Top-3 Mall Sightings of 2012

True….my best mall sightings of 2011 list was a top-5 and this year is only a top-3.  Frankly 2011 was an exception in regards to mall sightings, inflated by one incredibly successful Christmas time visit to a mall in Mankato, Minnesota, where I scored three of those five mall sightings of last year.  Typically, the mall environment doesn’t lend itself to a high proportion of classic sightings, as I was reminded of this year, particularly during the relatively meh holiday season tour where most of the truly hot girls I saw smoking were one-second sightings of girls driving away.  Still, once in a while a fetisher’s timing will be just right and he will be there to score something truly special.  That happened three times in 2012, as is typically my average in a given year of mall sightings.

#3.  I mentioned in my intro that this year’s three-week holiday season mall run was largely a disappointment despite the large December crowds, but my Old Reliable mall in the Des Moines area came through right at the end of my day on the final of the three weekend visits.  On an unusually warm mid-December day, I was casually walking across a fairly sparse stretch of sidewalk just to the north of the mall’s main entrance in front of a Staples store.  Sitting on the curb all by herself was a very attractive 18ish brunette, and even though I didn’t see a cigarette in her hand as I approached, I couldn’t imagine any other reason she’d be sitting at this spot.  It wasn’t until I passed her that I spotted a two-thirds smoked all white in her left hand, at which point I backtracked and found an open bench nearby with a great vantage point.

She appeared to be a slow smoker, which gave me an opportunity to study her as she sat there.  I was impressed with her fresh-faced late teen beauty, glammed up by her fairly “tall” dark brown hair which crested above her forehead and flowed down her black jacket.  And even though she was sitting down, it was also obvious the girl was quite tall, elevated further by the platform shoes she was wearing.  While all of these observations were fine and dandy, her smoking was what I was most interested in, and she was really making me wait for that until the cigarette finally approached her lips.  Suffice it to say she was worth the wait as a sustained look of pleasure could be observed on her face as she ingested an impressive amount of smoke into her young body.  I had to measure my glances her direction so as not to get busted and briefly looked away after that first drag, looking back a moment later and cursing myself for missing her exhale.  Only I didn’t miss it.  A good 5-6 seconds later, long after I had given up hope, a blast of smoke finally emerged from her lips after a delayed expulsion from her lungs.  I had finally landed a Christmas gift of my choosing from the malls of the Upper Midwest!  And she was just getting started….

The girl made me earn the yumminess that followed, however, as she continued to smoke slowly, and her left-handed possession of the cigarette kept it out of my view except for those moments where she was actually smoking it.  But every drag made the challenge worthwhile, with lengthy and intense inhalation, complete with a pleasured look on her face, and highly extended hold times that made me wonder if the ball at Times Square would drop kicking off 2013 before the smoke finally escaped her teenage body.  But the good times were short-lived as she was near the end of the cigarette, and after only three drags that I witnessed, it was pretty clear that she was smearing the cigarette on the curb to her left just out of my sight.   My adrenaline had gotten ramped up for all too brief of a reward, but before I was able to be brought back down, out came a pack of Camel Lights from her jacket pocket and the extraction of another cigarette.

My suspicion was that she was a Staples employee, even though she wasn’t dressed for it, trying to squeeze two cigarettes in during a break.  Whatever the context, I now had the entirety of her second cigarette to enjoy her impressive routine, and she made good with every drag consisting of the same intensity and the same impossibly long hold times.  A cute distraction in the middle of the second cigarette was a couple very young Hispanic boys (under age five) who walked directly in front of her, paying no attention to her but walking right through the path of her secondhand smoke, when the girl’s internal clock clearly chimed at the sight of the young boys, bringing a smile to her stinky face.  At least 15 minutes had transpired before the second cigarette was extinguished in the same way as the first, and only seconds afterwards a black truck with tinted windows pulled up and the girl rose to her feet and approached the passenger side.  The tinted windows prevented me from seeing the driver or from seeing if she lit up yet another cigarette once inside the truck, but it seemed likely at that point that she was merely a mall customer rather than a Staples employee out on a smoke break as I had suspected.  The truck drove off and I walked over to her spot on the curb, instantly laying eyes on two Camel Light butts and the black smears of freshly extinguished tobacco directly in front of the butts.  My misgivings about the holiday season smoker girl selection at area malls was at that point entirely forgotten.

#2.  Late summer fair season is always my peak period of smoker girl sightings every year, so when that ends, I need to find an equivalent of smoking fetish “methadone” to ween myself off of the “heroin” that is the hundreds of weekly sightings I’ve become accustomed to at fairgrounds.  I find this methadone by making a couple weekend visits to central Iowa malls in September, and in the Des Moines area’s most upscale mall, I hit pay dirt almost immediately after arrival one mid-September Saturday.

I was walking around the rear of the mall which is where the vast majority of people tend to park and to lurk outdoors.  I spotted a big old tan truck with a crazy hot early 20s blond behind the wheel, holding a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  I only caught a brief glimpse but she was flowing over the top with IT factor, and I watched as she turned to find a parking stall in the always-packed back lot….but there was none to be found in Lane 1 of the lot.  This led me to position myself in a median to watch the truck drive into Lane 2 and get another chance to see her….but since there was no place to park in Lane 2 of the lot either, the truck drove right past and as it did, I got another look at blondie who totally lived up to the hype….the kind of blond beauty that just radiates like sunshine and
brightens everything in her midst.  And while she passed I noticed blondie had a passenger.  As the truck looped from Lane 2 to Lane 3 of the lot, I was able to see the passenger was another hot blond….who was holding her hand out the window of the truck and had a cigarette of her own between her fingers.

I was literally jumping from median to median watching this truck go by repeatedly and always getting just a little bit better look at the smelly blonds occupying the truck.  Finally about six lanes into the lot, they found an open spot, and I lingered in the background watching what I could as both girls continued to spew noxious fumes and the passenger continued to hold her cigarette hand completely out the window.  The sex appeal was explosive, and I finally noticed the passenger step out of the truck, still wielding the stub of her cigarette.  My positioning was not good enough to linger so I went and found a bench near the mall entrance I knew they were gonna approach….and finally got a good look at them.  Holy shit they were hot.  The passenger was a good five inches shorter than the driver, and she had long, somewhat darker blond hair and was wearing a pair of dark jean shorts.  But as hot as she was, that driver girl was just an incredible beauty, a solid 9.5 with long, curly bright blond hair flowing over her shoulders onto her tanktop….with tight jeans framing her incredible lower body.  I wanted to have sex with both of them as I watched their asses wiggle towards the mall entrance, but if I could only do one of them it would be that sunshine-blond driver!

Now it was a matter of heading out to the parking lot to see if the girls left any souvenirs  outside of that truck of theirs.  The truck had Story County plates with an Iowa State University frame on the license plate.  Story County is Ames, so it was impressive that these smoker girls just might be Iowa State students.  Also interesting was a giant white cowboy hat on the dashboard of the truck, indicating that at least one of the girls is a country girl…or else played one at a country bar over the weekend.  And a cigarette butt laid outside the passenger door that I checked out, figuring it had to be the passenger
girl’s.  It was a Marlboro Smooth.

I figured I had seen the last of them and speculated that my timing would have to be pretty miraculous to run into them again as I continued fetishing with little luck.  But about an hour later, as I was descending an escalator inside the mall en route to a different set of doors, the miracle I pondered was about to happen as I watched my two favorite blonds ascending the other escalator only a few yards away.  Needless to say, as soon as I got to the bottom of the escalator I was riding I hightailed it to the other one to go back upstairs and follow these blonds.  There were any number of places they could have been going on that top floor but they just kept passing all the stores and towards the back exit.  I was certain they were gonna sit on the bench and take a quick cigarette break.  Unfortunately they kept walking when they got outside and it quickly became clear that they were headed towards their truck.  I was at least hoping to salvage light-ups of second cigarettes before they drove off…and I lingered in the background once again as they got into the truck, and in less than 30 seconds I saw cigarettes in both girls’ hands.  They didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave and I was in no hurry to have them leave, so I found as good of a position as possible to watch and was able to get about a minute’s worth of viewing pleasure before determining I was overexposed.

Damn these girls were hot smokers, and very clearly heavy addicts.  The driver was the most beautiful girl and the most natural with a cigarette, but that passenger was in her own way the most fun to watch as she always held her right arm with the cigarette as far out the window as possible, apparently trying not to stink up the truck….but then would pull the cigarette inside, take a drag, and proceed to produce a cloudy straight-ahead exhale completely inside the truck. The quantity of smoke flowing from that truck was almost enough to declare it a biohazard, but I was nonetheless sad about this sighting as it became clear the girls were not leaving the mall….they simply went out to their truck to smoke a cigarette rather than light up outside the mall.  How tragic that this is what it has come to.  Two babes this glamorous who are so ashamed of their smoking habits that they choose to hide out in their vehicle for a cigarette rather than show off their glam habits to the world.  Whatever the case, I was incredibly lucky to have had the timing I did and see the smoking as stealth as the girls were.

I then lingered elsewhere, at a location where I couldn’t see the girls smoking but where I was not as exposed.  In a few minutes, the girls were getting out of the truck and I saw them heading towards the mall again, with the remainder of their cigarettes still in their hands.  I ended up following them and spotting the taller sunshine blond dropping her cigarette to the pavement but didn’t see what happened to other girl’s.  As I approached the spot, I identified the sexpot’s butt.  Just like the other girl’s it was a Marlboro Smooth.  I continued to follow them back towards the entrance they emerged from and ultimately went back into the mall.  I then walked back to the lot, past their truck again and peeked inside.  Sure enough, this time the pack of Marlboro Smooths was sitting on the console.

I continued walking around the mall and was still greedy enough to hope I’d see my favorite blonds again.  As I walked outside, I would get my wish as I looked towards the outdoor seating of The Cheesecake Factory and saw them both eating a meal.  At this point I was scheming to have my car in the lot and be ready for them when they came out.  I don’t do that often, but since I knew where they were parked and it was a safe bet they’d light up again when they got back to the truck it was a no-brainer.  Smoker girls this hot don’t come around every day.

So I went back to my car and started looping around the mall, driving past The Cheesecake Factory.  My blonds were still there, and as I craned my neck to look closely at them, thinking my voyeurism would be undetected, I found them both looking right back at me, as I was probably very familiar to them at this point.  Busted!  But I was still gonna attempt to find a parking spot across from the blondes’ truck and wait them out, and as luck would have it, one was available, even though I had to back in to get it. I made out pretty well for myself all things considered and before I even really had the chance to lament how long I might have to sit and wait for them, here came that ray of sunshine in those tight jeans headed to her truck.  I bet I had only been in that parking stall for 60 seconds before they showed up.  Very rarely is my timing this great.  I had to do some serious stretching to see both the driver and the passenger, but the passenger in particularly wasted no time firing up her third Marlboro Smooth of the past two hours.  And as the driver was buckling her seat belt and preparing to leave, she lit one up too.  Unfortunately they really were leaving this time and I would have to follow their truck out of the parking lot, further pushing my luck and risking being spotted.  But it was worth the risk as I was able to see the blond driver’s exquisite natural smoking style in her rearview mirror for a few more drags.  While it’s wonderful to be able to go to the mall and see that girls of this pedigree still smoke–and heavily at that–it’s also a sad state of affairs how close to the edge a guy has to dance these days to get some sightings of pretty girls smoking!  They turned left and I turned right, not daring to continue following them all the way back to Ames as badly as I wanted to.

#1.  Far and away my most jaw-dropping mall fetish moment of 2012 came at my Old Reliable Des Moines area mall last May.  I was already riding high that afternoon after just scoring a sighting of a very young-looking mall worker smoker girl and didn’t think there was any chance of topping that sighting anytime soon…but was proven wrong in only about five minutes.  I approached the main mall entrance up front and exited the mall to stumble into what instantly became my best mall sighting of 2012.  As I opened the door, standing in a crevice outside the main entrance were two girls.  The first was a tiny light brunette who looked about 11 years old.  The second girl was a long-haired girl-next-door brunette who looked about 14-15…and the older girl was smoking a cigarette.  Even after seeing the last clearly underage smoker girl moments earlier, I was still taken aback to be stumbling
into another so soon after.  The girl was dressed in a surprisingly dressy black top and white slacks and I would quickly discover nothing was as it seemed about this sighting.  The nearby bench was wide open so I sat down with a front-row seat to a sighting that featured more contrasting images than anything I’ve seen in years….

The dynamic between the two girls was odd, and at first I figured they were sisters because the smoker was clearly two or three years older than the nonsmoking younger girl.  But the way they were talking to each other seemed like friends, not sisters.  And did they ever talk, especially the smoker girl whose mouth was going a mile a minute.  I was in no hurry as I was resting on that bench watching, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t because she was in no hurry smoking it.  She was so immersed in her conversation with the younger girl that the cigarette often went 90 seconds between drags.  And when she did take drags, they were shallow and produced effectively no smoke.  Seriously, none.  I was set for what I figured was an adorable sighting of an early teen beginner smoker setting an absolutely delicious example for the younger friend.  But on a couple of occasions while smoking that cigarette I was taken aback when she put the cigarette in her mouth and dangled….we’re talking 10-second no-purpose dangles.  Beginner smokers don’t do that, right??!?!  So I continued sitting there, out of range for hearing what they were saying but perfectly positioned to watch them and the brunette proceeded to slowly make that cigarette
disappear. Finally, she dropped it to the pavement and crushed it out with her foot, ignoring an ashtray no more than 10 feet away.  Needless to say, I wanted to identify that butt, but it was gonna have to wait because she wasn’t finished with me yet….

Not five seconds after she crushed out that cigarette underneath her feet, she reached into the back pocket of her white pants, seemingly out of nowhere producing a pack of cigarettes from which she extracted another cigarette and immediately lit up.  I kid you not, no more than 15 seconds passed from the final drag of the first cigarette to her lighting up the second.  This was getting really interesting!  Yet for all that pomp and circumstance, her actual smoking performance was decidedly below average.  Her drags continued to be shallow and far between, and her exhales literally nonexistent.  At some point during that second cigarette, a middle-aged guy walked out of the mall and lit up a cigarette of his own.  He was very close to the girls and they caught his attention.  Not sure if he was a fellow fetisher or not, but he was clearly as taken aback as I was by this public smoking performance from this obviously very underage girl in front of her even younger friend/sister.  He lingered in the area smoking his own cigarette and I caught him taking a couple glances at my brunette smoker.  But she still had a couple major league tricks up her sleeve….

Once again, the cigarette was inserted into her mouth for a lengthy no-purpose dangle.  But the follow-up to that was the image that was seared into my brain for the rest of 2012.  As I said she was a very chatty girl constantly jabbering to the younger girl….and she was about to do her jabbering in the form a 20-second no-purpose talking dangle.  I was literally crouched over with my folded arms covering my fully erect boy parts and I watched this half-smoked cigarette bounce up and down from the mouth of a mid-teen girl as she spoke to her friend.  I have never seen a talking dangle from a girl this young before, and it seemed positively unthinkable that the same would-be rookie smoker taking these shallow drags and producing no smoke at all from them would be capable of what I just saw.  I was fortunate enough to let my erection go limp in the next 3-4 minutes while she finished the cigarette, and as I could see it was about at its end, I just had to approach while I still could to get a closer look at the girl.

It’s a good thing I got up when I did because just as I arrived on the scene, the smoker once again polluted her cigarette butt on the pavement and ignored the nearby ashtray, and then passed me to the mall entrance.  First I saw her face up-close for the first time.  She still looked about 15 with her long curly brown hair and freckles on her upper face, an extremely girl-next-door image.  She wasn’t a bombshell by any means.  I’d rate her as a 7.5 on the beauty spectrum, but the innocence her face evoked was in such shocking contrast to the back-to-back cigarette/talking dangle display I had just witnessed.  As she walked into the mall, I could see the pack of cigarettes poking out of the back pocket of those white pants, and figured with the dark color of the pack she was smoking Camel Crushes.  But then I went over to the crevice she and the friend had just vacated and was surprised to see cork-filter Marlboros with blue print on them.  They have so many Marlboro variations now I can’t keep track of them but the dark color of the pack in her pocket didn’t look like familiar Marlboro colors at all.

After identifying the two butts she left behind, I went back in the mall and found her and the friend going inside this store called Claire’s which seems to be a clothing store for teens, meaning I couldn’t possibly follow them in there without arousing big-time suspicion.  Anyway, I would return about 20 minutes later and found she was still in the store, and if there was any logistical way possible I would have waited her out until her next cigarette break.  By this point I was flying in a way that happens only a couple times a year when I’m fetishing at malls, and knew at that moment that she’d be the girl to beat for 2012 mall sightings, and indeed that held up as no other 2012 mall sighting compared.

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