Top 25 Fairgrounds Sightings of 2011

2011 was my second best year of fairgrounds sightings of all-time, second only to 2010.  Having been doing this for many years now, I’ve settled into a pattern in each of my fair venues and, as a consequence, have been defying gravity by scoring more and better sightings that I was several years ago, despite a nominally declining smoking rate among the target demographic.  I scored 762 sightings at my three primary fairs this year, up from 697 last year, which amounts to about three-quarters of my annual sightings haul.  It’s been so important to me that these fairgrounds have avoided smoking bans up to this point, and year after year I consider it a gift when I continue to experience unlimited smoking freedom at these fairgrounds.  Anyway, here’s my attempt to reduce this year’s 762 sightings to a list of the 25 best.


#25. Iowa State Fair, Day 1

It was late afternoon on my all-day visit to the Iowa State Fair and I had just scored a whopper of a sighting that’s still to come in this countdown, and was lucky enough to score this fantastic follow-up only moments later….

Walking across the concourse together as if a couple was the interesting duo of a tall late 40s guy and a gorgeous platinum blond girl in her early-to-mid 20s decked out in a green top and khaki shorts.  She was smoking and he wasn’t.  Now despite the obvious age difference it didn’t seem that abnormal that these two might be a couple, but that adorable face really did not seem like a fit for this average middle-aged joe she was with.  They proceeded down a sidewalk near the bathroom and I would get the answer as they approached the back end of a trailer where a radio station was broadcasting.  They weren’t lovers…they were colleagues.

The guy made a couple parting comments to the beautiful blond before opening the door of the trailer and walking inside, leaving the girl to stand outside and finish her cigarette.  And what a show it was, with massive clouds of smoke gushing out of this girl’s mouth and nose.  Her drags were frequent but interestingly she made the cigarette last quite a while, which was just great by me as it meant seeing more from her.  There seemed to be a permanent residue of carcinogenic smoke hovering in front of this girl’s beautiful face given the frequency and density of her exhales….and that carcinogenic cloud represented an adorable contrast to her otherwise extremely wholesome and feminine image.

She wrapped up her cigarette and tossed the all-white butt to the edge of the pavement.   I watched her open up that trailer door and step into that confined trailer where the radio station was broadcasting, and where I had seen at least three people inside before she went in.  Hard to even imagine how much her stench would have filled up the room in those tight quarters, and I got off imagining how some of them were repulsed by it.  I then walked over and identified her discarded butt, a Marlboro Light Menthol, that had just been consumed by one of my top-five sightings of the day.



#24. Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

I was on a roll in the late afternoon of my second full day at the Minnesota State Fair, to the point that I was repeatedly sidetracked from my planned route because I stumbled into a number of hot girls who I just had to follow.  It was a good problem to have though, and as I approached my 100th sighting of the day, I would again find myself in pursuit of a hot smoker, and this was one of those rare instances where I got a name to go with the face….

I was heading down the main street of the fairgrounds and looked in the right direction at the right time yet again that day to spot what I first expected was just a young couple that included a slender dark brunette sexpot in a black top and tiny jean shorts wielding a cigarette….and once again, I followed them up to the north side.  While the girl looked like a smoker, her sexy body still jumped out at me and I scored a pretty solid frontal photo of her with cigarette in hand shortly after spotting her.  The sighting was not without its frustration though as from the time I spotted her, well over two minutes passed before she took her first drag.  I wasn’t sure what was up with that, but the social dynamic between her and the boyfriend (at least I thought he was a boyfriend) was fascinating enough to intrigue me even without her smoking.  The guy was a total pimply-faced dweeb…the very embodiment of the guy living downstairs in his parents’ basement, yet here he was walking the Minnesota State Fairgrounds with this sexpot smoker babe.  Watching it, I thought seeing things like this should give every young nerd hope of landing a hot girlfriend, because if this pair was really a couple, any potential duo seems viable!

Alas, her extended period between drags would ultimately work to my advantage as she placed the cigarette in her mouth and needed to take an epic six-second drag to pull any smoke into her lungs after letting it all but go out.  Her cloudy exhale confirmed she was as hard-core of a smoker as I thought she was…..

A few moments later, she placed the cigarette back in her mouth, discovering this time it really had gone out.  There was no more than three drags left on the cigarette, but she was dedicated and placed the unlit stub in her mouth, dangling it while fishing through her purse for her lighter.  In seconds, she fired up the remains of her all-white and proceeded to continue smoking, at one point even releasing an exhale that I was fortunate enough to walk through.

Now I had been mindful of another young couple that seemed to be following this girl and her boyfriend since I first laid eyes on them, but they’d been following at a reasonable distance, suggesting that perhaps they couldn’t tolerate their friend’s smoky stench the way her boyfriend did.  But then I heard a female voice from even further behind yell “Amanda!” yielding the attention of my addicted brunette who turned around.  There were two couples following them, and I can’t help but think that somebody in the group had noticed me following and snapping pictures over the several minutes I was tracking this sighting.  “Amanda” was then chatting with the rest of the group, finally getting to the last drag from her cigarette before dropping it to the ground, crushing it out, and proceeding further north with the group.  I had a wide open lane to swoop in and identify the butt.  It was a Camel Light.

I would get a sweet repeat performance heading down Judson Avenue past the International Bazaar just a few minutes later.  Standing outside the bathroom were three familiar-looking girls, one of whom was brunette “Amanda”.  Sure enough, only about a half hour after the last sighting, Amanda was smoking another of her Camel Lights in the company of her nonsmoking female friends chatting with her.  Amanda might be a slow smoker, but she seems to make up for it with the frequency with which she fills her lungs with poison.


#23. Iowa State Fair, Day 2

There was a huge crowd at my Wednesday evening visit to the Iowa State Fair with a free concert by rising-star country-pop crossover group The Band Perry, but for the first several hours of the evening sightings were sparse.  But at around 9:00, just as the concert was ending, things came alive and I would get one of my best stretches of sightings in the history of the Iowa State Fair.  For all intents and purposes, this was the sighting that started it off as I was walking through the midway, and which had a surprise second act at the very end of the evening…

Standing near a food vendor at the edge of the midway was a giant cluster of 16-18ish teens, mostly girls with a couple of guys thrown in.   I saw and smelled plumes of smoke going airborne from within this group and quickly identified its source as the tallest and most distinctive beauty of the bunch, a blond I originally suspected was 18 (more on that later) with shoulder-length hair that hung down onto her shoulderless turquoise blouse and snug pale blue jean shorts draping her bottom, with a long set of legs extending from underneath.  I’d guess she was about 5’9 or 5’10” and looked a lot like a smoker despite her underlying cuteness.  She actually looked a lot like Evan Rachel Wood did at 18. There were a few beauties in this group, but this girl was definitely the cutest of the group, and happened to be the only one wielding a cigarette.   I would watch from afar and saw a couple of nice drags from her before the group started moving out of the midway and past the beer gardens area.  I followed in the stinky trail of my new blond friend who was a good smoker, taking nicely timed drags, which was a nice change after all the recent girls who seem to go 90 seconds between drags.  Her exhales were cloudy and skillful and it was an all-around pleasure following her and her shapely, well-decorated lower body.  But I was so caught up in following her, I managed to miss an epic case of interference that would make for an extremely bad night for a couple of people in her clique…..

Remember I said there were some other cuties in the group (along with a couple real dogs unfortunately) and suddenly a cop came up to ask for ID upon seeing the girls walking around with beers.  Thankfully, my girl wasn’t drinking.  Kind of ironic that she was able to walk by the cop undetected as a likely underage smoker because they were focused on kids with beers.  About four people in the group stopped at the gates, looking behind them to realize the two attractive brunette girls with the beers were in a world of hurt.  Blondie crushed out her cigarette and unfortunately just stood there with her friends for the longest time, initially waiting for the rest of her cluster to be cut loose.  It was killing me to see her cigarette butt hovering just underneath those long bare legs of hers, but I was gonna be patient with this one.

I was fortunate enough to have a couple other hotties nearby who were smoking who gave me a nice sideshow to observe while passing the time waiting for Evan Rachel Wood’s kid sister to get those killer legs of hers in motion.  It eventually became clear that the busted friends would not be hanging out with ERW’s crew again that evening.  They pressed forward and I jumped into identify her cigarette as yet another cork-filter Camel Blue.  I’m not sure what the gimmick is with these Camel Blues but they sure seem to be popular with the young ladies lately.

And on my journey out of fairgrounds told my shuttle bus, I had yet another encounter with the girls reported upon earlier, when I recognized the familiar group just ahead of me.  Walking along with my Evan Rachel Wood clone in her jean shorts and turquoise top was one guy friend, a brunette friend who was cute but looked eight months pregnant, and one of the uglier, overweight girls in the group.  It was becoming clear that we were going to the same place… the same shuttle bus.  I got on first before their group got inside and migrated to the back of the bus.

Unfortunately we got a few blocks down the road when we ran into a train….that was at a dead stop on the tracks.   This is a frequent obstruction on the east side of Des Moines, and is part of the reason why the neighborhood has become so undesirable.  We sat there for 15 minutes, with the bus full of drunks telling stupid jokes.  I kept looking back to my favorite blond who wasn’t paying attention to any of it, instead mesmerized by her iPhone.  The drunks were getting stupid and one of them suggested the women all get out and flash the train engineer their boobs in the hopes of getting the train moving again.  The fat, ugly girl in the back said she was only 16 years old and would not be doing that.   Whoa, I thought….if that girl’s 16, I bet my Evan Rachel Wood clone is too.  I had assumed she was 18…..

Finally, the train got moving again and after a 20-minute wait we were mobile.  I was hoping when we got to the drop-off point at the Iowa Capitol that my girl would light up a cigarette after she got off the bus.  She didn’t, but what I did get was a nice consolation.  I was walking to my car and they were behind me.  I caught them in mid-conversation as one of the girls said, in reference to their group’s altercation with the cops earlier “I knew it was big trouble when I saw that cop approach her.  She got arrested!  She was only 16 and was caught with beer!”  Once again, all things point to my favorite tall blond being only 16 years old…and the only smoker of her group.   It’s pretty nice when the hot stuff from the Iowa State Fair continues on the walk back to your car from the shuttle bus.



#22. Local County Fair, Tuesday and Wednesday

I had an absolutely incredible opening night (Tuesday) at my local county fair this year, and one of the final great sightings of the evening was the appetizer for a two-night saga in which the following evening’s sighting was even better than the first night’s…..

It was around 11 p.m. and I was getting ready to call it a night.  After only a couple hours at my county fair you’ve really explored the grounds in their entirety multiple times…and given that the place is teeming with cops, you start to look just a little too familiar to them when the crowds generally start to thin.  But I wasn’t done yet.  Walking past the bathroom structure, a cluster of five 19-20ish girls stood just outside.  Two of them were smoking.  One was overweight and unattractive…but the other was the hottie of the group, a short-haired light brunette wielding a freshly lit cork filter.  It was crowded in the cluster, but I was able to see her smoke, and she did her best to hold her cigarette away from the crowd and exhale into the sky, but I’m sure she didn’t spare her nonsmoking friends entirely from her stink.

The girls then began moving and I first got to see her from behind, decked out in a green tanktop with nice skin-tight jean shorts wrapped around her bottom….with a smooth pair of stems extending from them that glistened with the flashing carnival lights.  Then I saw her face…what a beauty!  Again though, this girl looked like a probable smoker…but not at all rough around the edges.  She drifted towards a food stand and beckoned her friends that direction, finishing her cigarette and crushing it out a few steps before getting to the vendor. I would have to wait a couple minutes until they left the scene to identify the butt.  I made one final loop around the midway but wasn’t seeing much there, so I zipped right through there and got back to the food vendor stand, which was now empty and I had no problem identifying the cork filter Camel Blue the green tanktop girl had just littered.

The following night at around the same time, I came upon a cluster of 19-21s who really tickled my fancy….even though there was only smoker in that group.  But the one smoker just happened to be….the same hottie from the night before with the green tanktop and jean shorts, whose smooth legs I cited as glistening from the glow of the nearby carnival lights.  With more light shining on her head tonight, I determined my calculation from the night before that she was a light brunette was incorrect…she actually had a lot of blond highlights and was far more blond than light brunette.  But hair color aside, she outdid herself in the sexpot department tonight in a white T-shirt and another pair of skimpy jean shorts showing off those killer stems….and a freshly lit cigarette in her left hand.  Damn did I want to have sex with her….

There was no good place to watch but I just had to awkwardly hover nearby to see more of this.  As I said, she was the only smoker in the cluster of two girls and three guys, and she had an impressive technique with deep and clearly satisfying drags, most of which she tilted her head skyward to parse her lips and exhale a burst of smoke into the night sky.  She did that most of the time, but not all. I caught two drags from which she did not raise her head…and proceeded to simply exhale into the midst of her nonsmoking friends’ cluster.  And she may just have gotten her chops busted over that…..because she was proudly holding her pack of Camels up to her face level, nervously bending the flip box open and shut with her fingers.  I saw one of the girls commenting to her on that pack of cigarettes in her hand to which a beaming smile emerged on her face followed by inaudible conversation directed at the cigarette box.

I couldn’t hover in the background any longer but decided to walk past her one more time.  Given the crowd, I was able to get pretty close…close enough to see the cork filter on her Camel along with the blue logo….that same as the girl was smoking the night before.  If ever there was any doubt this was the same girl, that doubt was now gone.  My favorite sighting of Wednesday night at the county fair….


#21.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

I had a reasonably steady diet of quality sightings on my all-day visit to the Iowa State Fair, but in the late evening hours I was getting tired and had gone awhile without seeing anything too memorable as I was taking my final loop around the south side of the fairgrounds before leaving for the night. When I saw a girl lighting up at the south side beer gardens area I took the next bench over to watch the show, but it would be a short show as I would be sidetracked in the yummiest possible way.

Walking in front of me was a pair of 18ish cuties, including this slender and petite blond sexpot in a tanktop and black pair of shorts with the word “AERO” written across the ass….and you guessed it, she was sporting a freshly lit cigarette to boot.  I’m guessing she was 18 but it was a little hard to tell given her slender size.  The other girl, a light brunette, was cute too but this smoker blond dominated my observation.   Her smoking technique was solid as she frequently turned her mouth to exhale smoke from the side as she progressed up the south side of the grounds, clutching her pack of Camel Crushes in her hand the whole time.  And she wasn’t the least bit shy about advertising to others that she was a smoker and I watched a group of dudes on a bench watching her.  I wondered if they were impressed her with undeniable sex appeal or disgusted that she was smoking a cigarette.  I was planning to enjoy this as an entirely mobile sighting, following her for the duration of the cigarette and ingesting some of her secondhand smoke, but the brunette spotted an older couple on a bench she apparently knew and greeted them.  Suddenly I’d have to sit on a nearby bench and watch this hoping not to get busted….

The blond was joking in some manner with the older couple as she extended her butt towards them as if preparing to sit down.  Perhaps she was just showing the writing on the ass of her black shorts, but whatever the case, seeing her thrust out that caboose made me want smack it all the more.   She then found herself sitting on the curb beside the couple, presumably to avoid exposing them to her cancerous secondhand smoke fumes.  They stayed put for about three minutes before the girls got up to go.  Once again, I was really flying close to the sun here but I just had to follow.

The girl was the kind who took frequent but smaller drags which made the cigarette last forever.  Finally as they approached the center of the fairgrounds they turned to the right to buy food from some vendor and blondie carelessly tossed her cigarette butt to the pavement.  Given that they were still in line for food just ahead of me, it was no easy task for me to officially identify her tobacco refuse but I got the job done.  It was labeled Camel Crush Bold, my first sighting of the “bold” cork-filter variation of Camel Crushes.  From there the girls advanced into that teen cluster that loiters in the middle of the fairgrounds, reinforcing my opinion that these girls were in 18 but definitely not yet 21.


#20.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

There was a point around noon on my first day at the Minnesota State Fair where I was an absolute tear, scoring a stretch of blockbuster and epic sightings that made me think I was poised for my one of my best days of MNSF sightings ever.  Sighting quality would diminish later in the day, but right in the heart of successful streak came this wondrous specimen….

I was approaching the west side of the beer gardens area just before noon when I spotted this very attractive long-haired brunette at the very moment she launched an epic smoke missile into the air while walking away from the beer gardens.  The huge first impression would be followed up with continued greatness as I managed to walk right up behind her.  Immediately I noticed the pink rings on her all-white cigarette and knew it was a Camel Pink No. 9.  I haven’t seen these in the stores for months now but the dedicated addicts like this girl must be finding a way to keep getting them.  I tried to walk ahead of her to get a better look at her face and managed to get tangled up with her for a moment, briefly excusing myself and fearing I had ruined my chances for a prolonged sighting.  But it would take a lot to break me away from this.  And as luck would have it, she would stand on a grassy area waiting for somebody and I would stand against a tree for my front-row seat…..

She was a beauty, about 21-22 with a wholesome Midwestern look about her.  Definitely not Hollywood-quality features, but she gave off the kind of vibe of a girl who would really make a great girlfriend.  She looked like somebody from my past, but I can’t place who.  She stood there with her beer in one hand and her Camel Pink in the other, with long brown hair going down her back, a pair of sunglasses that for whatever reason looked more utilitarian than badass on her, complimenting her wholesome look, a black top, and a very sexy pair of denim jean shorts that weren’t tight, but fit her in a way that really added to her profile.

I must say it didn’t take her too many drags to make that Camel Pink disappear, the hallmark of a long-time heavy smoker.  Her drags always impressed and were followed up with equally impressive blasts of smoke from her mouth and nose.  While I was fairly conspicuous where I stood and watched leaning up against a nearby tree, I was fiddling around with my phone pretending I was doing the same thing she was….waiting for people to meet her.  I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of snapping a picture of this beauty with my camera phone.  Meanwhile she continued to furiously text whoever she was expecting to meet and would eventually crush out the Camel Pink on the grass.

After the sighting played out, I walked away and crossed the street, but looking at her standing there waiting, an overwhelming curiosity overcame me to find out who would arrive to meet her.  Would it be a buff boyfriend?  Would it be a cluster of college girls?  I wouldn’t have to wait more than a minute before I’d get my answer.  Adorably, it was her middle-aged parents who met up with her.   She started talking warmly with mom and I almost wanted to stick around longer to see if she’d have another cigarette in the presence of mom, but after a few moments observing these very hearty Midwestern parents with their smelly babe of a daughter, I got the sense that that was what triggered the separation.  Girlie wanted to have a beer and a cigarette…and the folks didn’t want any part of it and went separate ways.  The trio started walking off and the spring that was already in my step had just gotten even springier.


#19. Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

The demographic of nicotine-addicted fairgoer I’m always most hopeful to see but often prove elusive is the wholesome underage girl, but just before sunset on my second day at the Minnesota State Fair, my patience was ultimately rewarded with an eventual sighting and even though this one would be brief, less definitely proved to be more in this instance.

Walking on the street encircling the Space Tower sat a bench full of teenagers including three girls and a guy.  They looked like a fairly typical cohort of 16ish kids but even from afar, one girl had a face that demanded to be adored.  And it just so happened she was digging into her purse.  Could she, I thought to myself before I even got a close enough look to know if she was worth the hype.  Only once or twice in a fair day are you genuinely surprised, but when I saw a lighter spark about an inch in front of her face, my evening’s moment of surprise had arrived.  And the bench right next to them was wide open.

The only downside was that there were four people on the bench and she was on the inside with the guy in the group to her left obstructing my view.  That minor complaint aside, the girl could not have possibly lived up to expectations better, with a positively adorable and wholesome face, long light brown hair going down her back and a skimpy pair of tight-fitting jean shorts on the bottom with a smooth set of slender stems extending beyond them.  It appeared as though she had just saved the tail end of this cigarette as she only mustered four drags from it, but knowing that this girl, far and away the cutest and most wholesome girl in this group of comparative plain janes was the only smoker had my heart racing.

I didn’t have a great vantage point of her exhales but they were very cloudy for a girl her age and if her friends’ group who were huddled onto this bench with her didn’t like the smell of smoke then they were out of luck that night because she was producing serious clouds full of it.  All too quickly, the cigarette was exhausted of its contents and she boarishly tossed the still-smoldering butt onto the street in front of her.  The group obediently got up preparing to leave, and this 16ish sweetheart began walking right in front of me while the others in her group stood from behind watching her with smirks on their faces.  When she was standing right in front of me, looking almost like a caricature of a wholesome 16-year-old Midwestern girl, holding her purse and her can of Mountain Dew, her friends were reminding her that whatever the destination they were headed to was the other direction.  With a bubbly smirk and some lighthearted comments uttered back at them in a girlish voice that suggested this girl is the most fun person in her group and perhaps a little flaky, she walked back in the other direction and left with the friends.

First I spotted that still smoldering cork filter butt she left behind.  It was a Newport.  And then I raced ahead hoping to get a picture of this cutie.  Unfortunately it was almost sunset and my camera doesn’t work at all in the dark.  I got a terrible headless photo from behind that’s very blurry but nothing else worked.  Still, those wholesome underage sightings give you a surge of energy that makes sore feet not so sore anymore for the remaining 2 1/2 hours of fetishing.  Despite the limited time frame, it was one of my top-five sightings of the day.


#18.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

Well after sunset on my successful Saturday visit to the Iowa State Fair came one of my best sightings of the day as I was heading west on the concourse and spotted a trio of attractive 18-19ish girls from a distance.  It was after dark but I saw a pack of Marlboros (of one variety or another) produced by one of the girls and then moved their direction.   There were three girls….one a dark brunette with a bare midriff top and tight jeans, the other two blonds in tanktops and jean shorts, with one of the blonds about six inches taller than the other.  I got a look at the shorter blond and wasn’t particularly impressed with her beauty, prematurely concluding I had stumbled upon a trio of overrated dames who looked good from a distance but were mediocre up close.  But I would discover just how wrong I was as my focus then shifted to the brunette who placed the unlit cigarette to her lips and fired up.

I sped up to be parallel to her and saw her extract the cigarette from her mouth.  I was impressed by the length of the cigarette protruding from her fingers, so much so that I at first suspected it was a 120 but then decided it had to have simply been a 100, but given how rare 100s are in my part of the country anymore, I was taken aback by its length.  And I must have been lost in my observation of the cigarette in her hand because she then looked over and our eyes met.   Obviously I was busted watching her, but what a girl to get busted by.  If not for the darker hair, I would have sworn I was looking at Cassi, the smoking model ousted from Big Brother earlier this summer.   The girl had a classic look of supermodel-quality beauty, one of the biggest stunners of the night without question.

I had to hang back a little after being spotted but continued to follow and sneak glances at her.   It was priceless watching as she walked in front of me with that exposed bare midriff revealing her well-toned stomach without a hint of a muffin top hanging over her waistline.  She took a few more drags from the cigarette and while her style wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, it was just crazy to see first-hand a teenage beauty of this magnitude smoking a cigarette…..

But the sighting took on a second act as she handed the cigarette to the tall blond in jean shorts next to her. I suppose it was a little disappointing to see the beauty of the crowd relinquish possession of the cigarette, but the disappointment would be short-lived as the high point of the sighting followed.  The shorter blond walked up to the lemonade shaker stand to get a glass of lemonade.  I got my first good look at the tall blond who now held the cigarette and while she wasn’t in the brunette’s league, she was a hot girl nonetheless.  But apparently she had something to say to the shorter blond because she walked right up to her while she stood in front of the lemonade stand placing the cigarette into her mouth.  I watched as a big sloppy exhale of smoke from the tall blond went right into the shorter blond’s face and some of the smoke even spilled through the window of the lemonade stand leaving the people inside to choke on it.

I was downright giddy but also cautious watching from afar, knowing I had already been spotted by the brunette but trying to find the right balance where I could watch them but not be detected.  As the three drifted off, I sensed that they spotted me again, and the tall blond gave the cigarette to the shorter blond and turned this into a three-for-one sighting.  But I didn’t like where this was going as the three girls migrated to the bathroom area.  I was following a reasonable distance behind in a dark part of the grounds, and watched as the three girls walked into the women’s bathroom.   I didn’t see what became of the cigarette and the thought crossed my mind that they took it inside with them.  Either way, I wasn’t gonna get any more out of this sighting and decided to retreat, still very satisfied with the overall bounty from this sighting.

A couple hours later, amidst a crowd of teenage I saw that bombshell brunette from the three-for-one sighting with the bare midriff top and tight jeans again.  She wasn’t smoking at this time, but again, what an incredible beauty!


#17. Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

My #20 sighting in this countdown was one of a handful of incredible sightings I scored around the noon hour of my first day of sightings at the Minnesota State Fair.  But the sighting that started this parade of blockbusters came innocently enough as I decided to hang back and watch an attractive young mother smoking a cigarette, and the decision to watch this sighting play out would be one of my best choices of the day because of who presented themselves in the coming moments….

Emerging from the left was a clearly underage brunette who immediately made her presence known with what I expect was either the first or second exhale from a freshly lit cigarette, the smoke spilling from her face like a geyser with absolutely no regard for the large crowds near her, spewing every which way in front of her and not dissipating until well after she had walked by.  That’s what I’m talking about, baby!!!  As she walked in front of me, my heart nearly melted when I saw she was about 16 and in the company of another brunette friend who was holding a still unlit cork filter of her own.  I got the luxury of following from behind, and in moments, the other brunette lit up….

The girls were clearly very experienced smokers as their drags were all intense, their hold times above-average, and their exhales a pleasing combination nose and mouth gush of unapologetic smoke spewed in front of their faces.  It didn’t necessarily seem to nail anybody in the face (besides me walking from behind), but it was not for lack of trying by the girls who exhaled with reckless abandon.  They also made no attempt to hide the cigarettes that were proudly protruding from their underage fingers as they pressed forward, frequently illiciting looks from middle-aged people sitting on benches who they passed by who never said anything but had a “those girls look too young to be smoking!!!” look on their faces.  No shame….no apologies….just the rawest form of underage nicotine consumption on display for the hundreds of thousands of fairgoers….

The girls themselves were not necessarily class hottie material, but they were both very cute….let’s say about an 8 on the beauty spectrum.  The first girl, who had darker and shorter brown hair, was more impressive as a smoker and was wearing a gray top with nicely fitting jean shorts.  The second girl, who also had her moments of impressive smoking, was a lighter and longer-haired curly brunette wearing a white shirt and glam blue denim capris with shiny gold trim along the pockets and belt line.  She was probably slightly prettier than the first girl, but they were both very nice.  It was so much fun following them and ingesting their smoky headwinds.

To avoid crowds, they weaved in and out of vendor stands and in so doing I found myself behind them with the second girl having already given up her cigarette.  In moments, they were heading  towards the entry to the food building when the first girl dropped her cigarette to the ground and crushed it out.  I had no problem identifying it as a Marlboro Smooth.  Definitely one of my top-five sightings of the day and as I said was the first of several incredible sightings in the moments ahead.


#16.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

It was a cool night for early September, but I nonetheless was scoring some impressive stuff after dark on my second Minnesota State Fair trip, and one of the best was scored at the radio stage playing dance music at the edge of the midway.  There was an especially large crowd watching some guy doing some special dance moves at this point.  I huddled into the back of the crowd and found myself looking down at this awesome ass in white shorts.  It belonged to the glam early 20s blond standing in front of me watching the show.  The girl was quite pretty as well, but that ass was what I couldn’t take my eyes off of.  She was rockin’ the kind of Jennifer Lopez-style jumbo-sized booty that certain girls (like Lindsey last year) can make look sexy beyond belief.  My hand was only a few inches away from doing what it wanted to do…smack that piece of ass.  Obviously I resisted, thanks to some especially disciplined brain receptors.  But amidst my lip-smacking observation of this first-rate caboose, the stench of fresh cigarette smoke was assaulting my nose.

It could have been coming from just about anybody in a crowd this size, but moments later I would discover its source was none other the blond in front of me who proceeded to place the cigarette into her mouth and take a drag.  I was only inches away as I watched her release that lungful of smoke into the windy night air.  I followed the smoke as it first hit a young father in the back of the head who was standing in front of her…and then drifted directly into the face of the six-month old baby the guy was holding over his shoulder.  If only this girl knew….

Shortly after, the girl and her mildly attractive African American friend who was also smoking started walking away with cigarettes in tow.  Needless to say, I followed.  They proceeded into the midway, and while listening to that dance music, blondie did a sexy little jig that redirected my eyes to her amazing ass as it wiggled and jiggled to the gyrations of her hips in those snug white shorts.  The midway was crowded and I found that a group of young guys had gotten in front of me as I was following the blond smoker, undoubtedly eyeballing that ass as any sane heterosexual male would, but this would work out to my advantage as the same wind that sent this girl’s previous careless exhales into the face of a little baby was now repeatedly nailing the guys in the face, one after another.  I was wondering if I had other fetishers joining me in pursuing this girl.

And she always exhaled the same way, turning her head to the right and producing a giant blast of thick smoke from her mouth, and then kept her head turned just long enough to where I was also able to see a substantial residual blast of smoke escape from her nose.  This was one very addicted girl who wasn’t afraid to let anybody see or smell that.  Once again, she smoked the cigarette very close to the filter, leaving me with yet another cork filter butt that I was not able to definitively identify the brand, but predicting to be a Marlboro of some variety based on the rings.  If there’s a downside to girl smoking their cigarettes to the filter, that’s it.  Another of my top-five sightings of the day and quite possibly the best ass I saw on a smoker all day amidst some stiff competition (as in making-me-stiff competition).


#15.  Iowa State Fair, Day 2

As I cited earlier, the final couple of hours on my Wednesday evening visit to the Iowa State Fair was one of my best sighting stretches of the year, and one of the highlights came as I encircled the main bar on the grounds, The Depot, cited before as the source of classic sightings in the past.  I ascended the stairs on the periphery and right away came across two mediocre college girls smoking that helped pad my numbers.  But the way The Depot is set up, it’s a mistake for one to assume that just encircling the periphery is gonna be sufficient to identify all the smokers.  Despite the illegality of smoking inside in the postsmoking ban era, you all too frequently see people seated on the picnic tables inside the bar smoking.  Such was the case that night…..

Seated at a table was a middle-aged couple who looked like a pretty sturdy Midwestern couple (although the guy was smoking) but across the table from them was a very attractive mid-20s blond who I assumed was their daughter.  Now this girl wasn’t “stop traffic beautiful” but she just seemed like the kind of girl next door that would be right at home as this family’s daughter.  Strangely out of place, however, was the pack of Marlboro Lights in front of her and the cigarette in her hand.  But even more out of place was the way she mutilated that cigarette in direct contrast to the slow smokers I’ve been seeing in recent weeks…..

It took me all of three seconds upon setting eyes on this girl to recognize she had a bubbly and gregarious personality, chatting quickly and effervescently with the older couple (her parents?) who had to fight to get a word in edgewise.  But an opening always emerged in the conversation whenever she took a drag from her cigarette.  I don’t know how it’s even logistically possible, but her drags were at best average length wise and maybe even a little below-average, but this girl could produce smoke like a wood stove chimney in Alaska in January.   Not since last summer’s young teen on the midway (ISF #8) have I seen smoke this forcefully exit a girl’s face, with absolute blasts of smoke blisteringly piercing the air and daring anyone to get in their way.  Both her mouth and nose were blasting out volumes of smoke that I rarely see, often done in talking exhales.

It was uncanny as I’d see her take very light drags of less than two seconds, but still manage to ignite jet streams of exhaled smoke in front of her face.  And perhaps cutest of all, she didn’t make much effort to spare her parents from her smoke, at least early on.  She would be facing her parents as these explosions of smoke were spewed from her respiratory system with impressive frequency, forming a cloud of smoke hovering in between them, almost none of which was coming from the father’s cigarette, at least compared to the geothermal steam blasts his daughter was creating.  And absolutely most adorable of all is that the girl became aware of the overpowering smoke she was exhaling at some point towards the end of her cigarette and started making futile attempts to wave the smoke away after exhaling, the same cute way a girl I dated four years ago named Krissy did.  She did this after the final three drags as the haze got thick, all before boarishly taking her cigarette and tossing it under the table without crushing it out.  What a great show!


#14.  Local County Fair, Friday Night

I had only nine sightings on the night at around 10:30 on my Friday night at the local fair, running behind my baseline, and even though the rain coming down in modest sprinkles wasn’t particularly strong, it was nonetheless thinning down the crowd some.  It was starting to look like it was gonna be yet another night of fewer sightings than the previous night when I ran into another of my cousins and her husband.  We chatted for about 10 minutes, and I was obviously scanning the surrounding crowds to see if I was missing anything.  Thankfully I didn’t miss what was next as I looked straight into a foursome of college age girls where the stand-out-in-the-crowd face was a glamorous long-haired bleach blond who was inserting a cigarette into her mouth and lighting up.  Next to her was a brunette who was extracting a cigarette from an unidentifiable pack herself.  I have never withdrawn myself from a conversation as quickly as I did with my cousin tonight.

After basically walking away from my cousin and her husband midsentence, I had to finnagle my way through a small crowd to catch up with my new favorite foursome.  Once again, first catching my eye was the bleach blond who I was only able to see from behind as she exhaled a couple of drags, but the girls would soon settle into a cluster in the most opportune spot right in front of this burm that I’ve used many times before to sit and watch a sighting play out.  I had the most incredible front-row seat for my biggest blockbuster of the night.

I finally got a good look at the blond, who was pretty but stood out in the crowd of beauties mostly because of that flashy long blond hair.  But the sighting was about to take a turn for the better when she handed the cigarette to the girl next to her, a girl I hadn’t even really noticed in the group up to that point since she wasn’t in possession of a cigarette.  But now she was possessing a cigarette and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  It was a “curvy” light brunette with curly hair, a flattering white top, and a pair of black shorts. Now “curvy” is often a euphemism for overweight, but in this girl’s case, curvy has nothing but good connotations.  She’ll most likely struggle with her weight after she has kids, but for now the ample breasts stretching out that white top and especially the buxom caboose draped in those sexy black shorts were just screaming to be caressed.  But more than anything else, this girl’s best feature was her absolutely beautiful face.  She looked like Cindy Crawford’s daughter with a certain exotic look and very tanned features.  Even before observing the first drag, I wanted to have sex with this girl….

But then she took her first drag and I wanted to have sex with her more.  I must confess when I first saw this foursome I was thinking “social smokers”…and considering the blond surrendered the cigarette and never got it back after about three drags she probably was.  But curvy girl was very clearly no social smoker as evidenced by the frequency and intensity of her drags….and most adorably, her messy exhales which were basically belched out of her mouth and nose straight into the huddle…and she made absolutely no attempt to protect anybody from her secondhand smoke.  All of her exhales were like this, and I even caught one talking exhale, always with smoke sloppily spilling from her face and drifting wherever it happened to drift.  What a sexpot!

And amidst all this I had almost forgotten that there was another smoker in this group, a hot slender brunette in jeans who lit up right away with the bleach blond girl back when the sighting began.  Now she was smoking her cigarette more slowly and wasn’t really cutting it for me since she was in the presence of greatness with this curvy girl on the black shorts.  The curvy girl finally dropped her cigarette to the wet pavement and stepped on it, allowing me to focus a little more on this long-haired dark brunette who was still wielding a cigarette.  She had failed to make an impression so far but she definitely made up for it with a  DOUBLE dangling drag, followed by an exhalation of smoke right over the head of the only nonsmoker in the group, who looked like she was probably part Asian.  It wasn’t a skybound exhale….it literally sailed directly over the other girl’s head, whether by accident or by design.

Thankfully the girls pressed forward from there and I was able to easily spot the shared cigarette that was mostly consumed by that epic curvy girl in the black shorts.  It was a Camel Crush.  I attempted to catch up with the foursome to identify the other brunette’s cigarette brand as well but by the time I found them her cigarette was gone.  Not long after I’d see these girls in line for the beer gardens.  I would have guessed them 19 or 20 but wasn’t surprised that they were just over the threshold and 21 years old.  Whatever their age, they sure raised the stakes of my Friday night at the county fair.


#13. Local County Fair, Thursday Night

My Thursday evening at the local county fair was one of the biggest roller coaster rides of my life, where I managed to score a handful of incredible sightings, all while being cornered and interrogated by the fairgrounds police who found my fetishing routine suspicious.  Here was the blockbuster sighting that preceded my encounter with the cops…

A light brunette in a black tanktop and blue jean shorts that I had seen a couple other times on the grounds was conspicuously walking from the livestock buildings to a dark seating area for a 4-H food booth that had already closed for the night.  It’s a very isolated area and I suspected she was up to no good.  I hadn’t gotten a really good look at her but from what I had seen she was a very beautiful young lady who looked about somewhere in the 19-21 range, but the way she carried herself made me wonder if she was an actual adult or if she wasn’t quite there yet.

Sure enough….there were two glimmers of light in the moments after she sat down in that dark area.  The first was her cell phone…and the second was her lighter bringing to life a cigarette.  Now I had a problem because I wanted to see this but had no good vantage point.  The best I could do was stand there looking at my phone and pretending to text message.  There were a couple of cops nearby and this couldn’t have been more awkward…but I had to see more….

Standing there, I got to see her smoke most of the cigarette, and even though it was dark, I could see that cherry glow bright orange when she took a drag, and a few seconds later, even in silhouette she evoked a look of pure pleasure on her face as she tilted her head up to the air, persed her lips and exhaled her smoke into the night sky as if blowing smoke rings.  Sitting there attending to both her phone call and her cigarette, she was literally swinging her bare legs back and forth while seated on that elevated bench.  Everything about the way this girl carried herself screamed 16-year-old girl, but that face….she just looked older than that!  And another of the cutest parts of this sighting was that further down the bench from her in this dark mini-alley was a cluster of teenage boys, none of whom were smoking.  They weren’t right next to her by any stretch, but I still had to wonder if the girl’s secondhand smoke was drifting their way over time.

I had been standing watch for too long and made the calculated decision to sit around the corner, hoping when she got up I’d get a close look at her face.  First the teenage boys moved…and about a minute later the girl got up and started heading back into the livestock building.  I got a look at that face and still thought “20″, but then I watched her walk again.  Her adorable bubble butt was wiggling as she slowly strutted forward, and it was at that point I watched the blue and white pack of Marlboro Smooths in her hand approach her right asscheek…and she slowly stuffed the pack in that back pocket, which took a couple moments since the jean shorts were so tight.  Watching her walk away, I was again struck by the fact that this girl looked so much older than the way she carried herself.  I watched her strut through the cattle barn all by herself and decided it was time for me to follow…..

I followed from the rear as she exited the cattle building and walked outside in between all the livestock buildings….and I just couldn’t get over how adorable her image was….that skimpy black tanktop revealing her bra straps…and that adorable ass continuing to wiggle as she pressed forward.  I was pressing closer when she caught me completely off-guard and did a 180-degree pivot, suddenly heading my direction again.  My first thought…busted….she’s gonna see me and wonder why I’m following her.  But instead, she just smiled and kept moving, giving me one last look at that face. Pretty as it was, I still walked away thinking the face was too mature for the 16-year-old that everything else about her routine (including sneaking a cigarette between buildings) suggested.  I was riding high walking away from my first blockbuster of the night, but it wouldn’t last long as the moment I knew would inevitably happen finally did.  But as awkward as the encounter with the police was, I would have done it all over again for the opportunity to see this hottie smoking.


#12. Local County Fair, Tuesday Night

My opening night at the 2011 local county fair was a stunner, easily my best night of the year at the county fair, and my favorite sighting came somewhere around 10:30 p.m.  I was navigating through a fairly large crowd around the center of the grounds, keeping my nose ready in case I caught a refreshing whiff that would lead me towards what I was looking for.  But like a beacon, I would turn to my left to see her….an absolutely beautiful and wholesome 17-18ish blond in jean shorts and a bright yellow top.

Usually my instincts with smoker girls are good, but here’s yet another girl I would have never believed would be a smoker if I wasn’t witnessing it with my own eyes.  She seemed to be a little self-conscious walking through the fairgrounds by herself smoking her cigarette, and attempted to hide it in her hands at the points she wasn’t consuming the tobacco and cancerous chemicals inside.  But that’s when the sighting took an eventful and adorable turn.

I noticed two females following her that I didn’t initially realize were with the smoker girl, one of whom was a brunette teenage girl and the other was a middle-aged woman, presumably the mother to one or both of them.  But they were following a good five footsteps behind her.  Apparently the stinky girl isn’t allowed to be in immediate proximity with them when she’s spewing her disgusting fumes all over the place.  It was adorable watching this blond beauty so self-consciously weaving through the crowd with that cigarette in her hand, with the rest of her party a few steps behind.  I was following the entire group so as not to get busted so I didn’t get a great look at blondie’s technique, but it was evident she was an accomplished smoker and it was also evident throughout that she was hiding her cigarette, which leads me to believe she’s probably underage.

They arrived at a sidewalk leading to the parking area and the smoker cutie stopped along with the brunette, who still kept a comfortable distance away, apparently too repulsed by blondie’s cigarette to ever get too close.  Meanwhile, mom wandered off somewhere briefly, out of sight for a couple of minutes, most likely to buy one last serving of fair food.  This allowed to me to watch the blond finish her cigarette.  I got a good look at her face and she was every bit the wholesome cutie I first suspected.  She dropped the all-white butt to the ground just before mom returned…and the three finally were able to leave the fairgrounds in joint company now that the stinker in their posse was finished spewing her air pollution.  I walked up and was able to identify her all-white butt as a Camel Pink Menthol (the ones with the pink and light blue colors), adding even more to the most adorable of sightings.


#11.  Iowa State Fair, Day 2

Earlier in this countdown, I mentioned how the Evan Rachel Wood lookalike kicked off an incredible string of sightings on my Wednesday evening visit to the Iowa State Fair. Heading eastward on the grounds, I approached a bench at the corner of the block located in front of yet another of the bars on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.   Seated on the bench were three women, including two middle-aged women, one of whom was smoking and who I noticed right away.  Standing in front of them in front of the bench was a middle-aged guy and a 20-something guy.  Four out of the five people in this group were now hereby accounted for.  But it was the fifth person of the group who would be the last I’d see but who was far and away the most intriguing member of the group…

I was almost ready to walk away from this location before I laid eyes on this total sweetheart of a curly-haired light brunette who looked about 16 upon first look because she was so petite and had such soft features.  Resting on her bare smooth leg was her right hand…..which was holding a fairly freshly lit cigarette.  The next bench over had an opening leaving me a semiawkward but ultimately successful front-row seat to another of my favorites of the night.  Upon closer inspection she was definitely early 20s…probably 22 or 23…but what a face!  And what a petite little firecracker of a body to go with it, including a skimpy pair of cutoffs with the front pockets hanging a good couple inches beyond the frayed fabric of the cutoffs.  Seeing her hold that cigarette so close to those smooth legs was deliciously heartbreaking.   And I took all this in even before she took her first drag, at which point my fervor for the girl increased to an entirely different level….

She was immersed in a combination of texting and talking to the smoking lady to her right which I assumed was her mom when the big moment came and the cigarette approached her lips….and that sucker stayed there for about seven seconds.  Hot damn!  Seeing those petite fingers holding that cigarette as she dragged from it for that long made my heart skip a beat.  Her drags were not particularly frequent but she continued to make up for the lack of frequency by making the drags she did take count, with long rapist inhales (never quite the seven seconds of that first one but impressive nonetheless) always followed by that yummy visual of seeing a ball of smoke disappear down her throat before her body let it out on parole after serving its time in her black lungs.

Also adorable that the two men were standing at a comfortable distance in front of the women on the bench, apparently unable to stand to get too close to the stinky women in their lives.  And I was just sitting there on the bench looking over shoulder, not going undetected but also able to observe this sighting in its entirety, close enough to see the rings on her all-white and knowing it was a Marlboro of some form.

The girl was conversing with the other smoker who I assumed was her mother when the phone she had been tirelessly texting on started ringing.  She answered it and began conversing with someone, citing her location and apparently planning to meet up with somebody there.  It continued to be cute seeing that cigarette hand of hers resting on her bare leg, especially as the cigarette got shorter and shorter.  And then she took another deep drag in mid-conversation, and as she began to speak I enjoyed a particularly well-defined ball of smoke disappearing down her throat that would be ejected in the form of a talking exhale.  This girl was just too much.

She wrapped up the phone conversation before finishing the cigarette.  I was nervous looking at the garbage can directly in front of her expecting this girl, who looked like a total goody-two-shoes save for that smoldering cigarette between her fingers, would stub the thing out and toss it in the trash.  I couldn’t have been more wrong as she proceeded to take a final drag before effectively spiking the cigarette to the ground the way a football player does in the end zone after a 100-yard touchdown run.  She basically sent that smoldering cigarette to the ground with a flourish and I was licking my lips watching it burn on the dirt, close enough to identify it as a Marlboro Light.  This would be my second favorite sighting of the night.


#10.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

During the early evening hours of my all-day Saturday visit to the Iowa State Fair, I slumbered to the seating area in the dead center of the fairgrounds to an open seat that I decided to take advantage of to rest a bit and look for hottie smokers from this wide-open vantage point.  I was sitting for about five minutes when I noticed from behind a pair of hotties in jean shorts, one wielding a cigarette.  I saw the face of the nonsmoker, who was about 16 and adorable, but thus far had only seen the smoker from the rear.  Even though her body was well-toned and perfect with her long blond hair going down her back, covering up a light-blue tanktop and a pair of cutoffs, I found myself getting cynical by this point in the day about these would-be high school girl sightings.  While I was certainly gonna get a closer look, at that point I was betting on discovering that the smoker was the 40-something mother of the teen daughter who has managed to keep her girlish figure.  But as I proceeded forward to get that closer look, I would discover that she was definitely not anybody’s mother, and in fact that beautiful mid-teen girl would be my second best sighting of the day….

It was another classic teenage face of the Iowa State Fair, with beautiful well-tanned facial features that were far more girl-next-door than lady-in-red.  Just as I was starting to really appreciate her beauty, the other girl was welcoming another duo of 16ish girls, both nonsmokers who they both knew and greeted.  Once again, the smoker proceeded to give the new girls stinky hugs.  I think I’ve seen more stinky hugs from smoker girls in 2011 than every other year combined!  The presence of the new girls was helpful because it allowed me to watch the smoker of the group suck down on her cigarette.  Her technique wasn’t special in any significant way, but she was nonetheless a solid smoker with nicely timed drags and careless exhales that she didn’t go out of her way to keep out of the airspace of her nonsmoking friends.  Now this was an attractive group of teenage girls, none of whom looked the least bit like smokers, but the one who was wielding the cigarette was the beauty and the sexpot of the group, with that light blue tanktop of hers featuring the words Air-gasm, with the two syllables covering each respective boob.  Better yet on the bottom, her light blue cutoffs were shredded in all the right places, with a giant hole on the upper-left thigh that went right up to the crotch to the point that if she bent over or moved just the right way, you’d be able to see her panties…assuming she was wearing any.

The foursome then migrated towards the free entertainment stage, and I was fortunate enough to follow directly behind and get slammed in the face with a couple of the smoker’s exhales.  They migrated briefly into the seating area overlooking the stage when cutie finally released her cigarette, carelessly tossing it onto the grass without bothering to crush it out.  The foursome turned around and left soon after, allowing me to identify her butt, a cork filter Marlboro (possibly a Red but who can keep track with all the Marlboro brands now?).  I walked away and headed back in the direction I came from when this sighting had an amusing final act.  I looked over my shoulders to get one final look at this girl and discovered that the two pairs of girls were separating again and the smoker and her friend were heading my way.  As I kept proceeding, I continued to peek over my shoulders and repeatedly discovered they were still following.  Suddenly, it appeared as though a teen smoker girl was stalking me!  But finally after a good block in my shadow the girls moved towards the midway and we separated for good for the rest of the day.  Great sighting though.


#9.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

My first day visiting this year’s Minnesota State Fair was fantastic for the first half of the day but a little below average for the second half, including the usually impressive evening hours.  However, at around 9 p.m., I would finally find my footing again and start a late evening rally that began with this, my second-best sighting of the day…

I was approaching the east side gate of the fairgrounds.  It was the exact spot last year where I stumbled into Lindsey and her friends…and about the exact same time of the night.  But this time I saw two clusters of girls, the first a group of mid-teen babes huddled off to one side.  I walked past them and saw no cigarettes.  But then I looked towards the original group that caught my eye, which consisted of two teen cuties and a guy, all of whom were mere silhouettes from my distance as they sat on the curb.  As I got closer, I could see that the guy was smoking, but he was getting up to leave, presumably to go to the bathroom across the street.  That just left the two girls.  I first looked over the curly-haired brunette closest to me.  She was cute, but was not smoking.  Next to her though was a ponytailed blond….and she was smoking.  This was a fairly dark part of the grounds at this time of the night so I had to get really close to see her face.  And holy shit when I did…..

This aura of Midwestern innocence oozed from her wholesome face, with that long ponytail more reflective than anything else of her girl-next-doorishness.  She wore a striped top and a snug pair of blue cutoffs that framed her body perfectly.  She didn’t even look 18 but my hunch is she was, yet there she sat with her mostly smoked cigarette.  Never in a million years just looking at this girl would I have believed she was a smoker.  I only got to see two drags, both of which were very nice and produced a couple of cloudy combination nose and mouth exhales.  She then crushed out her cigarette on the pavement, creating a long smear of burnt tobacco ash, and then just letting her stinky pollution sit there only inches from her smooth, sexy legs.  I kept repositioning myself to get a better a look at her face, repeatedly making extra sure I really had seen the level of wholesomeness I thought I had…..and always reinforcing that I in fact had.  I would have loved to snap a picture, but as dark as it was in this part of the grounds it would have never worked out.  I wanted to at least be able to identify the butt she discarded and figured all I’d have to do was wait for the boyfriend to return and they’d get up to leave….

Things wouldn’t go as planned though as the boyfriend returned with two other guys.  The girls stood up and the five of them lingered in the same general spot, which at first was driving me nuts.  But it would have a silver lining as one of the guys took out his cigarettes and the one closest to my favorite blond who I expected was her boyfriend followed suit, producing a cigarette of his own.  The guy took a couple of drags, and it didn’t even occur to me what would come next, but as I was gritting my teeth waiting for this group to go away, blondie held her hand out to the boyfriend and took the cigarette from him.  Her drags were pretty impressive for her age, tilting her head to the side to avoid the group and pulling smoke into her lungs for an extended period and then cutting loose a thick, creamy, and cloudy exhale that sailed in front of her face.  This girl was no amateur.  She took three successive drags and then passed the cigarette back to the guy.  And right when I was about to give up again thinking the guy had reclaimed full possession of the cigarette again, he took one drag and handed it right back to his nicotine-starved little feminine friend who kept on impressing with her repeated drags.  She would devour about 75% of the cigarette as I observed, her second in 15 minutes.  And they gravitated far enough away from the curb in the duration of that BS smoking session that I was able to sit down on the curb, pretend to be texting, and identify the butt as a Marlboro Red that this hottie was filling her adorable little body with.  Damn it I love cigarettes!


#8.  Local County Fair, Wednesday and Friday Nights

Here was another two-night saga that started mysteriously, as I was sitting higher than usual in the grandstand overlooking the smoking area and beer gardens during the Wednesday evening Beach Boys concert, and wasn’t quite sure if the girl I was seeing was a repeat performance of one of 2010’s most impressive finds.   Special caveat here in that while this girl remains one of my all-time favorite local county fair smoker girls, and her standing improved even more with her 2011 performance, but this year’s #8 ranking comes exclusively based on what she did this year, which was impressive but didn’t quite compare to last year’s extravaganzas…

I was about 50-50 that I had seen last year’s epic two-night cigarette rapist again….my biggest county fair score of 2010 and my #4 FCF sighting of all-time….only in the dark and not close enough to see her face.  Her routine and the way she carried herself (provided it was her) was very similar to what she did last year.  In this case, she and a friend left the concert, went into the beer gardens, gravitated to the middle of the beer gardens, and wholesome cutie wasted no time opening up her large purse and fishing for a cigarette while balancing an open beer bottle in her hand.  This girl had style, but she was too far away to know if she was devouring the cigarette with the same level of nicotine deprivation that she did the year before.  In addition, I never really saw exhales….and that was this girl’s modus operandi last year when I saw her closer up….extremely thin exhales as most of the smoke remained stuck in her lung tissue.  All of this led me to believe it was the same girl…and then she and the friend went back into the concert after the one beer and her cigarette, also similar to last year’s pattern.  But as she walked back into the concert and I watched from above, her hair seemed blonder.  Last year, the girl was on the borderline whether you’d call her a dark blond or a light brunette.  This girl was blonder.  Now perhaps she highlighted her hair or simply has gotten more sun over the summer and it turned blond, but as I watched her reenter that concert, having been convinced it was probably her up to that point, I now had some doubts.  It was killing me not knowing, and all I could do was hope for an additional sighting in one of the nights to come that would give me some confirmation.  Two nights later, I would get that confirmation….

The Friday evening concert by country singer Joe Nichols was in its final 15 minutes, and up to that point that evening, and for the entire fair thus far for that matter, the smoking area outside the grandstand wasn’t delivering the way it usually does.  All this was leaving me a little exasperated, until a spark was ignited that would help me get through the rest of the night.  I saw a familiar image exiting the concert and this time I was at an angle where I could confirm what I thought I was looking at on Wednesday night was indeed what I saw.  And this time I saw her face.  It was the 2010 cigarette rapist.  She had the blonder hair which threw me off because it was more of a light brunette last year, and she wore a black sleeveless top similar to the one she wore last year with jeans, a conservative outfit for a girl generally satisfied with a conservative image.  The hair was up and I must say it takes something away from her.  Both nights last year she wore it down and she looked like an absolute angel.  Wearing it up, she didn’t stand out in the crowd….still pretty but in a more generic way.  Let not your heart be troubled though because she would certainly stand out in the crowd in other ways….

I watched her migrate towards the beer gardens entrance with another girl and the mom, who was also there with her one night last year.  I figured I’d lose them in this big crowd, but was at this point just happy that I confirmed it was her, carrying that big old purse over her shoulder just like Wednesday night and both nights last year.  Joe Nichols was just starting to sing his final song and biggest hit as I resigned myself to the fact that the beer gardens and smoking area were pretty much gonna be a bust tonight….but that’s when the threesome came out the beer garden’s south side gate nearest me….the threesome that included the cigarette rapist.  No standing in the busy crowd this time….they were front and center and I had a front row seat.  Just as I noticed her spilling onto the grass with her mom and friend, holding a beer in one hand, I noticed the other hand was doing what this girl does best….fishing through her purse for her lighter so she could fire up the cigarette that was already between her fingers.  As much as I love this girl, I get the feeling she’s not too bright or she’d have figured out a better way to carry her lighter than in this giant purse.

She finally found it and fired up.  The rapist was back….and let me tell you I was about to flag down that cop that hassled me the night before and report this girl as a cigarette sex offender!  Her drags were still intense and long and also came quite frequently, always about 20 seconds or so apart.  But most impressive about this girl were the hold times.  She was routinely immersed in conversation after a drag, sometimes leaning into her mom to say something or listen to something that was hard to hear over the loud music, and would pull away like eight seconds after dragging….and THEN exhale her smoke.  I swear there were times when 10 seconds would pass before that smoke finally spilled out of her black lungs.  But just as impressive was that it continued to be hard to even see her exhales.  Many long-time heavy smokers seem to exhale pretty thin streams rather than huge clouds, typically because cigarette smoking has become part of their regular breathing routine, but this girl’s exhales were thin to the point of almost being invisible.  My guess is 80% of the smoke stays in those lungs of hers, which have to be a highway tar pitch of black, despite her youth.  I swear this girl must have a giant spittoon next to her bed because she probably has to cough up a gallon of tar every morning the way she smokes.

Nichols was just wrapping up the song when she dropped her cigarette to the grass and crushed it out.  I was sure the smoke show was over, although naturally the thought did cross my mind that this shameless addict would fire up another one before we were able to leave the show.  Me and the crowd I sat with hung back a bit waiting for the place to filter out, and not one minute after my stray “wouldn’t it be great…” thought, I looked to my left and saw my filthy rapist with another unlit cigarette dangling from her lips while she rummaged through her bag for her lighter once again.  Not only is she a rapist…she’s a serial rapist.  I would say that’s punishable by the death penalty but the way this girl smokes the cigarettes will finish her off long before she makes it to the electric chair.  My group was getting up and leaving, but suffice it to say I had some exciting final moments of observation as we walked away, watching this girl rape her second cigarette in just the last five minutes inside that fence.  A night that barely had a pulse was now throbbing as if it had just run a marathon.

#7.  Local County Fair, Thursday Night

I mentioned in a previous entry that my Thursday evening at the county fair was hobbled by an awkward encounter with the fairgrounds police who confronted me after noticing me lurking around the grounds that evening and previous evenings.  I was rattled after this confrontation and my head was telling me to leave the fair for the evening with my tail between my legs, but my gut was telling me to keep on fetishing.  I went with my did and stuck around the grounds for an additional hour, and my persistence was rewarded with this and one other blockbuster….

Near the bathroom structure was a group of five girls who I quickly surveyed and discerned there were some major league hotties in the group.  And then my eyes spotted a single cigarette in the hands of one.  Unfortunately, she was the chubbiest and least attractive of the group…but I just had a feeling there was more tobacco to be smoked among this group and followed.  I continued to survey the faces and found it an eclectic-looking mix of party girls and wholesome girls who didn’t even seem to be the same age.  The five of them then settled in front of the cheese curds stand, including the smoker who hung back.  I was about to write this sighting off, thinking the four nonsmokers were gonna buy food and walk away, but just when I did out came a pack of Marlboro Menthols from the purse of the cutest girl in the cluster…and we’re talking wholesome beyond belief….quite possibly the most wholesome-looking smoker I’ve seen yet at the county fair with curly long blond hair, an angellic face, a fluffy white tanktop and very nice fitting white shorts.

What a contrast…this virginal appearing cutie dressed in white….yet extracting a full-flavor cigarette from her pack and lighting up right there leaning up against a food stand.  Once again my first impression was that she was 16.  She just looked so incredibly innocent.  And then as I walked past, I noticed another girl in the group taking out her own pack of Marlboro Lights….and this girl was a bleach blond who was the most glamorous girl of the bunch.  Suffice it to say I’m glad I went with my original instinct with this duo as now the most glamorous and the most adorable of these five were both smoking cigarettes.

And the logistics worked to my favor almost perfectly.  The group of five broke apart, with the three smokers heading over to a bench outside the beer gardens.  As she walked over, the youngest looking and most adorable girl took a nice drag and I watched the wild contrast of cigarette smoke pouring out of this most precious young face….and admired that body draped in white.  I was lucky enough to find a nearby bench to watch this, more paranoid than ever about cops nearby ready to rain on my parade.  The only downside was the cutest girl had her back to me, but the other two sat across the table in my line of view.  The glamorous blond was directly in my line of vision, and she too was wearing white shorts.  This was truly a special sighting unfolding.

The cute one was thoughtful enough to turn her head so I could watch a few of her drags.  She was no beginner, but also not a master smoker.  Still, what a breathtaking sight to see her take a nice long drag on her cigarette, with the glow of the cherry illuminating her angelic features and matching white clothing.  But it was mostly the glamorous girl I got to see whose smoking style was similar….not extreme, but accomplished and beautiful.  And as I watched I observed how different these three really were.  The chubbier girl looked like she was about 26…the glam girl about 20…and the cutie about 16.  Perhaps some are sisters and friends of sisters.  There was simply no way the youngest-looking one was the same age as that chubby girl, and the fact that they never went into the beer gardens only further suggests at least one of them was not 21.

And speaking of the beer gardens, a bunch of younger-looking gals who looked hot from a distance all spilled outside and, one by one, lit up.  Once again, I had an outstanding vantage point in this seating area watching six girls smoking in two different directions.  The smokers in front of me were wrapping up their cigarettes.  The cute girl dropped hers below the table and crushed it out with her shoe…but the glam girl just carelessly tossed her still-smoldering Marlboro Light butt to the side, only seconds before both girls adorably got out some kind of lip balm from their purses.

A flurry of sightings ensued in the moments ahead and I was being pulled from all directions, but always made a point of keeping one eye on the Big Three who had commanded most of my attention for the last 15 minutes or so, and sure enough, I hadn’t left them alone for three minutes and the Big Three were all smoking another round of cigarettes.   I was juggling a number of sightings at once and only caught some of their second round of cigarettes, but their stock rose higher given that they smoked so shortly after their previous round.

A few minutes later, still juggling multiple sightings at once, I noticed the Big Three had gotten up and were walking away.  I got one last look at that crazy wholesome blond in her white shorts and melted once again…and then realized this was my chance.  I scooted over to their bench and below where the cutie’s feet had been were two cork filters that I quickly identified as Marlboro Menthols, her confirmed brand.  From there, two Marlboro Light butts from the glam girl had been flung in the opposite direction, only a few inches apart and while no longer smoldering, had clearly very recently been smoked.  They were obviously hers.  So that’s right….four cigarette butts from two amazing girls of the Big Three.  Sure glad the cops didn’t scare me off!

#6. Local County Fair, Tuesday Night, Thursday Night, and Saturday Night

2011 was another great year at my county fair, but the sighting that narrowly edged the rest out was this three-night extravaganza of an incredibly glamorous girl who stepped up her game on each of the three successive smoking encounters I had of her.  The sheer volume of tobacco this stinky sexpot consumed in my presence won me over to the point where I had no choice but to declare her the 2011 county fair smoke princess….

Beginning on Tuesday night at around 11:30, on my walk out of the grounds, I spotted a cluster of about six young blonds walking the direction I was coming from.  Two of them were wielding cigarettes.  One was an attractive Camel Menthol-smoking blond I had seen smoking not long before…smoking another freshly lit Camel Menthol.  But the other was this absolutely gorgeous blond specimen decked out in a black miniskirt who seemed to be the life of the party, galloping towards her friends with cigarette in hand.  I followed and saw one awesome vantage point of my new favorite blond….a talking exhale to one of her friends.  It was my first full view of her face…one of the most beautiful girls of the night!  Just one problem…as I was positioning myself to watch this cluster, I see three familiar cops looking straight at me, cops who already taken note of my omnipresence already in the evening.  It was time to go!

Two nights later, again late in the evening of my Thursday fetishing, I was entangled in the sighting that is ranked #7 on this list when I got sidetracked in a delicious way.  As I passed the cheese curds stand, I took note of a trio standing in front of the stand.  This epic blond hottie who I had taken casual note of earlier in the night was standing there reaching into her purse.  She was this classic beauty blond with shoulder-length light hair and a hyperglam look, accentuated by a form-fitting white and black striped miniskirt that managed to stand out even amongst this crowd for its over-the-top sex appeal.  Nonetheless, it wasn’t the face of a smoker, and having just seen other girls with lip balm I figured she was about to insert that onto her mouth….but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t shocked to my core when it was an all-white cigarette which she proceeded to quickly light up.  And at that point it hit me….this was the same crazy hot blond in the black miniskirt from Tuesday night whose sighting had been cut off that night.  Holy shit!  Was this really happening?

While there was no “good” vantage point to get an upclose sighting, I managed to find a bench that gave me a decent vantage point, but only for a couple of minutes as miniskirt girl and her group of nonsmoking friends all walked just a brief distance away, but far enough to be out of sight.  I desperately wanted a full sighting of this spectacular blond and although it was awkward,  I sat at the edge of the BINGO stand’s seating area and had a decent front-row seat….and no sooner did I sit down than blondie placed that all-white in her mouth and let it dangle.  It was only about 10 seconds while she was texting, but seeing a cigarette dangling from a face this precious was something I never thought I’d see.

The girl looked about 15 but judging from the company she kept who all looked a little older she was probably 18.  And she had style too, dragging hard and exhaling cloudy plumes of smoke which she wasn’t paying particularly close attention to where they went even amidst her nonsmoking cluster.  There was just one problem.  She was a sloooooow smoker who at times went two minutes between drags…..and it was killing me as my vantage point was frequently obstructed.  Don’t get me wrong…it was still worth it when I saw one of her great drags and subsequent exhales, but I just wish she attended to her cigarette more closely.  Rather amazing that this angelic face belonged to the only smoker who ever came in contact with her, and while the friends group seemed relatively wholesome too, it was still wild that this girl was the smoker of the group.

The minutes passed and the smoldering cigarette in her hand continued to not be attended to at the pace I was hoping for given my level of exposure.  I was really flying close to the sun here given the trouble I had gotten earlier but did some random loop-walking…the kind that is most obviously questionable…but I wanted to wrap this one up.  Eventually, I’d see the girl towards the middle of the grounds, finally absent the cigarette.  My only hope was to walk where she had been and see if there was a still-smoldering all-white laying on the pavement.  There was not.  It was a little frustrating that I didn’t get to see what her brand was.  Still, what an amazing turn of events in the final hour to salvage a below-average evening.

I managed to see the miniskirt girl briefly on Friday night, at the concert and two more times randomly on the grounds.  Once again, she had a white and black top and…..a flower-printed multicolor miniskirt.  It must be all she wears…at least in the summer.  I never saw her smoke tonight, but after two awesome performances in the past three nights, her lungs deserve a rest.  Plus she would deliver in a big way with a grand finale on Saturday night….

I had seen the trio of girls that included my uber-glam 17ish blond who always wears miniskirts hovering at the edge of the concert briefly….only tonight she wasn’t wearing a miniskirt!  Frankly I’m glad she shook things up because tonight she was wearing a white top and skin-tight black shorts.  They weren’t denim….just regular cotton shorts that allowed me to admire that first-rate ass in a way I didn’t with the miniskirt.  Even better on her front, the tightness of the shorts exposed the perfect creases outlining her adorable vagina in a perfect little feminine triangle.  Much as I wanted to have sex with this girl before, I was even more fascinated with her tonight.  Now I saw her three times Friday night and she wasn’t smoking, but not long after the show I was walking through the main block of the fairgrounds–the same areas I saw her smoking two nights before–with her same group of girls and once again the only girl in the group with a cigarette….in this case a freshly lit one.  Her usual shtick continued to aggravate, going lengthy expanses between drags that sometimes drug on for more than a minute, but when she did take a drag it was pure bliss, especially when she carelessly exhaled.  The first exhale I saw from her on this crowded street sent a snootful of exhaled smoke right into the faces of two people walking by.  They didn’t seem to respond, but I got the feeling they were silently annoyed….

Also annoying was this group’s stop-and-go routine, the most annoying thing smoker girls can do in the eyes of a stalking fetisher trying to keep up, especially when said stalking fetisher is already under the watchful eye of a fairgrounds full of cops.  It didn’t help that she saw me in close proximity at least twice.  I was really flying close to the sun here as I followed her and her group–once again SLOWLY–into the midway.  It would ultimately work out however as the group came to a stop towards the back of the midway and there was an open bench.  I was still in risky territory observing from this bench, but by now there were five girls in the group and blondie, far and away the most beautiful girl of the bunch, continued her intermittent dragging, usually turning her head to exhale but not always.

I had been sitting there looking her way for about three minutes and was starting to get nervous I’d be spotted, but that’s when the sighting hit its high point.  The brunette next to her, about the same age and cute but paling in comparison to blondie’s beauty, muttered something and the next thing I knew blondie was handing her the cigarette.  The brunette took a single drag and handed it back to blondie, who then polished it off with a final deep drag before dropping it to the dirt and gingerly crushing it out with her flip-flop.  I had always assumed she was the only smoker in her cluster of friends, but now I found out that’s not necessarily the case.  An even yummier scenario was that the brunette just wanted to try a puff and see if she liked it and blondie was the corrupter.  Delicious…and they soon walked away allowing me to move forward and FINALLY identify one of her butts.  It was a Camel Light.  This made me a little nervous that I was looking at the wrong butt since on Thursday night when I saw her light up it looked like Marlboro’s stripe pattern near the filter.

From there I would loop around the rest of the midway, where the girl and her crew were standing there.  No cigarettes at this time, but something almost as good.  This girl who is usually decked out in miniskirts must have been feeling a slight bit of discomfort in those ultratight shorts as when I walked by she was grabbing the shorts by the asscrack and undoing her own wedgie.  Adorable stuff….I just hope next time she calls on me to remove the shorts and underwear from her asscrack.

And then in the final five minutes of the county fair, I got one last treat and a final confirmation.  Back at their usual location on the main block of the fairgrounds was the group of 17ish hotties that included the blond in black shorts.  It had only been about 20 minutes since I had last seen her but she already had another cigarette lit, leaving my cigarette count for this girl this year at four.  She might be a slow smoker, but she also seems to be a pretty heavy smoker.  I wouldn’t doubt if she smokes a pack a day based on the frequency in which I saw her.  The sighting was a double-edged sword because the same cop that busted me Thursday night was walking near me as I passed by….but the most-likely underage blond was exhaling a stream of smoke right past him as he walked by, luckily for her without comment or even observation.  And I was close enough to see the light blue print on her cigarette and knew it was a Camel Light, meaning I had spotted the right cigarette in the midway earlier.  There was tight competition for my favorite county fair smoker girl of the year up to that point, but that final cigarette from blondie sealed the deal for me to select her.


#5.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

During the 6 p.m. dinner hour on my second day at the Minnesota State Fair, I scored my second favorite sighting of the day.  In terms of the storyline of this sighting, it was actually the best of the day.  I headed southward from the beer gardens and spotted a duo of 16-17ish girls seated on the curb and just sparking up cork filter cigarettes.  It was the kind of moment I waited all day for and I crossed the street for my front-row seat…

I had perfect timing to snap a couple of pictures, catching both girls with their cigarettes.  The girl furthest from me was a light brunette in a blue T-shirt and nicely fitting black shorts.  She was a plain jane but had an undeniable cuteness factor nonetheless.  But it was her friend, the girl closest to me, who impressed most.  She was a total cutie of a ponytailed blond in a multicolored flower-print tanktop and blue shorts who bore a striking resemblance to a smoker girl friend of mine named Alissa when she was 16, albeit with blond hair.  Both girls were extremely skilled smokers, but blondie was the better of the two taking frequent and extensive drags, producing somewhat careless exhales that scattered with the intensifying wind.  Clearly this dynamic itself would have made for a great sighting, but it was about to get a truly yummy helping of additional context as the girls were joined by two guys, one white and one black, whose wholesome look became even more wholesome when they approached the girls, each carrying a glass of milk in each hand.  This group was sitting outside the “All the Milk You Can Drink for $1″ stand and as I listened to their conversation, the girls were joking with the guys about how much they loved their milk.

And then it got even better when from out of nowhere a cone full of chocolate chip cookies was produced and the girls got their hands on them.  So we literally had two teenage girls sitting on a curb, cigarette in their left hands, cones of chocolate chip cookies in the other hand, and a glass of milk in front of them.  And next to them you have two wholesome guys snacking on milk and cookies while their underage girlfriends smoked.  Now it would have been ideal if the girls’ followed a pattern of taking a bite from the cookie, then taking a drag from their cigarette, and then taking another bite from the cookie, they nonetheless juggled the two “snacks” evenly by finishing off one cookie, puffing on their cigarettes, and then going in for one more cookie.  The sighting would then get another act…..

I was leaning up against a garbage can with all the people cashing in on the “all-you-can-drink milk” gimmick behind me, watching with glee as this sighting played out.  At that point, my blond cutie stood up and started getting touchy-feely with the white boy in her group, leading me to believe he was her boyfriend.  While standing there, she continued to smoke her cigarette, but at one point handed it to the friend saying something inaudible to which the friend answered her with something else I couldn’t hear through a talking exhale.  From that point the girl’s intentions became clear as she took her bag off her back and pulled out a gray sweatshirt which she proceeded to put on.  The cold front had gone through after the rainstorm and while I thought it felt good, a lot of girls seemed to be cold, meaning I would now have a teen smoker cutie in a sweatshirt to watch finish off her cigarette.

Meanwhile, back on the curb, the brunette girl was holding the two cigarettes side by side, and it was clear blondie’s cigarette had been smoked more quickly given that there was less left of hers.  After slipping into her sweatshirt, blondie reclaimed the cigarette and continued to smoke it skillfully, only this time exposing her milk-and-cookies wholesome nonsmoking boyfriend to her fumes.  Kind of hilarious how these guys were trying to do their bodies right with the vitamin-enriched milk they were sipping, but undermining it by hanging out with these girls mercilessly exposing them to cancerous secondhand smoke.

My blond Alissa doppelganger smoked her cigarette right down to the filter before dropping it to the curb.  I would say she didn’t bother to crush it out, but she didn’t have to since there was no tobacco left to put out!  A couple of minutes later, the brunette who was still sitting on the curb finished her cigarette with at least a little white left in front of the cork filter, crushing it out on the curb and then leaving it sit there when she stood up to join the rest of the group all of whom were at this point standing.  I took her place on the curb and had no problem stealthy spot-checking her cigarette butt and identifying it as a Marlboro 27, and I figured the other girl’s cork filter was most likely the same.  Sightings don’t get much more fun than that one.


#4.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 2

The sighting I will narrowly rate as my sighting of the day on my second Saturday at the Minnesota State Fair began near the information booth on the main street of the fairgrounds.  Emerging from the north side was an incredible spectacle with the classic image of  well-proportioned female figures dressed in classic summer attire proudly progressing through the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in possession of smoldering cigarettes.  The two hot girls my eyes were now locked onto proceeded down the grounds with a swagger in their step, wielding their freshly lit all-whites by their side without the slightest hint of self-consciousness.

They seemed like a bit of a mismatch…in the most adorable way.  The first girl was a long-haired dark blond in a gray top and jean shorts.  She looked about 21 and had a definite smoker’s look.  She had a bookbag on her back advertising UWRF, which is the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and this girl definitely looked as though she could have attended there.  But the other girl is what made this sighting so incredible.  She was a dark brunette with a turquoise tanktop and jean shorts….and the sweetest face complete with a mouthful of braces.  I really struggle to believe that this girl is 18.  It doesn’t make any sense the older girl would be hanging out with her if she was 16 as she looked though…and they didn’t look at all alike to where I suspected they were sisters, but I concluded that had to be the case because there’s no way this underage cutie was a college friend.  Whatever the case, I scrambled to get some photos and managed three pretty darn good ones, at one point getting spotted by another girl who seemed to know exactly what I was doing as I preparing my camera phone for the approaching smoking babes.

After I was satisfied with my picture haul, it was time to settle in for a great smoking show.  The older blond was the veteran smoker and it showed by how much more quickly she made her cigarette disappear than the friend.  I definitely sensed a mentor and protege dynamic at work here, with the younger girl doing what she could to emulate her addicted older friend.  But at the same time, I don’t want to sell the younger girl short.  Aside from being adorable, she impressed with her technique taking nicely timed drags, holding the smoke in for several seconds, and then turning her head to the right and releasing a cloudy scud missile of smoke that looked like a scissors slicing through the midafternoon sky.  And her exhales seemed more deliberate than the older girl, carelessly directed to her side no matter what luckless fairgoer happened to be in her path.  You don’t like being in the path of this underage cutie’s smoke plumes, you say?  Well that’s really too bad for you isn’t it?  Because she’s gonna exhale her smoke in the middle of the crowded fairgrounds whenever she damn well pleases….

And on top of these impressive exhales, it was those moments when she turned to head to the right to release them that I had my biggest epiphany with this sighting.  Looking at her face, she looked EXACTLY like 14-year-old singer Rebecca Black, whose song and accompanying video “Friday” was voted “worst song ever” earlier this year.  If you’re not familiar, check out her photos online and possibly the video and you’ll understand why this sighting was my favorite of the day.  If Rebecca Black has an identical twin who’s a couple of inches shorter and about 15 pounds skinnier living in Minnesota, this was the girl.

As if the sighting wasn’t adorable enough already, from out of nowhere I noticed the older friend producing a SECOND cigarette which she placed in her mouth.  Rebecca Black’s doppelganger proceeded to place her own cigarette to the other girl’s that was dangling from her lips and brought it to life for her, reinforcing my mentor and protege image of this sighting.  They then proceeded to the deep-friend pickle stand where they both got in the compressed line obnoxiously exposing the rest in the line to their noxious cigarette smoke, continuing a theme consistent with this sighting from the beginning.  As stinky as the deep-fried pickle stand is anyway, these girls were trying to outstink it with their smelly cigarettes.  The younger girl took the final drag off of hers and tossed the butt to the ground and stomped it out.  Thankfully she did it a little to the side of the line allowing me to identify it in a couple of moments.  As expected it was a Marlboro Light.

I was already in a much-improved mood after the rain stopped about an hour earlier, but I literally felt like I was walking in the clouds on this one, with several hours of incredible sightings to go, but none that would match this one.


#3.  Iowa State Fair, Day 1

It was a fluke of luck and long-time fetisher’s intuition that led me to my best sighting of the day during my Saturday visit to the Iowa State Fair rather than simply walk right past as I could very easily have done.  I was making a loop down the Grand Concourse at around 1:30 on the northwestern edge of the grounds, scanning the crowd as I always do for smoking.  I passed a duo of mid-teen girls, one of whom had an IT factor but in my split-second observation of her didn’t get a smoker vibe.  But I caught something in her hand as I walked past that raised some suspicions.  As I got a few yards away, it continued to nag me that there was more to this girl than met the eye, so I turned around and started following, looking at the hand to see if I could figure out what it was.

It wasn’t big enough to be a pack of cigarettes but the way she was cupping her hand led me to believe she was holding something she wasn’t supposed to be.  Sure enough….as I got closer, I could tell it was a green lighter and an unlit cigarette.  My heart started racing when I came to this epiphany, and though her back was to me, I began looking her over more closely.   She was a curly-haired light brunette who had a body to die for with above-average height (I’d guess about 5’8” or 5’9”) wearing a nice-fitting black and white striped tanktop and a pair of killer jean shorts that perfectly wrapped her lower body, framing her adorable bubble butt and coming to an end just underneath her asscheeks, leaving those long tan legs on full display.  But my observation of her body would come to a temporary conclusion as she finally raised what was in her hand to her mouth, inserting that cigarette between her lips and firing up.  And that’s when the real show began….

She then proceeded to hand the friend the lighter, and then the friend, who I’ll describe in more detail later, put the lighter in her bookbag, indicating she was the cigarette supplier.  The girls then proceeded into the area by the DNR building with the birds in the water.  Cutie placed the cigarette in her mouth and took her first drag, and while it wasn’t anything profoundly epic, it was nonetheless impressive with a good four seconds of dragging, another four seconds or so of holding, and then a cloudy exhale.  She exhaled a brief distance in front of a middle-aged woman and while the woman didn’t get hit with the girl’s exhale, she nonetheless developed this scowl on her face as she passed them, clearly not pleased with this open display of underage tobacco consumption.

It was soon clear that the girls were gonna turn around, and I welcomed the opportunity to see the smoker up-close for the first time.  And then it happened….and I could not have possibly caught her at a more perfect time as she turned around and faced me, with her beaming smile revealing a mouthful of braces and look of pure mid-teen innocence.  Combine her Midwestern sweetheart look with those skin-tight jean shorts that so perfectly framed her awesome body and I was reminded of exactly the kind of girl who I go to all these fairs to see smoking.  Right there, not five feet in front of me, was the embodiment of why I spend endless hours searching fairgrounds every August.

More times than not, you know when you’re experiencing what will be your best sighting of the day and I knew I was in the middle of it now, and savored it thoroughly as I followed these girls down the Grand Concourse.  And I quickly discovered that I was lucky that I saw these girls when I did because never in my many years of fetishing have I encountered such a stealth smoking display.  The girl was clearly a master of sneaking cigarettes, cupping her cigarette hand to the point that I would have most likely walked past without even detecting that she was a smoker if I hadn’t known already.   But every minute or so, when she thought nobody would see her, she would raise that cigarette to her mouth  and take a nice long drag, holding the smoke for an impressive amount of time and then exhaling.  After a handful of drags, she then turned into a two-for-one by handing the cigarette to the friend, a much more petite dark-complected brunette who like my preferred girl looked about 15 and also didn’t give off a definite smoker vibe.  She proved herself an accomplished smoker as well, taking very nice drags and producing impressive blasts of exhaled smoke.    Had this girl been the only smoker of the duo, it still would have been a great sighting because of her age, but she clearly lacked the IT factor of her taller and more wholesome-looking friend.

But anyway, the second girl was incredibly paranoid herself, cupping her cigarette hand deftly and only taking drags when she didn’t think anyone was looking.  These were easily the most paranoid young teen smokers I’ve ever come across, and while it was cute, it took away a little from the sighting since I really prefer unashamed young smokers who flaunt their addictions.   After about three drags, she handed the cigarette back to my favorite girl and I was thrilled, but as she walked through the busy blocks immediately in front of the grandstand, she simply cupped the cigarette without dragging and it was getting frustrating.

But as the girls migrated into the midway, I saw the friend taking her bag off her back and I knew she was going for the lighter again to reignite the cigarette.   I watched from a distance as cutie placed the two-thirds smoked cigarette in her mouth and took the green lighter from the friend to fire it up again.  They stood there finishing off the cigarette taking a couple more nice drags much like her previous drags before handing it to the friend for an equally impressive final drag.  It never ceases to amaze me how in this day and age, mid-teen girls get to be such accomplished smokers.  The darker brunette dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out before moving just a few feet ahead to buy tickets for the midway rides.   As I approached, I took one final look at that cute girl’s amazing ass in those jean shorts, hoping I hadn’t seen the last of these girls for the day but recognizing I very well may have.  The discarded butt was an all-white Marlboro with a blue ring around it, which I suspect are the new Marlboro Skyline brand.  Whatever the case, the day had new momentum now and even though I wouldn’t top this sighting that day, I gave it a run for its money a few times.


#2.  Minnesota State Fair, Day 1

I was on an incredible roll during the noon hour on my first Saturday at the Minnesota State Fair, and that roll would hit its apex with my favorite sighting of the two days at the MNSF.  I was navigating the seating area on the east side behind the grandstand, always a great source of sightings.  At the furthest end of a burm area that people always sit on while taking a break was an 18ish blond girl of the highest magnitude of wholesomeness placing a cigarette in her mouth and lighting up, immediately resulting in my heart skipping a beat.  There was a middle-aged couple seated to her right and she started talking to the woman, leading me to assume it was her mother, but I would later discover that was not the case.  I boogied on over there and as luck would have it, there was wide-open seating to her right and I sat about three feet from her, positioning myself for a front-row seat to greatness.

At first she looked my way, as if letting me know “I’m smoking a cigarette here, shooter.  If you don’t want to be around it, you’d best find another place to sit”.  But she never said anything, and watching her made my heart melt as she was incredibly wholesome.  She had such a gentle face, a look that was accentuated by a girlish plastic headband holding down the front of her hair and a tight, adorable little blond ponytail on the back of her head.  She wore a tan tanktop and olive green shorts that were very small and perfectly framed her awesomely slender figure. She was just too cute for words…and that was before I saw upclose the first drag at which point I fell completely in love…..

The cigarette went into her mouth and she took a mesmerizing six-second drag.  I was taken aback by how long that cigarette stayed in her mouth as she pulled from it, moments before she released a blast of smoke from her lungs that the wind caught just right to drift straight into my face.  I was toying around with my camera phone hoping to get a photo, but in this case I was simply too close.  There would be no way she wouldn’t know exactly what I had just done and she may even hear the shutter on the camera snap, so I held back and simply enjoyed the show….and what a show it was!

From afar this girl had a complete baby face without a hint of imperfections, but as close as I was, whenever she took one of her deep drags, I could see very well-defined draw lines already formed on her lips as she took her rapist drags.  It was clear that this girl had been sucking intensely on the filters of cigarettes for a very long time as it was taking its toll on her beautiful face in the most adorable way.  She only took that first six-second drag, but subsequent drags were still impressive, always revealing those draw lines around her mouth and always followed up with a look of orgasmic pleasure on her face for as good as that cigarette smoke felt inside her black lungs.  She would then tilt her head slightly upward and exhaled a tight plume of smoke that mostly came from her mouth with just a little bit of nasal residue.  But the sighting would rise to a new dimension when she would then pick up her cell phone to place a call, revealing a cute little girlish lighter that was sitting next to her by the cell phone…..

“Hey what up!” she answered with a definite smoker’s husk to her voice that didn’t match her girly girl look in the least.  From there I would eavesdrop on her conversation in which the person had apparently “stayed over at my mom’s last night”.   The more I listened, the more it became clear the middle-aged couple to her right was not her parents but perfect strangers….and the reason she probably spoke to them when she lit her cigarette was to warn them she was gonna stink the entire area up with her cigarette smoke.  Anyway, the conversation went on about “taking care of her birds” and then she talked about how “it’s hard for her to even go home now because home doesn’t feel like home anymore”….and that she “really loves Alexandria”.  Alexandria is a community college town about an hour and a half northwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and I’m assuming by her comments this girl was going into her second year of classes there and had been living there for the summer, but was home in the Twin Cities for the fair as it also became clear that she was working in some capacity at the fair, probably as a vendor for whatever her summer job was.  With all that context out there, fascinating as it was to listen to, let’s get back to the smoking show which was about to take an epic turn….

She had taken a couple of nice drags early into this conversation that fit into her established style.  But one of her final drags from the cigarette was the prime catalyst for what made this the best sighting of the day.  After another extended rapist drag, she began talking to the friend on the phone and proceeded with far and away the most amazing talking exhale I’ve ever seen.  I knew I was in the presence of greatness immediately as I saw the first wisp of smoke escape her face.   Her pleasured body was very slowly releasing the contents of her lungs as she talked, and I mean very slowly, with swirls of smoke spilling from both her mouth and nose one small burst at a time for 10 seconds.  The smoke spurts were literally doing pinwheels and curlycues as they escaped her face for a seemingly endless parade, and even after all that slow-motion smoke release, a huge remaining blast of smoke fired out of her nose when she finished talking.  I would have paid $1,000 to exchange bodily fluids with this girl at this point.

Unfortunately, the show was almost over as she took one more drag and then crushed out the cigarette on the burm next to her and let it fall to the ground.  She wrapped up the phone call and then put her girlish lighter and her phone in a bag and then she put on her shoulders and got up to walk away, likely back to whatever fair vendor she was working for.  She had to have been stinky as hell when she returned to work.  I watched as that slender body of hers pressed forward, her adorable ass wiggling in those skimpy green shorts and that tight little ponytail bouncing a little on the top of her head as she walked.   Now when she dropped her cigarette butt, it fell into a crack but I was nonetheless able to identify it as a cork filter Camel Blue.  As I’m reminded at least once every few hours and sometimes even more often, my opinion was reinforced after watching this girl what a blessed place the Minnesota State Fair really is.


#1.  Iowa State Fair, Day 2

I’ve been visiting the fair trifecta of my county fair, the Iowa State Fair, and the Minnesota State Fair for six years now.  From 2006-2010, however many fantastic sightings I scored at the county fair and at the Iowa State Fair, there’s was always at least one sighting at the Minnesota State Fair that upstaged them all to be the best fairgrounds sighting of the year.  That streak ended in 2011 as I capstoned an outrageously incredible final two hours on my Wednesday evening visit to the Iowa State Fair.  The only disappointment from those final hours was a result of my own inexplicably poor judgment as I came upon a sexy blond in white shorts smoking a small cigar, but for some dumb reason walked away briefly, only to return and find she was gone.  I had really blown it, but as I frantically searched for her, I managed to somehow stumble into a sighting that was even more incredible….

I walked on the sidewalk in front of the beer gardens, feverishly scanning the area for the blond in white shorts and coming up empty.  But from out of nowhere, an absolutely nasty aroma of fresh cigar smoke was violating my senses.  I kept moving hoping to identify its stealth source, and that’s when I laid eyes on the girl who would change everything.  Sitting on a bench was a plain jane brunette seated next to this complete sexpot of a dark brunette wearing a bare midriff candy apple red top and a pair of tight black shorts….and smoking a full-sized cigar.  To call her the most beautiful girl in the room would be the understatement of the year, as she was an equal mix of sweetheart next door and glam girl.  It was love at first sight, and basically from the second I saw that big cigar in her hand, she became my favorite Iowa State Fair sighting of all-time, but I could have never in a million years imagined the kind of show I would get from her…..

It was about 11:25, and time was short as I absolutely had to get to my shuttle bus before midnight or else be stranded in the east side Des Moines ghetto with no ride home, but at the same time I wanted to see this sighting play out in its entirety, unsure of how long that cigar of hers would last.  Now it wasn’t some giant 7 ½ inch Churchill or anything, but it was long and the size of a dime around.  As shocking as it was to see the blond in white shorts smoking her little cigar, seeing a larger cigar between the fingers of this brunette bombshell was even more shocking.

She didn’t inhale every drag, but she did on some, and as is often the case with any kind of cigar, especially the bigger ones, she produced a huge cloud of filthy cigar smoke with every exhale.   I can’t even begin to describe how sexy it was seeing this beautiful girl with her legs crossed while wearing those black shorts in the most feminine pose imaginable…and smoking from her big cigar, tapping it against the bench to ash it after every few puffs/drags.  Again there was no available bench so I was reduced to standing there on the curb acting like I was waiting for somebody while sneaking glances on her.  I occasionally sat down on the curb, sometimes out of necessity to hide my bulging crotch watching this unfold…..

Her exhales were being carried by the light breeze to the south and west and I just had to walk in that area to get a whiff.   I swear that at least from that direction, you could smell this girl from 30 feet away, her rancid cigar smoke hovering in the area like cold air in a river valley.  Unfortunately, I was unable to both smell her smoke and see her smoke the cigar at the same time so I had to return to my old location to watch the show and feel my heart warm after every time that cigar was placed in her mouth.  But she was just getting started.

From out of nowhere, some guy emerged with a drink.  He looked about 22 or 23, around the same age she was, but I didn’t really sense that he was a boyfriend.  In his hand was some girly, fruity drink in a red plastic glass that she took ownership of.  So here she was sipping her girly drink from this red glass….while smoking a cigar, which extended from her fingers pressed up against the glass.   Amazingly, it got even better as the guy sat next to her in the direction her smoke was drifting.   For the next several puffs, her careless exhales drifted straight into this guy’s face, one after another.  The girl seemed perfectly aware where her smoke was drifting, but frankly couldn’t care less.  Suddenly the luckiest guy in the world was getting an endless headwind of direct exhaled cigar smoke from the most beautiful girl at the Iowa State Fair….

And then it got even weirder when she began engaging the girl next to her in discussion.  If her indifference about hitting the guy in the face with her exhales seemed obnoxious, she took it to an entirely different level when she took a drag from her cigar while the other girl was talking, looked her straight in the face not a foot in front of her, and then exhaled directly into her face.   And then did the same thing again!   Hell, in the next drag she wasn’t even talking to the other girl but would turn right at her and exhale into her face again.  Were these people for real?  Was I dealing with some funky threesome fetish where the nonsmoking guy and girl have a cigar fetish and get off on this knockout beauty exhaling cigar smoke directly into their face from a few inches away in public?  I honestly don’t think so…and believe she was really clueless and obnoxious enough to exhale cigar smoke this carelessly in the presence of her nonsmoking friends.  And nobody flinched at all, leading me to believe this girl is probably a regular cigar smoker and her friends are so used to her stench that even such in-your-face rudeness of the highest order doesn’t faze them anymore.  Incredible beyond belief….

I started to notice there was only a stub left on her cigar by about 11:40.  She was really gonna smoke the whole thing.  And the way she held the small remaining portion of the cigar that was left, you could see the wet part where her saliva had moistened it for the last 20 minutes or more.  Seeing that moist cigar butt between her fingers was the pivot point where I could barely contain myself from jumping on this girl’s insanely sexy body and copulating with her then and there.  She salvaged a few more drags from the cigar before stubbing it out on the pavement.  Rarely is that a good sign, and sure enough, the girl got up from there, holding her cell phone and her cigar butt, and then walking across the street for some reason.  I fantasized about how stinky her fingers must have been holding that cigar butt, but the fantasy would turn into a nightmare as she approached the garbage can across the street—in the pitch black—and tossed it inside.

From there, she got on her phone and started gabbing away in this dark spot, leading me to cross the street in hopes of salvaging something else from the sighting.   What a sexy girl!   On top of the perfect 10 beauty, her body looked flawless with that bare midriff separated by that red top and those skin-tight black shorts.  If only she knew how much I wanted inside of her!!!  There was a cop standing no more than five feet from her and since the sighting had run its course anyway, I decided to retreat, but only after fulfilling this once-in-a-lifetime sighting that finally managed to top anything I scored at the Minnesota State Fair this past year.


As of this writing I’m about seven months away from the 2012 fair season.  Tick-tock.

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  1. ECD says:

    Wow, what a detailed and incredible smoking blog! Just found it tonight!

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