Breanna Goes Looking For Trouble And Finds It

Breanna Dirks sat at her booth in the small, cramped family steakhouse, feeling oddly nervous as she approached her fork to her mouth with one of her final bites of steak.  She had no real reason to be nervous, but she had been waiting for this moment for quite some time and it had finally arrived.  She looked across the table at her attractive blond-haired best friend Tiffany who also looked kind of nervous, but the girls smiled at each other, knowing that the big moment was fast approaching.

The waiter approached with a pitcher of water, asking if they’d like a fill-up.  Breanna looked up to the tall, dark, and handsome young waiter and sent mildly flirty body language his way as she responded with a simple “Sure”.  The waiter topped off her water glass, smiled back at her, and walked off.  And it was not wasted on Breanna that the waiter checked her out a bit before leaving, checking out her cleavage on full display in her tight white blouse and the black leather miniskirt she was wearing below the table with her smooth, tanned legs extending out of it.  She didn’t know this waiter, but figured he was part of the Greek family that owned the restaurant. And she also knew she had him exactly where she wanted him.

It had been several months since Breanna last ate here, but whenever her family came to St. Joseph, Missouri, on business trips, they stopped at this steakhouse.  It’s always left an impression on her, and based on some of the observations she made in the last couple of years while eating here, she determined the place was logistically perfect for her mischievous plan….the same mischievous plan that she and Tiffany had just driven three hours to bring to life this very evening.

After one final bite of steak and a giant swig of water, Breanna leaned back and patted her flat stomach as if to tell both Tiffany and herself that she was full.  She exhaled nervously realizing the moment had finally arrived.  She leaned over to her purse seated next to her in the booth and in seconds extracted a giant 7 ½ inch Churchill cigar along with a guillotine to cut it and a special torch lighter to bring it to life.  It took her a while to get used to all the paraphenelia necessary to be a legitimate cigar smoker, but over the past year or so it has become second nature to her.  Thus, she proceeded with snipping off the end of the giant, round cigar effortlessly and then instinctively taking a whiff of the unlit cigar by running it underneath her nose and then inserting it in her mouth.  Breanna looked across the table at Tiffany who seemed just as anxious as she was before approaching her jittery hands with the torch lighter to the end of the cigar, spending almost 60 seconds bringing the cigar to life.  A massive cloud of cigar smoke was already hovering in their booth, and Breanna’s show had only just begun.

Breanna came from a family with big money.  Her dad was a financial adviser who had a number of Texas oil men as clients, and she remembered even as a little girl being fascinated with cigars.  Many of the wealthy oil barons and corporate moneymen would sit in her dad’s offices and smoke big cigars.  She thought the image was so powerful…such a sign of strength.  At one point, when she was about six, she even asked her dad if she could try one of the cigars left behind by a client who brought a box of them.  Her dad just laughed at her and told her “cigars weren’t for daddy’s little girls”.  That comment stuck with her throughout her childhood, as did her fascination with cigars.  She played the role of the good girl throughout middle school and high school, involved with all kinds of clubs and several sports, but always knew that when she graduated, the naughtier side of Breanna was going to come out.  And the profile of the new, naughty Breanna involved teaching her dad that she could be daddy’s little girl and still smoke cigars.

The look of nervous excitement could barely be contained on either Breanna or Tiffany’s face as they looked at each other, subduing their giggling as much as possible.  It struck Breanna that given the layout of the restaurant and how high the booths were on both sides of her, nobody yet knew she was smoking a cigar, but she knew that was going to change quickly as she cut loose another dense exhale of thick, dirty cigar smoke that poured out of her mouth like diesel exhaust from a Mack truck.  Breanna had told Tiffany to tip her off when the waiter was approaching so she’d be prepared for him.  Tiffany motioned her eyes and Breanna immediately knew he was approaching from behind.  Breanna turned towards him before he even set eyes on her, not wanting to miss the look on his face when he saw her with the massive, smoldering cigar between her fingers.  The waiter walked right into this scene and the color from his face vanished instantly as he laid eyes on this sweet-looking college-age girl with the flowing light brown hair looking so incredibly out of place with a cigar in her hand.  He could barely get the words out but ultimately asked “Can I get you guys any dessert?”

They planned this out all along, and Tiffany immediately chimed in with “I’ll have a slice of key lime pie, please,” knowing that they’d need a reason to occupy this booth for long enough for Breanna to smoke the cigar.  The waiter then just gave a brief, bashful look at Breanna, not expecting her to order anything since she was already having her dessert, but Breanna chimed in anyway.  She used the cigar to point to a tiny ashtray meant for cigarettes in the table and then asks, “Do you have a bigger ashtray for this?” and then proceeded to stick the giant cigar in her mouth and added through a mumbled talking dangle, “This one isn’t really big enough.”

The waiter couldn’t help but smirk for a second before nodding and saying “I’ll see what I can do.”

As he walked away the girls giggled like fourth-graders playing spin the bottle.  Breanna kept the cigar parked in her mouth and puffed from it copiously through an extended number of dangling drags.  She never would have thought a year ago she’d become this adept at cigar smoking.  Immediately after graduating high school a summer earlier, she gave cigar smoking a try.  She didn’t know how she’d react to it, but she absolutely hated it.  But her fascination with cigars and the new image she wanted for herself as she was preparing to head off to college was enough of a motivator to compel her to stick with it, smoking small cigars and spending the entire summer working her way up to the biggest cigars she could buy and smoking as many of them as possible.  Her dad was mortified when he found out what his daughter was doing, but as she knew he would, he let daddy’s little girl get away with what she wanted and looked the other way about her odd new habit.  And her resolve paid off as she went off to college with the image she wanted….as the sexy girl in the short skirts who was always walking around campus with a big cigar in her mouth.

But she just kept raising the bar on feeding this new image with shocking new stunts that she knew would turn even more heads than what she had done already, and that was what brought her here tonight.  She had long wanted to feel the thrill of smoking a cigar in a nice restaurant in the current inhospitable antismoking culture.  She was lucky enough to live in a state where there was some remaining communities where smoking was allowed in restaurants, although it wasn’t in her university town or anywhere else closeby.  But this small restaurant with the meek and accommodating wait staff and with no real separation between the smoking area and the nonsmoking because of its small size that she had visited so many times before was a perfect petri dish to conduct her experiment, even if it took a long road trip with her scheming best friend to pull it off.

And after about three minutes, it was working out exactly as she planned.  She saw a couple of the diners from across the table had noticed she was smoking the cigar, and were clearly taken aback by it.  By this point, she was no longer nervous and kept a wry smirk on her face as she dragged from that cigar and produced increasingly monstrous waves of smoke that were very rapidly consuming the entire area.  The waiter arrived with a large ashtray for Breanna and the slice of pie for Tiffany.  The waiter could barely make eye contact with Breanna, intimidated by her imposing presence.  It was the same presence that made macho guys quake in her presence that entire freshman year of college, and she couldn’t get enough of the power she felt whenever she went about with her daily duties while smoking a big cigar.

But as much as she got off on the visual imposition her cigar smoking seemed to place on those in her presence, she was even more aroused by the olfactory imposition of cigar smoking.  While she always remembered kind of liking the smell of cigar smoke as a young girl when hanging out at those business meetings with her dad, she knew that most people found the smell of cigar smoke incredibly offensive.  And nothing thrilled her more than being in a situation where she could impose that odor on the unsuspecting public and there was absolutely nothing they could do about it except choke on her fumes.  And she was rapidly approaching that point here at the restaurant tonight, with billowing clouds of filthy cigar smoke spreading like a blob a few inches per second in the restaurant.  She went out of her way to direct the smoke in as many directions as possible, and the restaurant was becoming a haze to the point where she figured the waiter would soon need a lighthouse to direct him from point A to point B with the rapidly declining visibility.

The crowd had been subdued for the first five minutes or so, but Breanna was listening intently for annoyed voices and started hearing them from all sides.

“Is someone smoking a CIGAR in here?” said one guy in the booth behind where Tiffany was sitting.  Breanna beamed with delight upon hearing this, and only wished she could see the faces of the people in front of and behind her.  She could hear subdued grumbling but wanted to see the looks of disgust that men and women and children of all ages were making.  She did, however, have a vantage point of two tables across the aisle from them.  Directly across was an older couple who was clearly annoyed, but avoided confrontation and just sat there trying to ignore her.  The couple in the other booth across the aisle, however, was not so quiet.  Breanna could see it was a young couple that consisted of a wimpy, artsy-smartsy looking hippie guy and a dark brunette girl who looked like a perfect fit for him.  Neither of them was particularly attractive and looked one or two years older than Breanna and Tiffany.

The girl had to look over her shoulder to see where the overwhelming stench was emerging from, and her eyes met with Breanna.  Pretending to just talk to her boyfriend but making sure Breanna heard her, the girl said “Dave, some girl is smoking some big, stinky cigar back there.   Can you smell that?”  She then looked at the boyfriend who meekly shrugged yes as if to indicate he hoped his girlfriend wouldn’t make a scene.  “Are you serious??!?!” she shouted, pretending to be thinking out loud but making sure Breanna knew she was not happy with the stinky contribution to their steak dinner.

Breanna’s playful smirks quickly turned to a very obvious slow burn of rage with a very clear revenge plot brewing in her scheming mind.  She imposed her anger towards the girl onto the cigar, dragging from it more copiously than ever and producing even more smoke.  And at this point, Breanna made sure her every exhale was directed towards this girl who had just become the bane of her existence.  Breanna wasn’t really “mad” so much as she was getting off on the power this cigar was giving her in this setting, and she was thinking of ways of keeping the momentum of this power trip alive, ideally escalating it to an even higher level.

As the moments passed, the waiter brought this young couple their drinks, and Breanna smiled at seeing the girl had ordered some fruity girly drink in a red plastic glass with a straw.  Breanna continued to smoke her cigar more rapidly than usual and kept expelling the dirty smoke towards the girl, and the tormenting worked as planned as the girl became increasingly agitated by the engulfment of smoke that kept coming towards her wave upon wave.  At one point, the girl couldn’t stand it anymore, exaggeratedly waving the smoke out of her face and finally turned around and shouted to Breanna “Do you mind?  Some of us are trying to have a decent meal here!”

Breanna just smiled and exhaled a huge blast of smoke towards her at which point the girl just shook her head in exasperated anger and then turned back around to her salad, continuing to wave the smoke out of her face every 30 seconds or so while the boyfriend continued to sit there meekly, carefully resisting confrontation.  Breanna was on the final quarter of her cigar and had been smoking it for nearly a half hour when the waiter approached the couple with their main courses.  Breanna had a feeling it was coming and was not surprised when the girl said to the waiter “Can you please do something with that girl across the table smoking the cigar?  We’re not spending this much money for a dinner to have her ruin it!!”

The waiter was stammering hoping to avoid confrontation himself but finally said “Okay, I’ll take care of it”.

The waiter then turned to Breanna, very clearly terrified of the college girl with the big cigar but nonetheless scolding her in the mildest of tones, “Ma’am, would you mind finishing that as soon as possible.  Some of the customers are becoming annoyed”.  Breanna just gave him the evil eye in response before he drifted off, clearly intimidated and wanting no part of upsetting her more.  Breanna acted as though nothing had happened, continuing to smoke her cigar and continuing to blow the smoke towards the girl across the aisle, only now filling her airspace with cigar smoke as she was eating.  The girl had given up at this point but continued to simmer with annoyance at the waves of cigar smoke that kept moving her direction for several more minutes.

Breanna’s cigar was almost gone and she was preparing her stuff to leave the restaurant, but Tiffany could tell by the look in her eyes that more Breanna evil-doing was on the horizon.  Breanna noticed the girl looking over her shoulder and breathing a sigh of relief as she could tell Breanna and Tiffany were about to leave and then turned back to her plate of food.  Breanna stood up from the booth and took one final drag from her cigar.  She and Tiffany were walking towards the exit as Breanna passed the table with the young couple and fired a rocket blast of smoke on a downward trajectory right towards her plate of food and then proceeded to drop the large cigar butt in the red plastic cup containing the girl’s adult beverage before pressing forward with the strut of a peacock, shaking her ass in that sexpot leather miniskirt and hoping several people in the restaurant had seen what she had just done, realizing that some had as a number of audible gasps could be heard as she pressed forward.  The stunned silence by the college girl who just had a cigar butt dropped into her drink was finally broken just as Breanna got to the door.  “You bitch!” the girl screamed at the top of her lungs.

Breanna turned and gave the girl the evil eye once again.  As enraged as the girl was, something about the look in Breanna’s eyes kept her from saying or doing anything more.  After about 20 seconds of this icy glare, Breanna and Tiffany walked outside the restaurant.

As they got outside, Tiffany was headed towards the car when Breanna called out for her, “Tiff, hold up.  I think I’m gonna finish this with her?”

Breanna could see by the familiar look in Tiffany’s eyes that Tiffany was a little nervous about Breanna taking things too far as she usually does when she gets in one of these moods.

“What are you gonna do?”  Tiffany asks.  “Please don’t get us in trouble this far from home.”

Breanna does not answer, busy hastily lighting up another cigar from her purse while staring straight ahead at Tiffany.  Tiffany recognized those “crazy eyes” and knew reining Breanna in was futile at this point.  She had seen Breanna this way before and knew she was gonna push the envelope as far as she possibly could.  And Tiffany had always been the good soldier, ultimately playing along with whatever crazy scheme Breanna had in mind and resigned herself to the fact that this time would be no different.

The two girls drifted off towards the edge of the sparse parking lot, and Breanna was pleased with the parking lot’s layout and how it would work well for what she had in mind.  She was dragging rather copiously from her cigar as she paced the sidewalk in front of the cars silently, with a look of sociopathic elation on her face.  She couldn’t wait for the moment of confrontation to arrive, and the minutes seemed to tick by like hours as she paced the sidewalk keeping her eyes trained on that restaurant entrance.  The slow trickle of people approaching the restaurant from the parking lot was just as taken aback as the people in the restaurant seeing this extremely attractive and feminine young girl in a leather skirt smoking a big cigar.  Normally, Breanna would get off on that attention, but right now she was laser-focused on a higher priority, and Tiffany was just lurking in the shadows playing the loyal lieutenant but clearly wishing they could just declare victory and go home.

About 20 minutes had passed before the doors of the restaurant opened and the young couple from the restaurant emerged.  Breanna quickly froze in her position and watched the two of them leisurely bantering while walking into the parking lot, moving towards the direction where they stood.  Breanna quickly drifted in between two cars so she wouldn’t be immediately noticed and directed Tiffany to do the same.   They both waited until the couple had walked past them towards the edge of the parking lot when Breanna came creeping up behind them.   With the half-smoked cigar clutched in her mouth, she startled them both by saying “What was it you called me earlier?” standing only a few yards behind them.

After the initial surprise that led the couple to turn around, the couple both looked at Breanna with tremendous intimidation, not at all comfortable with the look of crazy in Breanna’s eyes.  Breanna then slowly began approaching them, and the couple nervously backtracked.  Breanna was guiding them towards the grass just beyond the sidewalk where she planned to make her stand.

“Please.  We don’t want any trouble,” the guy said in a way that assuaged Breanna’s concern that the guy might be more of a contender than she suspected.  After hearing him say that and watching him back up with such obvious fear in his eyes, she knew she would have no problem pulling off exactly what she had planned.

“Grab her, Tiff”, Breanna said through the cigar still perched in her mouth.  Tiffany had not been clued in about Breanna’s plan, but she nonetheless did her part and grabbed the girl from behind, locking her arms behind her back and rendering the girl immobile.  The girl was fighting to get away, but Tiffany easily overpowered her.

And now it was Breanna’s turn to get violent as she more aggressively proceeded towards the wimpy boyfriend, whose fearful look grew more as the psychotic cigar-chomping girl approached yelling “You don’t want any trouble huh?!” as she shoved him.

“No, we don’t!” the guy said again while reeling from the shove.  Breanna then hustled up to him again, placed her left foot behind his and shoved him again, this time tripping him and knocking him onto the grass.  Breanna quickly climbed on top of the guy in the instant after he fell, hearing the girlfriend screaming in the background.

“Get off of him you bitch!” the girl screamed in a shrill voice before Tiffany covered the girl’s mouth with her hand, looking around and praying that Breanna’s little stunt would be done before somebody else came out of the restaurant to witness this.

Breanna kept her eyes focused on this guy as she climbed on top of him, and saw a mix of terror and subdued erotic pleasure in the guy’s eyes as he was being pinned to the ground by a girl with a cigar in her mouth wearing a low-cut blouse and a leather miniskirt.  Breanna pinned him down with her body and used both of her arms to keep the guy’s shoulders glued to the ground.  She then knelt with the cigar still clutched in her mouth, watching the guy cringe in fear as this smoldering cigar was approaching his face.  But Breanna came to a stop no more than two inches over his face, before taking a litany of rapid-fire drags and producing a sea of smoke that was flowing directly into this guy’s face.

Slowly, with the cigar still clutched in her teeth, Breanna began to speak to him, “If I were you I wouldn’t try to get away or you will only manage to give yourself a giant burn on your face.   Now I want you to listen to what I am about to tell you.  Can you do that?” she asked before taking another deep drag and quickly expelling another geyser of cigar smoke straight into his face.

“Yes, yes” the guy answered quickly, obviously scared out of his mind about what this nutcase was gonna do next, coughing from the up close and personal cigar smoke assault, and feeling the heat from that tobacco torch only an inch or two from his face.

“Good”, Breanna responded.  “Now I feel a little bad getting you in the middle of this because you tried to be civil with me, but buddy, if you say you don’t want any trouble, you’re gonna have to keep that mouthy girlfriend of yours in line.”  She paused, taking a couple more intense drags and blowing them straight down into the guy’s face before resuming her soft-spoken rant amidst the muffled cries of the girlfriend in the background whose mouth was still covered by Tiffany.  “I was just relaxing and having a smoke after my meal, minding my own business, and your bitch of a girlfriend tried to get me kicked out of the restaurant.  I don’t think that’s cool.  Do you?”

“No,” the guy answered with continued panic.

“Glad you see things my way.  I figured we could reach an agreement on this.  But I hope you understand I have to teach your girlfriend a lesson, right?” she asked with another exhale of cigar smoke directed towards his face.

“Yeah…I understand”, he responded quickly and increasingly submissively, and Breanna’s legs were literally shaking from how turned on she was making herself, so much so that she moved her leg to the guy’s crotch and could feel he had an erection.   She began to slowly climb off of the guy and, after lifting her arms off of his shoulders that she was pinning him down with, reached her hand to his jeans to feel just how erect he was, and could tell he was hard as a rock.  For a brief moment, overcome with the power she felt dominating this guy so thoroughly, she was strongly pondering the ultimate act of domination against him, taking advantage of that erection to defile him right there in front of his girlfriend.  While nothing at that moment would have satisfied her more, her better judgment took over and she just couldn’t take it that far.  Plus, she had to business to wrap up with the girlfriend.

Breanna rose from the guy’s pitiful fetal posture and then began approaching the girlfriend, whose look of fear and hostility began to approach terror as Breanna walked right up to her, saying “You’re never gonna call me a bitch again.   Pin her down onto the car hood, Tiff.”

The look of fearful uncertainly was only slightly less emphatic on Tiffany’s face as the girl in her capture, but she wanted to get this over with and get out of this ugly situation that had escalated far beyond what she was comfortable with as things too often do with Breanna.  She slammed the girl down onto the hood of the car parked in front of them, pinning her down by the shoulders.

Breanna sadistically approached, removing the cigar from her mouth.  After several minutes of smoking it without ashing, she had a long ash hanging from it.  The girl looked up in horror as Breanna approached the cigar to her face, holding it about two inches in front of her face and then tapping the cigar so that the long ash dropped onto her cheek.  Breanna then used her hand to smear the giant dirty cigar ash all over the girl’s face, leaving a giant gray facial mask all over the girl’s face and making her look vaguely like a raccoon as the girl wept in fear and disgust the entire time.  Breanna then looked up to Tiffany and said, “I think it’s time to go” before delivering one final punch to the girl’s gut.

That was music to Tiffany’s ears and the two girls hustled across the pavement to get inside their car and get away from this scene that she and her friend has created.  “You drive, Tiff”, Breanna said, tossing her the keys to the BMW.  Looking at the girls move in a very traditionally feminine way across that parking lot towards the car, the contrast with the act of humiliating violence they just subjected this young couple to was jarring.  Breanna climbed into the backseat and Tiffany got behind the wheel, starting the car, and peeling out as quickly as possible.

It was a long drive home for Tiffany, who sat in silence and wondered if being friends with the loose cannon Breanna was worth it as she listened to Breanna’s passionate moans in the backseat as she masturbated for what seemed like an eternity.  Breanna was so turned on she could barely stand it, and much as she wanted to hold her sexual energy until she got back home and then take it out on her boyfriend in bed, she just couldn’t hold out for more than three hours.  But as the ride went on, she found herself sympathizing with her victims and fearful about her own lack of control and need to dominate people.  She was glad she was able to pull back before she raped the guy, but knew she had a problem that she had to tame for her own sake and those around her.  Still, as the ride pressed on, she made excuses for herself for “this one time”, convincing herself she had gotten it out of her system without doing any permanent damage to anybody, but with one very lucky guy at home about to be on the receiving end of her built-up passion and who would never have to know the source of that passion.

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7 Responses to Breanna Goes Looking For Trouble And Finds It

  1. UKCigarFan says:

    Well I didn’t like the second half of the story, but the description of the restaurant scene about preparing the cigar was excellent. More interested in the family history and Breanna’s fascination with cigars from a young age. Would love one day to read a long story about a really young girl introduced into the world of cigars. Unrealistic and fanciful? The woman now in charge of one of the UK’s most famous cigar importers was first offered a cigar by her father when she was 8 – how about this as a theme for your next story Mark (I’d write it myself, but I’d know what was going to happen !)

  2. Smokin' Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I knew much of the story wouldn’t be for everybody, but I’m glad you enjoyed the first half. I actually wrote a story called “Educating The Prescott Girls” in 2007 that doesn’t exactly match the story you described that you’re hoping to find, but in the near future I’m gonna post it on here and you can give it a read. I think it’s on Smoke Signals’ archive now if you want to look around for it. Thanks again.

  3. Your story is long, descriptive & Breanna’s fascination imagined very well. Character is stylish and with cigar a modern girl.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed the story.

      • Jeff says:

        Man I just wish I would’ve been lucky enough to see the girl puffing away in the restaurant and I also wouldn’t have minded being the boyfriend in the parking lot, feeling the heat from that big cigar and being blasted by her thick dirty exhales. I would’ve opened my mouth and deeply inhaled every one!!

  4. Jay Nevil says:

    Excellent story

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