a midteen girl this wholesome smoking publicly often….and I had one in front of me.  This sighting reminded me of my classic MNSF #15 from 2001, where only one girl amidst a cluster of wholesome mid-teens on the midway was a smoker and the others were waiting for her.  Regrettably, I never could find just the right vantage point where my eyes could penetrate this feminine cluster and focus solely on this one girl, but I did see the remainder of her drags and exhales, which were more of the beginner variety like the first one.  Still don’t know where that second blast came from with her!  She dropped the cigarette to the dirt and covered it up in dirt with her foot before the group pressed on, making it a challenge for me to identify it….but not a challenge I couldn’t overcome as I spotted the cork filter poking just out of the dirt under where she stood.  I dropped down and fished around, hoping nobody was looking, and discovered it was a Newport!  The slow-motion penetration of Newports into the Upper Midwestern cigarette market continues….with one of the cutest and youngest smoker girls ever scored at the county fair.

About 20 minutes later, I’d see her again in the company of one of her friends, sitting at a cluster of benches near the grandstand . The benches were wide open behind them so I took it and began texting, looking up to see their faces again.  I didn’t get a great vantage point during the sighting, but I certainly got to see how pretty she was this time.  They were drinking smoothies but not smoking, but I got to thinking that if I waited these two out, I could probably see her light up again when leaving the grounds.  I proceeded with my plan…..but they walked towards the shuttle buses and would be riding out of the grounds rather than walking, so I couldn’t follow.   For whatever reason I didn’t anticipate seeing any encore smoking performances from this girl on subsequent nights at the local fair, but boy was I ever wrong….

Two nights later, I had already had tremendous success with Thursday evening fetishing and had already scored three of the sightings already listed on this year-end list, but it was about a half hour after the Thompson Square concert that I hit my peak heading from the midway to the north side of the fairgrounds by the cattle buildings, where I recognized her the instant I saw her…..the 15-year-old wholesome brunette who was the only smoker amidst her friends group on Tuesday night.  Three of the friends with her the previous night were with her again….and just like Tuesday, they weren’t smoking…but she was.  And her positioning was getting bolder, standing in the middle of the street on the north side with far more passersby than would have been found on the midway Tuesday night.  And after scrambling to find an open bench with a good vantage point, I got creative and sat in this empty lawn chair somebody from one of the nearby buildings sat out.  She was literally right in front of me, smoking largely the way she did two nights earlier with fairly shallow drags and modest exhales.  She sure seemed like a rookie, but it was impressive how much this “rookie” needed to smoke in a public place to get her nicotine fix.  It seemed like her hair was longer today than I remembered it being on Tuesday, flowing over her shoulder and onto her black tanktop.  Below the waist she had a subtle but sexy pair of skimpy dark jean shorts, with those nice long teenage legs extending from them.  I was able to see a good six drags before she dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out.  The girls cooperated by leaving in mere moments and identifying the butt was a cinch.  Again, it was a Newport.  God I love cigarettes!

From there I went on an unproductive midway loop and by the time I finished, I saw two of the 15ish friends of my Newport girl standing outside the women’s bathroom.  Hmm…I thought.  It might be worth finding a seat and lingering here just in case.  For whatever reason, I waited and waited and waited and the friends were standing outside while the other two were inside.  Besides, she just smoked…and she seemed like a rookie smoker with beginner drags.  There’s no way she would smoke again not even 15 minutes after her last one, and if she did I would positively piss myself.  I walked away briefly but after a quarter loop I returned in time to find all four friends walking away from the bathroom…and I’ll be God-damned if that adorable underage brunette wasn’t extracting that pack of Newports from her little purse again.

I followed as closely as I felt comfortable doing and watched her once again hold up her friends by lighting her second Newport in the last 15 minutes.  How could a girl who was so obviously such a baby smoker be so addicted that she needs to smoke this often?!?!?!  And best of all, she was drifting to the most public part of the grandstand, having escalated her boldness over the course of three cigarettes in two evenings to the point that scores of people were passing her and taking notice of this clearly underage girl smoking.  This was a double-edged sword though.  For whatever reason they just stood at the edge of the main walkway of the fairgrounds blocking traffic…and my girl now held her cigarette hand up to her face with a bent-elbow pose, carrying herself more like a perfect avatar of a 15-year-old smoker girl and looking more like Selena Gomez’s baby sister than at any other point in which I had observed her.  The only problem was I had no good place to watch and found myself weaving in and out of various spots trying to see this play out.  Unfortunately during this weaving, I managed to lose them and wouldn’t see her smoking again.  I did see her and the friends on the grounds multiple times in the last 45 minutes of the fair, but she didn’t smoke again.

And unfortunately, the last two nights at the fair didn’t produce either, even though my girl was there both nights.  My timing was bad on Friday, where the beginning of an epic thunderstorm came from out of nowhere and ended the evening for everybody right around 11:15, only moments before it seemed likely she would light up.  And on Saturday night, I only spotted her once, this time with her brunette hair hanging over her right shoulder in an adorable braid, but unfortunately without a cigarette.  Even without any final smoking appearances for her to really send her stature into a legendary place, it’s hard to deny she was the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 fair season, marking the first time since 2005 that my best smoker girl of the year came from the local county fair.  The beauty part is that of all the girls on this list, the prospects for a 2013 encore are highest for this girl.


So there’s the best of 2012.  While it wasn’t as epic as some other previous years, I’ll be more than happy if 2013 proves as productive.  You’ll next be hearing from me in another three months or so when I’ll reconfigure my lifetime favorite lists and add these sightings and some others in with the golden oldies.

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