Recommending a Few Sightings

The blog has been a success!  I’m approaching 8,000 hits in just a few weeks, which is about 10 times more than I expected even in my most optimistic expectations.  I tend to be pretty obsessive-compulsive about tracking which sightings are getting the most views and I’ve noticed that most have been getting their fair share, I’ve also noticed there are some sightings I feel strongly about that for whatever reason have gotten just a couple of hits or fewer.

I’m guessing I have a few regulars on here who frequent the board and rummage through the piles of material.  For those people and for anyone else, I thought I’d point in the direction of some of the sightings that have been relatively unexplored thus far.  Here’s the list of recommends….

Random #14

FCF #11

FCF #12

FCF #13

FCF #14

FCF #17

FCF #20

ISF #9

ISF #11

ISF #14

MNSF #20

MNSF #34

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2 Responses to Recommending a Few Sightings

  1. ECD says:

    Thank you for this great blog. Love especially how you collect the spent butts — something I also enjoy doing. Love to look at that little cylinder of cellulose acetate and inhale its smoky smell and look with worship upon the tar stain upon the filter and the lipstick kiss adorning the tip.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Interesting that you picked up on that. I generally try to downplay that even on this blog since it’s really hard-core, and I typically refer to the less shocking “identifying” of butts, but yes I am a “collector” and typically come away with a couple Ziploc bags full every year, which I identify by labeling the butts with an ink pen.

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